took my sooooo long to make this

“Wait up, Knucklehead!”

Basically something that stated with this sketch that I wanted to finish 

I was listening to this and got inspired 

Something about Ford chasing cryptids inspired me too. He’s probably very passionate about them and often forgets he’s not alone, leaving Stan to chase him around. (Whether that’s sad or funny is up to you, I’ve made my decision already haha) 


Jack Kelly x Reader

Dear Fansies,
I am sooooo sorry this took so long to come out! From all of the check ins you guys sent into my inbox, I can tell you were all super excited for this! So I hope this oneshot does justice for your expectations!
I did a lot of research about pregnancy symptoms and stages, so I hope you like it! It’s as accurate as I could possibly make it. Enjoy!

- K

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Two Is Better Than One

Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Forester, Reader

Pairing: Sam Winchester X Reader X Dean Forester

Words: 1869

Warnings: SMUUUUUTTTTTTT!!!!!!! Oral (both genders). Handjobs. Like, there is no plot. Just smut. NSFW Gif somewhere below the cut.

Author’s Note: This is season 1 Dean. I MUST CLARIFY, DEAN IS 18 IN THIS FIC!! NO ONE IS UNDER AGE!!!! I am aware that he was 17 in the actual season 1, but I am making him 18 in this fic for legal purposes. :)

Also, I had no idea how to set this situation up, sooooo… This is literally porn and nothing else.

I am also aware of how long this took, but hey! It got done!!! <3

“Relax,” I say against Dean’s lips. Despite being 18 and probably a virgin, Dean seems to know what he’s doing. His tongue skims over my lower lip, silently begging for entrance. The decision to play coy was the biggest thing in my mind until I feel Sam’s lips graze over my neck and spine. My lips part in a gasp, and due to that motion, Dean is able to slip his tongue into my mouth. His tongue moves against mine, and I can taste the mint on him. As his confidence grows, Dean threads his fingers through my Y/H/C locks as Sam’s lips roam to my neck.

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When They Have To apologise - Marauders Preference

Requested sooooo long ago by @literallylokiloozers. Sorry it took so so long to do butI was in a real Riverdale mood in so long and now I back into Harry Potter mood so expect quite a few imagines to make up for it! 

Also here is my Masterlist     If you want to be added to a tallest for any or all fandoms, inbox me!

Sirius -

Sirius is infamous for not being able to keep his thoughts to himself, even if they are damaging to your relationship. He would always make the most flirtatious comments to girls as you literally stood right next to him. His biggest problem was the fact that he would just smirk it off if you tried to talk to him about it and it would always end in an argument. You know he never really meant it but you would never back down meaning he was the one who would have to apologize. He would do so multiple times before you finally believed him and let him back in.

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Remus -

Remus wasn’t one to flirt or mess around when it came to you but sometimes he was just a little too over protective and overbearing. He loved you and you loved him but sometimes, a little because of his werewolf side, he would be territorial over you and sometimes you liked it but when he wouldn’t let you near some people for whatever reason you hated it. You would always confront him about it and he would be rather argumentative about it. Eventually he would back off and he would apologize, normally after a full mon when he has fully come to his senses.

James -

James was always too busy with the marauders and Quiditch it seems rather than spend time with you. You get that the sport and his friends were important to him, you were his girlfriend and you should be up there with them too. He could be the most loving boyfriend one minute and then have nothing to do with you the next and it drove you up the wall constantly. You would never bother saying anything about it anymore but would give him the silent treatment. Eventually, he would apologize to you. He would make a few excuses about how Quiditch had been hectic and they needed to help out Remus (which you fully understood) but eventually he would change and give you all the time he had.

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akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

For the the drabble 7 + 37 with Kyungsoo please~♡♡♡

“I dreamt about you last night.”
“Can I kiss you?”

“So I had this dream last night..” You stated in the presence of your best friend Do Kyungsoo.

“Did you?” He asked slightly distracted by the movie playing on the television.

“Yeah I did, you were there actually..” You told him.

“I was? You dreamt about me?” He asked paying a bit more attention now.

“Yes Kyungsoo, I dreamt about you last night.” You confirmed.

“Huh.. So what did I do in your dream?” He questioned with a hint of curiosity.

“You uhh…. y-you…” your words trailed off as your cheeks turned pink at the memory not sure how to say it. “You kissed me.” You finally blurted out.

