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Are you telling me that Regina - the Regina Mills who rightfully didn’t want her son’s birth mother to suddenly be in her kid’s life, and who took a long time to get used to the idea of sharing him with her - is okay with Henry living with the sleazy pirate and being close to consider him a father figure?

Are you telling me that Henry - the Henry Daniel Mills who took 2/3 seasons to finally forgive his own mother - is forgiving the pirate after literally 5 minutes, and not only that you have him say “he would never hurt this family” when he literally tried to kill them all just the month before?

Are you telling me that Emma - the Emma Swan who could always see right through everyone’s lies and took crap from no one - can’t recognize the multiples times in which her bf is lying to her face, and keeps buying all the bullshit he throws at her?

And finally, are you saying that Snow - the Snow White who could immediately see that Ruby shared true love with Dorothy, and who is quick to point her finger at Rumple for treating Belle badly - can’t see how much Regina and Emma love each other, and how horrible H00k is being to her own daughter?

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 13


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

It took you a full minute to process what the words said and meant.

Then you panicked.

You were out the bedroom door in seconds, running down the hall to the nearest door. You pounded on the wood, hoping against hope that there was actually someone behind it. In such a large place, you knew it was entirely possible that you were the only one on this side of the house.

After a few seconds, a sleepy and confused Taehyung opened the door. “Park Jimin, if you do not have a very good reason—Oh.” He finally opened his eyes and looked at you. “What’s wrong?”

You opened your mouth to answer, but when no sound came out, you just shoved the note at him. He reacted much faster than you had, looking up at you with wide eyes.

“Where was this?” He asked carefully. “Do you know who wrote it?”

You shook your head. “It… It was under my pillow?”

Taehyung didn’t wait to hear anything else, taking off down the hall. There was a rushing in your ears, and even though you were vaguely aware that Taehyung was yelling, you weren’t sure what he was actually saying.

Seokjin was the first to respond, walking out of a room in a bathrobe looking thoroughly irritated. The annoyance vanished from his face however when he registered what Taehyung was saying. You followed the two deftly as they made their way to the giant staircase. Namjoon must have heard the commotion, as he made his way quickly up the stairs towards the three of you, followed closely by Jimin and Jungkook.

They formed somewhat of a circle, their voices becoming more hushed. You hung back, not sure that you wanted to know what they were discussing. You wished they would suddenly turn around and tell you that it was all a joke, that they were just messing with you. But when you saw the grim expressions on their faces, you knew that wasn’t the case.

“What on earth are you doing?” You heard Yoongi’s voice from behind you, and turned to see him stepping out from a door not far down the hall. His hair was damp, and he had a towel slung over his shoulder. “Don’t you people sleep?” He frowned as he walked closer, assessing the situation. Everyone had stopped talking once he made his presence known, and the silence was deafening. “What?” He asked suspiciously as he approached.

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TITLE: His secrets
CHAPTER NO/ONE SHOT: Introduction chapter.
NOTES/WARNINGS: This isn’t a proper chapter, it’s an introduction. I want to know what you guys think before I dive in with the 2,000 word chapters haha. Where they are is based on a town I used to visit every year because I wouldn’t be able to describe New York and where I live is just country…

“Oh my God, woman, hurry up!” Bucky said with a fake moan as you took your time getting ready. “We’re only going to the shops.”

“Yes, but it’s a 20 minutes’ walk there and 20 minutes back! What if I bump into someone I know? I want to look good.” You laughed as you laced up your boots.

“You always look good.” Bucky said with a wink which made you laugh. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world and the two of you would always flirt with each other but it was always simply friendly banter. “You got the list?”

“Sort of. I just told everyone to text me what they want. Thought it would be easier that way.” You said as you pulled out the phone and saw multiple texts from each of the compounds residents, including four from Thor alone. “Ready!” You said at last as you pulled on your jacket.

“Only two hours late.” Bucky mocked.

“Shut up it only took me forty-five minutes.” You laughed along with him as the two of you began your stroll towards the shop. It was nearly seven o’clock in the evening and the middle of winter so not only was the night cold, it was also pitch black. You and Bucky could barely see anything besides the small patches of path lit up by the street lamps and your own breath. Fifteen minutes later, you made it to the main street.

This was always your favourite place to go when it was dark; there was street music playing, the place was full of happy faces and there were lights everywhere you looked. The only problem was, Bucky hated it here. He stood closer to you and pulled his sleeve longer down his arms so it covered most of his hands too – especially the metal one – and kept his gaze low. He always felt uneasy around so many people.

“Relax, Buck.” You smiled up at him as you took his arm with yours. You then continued to walk down the path with linked arms as you spoke about anything and everything. But then, it all stopped.

You felt like you couldn’t breathe, like you were suffocating from the sadness and betrayal. Bucky noticed how you suddenly stopped and when he was you were staring at something with wide eyes, you looked there too. That’s when he felt something too but instead of sadness, it was pure, manic anger.

