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Sorry it’s long. TL;DR at the bottom.

I work the breakfast buffet at a hotel. My job is to refill the buffet, clean the tables when the clients are done, and put out new plates and stuff for the next clients. Normally it’s awesome. The hotel is 4 stars in a pretty sleepy french town, so we normally get businessmen who just want to eat their toast in silence before catching a flight. But this weekend I had the woman from hell.
Our dining room holds about 23 people. This weekend we had a group of about 50 Spanish people. Their director was an absolute nightmare. We open breakfast at 8am. She demanded it was open at 4 so they could get their day going. We compromised (because I straight up refused to be there at 4 in the morning) and opened at 6. So already we were changing our policy to cater to her.
Now normally we get lots of different nationalities. Which is great cuz I don’t have 23 people who all want the same thing. But since they’re all Spanish, all the same age (old), and all from the same town, they ALL wanted the same thing. So I was cutting fruit, refilling the juice, and refilling the bread like a madman. And I’m good at my job so I was doing just fine.
But the director wasn’t happy. The minute I would come out of the kitchen, she would walk up to me and say “meat.” To say there’s no more ham. I know this woman speaks french AND English. So she could have easily said “hey there’s no more ham, can you refill this?” In 2 different languages that she knows I speak. But no. She just says. “Meat.” So I grab the meat tray and head to the kitchen to refill it. Because it’s a nice hotel, I can’t just slap the meat on the tray. I gotta make it all pretty and shit, which takes about 5 minutes. I’m in the kitchen for not 30 seconds before she’s knocking on the door. So I open the door and she just says “meat. Now.” Like madame. Plz. I explained to her that it would take 5 minutes..and she didn’t say anything. Just stood there looking at me. So I slowly let the door just kind of..shut..and went back to the meat. She did this 6 times. So something that would have taken 5 minutes took like 10 because she couldn’t wait.
Then when I came out with the meat (and later the cheese and the juice and all the other stuff) so just said “dishes.” To say I needed to clean the dirty dishes off the tables to make room for the next wave of the group. So I went to clean the tables. The second I started, she would say “bread.” So I grabbed all the dirty dishes I could and went back to the kitchen, while she just kept screaming bread at my back. So when I came back out with more bread she just did this huge exasperated sigh and said “um hello? Tables?????” I ended up taking her into the kitchen with me and said “look. How many people do you see in here? Just me. I will get everything done, but you cannot expect me to do it all in the span of 30 seconds. Please just be patient.”
She ended up going to my boss and told some massive lie that I said she was a bitch and that I threw juice in her face and screamed “if you want juice so bad then here!” I mean I wanted to do that I didn’t! Luckily my boss knows I’m not that confrontational, so he said just try to “go faster.”
This lady spent the entire weekend at the hotel, and every single day was like that and I was ready to just spit in her food by the end of it.

TL;DR I’m in charge of breakfast at a hotel and some Spanish lady spent the past 3 mornings barking at me to do something, then when I would do it she would yell at me that I’m not doing something else.

Flower For The Lady (Knight!Dean Winchester x Reader)




These girls are idiots.

I sighed and looked up from my book to look at the large crowd swarming the knights: the Winchesters and co. Back from another war against King Crowley of the Southern lands. Every time they returned from a battle they were triumphant yet they always lost someone along the way. A few times the Winchester brothers had been lost, Dean even betraying the king to side with King Crowley before being brought back by his brother. So obviously the two boys were the centre of women’s attention.

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Just Friends: Jerome x Reader (Fluff/Angst)

This was a request from an anonymous that said:

“Hi, can you write a jerome imagine where he gets jealous of his best friend(reader) because he is in love with her? sorry for my english, I’m Italian”

I really hope you like it! Takes place before Jerome kills his Mom, and the story is from Jerome’s perspective. Contains some swearing and violence. It’s no too gory though. (G/n) is just a guy’s name.


Waking up, I quickly get on my clothes and walk out of the trailer to see (Y/n) at her house. It was Saturday, and she wasn’t in school.
I had bumped into her on my 7th birthday, she was lost and scared. Her eyes wide and lips pouting, I told her to not be afraid and that I would watch over her and find her parents with her. We searched the circus for hours, and we didn’t find them.
When I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my Mom saw me with
(Y/n), and she was with one of her “lovers”. They took me away from her and started beating me up. (Y/n) screamed and ran for help, and my vision was starting to blur but someone pulled my Mom and her boyfriend away.

It was (Y/n)’s parents, and for that whole week I ended up staying at their house. (Y/n) had told me that I was her hero. We played games, I got taught how to play football by her Dad. I finally felt like I had a family. A real one, but it lasted for a week.

Some of the circus folk came and took me away. One of them held the parents at gun point while (Y/n) begged my Mom for me to stay. What my Mom said to her I would never forget, and do you know what she said? She said,
“Listen shitface, you don’t want him around, he’s an idiot.” I frowned, but I quickly had a smile when I heard (Y/n) retort,
“If he’s an idiot, then why do you want him?! He’s my idiot! Our idiot! You fat meanie!”

That was when my Mom gave her the finger, and picked me up by my legs, walking out with everyone else. When we came back to Gotham, I ran straight to (Y/n)’s house, and told her everything that had happened. I got her address so I could write letters when I was away, her parents were cool about that. My favorite moment with her was when she asked me to promise something, and that was to marry her in the future. We were kids, but I took that promise seriously, her on the other hand, had forgotten about it.

Ringing the doorbell, I wait anxiously on the doorsteps. (Y/n) opens the door and gasps as she immediately hugs me, “Jerome! It’s so good to see you!”
Hugging her back I chuckled, “It’s good to see you too. Did you grow your hair out?”
She nodded as she unwrapped from me. I wanted to hug her for just a little longer. Even if I did, it still wouldn’t be enough. Inviting me in, I make myself at home on her plush couch in the living room. Joining my side she smiles. It’s always a pleasure coming back here, seeing the pictures of us her parents took of us as kids, watching the fireplace crackle. I always come back during the winter. One thing in particular caught my eye on the mantle though. There was a picture of (Y/n) in a stunning dress, and her arms were wrapped around some guys waist.

Never seeing this picture before I point and ask, “Is that new? You look great in that dress by the way.” Blushing at my compliment she sighs dreamily, “Yeah, that’s (G/n).”
“Wedding?” I ask, and she looks at my face.
Her eyes wide with…fear? It was her relative, right?
Gulping, she answered, “Homecoming.”
Homecoming? What’s that? I furrow my brows, “What’s that?”
“Oh right! It’s like a school dance. It happens once a year during the fall. Homecoming was last week, and (G/n) asked me out.”

On instinct my fists began to clench, I kept a straight face without having hear notice my anger. Someone is trying to date her. I can’t have that, no way in hell would I let someone take her away from me. Let alone this wannabe.
“So you said yes?”
She nodded and spoke fondly, “Yeah! (G/n)’s really great! But we only went just as friends, I think he likes me just a little too much though. I’m starting to have feelings for him too.
He actually asked me yesterday if we could go see a movie together. Do you think I should go?”
No, not really. I couldn’t tell her my honest opinion, so I lied, “Whatever makes you happy.”
(Y/n) thought for a moment, “Yeah, I think I’ll go with him!”

We dropped the conversation of (G/n) and talked about just random things, and then it was time for me to leave. Time flies so fast when I’m with (Y/n). She told me that tonight she would go see the movie with (G/n) at her favorite theater. I couldn’t help myself, I had to see what this guy was like. I could’ve told her not to go, I could’ve told her how I felt, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. At least not yet that is. When I arrived, I saw the two of them walking in together hand in hand. (Y/n) had the look of love in her eyes. A look I had yet to see when she was with me. I do get love from her, but not that kind of love.

Once they walked in, I went over to the ticket booth and picked a random movie. I watched as they went into one of the shows. Some kind of horror film. I sauntered in when it was dark and took a seat two rows behind them. I could hear distinct whispers from the two of them. “So what’s this movie about (G/n)?”
“Oh, it’s about this guy that kills people.”
“You just summed up every criminal in Gotham.”
(G/n) laughs, “True, but he murders them in really creative ways.”
(G/n) tells (Y/n) about what to expect, and I somewhat felt happy that this guy was decent for her, but in the corner of my eye I saw two twins walking into their row as one sat next to (G/n), and the other told (Y/n) to move. “(G/n)? Who are these-”
“Oh! These are my girlfriends, Tina and Trixie.” (G/n) told her happily, causing me to glare at him. “Hello.” They both said together. I could see (Y/n)’s face lighting up with anger and sadness. This guy was gonna get it. “Girlfriends, I thought it was the two of us?”
“Well, I didn’t wanna scare you off, but I hope you’re okay with them right?”
(Y/n) stood up and I saw a tear run down her cheek, “You’re sick.” She hissed.
“Hey sit down with us! The girls also love you too, right girls?” (Y/n) had bought a soda, so she opened it and threw it on (G/n), walking out crying. He cursed as the two bimbos tried to clean him up with their hands.

Later I would deal with this asshole, but right now, I needed to comfort (Y/n). This would finally be the day I tell her how much I love her. Walking out of the theater with my hood on, I find that it was raining lightly outside. I try to spot (Y/n), and I do, she was crying on a bench on the other side of the street. I didn’t want her to know I had followed her here. So I went down the street and across the walk way, only to walk down to where she was.

“(Y/n)?” I asked curiously, and her head turned as she cried, “Jerome!”
Running into my arms she sobbed, and I hugged her instantly.
“Let’s get you home okay? You can tell me what happened when we get there.”
When we finally made it to her house, I quickly scooped her up, causing her to squeak.
I gently placed her on the couch and brought the blanket that was always on the rocking chair over her freezing body. I sit next to her and rub her back soothingly.
“You okay?”
“He was a jerk. The movie hadn’t even start yet and he had these twins with him. They came in after we had sat down.” She sniffled, now looking at the picture.
“Jerome, can you take the picture of (G/n) and I down from the mantle.”
I didn’t say anything, but I went up and took the picture, going into the kitchen and throwing it in the trash. Walking back I say, “He’s a piece of shit. You should be treated like a queen.”

