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A nurse has heart attack and describes what she felt like when having one

I am an ER nurse and this is the best description of this event that I have ever heard. 


 I was aware that female heart attacks are different, but this is description is so incredibly visceral that I feel like I have an entire new understanding of what it feels like to be living the symptoms on the inside. Women rarely have the same dramatic symptoms that men have… you know, the sudden stabbing pain in the chest, the cold sweat, grabbing the chest & dropping to the floor the we see in movies. Here is the story of one woman’s experience with a heart attack: 

 "I had a heart attack at about 10:30 PM with NO prior exertion, NO prior emotional trauma that one would suspect might have brought it on. I was sitting all snugly & warm on a cold evening, with my purring cat in my lap, reading an interesting story my friend had sent me, and actually thinking, ‘A-A-h, this is the life, all cozy and warm in my soft, cushy Lazy Boy with my feet propped up. A moment later, I felt that awful sensation of indigestion, when you’ve been in a hurry and grabbed a bite of sandwich and washed it down with a dash of water, and that hurried bite seems to feel like you’ve swallowed a golf ball going down the esophagus in slow motion and it is most uncomfortable. You realize you shouldn’t have gulped it down so fast and needed to chew it more thoroughly and this time drink a glass of water to hasten its progress down to the stomach. This was my initial sensation–the only trouble was that I hadn’t taken a bite of anything since about 5:00 p.m. 

After it seemed to subside, the next sensation was like little squeezing motions that seemed to be racing up my SPINE (hind-sight, it was probably my aorta spasms), gaining speed as they continued racing up and under my sternum (breast bone, where one presses rhythmically when administering CPR). This fascinating process continued on into my throat and branched out into both jaws. 'AHA!! NOW I stopped puzzling about what was happening – we all have read and/or heard about pain in the jaws being one of the signals of an MI happening, haven’t we? I said aloud to myself and the cat, Dear God, I think I’m having a heart attack! I lowered the foot rest dumping the cat from my lap, started to take a step and fell on the floor instead. I thought to myself, If this is a heart attack, I shouldn’t be walking into the next room where the phone is or anywhere else… but, on the other hand, if I don’t, nobody will know that I need help, and if I wait any longer I may not be able to get up in a moment. 

I pulled myself up with the arms of the chair, walked slowly into the next room and dialed the Paramedics… I told her I thought I was having a heart attack due to the pressure building under the sternum and radiating into my jaws. I didn’t feel hysterical or afraid, just stating the facts. She said she was sending the Paramedics over immediately, asked if the front door was near to me, and if so, to un-bolt the door and then lie down on the floor where they could see me when they came in. I unlocked the door and then laid down on the floor as instructed and lost consciousness, as I don’t remember the medics coming in, their examination, lifting me onto a gurney or getting me into their ambulance, or hearing the call they made to St. Jude ER on the way, but I did briefly awaken when we arrived and saw that the radiologist was already there in his surgical blues and cap, helping the medics pull my stretcher out of the ambulance. He was bending over me asking questions (probably something like 'Have you taken any medications?’) but I couldn’t make my mind interpret what he was saying, or form an answer, and nodded off again, not waking up until the Cardiologist and partner had already threaded the teeny angiogram balloon up my femoral artery into the aorta and into my heart where they installed 2 side by side stints to hold open my right coronary artery. 

I know it sounds like all my thinking and actions at home must have taken at least 20-30 minutes before calling the paramedics, but actually it took perhaps 4-5 minutes before the call, and both the fire station and St Jude are only minutes away from my home, and my Cardiologist was already to go to the OR in his scrubs and get going on restarting my heart (which had stopped somewhere between my arrival and the procedure) and installing the stents. Why have I written all of this to you with so much detail? Because I want all of you who are so important in my life to know what I learned first hand. 

1. Be aware that something very different is happening in your body, not the usual men’s symptoms but inexplicable things happening (until my sternum and jaws got into the act). It is said that many more women than men die of their first (and last) MI because they didn’t know they were having one and commonly mistake it as indigestion, take some Maalox or other anti-heartburn preparation and go to bed, hoping they’ll feel better in the morning when they wake up… which doesn’t happen. My female friends, your symptoms might not be exactly like mine, so I advise you to call the Paramedics if ANYTHING is unpleasantly happening that you’ve not felt before. It is better to have a 'false alarm’ visitation than to risk your life guessing what it might be!
2. Note that I said 'Call the Paramedics.’ And if you can take an aspirin. Ladies, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! Do NOT try to drive yourself to the ER - you are a hazard to others on the road. Do NOT have your panicked husband who will be speeding and looking anxiously at what’s happening with you instead of the road. Do NOT call your doctor – he doesn’t know where you live and if it’s at night you won’t reach him anyway, and if it’s daytime, his assistants (or answering service) will tell you to call the Paramedics. He doesn’t carry the equipment in his car that you need to be saved! The Paramedics do, principally OXYGEN that you need ASAP. Your Dr. will be notified later.
3. Don’t assume it couldn’t be a heart attack because you have a normal cholesterol count. Research has discovered that a cholesterol elevated reading is rarely the cause of an MI (unless it’s unbelievably high and/or accompanied by high blood pressure). MIs are usually caused by long-term stress and inflammation in the body, which dumps all sorts of deadly hormones into your system to sludge things up in there. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let’s be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive to tell the tale.“

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I wish I knew who the author was. I’m definitely not the OP, actually think it might be an old chain email or even letter from back in the day. The version I saw floating around Facebook ended with "my cardiologist says mail this to 10 friends, maybe you’ll save one!” And knew this was way too interesting not to pass on.


WINNER’s beginning was different from the start as they were born through a reality program, “WIN: Who Is Next”. In the first week of their debut, they won three #1 crowns on music shows with their title track “Empty” and swept up all the rookie awards that year. The public fixed their eyes on the monster rookie that had skills, visuals, and the star quality and WINNER always put out results that met expectations. But a long hiatus followed which was unprecedented for a rookie group. A sudden piece of news that fans received during the hiatus was not about their comeback but about a member leaving the group. They became 4 members from 5 and they changed the formation of their choreographies and they adjusted the vocalist parts and they had to work hard to fill up the one empty spot. The result of this came in the form of their single album “FATE NUMBER FOR”, which was released on April 4th, 1 year and 2 months after their previous comeback. The moment the album was released, it recorded first place on iTunes Charts in 21 different countries and was featured in Apple Music’s “Best of the Week”. The fact that the public’s response to “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL”, which are total opposites of each other, are addicting is just a bonus. WINNER is at their peak.


The response for “REALLY REALLY” is very hot. Do you feel how popular it is?

I’ve been told by people but I can’t really feel it myself. Just like it has always been, we just perform onstage and meet our fans and move according to our schedules.

During WINNER’s hiatus, with Nam Taehyun’s leave, the group became 4 from the original 5. Didn’t you feel like your responsibility as the leader was heavier with this comeback?

Of course I felt responsible. But I didn’t think things like, “I need to lead WINNER better so we can go to a higher place.” (laughs) I felt like I needed to do things instead of staying still.

I heard that you weren’t able to properly rest or travel for leisure during the hiatus.

Yes. When I didn’t have plans on making music, I was at home. Home and company. That was it. It was because I didn’t want to just rest. Even when I didn’t have any songs to work on, I went to the company. I felt more comfortable staying at the company, eating with my composer hyungs, and talking to them.

I heard you made “REALLY REALLY” and “FOOL” very quickly.

Composing for both songs came easy to me. For “REALLY REALLY”, I finished composing the melody and writing the lyrics while lying in bed in 4 hours. But I couldn’t figure out the best melody progression for the bridge part so I asked Mino to help me.

As a member who composed the songs, which member do you want to praise the most?

Jinwoo-hyung. I don’t force directions to the rappers. They have always done well with their individual styles and they know how to show off their own colors. But I was really surprised at how much Jinwoo-hyung’s singing improved while recording for this single album. The time it took to record decreased greatly. It took 30 minutes when it usually takes 2 hours.

Jinwoo told me earlier that the songs suited him so well that he was very comfortable with them.

Whenever I make WINNER songs, I compose so that it suits the members. It’s only possible since I’ve known them for almost 10 years now, ever since we were trainees. This means I probably can’t make songs for other singers.

I feel like you received a lot of stress to achieve such good results.

I feel like I don’t get stressed much but my body keeps hurting in places. (laughs) I still get migraines.

How do you relieve stress?

These days I reform clothes with Mino as a hobby. I usually relieve stress by going outside and walking under the sunlight. But I need to wear a face mask and a hoodie so people don’t recognize me. I wear black clothes to not draw attention to myself at night. (laughs)

How do you reform clothes?

I just fold them and stick them together and sew things together and cut things. I’m bad at sewing. When I have things I need to sew, I put them aside and when my mother comes to Seoul, I make her do it… (laughs) She enjoys it though! I’m usually really blunt around her so when I ask her to do things like this for me she thinks we’re playing together.

In the end, all the clothes you’re reforming are made by your mother.

No, that’s not it. I design the clothes and my mother sews the clothes. Designers don’t sew clothes themselves. Their assistants do it. (laughs)

You’re receiving good results after a long hiatus. Is there something you want to challenge yourself in in the future?

I want to hear people say, “This is what WINNER-like music is” even when we make music we want to make and not bother with trends. To make that happen, we need to become more known and further develop our careers. I think it’s possible with time. Personally, once WINNER becomes properly stabilized as a group, I want to release a solo album but I want to include all genres of music into that one album. When people think about the music Kang Seungyoon makes, they assume it’s only folk or rock music. I want to break that preconceived notion and put in dance, hip-hop, R&B, and even trot songs into the album. I’m just sharing my thoughts. (laughs)


You’ve succeeded in the variety scene. You received your nickname “Song Dumb” through “New Journey to the West” and you’ve become famous enough among the older generation that they ask for your autograph. Was it your wish to appear on a variety show?

Yes, I wanted to. Other than music shows, we weren’t able to have complete promotions and as time passed, the image of the group WINNER solidified into being a group that is hard to approach and classy. (laughs) I don’t mind that kind of image and vibe but I wanted us to promote more and become more known. In that timing, I received the offer from “New Journey to the West” and I had lots of fun filming it but I didn’t expect to be shown like that… (laughs)

You’re honestly worried as a rapper, right?

At first I was worried that my image would cover my music activities. But when I thought about it, what was shown on TV is my true self and it’s separate from the music I make so there is no need to forcefully hide myself. I’ll show myself as I am and I can show my music as it is.

In a separate interview you said that you worked hard to show rapping that overflows with energy without covering the melody. Maybe because of this I feel like your vocalization changed.

My vocalization changed during “Show Me The Money”. It’s actually a change that all singers and rappers go through. It’s how we find the voice we’re most comfortable with. When I first started rapping, I made up a voice and rapped in that voice. When I listen to the songs I made when I was in high school, my voice sounds like I swallowed stones. (laughs) Back then, I thought that was cool. But gradually, I’m finding the voice I’m comfortable with.

When you promote as WINNER, rapping is a component that makes up the vibe of the song. You must want to work on your own music since you don’t rap as much compared to when you promote individually.

Yes. The rapping I do as WINNER is one part of the song so the importance lies in the overall concept. But my rap style is made up of word plays and I pour in a lot of fun elements and enjoy my music so when I get the opportunity to work on my solo music, I’m going to do whatever I want. I want to go hard in my rapping.

Do you perhaps remember the first rap you made?

I don’t remember the lyrics but I remember what happened. The first ever music I made was when I was in my 6th year of elementary school. I went to my friend’s house and wrote my first lyrics and recorded myself on a cassette tape with my friend. I didn’t know anything when I was writing those lyrics. I just scribbled something and said, “Hey, but let’s still record it” and I recorded it on a cassette tape. I wonder where that cassette tape is now.

Out of all the raps you’ve made, which one gave you the hardest time?

The song that I had the hardest time making was “Shoot” for “Infinite Challenge: Great Legacy”. The overall concept was already set in place. The larger theme was history and the smaller theme was General Lee Soonshin. And the project was about becoming aware by looking back into the past and looking at the present. It was difficult to express myself within a fixed boundary. Fortunately, the end result turned out well.

You’ve had the name WINNER for 4 years now. Is there a time when you think you have some spare time now?

I don’t think we’re at that level yet. But the chemistry between us members is really good. We’ve been living together for a long time now so I think we know pretty much everything about each other. I know what my members are thinking just by looking at their faces. The member who is in the best mood today is… Seunghoon-hyung. That hyung has severe mood swings but I think he’s pretty happy today. (laughs)

Is there a specific key point you want listeners to focus on for “REALLY REALLY”?

Um… What a difficult question. (Song Mino mulled over the question for a long time. Lee Seunghoon, who had finished earlier came and suggested, “Didn’t you say you worked hard to change your tone? Tell her about that.”) The change in my tone can just be heard. I don’t need to specifically tell that to people… I just want people to listen to it comfortably. Comfortably. (laughs)


I heard CEO Yang praised you for making the choreography for “FOOL” in 5 hours.

