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A Monster Stared Back

What if the mob had never reached Erik’s home?

Hi guys. I know I haven’t finished my other things, but I started another thing.. Let me know what you think. It’s just a one shot for the moment. Phanty belongs to Leroux & Lloyd Webber

She had placed the ring in my palm. Her two small hands had closed over my own for a single, precious moment; her touch was soft, tender- something I had seldom experienced. It was one of the few times she had willingly touched me, and we both seemed to pause slightly at the foreign sensation. A final barrier was broken between us as her hands touched mine.

The hands belonging to a man; just a man. Not a ghost, Phantom or specter.

I walked to the bank of the lake and watched her disappear from sight. I do not know what possessed me to do so. Perhaps I was a glutton for my own agony. My chest tightened as I saw her turn back briefly. Our eyes met for a second or two, and then she looked forward once more. Something I would never be able to do.

My fingers still closed around the ring she had given me, I sat down, allowing the tears to freely fall now that Christine was not around to see them. My home had never felt so empty- the oppressive silence was almost too much to bear. How had I lived like this for so long?

The silence was strange tonight though, given everything that had happened above ground. I would have expected some callers by now; the mob, the authorities… or both. Standing up and stashing the ring in my pocket, I waded once more into the murky water before me and peered as far as I could through the tunnel.

Nothing… Not a sound. No yells of impending doom, no distant flashes of light to signify torches approaching… nothing at all. My home was difficult to find, I had made it so, but after all the chaos and destruction I had caused, I was sure that someone would have found me on hatred or revenge alone.

Perhaps Madame Giry had drawn them away, or perhaps she had set her daughter the task. Part of me was relieved by the idea that I would be able to stay where I was and wallow in the grief that was suffocating me with each passing minute, that at least I would have my routine and security… my safety, but the other part told me that I needed to leave… one way or the other. I had either to submit myself to the mob, or the authorities and whatever they had in store, or I had to take my future into my own hands and walk away. Walk away from it all. Whatever that meant…

Everything in this Opera house would now remind me of Christine, the way I had treated her and the person… the monster I had become in the end.

Unceremoniously wiping my nose with my sleeve, I waded back to the shore. I bent down and picked up her veil, placing it back on the mannequin. It used to sit atop the mannequin’s head comfortably, but now it seemed so out of place. It did not belong there anymore. It belonged with Christine.

I decided to leave the portcullis up. For whoever found me in the end deserved the right to justice or revenge… they seemed interchangeable now. What did I have to live for now? I still had my music, but Christine was my music. She was my muse, and for the last few years, she and music had gone hand in hand in my mind. How was I to separate the two?

Another day passed.

Another day of agony…

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Bigger Office

Working for a major company had its perks, corner office, great views and of coarse, the interns. Usually only get two or three of them at time to handle, each of them very eager to please… very eager.

Interns wont say a word about mistreatment or abuse, and that just the way I like it. heck I remember even making a few of them wash me down from from my broad muscle shoulders to the bottom of my feet, and you better believe I made them wash my cock, several times. watching their hands going across every fiber of muscle that was on my 7ft 2 body was ecstasy It was a new day, fresh intern was waiting for me in the lobby, through out all my exploits I had never had sex with one, and I had decided that this one was going to be the one. 

at first glance he wasn’t much to look at, very scrawny, almost baby like face as well as short blond hair, it didn’t even look like he had gone through puberty yet but on his form it said he was around twenty four. he was eager to please and very nervous, any mistake he made was met with “im sorry” about 10 times. after watching his tight ass bend over for me so many god damn times I swore he was doing it just to tease me, it was time I made a move. 

There was only one problem… my cock its not a usual size, its… colossal, gigantic even, so much so I had to order custom underwear to fit its girth and wear several pairs as to not have a distinct bulge out in public. it was as big as my four arm and the head was as thick as a cola bottle was wide and thats just when its soft! There was no way his scrawny ass was going to fit it, it had to be trained. I have had several instances were I have had to rush my partner to hospital to get my cock removed from his rear end, I swear he said he could handle it, not my fault he was too tight for my beastly member. 

I looked online for a solution, butt plugs were an option but thats a slow process of getting him used to a certain size before moving up. time I didn’t have patience for, I could feel my own cock fighting the fabric of my pants, wanting to be free and to be buried deep inside him. I stroked it through the fabric and bit my lip as I scrolled through pages and pages of sex products. Eventually I found the perfect one… some kind of experimental hardware that lets the butt plug expand while inside, the perfect solution! I ordered over night delivery, deciding against touching myself that night, I could feel my balls swelling, churning with enough cum to over full a bucket. 

I ordered him to my office first thing in the morning, my cock just about ready to explode at this point, not even trying to cover up the bulge I stood at my desk proudly as the fabric lost some stitching to the strain of my erection. 

“S-sir you wanted to see me?” he said his cheeks blushing as he glanced down towards my crotch. “yes well, to be in this sort of business you need endurance… and I have devised the perfect way for you to learn some” I gripped his shoulder tightly, most of my hand seemed to be spilling off his shoulder though, man was this guy tiny compared to me! I moved him to my desk and gently yet forcefully bent him over, I didnt feel any resistance from him, but even if he did, I doubt I would even feel it. “… how about you be a good boy for your big boss and lower those pants?”

he let out an audible gulp as he pulled them down, revealing his big bubble butt towards me connected to two spindly legs. I grabbed the device out of my pocket before gently pressing it into his anus, he let out a moan and seemed to be pushing his rear into it, forcing the butt plug into his virgin anus before panting. “God you took that one like a pro… I bet you’ve shoved things up here before huh?” I could see him nodded before he glanced back at me, begging me to do more to him with those big eyes of his, between his legs his cock seemed to be fully hard and dripping. 

