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The Haven of Fiction ~ 3rd Anniversary

I was going to do a Thank You Giveaway for this, but the possibility of my home burning down kind of threw a wrench in that plan! :) 

October 24 is the date of my first post for this blog three years ago.  Never imagined what was in store back then.  I intended to use it only as an experiment in sharing my scribblings, but it kind of took on a life of its own.

Thank you to all who have offered me kind words, joined in the whimsy and laughter, and Followed.  You’ve helped me through rough days and given me something to look forward to.  

I hope this blog is somehow able to capture and evince the type of person that he seems to be.  I try to keep its content safe and free of gossip or anything that I wouldn’t be comfortable with him reading.   I’ve been lucky enough to see the Stupid Angel Face himself and meet new friends because of him.  He has brought so much to my life and I am very grateful.

All right, enough with all that hooey, let’s have cake! 

*throws confetti*

although i’m completing my thesis in engineering and although i have worked in this field for more than 6 years, i’m just not in love with it anymore. It took me having to complete this thesis for me to realised that i wasn’t in love with what i did anymore. i was vastly disillusioned when i started university and still continue to be disillusioned as i try to make the work i do and the company i work for appeal to me. there would be these peaks every couple of weeks where i would sit at my desk after i had just completed some 3d model of a very complicated design and i would think to myself, “why are i doing this”. I always brushed it off as me being too emotional or making excuses for my managers who never really cared about my growth which caused me to not care about it either. But yet every year we would make these mandatory “goals” about where i need to be in the next two years. and would you look at it, i am exactly where i was 2 years ago, same work just different look and title. I have been brainwashed to believe that money is security and that it should govern the decisions i make, i.e. not making any risky ones that could affect my salary. But here i am 27, ready to submit my thesis for Civil Engineering in Water and i absolutely know this is not for me. So i’m making a bet with myself to start learning all the things that i want to, start finding passions that i can pursue and stop worrying about superficial things that will not give me happiness but try to work towards things that would feed my soul and where I could feel fulfilled going into the office or not office every day and even though I might not be able to buy the most expensive clothing or eat at the most expensive restaurants I can still be happy.

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Kon'nichiwa, Donatello-san. I wanted to say that I am angered by the disrespect that is being made toward you by the Anonymous ones sending asks about April-san and myself. I don't understand it as I have never met April, only heard about her from you. This is very dishonorable on many levels. I plan not to answer anymore on the matter. Out of respect for you and April-san. I hope you are well my friend.

Yeah, you will find that they will do that. They don’t honestly care about your own feelings, the feelings of the other person, or anything despite what they want. Disrespect is exactly what it is. It won’t stop though, Usagi. I’ve been dealing with this for years now. They honestly don’t care, so expect more.

It’s not just me either, it’s every single one of my brothers as well as April. They just like hurting us. 

Thank you, though, Usagi. I am glad that you took a stand. it won’t stop them, but it means a lot to me. 

One of those lives…

Ya know, having one of those days
What if it took on years, and in every way

The worst of the worst, groundhog; day; for sure
The bad gets badder, don’t know how much more, I can endure

Seems like all are out to get me, at least just keep me unhappy
Truth is I get over it, not slowly, but quite snappilly

Though the stress does build, and, the bills do stack
There just isn’t enough, catchin too much flak

The people they grow sour
New friendships flower

Then wither and rot, leaving just such a bad taste
The relationships, that aren’t; our time, they did waste

My job is just a joke
The boss, he picks, and pokes
The kids, how bout that
They didn’t get fat

Sitting at the devices all day
Wasting it away

We used to play, and play hard we did
It used to really be fun; you know, being a kid

