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Anthem for the Broken

Regulus Black x Reader

Requested plot: Imagine the reader as close with the Marauders, but she falls for Regulus. 

Word count: 2698
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything recognisable.
Warning: It takes a dark turn, sorry. 

“I’m not helping you! I’ve told you at least a hundred times, James, if you mention pranking around me, I’ll hex you!” (Y/N) explained, waving her wand in front of her friend.

“I know, but we could use for an extra pair of strong hands, it’s going to be a fun prank, promise,” James replied, grinning at her.

“No, that’s my final answer,” (Y/N) shook her head. She had sworn never to help them, no matter how much they wanted her help. She was a prefect, and McGonagall had let it slip that if she kept her perfect record and grades, she would most likely beat Lily Evans to Head Girl title.

“But (Y/N),” James complained, “We can’t do it without you!” he sat down next to her on the couch, “we need you!” he put his arm around her, looking at her with puppy-dog eyes.

Before she could answer him, Sirius and Peter came down from the boys’ dormitories with two large cardboard boxes.

“Ah, (Y/N), I’m glad to see you finally let go of your goody-two-shoe façade, I always knew there was something interesting about you, something beneath what meets the eye of course,” he winked at her, almost dropping the cardboard box.

“I’m not,” (Y/N) snapped annoyed, “And I’m not a goody-two-shoe,” she rolled her eyes.

Sirius shrugged, smirking at the girl.

Remus entered the Common Room, a ghost of a smile covered his lips, “If she doesn’t want to help, let her be, Sirius,” Remus sighed.

“What are you even planning on doing in the middle of the night?” she asked, getting up from the couch, “And what the hell is that?” she pointed to the boxes in Peter and Sirius’ hands.

“Well, since you’re not in on the prank, we can’t really tell you, (Y/N).”

“Okay, fine,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“But if you insist on knowing,” Sirius smirked, “they are Pogrebins, tiny once.”

(Y/N) narrowed her eyes, “Why on earth do you have Pogrebins in boxes? Are you out of your minds?”

“No,” James laughed, “We’re creating a challenge for the students at Hogwarts, they need to test out their duelling skills,” James told her.

“And you think the best way to test their duelling skills is to try and kill them?” (Y/N) asked, looking accusingly at Remus.

“I’ve tried to stop them, but they’re not changing their minds,” he explained.

“It’s better that Remus is with us, so he can sort things out if we mess up,” Peter told her.

“And, he secretly wants to fight Pogrebins too,” Sirius smirked.

“Not really,” Remus replied, “I just don’t want to see you three kicked out of school,” he sighed.

(Y/N) shook her head, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” she closed her eyes, opening the portrait door.

The four boys looked at her with confused expressions, “So? Are you coming or not?” she asked, rolling her eyes.


The four boys had explained that they had set up a cage for the four Pogrebins, and (Y/N) was to let them out when James gave her the signal; the Patronus charm.

(Y/N) didn’t know why she was helping them, a tiny part of her secretly wanted to do something bad, but she would never admit that to any of the four Marauders.

She stood a few feet away from the Forbidden Forest, watching the four Pogrebins frantically trying to get out of their cages.

James was still at Hogwarts, under his Invisibility Cloak, keeping an eye on Filch.

James’ Patronus came flying towards her from the castle, silvery-blue and beautiful.

“Okay, just open the cage, stun them, and get back inside Hogwarts,” she told herself, repeating the instructions Sirius had given her.

Something was not right. The second she opened the cage, and the creatures started to run they were twice as many. And twice as many the next second. “Shit!” she whispered scared.

“What the hell?” someone behind (Y/N) yelled at her.

She turned around, a boy with black hair stood behind her, his eyes wide.

“Run!” She yelled back, setting off up the hill. He did as she told him, running next to her into the dark forest behind Hogwarts School.

“Why on earth would you do that?” he breathed through clenched teeth.

“I don’t know, I- It was stupid,” (Y/N) replied, just as out of breath.

The boy stopped, taking her hand in his, forcing her to a halt. “We should climb it,” he pointed at the three before them, and they both climbed the thick branches.

(Y/N) looked down, watching the Pogrebins running past their hiding spot. She sighed in relief.

She heard the boy next to her chuckle lightly.