“what… oh god its so tight and… b-big” he whimpered. “boy you have no idea what big is” I finally pulled down my own pants, unleashing the beast, letting out an aggressive moan as it hit against his balls, nearly lifting him off the ground. “THAT… is BIG”

“theres… no way that thing will fit! its bigger then my fist!!” “never say never…” I said and with that I switched on the plug, seeing a blue glowing light from within it start whirling as the butt plug started to widen inside him, his anus spreading apart slowly as he let out orgasmic moans, cumming onto my cock instantly. “I dont see why your the only one who is getting pleasure… see that cock down there? you want that job don you? see if you can fit it into your mouth” he bent down resting his body on the cock as he put his lips around it and started to suck lovingly on the tip, it was all that could fit in. I grabbed the back of his head, palming it like a basket ball before using my muscle to force him down further onto it, he tried to shout but it was blocked by the beastly meat throbbing in his mouth, threatening to break his jaw. 

My cock began to feel strain, like it was fighting something. as I looked across his back I could see… muscle, muscle I had not noticed before. I was sure he was just skinny and not lean. with my head clouded it was hard to see that he was… he was growing! his shoulders snapped into a larger frame, becoming broader and larger, his body began to surge with rippling muscles as my cock strained to keep his feet off the ground. his head beginning to fight my own grip as he seemed to just well larger and larger, his bubble butt ramming into me with now two slabs of rock hard ass cheeks into my muscled gut. “what… what on earth!? I have to… have to…” my mind was lost, his body weighing down on my member was incredible, feeling his thighs thickening rubbing against it with every pulse and twitch, soon his huge feet touched the ground  as he struggled to bend over, his muscles forcing him up to stand, his head rising above mine as he slowly turned around. his chest nearly pushing me over as he flexed them, swelling over his chin as he stared down at me. 

“oh god this is fantastic, my body feels…. ugh… amazing… god your getting so tiny down there… my muscles are just… keep making me feel like im going to explode but… they just keep GROWING”. I backed up, the once twinkish boy that walked into my office was now a towering beast of muscle, his body continuing to swell and pump up before me, his legs and feet damageing the concrete as he walked towards me, his cock stretching out further and further, thickening even bigger then my own! his clothes ripped and tore to shreds he kept swelling and moaning, his body just getting out of control. his shoulders and back hit the roof of my office as his voice lowered into a guttural roar. 

Narrowing my eyes I dived between his legs, now forced apart by how much muscle he was carrying and it was only getting worse. I turned around and looked at his ass, seeing the butt plug still expanding within him, somehow affecting his body. I knew I had to get it out! I wrapped my hands around the device and started to pull on it, he laughed and moaned “what TOO BIG TO HANDLE!?” he clenched his butt cheeks nearly crushing my hands, but crushing the end of the plug, the plug now lost inside him and still going. in fact I could hear it whirl up, speeding up like a turbine on a jet engine.  his arms exploded in size, reaching the floor before the rest of him, every inch of him was just exploading in rapid succession growing larger and larger , his pecks so large he couldnt even see over them anymore. He was so heavy that he broke through the floor falling down to the bottom level with a thud that shook the entire block. 

I sighed in relief before hearing something… boom… boom… boom… the whole building was shaking, he was still growing! bursting through one floor at a time as his shoulders and back muscles so big they shot through the ground of my office first before I saw his face, covered in veins as he struggled to contain himself “this is all your fault… im getting so fucking gigantic im practically a fucking GOD. You thought that fall would of killed me didnt you fucker… oh how you were wrong… why dont you be a good former boss and stroke yourself for me! Yeah thats it, get off to your new boss. no your new GOD” his voice sounding like thunder as he tore what was left of the building, my small body only safe between his solid pecs as I had to obey his orders. his body continued to swell above the city casting a long shadow across it as he started to jerk himself off, his arms only jut barely able to touch his massive cock that was getting longer then he was tall! his balls on the other hand were so large that buildings bellow him were getting erased by their swelling. the military and government were powerless to stop him, having to accept that his growth was unstoppable.

Hey guys, hope you like this one. its been a while since ive wrote another one of these. I dont think ill be uploading them to my JackFrostBow account and leave that to just pixel art, I might start a dedicated muscle growth tumblr where I just post my stories on hyper guys and them growing, depending on how you guys react to this one. let me know what you guys think!

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Crush (and why): oh, I have a REALLY BIIIIIIIIIIG CRUSH on Lysander 🙀 oh boi, where do I start… At first I thought he was a ghost… yeah, that’s very common when you first meet someone xD I was very curious about him, and some day he offered to help me with a class. Woah, you should see him talk about poetry, hes very passionate. Evenually I fell in love, I don’t know how, he’s very sweet and caring, and talented, and funny, and intelligent and patient and …

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite band/singer: I love jazz, and I love Bill Evans 

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First Kiss: Once I met this guy in the beach… what was his name… Dake! I was soooooo bored and he showed up and offered me an ice-cream (lololol saying it like that it seems like I would go with any guy who offered me sweets xDD). He told me if I would like to go surfing and it seemed fun. By that time I had just moved to the city so I was kinda alone. He kissed me and it was okay, but I didn’t see him again so I forgot about that (the ice-cream was really good though)

Make a Wish just for yourself: I want to travel to space someday ~

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Gas Station-Fluff Friday

Sakura glared at the crack in her rearview mirror and reached for it again, angeling it to see higher into the back of her skeleton rig. She was supposed to be empty, towing nothing, but the back still dragged with an extra weight. She felt it in the drifts, when she turned into the winds and expected to fight the gusts, her backend stayed down like it was filled with fuel, and now she was hearing things from back there.