I was able to make it quickly because I thought about the flow of movements. “FOOL” didn’t need complicated dancing. It’s a song that is close to the ballad genre so it wasn’t necessary to dance powerfully and put in a key point dance. The first thing I thought about was how I could make us look cool.

I’m curious about your process in making choreographies.

First, I close my eyes while listening to the song and draw a picture in my head. I imagine an overall picture while thinking about the mood of the performance that people would find cool watching us. After I imagine that, I make a large outline of how the members should move. After that, I make the detailed dance movements. “FOOL” didn’t need lots of movements but the formation had to change because we became 4 members from 5.

You’ve started promoting after a long hiatus. I heard you thought a lot about what kind of fanservice you would do for the fans.

The ground-breaking invention of Naver V App is helping many people other than ourselves, I think. I really want to tell Naver that I love them. (laughs) I’ve always liked making and planning ideas and content. I’ve had interest in making videos from when I was young. So I have fun and I like communicating with our fans through V App.

I feel like you’ve been overflowing with ideas from when you were on “K-Pop Star”. I guess you’re not nicknamed “Deputy Lee of YG Planning Team” for nothing.

I enjoy producing ideas. When I get told they’re fun, I get really excited. Usually, other artists go to the YG office building to work out or go to the recording studio on the 3rd floor and they don’t really go to where the staff members work. But I always go to those staff members’ offices. So when they see me on TV, they say that I look unfamiliar and that it feels strange. They say things like, “Why is our Deputy who’s always scruffy appearing on TV like that”. (laughs)

You have good fashion sense. You’ve collaborated with fashion brands too.

Let me just tell you that good-looking people like Jinwoo-hyung never get interested in fashion. That’s because they look good no matter what they wear. (laughs) I enjoyed going around used-goods markets and looking for clothes with my friends. Since I debuted and am earning money, I can buy expensive clothes now, right? I used to not have money so I couldn’t buy expensive clothes but I suddenly realised that the ultimate end to fashion was to personally create a style of clothes I like. So later on, when I have the opportunity, I want to create my own clothing brand, like Tyler, the Creator who made “Golf Wang”.

You’re a jack-of-all-trades. I was surprised when I saw your poem called “Flower Boat” that you wrote for your fans.

I just imitated something like a poem. I feel like my fans like it so much because what I feel for my fans can be felt from that poem. I’m not good at writing and I’m not talented.

What are you talking about? Your fans say that the lyrics you write are the best parts of the songs. Were you proud when you listened to the completed recordings of the new songs?

Yes, I liked them. Seungyoon is the type to listen to the music he makes a thousand times before the release but I don’t listen to our songs often. I say things like, “Why listen to them already when we’re going to keep listening to them after they’re released?” (laughs) But I was satisfied. I worked hard to make a rap that middle school girls could imitate easily.

How did you do that?

I made sure my enunciation wasn’t hard to imitate and the speed wasn’t too fast. And most importantly, I put in many breaks between the beats where you can rest. I imagined how people would sing and rap along. (laughs)


You’re famous among your fans for being very diligent. What kind of effort did you put in for this single album?

I kept receiving lessons while we recorded. I also learned contemporary dancing and thanks to that I became very confident. I used to sing quietly when we recorded but now I actively try singing this way and that. My singing hasn’t changed but my attitude has.

As the group became 4 members, your singing parts increased too. Were you not burdened?

I just recorded the songs comfortably. When Seungyoon makes a song, he thinks about our tones and the rappers’ tendencies. We record many songs and there are times when there are good results and there are times when there are bad results but when Seungyoon is the one who made the song, I never struggle. I didn’t put in any extra effort. I don’t need to because he makes songs that suit me perfectly.

When were you most excited while recording the songs?

I was just happy the entire time we were recording. I feel like learning how to physically express myself in a given situation through contemporary dancing made me change a lot internally. If I have the time, I want to continue learning contemporary dance.

Fans know that you’re a homebody. Do you still always stay home?

I don’t spend my spare time outdoors. I watch TV at home or I lie in bed and play with my phone. I used to play lots of phone games but I’ve stopped that now. Playing so many phone games made me spend too much money. (laughs) I stopped because I realised that if I kept it up, I would go broke. (laughs)

You must’ve watched a lot of TV during the hiatus.

I’ve watched many dramas recently. I especially enjoyed watching “Defendant”.

Who is your favorite actor?

Kimura Takuya. I love it when people tell me I look like how Kimura Takuya looked like when he was young. (laughs)

Who is your favorite Korean actor?

Jisung-sunbaenim who acted in “Defendant”. Did you watch that drama? You didn’t? You really should. I really love Choi Jinsil-sunbaenim. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with another actor besides her. Jisung-sunbaenim acted his character who would never let go of his deep sadness even in a happy situation and… Wow… Seriously…

You’ve acted in a webdrama before, right? I can feel that you’re greedy for acting.

Yes, I’m always interested in acting. I’ve acted in a couple of webdramas but I think they didn’t really suit me. I want to try acting a deep and heavy character instead of a light character. Of course, I am still very lacking.

But you’re the icon of effort. All the other members picked you as the member who improved the most.

Not just me, all of us worked really hard in making this single album. If you ask me what people should focus on when listening to our song, I want to say “all of it”. There is really no part that didn’t require hard work.

Then when is the best timing to listen to “REALLY REALLY”?

When you’re in a flirting relationship with someone. Or at the beginning of a romantic relationship, when the love is fresh. If I were to compare that feeling to a season, it would be Spring, which is right now.

When do you think Spring will start in your love life? I heard what your ideal type is on the radio. You said that you want to date someone who looks like you, right? A women with big eyes, a slender face, and is 165cm tall. Do these characteristics still hold?

Firstly, I don’t mind what kind of hairstyle she has now. But I would like it if she is shorter than me. Other than that, the general descriptions haven’t changed. But right now I will concentrate on WINNER promotions. (laughs)

Translated by @chrissy96_

Scans by @from1025       

High : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically jack & y/n get high and horny)

You got out of your Uber, walking over to the unfamiliar block of apartments. Your best friend Jack has just moved into his new apartment and so he invited you over to celebrate.

You have both been very close friends for a while now. You met him when he first moved to London, the night he had gone out clubbing to celebrate his move. You both got talking and discovered he only lived down the road from you. Since then, you guys had hung out most days apart from when you’re both busy or Jack goes away.

“Who is it?” You heard Jack’s voice through the little speaker after you had pressed the buzzer for his apartment.

“Who do you think it is?” You laughed.

“I don’t know, one of my tinder girls?” Jack joked. “Come up.”

You laughed at him before walking up the stairs. The apartment block was really nice and you could tell that Jack’s apartment was also going to be lovely. Thinking about Jack’s joke, it really wouldn’t surprise you if Jack did ask one of his tinder girls to come over just hours after he had moved in.

“Hey babe!” Jack greeted you at the door before you could even knock. He was wearing a plain white, long sleeved t shirt and black jeans. He had the happiest grin on his face which made you smile.

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Nothing More (Connor Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2804

Warnings: Swearing, fluff, Connor being awkward and adorable

Summary: Connor asks Y/N to the prom. Fluffiness ensues

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb

A/N: For every anon that requested Connor x reader and the one who requested Connor and the reader at prom

“Meet me in the woods behind the school. We have business.” I read off the card that had been haphazardly shoved into my locker. I gathered my things, still glancing cautiously at the note.

I wandered to the ‘woods’ (which was actually a collection of pine trees and an open meadow) and dumped my backpack at the base of one of the pines.

“Hello?” I called, curious as to where the person 'I had business with’ was. “Hi.” I heard a voice say suddenly.

I jumped a little and turned around, my cheeks going pink when I saw Connor Murphy standing there. “Hi Connor.” I muttered, tucking my hair behind my ear.

“Hey. I see you, uh, got my note. Sorry if it was, you know, creepy or shit.” Connor said and I chuckled, walking over towards him.

“It’s all good. So, what business do we have?” I asked, curiosity evident in my voice. Connor started stammering slightly, his cheeks flushing a pinkish colour.

“I, uh, well. I was wondering if you maybe wanted to go to the senior prom, with me?” Connor said, suddenly looking less like the dark and mysterious weirdo people made him out to be.

He instead looked like a normal, nervous teenager who was asking the girl he liked out to the prom. The fact that that girl was me hadn’t yet sunk in, but my eyes widened when it did.

“You want to go to the prom? With me?” I repeated, pressing a hand to my chest. Connor nodded hesitantly, biting his lip.

“I’d love to.” I said, and Connor’s entire face lit up. “You, you said yes.” Connor muttered in disbelief, a slight smile stretching across his face.

“You didn’t think I’d say yes?” I said, feeling a little hurt. “To be honest, I didn’t think I’d actually get this far.” Connor muttered and I laughed, shoving my hands in my pockets.

“Well, I should probably give you my number.” I said and Connor nodded, his smile growing slightly.

“You got your phone?” I asked and Connor unzipped his backpack, passing me a black iPhone. “Thanks.” I said and I inputted my number, handing the phone back to Connor.

“So, I’ll, uh, see you tomorrow?” Connor said, rocking back and forth on his heels. “Definitely. Hey, quick question. Why did you decided to meet me here?” I asked, looking around at the trees towering over us.

“I overheard you telling my sister that this was your favourite place to go to calm down.” Connor said and I felt my cheeks burn up at his words.

“Oh, uh, um, cool!” I stammered, trying to avoid eye contact with Connor. I picked up my bag, slinging it over my shoulder.

“I’ll text you!” I shouted, waving at Connor, who currently had a dopey smile on his face. “Yeah.” Connor muttered, waving half heartedly.

As I walked off, I missed the over excited first pump Connor did and the loud whoop that followed.

“I have an incredibly important question.” Zoe said, setting her lunch down on the table and sandwiching herself between Alana and I. I took a loud sip of my slushy and smiled at Zoe, my teeth stained slightly red.

“Ask away Zoe.” Alana said, pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. “What are you nerds wearing to prom?” Zoe asked and I felt my cheeks heat up at the mention of prom.

“I haven’t bought my dress yet, but I want something bright. Maybe something  pink or red.” Alana said and I nodded, remembering how good red looked on her.

“I’d go with red. It looks better on you than pink.” I added and Alana smiled at me, taking a bite of her sandwich. “Thanks Y/N.” Alana said, her voice slightly muffled from the food.

“How about you Y/N? I’m asking partially because I want to know, but also because Connor wants to know. You have no idea how much he’s fussing about this.” Zoe said and my blush darkened at the thought of Connor fussing over me.

“Well, I bought this nice royal blue dress the other day. I’ll send you a photo of it.” I said and Zoe smiled, nodding her head.

“Perfect. Connor, funnily enough, has a navy suit that might work with your dress.” Zoe said and I chuckled, running a hand through my hair.

“How about you Zo?” I asked, arching my eyebrows and leaning back in my chair. “I’ve got this pastel blue dress that is just beautiful.” Zoe said, spacing out a little.

“Evan’s gonna love that.” I muttered and Alana snorted, a smirk on her face. “Damnit Y/N.” Zoe said, her cheeks bright red.

“She’s got a point, Zoe. You know that boy has a thing for the colour blue.” Alana added, her eyes briefly flicking to the table where Evan and Jared sat, deep in discussion. I took a quick bite of my sushi, and

“You guys suck!” Zoe exclaimed, and was only met with laughter from us. “Whatever Zoe.” Alana said and Zoe buried her head in her hands.

“We should totally all get ready before prom. It’ll be so much fun.” I said and Alana nodded. “Sounds great. Whose house should we do it at?” Alana asked and Zoe lifted her head up.

“We could kick Connor out for a while and get ready at my place. I do, after all, have the biggest bathroom out of all of us.” Zoe said and I looked over at Alana, almost for confirmation.

“Perfect. I should probably get going, but I’ll see you guys after lunch.” Alana said, waving at us as she left.

“You know, Connor has never been one for displaying any emotion other than rage, but he’s actually been as close to happy this week as I’ve ever seen him.” Zoe said and I hid my red face behind my even redder slushy.

“Well, I, uh.” I stammered and Zoe chuckled, placing a hand on my shoulder. “Connor really likes you, Y/N, and I can tell you really like him as well. You’re my best friend.” Zoe said and I blushed darker, the slushy incredibly ineffective at masking my blush.

“Thanks Zoe. We should, uh, go get to class.” I said, draining the rest of my drink. “Sure.” Zoe said, smiling widely at me. 

“You know what sounds good?” Zoe said as we walked to our maths classroom. “What?” I asked curiously, shifting my books around in my arms a little.

“Y/N Murphy.” Zoe said, smirking widely. I groaned, punching Zoe’s shoulder with my free hand. “I hate you so much right now.”

Prom night had finally rolled around after two weeks of agonising waiting, and I knocked on Zoe’s door, my dress and assorted accessories in a bag I was holding.