“You think this is funny?” she asked shocked.

“You don’t?” he replied.

“No, they weren’t supposed to be cursed,” she shook her head, “It must have been Black, he cursed those things with the Gemino Curse,” she accused.

“Sounds like something my brother would do, yes,” the boy replied, and (Y/N) looked at him, noticing his green and silver Hogwarts robes.

“Oh, Wow,” (Y/N) stumbled on her words, “you’re Regulus Black,” she pressed her lips together embarrassed.

“The one and only,” he replied dryly.

“I’m (Y/N),” she held her hand out; Regulus took it, a small smile played on his lips as he shook it.

“I know,” he told her, “and aren’t you a prefect?” he asked.

“I was, but I don’t think I am one tomorrow,” she tried to smile, but it came off as more of a grimace.

“Well, I’m sorry about that,” he pulled out his wand, (Y/N) noticed something, a tattoo of some sort on his wrist. Red sparks flew from his wand as he stunned a running Pogrebin.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t matter that much,” she lied, “But, what were you even doing out here?” she asked him.

“Seeing as you no longer consider yourself a prefect, I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Regulus smirked, waving his wand to knock out another running Pogrebin.

“Hey,” she laughed, “I didn’t say that,” she protested.

“Sounded like it to me,” he argued.

“That was the last one,” (Y/N) pointed to the ground, which was now free of all the Pogrebins.

“Maybe you’ll be prefect tomorrow after all,” he told her, jumping off the branch.

“Yeah, because when Dumbledore is called out to rid the Forbidden Forest of two hundred and counting Pogrebins, he’s not going to care who did it,” she laughed dryly.

“I’ll admit, it does sound a bit bad,” he smiled, “but you could always blame my brother,” he suggested.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded, “I guess I could,” she looked at the younger Black brother, “but I can’t.”

Regulus laughed, “Okay.”

“I should go,” (Y/N) told him, sending him a half-hearted smile.

“Why, eh,” Regulus stopped her, “Why don’t I follow you back, just to make sure there are no more Pogrebins ready to attack.”

“Yeah,” she nodded.


A fortnight later and she hadn’t so much as looked at the youngest Black brother. She had heard his voice in the corridor as he laughed with his Slytherin friends, as he spoke with Slughorn about potions class, and as he argued quietly with his older brother.

The four Marauders had asked her what had happened the night of the prank gone wrong, she had only cast Sirius an angry look and walked to her room.

When she had told Regulus she would lose her prefect badge, she hadn’t quite believed it herself. It wasn’t until McGonagall asked her to hand it over, looking at her with such disappointment, she realised she had lost her future. Lost Head Girl. Lost her perfect record. Lost her professors trust.

(Y/N), lost in thoughts, hit a wall.

“Watch it,” he said annoyed.

“You watch it,” she replied, looking into the blue eyes of Regulus Black.

“(Y/N),” he said, surprise covering his words.

“Hi,” she blushed, “I didn’t mean to snap at you,” she apologised.

“Yeah, me neither.”

They looked at each other, painful silence hanging in the air. He didn’t have the same look as Sirius, the one where she felt like he was judging her, eyeing her appearance. Regulus looked at her with careful eyes, like he wanted to see if she was ok.

“Have you been avoiding me?” she asked finally.

He raised his eyebrows, “No, I thought you were avoiding me,” he smirked.

“No, I just didn’t know if you wanted to speak with me,” she told him.

“Why wouldn’t I want to do that?” he asked.

“Because I’m,” she pointed towards her robes.

“A Gryffindor?” he chuckled lightly.

“Well, yes,” (Y/N) felt her cheeks burning.

“I don’t really care about your house, (Y/N),” he told her. “It’s not a very flattering colour, I’ll admit that much, but you pull it off,” he blushed a little, “I mean, it suits you, I mean, honestly I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know I mean,” he finished.

(Y/N) smiled, “Thanks, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten,” she joked.

“Sorry,” he closed his eyes as he sent her a smile, “and I heard your badge got revoked,” he pointed to where her prefect badge used to be, “sorry about that too.”

“That wasn’t your fault,” said (Y/N).

“No, but it was one Black’s fault, and he’s a stubborn idiot, so I bet he hasn’t apologised yet.”