Marauders from the dunes? She hadn’t stopped since the Avalon Alcove, an oasis colony hidden deep in the earth, but knew that passing through the dunes was to risk an encounter with the sand riders and the sand people. She didn’t doubt some of them were talented enough to sneak up behind her rig and attach themselves to her rear with a little help.

Of all rides to pick up trouble!

Sakura turned hard to the side and then countered to send her back end careening sideways, nearly tipping. If someone was hiding in the back fuel tank they would be sorely tossed. 

Parked, she ripped out the wheel to her rig and latched it onto the back of her belt buckle, clicking it into the komodo dragon armor that moved over her backside like living scales. She slid from the driver’s seat like her armor’s namesake and stalked around her rig like a snake.

She leveled a sawed off double barrel with her left hand and kicked off the latch. The metal came away shirking on hinges until it banged into the side and bounced before settling. A pair of blinking eyes stared up into the light of the afternoon sun, haloed around her hooded face, while a third face turned away entirely.

Sakura had been right about the stowaways, wrong about the sand people theory.

One of the males groaned and shrank further back, hiding his face behind gold shackles. Sakura’s eyes went to what little was left of their clothing and cursed out loud when she recognized the court attire of seraglio boys and the gold ink tattoos.


Sakura kept her gun close to her hand, set across her lap and she reclined against the base of a ruin while the boys ran out to stretch their legs. The blond one had too much energy and, like a mutt, needed to be walked regularly. She called him mutt in her head, even though he had told her his name after their discovery. She hated to admit how quickly she had forgotten it.

Off to the side the one with teased black hair, styled in a way that set him aside from the common, starving boys, crossed his arms at Mutt’s excitement and scowled. Beside him the other dark hair lad smiled in a stiff manner and offered some words of advice? Sakura couldn’t read lips, but even if she could she wouldn’t have cared enough to eavesdrop.

“Sakura!” the blond screamed for her across the dirt. She tensed on reflex and readied her shotgun, eyes roving behind the vizor she hadn’t removed since the day before when she found them.

One of the two boys hit the blond and cursed at him. “You’re going to get shot that way.”

“What?” Sakura gruffly interjected, standing from her crouch under the shade of the ruined wall.

She kept her gun in hand never the less, just in case they decided they could drive her rig without her. Just because she had let them live and agreed to take them where she was going didn’t mean she trusted them to not slit her throat in her sleep. She wished she had Karin with her as a second.

“I’m hungry. When do we get to eat again?” he chirped, sounding more cherry than the other two.

“We just ate.”

“Y-yeah, but that was breakfast. What about lunch?”  His smile seemed to dim as he looked behind him at the other two only to see their blank stares. There was no back up there. “Whhhat?” he whined, dragging out the sound of the word.

“Where do you think the food is coming from, idiot?” the boy with the chicken butt hair hissed.

“B-but I’m hungry.”

The mutt’s blue eyes had the audacity to waste water in emotion.

“You should have thought about that before you decided to joyride in the back of my rig for a jaunt.” Sakura took a half step back adjusting the weight of her body so that it was more evenly distributed and balanced. She could spring any direction in a moment If she needed to.

The blond looked down, rightly chastised. It was enough to make her almost regret her stern tone, so she looked away, off to where she parked her rig. Shielding her eyes through her visor with a hand above her covered brow she muttered under her breath. “I don’t swing by the oasis for weeks. How do you think you’ll get back?”  

“We’re not going back,” the last boy stated, hearing her when she was sure none of them would. His words made the others perk up.

“That’s what you say,” Sakura groused, stalking off towards her rig. The three started to trail after her. “But I’ve never heard of this Kakashi fellow you’re all looking for and I’ve a living to make. You should have planned better.”

“There will be someone who knows. He is skilled. He will find us.”

Sakura looked back, trying to match the voice with the face. It was hard to tell them apart sometimes even though they looked so different, but she was sure it was the stupid hair boy that said that last part.

“What the hell are your names again?” she asked, hoping she would remember this time.

“Naruto!” the blond cheered before either of his companions could open their mouths. He jumped up and pointed to the other two. “This is Sasuke!”


“And this asshole is Sai.”

“You can call the blonde dickless, he’s still a virgin.”

The blond turned bright red and started to squawk and yell while Sakura rolled her eyes behind her visor and turned back to her rig, not caring how they treated each other. Sasuke was the first to follow her, but Sai and Naruto were close behind, the latter running ahead of them all.

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red in the face | shawn mendes

requested by anonymous

word count: 1,421
author’s note: sorry this took so long, anon!! hope u enjoy <33333 also, disclaimer: since i am shawn-focused, i have no idea which of these boys have girlfriends or not, so some of this might be vague of inaccurate, but i tried my best!!

Your name: submit What is this?

You would never, ever admit it out loud, but sometimes you did it on purpose.
You just couldn’t help yourself; seeing the way it made his jaw lock in place, the way his fists clenched and his eyes blazed impossibly brighter - it sent a thrill racing down your spine, cool and fast.
And Shawn was usually pretty laid-back, and difficult to provoke like that. So jealousy wasn’t a trick you pulled out often, but rather one you saved for perfect opportunities, for times when it was oh-so-easy to make him squirm.
And squirm he did.

