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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

*If the comics are hard to read, tap on the image first to bring it up in the Tumblr viewer, THEN right click view image for the unaltered slightly higher resolution.


IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Hey my dudes, I made some doodles that I wanted to share. They may look like random sketches to you, but the fact is, they are not ! Those are the first pictures of my sona represented as a FtM that I share publicly on the internet. Out of the closet you go, wooosh !

So yeah, I’ve been slowly making up my mind about it, about who I am. I mean, the thought has been creeping on my mind for years, but it took time to actually stop and listen to it for a second.

I haven’t started T or anything yet, but things are evolving slowly. I don’t know about you my friends, but in France, the whole admnistrative process takes very long. It’s okay tho, it’ll happens eventually. I’ve got some pretty cool binders in the meantime that I use since quite some times now ! I’m gonna stop there since I don’t really like sharing this much of myself, but hey, you understood the point of this.

Tho I feel the need to end my little rambling by thanking everybody on this website. Tumblr actually helped me building up confidence to talk about this matter. I feel safe sharing my thoughts here, and that’s important.

ps: jackal guy is my boyfriend, I felt like including him as well as he has been very supportive since the beginning. a round of applause for supportive special ones !

Daddy Issues [ Peter Parker ]

Anonymous said to peteypxrker:

I have a request : Tony has a daughter, and He has only discovered it when she was around 10, and doesn’t know how to handle it, so they have a bad relationship. So, during a fight, the Avengers have to look for somewhere safe and Tony takes them to the house that he bought for his daughter. They spend a week there and Peter starts liking her, even tho at first he was shocked because she doesn’t see Tony as a idol like he does.

A/N: sorry this took so long! I’m trying to speed write the imagines I have in my inbox before I leave for my trip tomorrow while also editing an original story I want to show my aunt once I get to her house. haha, I’m so bad at time management, it’s 1:35 a.m. I’ll just sleep on the six hour drive there.

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anonymous asked:

I suck at headcanons so do you have any about Jake & Amy + dancing? Since Jake is actually a good dancer I feel like there could be some cute stuff with that...


jake peralta can’t dance. or, at least, that’s what amy santiago has assumed since the moment she began working at the 99th precinct. he seems to always be moving, though. his fingers tap as he works, and not your typical, bored typing either. there’s some undecipherable pattern, his palm lifting from the desk with a dramatic flare every few seconds, his fingers still bouncing off the air. the beat isn’t static, changing as often as he wills it, if he even has a beat at all.

then there’s the way he walks. mostly it’s just a hop in his step, sometimes he sways. occasionally he’ll pivot in a circle on his heel, caught up in whatever rhythm the cogs in his head seem to operate to.

the first time she actually sees jake attempt to dance, they’ve just come back from a case. he jumps right onto his desk, scooting some of the mess away with his foot. his victory dance is really just a more chaotic version of the way he usually takes up space. he throws his arms out to the side and kicks his feet up in some sort of jig. he has no regard for the lack of music, though charles claps along from his desk, providing some sort of beat. which of course jake ignores entirely.

he tries to pull her into it, leaping down and grabbing her elbow where her arms are crossed over her chest. she’s caught off guard, and jake’s able to lift her hands and spin them around. the precinct has stopped to watch, filled with laughter and cheers. gina lifts her phone in the air to play music, and jake changes his movements slightly. suddenly his feet are working together, and his arms aren’t flapping about.

amy santiago can’t dance. it’s evident as she suddenly can’t keep up with him, her cheeks blushing as he somehow turns her into the fool. she’s released after another moment, stray strands of hair caressing her cheeks, and her heart still pounding. jake is grinning at her as he steps away, miraculously sticking to the music, and gives her a little bow.

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werewolf!joshua au

req; May you pleaaaseeee do a werewolf Joshua AU?^^

boys with animal ears are very pretty (also hell yES I WILL)