She blushed as she sighed, “Who would want me? No one loves me in that way…”
I couldn’t take it anymore to see her so depressed, I was about to say something, but then she added, “Jerome? Can I ask you something?”
“Anything.” She gulped and went on, “I just…I…”
She couldn’t make eye contact with me as she spoke. What was she trying to say.
“What is it (Y/n)? I won’t make fun of you, or get mad at you.” I assure her.

Smiling she laughs softly, “You’d tell me I’m silly.”
“Silly for what?” “Silly about being in love with you.” She admits, and my eyes widen.
This whole damn time, she’s loved me. Never once actually confessing it.
“I love you too (Y/n).” I utter softly, and she gaps, “Really? You do?”
“Ever since day one gorgeous.” That was all I needed to know so I could press my lips against hers as I cupped her cheeks in my hands.

After that amazing first kiss, we watched a movie together, and eventually, (Y/n) had fallen asleep, with her head in my lap. What a cutie. I picked her up bridal style and laid her down on her bed, putting the blanket over her. I kiss her forehead and whisper, “Goodnight (Y/n).”
I return downstairs to sleep on the couch and hear the phone ringing, who the hell would be calling at midnight? The person left a voice message, and it was the kid from the theater.
His voice was panicked as he spoke, “(Y/n)! I’m really sorry for doing that to you! Please forgive me! If you’d like, we can meet at my house! My house is down the street from you, the blue one! I’m really sorry for being an asshat.”
The call ends, and my lips make a smirk as I chuckled, “Oh, he’s gonna get it.”
I didn’t care if the kids parents were home, and if they were, they would find his lifeless body in his bed next morning. I took a house key and a knife before leaving. (Y/n)’s parents won’t be back until Tomorrow evening, so I have plenty of time to kill him can clean up after.

There was a party going on at the guy’s house, great. More people, more witnesses.
Maybe he’s off in the bedroom with a whore, who knows? I easily got invited in by this girl with blonde hair who was asking me to spend some time in a closet with her. I pushed her out of the way and went around looking for (G/n).

Going upstairs, I looked around, only to pinpoint (G/n)’s location by hearing moaning sounds on the other end of the floor. He was behind the door having sex with a girl. Must be his bedroom. I could tell they were finishing up, so I went into the other room and hid in there, the door slightly open. I saw (G/n) pushing the girl out and slamming the door. I waited for the girl to go back downstairs, and when she did, I pounced like an animal.
Opening the door, I found (G/n) passed out on the floor.
This would be easier than I thought.
I locked the door and went to kneel by his side to whisper in his ear, “This is for hurting her feelings you fucking bastard.”
Plunging the knife in his neck, his eyes opened, he was utterly confused and in pain.
Blood was pouring from his mouth as I twisted the knife further into his neck.
Once he stopped moving, I removed the knife and put it in my pocket. I had gloves on, so no one would identify my fingerprints on his body. I picked him up and put him in his bed.

Walking out of his house, I went back to (Y/n)’s, only to clean off the little blood spots off of my sweater and the put knife into the dishwasher. I cleaned the knife before placing it in there. Didn’t want anyone to notice the obvious red stain on it. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs as soon as I finished. It was (Y/n), tears were streaming down her face.
“Jerome…” She whispered sweetly, and I ran to her side and asked, “What’s wrong? You should be in bed (Y/n).”

She looked down at my bunched up sleeves as she spoke nervously, “I….I had a nightmare. Will you lay in bed with me till I fall back asleep? I’m scared.” I give her a warm smile and walk up with her to bed. I didn’t leave her side that night. I didn’t want her to get another nightmare. You know what? I’m old now, and I don’t have to live with that whore anymore. I can live with (Y/n), we won’t ever have to be away from each other, never again. If she does crawl her way back here to find me, I’ll make sure that bitch stays away. Permanently.

No, its not your eyes. My mirror is actually THIS dusty. I decided to clean the WHOLE gym. I vacuumed… I mopped … I cleaned the cupboards out ….and thennnnn after everything was cleaned I realised the treadmills were dusty. I was too lazy to walk back to the sink out the back and get a cloth to wipe them down so I just got the duster and ran it across them a few times. After my workout, I took this photo and realised that ALLLLL the dust went on my mirror haha!!! So all that effort and my gym looks dirtier than before…. good work Kayla!

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Snowed In: Part 2

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Part 1

Summary: Reader and Chris are best friends. They get snowed in at the readers family’s cabin and feelings begin to surface for the reader. 

Word Count: 1626


Author’s Note: This a continuation based off this ask. And thank you to @theycallmebecca for being such an awesome beta and fixing my drunk typos.

“What ya doing there, baby?”

Your eyes flew open and you immediately froze.

“Don’t stop on my account. Looks like you were enjoying yourself. Was I interrupting something?” Chris smirked, raising an eyebrow at you as he stood up walking towards you.

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Birthday gift (Changkyun)

“What should I get for Changkyun??” I paced back and forth as I tried to think of something. I went out that afternoon and walked around the nearby mall to see if there was anything. Suddenly, a lingerie shop caught my eye. I gulped as I contemplated about giving Changkyun this surprise gift. I gathered my courage and walked in boldly. I checked out the items and found matching black lace underwear, the bra has a little sparkles to it. I was then satisfied with what I chose and went home with a spring in my steps.
Few days passed and it was finally Changkyun’s birthday. I waited for Changkyun till it was already 11pm… I was waiting anxiously and i tugged on the end of the silk pink robe i wore over. I was beginning to lose patience and went to my bedroom. I laid down on the bed and sulked. Just then, I heard a low voice outside in the living room. “ Babe… You home?” My eyes widened and rushed out, a little excited. When I reached the living room, I saw a worn out Changkyun sitting on the sofa, leaned back and eyes closed(similar to first pic). My heart ached a little seeing him like that. I slowly walked to him and gave him a shoulder massage. “Oooh that’s niceee… Mmmm harder there…” He moaned at the good service im giving him. “Happy Birthday my Kyunnie” I whispered in his ears. I gave a little giggle. Then, he opened his eyes and looked at me. He noticed my outfit and sat up. He leaned one hand on the sofa. “What’s this?” He asked,with one eye brow raised and a smirk. “Hehe, it’s your present!” I announced. “Then, I shall unwrap it then…” He said in his lowest tone. He sauntered to me and I moved back one step as he moved one to tease him. Suddenly, my back hit the cold hard wall. He came close to me and placed one hand on the wall. With the other, he grabbed my chin and leaned to me for a kiss. His lips were soft and tasted like chocolate. Obviously he had some before coming home. Our kiss got heated as our tongues fought for dominance. His hand went down from my chin to untie the silk robe. He slowly peeled away the robe and let it drop to the floor. He kissed my nose, my cheek and went to my neck. He nibbled at my ear a little and went to my neck. He sucked my neck hard and it was sure to leave marks. He went to my collarbone and left a few marks there. I was in pure bliss. The only reason I wasn’t letting out my moans was coz I was bitting my lips in pleasure…
“Let’s get to somewhere comfortable…” He said as he carried me bridal style. Today of all days, his voice was deeper than usual and it didnt fail to make my heart pound everytime. Especially in this situation. He lowered me onto the bed and unclasped my bra, tossing it somewhere. He began to fondle with my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I moaned loudly as he left hickeys on both my breasts. He tugged on my nipple and made me groan… He then buried himself in between my breasts and left marks there too. He then moved further down. “You’re so beautiful anything looks nice on you. But nothing has a better view…” He smirked and I rolled my eyes at him. He then used his teeth to remove my new panties. He left a trail of kisses in my inner thighs. He licked my slit and poked against my hole. He used his thumb to rub against my clit. My mouth formed an ‘O’ shaped as I arched my back. Changkyun grabbed my hips and pull me closer to his mouth and began sucking. His mouth moved fast against me. I moaned in pleasure… I began to grind my hips against his face, reaching my climax. “AAAAHHHH” I screamed as I cummed on Changkyun’s face. Changkyun licked my hole cleaned and stood up. He began to strip off his clothes. His v-neck shirt and denim ripped jeans were thrown into the abyss. He climbed back on the bed. His dick were rock hard against my pussy. He began to grind and we both moaned at the pleasure. “Changkyun, I need you boy… Just fuck me al- AAAARGHHH” Changkyun inserted his dick into me at one go. I felt a tear trickled down my cheek. Even though this isn’t our first few times, it still hurt, judging from his thickness and length. “Sorry baby…” He apologised. I nodded and he began to move slowly. He let out a small growl. “You’re so tight…” Soon his pace sped up. “Ooh uhh mmmmm fasterr harderrr! I moaned loudly. He adhered to my demands and I got what I want. He thrusted at an inhumanely fast speed. I was grabbing onto the bedsheet for dear life. My mouth was kept in an 'O’ shape for awhile. The pleasure was pure ecstasy. "AHHHHH” I screamed as he hit my spot. He thrusted in deeper and harder hittimg that spot again and again. My climax was fast approaching. One more thrust and I convulsed. Changkyun thrusted in a few more times sloppily and soon, he emptied himself in my pussy. He took out his dick and went up to lay his head on my stomach, clearly exhausted as I am, probably even more. We took a while to catch our breaths, meanwhile, I played with his soft dark brown hair. It looked great with a little waves to it. He soon fell asleep on top of me and I tried to wriggle out slowly not to wake him but I failed. He groaned and rubbed his eyes before sitting up. Soon, he was awake but was drowsy. So I pulled him with all my strength to go to the bathroom to clean up. After cleaning up, I wore my clothes an saw him standing in fromt of the bathroom sleeping with only a towel covering him. I cooed at the adorable sight and smiled as I took out his clothes. I put it on for him and dragged him to bed with him in my arms. “ Im Changkyun… My Kyun… My Boston boy…My pigpuppy hehehehe… I love you so much” I whispered as I played with his cute nose. Suddenly, he grabbed my hand with his eyes still closed. “Go to sleep baby…I’m tireddd” He groaned . I sulked a little bit and closed my eyes. But then, he opened his eyes and looked at me. He pushed the hair coverig my face to the back of my ear and my eyes opened. He looked at my eyes and I looked at his sparkly ones. He leaned to me and kissed my forehead and pecked my lips. “ I love you so much too…My baby” He smiled and said as he cupped my face. He then pulled me closer till i was against his chest. I could hear his heartbeat. He rest his chin on my head and fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep in his arms too…

Author’s note: I’m fangirling like crazy here omg like I wrote it but asdfghjkl srsly Changkyun feels so boyfriend material!😂 I’m sorry hahaha (my fav one so far)

Lucky Part 3

Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part One,  Part Two

Alright Part 3 is here!! I just wanted to say, I don’t know if it shows in here, but they way I've been writing this, the time line is all off. In my head its based around season 4, maybe 5, but i know that Jared and Gen weren't married yet, or had the boys. I was doing it mostly cuz they’re younger, and for other reasons that you might come across. So if you notice, I’m sorry, please don’t hold it against me too much. Sorry for rambling! Love Y’all!