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Stay down

+ Luke smut +

Its been four months since you last saw him, today was the day the wwa tour finally got over.

Your P.O.V.

I stayed up waiting for Luke to come home, their flight must have been delayed. I fell asleep, only to be woken up by his soft breath on the back of my neck. My eyes shot open and widened in excitement, I grabbed his waist and hugged him tightly. I had been longing his scent for way too long.

“Have you missed me?” he whispered into the crook of my neck. “Too much” I locked my hands around the back of his neck. He grabbed my thighs, lifting me off the ground as my legs wrapped tightly around his waist. I knew what he wanted. Our lips locked as his tongue slowly licked the top of my lips before our tongues met. He groaned as I  ran my fingers through his hair. He tasted so damn good. 

Without hesitation he lay me down on the bed and fumbled while taking his belt off. I slipped off my jeans and sweater quickly and threw them across the room. Our lips met yet again as he ground his ever growing bulge against the inside of my thigh. “Wait!” I moaned out. “Tonight is all about you baby….Get down”

He lay beneath me. I was now straddling him. I slipped his boxers off revealing his throbbing erection. It questioned me how he got so hard without me even touching him. He really must’ve missed me. With that thought in mind, I smirked and layed delicate kisses across his stomach and up his thighs.

“Ughh, stop being such a tease and suck me already!” he angrily moaned. I took him in my mouth and swirled my tongue around his tip. “Please” he whimpered. I took him in as far as I could gagging and sending vibrations throughout him. I pumped with my hand, whatever I couldn’t fit in my mouth. I don’t think I would ever get used to how big he is. “B-baby, I-I’m c-close” he struggled to mutter. I took him out and released my grip.

“What are you doing?” he questioned. I licked a bold stripe up his centre smirking at him. "Ughh please don’t do that" “No” I said simply. He quickly flipped me over coming face to face with my pantie clad core. I could see the excitement on his face, like a little boy in a candy store. He slipped off my panties. “Babe your so wet!” He gently licked my clit up and down. “Please Luke” I begged.

“Payback” he said. After teasing me for a little more time he gave into my begging and thrust a finger in. I threw my head back as he increased his speed. ‘Wow guitarists do finger fast’ I thought to myself. He pulled out and grabbed the familiar foil packet from the bedside table. He ripped it open with his teeth and rolled it down his throbbing hard length.  He lined himself at my entrance and whispered an ‘I love you’ before thrusting in slowly, filling me completely. We both groaned. It had been such a long time.

I moaned as waves of pleasure began to build up inside of me. The sound of my screams, filled the room. He looked so beautiful crumbling above me. This was my favourite state of Luke. I cupped his cheek and stroked it gently. It was getting increasingly warm in the room now. Luke’s hair was stuck on his forehead. “Why are you crying baby?” He asked. I didn’t even realize I was crying until he brought one hand to wipe away my tears. Our lips connected once more and I could feel my salty tears in the kiss. He pulled apart and I saw a single tear roll down his cheek. He had a twinkle in his eyes as he stared at me. 

I closed my eyes and turned my head away. “Look at me baby” he moaned out. I looked at his blue orbs and got lost in them once again. I raised my hips up, wanting a release more than ever. “Stay…..down” he choked out as he grabbed my hips and held me down. He gave a few more deep thrusts as we came undone together. He pulled out and rolled onto the bed next to me. 

Our breaths were heavy and we were both glistening with sweat. He pulled me closer to him with one hand and I rested my head against his chest. “Why were you crying?” I asked him. “Don’t even bother lying, I saw you” I added after that. 

“To see you crying, struck something in me and I knew that your the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with. At that moment, to know that I was making love with the woman I want to grow old with is was….breathtaking. To know that you love me as much as I love you is an indescribable feeling. I never thought I would ever find such love. I know that we’re still very young but there’s no one else in the world. Your my missing piece, my other half. I love you Y/N. And I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Marry me maybe?“ 

"Oh luke, of course I will marry you! I love you so goddamn much.” I kissed him passionately. I pulled away and cuddled into his side. “Goodnight soon to be Mrs.Hemmings” he said. “Goodnight baby” you sighed and went to sleep with the man of your dreams.

Summertime NSFW

 It had been a sweltering hot as the team made there way to the local ice cream shop. Star was bouncing as her pink tank top clung to her perfect figure. She was humming a new song as she swayed back and forth. Dick was beside her looking like had better things to do. He held Stars hand looking like he was trying keeping his annoyance down.

Raven wore a blue Navy dress and a pair of black flats she sighed and looked towards her boyfriend . “You going to behave?” She asked.