You stood frozen as you watched Pietro walk down the street, hand in hand with another woman. You kept standing and staring for a few minutes, breathing heavily as you didn’t know what to do or even how to react. It wasn’t until you saw him pick up a dress that you lost it; since that was the exact dress that only a week prior you had told Pietro you wanted. But he told you it was too expensive… and yet here he is… Buying it for another woman.

You were about to storm over there and smack your hand across his cheek when you felt Bucky’s calming touch on the small of your back. Bucky moved his hand so he was now holding yours and spoke softly to you.

“He’s not worth it, doll.” Was all he said, but the simple words made your heart slowly return to normal paced beats. You nodded and swallowed your emotions before putting on a brave face, turning on the spot and slowly walking back to the compound. It was late at night so Bucky swiftly followed, not wishing for you to walk back alone, but that didn’t stop him giving Pietro one more quick glare as all the ways he was going to hurt him flashed across his mind.

‘He’s insane’ Bucky thought as he turned to follow you. What kind of mad man would give you up?


I already know that I’m late to the party but a LOT of things happened while I made this, including events like my Patreon reaching it’s 6 month anniversary, this blog getting nearer to 2,000 followers, and @therealjacksepticeye reaching 13 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS.

I don’t know about you, but that is beyond amazing.

So basically, this is a little tribute to every single one involved in these events, specially including @pixlpit whose magic sparked an old passion I had with video editing, @furiarossa, @petzemz, @vi0lentquiche, and other Patrons whose tumblr I’m not sure are the right ones, the entire JSE community whose support this last week just blew me away, and of course Jack himself. Last month was incredible, and this is me saying that I am so glad you had fun along the way.

Thank you for being awesome. Don’t stop being awesome. :)

It’s a Brunette Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester, Baby, Mysterious Brunette #1, Mysterious Bruntte #2. 

Pairing: Dean x Baby 

Warnings: None that I can think of.

Word count: 549

A/N: This is my entry for @butiaintgonnaloveemBaby’s Big 50 Challenge. My song: There’s No Other (Like My Baby) by The Beach Boys 

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She lets out a short whistle getting closer to the car. She’s been eying the beauty from across the parking lot and it only took her a couple of minutes to gather enough courage to get closer.  “Look at you, baby! Aren’t ya just, stunning.”

She lifts her hand but stops before making contact, “can I? Touch your perfect skin?”  and she licks her plump lips. 

The wind blows around her, hissing in her ears. “I’ll take that as a yes. Hmm.” She moans. “Seems like someone takes real good care of you, love” The words purr out of her mouth as her fingers caress the still warm metal hood.

The sound of someone clearing their throat makes her spin around. A man, blond-ish, tall and proud. “I do actually.” fingers tighten around the handles of the plastic bag he’s holding. “She’s my Baby!” 

She smirks in response.

“Congrats man!” She bites her lips. “She is beautiful.” He grins back.

“Dean.” He introduces himself, sticking his free hand out for her to take. 

“Awesome” She winks, her hands move over the shiny roof. Dean follows her as she moves around the car.

 “How ‘bout you?”

“Oh, my baby is right there.” She nods her head to the black 69’ Camaro at the far end of the parking lot. “My Sweet girl.” She adds. 

“Nice! You know,” Dean continues, “I have this thing for hot brunettes” His fingers brush a loose strand of her long silky onyx hair and smirks when she shivers at the contact.

“Ha!” She lets out a lonely cackle. It’s short and loud. “Too bad I do too.”  She pats his chest  before doing the same with the hood of the Impala and then starts walking away. 

“Hey!” Dean calls after her and she looks at him over her shoulder. “At least give me your name, your number? I’ll call you when I finish dying my hair!” He brushes a hand through his short dirty-blonde spikes. 

She turns completely and walks towards him. “I’m sorry, big guy.” She leans forward, hand on his chest again. He places his hand on top of hers, he wants to hold her in place. “You’re just not my type.. As I said before.” She nods to her car again. 

Dean’s eyes leave hers only to watch an equally, if not hotter girl walking to the car, she’s holding a plastic bag from the small market. Her hair longer and even darker, looking blue-ish under the afternoon sunlight.  
“We do share the same tastes, not just in cars.” She shrugs. 

“You coming?” The new girl shouts leaning against the companion door of the Camaro.

“Be right there, Baby!” She stands on her tiptoes and places a chaste kiss on his scruffy cheek.

Dean watches her as she climbs into her car, the engine roars to life and she winks at his direction. Gravel flies behind the wheels, and the three of them disappear in the distance.

Dean sighs, his hands tracing the same patterns she did minutes earlier. “Did you see that, Baby?” He whispers to his car before pulling the squeaky door open. Calloused fingers grip the worn leather of the steering wheel.
With a flick if his wrist Baby’s engine purrs and he smiles. “We almost had a threesome.”