You put down your sketch book as their was a knock on your trailer door and went to answer it. Jensen was standing there with his hands behind his back, and huge smile on his face. You smiled but looked at him confused.

“Happy Anniversary.” He pulled a basket of beautifully assorted fruit from behind his back, making your eyes widened. “You have officially been here for six months. That’s longer than most people they bring on here.” Your smile widened and you took the fruit from him, letting him in. He shut the door behind him.

“I know you hate flowers because you can’t keep them alive long enough to enjoy them, so, I thought this was the next best thing.” You chuckled.

“This is perfect. It’s beautiful…….and it looks delicious.” You looked back to him.

“Yeah it does. You don’t know how much will power it took, not to dig into that thing on the ride back here.” You laughed.

“You know they deliver right?”

“Yeah. But by the time I thought of this idea, it was too late. I mean, it would have gotten here, just, not on time. So I decided to just go and pick it up.” Your smile grew bigger and you blushed a little. You don’t normally blush, but Jensen always seemed to get you to. You both stood there for a minute, looking at each other, then Jensen gulped and broke the silence.

“So. Are we going to break into it, or are we going to get lunch somewhere, because I’m starving.” You chuckled and ripped off the clear wrapping. You both sat on your couch and dug into the mouth watering fruit. There was about twenty minutes of eating and chatting before you were both called back to the set.

The day finished up at about nine that night. The three of you were pretty hungry, so you decided on ordering a pizza. You were hanging out in your trailer while you waited for your food and Jared Skyped with Gen and the boys. It was a little late for them but they really wanted to say goodnight to dad. You and Jensen squeezed in there for a minute too.

The pizza finally showed up and you all sat, ate and talked about your day, laughing and having a good time. After about an hour, Jared stood up.

“Alright you two. I’m hitting the pillows.”

“Alright. See you tomorrow, man.” Jensen patted his leg.

“Yep, tomorrow.” Jared stretched, and you stood up to give him a hug.

“Night.” you kissed him on the cheek.

“Night.” he rubbed your back and leaned down kissing the top of your head. Then he pulled away and turned to the door.

“Love you!” you yelled at him before he shut the door.

“Love you too!” The door shut, and you smiled. It was silent for a moment and then Jensen broke it.

“You got any fruit left?” You laughed and stood up.

“Yeah.” You went over and pulled it out of the fridge. “You want a beer?”

“Ooo, yes. Please.” You grabbed two beers and went back to the couch.

“Here ya go.” you handed him his beer.

“Thank you.” he opened it and took a drink. “So. Is it all you imagined it would be?”

“What? Working with you two? Oh yeah.” He let out a full body laugh. You couldn’t help but laugh too. “No. It’s everything i imagined plus some. I don’t think you can ever prepare yourself, fully, for something like this.” He nodded.

“Well, you’re doing great. And I’m not just saying that because I’m your friend. I’m legitimately being honest with you. You’re a natural.” You grew a huge grin.

“Well thank you.” You sat there looking into each others eyes. This has been happening a lot lately.

“You know, I guess I have Jared to thank for that.” you took a drink.

“Oh really? Why?” he didn’t understand why you would give credit to Jared when the both of you have been acting for about the same amount of time.

“Yeah. All I had to do was learn from his mistakes.” He laughed so hard. Thankfully he didn’t take a drink before hand, because it would have been all over your table. You both talked for about another half hour after he got his breathing back to normal. Then he too gave into the night.

“Alright. I don’t want to, but I should call it a night too.” he got off the couch and grabbed the pizza and the fruit.

“No, Jensen, I can put that away, don’t worry about it.” you stood up and reached over in an attempt to take everything from him, He pulled away from you.

“Nope, you need to rest too. I’m not going to make you clean all this up. What kind of house guest do you think I am?”

“Exactly that..a guest. It won’t take me that long to clean this up.”

“Exactly. It won’t take me that long to clean it up, so that’s why I’m doing it.” he winked at you and went to the fridge. You sighed, then grabbed the beer bottles and threw them away.

“See…” he spread his arms and spun in a circle once, then met your gaze again. “Now you can go to bed once I leave.” You smiled and lightly chuckled.

“Well, thank you.”

“No problem.” You both walked to the door. “Oh. Before I forget…..” he reached into his jeans pocket and pulled out some cash. “Here.”

“What’s this?” you took it from him and looked him in the eyes.

“It’s yours………I bought the pizza.” he gestured his hand to the fridge.

“Jensen! I told you I’d get it.” your eyes widened a little and you lightly smacked his arm. He chuckled as he turned away trying to avoid it.

“I know.” he nodded. “But, today was a special day for you, so I decided I’d get it.”

“It’s only been six months, J, it’s not that special.” He pointed a finger at you.

“Wrong. I told you, people don’t usually last this long on this show. You should know. This is definitely a special day for you.” You smiled and shook your head.

“Okay. Well…….thank you…….again.”

“You’re welcome.” he smiled.

“Well, I guess I’ll see you in the morning then.”

“Yep….bright and early.” he gave you a wink and you both went in for a hug, it was held for a minute. You both pulled away, just enough to come face to face and starred in each others eyes, for what seemed like hours. Jensen gulped and it made you snap out of it. You pulled away and that’s what made him snap out of it. He flashed you a half grin. “Goodnight Y/N.”

“Night Jensen.” He opened the door, then turned to you one last time and smiled before shutting the door and heading to his trailer. You let out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

“What the hell was that?” you mumbled to yourself. You shook your head, then turned off your lights and headed to bed.

Jensen climbed into his bed and laid there starring at the ceiling.

“What the hell just happened?” 

He was thinking hes known you for years. Hes hung out with you in so many different scenarios, and hes never felt that away around you. He closed his eyes and shook his head slightly. He didn’t know what it was, but he was going to blame it on the beers and being caught up in the moment.

Part 4


Group: EXO
Member(s): Sehun
Type: Playboy Sehun!AU / Fuckboy Sehun!AU / Smut (requested)
Warnings: Begging / Wall Sex / Blowjob / Language

Ah there he was, Oh Sehun, the ultimate playboy of this elite high school that he managed to weasel into with his parent’s money. I hated him and for good reasons. He was what you might call a “player”. As far as I (or anyone else) knew, he had slept with nearly every girl at school and never slept with the same girl twice. He has never been in a serious relationship. He used his parent’s social status and their wealth to get anything he wanted. Yeah, anything. Expensive cars. Memberships to clubs. Good grades. Girls. His very being sickened me. And yet here I was, standing at my locker before my off period as he approached me for the first time since school had started in August.

“______?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I replied, not looking up from the books I was trying to situate in my locker.


“I know who you are,” I cut him off.

“I figured you would,” he smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Did you want something?”

“Yeah actually, you might be familiar with my reputation here. You see, I’ve had every girl in this school … except you. My friends bet me a lot of money if I could get you under me. And I don’t plan on losing any of my money.”

I glared at him as he talked. I wanted nothing more than to slap that smug grin off of his face, “Well it looks like you’re going to have to because I don’t plan on ‘getting under you’ ever.”

I closed my locker and turned to walk away but his hand grabbed my wrist and he shoved me against the locker, leaning against the locker next to me, locking down on me. I wished I were taller so that I wouldn’t feel so intimidated by his size, but I tried my best to hold my ground.

“Oh that’s right, you’re student council president right? So you’ve got a little ‘good school girl’ reputation to uphold? Well this may come as a shock to you sweetheart, but that reputation isn’t going to last long. So you might as well ruin it now, right?”

My breathing got deeper as I glared at him. Boy if looks could kill …

“Like I said, I’m not interested.”

I pulled my wrist out of his grasp but I was shoved back into the locker.

“Look, if you have sex with me I’ll be getting $300 from my friends. I’ll give you $75.”

I scoffed, “That’s only a quarter. I don’t think so. I want $200.”

“You must be crazy… Half and half?”

“ … Deal.”

He smirked, grabbing my wrist and quickly pulling me behind him down the hallway. Luckily most people were in class so my reputation was safe now that no one could see me with him.

“Where are you taking me?”

“There’s an empty classroom by the janitor’s closet.”

“Wait, we’re going to do this now?” I exclaimed, glancing in all directions to make sure no one was following us.

He stopped at the unmarked door and smirked at me as he opened it, “Why not?”

I rolled my eyes as I walked into the dimly lit room. Sehun shut the door behind us and had me shoved against it in seconds flat. I heard the lock click into place before Sehun’s fingers were expertly unbuttoning the buttons of my blouse. My hands rested at his nape, pulling his lips against mine in a heated kiss as my tongue fought for dominance over his. But he wasn’t so easily submissive. He fought back just as heatedly, his teeth nipping at my lips causing me to surrender with a moan. His hands pulled my bra down far enough for him to massage my breasts as he nipped and sucked at my neck, leaving his mark on me. His hand went down to my skirt, snaking up underneath the school uniform, pulling my underwear down to the ground. I stepped out of them as he rubbed his index finger up and down my folds. I was growing more and more wet for him by the second. Hey, just because I hated him didn’t mean I couldn’t find him attractive and sexy as hell.

I moaned as he plunged his index and middle finger into me, his thumb adding to the pleasure by rubbing against my clit. I moaned louder, my head resting against the door. Sehun’s free hand covered my mouth.

“Someone might catch us, we don’t want that now do we?”

