took so long

YOU GUYS 😭 I’ve been trying to buy this bootleg Tharja for SOO lonnggG!!! I ordered her 3 times on eBay and got scammed each time!!!! but I was on this app called Wish (it has amazing deals!!) & saw the Tharja so I decided to give it another try….AND SHE CAME🖤🖤🖤🖤 I’m so happy 😭🙏🏻🖤🖤🖤

anonymous asked:

are there songs that you think would match each boy perfectly? you look at gladio's fine ass for example and think "hell yeah this song is totally him" ?

Don’t know how much it would match them but there are songs that make them boys pop into my head when I hear them. enjoy my trashy music taste yo

even the night sky has clouds, they’re just darker

ah-hem! anyways, have this things of the love of my life saeran, because, we all need more of him. i was gonna do seven, but then my tablet decided to update and loose aaallll of my progress :) salty me draws saeran 

snowisonfire  asked:

“Open in case of emergency. Open only when you are alone.” pretty please :) or Instead there’s a door. Quiet. Waiting. Just in case... I am ever alone. or both :) love your work

I only got to one of those but I figured I’ve kept you waiting long enough that you wouldn’t mind (ahhh sorry!)