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I hate people a lot. I work at a certain toy store where only the best is good enough. So one day I'm checking out a couple of Asian descent and they were with their kids. So they thought it'd be okay to let their kids pay about 85 dollars in ALL CHANGE and paying the remaining 2 dollar balance with their card. I was fuming. It took about 20 minutes to count it all out while we had a huge line. Then the mom had the nerve to blow her breath because she was getting impatient.

One Wild Night pt.2

Part One

My office happened to only be blocks away from his apartment. It still took nearly 20 minutes to get there with traffic. I walked in, remembering that I had a change of clothes in my desk, just a plain white button up and a beige pencil skirt, but anything was better than my coworkers noticing I was wearing the same thing from last night.

I quickly changed and got to work, going through a couple meetings and coming up with and collecting a few new designs to present to the head of our company for our new season which was just 2 months away. At this point it was more of just gathering decorations and putting together the venue.

As I’m gathering up my stuff from our conference room, one of the other directors, Olivia Ren, approached me.

“Hey, Y/N, can I ask you a favor?”

She was always really ice and willing to cover for me. “Yeah, of course, what’s up?”

“You know that guy, the musician, that we’re supposed to be collabing with soon? He was gonna perform at the show and do a photoshoot with a few pieces?”

I wasn’t in the PR department so I didn’t know who he was, but I knew what she was talking about. “Yeah, what about it?”

“I’m supposed to meet him for lunch in an hour, but my sister just go into a car crash and I really need to go be with her right now. Is there any way you could meet with him for me? Please?”

I can tell she’s desperate. “Yeah, of course, go ahead. Just give me the info and I’ve got you covered.”

She lets out a breath, as if she’d been holding it this whole time. “Oh my gosh, you’re great, thank you so much. I owe you big time,” she hands me a legal pad with organized bullet points and notes. “Here’s all the things you’ll need to take care of during the meeting. I’ll text you the address as soon as I get to my car. Oh, and don’t think I didn’t notice you waliking in here in the same thing you had on yesterday.” I heat up, embarrassed, I thought no one noticed! She rushes out “Thanks again!” she calls out, rushing out of the office.

I walk into the restaurant 15 minutes early, giving myself time to gather my thoughts and go over what Olivia wrote down. I’m slightly distracted when a group of about 6 giggling girls walks into the moderately empty cafe.

They look around curiously, and seem disappointed when they don’t find whatever or whoever they’re looking for. However they still take a seat after ordering something. It’s about 5 minutes until the exact meeting time when I pull out my phone to take down whatever we decide on for this collaboration.

Suddenly, 3 of the girls walk over to me, faces slightly red. I glance up at them. They whisper to themselves until one of them is pushed forward toward me.

“Hey, um, is there any chance you know of someone by the name of Skate, or Nate Maloley maybe?”

That’s the dude I hooked up with last night. Isn’t it? We weren’t too big on names. Man, didn’t know he was big enough to have his own fan club. “I’ve, uh, I’ve heard of him. Why?”

“Well, we heard he lives around here and he’s always at this cafe on his snap so we were hoping he’d be here now.”

“Oh, well, I hope you find him,” I say, smiling.

“Thanks,” they all say and walk back to where they were sitting.

As soon as 2:00 rolls around the cute little bell atop the cafe door rings, and the last person I thought I’d see strolls in, looking fine as ever.

The girls flock to him, one of them letting out a high pitched inhuman noise. He smiles and takes pictures and talks to them for a minute before they scurry out of the door and down the street. He takes a look around the place and when his eyes rest on me, his eyebrows raise slightly.

I give him that smile that you’d give to someone you know but not well enough to start a conversation with, and go back to my phone. A shadow soon covers the table I’m sitting at and I look up to see him.

“Hey,” I say casually.

“Hey. You know, I was planning on looking for you, but I didn’t think I’d find you this fast,” he says with a smirk spread across his edgy features.

“Really? Did I leave something at your place?” I ask.

“Yeah, me.” he says. “You skipped out without even saying goodbye.”

Oh, so this was gonna be one of those kind of talks. “Okay, look, I’m supposed to be meeting with someone right now, so could we possibly have this conversation later?”

“How? I don’t even know your name! And I’m supposed to be meeting someone too, so I guess we can wait together.”

Suddenly, everything clicked and I felt like an idiot. He’s the musician we’re collabing with. God help me.

“Is there any chance you’re supposed to be meeting with a brand called CRWDS?”

“Yeah, actually, how do you know?”

“I’m the rep they sent out to meet you,” I say on a deep breath. “Take a seat we have a lot to discuss and not a lot of time.”

“Then why don’t we meet up again for dinner tonight?” he suggests, smiling at me.

I glare at him and change the subject, starting with the stuff Olivia put down. Once we’re towards the end of the to do list, Nate goes off topic again.