He sat there speechless for a few moments sitting completely still, you were worried you had broken his brain or something.

“Really?” He finally said quietly. “How did it make you feel?” He suddenly added; his full attention now focused on you.

“Huh?” You replied thinking you must have misheard him.

“In your dream.. how did it make you feel?”

“Well, not bad I guess.. But it was a bit awkward, I mean you’re my best friend I-”

“What if I kissed you right now?” He asked suddenly interrupting you catching you off guard.

“I-I…..” you had no idea what to say, it was like a completely different side of him than you had ever seen.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked more directly but in a softer tone.

“Yes.” You replied almost whispering.

He softly held your cheeks in his hands and leaned closer to you hesitating when his face was about an inch away from yours, first he kissed your forehead with his plump lips causing a fluttering sensation in your chest, then placing another kiss on your cheek and finally captured your lips in a gentle kiss. It was brief but enough to take your breath away.

“I’ve liked you for a really long time.” You blurted out suddenly.

“Me too.” He said before placing another soft kiss on your lips.

• Authors note: hiiiiii!!! I’m so so sooooo sorry this took so long I’ve just finished moving and things have been kinda crazy but here it is!!! Also I apologize for constantly making the reader character so shy or awkward but that’s probably influenced by my own personality so if you would prefer a more confident or strong willed reader character then just let me know ;) also this came out way different than I had imagined sometimes it’s like the story writes itself you know? And lastly I apologize for any grammar and punctuation mistakes I’ve made.

Attraction - Rafinha Alcantara

“Y/N, Y/N! This way, look here!” Blinding lights were the first thing I saw as I left my flat building. 

“Y/N are you dating Neymar?!” I heard shouted from the mob, I ignored it. Neymar was one of my closest friends and had been since the Barcelona Men’s Team had been introduced to the Barcelona Women’s Team. I proudly captained the Barca Women’s Team and as a result I was thrown into the public eye. I found comfort in Neymar when I was thrown into the new and unexpected lifestyle of a ‘celebrity’ but tabloids and the media took this as Neymar and I now becoming a couple. Even our team mates believed it! As much as we insisted that we were nothing but close friends no one believed us; they thought we were just hiding it from the public. 

Both teams had decided to join forces and head for the streets of Barcelona as an unstoppable party group. We were all vaguely familiar with each other and I even had a crush on a certain player. Rafinha Alcantara. I couldn’t help but develop a school girl crush on the Brazilian. Neymar knew of my crush and was always trying to persuade me to allow him to set us up. I never agreed, I was far too shy for that. 

The club we had all collectively agreed to meet at was just down the road from my flat so I wouldn’t have to deal with the irritating paparazzi for much longer. I was known for having a short temper when it came to paparazzi and my team mates and Neymar often teased me.

I made it to the club and shoved past the paparazzi. The bouncer smiled sympathetically at me, I was a regular at the club and there seemed to be an unwritten rule between him and me to not cause trouble in return for paparazzi not getting any pictures of me enjoying a night out with friends. I was instantly greeted by my team mates who all embraced me in tight hugs. I spotted the men’s team sitting down at a booth with an assortment of drinks in front of them. Neymar spotted me and scooted out of the booth to greet me. He enveloped me in a bear hug and kissed my cheek, making both teams whoop. I returned the act of affection and joined the teams at the booth. After a few minutes of polite chit chat and small talk, Dani stood up.

“Let’s hit the dance floor!” He yelled. Neymar whooped an joined his best friend, grabbing a few of his friends to join them.

“You fancy it Y/N?” My team mate Maria asked me. I nodded and dragged the rest of the girls to the floor. The dance floor was a mess, it was filled with two types of people; people who were grinding on each other and people who were awkwardly dancing trying to fit in. After a few minutes of dancing Neymar came over to me and we danced together as he leant sown to my ear to attempt to speak to me. 

“I like that girl over there, how do I approach her?” Neymar asked me. I was basically Neymar’s wing woman when it came to clubs. He may make himself to be a ladies man, a casanova and extremely suave and smooth with the ladies but believe me he could become a nervous, stuttering mess when it came to girls. 

“Approach her the way you approached me. Just be confident and anyway I can tell she’s eyeing you up right now.” I teased, making Neymar smirk. 