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You have a much younger sibling(s) (SEVENTEEN)

Your sibling is under 10 years old 

Y/B/N= your brother’s name

Y/S/N= your sister’s name

S.Coups: -you took your 6 year old brother to one of their practices as Seungcheol saw that Y/B/N was dancing trying to copy the move. Seungcheol wanted your brother to love him- “hey little man do you want to learn the moves? I can teach you”

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Jeonghan: -your 9 year old sister loved his hair and playing with it. Jeonghan came over for a movie night with you. You guys were alone so you enjoyed the alone time with a little making out when your sister came into the livingroom. ‘Angel can I do your hair?’ she asked he pulled away from you awkwardly and looked at her not being able to resist her- “um sure sweetie”

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Joshua: -your brother had a guitar since he was 2 but wasn’t allowed to play with it til his 7th birthday last week just so he wouldn’t break the expensive gift. Joshua offered to teach him mainly so that he could come over and see you but got really into teaching him. Today he was teaching Y/B/N how to tune it properly- “oh that sounds off doesn’t it. We should fix that”

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Jun: -Y/S/N repeated a lot of things at 8 years old many things she didn’t understand, you and Jun had gotten the “talk” from your parents about being safe and she must have been listening. So when the 3 of you were alone she opened her mouth ‘do you and Y/N have sex?’ she asked making you choke on your drink and him very shocked- “excuse me young lady where did you hear that word?”

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Hoshi: -your brother was 2 days old and Soonyoung was already wanting to take him. So the first time you got to hold him Soonyoung was in your face looking down at him. Your brother was giving him a blank look- “Y/N is there something wrong with Y/B/N? He doesn’t seem happy to see me does he know I’m going to be in his life forever yet?”

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Wonwoo: -she was a mini you but she was much more blunt. So when Wonwoo came over she got in his face ‘why don’t you smile more? Doesn’t Y/N make you happy?’ she glared at him when- “Y/S/N did you take your nap today? You’re usually not this rude to me so I’m curious”

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Woozi: -your twin brothers were 7 and they often wanted to do was wrestle Jihoon when he came over. You were always worried because they never played fair, he got bit and scratched a few times but still came over. You warned him about they were in a destroy everything mood today- “thanks babe I’ll be ready to die then”

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DK: -your sister recently learned how to crawl and really got into the groove of it. When Seokmin invited you to practice he got the bonus of Y/S/N as well. Instead of them focusing on practice they played cute little nursery rhythms and had her crawl around to everyone. But of course she kept crawling toward Seokmin- “well hello Y/S/N look at you getting all around. I’m very proud of you”

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Mingyu: -your 10 year old brother had been begging Mingyu to play basketball with him since the 3rd time he came over. Even though he came over to see you he knew your brother was also important to you- “yeah sure big guy as long as you go easy on me alright? I’m not as good as you are”

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The8: -it was your sister’s 1st birthday and Minghao bought her expensive toys and clothes. She had no idea what was going on but she smiled at him and played with the paper- “oh my Y/S/N is the most precious thing to enter the Earth since you baby”

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Seungkwan: -the two boys were two peas in a pod to the point Y/B/N considered Seungkwan his best friend. You took him everywhere with you so that he could hang out with his best friend. But Y/B/N got jealous at a signing and Seungkwan could hear him but couldn’t see him- *gif*

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Vernon: -everytime he came over when it was late, your 4 year old sister made Vernon carry her to bed and read her a story. You always apologized for her doing that but he liked it- “it’s fine baby Y/S/N is cute and I can’t help the Y/L/N ladies find me irristiable”

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Dino: -your brother was only 5 months old and Chan was so addicted to the chubby little baby. He felt so grown up when your parents left you two alone with him for a bit- “look at Y/B/N he’s so cute why can’t he stay like this forever?”

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anonymous asked:

The scene which focused on lance's shooting had me shook,, now we all know hes a good sharpshooter and that he has EXPERIENCE. His posture was professional and focused and he looked he was confident in what he was doing. What i rly want to know was how he learned to shoot like that. Was it in the garrison?? Was he the best marksman?? Hes clearly rly good- I wanna see him training and blasting targets. I want to know everything abt sniperlance!! (so i searched up sniperlance and wound up here)

Oh my god right??? I was tearing up and sobbing during that scene because my boy!!! My fave!!!! Finally got to look like a badass and he was so calm and collected I just. And the way the music dropped right before he took the shot??? B o y. I like to headcanon he’s so good at sharpshooting because he grew up playing with nerf guns with his siblings and since he’s a competitive little shit he made sure he was good at it. But learning to refine his skills at the Garrison isn’t such a far stretch, since its a military college. (I can’t believe I, sniperlance, was on the new season of voltron. I feel so blessed :P)((welcome to the blog!!))

Yeah... No. ~all boys~

Y/B/N means your boys name. :)

I was walking home with my grocerys ready to watch some Netflix.

“Damn babygirl. What that mouth do?” I hear yelled from across the street. Typically they tell you keep your head down and walk faster. I’m not typical.

“Tell everyone about how small your dick is” I tell back waving. Boys just don’t learn. I constantly tell them, I don’t wanna cuff. They all think they can change my mind in “just one night”. Pfft yeah right.

I walk up the stairs to my apartment passing the group of guys that live across from me.

“Hey. Y/N. I heard you yell at those creeps. You’re pretty funny.” Said Y/B/N. Him and his friends are always hitting on me. But I will admit they’re parties are hella fun.

“Thanks. Can’t have random pervs at my doorstep” I say continuing to my door.

“Hey wait up.” He say jogging up to me. “How about you and me at 7. I’ll pick you up and take you out. ” he says smirking.

“Yeah… No. ” I said shaking my head. Why would would I want to go on a date with a fuckboi. I’ve seen him at parties. I see the girls that leave that apartment. It’s disgusting I’ll be damned if I be that.

“What? Why not?” He said shocked and hurt.

“Because I said no. I see the girls that walk out of your apartment. Youre a straight fuckboy. And as I’ve said before. I don’t cuff. I’m not going to wast either of our time. Have a good night.“ I say slipping into my apartment. He was cute, no doubt about that but, did I want to get involved. The more I think about he more my answer becomes yes.