I groaned in frustration as his fingers curled in, hitting my spots just the right way. I felt my core tightening and he wasn’t even in me yet. My hands went to his belt, unbuckling his belt buckle and ripping his zipper open. I pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees and Sehun pushed them down the rest of the way. I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist. His hands gripped the back of my thighs as he slid into me. I moaned so loud that I was actually afraid someone would hear me, but in the moment I didn’t care. All I wanted was relief, and if Sehun was the one to give it to me then so be it. His thrusts were quick and deep. It shocked me how turned on I was getting just by his hot breath hitting my neck. His low grunts in my ear sounded like beautiful music.

“Mhmmmm,” I groaned, biting my lip to keep anything louder from escaping me.

“That’s it, I want you to beg for me,” he growled in my ear.

“I don’t beg, I’m not a dog,” I snarled at him, tugging ruthlessly on his hair.

He chuckled, “You will for me.”

“I don’t think so,” I said.

With that being said, I quickly unwrapped my legs from his waist and put my feet on the ground. I removed him from me and shoved him against the door. His member was wet when I wrapped my hand around him, rubbing him as I got down on my knees.

“If anyone’s going to beg, it’ll be you,” I said, looking at him through my eyelashes.

“I don’t beg either,” he said sternly.

“You will for me,” I mocked him before I licked the slit at his tip.

He moaned out loud, his head falling back against the door. His eyes screwed shut as I took him into my mouth, pumping him as much as I could. His groans only got louder and louder and that’s when I knew when he was getting close. Right when I felt like he was going to release I took him out of my mouth.

“W-What are you doing?” he exclaimed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked innocently.


“What do you want me to do?”

“I … I want you to let me cum got dammit!”

“Beg,” I demanded.

He glared down at me but all I did was smirk back at him.

“Beg and I’ll let you cum.”

“Fine. Please, please let me cum. Put my dick back in your mouth and let me cum. Pleeeease~”

I licked his shaft before wrapping my lips back around it, pumping him a few more times. He finally released, his cum shooting inside my mouth and spilling out of the corner of my lips. I licked him clean before licking my lips.

“Don’t think I forgot about you,” he smirked.

He pushed me back against the door where I started, only this time my chest was being pushed against the wood of the door. His member slid back into me easily as we were both wet. He thrusted for a few minutes before I eventually came. I groaned his name under my breath.

“What was that?” he asked snidely.

“Oh shut up and fuck me,” I growled at him.

He chuckled and rode out my high, his thrusts slowing down after I was drained. His breath was heavy in my ear, his hands on my waist, holding up my skirt. My cheek was pressed against the cool wooden door. My hair was a mess and I had to fix my outfit. He took himself out of me, giving me a nice slap on the ass.

“Good work,” he said.

I playfully slapped his arm in return. There was a mirror on the opposite wall so I went to it, brushing down my hair with my fingers so it didn’t look obvious that I had just been fucking someone in a classroom. I quickly buttoned my blouse and smoothed out my skirt. When I deemed myself decent I grabbed a few tissues and cleaned myself up before checking myself once more in the mirror.

“Okay, I’m going to head to my next class. It’s on the other side of campus and I don’t want to be late,” Sehun spoke as he fixed his tie.

“What about my money?”

“You’ll get it,” he said, opening the door and stepping out.

“Hey! Where are my underwear?” I yelled at him.

He smirked, patting his pants pocket before closing the door. That cocky bastard.

The next morning I went to my locker and opened it, an envelope fell to the floor and I quickly grabbed it. It was addressed from Sehun. When I ripped it open there was $150 cash sitting inside with a note.

We should do this again sometime. Call me.




“I swear, I fucking hate you sometimes.” I muttered to Luke. My blood boiled incessantly as we glared daggers towards each other.

We’ve been fighting quite a lot recently. Today’s fight was no less an exception, and it was a pretty fucking stupid reason at that. We had a tiny argument over him eating all the cookies before I was able to even wake up. He knew I made it and I had every goddamn right to be mad, but the boy still acted as if I were overreacting.

“You can make more, fucker! I don’t know why you’re mad - you had some yesterday.”

We were so close to each other that I can see the way his scruff was lazily unkempt. His eyes were full of annoyance from what I can tell and I knew I looked the same.

“I’m honestly tempted to fight you.” I huff, fisting the fabric at my sides to refrain myself from smacking him.

A smirk rose on to his lips that was so sweet that it was hard to not want to deck him. “Well then, do it! Oh wait, you fucking can’t.” He turned around on his heel and made his way down to his room and I let out a frustrated scream.

Luke and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. It was the classic “friends since childhood” scenario - he did stupid shit to me once when we were little, I retaliated in a similar manner, and then we became friends. We did everything together - we went to school together, went to each other’s house everyday, and had sleepovers together (on the rare occasions my parents would let me since I had the anatomy to birth children and he had the ability to help in that—not that we would do anything like that, but still.) It was only a matter of time before we were to move in with each other.

It’s always been a perfect friendship between the two of us - we seemed to act like an old married couple in ways. But of course, people fight every so often and when he keeps eating all the damn food in the house, of course I’m going to get pissed off. Especially when the smug fucker has the audacity to defend himself.

We’ve been fighting a hell of a lot lately - especially after he broke house code for the eighth time and made a girl leave the house after he was done doing the do with her. I mean, it’s his life and I don’t give a flying fuck who he wants to shag - he could do it with Michael for all I care - but he didn’t even have the audacity to let her stay over and make her breakfast the next day.

I know it’s not even a big deal, but I know I’ve taught him better than that. He knows how to properly treat a human being and unless the girl leaves in the morning while he’s still asleep, he should do better than just kick a girl out. And again, I taught Luke to be a good human being so when I confronted him about it, I definitely didn’t expect us to get into a heated argument, one of the worst ones we’ve ever had. Even worse than the aftermath of him trying to fight my now ex-boyfriend.

We didn’t talk for a week after that cookie fight. It’s so silly that we got into an argument over food, but it’s mainly left over tension from the fight we had about him breaking the house rule that I stressed towards him when we moved in with each other over a year ago.

He constantly came home late during the week of complete silence we upheld towards each other, that is if he came home at all. I hated to say it with my ongoing anger towards the boy, but I was worried. Luke wasn’t one to be reckless but with his actions recently, he has got me pretty anxious if he’ll even come home safe or not. Of course, out of my complete egotistical ass, I didn’t voice these feelings toward him and only would ask the boys (who were the ones that were always out with him) to make sure he’s ok.

Tonight was night eight of our silent fight and he returned home drunker than the other times. I left my room when I heard the door open and Luke stumbled in along with Michael, Calum, and Ashton, who were notably more sober than the bumbling idiot that had a slice of lime in his breast pocket. They seemed to be pretty worried and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the state Luke’s in.

“Y/N… ” Calum sighed out, relieved to see me. I nod, nervousness setting into the bottom of my stomach as I watched Luke totter onto the couch with the help of Ashton.

“What happened?” I asked breathily. I move towards Luke, trying to get a better look at him.

Calum sighed and I turned back to him before he started to rub the back of his neck. “We lost him. He said he was going to the washroom and I went with him but when I was washing my hands, he walked out. It took us awhile but he was at a different bar across the street.” Calum sighed again before continuing. “I’m so sorry Y/N - just look at him. We were going to take him to the ER but he kept telling us not to, that he just wanted to come home to see you… ” Calum muttered. I nod, thoroughly worried for my friends, especially Luke.

“Do you guys want to stay over? I cleaned the house yesterday so nothing is cluttered and you guys can take the guest room and my room. I’ll stay with Luke.” I offered, not wanting to let the boys go home at this time. They shook their heads.

“We don’t want to burden you, especially with Luke in the state he’s in. But thanks anyway, Y/N.” Ashton replied, turning to look at me for a second before turning back to his friend. My eyebrows furrow.

“It’s late and you guys are staying here. Ok? I don’t want any of you getting hurt.”

We all slowly dispersed after about thirty minutes of giving Luke water and some crackers. The boys tried to convince me to let them take care of Luke but I managed to shoo them away so they could properly rest. I could manage him properly.

“Y/N, you make me sad.” Luke slurred out, twirling a piece of my hair between his fingers before he curled it behind my ear. Shivers ran down my back while his hand lingered on my neck.

“Why?” I ask quietly to make sure I won’t wake the boys up.

“Because I made you mad and that made me sad. I was like, ‘why can’t I just make her happy for once?’ then I went out to drink. I was so sad Y/N, I thought you didn’t like me anymore. I thought you didn’t wanna be friends anymore and I was sad.” He gagged slightly before continuing, "And I have a secret and it’s important but I can’t tell you it cuz if I do it won’t be a secret anymore, Y/N! You like secrets, right Y/N? Can I call you that? Y/N. What a nice name. You know what else is a good name? Landon. I like it cuz it has an L in it, like my name. When we have kids we’re gonna name them all Landon, ok? That’s a nice name, huh Y/N? Unless you don’t like it. Then I hate that name. Name’s awful.”

I uneasily giggle and cut him off. “I like the name.”

“Should I change my name to Landon so you’ll like me too?”

“I like your name too, you don’t need to change it.” I respond, wiping a wet towel over his forehead and making a gesture to make him stop talking so loud.

“You like my name more, right?”

“Of course.”

“So then we should name all of our kids Luke then, right? Wait, no, that’d be weird cuz how are we going to know which gift is which on Christmas?” I laugh again as Luke’s eyes looked worriedly into mine. I shook my head.

“Same with the name Landon, then.”

Luke’s eyes lit up and a smile rose upon his face and he nodded, “Oh, yeah. You’re so smart Y/N, what would I do without you? You’re so smart and pretty and great and I just wish you’d love me back!” My breath hitched. "Isn’t that a concept? I love you, but don’t tell anyone. Everyone knows but you so you promise you’re not gonna say anything?” I nod absentmindedly.

“Yeah, of course, bud.” It was silent for awhile after that, Luke humming the tune to some old songs of his and playing with my hands. He occasionally picked up the vomit bucket we had and hurled in it but always went back to playing with my fingers. It was when he started to shut his eyes a little longer before he reopened them that I decided it was time to go to his bed.