Trained to kill
I’ve had my fill

Drivers nuts
Into my way, they cut

That space is for me
To make it safer, you see

Because of whacks like you
Hurling out of the blue

On the phone
Texting that you’re alone

To another not your mate
Setting up a date

To meet and get frisky
But it is, oh, so, risky

That torrid little tart
Is she really worth your heart

People claiming religion
Clouded is their vision

Enemies they see
Some are you and me

The people no longer in power
In the night, we will cower

The world watching the mess
No real subjects addressed

Lies and half truths
Go into the voting booths

Elect another perpetrator
Set forth the agitator

Stir up tension
Should I mention

The division is race
Sex division in haste

Unrest from within
The governmental sin

Pushed into camps
Marched in through ramps

Herded like cows
This will be, the how

It’s already happening, and how
Pay attention to me; right now

The end is nearing, not sure about the cause
But war will affect it, inevitable because

Our leaders like profit
World backing, they’ve got it

Now I’m wasting away
Waiting for the day

Of liberation and dance
The returning, of romance

All we must do, is take a chance
The timing, is no happenstance

For now, you have read
All the thoughts in my head

As I die a little more
Mostly from the bore

Of the day to day
And so, I must say

arrivederci, sayonara, goodbye
I really must rest, it’s been, “One of those lives.”
© Patrick Whelan 10/22/2017


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Okay so I kinda tried getting back into drawing and sketching thanks to @atarostarling ’s recent story “The Devil drinks Ebony” (that last chapter kinda really hit home for me) and I thought about starting with a moogle, or specifically Mog from FFXIII-2. Mainly because moogles are easy to draw and I didn’t want to immediately hit my head repeatedly against the desk because everything’s not turning out the way I’d like it.
So here we are, after almost 5 years, and this is what I can still do. I’m honestly surprised, to say the least, though I really don’t like the shadowing on this one. It’s like my brain forgot how to imagine perspectives and angles etc.
Also my hands have become really really shaky, that’s why most of the lines are kinda crap but idc for now. Considering this only took me about 15 minutes I’m kinda glad with the outcome.
Who knows, maybe I’ll try and get really back into it in the near future.

(Also please excuse the shitty quality of the photo, just took it in the dim lighting of my room with my phone, lol)

anonymous asked:

What do you think of people picking names out of their favorite book???

I think it’s great! You can get your name wherever you want! Pretty sure I got mine from a character naming website for a story I was writing. It took me a year to adopt the name as my own, but I did.

  • me: hi how are y—
  • case closed murderer: What? None of you could have possibly understood what I went through... I wrote that novel from scratch, I spent years on it, and that bastard took it all from me! He told me no one would believe me because I was weak— see how weak I am now!— and to make matters worse, he killed my entire family two years ago! Then he married my girlfriend. I would give the whole world for her, and the bastard took her from me too! I didn't know what to do, he was blackmailing me with photos of an affair I had with my boss. Besides, if I did anything, he'd take me off his will! That's why I decided to murder the old man myself. Oh, what have I done???

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omg all the creator questions for roy and gage 21 - 31

(this took me years! xD)

21. Personally, do you think they are a good couple? 

Already answered! :O

22. From the outside looking in, what is their dynamic like?
 Depend who you ask. Some of the Nuka World Raider are still thinking that Gage only fucks with the overboss to save is own hairy ass. They can’t take it serious. And the other Raiders doesn’t care very much. Some of them find them cute.
Gage and Roy aren’t really good in hiding their feelings so most of them knew it already before Gage and Roy knew it.
RedEye called them in his Radioshow Lovebirds and regret it. :I

23. Did you tailor your OC for the other in the romance? 
Nope. When I made Roy he was planed for Cait. I already had some Girl which I planed for Gage. Iiiiiii.. posted her someday? AshleyRed. It….. just happened and now Cait will forever back in the Combat Zone, because I had no settlement when I sent her back. :x

24. Is their any moment that happens between them that you know happens and just makes you melt? 
I will… choose this. Because I can’t write english stories, their will be no better explanation as this.

Gage risked his  own life to save Roy after he got badly injured. He was ready to fight to his last breath to save this man and carried him back to Nuka World (which wasn’t to far away.. ). Gage never thought he would feel something like this for someone but in this moment he was just afraid to lose him. When Roy woke up and he realized what Gage has done for him, he was overwhelmed. Honestly and without thinking (maybe also thanks to the painkiller) Roy told him that he loves him.
Gage just laughed but his smile said everything.