“He has, actually, and it wasn’t Sirius’ fault either, he didn’t know his spell had that effect on the Pogrebins, he thought he had only made one more.”

“So he’s stupid too,” Regulus joked, “you need better friends, (Y/N),” he laughed.

“You’re one to speak, hanging with those future Voldemort supporters,” (Y/N) hissed.

Regulus looked away, “Don’t talk about things you don’t understand, (Y/N),” he told her, avoiding her eyes.


They didn’t speak again until after the Christmas break.

Regulus had stopped her as she was heading out of Potions class, and when she asked what he wanted, he had one simple reply; “I needed to see you.”

(Y/N)’s heart had skipped a bit, and she replied, “I’m glad you did.”

She hadn’t stopped thinking about him, not even when she fell asleep did she stop thinking about him. He haunted her waking hours, as well as her dreams.

“I don’t know how to say this,” Regulus brushed a hand through his hair, “but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

(Y/N) looked away, her heart skipping several beats as she repeated his words in her mind. She looked up at him again, taking in his beauty. Maybe beauty was not the right word to describe someone like Regulus Black. He was not beautiful. Extraordinary, absolutely, but beauty was not a word she would use to describe the Slytherin. Beauty was simply not great enough. There was something about him, under his façade of bravery, deviousness, and nonchalance, something that sparked a fire in her. It scared her, of course, it did.

Somehow, she understood him; in this world, especially for someone of Regulus’ blood status and upbringing, one has to be cunning and cruel.

Sirius would disagree; of course, he would, for he was the living evidence to the contrary. Sirius was the living evidence of success. Sirius radiated beauty. He shone of everything (Y/N) wished for, but still, she did not envy him. His life was sad, much like Regulus’; brothers fighting on opposite sides of a war they were both too young to understand. Dragged into it by simply being born.

“(Y/N)?” Regulus looked at her with a shy smile.

“Sorry,” (Y/N) met his eyes, “I’m glad you can’t,” said she, a hint of a smile dancing on her lips as she replied.


That was the simple breaking point for the two. They couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Therefore they could not stop seeing each other. Every day. Every waking hour. They loved. Innocently. Afraid.

It was the safety of Hogwarts that finally broke them apart. (Y/N) left her Gryffindor Common Room for the last time; Regulus stayed one more year.

The loneliness of Hogwarts, the absence of (Y/N), and the pressure of being the Slytherin son, it was too much for Regulus.

He fell, and he fell hard. Except this time not for a heart of gold, but a heart inked with darkness. He had taken the mark in his sixth year before he had ever known anything of the Gryffindor girl, so it was no turning back when he was asked to join the other young, faithful Death Eaters.

The best he could do was shield the people he cared about from the darkness and its harm. Keep them safe.

He did so, even after leaving Hogwarts. He never sought her out, let the war do to him what it had in store, but he never let his emotions shine too brightly.


It was a love they would never get right. (Y/N) understood that much. She was smart, but so was Regulus, he must have known she would take it hard. She did not understand it, at least not until she joined the group that called themselves The Order of the Phoenix.

She educated herself about the war, learned to know it, and with that came the knowledge of the boy she had loved and the darkness that had surrounded him. Deeper than (Y/N) had ever believed. She remembered the night she had met Regulus. Remembered his tattoo.

The realisation hit her hard. She remembered the night perfectly; she had sat with Remus, Alice and Sirius, trying to figure out the pattern of the Death Eaters attacks on muggle villages.

She had seen a picture of one of the nameless Death Eaters, seen his mark of darkness.

“I’ve seen that before,” she had exclaimed.

“Yes, not unlikely, it is the Dark Mark,” had the young werewolf explained.

“The dark mark?” (Y/N) pressed her lips together, colour draining from her face.

“It’s the mark of the Dark Lord’s followers, (Y/N),” Sirius continued.

“But,” (Y/N) met the beautiful eyes of her paramour’s brother.

Sirius nodded, shrugging.

“You knew?”

“I’m shocked you didn’t,” the dark-haired boy said, he did not mean it as a sly comment, but it stung.

“I didn’t,” (Y/N) shook her head, “At least I didn’t want to know it, I, he, he was not like them,” she tried to express her feelings.

“Maybe not, but he is one of them.”


