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Reaper76Week Day 3: “At Your Back” - Trust/Betrayal

“Trust me Jack, it suits you.”

Gabe lives only as long as Jack gets his visor and thus his sight back. Kind of based on one of our little talks with @ratpenatu

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Um. Wow? I can’t believe one thousand people follow me. This past year has been super hectic. Joining the tumblr fandom again is the best choice I could have made. I’ve made so many amazing friends, made so many amazing memories, and I finally plucked up the courage to start posting my writing. Thanks to everyone who’s clicked that little follow button, you all brighten my day so much and give me a safe place to be myself and enjoy my day. You make me laugh and smile constantly, and you fill me with so much inspiration and motivation. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love you all very dearly.

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so there’s a #meettheartist meme going around and I jumped on it.

My Whale Friend is named Wilfred.


“The two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, regardless of place, time, or circumstances. This magical cord may stretch or tangle, but never break “….

anonymous asked:

hi!! I've been feeling real down lately and I haven't slept in god knows how long. Do you think you could please write something with kovic where he's in the same situation? bonus points if it's killems or grovic

hey anon <3 I hope things even out for you soon, being unable to sleep is the worst sort of thing and feeling down on top of that is no fun at all. 

it’s alright to be down though, I promise. for every gray day there’s a brighter one ahead, and sleep will come, it’ll come back I promise. Even resting, closing your eyes for a few minutes at a time, that helps stave off the tiredness. Take care of yourself <3 


The headache builds in his temples and behind his eyes; he pulls his glasses off and takes a moment, rubs the bridge of his nose with his fingers–everything’s been too much, too loud and the headphones still over his ears only do so much for the almost deafening silence in the office. 

I’ve got to, he finally says and his headphones nearly slip out of his hands as he hurries to pull them off, bathroom, he brushes off Bruce’s concerned look as he pushes his chair back and stands, ignoring the sharp pain in his head as he stands too quickly. 

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luekskywlker  asked:

ok so do you ever wonder what would change if napoleon were french? everything else stays the same, but napoleon is french

No I didn’t but this is such a good question, I’m shook. It would change a lot of his background and motivation I think: 

  • He spends almost five years in war occupied France 
  • Like imagine him trying to help the Résistance by starting to sneak around and by gathering information (and also by hiding weapons and stuff)
  • Him lying about his age just to be able to do something
  • Of course he gets wind of the persecution of the Jews and tries to help them too (like finding hiding places or ways for them to be able to flee the country)
  • After the war he starts stealing paintings and antiquities, but not only for the sake of getting rich, but also to return them to Jewish families
  • He gets caught finally 
  • At this point nobody knows what to do with him because he needs to be punished but his skills would be wasted in prison
  • I mean, I’m not saying that the SDECE and the CIA fight for their right to recruit him, but I totally am
  • Finally, the SDECE “wins” but they tell him to work for the CIA (double agent and all)
  • He accepts, because he has no choice
  • The next ten years are torture because he fears for his life constantly 
  • He somehow pulls through without getting caught, which he considers to be a damn miracle
  • UNCLE’s recruitment is a blessing for him and after all these years he’s free finally

And bonus images (because I can’t get them out of my head lmao):

  • Napoleon being fluent in French (obv of course)
  • Him having an accent while speaking English etc.
  • Waverly having to explain both the SDECE and the CIA why he needs them to “lend” Solo (which turns out to be very difficult because suddenly no-one in the SDECE knows how to speak English)
  • Whenever he does not want to speak to Illya or Gaby he switches to French and pretends to not understand English
  • A mother of three and a chef (both working for the Résistance) taught him to cook
  • Him insisting on his name being pronounced correctly 
  • His name being written Napoléon
  • His middle name being Yves (after his mother who is called Yvette) (I know this is not how middle names work, but let’s pretend it is)
  • The few friends he has calling him Léon
  • Illya still calling him “Cowboy” (because he shoots like one)
  • “I thought you were better at being fashionable.” -> how to start an argument
  • etc. etc. etc.

You gave me like a million ideas with this ask. Thank you so much for talking to me!! Have a good one :D

My half of an art trade I did with @theartofjanimation and their character Ninmi! They were so much fun to draw, especially when it came to messing around with colors. 

Other half of the trade:

A/N okayifinallyfinished here are the rfa members!! I love you cookie sorry this took so long!!


-don’t deserve him??! Are you kidding me mc??

-he doesn’t deserve you

-like honestly what saint was he in his past life

-he spews out everything he loves about you because he doesn’t know what else to do

-also super duper doting the next few days

-treats you like a princess to SHOW you how much you’re worth

-breakfast in bed??? Yoosung what-

-because you deserve it~

-what a cutie


-MC nonono

-how could you ever think of yourself as undeserving of her??

-no good enough?? Where is this coming from mc??

-she can’t directly relate but she used to feel as if success was a metric for worth as well

-something that YOU taught her was that it’s not

-as long as you’re happy and can be proud of who you are

-success is as good as dirt

-and if you aren’t proud of yourself

-she’ll do it for you and show you how amazing you are along the way

-peppers you with kisses and says “incredible” between each one


-he honestly couldn’t relate more

-he was made to feel unworthy based on level of success in comparison to his sibling

-he knows what a fantastic person you are

-his princess deserves the world

-this romantic asshole is taking you on a motorcycle date to his special place

-he asks you about it

-for every argument you have he has a counter

-“they’re gorgeous and I’m just..”

-“just stunning, you’re the most beautiful person I’ve seen mc, even more so than me”

-“but they can handle things I just can’t”

-“it’s okay to need help with things mc. It’s better way to connect with people than to handle everything on your own”

-probably packed a candlelit dinner for two or some shit bc he’s just that extra


-the second he hears you say anything about not being worth him he’s ready to throw down

-mc are you KIDDING me you’re worth the world and then some

-which is true (just saying)

-he’ll legitimately fight you on this

-okay maybe not fight but…

-tickle war(!) he’s telling you how amazing you are and won’t let up until you admit it

-he could do this all day

-so what if you think your sibling is more successful

-success doesn’t measure a person’s worth

-plus he’s in love with you and not anyone else no fucking offense


-I mean okay

-spoiler alert but in his after ending

-he literally says “put yourself above everyone’s eyes, and put me in second”

-so he won’t hear it

-you did amazing things that not even V or Rika (blegh) could do??

-you’re warm

-and understanding

-and kind

-and that’s more important than any amount of money or success

Got tagged by a furry @klubbhead for a selfie thing so here’s my 15 y/o lookin ass

And I’m tagging… @accidental-butt-touch (because I hate you) @lmaoforeva because it seems like it might be fun to make you, @roostertease-it @s-t-i-f-l-e-d @brosefvondudehomie but I can’t remember if you did it already