“So, you’re name’s Olivia?” he asks.

“No, I’m just filling in for her.”

“Then what’s your name?”

“I told you last night, that’s unnecessary information.”

“Why don’t you want me to know your name? Do you not like it? Is it sacred or something? Am I just not special enough yet?”

He leans forward a little and I’m drawn to him, my ears tuning out everything except the sound of his breath and whatever he’s about to say.

HIs voice low and deep, “Sweetheart, we’re gonna be seeing each other a lot from now on. At the photoshoot, and the show, and at all the meetings in between,” he said, reaching out to play with one of my hands on the table. “So will you please, please do me the honor of just willingly telling me your name? Because I really want to get to know you better and, call me crazy, but I think that should start with at least knowing your name.”

I just look at him for a minute, as he plays with my fingers, somehow speaking to me through those dopey, joy-filled eyes.

“Y/N,” I say, glancing back down at the sandwich I ordered myself, “My name’s Y/N.”

“Well, it’s nice to meet you Y/N, I’m Nate.” I can’t help but let out a laugh as he holds his hand out as if I’m supposed to shake it, which I do.

We start talking as if we’re new friends, getting to know each other over the next hour. Once we finish our lunch and as I begin to gather my things he says, “You never told me why it was such a big deal for you,” when I looked at him with a questioning look, he continues, “The whole name thing.”

“It just… it makes everything a lot more personal than I intend for it to be,” I say, making no eye contact.

He collects his stuff too and we stand together. As soon as we’re face to face he steps closer, a huge grin on his face. “Is that your way of saying you wanna be personal with me…again?”

I lightly push his shoulder and say, “This is supposed to be a business meeting,” but can’t help but smile.

“Well then why don’t you take me up on my offer and come to dinner with me tonight for a different kind of meeting?”

I want to so, so bad. But I know we can’t. I’ve seen the way rappers like him act, the life they live. And I don’t have any problems with drinking and smoking, but I don’t know how to deal with being a face that tons of people will see and judge.

I don’t know how to be the girl who sits around while they tour the world and hook up with countless girls without even thinking about what’s back home. I’ve watched too many of my friends cry over someone who didn’t actually care about anything but the music and the life they lived.

I can’t be one of them. I’m not gonna sit there and listen to all of these girls judge me not just because I’m dating someone they love but also because I’m a different race than them. The first time I dated someone outside of my race, meeting their family was a disaster. And that didn’t stop me from dating whoever I wanted to after, but I never wanted to get close to them anymore. And if that was my experience with one family, what about an entire fandom?

And I’m sure all of them won’t be judgmental, but I’m not as strong as my idols. I don’t know how to stand up to the stereotypes I’m put against.

So I end up saying, “I can’t… be that with you, Nate.”

His face falls slightly but he quickly covers up the disappointment I already noticed. “Why not, Y/N? I could’ve been totally off, but I felt like last night we had something,” I did too, “I haven’t felt like that in a long time, and I really don’t want to pass this up. And by the look on your face, I don’t think you do either.”

I can’t help but be honest, “I don’t. I don’t wanna pass this up either.”

“Then what’s the problem lil mama? Huh? I can’t fight it when I don’t know what I’m up against.”

I contemplate just telling him I can’t, but I know that I want him, and that my whole life as an adult I haven’t let other people stand in the way of what I want, so why should they now? “It’s the whole up and coming rapper thing. I just don’t know if I can deal with the whole tour and groupies thing. But I’ll tell you what. I think we’d be really good in a friends with benefits type of relationship,” he raises his eyebrow as if questioning but interested, “because I really do want you. And it’d be nothing serious, no one has to know. Just me and you together when we feel like it.”

He stays silent for a moment, just staring at me. I can’t tell what, but it’s obvious some ideas are being thought through in his head. Finally, he speaks, “I want to be more than that. I want to learn more about you, prove to you that I’m worth getting personal with. Spend time with you inside and outside the bedroom. Please, Y/N, just give me a chance.”

He really had me about to break every rule I’d made up over the past few years to protect myself. And the weirdest part was, I wanted to do it. I wanted it so bad. 
“Fine,” I finally say, he gives me that mischievous grin again and pulls me in for a hug. “But we go at my pace. I’ve never really done this.”

“Dating?” I nod. “Really? Well then I guess I’ll have to make it a good one. Can I pick you up at 7?”

We exchange numbers and I give him my address and all that other stuff. And I walk out of the cafe and head back to work feeling lighter and happier than I did before. Because I had a really good feeling about him. About us.