She had not cried about her loss, for she had not lost anything, she had let him go. Or had he let her go? (Y/N) could not tell.

She did not think much about Regulus that year; at least she tried not to. Forgetting was easier than drowning in sadness.

She avoided the boy in her thoughts for almost a whole year, but one day, an envelope lay on her bed. He had written her name in neat letters, with intense black ink.

Inside was a letter, a letter that broke her heart; broke her heart beyond mending.

My Dearest, (Y/N),

Do you know I’ve been out of my mind?
I’ve dreamt every night of your touch,
and I wish for you, but known we belong to a different life, one I have so foolishly thrown away.
I have been selfish.
It was selfish to think I could have something as perfect, pure, and beautiful as you.
I see myself much like a castle made of sin; I do not deserve beauty; I do not deserve you.
I have been waiting, maybe for this war to end, or for my fight in to take its last breath, I don’t know. I have held tight, but I carry my name wrong, I don’t want to live a life like this, undeserving of you.

(Y/N), I hope you know how much you have meant to me, I might not have shown it much. But you meant everything.

I say ‘meant’, because I am afraid I do not have much more time in this life. I have discovered the Dark Lord’s deepest secret, and I intend to right my wrongs.

I love you

He never wrote his name, but she knew who he was, and she loved him still. Always.

The treehouse||Janiel||Boyxboy imagine one

Summary:Thee treehouse is where it all started 


Ship:Jack and Daniel


A/n: Gonna try to post on here more

Daniel and Jack had been best friends since the blue eyed boy had moved in to the house next door when he was 4. Jack and his mom had brought over a plate of her amazing chocolate chip cookies to say welcome to the neighbourhood. Mrs.Seavey had invited the duo inside for a cup of tea and a glass of milk to say thank you for the amazing gesture and to meet her son Daniel.

“I’m Jack” the little four year old smiled as he walked over to Daniel who had been sitting up at the very tall kitchen table colouring in his TMNT colouring book.

“I’m Daniel” he mumbled a little shyly. Daniel was very shy and as Jack had the more out going, loud personality, everyone was shocked at how well they got along.

“Would you like to go outside and play wif me?” jack smiled, reaching out his short arm with his chubby hand.

Placing his blue crayon down, Daniel looked at the boy with the sweet smile on his face- for some reason Daniel felt as if it was safe to say yes- so he took Jack’s hand and jumped off of the chair that was way to tall for him and ran outside where the two of them played for hours.

On a summer night when both the boys were 14 they sat in Jack’s treehouse, both of them looking up at the stairs while Daniel’s head rested on Jack’s shoulder.

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“I can’t believe you’ve roped me into this.” Aaron complained from the other side of the room, tugging at his collar.

“Huh?” Robert responds, not really listening, pre occupied with fixing the mask around his eyes, making sure his look was perfect.

“This!” Aaron exclaimed, over dramatically referring to his outfit with his hands, a scowl on his face.

“I thought we agreed that it was cool if you got batman?” Robert questioned, turning so his full attention was now on Aaron.

He was loving every second of this.

The woolpack was throwing their annual Halloween party, and Robert insisted they go all out.

“No, you agreed.” Aaron pouted, which only served Robert’s amusement more.

He couldn’t deny, that Aaron looked amazing stood there in his full costume.

Dark black leather hugging at his body, his hair messy and fluffy from angrily pulling off his over head mask.

Robert strutted close, wanting nothing more than to take the pouty bottom lip in his own, but they were already late, and he knew he wouldn’t be able to control himself.

“C'mon, you’re pulling off the dark knight look, I look like a right tit.” Robert laughed to himself, hands placed on Aaron’s hips

It was true, he looked ridiculous in his brightly coloured costume. Bright green underpants worn over tights, a yellow cape hung roud his neck. He would of preferred to be Batman, of course he would. But Aaron never would of agreed to those terms, it was hard enough to get him to dress up at all.

Robert knew he was going to get some stick tonight, but he didn’t care much, as long as Aaron was happy.

“You owe me for this.” Aaron mumbled, finally giving in to Robert. He had that affect on him.

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.” Robert smirked as they headed for the door.

The woolpack was in full swing, music blaring as the village locals pranced around like idiots.