The door swung open to reveal a slightly grumpy Connor, whose face lit up when he saw me. “Hey Y/N. Um, come in.” He said, inviting me inside with a sweeping gesture.

“Thanks.” I said, looking around at the Murphy household. It was obvious that the Murphy’s had money, because the house was elegantly decorated with various artworks, and there was a rather large chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

“Woah.” I muttered, and Connor grimaced. “It’s nothing too fancy.” He said and my eyes widened. “This is some ballroom shit right here.” I said, pointing at the chandelier.

Connor chuckled and pointed towards the stairs. “Zoe’s room is upstairs. You’ll find it easily, because it’s the door that has Zoe written on it.” Connor said and I laughed, heading towards the stairs.

“Thanks Connor.” I said, waving at him as I walked up to Zoe’s room. I did find the door easily, and I knocked on it before entering.

“Y/N!” Zoe said excitedly, pulling me into a tight hug. “Hey Zoe!” I said, returning the hug as best I could.

“Great. Now that we’re all here, we can start getting ready!” Alana said enthusiastically, her dark hair pulled into a tight ponytail.

“Dresses on ladies.” Zoe said, putting her hands on her hips. I unzipped my bag and ran a hand over the fabric of the dress, letting out a sigh as I took it out of the bag.

I quickly pulled off my shirt and jeans, and slipped on the elegant dress. “I need some help with my zip, you guys.” I said and Alana chuckled.

“I got it.” Alana said. I smiled at her and she moved over towards me.

She did up the zipper, and I caught a glance of my reflection in the mirror. I gasped, realising just how good I looked.

“Oh my god.” I muttered and the girls chuckled, nodding their heads. “Oh my god indeed. Connor is going to flip his shit when he sees you.” Zoe said and my cheeks flushed bright red.

“Shut up.” I muttered, fiddling with a stray lock of hair. “I’m serious. You look hot.” Zoe said, winking dramatically at me.

“You guys still aren’t dressed.” I said, gesturing to my two friends. “Easy fix.” Zoe said, before pulling her clothes off quickly. Alana did the same, and soon they were both in their dresses.

We quickly put on our jewellery and shoes, and I was kinda grateful for the extra height the heels gave me.

Hair and makeup took a while, which I expected would happen, but somehow I felt like only a minute had passed. Not 2 and a half hours.

“We all look so good, oh my god.” Alana said and we chuckled, nodding in agreement. “Amen to that.” Zoe muttered, her hair hanging in loose curls.

“Well, prom starts in half an hour, so if we want to get photos we should do them now.” Alana said and I nodded, fiddling with the skirts of my dress nervously.

We all walked downstairs, and I heard Cynthia fawning over us. “You girls all look wonderful.” She said, pulling us all into a hug. I chuckled and smiled at Cynthia, who looked like she was going to cry.

“Boys! You can come in now.” She shouted and I heard footsteps come up from the basement. Evan entered first, and he was wearing a black tux with a blue shirt that matched the colour of Zoe’s dress.

He stood there awkwardly, his jaw dropped so low it almost hit the floor. “I, uh, you, woah.” Evan stuttered, walking over to Zoe.
She blushed and fiddled with her dress, shooting Evan a shy smile. “Thanks Evan.” She said, giggling slightly.

Evan’s cheeks went pink and I chuckled, smiling brightly at Zoe. “It’s, uh, it’s no problem Zoe. Really, I mean, um.” Evan stammered, scratching the back of his neck.

“Holy shit.” I heard a voice murmur, and I wheeled around to see Connor, wearing, as promised, a navy suit with his hair pulled back in a bun. “Hi.” I squeaked out, my cheeks already pink.

“Y/N, you. You look gorgeous.” Connor said, walking closer to me. I took a deep breath and took one of his hands in mine, watching intently as his cheeks began to gain colour.

“You look… very good.” I said, gesturing to Connor with my hand. “Thanks.” He said, letting out a breathy laugh.

Cynthia interrupted our conversation suddenly to let us know it was picture time, and I giggled at Connor’s look of pure embarrassment.

I squeezed his hand supportively and he shot me a smile in return. We took the pictures, and I had to admit, they turned out pretty well.

We were all piled into a car, and Cynthia drove us to the school as fast as legally possible. “Have fun, and I’ll pick you up at 10, ok?” She said and we all nodded as we exited the vehicle.

“Well, here we are.” I muttered, surveying the bursting gym hall. “I’m gonna go get a drink. Anyone else want one?” Connor said and I nodded.

“Anyone else?” Connor said but no one else responded. I slipped my hand into Connor’s and walked beside him, not trusting myself to stray from him.

“I really did mean what I said at home. You look stunning.” Connor whispered into my ear and I shuddered, feeling the hairs on the back of my neck raise up.

“Thanks. Not many people other than my parents have complimented me, so that really means a lot.” I said, and Connor squeezed my hand gently.

“You deserve to hear that, Y/N.” Connor said as he poured two cups of punch. “For the lovely lady.” Connor said, passing me a red cup.

“Thanks.” I said, taking a sip of the drink. Connor slipped his hand out of mine and I frowned, but when I felt his hand rest on the small of my back I nearly gasped.

“You wanna sit down somewhere?” Connor asked, his voice raising slightly to combat the noise of the hall. “Sure.” I replied, smiling softly at him.

His hand was still on my lower back as he navigated us to the bleachers, which were pretty much empty. “Here we are.” Connor said, making a sweeping gesture with his hand.

I chuckled and sat down, already feeling a little tired. “You ok?” Connor asked, noticing the shift in my demeanour.  

“Just a little tired. I wants actually planning on coming, you know.” I said and Connor frowned slightly, his brow furrowing. “Why’s that?” He asked, setting his drink down on the seat.

I let out a sigh and crossed my legs, trying not to crush the material of the dress.

“This whole gig has never been my scene. Dancing, lots of people, couples everywhere. Not to mention the fact that I hate staying up past 9:30.” I said and Connor snorted, a strand of hair escaping his bun.

“I totally get it. I’m not a big fan of the whole prom idea either, but you looked so shocked when I asked you to go with me. It was kinda cute.” Connor said, muttering the last part.

My cheeks went pink and Connor chuckled, moving closer to me. He wrapped an arm around my shoulders, and I stiffened slightly.

I let out a sigh and relaxed into the embrace, tentatively resting my head in the crook of Connor’s neck.

We sat like that for a while. Not talking, just enjoying each other’s company. “You wanna dance?” Connor asked, suddenly interrupting the comforting silence.

“I, uh, sure.” I said, stammering slightly. If there was one thing I was not, it was a dancer. It was as if the DJ had sensed our intentions, and the song transitioned from an upbeat pop song to a slower ballad.

“I think this should be a good time to tell you that I really can’t dance. Like, I don’t know how to.” I said and Connor smiled at me, leading me onto the dance floor.

“I mean, I kinda tap danced for a while when I was a kid, so this shouldn’t be too hard, right?” Connor said and I gaped a little.

“I never knew you could tap dance.” I muttered and Connor chuckled, wrapping his arms around my waist. My breath hitched slightly and Connor’s smile widened.

“I’ll have to show you sometime. Also, I think your arms go around my neck.” Connor said and I nodded, tentatively doing as he instructed.

We slowly swayed along to the music, not really moving anywhere. “This isn’t too bad.” I muttered, focusing on not trampling Connor’s toes.

“Agreed.” Connor said, his eyes twinkling in the slightly pink light of the gym. I took a deep breath and bravely moved closer to Connor, pressing my chest flush against his.

“Y/N.” Connor whispered, his breath fanning across my face. I let out a shaky breath and looked right at him, noticing that his hair looked almost red in the light.

“Connor.” I said, my eyes briefly darting to his lips. Connor must have caught on, and he surged forward, pressing his lips to mine.

His lips were slightly chapped and tasted like the punch we had drunk beforehand. We stopped swaying and focused on nothing but each other, our lips moulded together perfectly.

Connor pulled away slowly, his eyes half closed. “Woah.” He muttered and I laughed softly, nodding my head. “Agreed.” I said, taking my hands from around his neck and resting them on his chest.

“How about we get out of here? I’ll text mom and the others and let them know, and then we could just go get something to eat. Maybe watch a movie?” Connor said and my smile widened.

I brought him into another kiss, this one shorter but somehow sweeter. When Connor pulled away, his smile had morphed into a loveable, dorky one. “I’d love nothing more.”

Mr. Barnes (Part 3 out of?)

(A/N): Lord this is so bad

Summary:  Living in 1940′s Brooklyn as a crime lord is all fun and games until someone falls in love

Warnings: brief mentions of torture 

(Tags at the end)

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   Bucky took a swing of liquor, the liquid only soothing his nerves lightly. Ever since his second run in with (Y/N) he seemingly couldn’t get them out of his mind. At night their screams haunted him, made it impossible to sleep. Whenever he looked at someone he’d always see their face, full of hatred and disgust for him and he hated it. He hated knowing that (Y/N), that poor slum kind who’d only known for a few minutes, was scared of him.

   Bucky didn’t care about most people, hell, he didn’t even care about Dot but for some unknown reason (Y/N) was the one who got to him, made him question his morals and what he did.

   Bucky finished off his bottle and set it upon the table before him. He just needed some fresh air is all, being cooped up in his own house all day couldn’t have been good for his already wandering mind.

   “Dot!” Bucky yelled as he grabbed his jacket, averting his eyes to avoid the bloodstains on the wrists. “I’‘m going out! Don’t wait up!” Bucky didn’t wait for a reply before he was out the door, walking down the clean, orderly streets of Brooklyn. 

   It had to be 12 at this point, maybe even 12:30 but he didn’t want to go home, he didn’t want to be locked up, let alone with his own mind. At least out here he had the moon, the stars, the soft howling of the wind, the crunch of snow beneath his shoes. He had the creaking building and trash filled streets, he had the shivering homeless man on the corner.

   Bucky tried to ignore the man’s meek cries, his quiet little please for food or money. Any other day he’d be able to ignore the man just fine but tonight was different. Tonight (Y/N) was on his mind, running rampantly. What would (Y/N) do? What if it was (Y/N) begging for food and money? Bucky growls as he stomps away, trying viciously not to turn back and throw all his pocket money at the man.

   The crying began to quiet down the further Bucky walked along but he also began to realize that the houses were getting worse. The streetlights were dimming and the road was increasing in the state of deterioration. Bucky had never seen this side of the city, he’d only ventured as far as the slums but this was something worse than that. But what made it even worse was the fact  that in these building the lights were on, that meant some poor sap had to live in these sad, molding buildings.

   Bucky stops short in front of one building, one much worse that the other ones. The stairwell was falling apart, the windows and been broken and Bucky didn’t even think the front door had a handle. God- Bucky felt horrible for whoever had to live there-

   “What, you’re stalking me now too?” Bucky froze in his spot when a familiar voice pierced the air.

   “You live here?” Bucky asked as he turned on the spot, turning to look at the peculiar slum kid that had been stuck in his head for the last week.

   “Not all of us can live a life of luxury Mr. Barnes,” (Y/N)’s tone was dark and contemptuous, making Bucky wince. “How’d you find out where I live anyways?” (Y/N) asks, a hand resting on their hip as the other held a bagful of groceries. “You know what? I don’t want to know, I don’t need to be more involved in this than i already am,” Bucky’s brow furrowed at (Y/N)’s words, as though he was genuinely confused at what they had said. “Don’t act so surprised, we both know that having two mobster come after you isn’t normal unless you’re somehow involved,”

   “Well, are ya?” It was a stupid question that Bucky already knew the answer to but then (Y/N) scrunched their nose up in disgust (and oh so cutely) and suddenly Bucky was glad he had asked.

   “I wouldn’t stoop that low,” (Y/N) scoffed, “Even I have morals Barnes,“

   “So? What I do isn’t nearly as bad compared to some of the other-”

   “Beating people to a bloody pulp, taking their money, and destroying their lives isn’t bad at all,” 

   “I like to think of it as…as cleaning up, getting rid of all the dirt in Brooklyn,”

   “Well I think you missed a spot,” (Y/N) grumbled, “Try checking the mirror,”

   That night had been a long one, a long way back home to think about what (Y/N) had said. If anything had stuck with him through all his years it was those words.

   Try checking a mirror

   It got beneath his skin, messed with his head so much that on his way back he gave the crying man some money, told him to buy himself something nice.

   Dirt, dirt, dirt, he was the dirt.

   Bucky’s hands shook as he reached for a cigar but as he held a thick roll between his fingers he couldn’t bring himself to light it. Why did he allow such an unimportant being affect him so much? He was Bucky Barnes for Christ’s sake, he had half of America in the palm of his hand. He had ripped people’s throats out without batting an eye but suddenly the kid, (Y/N), walks into his life for a total of ten minutes at most and they had been able to deter him? Professional hitmen hadn’t been able to stop him so why could (Y/N)?

   Dirt, dirt, dirt, he was the dirt.