word count: 1.2k wow i splurged on this yall

  • so let’s talk about this
  • joshua’s one of the brains behind this entire wolf thing
  • is also one of the oldest! many of the smaller betas look up to him
  • also known as one of the kindest of the older ones
  • actually moved around from pack to pack a lot, so he’s quite used to moving
  • doesn’t care much for fighting - would rather assist
  • however can very much fight, and will if he has to (especially if the alpha’s life [s.coups] depends on it)
  • anyway joshua comes from an extensive background of wolves where the males in the family were always the alphas
  • so when he turned down the offer for alpha wolf, the rest of the pack were very surprised
  • “you would not be dishonoring your family?” jeonghan had asked
  • joshua simply smiled and shook his head 
  • “i’d like to start something new”
  • so therefore, he became the main strategist of the pack
  • has lightning fast instinct so nothing gets past him 
  • also teaches the pups about human nature, and how to blend in in case they have to
  • prefers reverting back to human form more often than wolf form tbh
  • can also blend very well with the humans if he tried
  • is probably the literally cleanest out of all the members like no lie
  • ok so moving on
  • you were on your way home one day walking back from a quick trip to the drugstore and you bumped shoulders with someone as they passed by
  • you apologized quickly, considering you knocked their hat off their head
  • they acknowledged that it was alright very quickly, however when you reached down to pick up their hat, you noticed… a dog ear?
  • it was just a quick glimpse, and then it seemed to disappear
  • the stranger was very cute as well, although their entire presence seemed to be quite odd
  • as they walked away, you noticed that although it was winter, they chose not to wear many clothes suited for the weather
  • that, and you swore you saw slight pointed teeth where their canines were
  • they also had a very odd dialect, as if they weren’t from here
  • you almost thought it was just a very strange foreigner, but your curiosity caused you to follow them at a safe distance
  • little did you know, that stranger knew you were behind him, but he didn’t believe you were following him
  • so then when you saw him disappear into your city’s forest, you were spooked
  • it was late, it was cold, and you really didn’t want to go any further, so ripping out a page from a stray notepad you carried in your bag, you scrawled something very quickly and left it tucked in between some leaves at the edge of the forest, spraying a very strong spray on it
  • overnight, you’d forgotten all about the note as you slept
  • so waking up to a knock on your door was odd
  • outside stood the unfamiliar stranger, who with a slight smile that showed his teeth wide and clear said “looking for me?”
  • and after spending quite a bit of time with this stranger, you later on find out his name is joshua and/or jisoo and that he enjoys scratches behind his ears 
  • he always wears beanies and hats tho?
  • the park was his ideal spot to hang out, you later find out
  • but he wouldn’t let you near the forest
  • he hears the word park though and istg his ears perk tf up
  • that and whenever he spends the night at your place, he’s always gone by morning
  • ur not even dating but like,,,,
  • he’d asked you on dates many times but you always said no
  • actually the word he used was ‘excursions’ but you figured that translated to date
  • point is you always said no until he took you back to his place
  • he would always smile sadly and say, “i cannot. that would be impossible.”
  • anyway this goes on for like a few months
  • so one day, you figure out that he mainly goes back into the forest at night
  • you don’t return home that day and instead wait for him outside
  • when he finds u at the entrance of the forest he looks truly stunned
  • joshua chuckles nervously “why y/n, i hadn’t thought that we were to be in a relationship of that sort.. are you following me, dear?”
  • you cross your arms over your chest, “i only want to know why you leave every night.”
  • after a few seconds of staring, he sighs
  • “i figure it is time i showed you.”
  • he kneels down in front of you and in a quick flash, he is no longer there
  • now sitting there is a wolf easily about twice your size, with fluffy-looking cinnamon-colored fur and clothes strewn around him
  • the wolf in front of you rises and you’re p much terrified
  • from simple communication, you get that he wants you to follow him (but also bring the clothes he was wearing with you!)
  • he breaks out into a run, and you question if this is really the same kind and sweet stranger from before
  • you also groan because you can’t keep up with a wolf
  • that and it’s night time and what the fuck are you doing out in the middle of the forest it’s late and this is probably just a dream
  • realizing you probably don’t have the same speed as he does, he quickly runs back to you
  • this time, you get on your back, and with tremendous strength, wolf!joshua breaks out into the same run as before, and you had to hold on to his fur tightly in order not to fall off
  • the run didn’t last for long, as you felt him quickly stop
  • looking up, you’ve made it to a clearing, where a fire is calmly burning in a small circle of rocks, and behind it, a large setting of rocks with a medium-sized entrance in the middle, almost like a cave
  • staring at the snow-covered trees around you, you shivered even with the jacket you wore
  • you get off of wolfie!josh and are bewildered
  • there is another flash, followed by “turn away!”
  • you look away and feel the clothes in your hands snatched away and look up when you hear “it’s alright now.”
  • you look back to see joshua, in normal human form, panting, but still wearing decent human clothing
  • he sighs, “your clothing doesn’t make morphing very easy, you know.”
  • you flush red, realizing what he meant
  • although lowkey u were sad that you didnt look while he was changing like damn
  • regaining your senses, you start to yell at him until you hear other shouts come from inside the cave
  • joshua whispers, “my brothers.”
  • several other boys pour out of the cave, 12 in total all dressed extremely messily, like they were in a hurry to get dressed
  • one of them walks in front 
  • “jisoo! you seem to have brought a friend.”
  • he nods and turns to you
  • “y/n. please meet my brothers.”
  • he introduces them all by name, but the names get mixed up in your head
  • it eventually sinks in that the cute stranger who you met on the street is part wolf
  • and it all connects as to the dog ears, the teeth, the odd dialect, and the reason why he disappeared every night
  • removing his hat, you see two brown ears perched atop his head and they droop, as if in sadness and disappointment
  • you reach up and scratch the back of one of his ears lightly, and he wiggles his leg in reaction
  • joshua looks up in shock, but you smile and his the side of his cheek. “I believe you owe me quite a few ‘excursions.’”