“This is why you’re my right hand woman and why I don’t ask Dani or Rafa this stuff. Thanks Y/N.” Neymar said, kissing my cheek. I shoved him off and pushed him in the direction of the girl. I walked off the dance floor so I could get a good view of what was going to happen between the two. I lost sight of them for a second but as soon as I saw them I saw Neymar being as smooth as anything furthermore the girl seemed into him. 

I sat in the booth with Pique and a few of my team mates, discussing who was definitely going home with someone tonight. I was laughing and my eyes drifted to the dance floor where I saw Neymar grinding with the girl from earlier. I chuckled to myself and continued my conversation with the group. 

“Y/N?” I looked up from the drawings that Pique, Messi, Maria and I were scratching onto the table out of boredom to see Rafinha. I was surprised he was talking to me but I kept my cool. 


“Can I talk to you for a minute?” I nodded in reply and got up from the booth as Rafa led me to the corridor where the toilets were.

“What’s up?” I asked, leaning against the wall.

“I hate to be the one to tell you, but Neymar is grinding with another girl in there.” He said seriously. He thought I was going to be upset over Neymar grinding with another girl? He must’ve really believed that Ney and I were a couple.

“Yeah I know.”

“Wait… You aren’t upset?”

“Why would I be? He’s probably going to get laid.” I shrugged, laughing slightly.

“But I thought-”

“That Ney and I were a couple. You aren’t alone, but I promise we aren’t. I’m single and so is he.” I reassured Rafinha. Part of my heart was touched that he had wanted to tell me but the other part of me was curious as to why he wanted to tell me. I guess he was just being a decent guy. 

“You’re single?” Rafinha asked.

“I just said so didn’t I?” I smirked suggestively. Rafinha moved closer to me so I was virtually pinned against the wall. 

“So I can do this.” Rafinha said, before pressing his lips to mine. At first the kiss was cautious but it quickly developed to a passionate make out session. He somehow still tasted of mints but it was mixed with the alcohol he had consumed. I had to pull away eventually for air and both Rafa and I were breathing deeply. 

“Come home with me. We don’t have to do anything, I just need you next to me tonight.” Rafa begged. I nodded and he grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the club.


Rafa was showering and I was sitting awkwardly on his bed. We had kissed more in the car on the way here but somehow I still felt awkward. Rafa walked out of the bathroom with only pyjama shorts on. 

“You’re gonna need something to sleep in tonight,” He spoke, opening his chest of drawers and fumbling through them until he pulled out boxer shorts and a Barca jersey with his name on the back, “those should be fine right?”. I nodded and took them off him and went to the bathroom to change. 

When I walked back in Rafinha was under the covers. He beckoned me over and I got into bed with him. I wasn’t close enough for him as he pulled me onto is lap and kissed me again.

“Your lips are so soft.” He mumbled against my lips, making me giggle. 

“Fuck, your giggle is adorable.” He said again. I pressed a kiss to his neck before getting off his lap and sitting next to him.

“You aren’t too bad either.” 

Sorry this took sooooo long anon but I hope it’s alright!
Request loves (with prompts too!!!!!!!!)

ghostingoverthekeys  asked:

Okay so for the ask you just posted, I'll be honest I didn't read all of them cuz I'm dead inside sooooo♡~♡ I'll just choose three random numbers! It'll be like a surprise for me! 15, 30, 60. If any of them make you uncomfortable feel free to skip it! Love ya! And yyaaayyyy V route!!!

Omg okay I’m so sorry it took me this long, tumblr was being a bitch and I was dealing with some troubles last night, haha… And I hope you’re okay, hun! Please take care of yourself ;-; 

15. Do you have any piercings?
I don’t, and I don’t think I’ll ever get any, I don’t like them :/

30. Have you ever considered plastic surgery? If so, what would you change about your body?
Yeah! Many many times I have considered to take plastic surgery regarding my nose, because I don’t really like the way it looks :/ especially on photos you have to take with like, only one side of your face showing (I forgot the word omg)

60. What is the biggest age difference between you and any of your partners?
Uhhhhh, I don’t remember, to be honest. I do know that it’s less than ten years tho kjdhfjkhdsfjkh


kurahpikahs  asked:

post 5 things you like about yourself and send this to 10 of your favourite followers


1. my fashion taste!!!! it’s one of the things i get complimented most on honestly. i love outward validation and it helps me get out of bed every day

2. my patience/even temper…. i am grateful for it, it makes dealing with people sooooo much easier