   “Goddammit,” Bucky grumbled as he turned on his heel, marching back to (Y/N)’s sad, sad home.

   His feet rattled the sad stairwell and when he knocked upon the front door it nearly swung open by itself. Almost immediately the door creaked open, revealing none other than (Y/N) themself.

   “Barnes? What are you doing back here? It’s 1:30 in the morning,” Bucky chuckled dryly as he paced in front of the door, ignoring the squeaking wails of the rusted stairwell.

   “What’s your secret? Hmm? No one has ever annoyed me more than you. I have had men cut me open and spit in my face and they didn’t piss me off more than you,” (Y/N)’s face contorts with confusion and anger but just as they part their lips to respond a high, childlike voice interrupted.

  “(Y/N), who’s here?”

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So I used to work at Mendy’s a while ago, & I just have to say the conditions management seems to think are okay to operate in are ridiculous. Once, a water line broke in the area where we were, & literally almost all of the fast food/restaurants in the area closed because, you know, we have no water at all & when we finally did have water the city was on a boil order & the water was considered unsafe. You would think that would lead the owners of our Mendy’s to close the store but nope. Us & Baco Tell were the only places in the city still open, so you can bet we were completely swamped that day. With no fucking water. We literally had to pour drinks out of two liters, which our managers kept having to run to MalWart to buy. & of course there were tons of customers who were dicks & somehow didn’t have a clue what was going on with the water. I had so many people not understand why they couldn’t use the bathrooms, why our soda fountain wasn’t working, why they couldn’t get whatever fast food they REALLY wanted because everywhere else was closed as if it was our fault, blah blah blah. Oh & don’t even get me started on how we had to wash dishes… we were there for like an extra hour after close just trying to get things cleaned up using only those big water cooler jugs of water. It was awful.
Another time, we got hit with a huge snowstorm. My university cancelled classes for the first time in 10 years, most stores in the area shut down early so employees could get home when the snow plows were running..but of course Mendy’s stayed open until 12 like usual. I live about 15 minutes away from where I worked. That night it took me almost 2 hours to get home safely. Seriously, fuck owners/management that value a dollar over the safety & well-being of their employees.

Symphony (M)

*Didn’t feel like posting today but I was already a day late for Hobi’s birthday…*

Word Count: 3.2 words

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holy shit save me

He woke up to the smell of his favourite food, pancakes and he immediately got out of bed. There was only two occasions when he would get to savour his favourite foods, his birthday and whenever he was upset.

Looking at the calendar in the living room, it was the former. Usually he spent his birthday at home, lazing around without the complaint of his roommates and the ability to use his birthday to give himself some control. Hoseok was a passive guy, only voicing his opinion when it’s dire but he’ll go along with most things.

He feels his forearm, painfully regretting the musical tattoo Taehyung begged him to get. He was drunk and the stupid arguments Taehyung made for it sounded reasonable in that state. He had at least thanked the heavens that he didn’t get it on his ass as Taehyung suggested, saving his precious butt from ridicule when he had sex. It’s not sexy to have a giant ass treble clef on your ass.

His thoughts distracted him from his arrival into the kitchen, his hyung and roommate, Jin turning around to see him standing there. He grinned at him, Jin loved celebrating birthdays. It allowed him to make large meals and everyone in the dorm knows how much Jin loves food.

“Ah, you’re up. Happy birthday, Hobi.”

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Help Me Study, Please


Pairing: Mac x Reader

Summary: Hey, I love your work and was wondering if you could something like where the reader is studying for a test and Mac helps her for very answer she gets right, he kisses her cheek? Or something fluffy like that please?

From left to right, laying in front of you were - a stack of notes, highlighters, three pens, the history book you so badly wanted to burn and a sheet of sample questions to give an idea of what will be on the test. Hair tied up in a ponytail, a glass of water sitting on the table and wearing comfortable clothes you begun the painful process of studying.

15 minutes down and so far only 4 out of 8 questions had been solved correctly, and that wasn’t anywhere good enough for you.

Mac strolled in at this point and saw the scattered mess on the coffee table. “Whoa, what happened in here?”.

Quickly jumping up, you didn’t leave Mac much of a choice as you dragged him towards the couch. He sat down and fiddled with the notes that were in his reach, you slapped his hand away so he wouldn’t mess up the order. “Your just the person I wanted to see”.

“Well I’m glad, considering you know I live here”. He jokingly stated.

You didn’t have any time for jokes and shoved the history book in his hands. “Please help me study? This random test got dropped on us last week is tomorrow, and I barely know any of the material. So I figured since my boyfriend is super smart, could he pretty please help his adorable girlfriend with these stupid questions?”. You rambled, and at the end gave Mac a smile.

He looked through the text and thought about it for a moment, before removing his jacket. “Okay, this is how we’re going to do it. For every question you get right, I’ll give you a motivational kiss”.

Eyeing him, “How come this feels like the kiss is more for your benefit then mine?”.

Mac gasped and made you giggle, “Are you saying that you don’t enjoy kissing me?”.

Leaning in you weren’t about to make a point when Mac placed a finger on your mouth. “No kissing until you get an answer right”, he declared.

Pouting, you resumed your previous position and motioned for Mac to ask the first question. He picked up the cue card and read out loud. “What year did the first world war start and finish?”.

Taking a moment to think about the question carefully, you hesitantly answered. “1914 to 1918?”. Mac put down the card and leaned in, pecking your lips.

Instantly smiling, he went ahead and asked the next question.

The study session went on for about an hour, the pattern had become ask a question, kiss, ask a question, kiss, ask a question, don’t get a kiss. By the end you had gotten 17 out of 20 questions correctly.

Laying against the pillow, your brain was officially fried from all that learning. Your legs rested on Mac’s and he couldn’t be more happier. Whether it was from all the kisses he got, or because he was genuinely happy that you would pass the test, who knew.

“I should help you study more often”. He commented.

Staring at him amused, “You’re just saying that because you got a kiss every time I got a question right”.

Throwing a pillow his way, he dodged it and pulled you slightly down. Hovering over, his hands tickled your sides. Squirming underneath Mac, you were laughing.

After you’d settled down, Mac pulled up onto his lap. “Next time you study we should make it for every question you get right I have to take a piece of clothing off, and for every question you get wrong you have to take a piece of clothing off”.

“So strip poker?”, you replied.

He innocently smiled and you reached for the pillow that you threw at him minutes before and hit him square in the face. Not being able to contain how humorous you found it, a fit of giggles erupted.

“Oh, two can play that game”. He grabbed the extra pillow and thus a pillow fight started. Climbing off his lap, the two of you chased the other around the house for at least 10 minutes straight.

Mac finally caught up with you, dropping his pillow to the floor he stretched out and took a hold of your waist. “Want to go study again, but this time strip poker style?”.

Seeing how much he was beaming for the idea, you rolled your eyes and said. “Just this once, and only if you promise no-one is going to know about this”.

Mac eagerly nodded and helped set up your material for round number 2.

“If I get an A on this test I’ll make you breakfast in bed”, you offered.

Mac sat down on the couch and responded. “If you get an A I better be getting more than breakfast in bed”.

Shaking your head at his flirty remark, you sternly answered back. “Don’t push your luck“. Earning a deep chuckle from Mac, he cleared his throat and begun asking the first question.

Noteable highlights of tonight’s D&D game:
  • The group defeated my begourder (beholder pumpkin creature of my creation) with it only managing to land a SINGLE ray and it was just the telekinetic one.  Spotswood (halfling cleric) got the HDYWTDT? on it and exploded it with radiant energy causing mooshy pumpkin to get smeared all over everything.
  • Spotswood also acted like a walking bug zapper as twig and needle blights kept running through the radius of his spirit guardians spell and getting vaporized on contact (I didn’t roll a single successful WIS save)
  • During this fight, Ferari (half-elf rogue) rolled a nat 1 on an attack with his bow.  He lied down prone on his back on the roof he was on “I’d like to use my bonus action to hide my shame.”
  • Bug (half-orc monk) had turned into wererat last session but was able to control it.  The party now knows he’s a furry.
  • Bug: Oh yeah it’s SOOO COOOL to hate lycanthropes UNTIL YOU MEET ONE, HUH?
  • The party waited no less than 10 seconds after the battle to foist the plans for a statues the town should build in their honor on the town leader and his UNCONCIOUS WIFE
  • Spotswood used thaumaturgy AT JUST AFTER MIDNIGHT to make his voice 3 times louder and yell “WE SAVED YOUR TOWN…. YOU’RE WELCOME!!!” after the fight
  • The party proceeds to dunk on the town leader and the town’s location, again, maybe only 10 minutes after the fight was won.  Also they improve on their town statue plans by adding a plan for a secret compartment to put the ritual scroll in.
  • We have a heated debate over pineapple on pizza during the break.
  • Ferari tries to convince Spotswood, a man who is older than him and who’s only known him about 10 days, to pose as his son.  They look nothing alike.  Spotswood points this out.  Ferari says they can workshop the idea. (Me: You basically just asked this guy to call you daddy what the HECK)
  • Ferari and Titan (human fighter) have a heated whisper-conversation about Bug’s SECRET LYCANTHROPHY IN FRONT OF EVERYONE.  Luckily everyone rolled SUPER LOW to notice.
  • The town scraped together 150 gp to thank the group and Spotswood proceeded to dump the contents out onto the table immediately after getting the pouch and right in front of the guy who gave it to him (He played it off like he was just pouring it out to split between the party but OH MY GOD)
  • Ferari got to hold the baby he attempted to steal four session ago.  He melted into a puddle of cute goo inside at this because the baby was so goshdarn cute.
  • Rhogar(copper dragonborn bard) made a bunch of “lik the bread”-like poems about the party.  It was beautiful.
  • Spotswood’s favored spell is quickly becoming calm emotions and his favored target for this spell is quickly becoming HIS OWN PARTY.
  • The group pondered whether stuffing the chicken pot (magic pot that can pull forth live chickens) full of seasoning or water would allow the live chickens to come out pre-seasoned or boiled.  They decided it was a bad idea.
  • Also all the chickens they have pulled out of the pot this day have had a bell tied to a leg.  Weird.
  • Also Ferari just nonchalantly broke all 7 chickens’ necks as they were pulled from the pot.
  • Spotswood being asked to burn a 3rd level create food and water spell to make food seasoning.  (this spell created 45 lbs of food and 30 gallons of water).  They ended up creating 5 lbs of spices and the rest was bread and cheese and the water turned to weak-ass ale because Ferari kept changing his mind on what Spotswood should make as he’s casting it.
  • Spotswood (about the weak ale): My goddess said no to the alcohol.
  • Ferari attempting to attach small bells to a creepy undead hand he named Wizard he’s trying to keep as a pet.  The hand attacked him and they almost had a fight.
  • The group trying to coax Mary into talking about her gf.  Mary is SUPER flustered by this.
  • Spotswood contemplates using thaumaturgy to yell “GOODBYE AND YOU’RE WELCOME” at the town before they leave… only to walk outside to the village all waiting to say goodbye to them already.
  • After the party does a quick check-in to tie up some loose plot ends with sending just outside the town, Spotswood DOES used thaumaturgy to yell “THANKYOUBYEEEEE
  • Mary the barmaid rolls a nat 20 survival check to help lead the group to the next big town.  She basically becomes GPS.
  • Rhogar’s past comes up as they approach the next town and everyone notices, but only Spotswood rolls high enough insight to try and ask Rhogar about it.  They play go fish instead because Rhogar keeps deflecting.  We find out Spotswood doesn’t have a super detailed backstory he was just super unlikable and ended up wandering around on his own when his church kicked him out.
  • Ferari and Titan go to see a smith to get some manacles silvered.  My players are only mildly impressed that I spent time researching how to silver something without electricity.  (Me: I hope you’re happy I did a bunch of research on silvering– @saltpix : Oh wow that must have taken you 20 minutes!  Me: Hey, it took a LONG TIME to find stuff on silvering that WASN’T electroplating!  @saltpix : So 30 minutes?  Me: A bird poops on Spotswood)
  • Ferari is accidentally racist for the second time this campaign.
  • Titan buys 2 daggers, 5 hand axes and a glaive.  The party is worried.
  • Bug and Mary find a mapmaker who tries to sell them some Very Fine Vellum Maps~.  Bug immediately declines, buys a cheap paper print version and crushes the man’s dreams.
  • Bug impersonates Ferari when going to rent horses.  He does well on the impression but doesn’t know if he did well on the rental.
  • The group is led by a very nervous Rhogar to a cheap inn, where Mary feels unsafe and Bug makes a friend with the bartender.  There’s only one tiny two-bed room available so Spotswood sleeps in the chest at the foot of the bed.

Something I’ve been wanting to explore for a while now - The differences between the UK and US education systems. (Spurred by one of my friend’s claiming America has it harder, and the decision to explore this fact. Basically, it’s a bit of a rant.)