*A few days later*

I walked out of my front door locking it. I took a look around expecting to see the boys. To my dismay I didn’t. It’s was Friday so I knew someone was having a party. I’d been to every single one of their houses(via invite to these famous parties). I took the elevator to the ground floor. I was on my way to the mall. I was going to take my car today because I live fairly far from the mall. As I step out side I see all the boys sitting on the steps.

Now was my chance. I took a seat right next to Jack.

“Hey Y/B/N. What’s up?” I say smirking in his direction.

“Oh um. Nothing. Just chilling. I guess. You?” He says.

“I was thinking. Who’s house is the party at tonight?” I say looking around at all of them. Sammy raises his hand.

“Cool. I’ll see ya there.” I stand up and bend down to Y/B/N ear. “Come alone”. I stand up and get ready for the party.

They don’t call me Tease for nothing.

The party was lit and it just started. Sammy told me his friend was DJing this party. Dillion I think his name was. He was good.

I poured me a drink and looked around the crowd. I didn’t see Y/B/N. Then I felt someone out there arm around my waist.

“Wanna dance.” it was him. I smiled and nodded.

We got to the dance floor and I started grinding on him. I took a few more sips of my drink, knowing I was going to need it for what I was about to do next. I turned around so me and Y/B/N were chest to chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and put my lips close to his ear.

“I bet I look real good in this dress? Huh? Did you know I wore it just for you.” I say looking in his eyes. There were as dark as a midnight sky and to be honest they excited me. He leaned in to try and kiss me.

“Oh no honey. Not yet. You can touch me later. ” I then walked back to the kitchen to get myself another drink and calm down. It was kinda mean. Leaving him there on the dance floor all by himself. I just prayed other girls didn’t come up to him.

I got lost in my thoughts when I felt a breath on my neck.

“Did you think that shit was funny?” Y/B/N said pressing me against him. All I could do was let out a whimper.

“Yeah. Didn’t think so. Now come on. We’re going home.” He said grabbing my hand.

“But I don’t want to.” I say. I look over and see one of my friends walk in. “I wanna stay here with Danny.” I say hugging Danny. I look up at Y/B/N. He just took my wrist and dragged me out he door.

“no more teasing tonight” he said kissing me while pulling into his car.

What the fuck is that. I open one of my eyes and see the fucking sun coming into my room. Wait. This isn’t my room. I look over and see Y/B laying asleep. He looked peaceful and content. I quietly cursed myself for sleeping with him. My headache was killing me. I got up and quietly tip-toed around looking for my clothes. It proved harder because his furniture was in the weirdest places. Then it hit me. We fucked everywhere in here. On literally everything. I smiled to myself but hit my hip on his dresser. If that didn’t wake him up I’m sure the grunts of pain and cussing did.

“Y/N?” He said sitting up rubbing his eyes. “What are you doing. Just come back to bed. We’ll go get breakfast later once this raging hangover stops.

I sigh. It was never supposed to be like this. But I was too hungover to care. I threw on one of his shirts from his floor and crawled back in bed. As soon as I got under the covers he pulled me into him.

Maybe I could get used to this.

A/N: sorry this took so long to make. This is my first imagine on tumblr. I have some stuff in wattpad.

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Jungkook x Reader

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A prompt given to me by my friend that I wanted to do. So, here I am. With a fluffy Jungkook fic. Except I played around with the prompt lmao.

Prompt: Jungkook is at a café with Tae and he sees the reader with a friend. He doesn’t know why but he keeps staring at the reader because they’re just so good looking. Of course, his shyness gets the best of him so he doesn’t do anything but the reader notices that he just keeps looking.


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anonymous asked:

So my white friend has been saying that she likes b*ghead bc it's a comfort ship to her, she can see herself in them, etc. She then told me that she doesn't like Archie and said he's a play boy and counted gr*ndy in his """conquest list""" and it really got me mad bc I relate a lot to Archie bc I went through a similar experience with an adult when I was younger and I felt like she was saying that the same thing could be applied to me (part 1)

(part 2) so now I totally am indifferent to her saying “oh b*ghead is my comfort ship!!!” And I don’t want to be mean but I literally don’t care?? And the more she tries to say that, the more it annoys me???? And idk what to do lol what r your thoughts

first of all yikes?? i’m sorry you have to deal with that because it just sounds like she’s completely invalidating your feelings to try and defend her shitship. and that whole situation is. really Gross. 
if you haven’t yet and feel comfortable talking about it with her, maybe explain that archie’s situation is personal to you and that it actually hurts you when she says that stuff because maybe she doesn’t realize it’s actually a serious thing?
and if she does know, she’s being a shitty friend and you have every right to be mad when she talks about the ship, like. you’re definitely allowed to be annoyed because it sounds like she’s not considering your feelings at all and being really selfish.

mccrum  asked:

Prompt: Tattoo Artist!Hanzo opens his own shop and a local biker gang named "Overwatch" start getting tattoo's here. McCree's plan for a tattoo gets thrown away as soon as he sees Hanzo and now he needs to get the biggest tattoo he can afford so he can go see Hanzo a lot.

I’m so so sorry this took so long to answer i couldn’t think of anything for a long time and 2 b honest i still didn’t really think of anything good but i tried to throw something together!! its probably not what you wanted at all but i was really struggling with it i guess also i did blackwatch instead of overwatch. here it is. also its short. sorry.