3. my deadpan/poker face

4. uhm. my nose. i think. it’s pretty cute. it’s a lil button

5. my eyelashes? they’re pretty


It’s finally done! It took me so long since I only had like 20 minutes a day to work on it bc of hw and such. I hope you guys like!!!💜

✨Also little note for the artists✨

This is a drawing I made in dedication to some of the most amazing mlb artists. They make absolutely amazing MLB art(their art in general is amazing hehe)There are SOOOOO many more artists out there, who do an absolutely fantastic job at drawing. I wish I could draw them all, but sadly, My arm would probably ache so much ;o; I am very thankful to have all these amazing artists, they make up an incredible amount of the MlB fandom. They make so much amazing art, from comics, to animations! They have made us Happy, they’ve made us laugh, and yes, they have made us cry cx💜😭 They have given so much time and dedication to make beautiful art for everyone to enjoy. They have inspired so many people( like me! >o>) Keep doing what you guys do, because you have made a great impact on many people, and have motivated so many people to draw. I hope I can one day inspire people to draw as you guys have done on me 💜💜 Thank you. To all you artists out there💜🎨

💜🎨The beautifully Amazing and talented artists: @creativecreepie @baraschino @toriitorii @piku-chan @reakagamine @ferisae @/juditmalloart @/itslopez @/angiensca On Instagram And Nino1x4 on Twitter c:

Reunion Special

Title: Reunion Special

Characters: Sam Winchester x Reader

Request: May I please have an imagine where I went to high school with Sam and we had a crush on each other, but one day I ‘disappear ’ and years later he’s on a hunt that I’m working on as well and fluff?? I love your blog so much and it would be really cool if you could, but it’s cool if you don’t want to

Warnings: Fighting, Disappearance, (I think that’s it, message me if you find any more!)

Based On: A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

Word Count: 2302

A/N: Sooooo, incredibly sorry this took so long to get out! Let me know what my Little Angels think!

Sam was shaking his leg as his eyes darted over to the clock that seemed to make time stop every time he looked at it. Come on, come on! He thought to himself. Hurry up and be over with Biology, so I don’t miss her! He grumbled angrily in is mind. Five more agonizingly slow minutes later the final bell rang and Sam quick as a flash with his long moose legs was out of there before the teacher could assign homework. Walking pass a couple who was making out up against a locker, another holding hands, and one doing that awkward spoon-waddle couples do, made Sam feel well, A) A little grossed out by all the mushy stuff that being a “Macho Hunter” has trained him to hate. And B) A little bit empty, he longed for someone to feel that way for him, for someone to not be able to breath when he’s there, but someone liking him like that? No. Impossible. Never. He could dream though, couldn’t he? A normal life, with the girl of his dreams, a couple kids, white picket fence and all that stuff that would probably never happen.

“Sam! Over here!” Your voice pulled him out of his thoughts. His head shakes as if clearing out the thoughts that distracted him from your presence. Looking up, he sees you waving him over to your locker, a bright smile on your face. Pushing through a few people in the crowded halls to get to you, he reaches your locker with his heart hammering in his chest at the close proximity between the two of you. A plan was formulated in his head, the spring dance was coming up and he was dying to ask you out. Gathering up his courage, and taking a deep breath, he begins to ask the question that’s been killing him inside and yet keeping him alive for weeks.

“S-so, uh, (Y/N) the umm, the spring ball is, uh, is-” He stutters losing confidence after the first syllable was uttered.

“Sam,” He looks up at you, preparing himself for the rejection. “I would love to go to the spring dance with you.” A sharp intake of breath can be heard from Sam, as he stares blankly at you. Snapping out of his daze, his eyes have a spark in them that looks like something akin to new hope. Pulling you into a bone crushing hug that lifts you off the ground, you begin to laugh at his antics a wide grin plastered on your face, you never thought in your wildest dreams that he would ever ask you out and to the dance no less.“Sam, I hate to be the one to break up the hug, but my mom’s probably waiting for me.” You say a little disappointed that his arms being wrapped around you had to end do so soon. Sam releases you from his grip, a shy smile playing on his lips as he rubs the back of his neck in embarrassment. You let out a giggle your hand going to cover your mouth. “Pick me up at eight on Saturday?”