“Hey, Luke, come on. Let’s go to bed.” He shook his head and yanked my arm back down gently so that I was sitting back on the couch.

“I’m so tired, Y/N, but you’re so beautiful and I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to bed knowing I won’t remember this.” He muttered out. His eyes were half shut and I can tell he was sobering up by now - it has been a good couple hours since they’ve come back so it was pretty normal to happen.

My heartbeat picked up at his compliment but I kept my face neutral, as if I were tired (and I was, but I’m also very very fucking anxious too.)

“Not that you’re not beautiful all the time - fuck I wish you weren’t as exquisite inside and out so I don’t have to feel this way - but right now the alcohol is too much and the light is illuminating your face and I’m so in love.” Luke blubbered out.

“Thank you, Luke. But you need to get to bed.”

It took a bit of convincing as well as some negotiating, so I ended up having to sleep on the same bed as Luke (which wasn’t much of a bargain since I was supposed to sleep on the bed with him, but I wasn’t going to let him know that.)

Luke was a really cuddly person. Even when we were still living next door to each other, he always loved having me as a cuddle buddy. So it took to no surprise to me when Luke tugged my body close to him.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry for being such an ass and coming home late every night piss drunk. I’m sorry. Do you still love me?”

“Of course I love you Luke.”

“Y/N, you don’t understand - ” He started, but I cut him off.

“Go to bed.” I was damn well curious about what he was going to say, but I didn’t want him to say shit he’ll regret saying later. So I swallowed my pride and let the thought pester me as his snores began to fill the room.




lmao im so here for bff!5sos and roommate!5sos so i made this thingy. idk if its good but i was feeling it y’know. it’s late and i should be asleep but here i am, posting this imagine at 2:43 a.m. this is sort of angst but not? what is this


Trojan War

A/N: Hey you guys! So it’s finally here! Just so you know it’s inspired by a film ‘Troy’ (Brad Pitt looks so hot in this movie). Also it’s not proofread yet so bear with my mistakes. And there will be more parts ;) Enjoy!

I’ve tried to be quiet. I had to be. I’ve put my hand to my mouth so they wouldn’t be able to hear my harsh breathing. I hid behind one of the sculptures of our sun god Apollo. They’ve killed all of the priests and now they are looking for things worth taking. I couldn’t look at our priests laying there dead. How could they do it? They are evil. Pure evil.

“Hello there.” I gasped and looked to my right. They’ve found me.
“Well, well, well, I think we’ve found our gold.” They’ve all laughed. Their smiles made me feel disgusted. I wanted to cry out for help but I knew no one’s coming. One of them took my arm and made me get up from my spot.
“I think our commander will be very pleased.” He licked his lips and they took me out.
“How could you do it? How could you kill people who serve our god Apollo? How could you vandalise the holy place?” I asked while trying to get myself out of their hold.
“Shut up, silly woman. Quit making it harder on yourself.” One of them threw me on the ground and spat on me. “You are just that: a pathetic woman. We men have control over all of you. So do as we say.”
I instantly felt anger rise in me. So I did the exact same thing he did to me. I spat on him.
“Oh, you are going to regret it. Get her to our commander. Tell him about it.” He said and I was tied up, threw on a horse as it took off. Goodbye my dear Troy.

The man threw me on the ground and started to tie me up to the wooden beam. I tried to fight but it was pointless. I was too weak. When he was done he got up and left. I was in someone’s hut. I’m guessing it’s their leaders hut. I sighed and tried to free myself from the ties but they were too tight. I looked at the entrance which was made from a fine, expensive cloth  when I heard voices outside. After a moment in came a man. I already knew who he was just by his proud walk.
“What’s your name?” He asked while starting to take off his armour. I looked away and stayed silent.
“You’ve killed our priests.” I said after a moment.
“I’ve killed many people but not priests.” He answered and he started washing his naked body. “My men said they thought you can… amuse me.” He smirked at me and put a towel around his hips. I looked at him disgusted and then looked away.
“I’m not going to amuse a killer. Or any men for that matter. I’m Apollo’s servant.” I said harshly and he crouched down and touched my hair.
“You are royalty, aren’t you? What’s your name?” He looked at me and in this moment he didn’t look like someone who could kill.
“(Y/N).” I replied and he started to undo the ties.
“Are you afraid, (Y/N)?” he asked and threw the rope away.
“Should I be?” I looked at him and he smiled softly.
“You don’t have a reason to be afraid. You are the only one from Troy who can say that.” He got up and put some blankets on the ground. “You can sleep here. Do not leave the hut.”
He left without another world and I looked around. Their camp was on the beach so everything was on the sand. His bed was made from two mattresses and it was covered with brown and crème coloured blankets. It was made from animal’s skin. On the other side of the hut was a small fireplace. In the centre was the wooden beam which I was tied up to. It was there to hold up the roof. I sat down on the blankets and let out a sigh. I guess I should be thankful for the sand. It’s not going to be as uncomfortable as sleeping on the hard ground.  

I woke up because of someone shaking my arm. I opened my eyes and saw that it’s morning. I probably fell asleep. I saw the man from yesterday crouching down next to my bed if you can call it that.
“Here. Drink.” He gave me a cup of water and put some grapes next to me. It wasn’t enough to satisfy hunger it was just enough to keep me going.
“Thank you…” I looked at him realising I didn’t know his name.
“It’s Harry.” He said as he sat down on his bed.
“Why are you here, Harry?” I asked curiously. He wasn’t like the men who took me here. He didn’t fit here. He treated me somehow nicely and didn’t even touch me even though he could do it without a problem. He could rape me, beat me. He could do anything to me. He didn’t.
“I want to be remembered as the greatest warrior.” He replied without rethinking his answer.
“So you want to be remembered as the killer? Are you enjoying this? Murdering innocent people?” I asked a bit too harshly. He came to me and grabbed my face with his hand. His fingers putting pressure on my cheeks.
“You don’t know me. You don’t know why I’m here. You know nothing about me. So shut your mouth before I change my mind about not killing you too.” He hissed and let go of my face. I massaged my cheeks and when I looked up he was gone.

Two days passed since our last encounter. He didn’t say a word to me after that. He was barely in the hut. He left, came back his body dirty and stained with other people’s blood. He washed himself, put on comfortable clothes and went out again. Then he came back and went to sleep. It was a routine. I didn’t do much besides sitting and looking at the wall or the clear water in the ewer. I wanted to wash my body, change my clothes. I felt so dirty and disgusting. I couldn’t do it because I was afraid he would be mad if I did. Besides that I slept. I couldn’t do anything else. When I woke up there always was a cup of water next to me. Nothing to eat. I felt horrible, hungry, dirty and weak.

It was a late evening when he came back. He breathed harshly and started to take off his armour. I looked at him closely and saw little wounds on his face. One on his cheeks noticeably bigger than the others. I had no idea what I was doing but I got up, took the cloth that was next to the ewer and wetted it. I approached him, took his chin delicately and moved his head upwards and then I started to clean his face. He hissed when I cleaned the cut and slapped my hand away. I sighed and wanted to try again but he caught my wrist and looked at me angrily. Daring me to try again. I threw the cloth next to him and went back to lay down. Bastard.

The next evening I was sitting alone in the hut. He had gone out in the morning before I woke up. His armour was here so I’m guessing they didn’t attack today. I’m wondering why is he keeping me here when I’m just sitting here doing nothing. I brushed my hair with my fingers trying to remove the tangles in them when suddenly someone entered the hut. It wasn’t Harry. The man who entered smirked and instantly took me out of the hut.
“Leave me alone!” I screamed. There was around 20 men around a bonfire and they all looked at us.
The man who brought me here took me to the centre of the gathering and another man grabbed my free arm. They started playing with the dress I had on.
“Would you look at that! Virgin clothing!” they laughed and I tried to free myself. I knew what was coming and I desperately wanted to stop it.
“So! Who’s going first?” All of them roared and one man approached us and started to take off my dress. Luckily I freed one of my arms and slapped him hard. The one who was holding my arm grabbed it again and I was slapped by the man right back. My hand instantly went to the burning cheek. Before I could look up he hit me again. This time it wasn’t just a slap, it was a powerful hit. I instantly fell to the floor and cried out from pain.
“You ugly Troy’s whore.”He kicked my stomach. Some of the men watching just went away and some stayed and cheered him on. He went in for it again but suddenly he was pulled back and thrown into the bonfire. His screams filled the air. I gasped and looked at Harry who was livid. One of the man that were holding me moments ago took out a knife and tried to stab him but before he had a chance to do it the knife was already in Harry’s hands and he threw it. The blade cutting straight through the man’s skull. The rest of the man who were watching ran away. Harry crouched down next to me and picked me up bridal style. He went to his hut and put me on the blankets. He brought an ewer with clear water in it and a cloth. He brought the wet cloth to my face but I slapped his hand away. He looked at me angrily and tried again with the same result. He threw the cloth at my face and I instantly did the same to him. He sighed and passed me the cloth. I took it and started washing my face.
“I’m sorry for yesterday. You tried to help me and I acted like a dickhead.” He said and I put the cloth away and looked at him.
“Why did you kill them?” I asked hating the fact that he did. He took the cloth and continued with washing the blood off of my face. He delicately pressed it to my face being careful not to hurt me.
“Isn’t it obvious? They deserved it.” He replied simply and I furrowed my eyebrows. No one deserves to die.
“Don’t say that. The gods decide if someone deserves to die. I’m not worth two men life.” I said and he looked me in the eyes. I’ve never noticed how green his eyes are. He had beautiful eyes. He was beautiful. I felt there was so much that he is hiding inside of him. So much that no one knows about him.
“Your life is worth far more than the men staying on this beach.” He said while still looking me in the eyes. Our faces were so close. I didn’t even noticed when we leaned in. When our lips almost touched I pulled away and he got up.
“Come.” He offered me his hand and I took it. He helped me get up and we left the hut. The bonfire was put out and in lied the body. I quickly looked away not being able to look at it.
“Where are we going?” I asked and he looked at me over his shoulder. He smiled at me and I had to admit his smile was very attractive.
“You are going to give me a bath.” He replied and my eyes widened. Give him a bath? Me? I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. It did not work. I saw him naked plenty of times. He wasn’t a shy guy, that is for sure. But touching his naked body is so different. I mean when he was naked I tried not to look. Or I just tried to make it look like I didn’t look. What is going on with me? Why am I excited to do it? I’m so confused about my emotions right now.
We entered a big hut and I gasped. It looked just like Harry’s hut but the bath. It wasn’t a simple bath. It was so big. At least 5 people would fit in there. It was placed in the centre. The bath was round and tall, the material that it was built from was black. It was filled with clear, steaming water. Harry approached a wooden bench that was next to the bath and started to undress himself. My cheeks were hot and I tried to cover it with my hair. When he was done, he grabbed something and stood in front of me. I quickly looked up and he chuckled. He gave me a soap and entered the bath. I approached the bath slowly and wetted my hands. I started with his shoulders. I washed him and massaged and the same time. He hummed and leaned his head back. I washed his long hair and his neck and then I started washing his chest. He’s always so tense but now he looks relaxed. I took a deep breath and started to wash his stomach. I was focused on not putting my hands too low and I haven’t noticed that he looked at me. So when I turned my head to the side our noses bumped. I immediately stopped moving. I think I even stopped breathing for a second. He looked at y lips for a second and leaned in even closer. I could feel his lips moving next to mine when he whispered two words that made my heart stop beating for a moment. Two simple words: “Join me.”