I think the main assumption that U.S. exams are difficult is the fact that you need to get 97-98% on exams to get an A+, whereas A* in England require 90%. Coupled with the fact that A’s in the US are 90-92% upwards, whereas in England you only need 80%, at first glance it could be seen that American exams are harder.

But the main difference isn’t the mark schemes. It’s the way exams are held. As far as research shows me, American grades go towards your GPA, from 0.00 to 4.00 (5.00 in some states). The exams you take, accumulating over middle school and high school go towards your final grades when you graduate high school or apply for college.

These exams are based on school terms / semesters, and are accumulative. And, if my research is right, students in the U.S have the capability of retaking tests if they don’t do well.

Apparently Americans study 6-8 subjects and each exam is an hour, with half of the exam being multiple choice and the other being a written essay.

However, in England, our exams take place at the end of our courses. GCSE’s from ages 14-16, and A-levels from 16-18. We start our two year course and take all of our exams at the end of it: There’s usually 2-3 exams per subject.

During GCSE’s, I personally took 9 subjects, with a total of 22 exams at the end of my course over June and July. The average exam is 90 minutes, so I had on average 33 hours of exams for GCSE’s on a whole. (That’s excluding the 18-hour drama exam I had to take).

People in UK don’t get to retake GCSE exams - the only retakes schools push for are those who get below a C in English or Mathematics - and they don’t get to retake A-level exams anymore.

At A-levels in the U.K, you typically study 3-4 subjects, in depth with a range of sub-groups. Personally I’m studying, Sociology / Psychology / English Literature and Language, each forcing me into 3 exams. That’s 18 hours of exams over a 3 week time period.

Okay Mint, you say, where are you going with this.

Give me a moment, I have a point.

In my psychology course, I have to learn 11 topics in depth. In just one topic, it’s necessary to be able to recall over 20 names, each with specific studies and specific evaluation. That’s 220 names for just PSYCHOLOGY.

Sociology, luckily, only has 5 topics. Sadly, you need about 50-60 names /studies/evaluation for 4 of those topics specifically, and you need to have about 40 extra names and studies to evaluation any question with. That’s an additional 240-280 names.

That’s up to 500 names that are necessary to remember to pass the course. All that need to be remembered over a 3 week exam period. All that are required to get marks. No multiple choice questions - well, maybe 6 multiple choice questions in all of psychology - because everything is essay based over here.

And then, to top it off, most of the English exams over here are closed book, meaning I have to be able to quote by memory and then analyse these quotes. Cramming, is practically impossible - they got rid of yearly exams three years ago, meaning retakes in second year of A-levels is impossible.

And universities don’t give concrete places. They give offers and if you don’t get the grades they say they’ll take you for, then oops you’ve got to go through clearing.

There’s a point to all this knowledge other than complaining about the exams I’m currently suffering through. It’s the place a point to the percentages necessary for grades that I pointed out earlier.

The grade boundaries are lower in the U.K because retakes are unheard of. Since we need to remember so much, need to recall over 500 names / 4 books / 50 poems, the grade boundaries give a little leeway for it’s students. If you make the percentages too high, then only two or three people would ever pass.

The grade boundaries in the U.S. then, are higher, since everything is on an accumulative scale. You give in essays and take tests that go towards a final GPA. Retakes are possible if necessary. Grade boundaries are higher since you study for one test per subject at a time.

Listen - I’m not saying either system is harder. (Although, if I’ve got you thinking one way or the other, that’s okay. I’ve got my own personal view on this that I’m not gonna go into right now).

I’m saying both systems are COMPLETELY different. It’s impossible to say that one is more difficult than the other without having studied both. U.S has higher grade boundaries, but that doesn’t mean that those getting those grades are any smarter than those studying in the U.K.

Let’s just say that both systems suck. And that we’re all suffering.

(Also, I’m not sure about America, but in the U.K, a lot of people say that A-levels are actually harder than the degrees we go into. Mostly because it’s all at the end of 2 years, whereas universities test after every term.)

If I’ve gotten anything about the U.S education system wrong, please tell me and I’ll adjust it! And what’s everyone else’s experience with the schooling system. Do you think you have it easier or harder?

You’re my shelter

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Pairing: Alec Lightwood x Reader

General Summery: Betrayed feelings lead to a combat session that involves lip contact.Or the one where Alec stands up to his mom and the readers deepest desire comes to life.

Warnings: -

A/N:      For    Hello lovely people !
This one was requested on Tumblr but it got out of hand. So basically this was supposed to be a sparring session and stolen kisses but really it turned out slightly different because apprently characters have their own mind. Lydia was inspired by the new promo pictures so yeah here we go.
Happy Reading !excuse my rusty skills and potential mistakes, English is not my first language. Keep the requests coming e.g (x) , fandoms I write about (x), my ask box (x), my collection of stories (x)


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*gif not mine*

Being a female shadowhunter was by far not easy. It was still a male dominated business where women weren’t necessarily seen as successful or skilful. That was of course pure bullshit and you knew it. You were living proof. There was no one who was as good as you in covert investigations or let alone at firing a gun. Isabelle Lightwood and you had earned the men’s trust and respect in the Institute and even in Idris they knew your names. There was a certain pride that came with that and you hoped other young girls would follow. But right now, your biggest problem was something else entirely.

‘’ Tell me you’re joking!’’
Your shocked voice echoed in the small VIP room that you and Izzy were currently seated in, waiting for that long-hunted demon to follow your invitation.
You had been focused on the loud techno music blasting through the club walls, dressed in nothing but a tight black dress and some killer High Heels .
Izzy had been your parabatai since you two have been 10. You grew up around the Lightwood family, you had admired her older brother Alec like your own. That was until you grew boobs and he suddenly became something entirely else. No wonder those news made you forget about the demon.
‘’ Her name is Lydia. We met her last year in Idris, do you remember that honey blond girl cooing over Max? ‘’
You could do nothing more than stare at Izzy.
‘’ Mother thinks they’ll reproduce, and let me quote her, ‘worthy heirs’ . Bringing fortune and pride to the family.’’ The black-haired beauty snorted really unladylike while crossing her legs.
‘’ Alec wasn’t supposed to know until she would come to visit but he eavesdropped.’’
You crossed your arms feeling jealousy boiling through your entire being.
‘’ So he’s being forced to marry? ‘’
Isabelle smiled sleepily, observing you very closely before she shot you a knowing look.
‘’ He threw a tantrum . I have never seen Alec so angry and furious, he yelled at our mother and said things he would have normally never said. He left .’’
You have seen Alec angy before, but the oh so –composed Alec losing it?
‘’ What do you mean with he left?’’
‘’He left.’’ Izzy shrugged. You could clearly see the pride sparkling behind her dark orbs.
‘’ He said that he would no longer a part of this family if we prided ourselves with arranged marriages. ‘’
He did what? You felt pride knowing Alec had stood up to his mother but that was quickly replaced by worry. There was literally nothing he loved more than his family and his friends. The betrayal he felt was most likely tremendous.
‘’I think he plans on crashing at yours since he moved out of this room in the Institute after receiving congratulations from the other for his engagement. .’’, Izzy said casually before standing up.
‘’Alec plans what? Isabelle ! Why haven’t you told me this earlier? You know I would have-‘’
‘’Exactly!’’, she interrupted .
‘’You would have gone looking for him cancelling this mission. As much as you love being a Shadowhunter, you love my brother more. Everyone knows, Y/N. That’s the reason Alec will probably seek comfort in you instead of in Jace. Even though he is his parabatai. But I can’t let you fail this mission if we both want to change our society from within. So get yourself together.’’
You knew she was right. You wouldn’t have spent a second thought about this demon if you had known what was going on. Literally everyone knew you liked Alec more than a brother or even more than a friend. You and Alec were really close that’s why you had made sure he would never figure it out. It would destroy your whole friendship and living without him wasn’t an option. So you settled for less, and that had been okay. Until today.
You stretched the material of your dress a little before you planted a determined smile on your lips.
‘’Well then let’s get over with that. I have a business to take care of.’’
Izzy snickered while throwing you a sneaky grin.
‘’That business is going to need a place to sleep, you know. And you have a king-sized bed if I’m not mistaken…’’
You laughed at that, rolling your eyes before opening the door to welcome your target.
‘’On it.’’

Isabelle and you had killed that demon, knowing you were supposed to report back to Hodge and the others didn’t keep you from heading home as fast as possible. Isabelle would take over the report not caring about what kind of expression that would leave with you skipping on your liabilities.
The moment you stepped through your front door you were sure of Alec’s presence. He had a key, just in case, and he had used it judged by that discarded shirt on the dresser. Not caring about those High Heels that were killing your feet you entered your living room, taking in the mess of displaced furniture. Your eyes focused on the man standing at the window, looking lost. Apparently he had used your flat for some training according to his heaving chest.
Alec turned around facing you not masking the anger and hurt that he was currently feeling. The great thing about your relationship was that neither had to talk to know what the other was thinking or feeling. He had never been a great talker, and you were always a great listener.
It only took a second for you to reach him , wrapping your arms around him and laying your head against his chest. He didn’t ask whether you knew he just pulled you closer and laid his chin on your head. Closing your eyes you inhaled his scent, familiar and soothing. It smelled like home.
You felt his arms tightening around you and all your worry and anxiety left your body. He was here, he was okay and he would figure it out.
A small sigh escaped Alec’s lips as he looked down on you.
‘’What is this? ‘’ A tug at your dress.
‘’ A dress.’’, you answered looking up. Why was he so damn tall?
‘’ Says who?’’
You laughed and shoved against his chest. Wait no, come back !
‘’Are you quoting Clueless?’’ you asked disbelieving while a smile was forming on Alec’s lips.
‘’Possible. You made me watch it 50 times, what can I say.’’
You snorted while stepping away from him and out of your heels.
‘’ A mission required these clothes. Now tell me did you plan on sleeping on the floor so you moved all my furniture to the wall or did you feel like redecorating?’’
You tried to focus on his face, but his bare torso made that impossible. By the angels, how good looking could someone be ? You trailed your eyes down his stomach stopping at the small trail of hair leading into his pants. God. You groaned silently telling yourself to get it together.
‘’ I take you don’t sue me for passing threshold without asking? ‘’
You grinned at him while entering the kitchen to get a glass of water.
‘’I trained. I tried to release a little of that energy but…’’
You didn’t notice how his eyes took in your whole body as you stretched up to reach a glass. How his eyes traveled down your legs admiring the view he was getting.
‘’Give me a minute, I need a sparring partner anyways.’’
You were missing the appreciated smile that was forming on Alec’s lips. He knew you only said that so he could release some of his anger. Your worry for him was clearly showing and the way you had allowed him to crash at your apartment without actually saying it supported the knowledge that he had about you being always there for him.

‘’ 1…2…3’’,you groaned while you tried to defend yourself as Alec’s limbs moved so quickly you almost couldn’t keep up. You changed into some workout clothes and switched from sparring to hand to hand combat training. You breathed heavily, focusing on finding a weak spot to bring Alec down. But damn, that guy was fast and his hand-eye coordination was at its finest. Telling him to pour all his anger in his moves had been a pretty bad idea, since he took that literal.
‘’Fuck’’, you muttered under your breath before you managed to confuse him by faking a punch and pulling out his leg finally.
Alec groaned as he landed on his back before you swiftly moved over him to secure his body on the floor.
His face was so close that you could feel his heavy breath on your lips.
‘’Pour it all into your moves, Alec.’’
He growled angrily meeting your eyes with stormy ones.
‘’Arranged marriage is medieval. You’re angry for a reason. Your mother shouldn’t have done that.’’ You placed your hands on either side of his face watching him comb through his hair.
‘’Any more motivational speeches, Y/N?’’, he teased you.
‘’Well, you just lost to a girl.’’ He scrunched his nose and that was the moment you could not hold back any longer.
In a swift motion you brought your face closer to his and pressed as soft kiss to his lips.
How on earth could a boy’s lips be that soft?
There was a minute you weren’t sure whether you’ve done the right thing. But the moment you moved away a little, facing him and noticing the glimmer in his it just clicked. Every puzzle piece fell into place and there was this certainty of no going back.
‘’ Losing to a girl isn’t a shame, Y/N. But I think I’ve found my motivation.’’
His voice was low as he shot up, grabbing your arms and spinning you on your back. He placed your hands above your head by clasping your fingers with each other. A nib at your lip before he pressed his against yours, moaning lowly as your tongues met. Making out with Alec Lightwood? That surely must be a dream. You weren’t the one to complain, though. You bit into his upper lip receiving a growl that was enough distraction for you to flip him over, grinning down on him winningly before you got up.
‘’ Enough motivation for you to fight properly?’’, you teased him preparing for his attack.
He didn’t disappoint you , Alec had you against the wall a second later. His face was so close that your noses were almost touching.
‘’I’m not marrying Lydia.’’, he said serious while looking in your eyes, searching for an answer.
‘’I hope not.’’, you replied breathlessly, hypnotized by the way his body felt against yours , his lean muscles tangible against your softer curves.
‘’ I don’t want her. It’s always been you.’’ Barely a whisper. But you heard him.
You swallowed, softly placing your hand against his neck.
‘’Please don’t marry her. I couldn’t bear it.’’, you whispered truthfully, baring your soul.
A soft smile was grazing his lips as he pressed the softest of all kisses on your lips.
‘’It will always be you.’’, cradling your face in his hands he kissed you until you heard a certain someone clearing her throat.
‘’ So I came to make sure everything was alright and whether my brother had a place to crash but I guess I just got my answer. Also, can I tell these news our parents, pretty pretty please?‘’
It was almost painful to avert your eyes from Alec’s but you managed and shot your parabatai an annoyed look.
‘’Can’t you knock? Or ring the bell?’’
She shrugged holding up a spare key.
‘’You gave me this, didn’t you.’’
You groaned, rolling your eyes feeling the low rumble of laughter in Alec’s chest.
‘’ My apartment has been taken over by the Lightwood siblings, God help me.’’