Robert sipped on some sort of Halloween themed cocktail out of a cheap looking skull glass, while Aaron, not one to stray from tradition, sipped on his pint.

The alcohol had instantly relaxed him, the scowl disappearing from his face and soon replaced with a dopey smile.

It defintley helped that Adam had been roped into some Disney prince themed costume as a double act with Vic. Aaron had no idea who he was suppose to be, but he was wearing tights, and that was enough for him to get the piss took out of him.

“Ay, Robert’s wearing tights too!” Adam complained, offence wrote all over his face from the abuse he was receiving.

“Yeah, but he looks good in them.” Aaron shrugged, knowing he’d found it hard to keep his eyes off Robert’s ass for the majority of the night so far.

As the night drew on, both men polishing off fair amount of drinks, merry smiles on their faces, they decide to call it a night.

“Never took you as cross dresser, Sugden.” Cain’s voice boomed from the other end of the bar, miserable look on his face, pint in hand as he sat in his usual leather jacket.

Robert flashed him a confused look before he elaborated.

“The tights.” Cain replied, noticing Roberts confusion.

“Good one.” Robert replied, rolling his eyes.

“Definitely time to call it a night.” Robert whispered, leaning into Aaron’s side so only he could hear.

His hand wrapped around Aaron’s waist, making him help with his balance after one too may dodgy cocktails.

“Yeah, the sooner I get out of this the better.” Aaron replied, swaying slightly with Robert’s weight on him.

“Actually, I think you should keep it on.” Robert slurred slightly into Aaron’s ear, his hand drifting down slowly to cup Aaron’s ass.

Aaron simply raised a intrigued eyebrow towards Robert.

“I promised to make it up to you didn’t I?” Robert tries to come off as innocent, but takes the opportunity to nibble slightly on Aaron’s ear, his hot breath still wet on Aaron’s neck.

“Into role play now are ya’?” Aaron questioned, trying to come across un phased but his cock is already twitching in the costume and he doesn’t think either of them would be able his erections in such tight material.

“I’m into you.” Robert growls slightly, trying to contain himself.

“Or at least I will be if you hurry up get you ass upstairs.” Robert continues.

He watches Aaron as he bites his lip slightly, knowing he’s had the exact effect he wanted.

The say their goodbyes and head upstairs, Aaron decides against returning the costume the next day, it will definitely come in useful In the future.

Don’t you know you’re all I need?

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Characters: Daichi, Suga

Words: 986

Sometimes, Daichi doesn’t quite get that safety is one thing, but happiness is an entirely different matter.

The silence between them was loaded and heavy, heavier even than the clouds on the horizon. Suga liked their colour, usually, could see a certain kind of beauty in them rather than a foreboding sense of rain. Today, though – today, even a clear blue sky would have only weighed down on his mood.

“What’s going on?”, Daichi asked him, finally, and Suga clenched his fists and looked down at them in his lap. Not only had he spent the majority of his day scooped up in his own home without being able to do anything worthwhile for the people in the city, now he had been forced into … into this.

And how was he supposed to talk about it with Daichi, of all people?

“My parents, they …” He absent-mindedly rubbed at the green on his fingertips, caused by all his fussing with herbs ever since the talk this morning.

“They want me to marry someone.”

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tails & talons - maybe today

And you guys continue to amaze and humble me :’)
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Part (5) of my Florist/Tattooartist AU series
read more: here

Lucy grinned when the doorbell jingled at one o'clock straight.

“Hey Natsu!” she called without bothering to check if it was indeed him.

It had been almost a month now, since they had met. And their occasional coffee breaks had long turned into a daily routine.

It was new to Lucy, that her weekends seemed so much more bland and boring than the workdays. These little moments of relaxation and bliss had become her favourite part of the week.

“I hope you didn’t forget that I wanted caramel syrup today!”

“Sure did.”

She peeked her head around the corner, ready to protest. His head hung low in shame, but when he brought it up, she saw that the corners of his mouth were twitching.

“Nah, just joking. Course I didn’t forget. I don’t have a death wish.”


They had grown considerably closer, too.

Many things Lucy had been wondering about, she had discovered - but only to find even more mysteries waiting to be explored. He truly was a piece of work, that Natsu.

But of course, they were friends now - just friends, she reminded herself - and she could ask about many things with much less reserve than before.

