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Is WordPress inception possible?

Bad client rant followed by a question. Scroll down for the TL;DRSo I’m fairly new at web design and am just getting to know WordPress within the last year or so. I was stoked to get a client that needed significant work done to organize their website which was a huge mess. Supposedly several designers and developers worked on it for a little while before they quit or were replaced for “incompetence”. I saw the red flag, but I’m starving for work to prove myself and they waved a lot of money at me up front so I agreed to help them out.I worked for months restructuring their information architecture, cleaning up unnecessary plugins, simplifying their processes and creating a site that worked and looked great. It took 3x longer than expected because their original contact I was working with and I set up a plan that worked. Right before the site went live, she handed it off to someone else within the company who wanted to do things drastically different and hated everything I’d done so far. We went several rounds of “revisions” that involved significant redesigns and functionality changes before I finally had to point to the project scope in our contract and tell them any further changes would need to be paid for extra. She constantly refused to get content I requested and would just say “we don’t need that” or “we can fill it in later” so most of the site ended up with placeholders and missing content.By this point it was obvious why they’d burnt through so many other designers and developers and ended up with such a huge mess.They ended up wanting to go live without (any more) out of scope changes and charges and declared it “fine the way it is”. Even though I was a bit mad their site was supposed to be better than it ended up being, I was still super happy with what I’d done for them and felt confident they’d be much better than they were before and everything worked great. So I documented everything for them and handed over the reigns so they could QA it before they gave the OK to go live the next week.An entire month went by with no response from them, then I finally hear back with the go ahead to make it live… Except during that month, the new contact I was working with went behind me and broke everything I’d done to fix their mess and their site is now every bit as problematic as it was before. I told her as nicely and professionally as possible that although she’d like to go live, I cannot guarantee my work on this since this isn’t the site I built and it will likely end in tears for them. She didn’t see the problem so we went live anyways.I learned a lot from this shittastic experience and I got paid (a lot but not nearly enough) so whatever. But now I’m struggling with how to show MY work on my portfolio without linking to the actual site. Is it possible to have their WordPress site cloned inside my WordPress portfolio site as an interactive mock-up?TL;DR: nightmare client undid everything I did for them and their site is now the same unusable piece of garbage it was before they hired me. Is it possible to have the WordPress site I built cloned inside my WordPress portfolio as an interactive mock-up?