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It’s a Brunette Thing

Characters: Dean Winchester, Baby, Mysterious Brunette #1, Mysterious Bruntte #2. 

Pairing: Dean x Baby 

Warnings: None that I can think of.

Word count: 549

A/N: This is my entry for @butiaintgonnaloveemBaby’s Big 50 Challenge. My song: There’s No Other (Like My Baby) by The Beach Boys 

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She lets out a short whistle getting closer to the car. She’s been eying the beauty from across the parking lot and it only took her a couple of minutes to gather enough courage to get closer.  “Look at you, baby! Aren’t ya just, stunning.”

She lifts her hand but stops before making contact, “can I? Touch your perfect skin?”  and she licks her plump lips. 

The wind blows around her, hissing in her ears. “I’ll take that as a yes. Hmm.” She moans. “Seems like someone takes real good care of you, love” The words purr out of her mouth as her fingers caress the still warm metal hood.

The sound of someone clearing their throat makes her spin around. A man, blond-ish, tall and proud. “I do actually.” fingers tighten around the handles of the plastic bag he’s holding. “She’s my Baby!” 

She smirks in response.

“Congrats man!” She bites her lips. “She is beautiful.” He grins back.

“Dean.” He introduces himself, sticking his free hand out for her to take. 

“Awesome” She winks, her hands move over the shiny roof. Dean follows her as she moves around the car.

 “How ‘bout you?”

“Oh, my baby is right there.” She nods her head to the black 69’ Camaro at the far end of the parking lot. “My Sweet girl.” She adds. 

“Nice! You know,” Dean continues, “I have this thing for hot brunettes” His fingers brush a loose strand of her long silky onyx hair and smirks when she shivers at the contact.

“Ha!” She lets out a lonely cackle. It’s short and loud. “Too bad I do too.”  She pats his chest  before doing the same with the hood of the Impala and then starts walking away. 

“Hey!” Dean calls after her and she looks at him over her shoulder. “At least give me your name, your number? I’ll call you when I finish dying my hair!” He brushes a hand through his short dirty-blonde spikes. 

She turns completely and walks towards him. “I’m sorry, big guy.” She leans forward, hand on his chest again. He places his hand on top of hers, he wants to hold her in place. “You’re just not my type.. As I said before.” She nods to her car again. 

Dean’s eyes leave hers only to watch an equally, if not hotter girl walking to the car, she’s holding a plastic bag from the small market. Her hair longer and even darker, looking blue-ish under the afternoon sunlight.  
“We do share the same tastes, not just in cars.” She shrugs. 

“You coming?” The new girl shouts leaning against the companion door of the Camaro.

“Be right there, Baby!” She stands on her tiptoes and places a chaste kiss on his scruffy cheek.

Dean watches her as she climbs into her car, the engine roars to life and she winks at his direction. Gravel flies behind the wheels, and the three of them disappear in the distance.

Dean sighs, his hands tracing the same patterns she did minutes earlier. “Did you see that, Baby?” He whispers to his car before pulling the squeaky door open. Calloused fingers grip the worn leather of the steering wheel.
With a flick if his wrist Baby’s engine purrs and he smiles. “We almost had a threesome.”

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Little Avenger

Pairing: Avengers x reader

Summary: you were to meet the avengers that day. They had heard you were good but they were surprised to see you in person

Author’s Note: I wanted to write a teen reader x avengers for a long time and I finally did. It will have other parts and would even have eventual peter x reader. It’s more of an introduction parts and has one of my most favourite tropes. The reader’s powers are energy manipulation. It’s funny and fluffy. Hope you like it! ( I couldn’t find a proper gif so)

Warnings: swearing maybe?

Word Count: 1558

PART - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Everyone was sat in the conference room, getting impatient with every passing minute. They had heard a lot about you and were finally going to meet you that day. Bucky was sat beside Steve arguing with Sam while Steve read your file, tony and Clint were engaged in a paper ball fight, Wanda was talking with Natasha as she made some objects float around, Pietro was zapping in and out of the room and Bruce and Thor were discussing something like the only adults.

Fury was seeing it all and took in a deep breath, the avengers initiative didn’t include him having to deal with superhero children.

‘can you all behave like adults?’ he stood up from his chair and all eyes landed on him. Clint’s paper ball landed on him and he glared at him. ‘she’s going to be here any minute-.’ He was beginning to say the sentence he had been saying for the past 15 minutes before tony interrupted him.

‘oh don’t give us that again!’ he folded his arms.

‘yeah, we’re the avengers we’ve got shit to avenge.’ Natasha looked at him and everyone agreed.

‘okay! I heard that but, if you’d just- ‘fury’s phone buzzed and he took a breath of relief when he read the message. ‘she’s here. where’s peter and vision?’

‘vision kind of drifted away and parker had some project to complete.’ Clint said.

Everyone straightened up, they were curious and exited to know who was going to be joining them now.

‘Steve, tell them about her.’ Fury sat down. ‘I am way too tired for this shit.’ He muttered.

‘alright,’ he got up. ‘so, she’s good at fighting and with weapons, she can also use energy to do whatever she wishes…’ he furrowed his brows as he read the last sentence.

‘I insist you hand us all your weapons.’ They heard a faint voice from outside.

‘I won’t.’ You folded your arms.

‘let her in.’ Clint shouted. You smiled at the agent in front of you.

‘can I go now?’ you tilted your head. He clenched his jaw but nodded with a smile. you pushed your glasses above your nose and walked in.

Everyone was surprised to see you, all of them had varying expression of disbelief on their face. they expected a girl but…older. you were wearing a black hoodie and ripped black jeans. A sword was strapped at your back securely and your clothes had some budges around you signalling you had more weapons; you weren’t looking like a normal teenager. Natasha smiled for she could sense you would be nice to have around.

‘everyone, this is (y/n) (y/l/n). she’s 15 and will be joining you.’ fury introduced you to them and you waved.

‘hello, it’s nice to meet you all.’ You smiled.

‘from now on she will be training with you so, be nice to her.’ He stated simply and left.

‘hi (y/n), how are you?’ Natasha smiled brightly as she offered you her hand to shake.

‘hi!’ you chirped. ‘I am good.’ You shoved your hands in your pockets again.

‘it’s a child!’ Thor’s voice rumbled through the room as he recovered from his shock.

‘everyone can see that.’ Bruce whispered to Thor.

‘well, before we talk more, would you mind putting all your weapons here.’ Natasha patted the table.

‘oh, okay.’ You took a deep breath. You first placed your sword on the table, took out the knives from your boots and the two guns strapped to your waist. Everyone’s eyes grew wide seeing the variety of weapons you had placed on the table.

‘all of it.’ She folded her arms.

‘fine.’ You muttered. You took out a tiny pistol tucked in your jeans and two mini explosives from your hair. Natasha looked at you with suspicion. You understood what she meant.

‘can all the men look away.’ You put a hand on your eyes making Wanda and Natasha chuckle. The guys obeyed and faced the wall.

‘were do you have it stuffed kid?’ tony asked facing the wall.

‘I have two explosives and a poison bottle in my bra.’ You said in angry voice as you reached for them. Everyone snickered or laughed except Thor and Steve, they looked down. You kept them on the table and took a step back.

  ‘that’s it! You raised your arms. ‘the blades in my shoes are fixed I can’t put them here.’ You folded your arms.

 ‘you all can look now.’ Wanda said and the guys turned to you again.

  ‘how did you stuff it all in there?’ Bucky examined a dagger.

  ‘one of my talents.’ You shrugged.

‘hey, what about your powers?’ Wanda asked.

‘well, I can’t explain them just like that.’ You scratched your cheek. ‘I can show you.’ you looked at everyone trying to get a look of approval.

‘go ahead.’ Steve said.

You took a deep breath and moved your hand to summon your energy. All eyes were on you as a red light seemed to form in your hands. You made an orb and opened your eyes. ‘I can do anything with it.’ The orb floated in your hands. ‘I can read others energy, control people or any living being, I can extract their energy, I can channel my energy through inanimate things and do stuff with them, it’s weird I haven’t figured it all out yet.’ You juggled the orb.

‘what do you mean by extract their energy?’ Bruce leaned forwards.

‘I can kill them. You see, life is a form of energy, when I extract it from someone I kill them and that energy kind of feeds me.’ You explained.

feeds you?’Clint said in disbelief.

‘um, yeah, but I don’t do it with many people. It makes me stronger and I get high on it.’ You looked down.

 ‘you can also read energy?’ Sam asked.

‘yes, I can read minds and I can tell what kind of power a person possess.’ you made the orb vanish. ‘for example,’ you looked at Wanda. ‘you can read minds, alter it, and… you also possess telekinesis.’ Your eyes turned black as you read her. ‘and,’ you turned to Pietro. ‘I do not fight with my glasses on I wear contacts.’ You said.

‘sorry.’ He muttered

‘so what you can do with your powers has wide boundaries little one?’ Thor stood up and looked at you.

‘yes sir.’ You said.

‘you need not call me that.’ He smiled brightly. ‘I am Thor, of asgard.’ He said.

‘I am sorry, I have a habit of calling others either sir or mam.’ You shoved your hands in your pockets.

‘now that you will be staying with us, you can call us by our names.’ Natasha kept a hand on your shoulder.

‘that would be nice.’ You smiled. ‘it’ll be like having a family again.’ Everyone melted hearing that.

‘you are so cute’ Wanda pulled your cheek.

‘I am not cute.’ You kept a hand on your cheek and glared at her.

‘alright, let me show you around.’ Wanda held your hand.

‘I get my own room?’ you furrowed your brows and stood there as Wanda tried to pull you.

‘of course, where else would you stay?’ tony questioned and you shrugged.

‘I am pretty strong, little lady, you can’t make me budge until I want you to.’ You looked at Wanda and everyone laughed.

‘will you come, please?’ Wanda loosened the grip of your hand. You started to follow her before you stopped and she groaned.

‘I will get my stuff back right?’ you cocked your head out of the gate.

‘yeah. Go with her now.’ Natasha smiled and you left.

‘I like her already.’ Natasha faced the others.

‘yeah, she seems like a nice girl.’ Clint said.

‘you connect with her?’ Bruce’s eyes softened as he looked at her. She nodded.

‘I can relate to her.’ She said.

‘I still can’t believe it how she fitted it all in her clothes.’ Sam looked at the weapons.

‘you still are the shortest in the team.’ Tony said making everyone snicker.

‘you shouldn’t have said that stark.’ She looked at him.

‘uh-oh.’ He said before running out of the room. She ran after him cussing.

You looked around the facility in awe. You had never been in such a nice place, and now you would be staying here.

‘and this is your room.’ Wanda stopped and opened the door to a room.

‘whoa, I love it.’ You grinned.

‘my room is on the next floor; your room is on the same floor as Natasha and Bucky. If you need anything feel free to ask.’ She was blabbering on until she noticed you weren’t paying all that attention to her. ‘(y/n)? you with me.’ She waved her arm in front of your face.

‘yeah, I heard it all. Hey Wanda, would you judge me if I do something?’ you looked at her.

‘no?’ she squinted her eyes a little.

‘great!’ you jumped on the bed. She chuckled at your childishness. You sat up with a pillow in your lap. ‘I love it here.’ Your hair were a mess and you had a goofy grin on your face.

‘I am glad.’ She ruffled your hair. ‘rest now, I will call you when it’s time for dinner.’ She left the room.

You took a deep breath and lied on the bed. You were so happy to finally be around good people. You could finally use your powers for something good and not to hurt others or be someone’s personal weapon. Your eyes started feeling heavier, maybe it was the soft bed, or the warmth of happiness that lulled you in a peaceful sleep after so many tough nights.

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for the many anons who requested it, a continuation to this (which i recommend reading if you haven’t already!)

word count: 616

notes at the end!