“Saturday at eight.” He confirms.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow!” You call out to him as you walk backwards away from him, before turning and running toward the school doors. When you make it to the parking lot, your hands curl up into fists, coming up to your face beginning to shake in anticipation as a girlish giggle shriek escapes your lips. Your mother’s car is waiting for you out in the parking lot, it doesn’t take long to find after all, who else in this town owns a turquoise 1969 Plymouth Road Runner Hemi. On the way to her car you notice a Black 1963 Impala, a guy who must’ve been in his 20′s was sitting inside bobbing his head up and down to whatever music was playing. Your mother honks the horn to bring you out of your staring. Opening the car door you toss your bag into the back seat, you pull on your seat belt, and let out a relaxed breath.

“Alright Kiddo, everything’s packed and ready to go!” Oh no. Whenever she used that phrasing, it mean that you were moving to a new town.

“What? Mom, we can’t go yet! Can’t we just wait till Sunday? I have a date!”

“Sorry Sugar, we have a case, something’s been terrorizing a small town in Cincinnati, Ohio” You huff in exasperation. Why couldn’t she let some other hunters handle it! Turning away from her to look out the window, you notice a certain mop of brown hair getting into the black impala from before, you give him a small wave as a final goodbye.

Sam looked for you at school the next day, and the day after that, and the day after that. He was getting worried, you weren’t one to miss school. He was so worried that he even stopped by your house on the fourth day you were missing, to see if you were sick, only to find your house completely vacant. No one at your high school ever heard from you again. A few weeks later, Sam had to move away.

The years passed by both of your lives had been hectic. Your mother had passed away two years earlier from a heart condition, since then you’ve been hunting on your own. While Sam dealt with his crazy family. A hunt popped up in your old town, people who had been working on your ten year high school reunion have begun to disappear. You received an invite a few days ago, how they found you, you’ll never know. A sigh escapes your lips at the prospect of going back to your old school, but who else is going to save the people. A certain long haired Winchester pops into your mind, eh he probably hates you for standing him up to the dance all those years ago. You flop back down on the motel bed in exasperation.

Meanwhile, in a motel room a few states over.

“Sam, I’m telling you, it’s the only way!” Dean replies to Sam’s persistent arguing.

“Ugh, fine. But you have to go to.” Sam insists. Gathering up their stuff into Duffel bags the boys head out, eventually finding a motel room on the edge of town.

The night of the reunion came far quicker than you would have liked. The worst part of this whole reunion, you know besides the monster killing people, was most definitely the theme, prom. They just had to choose prom, that meant you had to buy a dress with the money you were saving to get a few new car parts with.

So, there you were standing outside the gymnasium in a long, strapless, dark blue dress that hugged your curves, with silver rhinestones decorating the neckline. Smoothing out your dress, and fixing your hair in your compact mirror, you take a deep breath. Placing your compact in your black clutch, next to the silver knife and Tupperware full of lamb’s blood, you push through the doors, unknowingly catching the attention of a 6'4 Winchester.

Quickly going off to the side, hoping to avoid being noticed, that’s all you need for the old popular girls to get their hooks into you. Oh, they made your life Hell. Your gaze travels around the room, might as well do some people watching while you wait for the monster to show itself, you spot two men conversing by the punch bowl, the taller one has his back to you. The shorter one seems to notice your staring, and hits the moose like one in the arm, jerking his head in your general direction. It’s at this moment where you wish you could vanish into the wall, as the taller one turns his head, and you realize it’s Sam Winchester the guy who made your heart race all those years ago, and his gaze on you seems to still have the same effect on you. And oh, God, he’s coming this way!

“Uh, hi, I’m Sam, Sam Winchester.” He introduces himself

“Oh, I know who you are Sam, and I have a feeling that once I introduce myself you’re going to hate me.” You reply covering your eyes with your hand, glad for the dim lighting in the gym, so he wouldn’t he able to see your scarlet cheeks. A confused look spread across Sam’s face, there was something familiar about you, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

“Oh, really? Why’s that?” He asks in amusement.

“Well, let’s see: I had a crush on you back in the day, I’m pretty sure you had a crush on me, You asked me out to the spring dance senior year, I said yes only to never show…” A sliver a recognition crosses his features, before a small grin can be found on his face.

“Wait a minute… No, it can’t be… (Y/N)?” A laugh escapes your lips. He remembered you!

“Yeah, it’s me.”

“I-I don’t believe it! And to clear a little thing up, I was never mad at you, I was a little worried since we were friends, I mean your house was empty, and as far as I know no one ever heard from you again. To tell you the truth, I’m surprised you’re even here!“ He exclaims. You suppress a giggle by covering your mouth with your hand.