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Thanks for reading, hope you liked it! Oh my gosh it’s taken me so long to get this out and I feel so bad. Like at this point I’m only sprouting out like 1 imagine a month and its probably because I’ve been busy with school and friends and I just applied for an early college course but I don’t even know if I wanna do it and I found out that the school I wanna go to would probably put me $100,000 dollars in debt at the least especially since I have no scholarships or grants yet and I’m this close to failing my math class and I don’t want what I put out for you guys to be shit and sorry this is a long sentence I just needed that off my chest. I just gotta remember I have time. Besides, after next week I’m out for Christmas break, my exams will be over and I’ll have a good couple of days to dedicate myself to this. I’ll also be in the process of moving, but that’s probably not gonna happen until after the New Year. Anyways, REQUESTS ARE OPEN, in case you were wondering. Feel free to send in imagine/blurb requests on anyone already on my masterlist or in the tags of my masterlist or just someone somewhat related to the people I write about.

I don’t plan on making a part 3 for this, however if you want me to I’m completely willing. Also, I’m 1 follower away from 900 so thanks for that, especially y’all that stay on my activity page and in my biggest fans list. It means a lot to me. Sorry this was such a long note.


Let’s make a baby part 14 D|H

A/N : I’ve got news. I really like the word bittersweet. It’s a great word to describe the news I got. So I’m telling you: This is the last chapter of the LMAB series. It feels like a good time to finish. I had always planned it like this. But don’t worry I’ll still continue to write weekly imagines for you. I guess we are welcoming a baby and saying goodbye to a series that I really enjoyed. masterlist

Looking back, I don’t remember the car ride to the hospital. I know that London’s night life was rushing by in front of my eyes. It was a 20 minute drive to the Charring Cross Hospital, but since I had lost all sense of time it felt like I was in the cab for 2 hours. As soon as the black car stopped at the entrance of a huge building it felt like it only took as 30 seconds to get there. After I had handed over the money to the driver I shut the door and rushed into the hospital. This is where everything starts to become a confusing blur. I must have stumbled to the front desk to ask for my fiancé. The receptionist shouted  room numbers and seconds later I was in the elevator on my way to the ninth floor. I had just presented a huge award show in front of thousands of people but this was by far more nerve racking than anything I had done before. My hands were trembling, cold sweat had formed on my forehead and my heart was currently running a marathon. As my feet hit the ground  the sound echoed through the quite hallway. I will never forget the moment when I pushed the door to room number 965 open. This is where my clear vision came back.

Louise had tried to get through to somebody at the Brits so they could inform Dan. When she called  30 minutes ago she said she talked to a lady. I still have no idea if that lady can help get the message to Dan. Louise is already on the way here, at least I don’t have to do is all alone, but I still imagined my fiancé to be here with me. Three nurses flashed around my bed in order to prepare everything. The contractions came regularly now and although I thought the ones at home were bad those were even worse. Out of a sudden the door burst open. The handle smashed against the wall. At first I thought Louise had already arrived, but Daniel Howell stood in the doorway, a mixture of both horror and excitement visible on his attractive face. The nurse’s eyes shot up as soon as they saw him. Tall, handsome and wearing a formal suit to the birth of his first child.

His broad figure stormed towards me and through all this pain that all of my bliss had numbed I did feel relief.

“Holy shit!” Dan babbled, waving his huge hands unable to say more.

At 3 AM spine crawling screams filled the room. I pushed, breathed and panicked all at the same time. Whenever one of those dreadful screams left my lips I felt Dan next to me shudder. He squeezed my hand like there were no bones to crush and I took hold of his whole underarm.

“You can do this, darling. I love you so much.” Dan repeated. His voice was soothing and somewhat calming.

At 3:15 I pressed my eyes close in agony. Dan told me afterwards that he had concentrated on every single detail in my face, just so he wouldn’t look down to where everything was happening since he was sure he’d pass out instantly.

“We are nearly there, honey.” the love of my life told me his voice shaking this time.

Boo was born five minutes later. They were done with all the check ups shortly before 4am. I was cuddled into Dan’s arms worn out and completely exhausted but as the nurse came back with our baby, I seemed to forget how intensely tired I was.

“Your little girl is all healthy.” we were told with a honey sweet smile.

I don’t know how to describe the feeling I felt when I held our child for the first time. Never in my life had I seen somebody this beautiful. Me and Dan looked down onto the tiny body of our baby like she was the most precious thing in the entire universe. That was what she was to us. I remember that tears twinkled in both of our eyes. We shared our first kiss as parents before we kissed our daughter all over her soft skin.    

Dan let me hold her for quite some time since I was the one who had just given birth to her. After a while I carefully handed her over, supporting her head while doing so. Dan nervously eyed me for a second before he took her into his hands. It was surreal how tiny our daughter’s body was compared to his massive frame. God she nearly fitted into his huge palm. His eyes sparkled with admiration and his face lit up like a thousand stars.  

We stayed on the hospital bed till the sun announced that the morning was close. Cuddled into each other’s arms we just took in the fact that we were a family now. A flashback reminded me of the day on which we both had made the decision to try for a child. We have come a long way since then.