“My boy here has never been inked,” Reyes teased, giving Jesse a light shove. “Think you can set him up with something?”

“Right. You called in with Hanzo,” huffed the secretary. “Walk round back.”

Reyes stayed behind; McCree slipped to a back room. A young man crouched over a customer’s shoulder, telling McCree to wait one moment without even looking back. Behind hair dark as the night, an incredibly detailed lotus flower was painted on skin, on her back, right below the neck. He took a moment to study it, to admire it. The artist mumbled something to the woman, and she strode out with a nod and a thank you. “May I help you?” the artist spoke, and Jesse was brought back to earth. Somewhat. Hanzo’s feature matched that of his artwork.

“Pardon me,” he started. “Was told you’d help me with a design. Didn’t mean to intrude.”

“It was no trouble,” he assured, gesturing for him to sit. “Do you have an idea in mind?”

“Some,” he blinked. “Might need your advice.”

“Let’s start with where. How big?”

Jesse’s throat went dry. “‘M sorry?”

“Where do you want the tattoo?” Hanzo clarified; Jesse exhaled.

“Depends,” McCree stammered. “How much of your time can I take?”

“As much as it takes,” he said. “What you can afford.”

“Maybe I should get something big. Wouldn’t mind comin’ in to see you again,” he answered shamelessly, then caught himself, “but I wouldn’t want to burden you either.”

“This is literally my job,” Hanzo blinked. “I’m not certain what you mean.”

McCree sighed with a blush. “‘M sorry. Makin’ a fool of myself here; I’ve never done this before.”

“Then maybe you should start smaller?” he suggested. “Or if you’re too hesitant, you can always leave to think on it.”

“I think the boys would kill me if I came out with nothin’.”

“Would you like to look at my book?”

McCree agreed and started skimming through the pages. “Hell,” he said.

“What?” Hanzo shrunk.

“These are goddamn beautiful,” McCree whistled. “You’re really somethin’.”

“I- thank you,” he replied with a small smile.

They continued with unrelated topics: where was Hanzo from, why was McCree here, when Hanzo started doing tattoos. Hanzo looked down at his book and reminded himself where he was.

“Ah- I’m sorry. I have to cut this short,” Hanzo frowned. “I’ve talked away our time.”

“That was my fault. Don’t worry your pretty little head,” McCree smiled. “I would’a stopped you if I wanted to stop.”

“If you’d like to talk more…” Hanzo blushed, scribbling on the back of a business card. “This is my personal number. If you’d like to talk about your commission, you’d better stick to the number on the front.”

Hanzo slid the slip of paper across the table, watching Jesse blink, dumbfounded. “Oh,” he finally said. “Oh! Ah, shit. I mean. Thank you kindly.”

“I apologize if I’m making you uncomfortable, I just –”

“No, darlin’. You saved me the trouble,” McCree grinned. “I’ll call you and see when you ain’t working. Maybe grab coffee. That sound alright with you?”

“I would like that,” he beamed. “And the tattoo?”

“We’ll talk on it. Over coffee.”


Some random starter pics from LIWHO2 this weekend. Paul was fab and loved the b-day gift i got him (nearly making him cry has become my official pastime??). 

Shout out to Joan for taking the excellent BTS’s pic of me getting my Golic pic - the camera guy took forever to actually take the pic so we both lost the faces we were making by the time the camera clicked…but you can see it here!

He got realllly excited by my Golic shirt and said he wants one for his boys to wear XD (That’s him asking if i’ve got a spare for him) if i decide to go to another con i know what i’ve got to make next time XD


Before you
I was drawn to boys with light eyes
for it was what I knew best
but then you came along and you opened my eyes
to a world
of dark brown eyes
long nights
and countless cries

Before you
I never knew what it was like to be in love
I thought I felt it with another
but it seemed as though he loved me more than I loved him
(though I never even loved him at all)
but then you came along and you opened my heart
and I fell in love in the way that I read my favorite books
slowly at first
but then little by little
all at once
until it was I
who loved you more
than I was loved in return

Before you
I viewed the boys in my life
as pure perfection
only to later learn that they were far from it
but then you came along and you opened my mind
I delved into your heart and took in your flaws
like your indecisiveness
and your mood swings
and your lack of assertion
and I loved you all the more for this
(though I share these flaws and they are everything I hate in myself)

Before you
I never knew what heartbreak was
I was always the one to move on too quickly
and to leave boys heartbroken
but then you came along and you broke my heart
and every day I see you with her
I’m rendered clueless
as to if I would’ve been better without you.
—  k.s, a letter to B (part VI)
Tainted Part 1 (Sam Wilkinson)

“You stupid bitch!” He screamed, grabbing my hair and slamming my head against the wall. I cried out in pain as he grabbed my neck from behind and and started choking me.

“Will you ever disrespect me again?” He sneered into my ear, every second he held onto me he squeezed tighter, slowly cutting off my oxygen supply.

“No, Tyler. I’m sorry. Please let go I can’t breathe.” I choked.

I tried to shake out of his grip but I felt my self slowly slipping my eyes watering because of the pressure against throat. Just as I thought I was gonna pass out he let go. He turned me around and pushed my face up so I was looking in his eyes.

“Don’t you ever fucking embarrass me like that again, Lina” he whispered, he inched closer to me and placed a soft kiss on my jaw, I flinched and turned away. He clenched his hand around my arm and squeezed.

“Please let go Ty, you’re hurting me.” I pleaded, crying but he only looked at me with disgust and anger.