Phanfic - Punishment

Warning: Smut, Kink, BDSM, Bondage, Spanking.

Author’s note: First Fanfic, not a native speaker (Dutch) so it might contain a few errors. Tried as best as I could.

Dan knew he was in trouble from the moment he was done with the video, but nothing happened until Connor left. He silently hoped Phil would forget it but his hopes were crushed the minute Connor left. ‘You think I would forget Daniel?’ Dan didn’t answer him but knew it was serious. It always was when Phil called him Daniel. 'No’ He answered. 'I am afraid I’ll have to remind you of who your real daddy is.’ He whispered into his ear. 'Also, if you fail to call me Sir you will be in even bigger trouble.’ Dan was scared, but in a good way. 'Now, I’ll be in your room in 5 minutes, I want you completely naked on the bed.’ Dan immediately ran up the stairs, not wanting to make his situation worse.

Phil went to the kitchen to pour himself a drink. What was he going to do, he thought to himself. Edging or a spanking? He’d do a little of both. He bend down to get everything he needed in the cupboard under the sink. He put a few items of it in a smaller bag and started to walk towards Dan his room. He was not going to forget this for the next couple of days.
Dan was quick to rid himself of all his clothing. Nothing in the world annoyed Phil more than having to wait to get started. One time he thought he could quickly look at tumblr… Dan shivered. After he folded away his clothes in the top drawer he lay down on the bed, his butt sticking up into the air. Punishments were nothing new to him, he loved the way Phil was dominant and really attractive at the same time.

Phil marched in. 'Extend your arms to the headboard.’ Phil took two pair of handcuffs out of his bag. 'You tend to move around quite a lot so this might keep you in place.’ He put the first part of the cuff on Dan’s right arm, than connected it to the headboard. He repeated the process for Dan’s other arm. 'How many times should I spank you?’ he asked in voice that made Dan’s stomach squirm. He knew that if he asked for some number too low Phil would triple it. '40 Sir.’ Phil waited a second before he replied. 'Goo. Count for me and try no to get it wrong.’ He bend over to Dan’s head and whispered into his ear: 'The safeword is youtube, I don’t want to hurt you.’ Dan nodded.
Phil raised his hand into the air and than, with a little force, let it hit Dan’s left buttock. Dan moaned softly, almost forgetting to count. This continued and after 20 hits Phil switched side. Every time his hand slapped Dan’s arse he tugged harder on his restraints. Every slap became progressively more painful. But Dan liked it. He liked it when Phil taught him a lesson like this. The boner that started when he was sent upstairs was getting harder without him even touching it.

'So’ Phil said 'what have you learned today?’ 'Not to make remarks like that.’ It came completely unexpected, one hard hit on his butt. Dan cried out loudly. 'Have you already forgotten what I told you, Daniel? It’s Sir to you.’ 'Yes Sir’ 'But I think you learned your lesson, so it is only right that I let you off.’ Phil detached the cuffs. 'But first.’ Phil pulled down his boxers and threw them away. Dan immediately took his full length in his mouth and started sucking his cock. His cock become instantly hard. A string of noises not really recognizable came out of Phil’s mouth. Dan kept moving up and down on Phil’s hardened penis. 'Almost’ Phil moaned. He came. Big white streaks of cum flew out of his cock into Dan’s mouth. Phil kept moving in and out of Dan’s mouth before stepping back, Putting on a pair of boxers. Now, lie down on the bed. Phil took a bottle of lube and put some on Dan’s hole, wiping of the excess on his back. Phil put in one finger and started to move around. 'I don’t think I need to stretch you, it seems like you butt was already prepared.’ Dan smiled. Phil took a small vibrator and slowly lowered it into Dan’s butt. He turned it on and could immediately see Dan’s reaction. He kept moving it around trying to find the prostate. He knew he hit it when Dan started to moan loudly into the pillow. Not long after he put it onto it’s highest setting  and he could feel Dan was close to cumming. He switched the vibrator off, waiting 10 seconds before turning it on again. After a few cycles of this he took it out of Dan’s butt. 'Turn around.’ Dan obliged, hoping Phil would not edge him any longer.

'Don’t worry sweetheart, I’ll finish this quickly.’ He took Dan’s cock in the palm of his hand and started to jack him off. It took no more than half a minute before Dan started to moan and, seconds later, cum all over his chest. It took a few seconds before Phil let go, being hypnotized by Dan’s orgasm.
'Don’t get up, I’ll get you a towel. You have done more than enough already.’ He soon came back with a roll paper towels so Dan could clean himself up. He looked exhausted. 'Can I sleep with you tonight?’ he asked. 'Of course. I’ll be right back.’ Phil went out of the room and switched off the lights in their apartment. He quickly returned to Dan and crawled into his bed, putting his arms around the younger boy.

'I love you’ he said. 'I love you too’ Then they fell asleep.

the day i thought i was going to be responsible

so i woke up early today which was a surprise since i sleep in a lot. i also took a shower before noon. cool i’m getting my shit together. life is looking great. then i decided to start working on chores for a couple of hours. sweet. getting the house clean. then i went to go down to the store to scout out some items for grocery shopping on sunday, taking my friend with me. which was a mistake. i was being responsible i got down to the store and wrote down what they have from my list and complete it in a short amount of time. my friend started grabbing things from the shelves. more and more. i knew i shouldn’t have taken them with me. then they somehow convince me to grab something and together it become more than a couple of items. another mistake. we check out and started walking home when the weight of what just happened hit me. i am regretting what has been done. to add on on the way back to the house we walked around aimlessly as my friend was playing pokemon go. twenty minutes go by and we had not caught the bulbasaur they needed. i can’t believe they convinced me out of my responsible streak. now if you’ll excuse me i need to go wallow in my self disappointment. there is so much junk food and the only thing not food is a pack of batteries. and the only thing they are saying is “at least we got dinner”

I have the self control of a hamster. Part one of two.

He opened his eyes to purple lighting overhead and oppressive shadows closing in. Attempts to inhale were met with bands tightening over his chest, clamping him down to a cold table.



He knew this place.

The sound of someone approaching, a low, familiar chuckle, sent terror washing through him, and he twisted under the bonds, trying in vain to wrench himself free.

“Stupid boy. You’ll only make it hurt more.”

Pain exploded like a lightning strike through the mechanical arm into the flesh stump of his own, and he writhed, arching up to scream-

-only when he jerked up, the bindings were gone, replaced by blankets.

Blankets… darkness… bed… Cabin. His cabin in the castle.

Shiro sank back down, head thumping into the pillow as he tried to slow his breathing back down from panicked gasps. Nightmare… only a nightmare. 

Only his third one in a week. 

He scrubbed his face with his flesh hand. He was going to have to do something about this. The others were going to eventually notice his sleeping was shot. For now, though, he just needed to get out. Get air. Be anywhere but his room.

His wandering ended up taking him down to the training room he and the others had been using. Maybe if he practiced more with the arm, he’d feel less panicked about the possibility of it being reprogrammed again. It was as good idea as any, he figured. But he stopped when he heard the sound of clanging metal behind the door. 

Someone else was in there? At this hour?

Not wanting to interrupt, but curious to see who it was, he changed his course and took the secondary lift up to the observation deck. 

“Holy hell.”

He’d guessed maybe Keith or Allura, at long shot Hunk or Lance. Pidge wasn’t likely since there’d still been systems diagnostics running when he’d gone to bed. But he never would have expected to see Coran down there on the floor with the gladiator robot, two wide-bladed short swords in hand and moving with the speed and dexterity of an expert duelist.

His own practice forgotten, he pulled over a chair and sat down to watch, entranced, as robot and Altean battled back and forth, until the gladiator finally caught an opening and tripped its opponent up, leveling a sword blade at the redhead’s throat. 

Panting, Coran backed up and bowed.”I yield.” The gladiator drew its sword back and snapped it up in a salute before vanishing into the floor.

As Coran went to go put away his practice swords, Shiro got up and took the lift back down to enter the training hall. “That was amazing.”

The older man jumped and turned, surprised. “Oh! Hah, it’s you. Wasn’t expecting anyone to be about at this time. Well, except Pidge. I’ll have to go drag that one out of the computer systems soon before I end up having to clean stimulant juice out of the wires again.”

“I was having some trouble sleeping so I came down to train. Why didn’t you tell anyone you can fight?”

“…Eh.” Coran looked over the dulled training sword. “I’m afraid ten thousand years of cryo was a bit more than just a joke. Allura readjusted quickly because of her connection to the universe’s quintessence, but it’s going to take a bit more practice for me. In the old days, I could have won a longer bout than that, and with a lot less exhaustion afterwards.”

“Wow. Bet it would be good for guarding the castle while we’re gone, though.”