I’m still the sun. My colourful dresses, the light radiating from my body and the way I laughed when our girl yawned give that away. And Dan, well Dan is still the moon. His deep thoughts, his sparkling eyes and the way he softly caressed our daughter’s cheek give that away. After all, we are still different like night and day. Although that thought worried me before by now I have completely lost that fear. Because there was something that united us. That something was tiny and fragile, had Dan’s chocolate brown eyes and my head shape. That wonderful girl was sound asleep in our arms, eyelids closed and a slight smile on her angelic face. She would always be the connection between us two very different souls.

She was able to perfectly unite the sun and the moon. That’s why we named her Skylynn.

- twelve: part two -

“I’ll let you drag me to hell if it means you’ll hold my hand.”

Seven minutes. It took him only seven minutes to get to me, seven minutes before he burst through the door of that crowded coffee shop and belted out my name. It echoed off the rafters of the high ceiling, my head slowly lifting from the fold of my arms as I sat hunched over a high top table that was situated in the furthest back corner of the shop.

Eyes bloodshot and glassy with tears, they lagged heavily around the open space, flicking over the faces of unfamiliar people towards the sound. Fluttering lightly as they settled on him, the sight of him made a painful twinge pierce through my heart. I knew why I had called him, I knew why he was the first person to pop in my mind. I knew that he was the only person that could protect me, he was the only person that I wanted to protect me, the only one I wanted.

And he was there, just as he always swore he would be, he was there. For me.

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The flash imagine part 2

Plot: A meta human kidnaps Iris and reader and Barry who can only save one , chooses Iris over y/n.Part 1 here  

Its been 7 month, seven month of her leaving in the burned down house. The police came only once the day of the explosion and it took them 20 minutes to blame her death on Trickster and not even look for a body. Seven month of living like a rat , she was ready to take on them. Ready to face the boy who sacrificed her without even a second though. 

 She had managed to get to Tricksters layer and entering through the door of the warehouse she knew, she knew that entering the warehouse marked the start of her revenge plan, the revenge plan she had worked so hard for all these past months. “I was expecting a pent house Jesse not a shithole like this I must admit” Trickster spun around with shock staring at the girl even he though was dead. “You…” He stutters “ I blow you up, you died” screaming the last part.  "Oh well boo,“ she said pushing herself off from the doorframe and starting to walking towards him looking up at him smirking ” Sorry to disappoint" 

“Wait. The trickster is dead?” Ciscos eyes wilding in a mix of shock and fear. Barry nodded pacing around the cortex , stress filling him up. “What’s got into you?” Caitlin looked up from the computer where she currently was working and raised an eyebrow at Barry. 

 "There was a note there" Barry took a breath stopping and looking at his two friends, he took a deep breath repeating what the note said “ You’re next Casanova" 

 "She used to call you that” Cisco said in a small voice not daring look up. “Guys, it’s impossible, we sow her…die” Caitlin stood up walking to the corridor “She wouldn’t do this to us" 

"So let me get this right, you want revenge cause he is the reason you are dead but you aren’t dead?” Mardon questioned leaning against the wall raising an eyebrow at the girl sitting in corner throwing tiny fire balls from one hand to another. She looked up giving him a dead look “ no I want a play date where we braid each others hair and eat cookie dough” she stood up smashing the fireball in her palms “Are you in or not?”

 "Damn woman, who hurt you" he asked letting out a small laugh. 

 "Barry Allen" she whispered quietly. 

 "Your meta app said what now?“ Barry questioned hands flying up to his hair a small attempt to drag them out from stress. Cisco took a deep breath repeating himself "a girl, short brunette , dressed in all black raising , non metaphoric, hell downtown alongside Mardon" 

"We used to know a certain short brunette” Caitlin mumbled wrapping her arms tighter around herself “We’re coming with you this time Barry” Knowing he couldn’t stop them , he agreed and ran them downtown leaving them a few meters from where the two villain was raising hell.

All eyes landing on her , a smirk broke out on her features. “She… You died in front of us” Barry yelled trying to hide the fact that he was trying to not choke on tears. “I’m sorry to disappoint Casanova, but we don’t all get things we want in life” She said smirk fading as her hands lit up again “ I Just wanted to be normal and alive but na-ah you had to do this to me" 

 "Where is Iris, I know you have her” Barry yelled again voice a bit more stable. The smirk re appeared upon her lips once more" oh she is alive and is right..“ She took a second giving a nod to Mardon and with a twist of his wrist and a sudden strong wind the window of the skyscraper beside them broke out and a tiny scream sounded from the top floor as glass came crushing down ” there" she smirked returning her gaze to Barry. 

 "y/n , stop we are your friends , you don’t have to so this" Caitlin yelled at her taking a step backwards. “Friends? You let him just blow me up Caitlin , you and Cisco just watched and did nothing” she screamed , voice filled with anger as she threw a fire ball that landed a few meters from there.