He eased his grip around my throat and threw me  to the floor, I landed on my side with a loud thud. He walked to where I was laying on the ground and began kicking me. Each kick came with a harsh word that cut into my skin.




“Fucking bitch”

He picked my limp almost lifeless and threw me on the bed causing my knee to connect with the frame. I tried not scream to make him come after me so I just hissed and clenched my teeth so hard until I heard his footsteps recede to the other side of my bedroom.

“Fine, act that way I was only trying to apologize.” he said as he reached the door and sauntered off.

I got up and examined the damages. I had a greenish blue bruise forming beside my lips and red marks around my throat from where he strangled me to near unconsciousness.

I limped toward my dresser and took out the most important thing in my life. My journal.

I began to scribbled away all the physical pain turning to emotional turmoil. Everything I flipped through these pages every horrid memory of that monster flashed back to me and I wanted to die. Every slap. Every punch. Every kick. Every cruel word and every threat. All chipped away at me. Leaving me bare.

I began writing and my mind run wild. A part of me telling me I didn’t deserve this the other telling me it was karma for all the horrible things  I did.

I closed my journal and his it under the bible, my mother kept in every room, in the bottom drawer of my dresser. I didn’t see the point of owning a bible, not even that can help me escape this boy.

I slowly got up and made my way to the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothes that were sticking to me and took a shower. Washing away the dirt and pain. The hot water gently caressing my bruised knee.

After I was done I hobbled out of the shower and into my b from where I changed into some cotton shorts and a Metallica shirt my dad gave me.

I slowly got into bed and just as I was slowly drifting away a single tear dropped from the corner of my eye gently matting my pillow.

This happened often. I found myself crying over a boy I thought loved me who was supposed to protect me. I was angry at him for hurting me the way he did. I was angry at the people who saw us everyday and never noticed my cries for help. I was angry at everyone. Everyone except the one person I was supposed to be truly angry at. Myself.

I didn’t feel anything anymore, every corner of my mind was blank and all the color was draining from it leaving it a gray black color. I was numb.

I heard the familiar buzz of my phone as I was about to finally fall asleep. It was a text from my friend Kate.

Kate: Lina, you’ll never guess who’s back in town.

Sam Wilkinson.


A/N: So this may not be much but I felt like I had to stop procrastinating and write it. I wanted to give you a little peek into Lina’s with Tyler just so you know the kind of relationship they have before the good shit happened.

Constructive feedback would be appreciated and I really need y’all’s help in the title so send me some suggestions. Okay I hope you guys like it 🙈

Sam Wilkinson Imagine

I woke up to the sound of my mom screaming at my brother. They can never get along. I rolled over to the side of my bed and looked at the clock. 7:30am. I groaned. I pulled the covers back over my head before deciding to get out of bed. I walked over to my closet and threw on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top over my swim suit. I walk downstairs to the kitchen. “You never do anything to help around here! Maybe you should go live with your dad!” My mom screamed at my brother. “I see now why dad left you!” My brother screamed. My mother bust into tears and ran upstairs. “What’d you do that for?” I asked him. “She hates us. We hate her. It doesn’t matter.” He said. I rolled my eyes, eating a snack. “Well, I’m going to the beach.” I said. “Okay be-careful, alright?” He said. “Alright.” I said. I put my converse on and grabbed my purse. I texted Y/B/F/N and told her to meet me at the beach. Once I got to the beach I met up with Y/B/F/N. We were sitting in the sand when, Y/B/F/N spotted a group of boys looking at us. “Hey, maybe we should go talk to them, they’re pretty hot..” Y/B/F/N said. “Nah, I don’t need anymore drama in my life.” I said. I looked over and seen Y/B/F/N talking to the group of boys. “Hey.” I heard a voice come beside me. “Hi.” I said. “I’m Sam.” He said taking a seat next to me. “Y/N.” I said. “Are you from around here?” Sam asked. “Yeah.” I said. “How come I’ve never seen you around then?” Sam asked. “I don’t know.” I said casually. Y/B/F/N along with the group of boys from earlier came running back to us. Y/B/F/N pulled me aside from the boys. “I think I’m really hitting it off with one of the boys. I think his name is Taylor.” Y/B/F/N said. Y/B/F/N squealed. You giggled. Y/B/F/N pulled your wrist running back to the group of boys. Y/B/F/N and the other boys ran into the beach. “Sam get over here!” The boys yelled. Sam stood up and took of his shirt throwing it next to your stuff. You couldn’t help but stare. “Like what you see?” He said flirtatiously. You blushed. You stood up and took off your tank top and shorts. Now it was Sams turn to stare. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” I said while rolling my eyes. I began to walk away from Sam. Suddenly, I was being lifted up and thrown over Sams shoulder. “Sam! Stop put me down!!” I yelled. “Nah, I’m good.” Sam laughed back. Before I could say anything back I was being thrown into the water. I resurfaced, and walked back to the beach. I began walking towards Y/B/F/N and the group of boys from earlier when I felt two hands on my waist, twirl me around. “You’re a sassy one aren’t you?” Sam asked smiling. “Nah, I just play hard to get.” I said giggling. My eyes shifted to Sams lips. “Y/N!!!” Y/B/F/N screamed. Sam and I both turned toward Y/B/F/N. “We have to go. Like now.” Y/B/F/N said. “Perfect timing.” I mumbled. I began to walk towards Y/B/F/N. “Will I see you again?” Sam called after me, once again joining his friends. “Maybe.” I said smiling. ***To be continued.***
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