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I'm done

I needed to take my mom to the ER Saturday because she was in a lot of pain and they told her not to drive. I asked around and there was literally no one available. Since I couldn’t find anyone to cover me, I still had to go to work. So Sunday I switched shifts with this girl (I took her morning she took my night) because she had an emergency. So it’s about 4 minutes before my shift ends & hers starts I get a text saying she not coming in, she needs to take her brother to the ER & she stops answering her phone. usually I would be compassionate but I literally had the same thing yesterday & I still was forced to come in. It’s the person who’s workings job to find a replacement or tell the SM you can’t just text the coworker who willingly took your shift and thought she was leaving in 4 minutes and then stop responding. And like hell I was working her shift, I needed to get home to take care of my mother. I talked to the SM and just like Saturday, there was literally no one to cover her. We had to call in someone who had QUIT to come take the shift. And I refused to leave my employee alone (only 2 people work night shift) so I didn’t end up coming home til about 8 when my shift ended at 5. On top of that, the girl who was suppose to come in after my SM at the other store bailed too. And it’s not like stuff like this rarely happens, it happens all the time!! I’m so done and I work Wednesday and that’s when I’m turning in my 2 weeks. I wanted to wait til I found a new job, but this week has been the week from hell and I can’t stand it anymore.

Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 13


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

It took you a full minute to process what the words said and meant.

Then you panicked.

You were out the bedroom door in seconds, running down the hall to the nearest door. You pounded on the wood, hoping against hope that there was actually someone behind it. In such a large place, you knew it was entirely possible that you were the only one on this side of the house.

After a few seconds, a sleepy and confused Taehyung opened the door. “Park Jimin, if you do not have a very good reason—Oh.” He finally opened his eyes and looked at you. “What’s wrong?”

You opened your mouth to answer, but when no sound came out, you just shoved the note at him. He reacted much faster than you had, looking up at you with wide eyes.

“Where was this?” He asked carefully. “Do you know who wrote it?”

You shook your head. “It… It was under my pillow?”

Taehyung didn’t wait to hear anything else, taking off down the hall. There was a rushing in your ears, and even though you were vaguely aware that Taehyung was yelling, you weren’t sure what he was actually saying.

Seokjin was the first to respond, walking out of a room in a bathrobe looking thoroughly irritated. The annoyance vanished from his face however when he registered what Taehyung was saying. You followed the two deftly as they made their way to the giant staircase. Namjoon must have heard the commotion, as he made his way quickly up the stairs towards the three of you, followed closely by Jimin and Jungkook.

They formed somewhat of a circle, their voices becoming more hushed. You hung back, not sure that you wanted to know what they were discussing. You wished they would suddenly turn around and tell you that it was all a joke, that they were just messing with you. But when you saw the grim expressions on their faces, you knew that wasn’t the case.

“What on earth are you doing?” You heard Yoongi’s voice from behind you, and turned to see him stepping out from a door not far down the hall. His hair was damp, and he had a towel slung over his shoulder. “Don’t you people sleep?” He frowned as he walked closer, assessing the situation. Everyone had stopped talking once he made his presence known, and the silence was deafening. “What?” He asked suspiciously as he approached.

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murdoc with an s/o who has parents that are like total hippie cliche and mudz have to meet them lmao

So I have no idea why…maybe because I grew up in NY? But I imagined that the parents have old school Brooklyn accents and the mom is the type to wear really dangly earrings, has farrah fawcett hair, and wears really bright clothes and towalks loik this. But disregard that because they’re probably in England tbh xD 

“Just a warning, my parents are a bit weird…” you say as Murdoc runs a red light and swerves a motorcyclist.

“Weird?” He chuckles, “Love, I doubt your family is as weird as mine was. No worries.”


“But they cut me off…” he looks down, not watching the road ahead; disappointed that his fun has been put to an end.

“I mean that they’re a bit eccentric. Just try to keep an open mind? They’re good people but they’re also kinda off putting to those who didn’t grow up with them.” You say sounding worried. Your parents were total hippies, still stuck in the early 70s. Now that they’re both retired they’re back to their old ways. They’ll probably be stoned or something when you get home. You put your head in your hands.

“Hey, hey, hey what’s all that about?” He takes one hand off the wheel and places it on your knee, then he glances at you.

“To be honest, i’m kinda embarrassed” you force a laugh.

“Sweetheart if my father was still alive, I’d probably never take you to meet him. That’s how bad he was. Now, you have nothing to worry about. At least your parents were good parents.”

You roll your eyes. “My dad got me high when I was 13. My first time was with my dad and with brownies. I was 13. And it was before school. And I ate 3…”

Murdoc’s eyes go wide.The bloke did wha? -He says trying to keep a straight face- “The navigation says we’re almost here you’ll have to tell me all about this later.”

You start to protest but the car suddenly stops and he gets out. Holy shit we’re here.

You get out, walk to Mudz and take his green hand in yours. Both of you make your way towards the door and he rings the doorbell with his long talon like finger nail Saturnz Barz style.

You’ve never been here before. It’s their new house and you  decided to bring Murdoc with you to check it out. Well, you didn’t really decide anything. The man practically forced you to bring him, saying something about how he’s never met your folks and how important it would be for him. It didn’t seem like him at all, he normally keeps the sappy shit on the down low. When you brought it up again before you two left, he of course acted like he never said any of that…He pretty much acted like your parents invited him over too. Truthfully, your parents don’t know that he’s coming… or anything about him for that matter. Not that they’ll care if you even brought home an Elvis impersonator from Vegas… but still you didn’t have the talk with them about how to behave around public in a while. You’re lost in thought when the door is thrown open and  you’re suddenly being lifted off your feet. You’re being carried bridal style by a broad shouldered, silver and  long haired dude.

“Dad!” You hug his shoulders as he twirls you around.

“I missed you, pumpkin!” He says, as he sets you down as you see your mother, and you run to her as he embraces you.

You look back and introduce the confused looking green man on the steps. “Mom, dad, this is Murdoc!”

With a straight face, your mother steps forward to examine him, she puts a hand on his shoulder and has the other hand squeezing his cheeks and tilting his face side to side. He raises an eyebrow and smiles, just looking down on her as she does this. She notices and looks back at your father who looks at her inquisitively.

“I like this one…” she says, and suddenly she kisses the surprised green man on both cheeks.

Dad steps forward to give Murdoc a hug and he kisses Mudz on the forehead. Murdoc, who would usually flinch, push people away, or maybe even injure someone who tries to do the same, but he surprisingly accepts the love.

When your parents turn their backs to lead you two into the house and give you a tour, you look at him curiously. He actually let my parents kiss him…He notices, smiles, and shrugs as he entwines his hands with yours. You smile, feeling warm. This is going better than you thought it would.

After the house tour, your mom took you guys to the lounge while dad finishes up preparing dinner. To your utter horror, she immediately goes to the subject of baby pictures.

“Have you seen our pumpkin when they were a baby yet?”


Murdoc’s eyes practically sign as he mischievously grins and darkly chuckles. “No..” hgnn hgnn he glances back at you, “actually, i’d love to.”

You roll your eyes, “shit.”  as your mother breaks out the photo album.

“Ooh! This is a picture of their 5th grade halloween costume! They went as C-3PO, Ah I remember dousing the kid in gold paint…”

“Awww look at their little tooshie!” She says, showing Murdoc a picture of 3 year old naked you by a lake, wearing nothing but a flower crown and bracelets made out of daisies. You put your head in your hands and sigh as Murdoc laughs, doubling over and clutching his stomach. You could have sworn he actually slapped his knee. You mom, oblivious, just says “Yeah, we had a cute kid didn’t we?”

He responds with a sarcastic “Oh yeah, just adorable” and he squeezes your hand.

“And this is a picture of Ringo Starr kissing ‘em on their cheek!” The picture shows mom and dad behind Ringo as he holds an 4 year old almost naked you, save for undies, wearing another flower crown and giving an almost toothless grin towards the camera as the drummer kisses you on the cheek. You wonder what your parents had against clothes.

Murdoc’s eyes go wide and he laughs: “You got kissed by Ringo! Ringo kissed ya and ye never mentioned it?”

“This picture is of pumpkin when they were just about a week old!” She says as she shows Mudz yet another naked baby picture. “Oh we were at the Hendrix show in Honolulu when my water broke. We were high as a kite, didn’t know until someone pointed out that it looks like I pissed myself!”She laughs as Murdoc looks absolutely terrified. “We left the venue but not before Hendrix called us out and had the crowd make way! We were in the front so without his help we’d probably have had the baby right there! So we leave the venue and hitch hiked our way to the hospital. It took only took us 2 minutes to get a car to stop for us! Then our beautiful pain in the ass was born!”

Dad finally interrupts this embarrassing shitshow, but only to enter the lounge with a blunt in his hands “Hey, talking history without me?” He passes it to mom.

Murdoc speaks up, “You lot lead very interesting lives indeed. With Ringo kissing your baby and nearly having it at a Hendrix show eh?”

“Oh she didn’t tell you about Burning Man yet?” Dad says excitedly.


“Oh!” Murdoc chimes.

“Oh hush up, you’ve been too.” Mom pitches in, directing her eyes towards you.

“mOM!” You whine, head in your hands for what feels like the 50th time this evening.

“Oh please, do tell…” Murdoc says with his signature chuckle. “Tell me everything!” The blunt is passed to him, he takes a couple of pulls and passes it to you. His tongue falls outside his mouth as he giggles maniacally when dad starts recalling the events of Burning Man.

You take a few puffs and keep the blunt, knowing you’re gonna need it.

Time to Party

Request: Hi! Can you a one shot where Damon and the reader are at a rave party and they have hot sex?

Character: Damon Salvatore x Reader

Warning: Smut (M), Swearing

Word Count: 1632

You looked at yourself in Damon’s bedroom mirror, smirking at how sexy you felt. It had just hit 7pm and both you and your boyfriend Damon were ready to leave. Christmas break was a few days from concluding and Damon decided he’d take you out to have a little fun before you go back to school. “So, where’s this party?”, you asked as you lathered your lips with gloss. You could feel Damon’s chest on your back and his lips plant a soft kiss on your neck before he whispered, “It’s a secret”. Typical, you thought, as you rolled your eyes and giggled to yourself at his almost programmed response. “We’d better get going if we wanna get there in time”, he said as he pretended to freak out at the time on his invisible watch. You chuckled and took his extended arm then made your way to his car.

What should have been a 2 hour drive only took you 45 minutes with Damon’s reckless driving in which you held on for dear life the entire ride. You arrived at the party only to find it was more of a drunken college rave party held at Whitmore. Looking around you’d noticed that the frat house was overflowing with college students, all of them so far from sober. “This… Is the party?”, you raised your eyebrows and widened your eyes over to Damon, looking quite unimpressed. You didn’t know exactly what kind of party you were expecting Damon to bring you to, but it sure as hell wasn’t this. “I promise it’ll be fun, baby” he reassured you and rested his hand on your thigh. You let out a quiet grunt and nodded before hopping out of the car and taking Damon’s hand.

There was no owner of the frat house so Damon was able to pass through the vampire barrier freely. He guided you into the main living room where the music was so loud you couldn’t hear yourself think, let alone hear Damon try to speak to you. The DJ had mixed some of your favourite tracks, which made you let loose a little faster. Even though you wanted to hate it, you couldn’t. 

With the help of a few smashed teens, you took part in group shots and downed a couple bottles of spirits. Damon was pleased to be the lucky man who slurped tequila and lime from your belly button. You soon found yourself busting out your ‘best’ dance moves. You took Damon’s hand and danced with him and he found himself chuckling at how cute you were.

It wasn’t long before your very uncoordinated dance moves morphed into something that strippers would be jealous of. Damon was more than impressed. During your drunken stage of confidence, you grind your ass against him and danced your way up and down his body, occasionally nipping at his sweaty neck. He gripped your arm and pulled you towards his chest, “You’re so sexy”, he said as he lowered his hand to your ass. You spun around and proceeded to grind, leaning your head against his shoulder. His hips swayed against yours and he almost never let go of your waist as you both moved to the beat of the music.

Time flew past and you were both drenched with sweat from dancing together. “Let’s get a drink?”, you tried to yell over the music, forgetting Damon had vampire hearing. “Sure”, he laughed loudly and guided you to the staircase.

It was a little quieter in the hallways, quiet enough that you could finally hear Damon speaking to you without yelling. “There’s drinks up here?”, you furrowed your eyebrows at Damon, wondering where he was taking you. “For sure baby, I saw a bunch of girls handing out water bottles and they came up here”, he sincerely responded. “Okay”, you gripped his hand tighter and continued up the staircase. You’d reached the top and found a swarm of girls standing around with cups, “Got any water there ladies?”, you questioned, desperate for a drink. Without hesitation, one girl instantly threw a bottle over to you and Damon caught it, you weren’t capable of reflexes right now.

Damon knocked on the first door he found and surprisingly, it was empty. You sat on the side of the bed and took your shoes off, “dancing in heels isn’t as fun as it looks”, you sighed, struggling to unclasp the minuscule buckles. “Here, let me help”, Damon laughed a little as he knelt down and removed your shoes for you. You downed the water in seconds, puffing and panting once you released your mouth from the brim. “Leave me any?”, Damon playfully snatched the bottle out of your hands and huffed, a little frustrated. He dropped back down on to the bed and looked at the ceiling, you followed and laid down next to him.