 In the corner of his eyes Barry saw that Mardon was trying something and before he got the chance to act , Barry used to speed to throw him a few feels away. Turning to y/n he raised his arm in defeat “Why are you doing this y/n? Don’t your remember all those years of friendship , the times you would come over and we would spend hours watching some meaningless movie and laughing?" 

 "That’s the problem Barry, I remember those time but seems like you forgot. You forgot that I was there for you when Iris forgot or had some boyfriend to be with, whenever someone was her first priority , you were always mine” she said voice softening only a bit “ you seamed to forget that the moment you chose her life over mine” Barry stood there in silence just listening , for first time in forever saving Iris wasn’t the first priority to him , he wanted to know. Wanted to know which of his action replaced all the love inside the girl in front of him to pure hatred. Until he understood , it wasn’t a single moment , it was a collection of times , collected of the past 14 years.  " you get it now, don’t you? I get it Iris came to your life first but I was the one who stayed" she whispered , her arms going back to normal. 

 "You wouldn’t understand y/n , I love Iris , you have never loved someone and had the chance to save them , you wouldn’t pass the chance. You would never know how it feels loving someone so much you forget about consequences" she sighted looking down. Oh but she knew , she knew all about loving someone so much you forget about consequences and in the moment Mardon stood up and with the wind raising all the sharp glass pieces pointing them toward Barry, in that moment it was all slow motion.

She looked at him once more and in that moment she understood , how loving someone that much was. Barry didn’t see any of it coming , he got pushed to the ground and seconds later a scream was heard, standing up the first thing he sow was y/ns body on the ground m glass shatters inside of her , blood seeping out of her mouth.

Seconds later both Cisco and Caitlin was beside her pulling out the pieces. “It’s useless” she choked , coughing up a small amount of blood laughing “they were right you either die young or see yourself become a villain , I was close wasn’t I?" 

 "C-close to what?” Barry asked small sobs leaving his lips. “Becoming a villain” She said coughing more blood this time , her eyes slowly closing “ you were wrong tho Casanova. I know how it’s like to love someone that much” and with a last smile at Barry her eyes closed once and for all, the fire inside of her slowly dying out. 

 OMG GUYS! Thank you for such great response of the last part , like this was supposed to come out 12 hours ago but I was too busy tearing up at the fact that Im actually not a failure when it come to writing. This was really sad and I’m in aw but like hey The good will die young , but the great will always last. ALSO CAN SOMEONE REQUEST LEONARD SNART AND CISCO RAMON IMAGINES <3333 -Pari

Baby Avengers 2 (Avengers x Reader)

(f/n)-First Name

(Picture not mine.)

It took you a whole twenty minutes to finally catch Loki. That was only because Tor had helped and thrown his little hammer at his legs. As you were about to cut off a finger or two, Thor stopped you with a small pout. “No hurt brover.” He said in his cute baby voice.

You sighed and threw the knife away. You did plop yourself in the middle of his back though. He wouldn’t be getting up because of the hammer, but a little extra weight wouldn’t hurt. “You mewling quim! Remove your weight from me this instant!” He ordered while moving his arms to try and throw you off. You pinned his arms to the ground and glared at the back of his head.

“Fix them and you can go.” You bargained. He took a deep breath and turned his face so that he could look at you out of the corner of his eyes.

“You know you are surprisingly strong for a mortal.” He commented. You rolled your eyes and glared at them.

“Whatever. Fix them. They can’t be babies for two weeks!” You could already feel your mind start to panic. You didn’t know the first thing about being a mom. Handling babies was really not a part of what Tony hired you for.

“I can’t. Once the spell has been cast, there’s no turning back. Good luck handling them now (f/n).” He disappeared from underneath you and you cursed lowly to yourself. Of course he still had his magic.

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Hi Sam, I had a dream. You and I were doing a project for university. We did nothing but argue so we went to Professor Negan's office, to switch partners only to be refused. He told us that we would have no problem if we got rid of the sexual tension between us. He made us make out which we resisted the first couple of minutes but then ended up enjoying. This led to us getting naked and groping each other while he watched. Then we took turns letting Negan fuck us on his desk. - 2-fast-2-curious

Omfg. This was so hot, no doubt about it 😍😍 it’s got everything I like. Sexual tension. Another female. A professor scenario, not only involving Negan - but him watching, then fucking us. Yes please. - GDK

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How my faith in humanity was restored.

Buckle up, folks. I’m about to restore your faith in humanity.

I went for a jog this morning for the first time in a while, and so I was kind of (really quite vehemently) dreading it. I arrived at the park, plugged in my headphones, double checked my laces, and then tucked my car key into my sports bra.

After running (at a dismally slow pace) a mile, I checked for my key and to my dismay, the little fucker had disappeared.