this took a long ass time (also im running out of gifs to use my bad)

Originally posted by jihanlife

also im really sad bc i spent 15 mins on a dino!vampire au but tumblr ate it

(im still gonna do it tho so u can look forward to that)

-admin steph <3


Jean Grey & Charles Xavier ◇ Human AU

“I don’t think you understand. Life without you, Jean. It would be quite lonely. Like losing a part of myself. And I’d daresay you might miss me as well.”

“I know I would.”

(( anon requested a young justice fic from the starotech fiasco ))

Okay, so the Justice League was after them. That was kind of a drag.
But it wasn’t the worst thing that had ever happened, Dick figured, so there was no need to panic— not yet anyway. They mostly had it under control. For instance, they knew why the grownups were chasing them (Starotech, Vandal Savage, mind control), and they pretty much knew how to fix the problem. They were working on an antidote. They just had to stay alive until it was ready.
So, yes, they were on the run, and yes, that sucked, but hey— it could be worse. These things happened. He wasn’t dead yet.
Dick adjusted his sunglasses and leaned back against the pillar he was using as cover, checking all his blind spots. They’d had a few near misses already. He needed to pay attention.
The voice in his ear was making that a little bit harder than it could have been.
“You know the sunglasses are making you stick out, right?” Artemis was on the roof, in her own lookout spot. “It’s getting dark. People are going to notice.”
Dick wasn’t particularly worried. They were in Gotham, for God’s sake— this city had seen everything. A skinny teenager in a pair of sunglasses wasn’t about to throw anybody. As a matter of fact, it might help him blend in.
“Are you listening to me?”
“Yep,” Dick told her, leaning out from behind his pillar to check the street. “The shades make me shady. I got it.”
He grinned at her sound of exasperation. “Also got a secret identity to protect here, so…”
“The rest of us don’t bother.”
“Yeah, well.” The street looked clear enough. “I was about to say ‘the rest of you don’t have Batman breathing down your neck,’ but actually—”
“Do you see him?”
“No.” Which was making him really, really nervous, to be honest. “You?”
“Nothing. Do you think we lost him?”
“I doubt it.” They weren’t one hundred percent certain about the Starotech stuff yet— maybe the League didn’t have their old memories— but if they did, well, there weren’t that many places you could hide from the Batman in Gotham. He could only think of the one.
“We should go,” he told her. “Before he shows up again.”
Artemis swung down from the rooftop, and they ducked into the shadows together, headed for a patch of woods. The sun was setting. On a normal day, Dick would be at the manor right about now, suiting up for patrol. He usually liked the dark— as the second half of the dynamic duo, it was kind of his birthright— but today, the dusk was intimidating. He half expected Batman to drop from every tree they passed underneath.
Across the skyline, the batsignal flickered on. Great.
“Are you gonna answer that?” Artemis pushed a branch out of her way, then sent it swishing back in his direction. He stepped aside.
“I’m a little bit busy.” Gordon would have to manage on his own tonight, assuming Batman didn’t make an appearance. Which would be bad. “Have they finished the antidote yet?”
“They’re still working.”
“Oh.” They would stick to the plan then: keep moving, distract the JLA, wait for the others to pick them up. “That’s discouraging.”
In front of him, Artemis stopped walking— she leaned back against a tree trunk and raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t do it.”
Too late. Dick grinned at her again; she slapped a hand over her eyes.
“Hopefully there’ll be more couraging news soon.”
“Stop it.”
“No, I like that one. It makes sense. Like, if there’s good news, it gives you courage, so —“
“So it’s still not a word.”
“If it has a prefix, I should be able to take it off!” They were moving again, almost at the edge of the woods. “Otherwise, I’m getting cheated out of a perfectly good expression, and that’s just wrong.”
“There’s something wrong with you.”
“Hey, I’m all about justice.” Dick stopped at the tree line. “We’re almost there.”
“You’re more upset about grammar than the Justice League, under a villain’s control, trying to kill us. Should I be worried about you?”
“What? Sometimes you gotta pick your battles.” Anyway, the League situation wasn’t that bad. They were doing well so far— this wasn’t on his list of Worst Days Ever yet, and if all went according to plan, it wouldn’t be. Also, this next bit was going to be fun.
“Alright,” he told Artemis, gesturing to the building in front of them. “We’re going in there.”
“In… in there?”
“Are you serious?”
“Yep.” Dick told her. He pointed at the lettering across the cornice: Gotham Academy. “It’s the only place in Gotham that I know better than Batman. Come on.”
He ducked around the streetlight and headed for the door, trailing Artemis behind him. She grabbed his wrist.
“Are you telling me that this is your school?”
“Can neither confirm nor deny.”
“Robin, this is my school.”
“I know.”
How do you know?”
“I know everything. Well, pretty much everything.” He bent over the security pad. “Give me a minute.”
“Do you follow me around? Real question.”
“Not usually.” The light blinked green, and he pushed open the door. “Let’s go.”
“That had better be a joke, or I’m— Robin!”
Okay, that was unfortunate. When he turned around, Batman was standing underneath the the street lamp, centered in the puddle of light, watching them calmly. Dick didn’t know where he came from, but he knew how fast Bruce could move. They had seconds.
He shoved Artemis through the door. “Run!”