“So”, Damon said as he rolled over on top of you, resting on his forearms. “So”, you giggled and bit your lip. You looked up into Damon’s eyes; his reflected back filled with desire and a familiar hunger for your body. Damon dipped his head down to hover next to your ear, “I wanna taste you”, he whispered seductively. You proceeded to shift your shirt so he could bite at your neck but he grabbed your wrist and stopped you. “Not your blood”, he whispered and slid his hand down your side and rested it on your waist. “Here?”, you questioned, still completely aware that you were at a frat party. He slowly moved backwards before parting your knees and positioning himself between your thighs. “You got me all worked up out there Princess, you know? Don’t you want to feel my tongue against your pretty little—”, you cut him off with an accepting moan. You lifted your dress above your head and threw it off to the side all while he pulled your panties off and tossed them as well.

Damon smirked up at you as he buried his head in between your thighs, his words alone had you dripping wet. His tongue licked a line against your folds before it continued up and down, occasionally sucking on your clit. You licked your lips and arched your back, trying desperately to buck against his tongue but his heavy hand held you down. Damon moaned against your folds, closing his eyes and letting his tongue work all the right spots. He then slowly entered two of his lanky fingers and began pumping hard, causing you to scream his name. The combination of his fingers and tongue working together allowed you to come faster and you started to feel your walls clench and legs begin to shake. “Come for me, baby girl”, Damon ordered. You closed your eyes and let go to feel your orgasm vibrate through your body, leaving you twitching with aftershocks. “F-Fuck”, you sighed and slowly opened your eyes to see Damon licking his lips.

“You taste so fucking good”, he ran his fingers along your slits to collect your juices, “Taste”, he whispered and brought his fingers to your mouth. You maintained eye contact with him as you sucked on his fingers and tasted yourself. You watched as Damon closed his eyes and parted his lips, growing harder with every suck of his finger. Then you pulled his head down and attached your lips to his, kissing him passionately. Damon continued kissing you as you reached down and expertly unclasped his belt and unzipped his pants. He sat up and removed his pants followed by his boxers. His hard-on flung up and hit his stomach, you gasped.

Damon positioned himself between your legs, running his cock against your already wet folds, teasing you. “Damon!”, you whined, digging your nails into his shoulders so he would comply. Without warning, he thrusted into you with force, any harder and you probably would have broken in half. Damon’s hips repeatedly collided with yours, forcing your skin to slap against each other. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he built up speed, thrusting deeper every time. He leaned down and kissed you slowly, trailing sloppy open-mouthed kisses from your jaw to your neck. Damon slid his finger down to your clit, rubbing it harshly as he fucked you, excelling your pleasure. You arched your back and flung your head into the pillows, gripping on to Damon’s back for support.

Damon relocated his right hand from your clit to the headboard to support himself, he was nearing his release. His movements became disoriented and his breaths became incoherent as he sent one last thrust into you, pushing the both of you to your orgasms. “Fuck! Damon”, you screamed as your whole body vibrated and your legs twitched once again. You heard him scream your name along with a crack, although you were too focused on riding out your ecstasy to worry. Damon leant down and gave you a long, slow kiss before pulling out of you and laying by your side.

After finally catching your breath, you asked “What was that crack?”. Damon looked at you, still panting, and laughed. He focused his eyes on the headboard and then back down at you, motioning you to look. You looked up and saw two headboards instead of one, Damon had split it in half. “That good, huh?”, you raised your eyebrows and giggled before crawling into Damon’s arms. “That good”, he smiled to himself. You rested your head on his shoulder and wrapped your arm around his chest, “Do you think they’ll notice?”, you asked. “Well, if they didn’t then I’d say we’d have to come back and break all the headboards. What d’ya think?”, Damon laughed. You smiled up at him and sighed, “Deal”.

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Sneak Peak 🙈🙌🏼😂

Sneak Peak 1:

Alex trekked up the stairs while Maggie continued to get a slight telling to from her mother and father. She felt like a teenager sneaking around and out of trouble. Opening the door to the bathroom, she let out a small shriek seeing her reflection. She covered her mouth with her hand to avoid any other noises. Her black tank top looked like a Jackson Pollock of flour, eggs, and something that smelled suspiciously of syrup. She didn’t even remember that getting brought into the fight. Her short hair was thready with large clumps of pancake mixture and egg. It dripped slowly onto her shoulders and cheeks, making gooey lines down her body. As a DEO agent, she was used to getting sprayed with all sorts of random fluids but this combination was making her especially grossed out. She took both index fingers and wiped them under her eyes, flicking the goop into the sink.

She tried to get some of the egg shell out of the top of her hair but she only managed to infuse the mess with syrup. She was so focused untangling the white flakes, that she barely registered the small brunette leaning against the door. “You look ridiculous.”

Alex glared and flicked a piece of shell at her. “You don’t look much better over there detective.” She pulled her in front of the mirror so Maggie could take in her reflection. Although there were less egg and syrup particles on her, the dark hair was basically dyed white, a result of the entire powdered sugar bag being poured on it.

“I’ve looked worse,” she deadpanned, wrapping her hands around Alex’s waist from behind. “You know,” she moved red hair to the side and kissed her neck in the only clean spot, “We could both use a shower.”

Alex rolled her eyes and elbowed her in the side. “You do not get rewarded for this disaster.” With Maggie backed away, she turned around facing the woman. “Anyways, you’re the one who said I am ‘too injured for intimacy.’” She put the last part in quotes.

“Can I take that back?” Maggie cocked her head and grabbed onto Alex’s waist, inching her shirt up. She gave Alex her most devious smile and it was starting to work.

Needing to take back control, Alex leaned in close, breathing hotly at her ear. Maggie tensed up instantly waiting for some sign of permission. “No,” she whispered shoving Maggie out of the bathroom.

Outside the door all she could hear was a muffled, “This is homophobic.”


Sneak Peek 2:

Alex was happy that she finally got to wear something from the European shopping trip. The orange and pink flower print dress fell right below her knee and made her the brightest person in the room. The matching orange wedges also made her the tallest. It was haltered and modest because she needed to get all the innocence points she could with the sisters. Maggie opted for fitted navy slacks and a long sleeve blouse that billowed in the arms. It took about ten minutes for Alex to stop looking at only her. It didn’t help that the brunette pulled up just the front of her hair in a messy bun and let the rest fall at her shoulders.

Alex didn’t understand why they needed a bridal luncheon before the rehearsal dinner that night, especially since they had the bachelorette party a few days before. Maggie explained that they had a lot of aunts, cousins, and distant relatives that wanted to do something but Angie couldn’t find enough jobs. Instead, she just let them take over these activities.

“Why didn’t they just give money for the honey moon or something?” This caused Maggie to scoff and laugh. She helped Alex out of the truck and led her into the small restaurant.

“Alex, we’re Catholic. Unless there are receipts, photographs, and public acknowledgement of the deed, it didn’t actually happen.”  

“I heard that,” her mother scolded.

“What part isn’t true?” Maggie defended. She waited but her mother just shrugged. “See…even Saint Angie Mother Superior can’t argue.”

Alex stopped mid-way through the door and looked over her carefully. Maggie’s shoulders were tense, her brows furrowed and her tongue was rolling around her teeth in the way she did when she wanted to punch something. “You seem extra peeved about this particular event.”

Maggie crinkled her nose and let out a deep huff. “Do you know how many dumb games they are about to make us play?”

“A lot?”

“All of them. All of the games. We are probably going to have to make a wedding dress out of toilet paper or place bets on when they’ll have their first kid.”

Alex gave her a sympathetic smile but then added, “Suck it up buttercup,” with a light slap to her ass. 

Maggie was about to comment something back when her cousin came barreling through the hallway. “Oh my god Maggie, thank Yeezus we have a problem!”

She went into detective mode instantly and focused in asking, “What’s wrong? Is anyone hurt?”

“Everything is ruined,” she said dramatically, real tears making their way down her face.

Maggie grasped her shoulders trying to calm her down. “Waverly what in the world is wrong?”

“Kar- an Ste er sup- bu- bu- they,” Maggie looked to Alex to see if she could understand anything that was being said but she gave her a I have no clue look.

“Waverly, Im going to need you to take two deep breaths and then speak English.”

“Or French or Spanish or Russian…” Maggie looked at Alex like you’re not helping. “I’m just saying I could translate any of those. Not all people speak English.”

In the meantime, the college aged girl got herself together. “Karen and Steve were supposed to play the newlywed game with Erin but Becky just told me that Allison told her that Ashley saw Steve with Katie Donahue making out at a barbecue last week.  So of course Ashley tells Lucy who goes to Pilates with Kim who does the Wednesday morning spin class with Jackson who cuts Karen’s hair.”

“So…” Maggie really just wanted to get to the end of the story.

“So obviously Karen told Steve she wants to go to couples counseling with that guy that Elle-“

Maggie held up a hand. “Please stop the name game.” Waverly nodded wide-eyed. “What can I do for this obviously traumatic and dramatic event?”

“I need you and Alex to play in their place.” Maggie let off the loudest internal scream her body could muster. She stared at Waverly calmly waiting for the dying breaths of her inner self.  

She took one deep breath to compose herself before saying as politely as possible, “No, thank you.”

“Maggie please, you and Alex are the only other couple here. It was supposed to fill up the whole time before all the food came out. We even have a stage and lights and everything.”


“Babe, they have a stage and lights and everything,” Alex mimed.


Waverly grabbed onto her hand and squeezed impressively tight. “Please please please. I’ll guarantee that my mom doesn’t do anything for your wedding.” This piqued Maggie’s interest.

“Nothing at all?”


Between the brown and blue puppy eyes she was getting it was impossible to say no. “Fine but I want that agreement in writing.”

Waverly jumped excitedly and ran back down the hallway to the room to tell everyone it was still on. Maggie stopped Alex from following with a tug at her hand. “Is this still punishment for last night and this morning?”  

Alex pecked her on the cheek. “Absolutely.”


They sat down in their respective seats and grabbed the whiteboard and marker provided. The rules were simple, Gabrielle would ask a question and one partner had to answer it about the other. If they got it right they got a point. Get the most points and your coupledom is secure.

“So all of these questions were submitted by all of you lovely ladies here today and I will pick one randomly to read. We will start with the Sawyers guessing first about their partner.” There were loud cheers from the crowd of about twenty-five.

Eric looked about as comfortable as Maggie in a high seated chair above a bunch of women they knew their whole lives. On the other hand, Alex and Erin looked absolutely giddy about the game. Before everything got started, Maggie leaned into Alex’s space. “If you don’t know the answer we’ll just use morse code on our thighs.”

“That’s cheating!”

“Do you want the straights™ to win?”

“Ugh, fine…but at least try.”

They separated again at the insistence of the host. She dramatically snatched a piece of paper out and waved it to the crowd. “First question, what is your partner’s favorite position in bed?” There were hoots and hollers from even the prudish of ladies in the crowds.

Maggie instantly stood up and started for the stairs. “We aren’t doing this.”  

“Oh come on Mags, it’s just a game!” Erin pouted her lip and ushered her back over.

They all looked to the agent who had actually started to flush a little bit. “Alex if you aren’t comfortable we will of course stop.”

“I’m sorry guys but I can’t answer that question.”

“See,” Maggie held out a hand. “Y’all always take it too far.”

Alex stood up, interrupting what Maggie was going to say next. “It isn’t because I’m uncomfortable.” There was a sudden hush over the room. “I’m not answering it because my favorite position doesn’t involve a bed.” She turned her board around and scrawled on it was The Wall.

Maggie’s jaw literally dropped and her mouth went dry. While everyone else was cheering her answer, Alex gave Maggie a simple shrug and a wink. With reluctance, Maggie made her way back over to her chair and plopped down. She moved closer, whispering in Alex’s ear. “The wall, really?”

“When I’m not ‘too injured for intimacy’, I’ll show you.”

Maggie licked her lip, dying internally. “I’m not going to live that down.”

“Not today.” Alex pushed at her arm, so they could start the next round.

Would You Be My Wife (Part 4)

Summary: Bucky needs a way to get rid of his one night stands and decides to offer you a place to stay in exchange for you to pretend to be his wife who has caught him cheating. (Modern-Day AU drabble series)

Word Count: 696

Warnings: None

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: What do you guys think? :D Let me know!

Originally posted by rougeeeeee

Just as you had promised, after going out for a walk the following morning, you and Buck stepped into the apartment with only five minutes left until eight. The living room was empty and you took a deep breath as you stepped up to Bucky’s bedroom. You could hear voices behind the door and prepared yourself to scream.

You cleared your throat. “Honey! I’m home!” you yelled out, turning the doorknob and swinging the door inwards. “The trip was marve-”

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