I frantically re-traced my steps, took calming breaths, and generally attempted to not freak out. It was my only key, and I’m a poor law student living off my loans, so it would have been way outside my budget for the semester to have to 1) get a locksmith to unlock my car and 2) make me a new key.

About five minutes into my (not at all) calm searching, an older man named Mike asked me what was wrong. (I may or may not have been panicking, but I maintain that I was calm and composed, and there’s no way I’ll own up to anything besides that)

I told him my dilemma, and he joined me in the search to re-trace my steps. We got to the end of the path, and we hadn’t found anything. I told him to go on, and that I’d turn round and go more slowly.

Mike left to continue on his jog, and I combed the path for another ten minutes (still not freaking out in the least, because I’m cool and composed).

I ran into him at the bottom of the hill, and he stopped me. Mike held out my key with a smile and said that 90% of the people in this world are good people, and the other 10% don’t hang out at parks on a Saturday afternoon.

He had walked back along the path, asking everyone who passed if they’ve seen a key, and one had finally said they saw someone find a key, and place it on a picnic table at the entrance of the park. The man directed Mike to the bench, and he picked it up, and ran to find me as I (frantically) searched up and down the paths.

I hugged (squeezed) him, and told him he had made my entire week. He responded that I had made HIS week because he was able to help someone.

I took down his phone number, and told him I’d buy him lunch.

Faith in humanity restored.

Mismatched Chapter 4

How do I write?

a look into Groff and Anthony’s side of the equation in the good ol’ revolutionary war.also for continuity’s sake, John Laurens was shot days before he got wasted. Just so you all know the deal.

Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/Chapter 4/

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I have to share

Of course I have to share, are you kidding me?

So, Mr. Saff took our girls hiking yesterday. They were all gone for four hours. It was glorious and at the same time I felt like I wasted it since I spent a large portion of the time thinking “Oh my god, they’re gonna be home soon! What should I do? What should I do? Something great, something self-care.” I finally opened up my fic only to stare at it for ~2 hours while my brain did the above freak-out on a loop, only to actually get some writing done 5 minutes before they got home. Yup. (Then I stayed up till midnight writing what I wanted to write earlier in the day) Anyway. This share is not really about that. Ah ha, fooled you, didn’t I?

When they got home from the hike, they were all three talking about how the youngest had chosen the wrong skirt to wear for the hike(our kids pick out their own clothes on most days). How it didn’t have enough range of motion and was so restrictive that she couldn’t even ride on Mr. Saff’s shoulders. I thought it odd, but really didn’t dwell on it. Cut to an hour later, we are in the kitchen getting ready to plate up some dinner, when the skirt issue comes back into conversation. So, I ask MiniSaff (she’s 3) to show me how wide she could make her legs while standing. It really was very restrictive. But the thing was, from the outside the skirt didn’t look THAT restrictive. In fact, it wasn’t even pulled taut. So, I kneel down, lift up her skirt, discover that it has shorts underneath (most do) and that the is only utilizing one of the holes. She had both legs in one of the shorts holes. So, I fix the skirt/short situation and then proceed to look at Mr. Saff and LittleSaff a touch incredulously. They had gone on and on about how much of a problem this was during the two-hour hike. Mr. Saff had even picked up the MiniSaff and carried her since she was cranky (she refuses weekend naps). How did they not check this? Y’all, Mr. Saff is a professional engineer who manages and designs multi-million dollar projects every day, he’s a smart guy. I’m still baffled. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has the experiences.

tl;dr MiniSaff went on a 2 hour hike with both legs in one shorts hole and no one noticed until they came home and complained to me about it.

SO annoyed right now!! I just took two (2) buses to get to the school gym so I could run from there like usual, instead of from home (I don’t feel very safe running in my neighborhood). So yeh, 30 minutes and two crowded buses later, I get there only to find out the gym is closed for the whole day to fix some of the basketball floors. Very obviously a PLANNED maintenance, so I guess they just didn’t want to give us poor students any warning?? So now I’m on bus #2 heading back home so I can go run laps around this tiny park near my apartment as it’s the only kind of safe place to run. You could say I’m a tad angry 😡

Here is an ask prompt for writing practice.

Give me a list of 5 vague things and I’ll post a short story based on those things. Can be more can be less. Oh! I’ll only do safe for work stuff I but it can get ridiculous. Exbr> 1. Lesbians
2. Red
3. Flower
4. Night
5. Toilet paper

My face must had been as red as hers as I opened the door carefully. Nothing was showing as her floral dress covered her and the toilet. I reached into the bathroom from the door and handed her the new roll of toilet paper retreating soon after. A few minutes pasted before she came out and took her spot next to me on the couch.
“That isn’t how I imagined our first night living together going.”
She giggled.
“Babe, you’ve eaten me out and vice versa… It was only a matter of time I saw you poop…”
“Shut up!”