“That’s the plan! But enough of that,” Coran said, brightening up and tucking the sword into a case with its twin. “What’s this sleeping problem you mentioned? Do I need to make any climate adjustments?”

“No… No, my room is perfectly fine, thank you, I just…” He swallowed, then decided to bite the bullet. They’d been honest with each other about everything else. “I’ve been having nightmares about the arm. I’m hoping that it’s just nothing, but… the Galra built it, and they used it to leash me before. What if they could do it again?”

“Hm. That is a scary thought. May I?” Shiro offered his arm, and Coran took it, gently popping the secret catch in the upper casing to take a look inside. After a moment’s inspection, though, he smiled and closed it. “I believe I’ve got an idea. Follow me.”

He’d never been in this hallway of the castle. It was just as clean and well-kept as the rest, but it felt… quieter, somehow. Almost sad. “Where are we?”

“These were the special guest quarters where the old Paladins stayed when they were on-world.”

“They weren’t Alteans?” Somehow it had never occurred to him that the old Paladins could have been a mixed bunch. Zarkon had claimed to be a Paladin, hadn’t he? Though they were having a very hard time believing that could have ever been possible-

“Oh my, no. His majesty was the only Altean the Lions chose. All the rest… all the rest came from quite an eclectic assortment. Here we are.” Coran tapped the pad for a set of doors and they swooshed open.

The lighting was different from any of the rooms Shiro had seen before. Floating cube-shaped lamps of soft pink were mixed with overhead orbs of deep orange, creating spots of colored light of different tints all around. The glowing screens of the datapads and computer banks matched the cubes, but the assorted prototypes and pieces of tech and tools were a duel mix of clearly differing types. Or fusions of the two.

“Man, what Pidge wouldn’t give to see this place.”

“Well… I may hold back on that for a bit. A lot of this is still too sentimental to be torn into just yet. But maybe eventually.” 

Coran guided him in, picking around bits and pieces, then picked up a datapad to begin sorting through an inventory of sorts. Shiro began looking around a little, then froze when he saw a hulking figure looming by one of the computer banks. “Ah- Coran…”

“Hm? Oh. That’s just Smooshy. He won’t wake up without his mistress to give the command code.”

“Oh.” A robot that would sleep forever because its owner was ten thousand years dead… that was rather depressing. He wondered if Pidge would be able to fix that. “Which Paladins was all this for?”

“Mirje and Joitree, our Green and Red. Joitree started it first, of course. Yulnadae couldn’t help but create home labs for themselves, and since we were taking so much time away from her central lab, giving her space to work only seemed fair. After they became friends and collaborators, Mirje started using this as her home lab as well.

He tried to keep his hands to himself, he really did, but curiosity won out, and he began carefully picking through a few pieces, careful to only touch what looked like it wouldn’t activate. There was so much. Weaponry, machinery, what could possibly be prosthetics, God only knew what… He picked up a rudimentary skeletal arm of a robot that would never be finished and gently tested its finger movements. 

Huh. Kinda reminded him of…

“Did the Galra ever use any of this?”

Coran looked up from his searching. “Not anything in this room specifically, which is why we’re here. But if you’re asking if they stole from the Yulnadae and the Orichians, then the answer is yes. The Empire was quite shameless about incorporating the genius of the races it slaughtered. However, we will be working with pure, untouched technology, and if you’ll pardon my personal bias, we’ll be working with the best.”

Shiro couldn’t help but grin at Coran’s infectious confidence.

Shut Up Minho (Newt)

Anon:  Hey. Could you write a Newt imagine where y/n is sick so Newt offers to do her washing and he shrinks all her clothes and when she’s well enough to walk around he offers to let her borrow his clothes. And everyone assumes they slept together since it’s not a secret that Newt likes her. And she slaps Minho when he asked her how big Newt is? Thanks

* * *

Waking up, you didn’t even have to open your eyes to know. That awful feeling in the back of your throat making it hard to swallow, feeling a lot hotter than you should’ve at 7 o’clock in the morning and your nose dripping - you were ill. You sat up and groaned, ‘Why me?’ You muttered as you got out of bed. You slipped on your shoes and a sweater and walked outside and into the kitchen where you knew some of the early morning Gladers would be. 

You spotted Newt standing next to Frypan in the kitchen area and waddled over to him. ‘Hi love.’ He said. ‘How are y-oh y/n, are you okay?’ He asked, looking up and seeing the state you were in. You shook your head, ‘Please just murder me right now.’ You said, pulling the hood up on your sweater. Newt frowned, ‘Okay, maybe you should go back to bed. We don’t want any of the other Gladers getting sick.’ Newt put down his mug of tea and walked you back to your room. You got into bed and Newt pulled the covers up. ‘Are you alright?’ Newt asked. You nodded, 
‘Thank you.’ Newt kissed you on the forehead and then left you to sleep for a couple more hours. ‘I’ll be back to check on you soon.’ He said, closing the door. 

Two hours later you woke up, feeling a but better than you did before. The sun had now risen and the Gladers were all working - doing their jobs and duties. You sat up, not wanting to spend all day inside and went to grab your day clothes. You found them chucked messily in the corner of the room. ‘Ah.’ You said - remembering how badly they needed washing. ‘You okay?’ You looked up to see Newt walking in. ‘I have no clothes.’ You said. 
‘Oh. Here let me wash them for you.’ Newt picked up the pile of clothes. ‘It’ll be done in a few minutes.’ He said, smiling. You thanked him and sat back down on your bed, watching out the window at all your friends. 

Just as promised a few minutes later, Newt came back. He didn’t however, have any clothes in his hands. ‘So, bad news.’ He said. 
“Oh god what did you do?’ You said, smiling, your voice croaky. Newt laughed, 
‘I may have shrunk your clothes…on accident.’ He said.
‘Oh.’ You said, not really sure what to say, ‘Well that’s okay I’ll just request for some more clothes, it’s Greenie day tomorrow, right?’ Newt nodded, 
‘Okay good idea. Uh but for now-’ Newt looked around for an idea before pulling off his own shirt. He was wearing a red sleeveless shirt under it. ‘This is clean.’ He handed it to you. You took it, 
‘Thanks!’, and puled it on - just wearing the leggings you usually wore to bed with it. He smiled, ‘You look cute in my clothes.’ He smirked. He walked over and was about to kiss you when you stopped him, ‘I don’t want to get you sick.’ You said. Newt nodded, 
‘Good that. Now I should get back to work - take it easy alright?’ Newt walked out. You brushed your hair a bit - trying to make yourself look half decent before following him. 

Newt went off to the gardens so you decided to go to the kitchen to bug Frypan for a while. ‘Hey, I heard you were sick.’ Frypan said. He stopped and smirked when he saw Newt’s shirt, ‘Clearly not that sick, if you know what I mean.’ He laughed. You frowned, ‘Frypan - don’t you dare! Newt just lent me his shirt because-’
‘Hey I don’t want to know.’ Frypan said, cracking up. You rolled your eyes, 
Because,’ You pressed on, ‘I have no clothes.’ You said. Frypan nodded, smirking, ‘Uh huh.’ He laughed. You shook your head, knowing there was no way to end the teasing with that lot. 

Before you knew it, it was dinner time and the Gladers started filing into the kitchen/ dining room to eat. You sat down at a table with Thomas, Gally, Winston, Minho and soon to be Newt. ‘Why are you wearing Newt’s shirt?’ Thomas asked. Minho looked at Frypan and winked, 
‘Trust me Thomas you don’t want to know why.’ Minho said, making them all laugh. ‘You guys are so gross.’ You rolled your eyes. Minho turned to you, 
‘Hey, we aint got nothing against it. It’s no secret about you and Newt.’ You put down your fork, ‘We didn’t have se-’
‘I agree with Minho,’ Frypan started, ‘You gotta do what you gotta do.’ The group of boys all laughed again. ‘So y/n,’ Minho said, ‘How big is he?’ 
‘What?’ You said, going bright red. Minho smirked, ‘You know.’ He raised his eyebrows at you. You opened your mouth in shock and slapped Minho across the face. Minho just laughed along with everyone else. ‘I hate you all.’ You said, biting you lip to try stop yourself from smiling.

Chapter Seventy Four

“What are you looking at?”

“Jesus!” Mia gasped, her hand flying to her heart at Alex’s voice right behind her. “You scared the mess out of me!”

“Ha!” Alex smirked and shook head. Her eyes darted to the window that Mia had been gazing out of before turning back to her assistant. “You sure were concentrating hard on Harry and his physical therapy doctor out there.”

Mia’s eyes flashed wide. “I swear I wasn’t looking at Harry.”

Alex’s smile twitched higher. “What were you looking at then?”

“Nothing…” Mia shrugged, skirting around Alex as she left the window to head back down the hall to Alex’s office.

“Mia?” Alex called, laughter in her voice as she followed her down the hall. “Were you looking at Dr. Ben?”

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A Matter of Trust (Part 7/??)

A/N: Uh. I got nothin’. Enjoy! :) xx

Rae woke Saturday morning with a colossal ache in her head and a heaviness in her stomach. Wait, no. Not in her stomach, on her stomach.

What is that? Oh my god. That’s not my arm!!

Her eyes flashed open and she immediately regretted this decision as the sun coming through the window sent an extreme wave of nausea over her already insulted tummy.

Hold on. This isn’t my room.

She ever so carefully turned her face to the left to take in a breathtaking, sound asleep Finn.

What the actual fuck! How did I? When did I? Oh, shit. We didn’t…

Rae carefully picked up Finn’s navy blue comforter to make sure she was still wearing clothes.


It didn’t take long for Rae to remember the events that went on the night before.

I tried to leave. Finn wouldn’t let me. Told me to sleep in his bed. With him. He really opened up to me. He cried. He cuddled me in his sleep. And I think my ovaries exploded at some point…

Rae cautiously tried to get out from underneath Finn’s arm without waking him but to no avail. The last time she tried to wriggle away from him, he cuddled closer and she started to wonder why she was trying to so hard to get away in the first place. She turned from her back to her side to get a better look at him.

God damn. This man hit the fuckin’ jackpot in the looks department. He is so beautiful, inside and out, with one of those faces that was just made to be looked at and a heart that was meant for nothin’ but to give and receive love.

