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Two images took from Naruto latest episode, number 500.
Finally they did it and I am so happy for them. However, it’s really sad to admit that my favourite anime took an end; it made in myself the same amount of feelings like the ending of the manga. An era ended.

Hope you like these two beautiful heroes.

Prince!Youngjae AU (Part 7)

A/N - Here’s part 7 for the Youngjae series! I can’t believe we’re seven parts in, it seems to have gone by so fast. Depending on how things go, there’ll be about two more parts after this one so we’re getting close to the end!

Preview | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

It had been a week since the king had granted (Y/N) permission to leave her post in the royal guard so that she could travel to Jinyoung’s kingdom to serve his parents. The time had now come for the two to leave and nerves were running high for (Y/N). This would be the first time she had even left the kingdom. Ever. She was venturing out into the unknown with Jinyoung by her side. Part of her felt bad for leaving Youngjae but it only took an image of Yugyeom’s face to flash through her memory for all feelings of remorse to disappear. In the past week. (Y/N) had grown rather close to Jinyoung. While he couldn’t fully fill the hole that was losing Yugyeom and Youngjae, he helped to soothe the pain and keep her smiling on her bad days. Living in his kingdom would help her and give her a nice change of scenery. Jinyoung was also excited to go home with (Y/N) by his side. He had grown fond of the girl and considered her to be one of his friends. He knew he wasn’t as important to her as Yugyeom or Youngjae had been, but he accepted that. He wanted to see her happy again, as she had been when he first met her.

Youngjae was sad to see (Y/N) leave. He had seen her once since everything had happened. They were both walking towards each other down the corridor and had caught eyes with the other. Sadness and longing had pulled at them both but neither wanted to speak to the other. (Y/N) out of betrayal and Youngjae out of respect and guilt. He hated himself for what he did but was coming to terms with the fact that he couldn’t turn back time and make (Y/N) hate him less. All he could do now was push on and make sure to do the right thing, whatever it takes. He was filled with determination to do good for his kingdom and drive out the rebels. He wasn’t going to let anyone else impact his decisions and he would only do what was right. No matter what.

By the time (Y/N) and Jinyoung were leaving, (Y/N) felt a pang in her chest. Part of her wanted to at least say goodbye to Youngjae so that he knew she didn’t hate him entirely. Overtime, she would be able to forgive him for what he did. She could never trust him fully, but time would help heal her broken heart. Just before the two departed, (Y/N) walked into the gardens to try and find Youngjae, knowing he didn’t have any duties until early evening. She managed to find him sitting in the hidden part she used to come to with Yugyeom. 
“Youngjae,” she said quietly, not wanting to surprise him too much. He turned around instantly, recognising her voice. 
“I wanted to come and say goodbye before we left. I know we haven’t spoken at all since everything happened but I hope you know I don’t hate you. I could never. Things won’t be the same for a while but after some time I would like for us to become close again. I miss spending time with you but it’ll take some time away from you that’ll allow that to happen.”
“Take all the time you need, (Y/N). I don’t expect any kind of forgiveness from you. What I did was terrible and if I could, I would change it all. But I can’t so I must live on with the guilt. I want you to know I’m so incredibly sorry for what happened.”
“I know you are. I can see it in your face. Please don’t let guilt destroy you. While I can’t forgive you, I still want you to live and be happy.”
“Thank you. You’re too kind to me, (Y/N).”
“I have to go now, but I hope one day we can be friends again.”
“So do I,” Youngjae said, sitting back down on the bench and forcing a smile for her. She walked away, feeling better after having spoken to him. She knew that one day she could forgive him. For now, she just had to live.

After some time had passed, (Y/N) found herself settling in well to her new home. After speaking with Jinyoung’s parents, they had agreed it’d be best for her to be his bodyguard. She could utilise her strong fighting skills if necessary but could also be with someone she knew and liked. Her stay wasn’t permanent but it would be comfortable until she felt ready to leave. His parents had been extremely kind about the whole situation, both willing to take her in and both happy to see Jinyoung with a friend. Being Jinyoung’s bodyguard had so far been much more enjoyable than being Youngjae’s bodyguard. Rather than escorting him to private meetings and having to find something to do to occupy the time, (Y/N) could sit in and talk with advisers and such. She was treated with more respect and felt like she belonged there. Everyone in the kingdom was so welcoming and kind to her. It was bizarre. (Y/N) was used to odd stares and silent greetings. She had grown so accustomed to frowning faces passing her by that she had near forgotten what smiling looked like. This kingdom’s issues were few and far between. There were no rebels to worry of or any threats of war as there had been back home. She felt safer and more secure walking through the local town with Jinyoung by her side. Local townspeople had come to know her by name and would happily greet her as she walked by. Everything felt happier and brighter. Life was feeling happier and brighter for (Y/N).


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Taken aback, [Kylo Ren] whirled—to see the weapon land in the hand of a girl standing by a tree. Rey appeared equally shocked that her reach for the device had exceeded his. She gazed down at the weapon now resting in her grip. “It is you,” Ren murmured.  His words unsettled her: Not for the first time, he seemed to know more about her than she did about herself. - TFA novel

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