For one, she had finally dared to address the tattoo sleeve on his right arm - if not the others. They still remained a mystery to her, always covered up by his clothes. His stupid, funny, obstructing clothes.

Really, his fashion sense was an adventure in itself.

Today, too, she almost guffawed when she saw him.

Or rather, his pants. They demanded to be seen first thing, with their bright colours and crazy patterns. He blended in with the flowers around him almost perfectly. He even worse suspendes along with them, but they hung loosely around his thighs.

And then, at least, a simple grey tanktop to balance it all out.

The weather was great these days, and on most days jackets were only needed in the early morning or late afternoon. Much to Lucy’s joy.

His tattoo was almost completely visible. Now that she knew what it was - a phoenix - she could make it out almost entirely.

It was not obvious at first glance; it seemed more like an inferno of reds and black. But if you took a closer look, you could distinguish sporadic feathers between the red flames, and even the claws, on his inner upperarm. The fiery tail wound around his elbow and trailed out on his forearm.

It reached up almost to his throat, and he never managed to cover it up completely, except when he wore the grey scarf he seemed to love quite a lot.

He’d told her he had a few more tattoos, but for some reason she had not dared ask. Maybe it had something to do with the image of him pulling his shirt off his muscular torso, ruffling his hair as he grinned at her like he always did. No, she would find out about those other tattoos of his another day, when she had her hormones under better control.

She rid herself off such thoughts with a chuckle, rushing back to her chamber to finish the task at hand while he waited patiently. Or rather, as patiently as Natsu Dragneel could wait. He bustled through the store, stopping in front of different flowers, Lucy knew. And sure enough, soon he called:

“What are these called, the yellow ones that kinda look like bells in the middle?”

“They’re Daffodils,” Lucy called back. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

He had made it a habit to learn about her flowers, just like she had taken interest in his many sketches. She had yet to see him bring one of them to life on skin. Oh but she wanted to. So bad.

Maybe today she would ask him.

The bell jingled as he entered the shop.

“Hey Natsu!” he heard her call. The fact she knew it was him filled him with a weird sense of pride. He grinned as she reminded him of her caramel wishes.

A little scare would do her good.

“Sure did.”

His lips twitched when he heard her shuffle towards the corner, and he barely managed to surpress a grin when she puffed her cheeks at him in disdain. He held out her cup of coffee, but she did not come closer to take it.

“Nah, just joking. Course I didn’t forget. I don’t have a death wish.”


As she disappeared around the corner again, he chuckled. It felt like he had known her for ages now. He could not imagine how his new job would have been if not for her. The flower shop girl in love with fairies.

His eyes moved around the room, spying the occasional fairy figure between the flower pots. One of these days he’d have to ask her about them. He shuffled around, unable to stay still for long.

How much longer would it take her? Was she growing a tree back there?

Natsu leaned forward to sniff on a particularly bright little fellow.

“What are these called, the yellow ones that kinda look like bells in the middle?”

“They’re Daffodils,” she answered. “Beautiful, aren’t they?”

He hummed in response, probably not loud enough for her to catch it.

They had a nice colour, a little like her hair.

He wondered if today would be a good time. The thought had been sitting at the forefront of his mind these last days, but he wasn’t sure what to do with it.

They were just friends, after all, weren’t they?

He wondered.

Was it normal to be grumpy all day when you couldn’t make it to your usual coffee break? Did you think of her all the time, because it was always so much fun to be with her? Did you secretly sketch your friend?

Natsu huffed, straightening his back when he heard her steps on the creaky wooden floor.

Maybe today he would ask her.

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"don't trust me" soma

A/N: Do you understand how hard it was not to write about X-Men AU for this? Do you? Well, here is a Red Riding Hood AU instead because X-Men AU is for Resbang so it must be save. Thanks for the prompt Bonny Nonny, sorry it took so long. I had no ideas.

Maka knew it was foolish to let herself get so close to a wolf, especially one so oddly (or so freakily as he would have said) coloured like Soul. But she couldn’t help herself; he drew her in like a magnet, enchanting her with his bright red eyes, fluffy hair and charmingly adorable smiles. It was stupid of her, but she didn’t realize how dangerous he was until he trapped her against a tree and stared hungrily at her.

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