Rae watched him sleep for what felt like hours but knew it was probably only 10 minutes. She felt his chest rise and fall next to hers and watched his eyes twitch slightly as he watched the movie of his dreams. She watched as his luscious lips curled in a small smile at what he was imagining.

What I wouldn’t give to feel those lips on mine.

She went to move the fringe on his forehead out of his eyes when he suddenly inhaled deeply and stuttered awake. Rae quickly pretended like she was just waking up herself.

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Girl Meets the Invisible

Riley walked down the street to Topanga’s. It was a bright Sunday afternoon and Riley was meeting her friends there. The smile on her face caused the day to brighten even more. It was a good day. Riley was happy, her friends were happy, her family was happy. All was right in the world.

She walked down the street, swinging her arms. She watched all the people on the street with her, couples arm in arm, families laughing, men and women hurrying on to their destination or just enjoying a casual stroll. The city was alive with activity.

As she approached the entrance to the cafe, Riley stopped. The smile slipped from her lips as she saw a man digging in the trashcan outside. His long hair and beard were matted and dirty. His clothes reeked and were torn. His worn and despaired face frightened the young girl and she carefully hurried past him and down the steps.

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God has been so good to me! He is faithful, even when I am not. He is loving, He is kind, He is for me.

Today was a day His goodness was fingerprinted everywhere. He kept showing me through Kyle loving me. And isn’t that what our relationship is all about? (Yes! Ephesians 5:22-33).

Kyle met me for brunch; we cooked in my kitchen and ate a new breakfast meal we made together. Then, I helped him get some cleaning and errands ran. He took me to a beautiful plant nursery/greenhouse I’ve had my heart set on for months and bought me my first plant for my apartment. He knew how bad I wanted one and to go there! He let me look at every plant. I was so happy leaving there, it cheered me up immensely as I haven’t been able to spend money on myself or buy anything I simply *wanted* for my apartment. Then we went out for dinner at local Mexican restaurant and he bought my meal before going to our first small group from church together. It was awesome! The passage was on Romans 5:1-5, on how faith is the foundation for building godly character. He went with me to this new group of people we’ve just met (I was intimidated to go on my own before, but some girls invited me to this one!). He has been so supportive and encouraging to me. He lifts me and us up in prayer. He is selfless is always wanting what gives me peace and joy, that I would grow and be happy and pursue what is best for me. It was awesome seeing him take initiative in volunteering to read the Scripture to the group and sharing during discussion, and connecting with the other men in prayer after. He is such a blessing and encouragement to me, and I am thankful for all the ways God is strengthening and growing us individually on our own and together.

I just feel so much hope and faith that we are on the right path and it’s not by our efforts but God’s goodness and grace. He leads us.

I’ve needed a lot of healing and God has been doing that deep work. He’s helped me open up to other people and begin being willing to trust again. Being loved in the way Kyle has loved me has helped. And I know there are other people willing to love me that way too. Everyday God shows me different ways how good He is to me, how much He loves me, how He is greater than anything I could misfocus on. Today was a good day. I’m grateful. God is at work in my heart and life and future spouse, and it’s just all really beautiful and encouraging to see, to experience the way I do. This is life with Jesus. This is discovering His love at every turn. Selah.

Only One

(Hello lovelies! Here is another request. Love you all! Happy Reading!)

You screamed at Justin for what seemed to be the millionth time. You guys had been arguing for the past week over the dumbest things like what car you could take, what to have for dinner, why you follow someone on Instagram. It was all so pointless and you had enough of it. 

“Justin, oh my god. Do you realize how stupid this is? Seriously.” you said, giving up. 

“No, it’s not stupid. Okay? It hurt my feelings.” he said. 

“You’re hurt because I didn’t come to the studio to see you when you were only there for an hour? Justin, you were coming home right afterwards! I was going to see you when you came home. Relax.” you said, turning around and walking to the kitchen. 

“You don’t even care about me.” he mumbled. 

You were so fed up. You didn’t care about being reasonable and nice anymore. He was being so ridiculous and you couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Are you serious? I don’t care about you? You think that I don’t care about you because I didn’t fucking come to the studio to see you when you were only there for an hour? Alright. I’m done. I’m fucking leaving. You are actually so immature I can’t handle it.” you said, storming upstairs and packing your things. 

“Y/N, what are you doing? You’re not leaving.” he said as he followed you. 

“Really? Watch me.” you said, shoving the last of your clothes in your suitcase. 

You zipped up the suitcase and threw it on the floor. You grabbed your laptop, purse and phone as well. You looked him up and down once more before trudging back downstairs with the suitcase ungraciously going down the steps behind you. 

“Wow.” he said.

“Wow? No, what’s “wow” is the fact that you got mad at me earlier in the week for not making you fucking spaghetti.” you laughed sarcastically. “You’re 21, not 4 years old.” 

“Y/N, please. Don’t do this. Don’t go.” he said, changing his tone. 

“No. I can’t handle getting yelled at for something new everyday.” you said turning to him. “I can’t do this.”

He looked down, wiping a tear from his eye. He knew he had screwed up but it’s Justin, he didn’t want to admit that. He nodded before stepping away from you, letting you have your space. You did feel bad for doing this but you needed to get out. You had so much unneeded anxiety and stress on you because Justin kept getting mad about little things. 

“Bye, Justin.” you said before leaving. 

You cried your whole way home. You didn’t know if this was permanent but you definitely needed time away from Justin. Time for yourself. Time to heal and focus on your own life. You needed to only be concerned about your own problems and not anyone else’s. You finally made it home and told your mom everything. She agreed with your choice but that didn’t make you feel that much better. All you wanted was Justin but you knew that you needed your space. 

Over the next couple of weeks, Justin only contacted you twice. Both about small things on how to cook a certain meal and what ingredients he needed. You knew that it was just an excuse to talk to him. He sounded weaker and weaker each time you heard him speak whether it be on the phone or on TV during an interview. He was definitely having a hard time with the breakup. He also looked very tired and unhealthy whenever you saw pictures of him running errands. His eyes had dark circles around them and he had started to lose weight in his face. You grew concerned but you knew he had people that would step in if he was seriously ill. 

It had been a month since you and Justin split. You hadn’t contacted each other at all. He still crossed your mind every single day, more than once. You did miss him but you felt so much better. You felt free and confident. You knew what you needed to do for yourself in order to be happy. You were out shopping when you got a call from Ryan, Justin’s best friend. 

“Hello?” you answered, confused as to why he’s calling. 

“Y/N, it’s Ryan. You need to come to Justin’s as soon as possible. He’s having a breakdown. He- He punched a hole in his window and there’s blood everywhere. I hear him throwing things and screaming. He won’t let me inside, I’m trying to go in through the back.” he said, panicking. 

You hung up without even responding to what Ryan said. You ran out of the mall, straight to the parking lot. You sped out, dodging other cars who were honking at you and went straight to Justin’s. When you arrived, Ryan was on the front steps with his head in his hands. 

“You’re here, thank god.” he sighed. “It’s only gotten worse.”

You heard his screams from inside and immediately ran to the door. You banged on the big door with your open hand.

“Justin. Let me in.” you yelled. “It’s me. Let me in.”

The noise from inside the house immediately stopped and you heard him coming towards the door. He opened the door and you were shocked when you saw him. The skin on his right hand was shredded to pieces due to him punching the window. His arm and shirt were covered in blood. He stood staring at you, breathing heavily. You slowly stepped in and shut and locked the door behind you. 

“It’s just us. Don’t worry.” you said cautiously. 

His house was a disaster. All the artwork that once hung from the walls were sprawled across the floor, destroyed. Pieces of glass were scattered everywhere. 

“Justin..” you said in disbelief. 

You reached out to hug him slowly. 

“No.” he yelled. “Don’t do that.” 

You jumped at his tone. He was furious and you knew he was going to blow up again sooner or later. He stormed back into the kitchen and began throwing more things. 

“How could you do this to me?!” he yelled, whipping a plate across the room. “Do you see what has happened to me?” 

You ran to the kitchen. Justin had horrible panic attacks and this was one of them. Whenever they were really bad, he would blackout and not remember what happened afterwards. You wondered if he would remember this. 

“J! Stop.” you said, walking towards him slowly. “Justin, It’s me. Baby, it’s me.”

“Don’t fucking call me baby.” he screamed, slamming his fist onto the granite countertop. 

“Justin. Look at me.” you grabbed his face. “It’s me. Justin, it’s me.”

He stared at you before bursting into tears. You pulled him into a hug and let him cry. You rubbed his back soothingly, waiting for him to calm down.

“Just breathe. You’re okay. Justin, breathe.” you said, stroking his hair softly. 

Eventually, he calmed himself down. He pulled away from the hug and looked at you, before looking at himself. He saw the blood and all of the broken dishes and artwork around him. 

“What happened?” he said, crying again. 

“Justin, you had a bad panic attack. You’re okay. Just breathe.” you said, rubbing his chest. 

After calming him down, you wrapped his hand up, allowed him to clean off and then explained everything that happened. You made sure Justin was okay before you went back outside to see Ryan. 

“He’s okay. Thank you so much.” you said to him. 

“Thank god. You’re welcome. You’re the only one who can calm him down so I knew I needed to call you.” he said. 

“Thank you.” you smiled. 

He smiled and nodded before leaving. 

You went back inside with Justin. He was cleaning up the last of the broken glass from the floor. 

“I’m going to need like 20 new plates.” he laughed a little. 

You sighed. You needed to talk to him. 

“Justin, come here.” you said, sitting on the couch.

He obeyed and came and sat beside you. 

“We need to talk. About us.” you said.

He nodded. 

“I know.” he said. 

“Look, I miss you so much. I just can’t deal with how easily you get mad, J.” you said sighing. 

“No, I took care of that. I channel my anger through working out now. I don’t take it out on anyone. I won’t get mad like that anymore.” he said. 

You nodded, biting your lip. You wanted to give him a second chance so badly. He really had changed and you knew that you needed each other. 

“I think we can give this another shot.” you smiled. 

He grinned and hugged you tight. 

“I love you so much.” he said. “You’re mine. You’re the only one for me.”