“You and me both.”

“So, if you don’t mind me asking, why did you disappear?”

“Uh, my mom had to move f-for uh, work.” It wasn’t exactly a lie, but it wasn’t the whole truth either.

A slow song begins to play, as wives grab their husband’s hands, dragging them to the dance floor. A sly smirk is etched on your lips, as you run a hand down Sam’s arm.

“You know… We never did get that dance.” A small chuckle leaves his lips as he guides you to the dance floor. You place your arms around his neck. His hands go to your waist, as you begin to sway to the music. The lyrics begin, and you start whispering them.

Heart beats fast
Colors and promises
How to be brave?
How can I love when I’m afraid to fall?
But watching you stand alone,
All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow.

One step closer

I have died every day waiting for you
Darling, don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

Your head is resting on Sam’s chest, while his chin is on the top of your head.

“For a thousand years, huh?” Sam mumbles the question, before he can really think about it.

“And a thousand more…” The lights go out completely in the gym, causing mummers to rise from the surrounding crowd. A realization passes through you both, that this must be the Djin you were hunting. You mutter an excuse about going to the ladies room, while Sam says he’s going to go see what’s wrong with the lights.

As quickly as you can in heels you rush out the doors, grabbing your black clutch from the table where you left it. Taking a prowling stance, you pen your purse, grabbing the container on lamb’s blood, and the silver knife, before stuffing your bag under your arm. You dip the blade in the blood, replacing everything in your bag, before proceeding with caution.

You follow the hallways down to the basement. Trying to make as little noise as possible while stepping down the stairs. Halfway down the steps, you stop and grab a flashlight from your purse. The dank, dark room had water dripping from the ceiling, leaving a small puddle in its wake. A shadowy figure crept up behind you, unnaturally sparkling blue eyes, glowing in the pool of dark water. You spin around, knocking the Djin’s hand away from your face. A swift punch to your gut knocks the wind out of you, making you fall on your back, the knife sliding away from your hand. The Djin makes a grab for you, you roll away from him and grab the blade off the ground. Standing up, you dodge a blow, and stab him in the stomach. He falls to the floor dead, as two sets of footsteps come rushing down the stairs. The light flicker back on, you look up from the body at your feet, to see Sam and the man you had seen him talking to earlier staring at bewildered.

“Uh…” Is the only thing that comes out of your mouth. “I-I can explain, you see I, uh, I-I don’t have a good answer, shit.” You return your gaze to the two men, to see them holding back grins. You all erupt into a fit a laughter, yours more nervous than anything.

“So, you’re a hunter too?” Sam asks after you all calm down.

“Yeah, I guess we have more in common than I thought Sam.” You reply chuckling. You both begin gazing at each other, heart rates in sync.

“Uh, I’ll go dispose of the body.” Dean states, though its barely notice by you and Sam. As if in a trance you walk closer to one another, his arms go around your waist, your hands go up to his neck to pull him closer. His lips capture yours in a sweet and gentle kiss. Your hands go up to his hair, running your fingers through it, as his grip on your waist tightens, as if he can’t get enough of you. Breaking away for air, you look into his hazel eyes, a smile, unable to contain itself finds its way onto your lips.

“Its safe to say that this is the best reunion ever.”