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Arin/Holly Commanderraptor: Why You Should Ship Them!

I have been on the Arin/Holly Commanderaptor train for quite a while, but I noticed that every time I brought up the ship to someone they said they could be into it but didn’t know or remember enough Holly and Arin interactions to ship it. WELL, LET ME FIX THAT! 

Join me as I highlight some of the best Arin/Holly interactions and hopefully get you on board this lovely ship so that we may write all the fic and produce all the art! 

You may remember Arin hating WOW in the Guild Grumps episodes UNTIL sweet gentle Holly came along and taught him how to play the game and all the fun stuff he could do. She totally turned it around for him and improved the situation for Arin overall. 


Look at her being sweet and gentle and patient with Arin who was clearly very frustrated. 

THEN they went to Japan as a group and Arin taught Holly some birb themed Japanese phrases. CHECK IT OUT: 

A video posted by Holly Conrad (@commanderholly) on Apr 6, 2015 at 7:53pm PDT

(if this shows up as a white box just click the link at the bottom of the box there to see the video it is worth it!)

LOOK, he taught her how to say “cute little beak” or something like that in Japanese. Look at his face when she pans the camera to him, how he looks excited and proud and she giggles at him. IT’S SO CUTE I WANT TO DIE. 

I’m going to put everything else under a read more so you can check it if you’d like, I hope you do because this pairing is wonderful! 

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Can’t stop now (Kai SMUT)

Funny+smut+long=5 hours of writing T^T You’ll have to forgive me it took so long. I’m sorry it’s not funny tho >< I tried but nothing came :’( Admin A~

It was going to be today. We talked about it, we discussed for quite some time, until we agreed the time had come. My parents weren’t home, they were on a business trip, so we didn’t have any problem. I have to admit I was pretty nervous. My first time… with my first love and that happened to be a worldwide pop star. It felt like dream.

Jongin arrived when the stars started to be visible in the dark sky. Everything felt so romantic, it was perfect. When I opened the door, he was standing with a beautiful bouquet. He smiled and came in. I could sense he was nervous too. But that didn’t stop him. We went upstairs to my room, it was not the first time he had been here, but it was the first time that my parents weren’t home.

We sat on my bed, shoulder to shoulder. His face got closer to mine and he gave me a sweet kiss on the lips. Just when I was about to wrap my arms around his neck, we heard some footsteps on the front door. It couldn’t be… my parents weren’t arriving until next week. They were very busy… they were gone all the time. Why did they have to arrive sooner?

“Jongin, hide in my closet”. He was perplexed. I could hear his mind saying <In the closet?>, but we didn’t have much time. If my parents saw him here, I wouldn’t be able to see him again. Of course I didn’t want that! He was my everything! “If I go to the closet you come too! Leave a note or something! Say you are at your friend’s” I don’t really know why I listened to him, but I actually did. I didn’t want to deal with my parents right now. Specially with Jongin in my closet.

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This episode was one of favorites. ok this video really deserves more views because omg they’re so damn cute asdfghjkl ♥ (x)

p.s this is one of my first times making a gifset so can you guys tell me what you think of it? i hope it’s not too bad? and this took quite long to do tho, i’m new to doing these gifsets

edit: somehow only the last gif played, and the rest became images o.O but hey, forgive me, i’m still learning ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ

As painful as that scene with Cosima broken down and kneeling was I’m actually kind of relieved like…. damn it’s time you started showing some emotion about her…. shit man it took you long enough….. not to mention they’re finally saying her fucking name out loud instead of one off hand comment like…. fucking talk about Delphine…. get that shit out there….. Krystal can’t be carrying the Delphine conversation by herself tho I truly appreciate Krystal mentioning her all the time…. fucking hell free me