I’m trying to find the words to describe what I feel about this tour but.. I can’t. There’s just so much.
I remember that May 5th, I was going to bed and checking tumblr to see if there had been any news yet, but it was too early. So I woke up the next day and I remember having breakfast looking for pictures or videos. I remember being on the car on my way to school and seeing the light-up bracelets thing. I watched two videos that morning, one of them was of the whole stadium lit up, and I think the other one was of I Knew You Were Trouble. I remember I had my mouth wide open, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I also remember looping a video that had mashed up the MUCH COOLER THAN MINE and the AND WE RUUUUN every day for like two weeks lmao. And being sad “knowing” that I wouldn’t get to go to this tour just like it happened with all of the other tours.
I remember my mom saying “Caro.. I’m considering taking you to the US to see Taylor” and how much I smiled when she said those words but at the same time not getting my hopes up because I still thought it was impossible. I remember looking at the ticket prices of almost every show and trying to buy Pit tickets but not being able to. And then finding good tickets for the Miami show. I recall buying them on June 13th. Having them in my hands. I would see Taylor. I finally could say that.
I remember counting down the days. I remember checking the countdown thing I had in my phone and seeing “280 days” and suddenly it was 20 days. I remember getting on a plane knowing that I was getting closer and closer to my idol, and to my dreams coming true. I remember getting to the hotel and seeing the arena from the window, all lit up. I remember when the trucks arrived -oh my, I was dying of excitement that day. I remember the day coming closer and closer until it was the day. I was finally going to see the woman who had been my idol for more than three years. I remember going to the venue in the morning and seeing some groups of people already and my stomach felt like a rock because I was so nervous and excited. And telling my mother to wear her keds instead of the high heels she wanted to put on because it would be a long long day and we would have to run. And being at the queue of the merch shop trying to find a picture of Emma aka @taylorslistofexlovers aka my internet best friend so my mom could help me find her and suddenly hearing a loud “CARO!!” and feeling someone’s arms around me (side note: I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this). I remember meeting @miserablemagics and her squad. And finally getting into the venue and realizing it was so huge and I was in the same place as Taylor was which had never happened to me before. And going to the Taylor Nation booth and meeting Tania ( @tanialovestaylor ) and her being so nice to me. And Vance Joy playing and me starting to realize that it was about to start. I remember listening to the songs waiting for Feel so Close to come up at any minute. And talking (even more) to Emma and hugging her every two seconds because I couldn’t believe I was physically with her. I remember when Feel so Close came up -WHAT A MOMENT. I started to dance and I remember screaming to my mother things like “TAYLORS COMING OKAY” and the happiness on my mother’s face because she had always wanted me to see me happy just like in that moment (side note two: in 2013 for my birthday she posted on my facebook wall and she wrote she hoped that all my dreams came true and she specially mentioned going to Taylor’s concert someday). When Taylor came out I didn’t record it. I wanted to fully live the moment. And I did. I danced until the very end of the concert. I had fun, screamed, jumped, danced, sang. I remember her looking at me and smiling during Shake it Off. And I remember forgetting (pretty ironic, huh?) about loft all night and really enjoying the show. I seriously can’t thank Taylor enough for all of these memories I’ll always keep in my heart.
I remember sitting outside the venue and my mother wanting to get me into loft ilegally lol, and me saying “It seems like it just wasn’t meant to be mom, it’s okay. I still had the best night of my life”. And feeling kinda sad but also not being able to stop smiling because it had happened.
I recall being at the airport, with my light-up bracelet on, thinking about what had happened the night before.
Taylor, thanks for inspiring me, for giving me something so special to share with my mother, for being so nice to everyone, for always being there for me even if it’s through music, for following me on here, for making me so happy. I love you so much.
PS if any of you actually took the time to read this I love you and thank you!

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fri3dsushi(( My computer broke down OTL The short comic file is in there ; v ; I didnt want to make you wait any longer so I used another computer to do your long awaited request ; 3 ; SORRY IT TOOK ME SOOOOO LONG OTL . Hope you enjoy it ^ ^ …I’m not sure if I would finish the short comic … if you want me to, i can restart o v o ;..))

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My 13 year old sister saw little mix on the screen and asked who they were. I cackled when she said that. Just thought I’d share cause it shows how relevant little mix are to the younger population


Anonymous said:

Well, little mix won their first american award tonight. I guess all the promo, shade and stunting has worked its ‘black magic’. I’m not trying to discredit their success, but I find this pretty shady as this song basically bombed in the US.


I was surprised they came away with any award, much less Breakout Artist. I wonder what kinda deal LMHQ made to pull that off? Will LM be doing free Fox related promo for the next year? LOL

I suppose that could be part of the American marketing strategy: selling them as new artists. The TCAs would be one of those shows where that kinda trickery could be pulled off. Not so with the Grammys, for example. They have set criteria LM wouldn’t be able to skate around. 

Like I said before, I can appreciate their team finally working hard on making them happen. But still, what took them so long? Too late, imo.

In other TCA news, I was also surprised to see 1D win so many awards. Categories I didn’t even know existed. What was THAT about? We’re they trying to get them to show up? We’re they gonna show up at some point but then the idea was abandoned? We’re they just pandering to 1D’s large core fanbase?

And what was up with this acceptance speech?

4/4 can swim and 2/4 surf. Sooooo? I left my What-Message-Is-Harry-Really-Trying-To-Send decoder ring at home. LOL But that all sounds vaguely Zayn-esque to me. Maybe they were instructed not to thank him so this was their way around it? Hmmm…