25. Share any headcanons about their relationship. 

# Roys first words to Gage from to person to person was ’Give me one reason why you shouldn’t be the next’ after he killed Colter. #loveofthefirstsight

# Gage has many different ways to say Boss. One normal. One sarcastic and one who makes the big overboss blush and stutter. And Gage knows that too good. He loves to tease Roy with it.

#  but Gage blushed as Roy took the first time his hand for some random handholding.. Gage said that never happened …. Roy knows it better.

# when they are fighting against some Gunner, Raiders or… what ever, they always bet who kills more. Motivation.

# Roy punched one of the Disciplines after they said that they would kill Gage for him - he just need to ask. It was before they started their Relationship and you couldn’t say who was more suprised:
The poor Raider who lost some teeth but was to afraid from Nisha for revenge without her approval, Gage who didn’t how to react or Roy himself because he didn’t thought before his punch…

# Roy loves Gages strong arms. He feels safe there. He also like it when Gage carries him but gsssssssht.

# Gage loves it when Roy cooks something for him. And that’s not only because Roy is really good in it. It some … kind of normality in his usual bloody life. He will never admit it but sometimes he miss things like that.

26. How important is the romance in your OC’s overall story? 

Very important. Roy acts strong but the death of his best friend Nora and the kidnapping of his son broke him. He gives himself the fault, thinks he is weak.
He wouldn’t know what he should do without Gage on his side.

27. What makes you excited about their relationship? 
First.. they were never planed as this. I like it when things just happen.
They are just two Raiders who doesn’t give a fuck what other thinks about their relationship and when they do, you think better positive about them.

28. Is their any similarities to your OC and LI’s relationship to one you have had IRL?
Sadly I haven’t someone who murders with me people.. :C

Originally posted by adventurelandia

29. What are your favorite moments that happen between them? 
Seriously? The little teasings for each other. Roy loves to compare him with one eyed animals (especially when he is drunk), Gage loves to make fun about Roys fear of ghosts. Roy calls him often an old man, Gage like to call Roy a walking pillow because of his coat….

30. How does their love change as they get older?
Raider aren’t popular for getting very old...eeeeeeh… Nuka World belongs to them. The goddamn Commonwealth belongs to them. And they did it together. So they will stay stronger together but also start to stay more at Nuka World than everywhere else. They will have Shaun – and leaving him with some Raiders isn’t the best idea. ..

31. Share anything you would like about the couple!

I feel like some of the questions are twice here, haha. Here! Some screenis. :<

couple asks ♥

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Part of my struggle with anything in the realm of magic and mysticism, has stemmed from me wanting to appreciate and be respectful of other cultures and practicing like I’m not a poc, because I’m latinx and on the lighter side of skin tones in my family so since I was a child family and strangers took to telling me I was a yt - And I feel like this had stunted me from wanting to learn and to find what connected to me, because I felt like I’d be appropriating when I do tarot/energy/dream work etc

Pt2: I didn’t realize I’d have so much to say but essentially now, years later, I’m still uncomfortable with it and feel lost when I want to find out about brujeria, because I don’t know what to look for, can’t ask my family, and in many ways don’t even know if I should be doing bujería, or any strain of magic practice. I still do, but it’s a major emotional blockage for me.

Well you can find things in the realm of tarot, energy work, and dream work that aren’t appropriative. You can do a lot of magick without having to worry about appropriation.

There are factions of magick that’re open to everyone.

That said, even if you are light skinned, to my understanding you are still latinx. It’s in your blood, so brujeria may be okay…But then again,  I’m no expert at this, and am looking at it from the view of someone who’s African American, so I may be wrong, as we consider people who’re light skinned to be African American.

So like, if you’re worried about appropriating a culture, there are other options available to you. Don’t cross of witchcraft completely because you are afraid of appropriating cultures, just practice things that aren’t taking from other cultures.

Words from experience…

It took me years when I was younger to realize and make connections about things I needed to change about myself because I was too stubborn and always wanted to have some sense of control, to feed my ego, until it burst in my face and I had no choice but to confront myself from within, sit with myself and realize the things I was doing to others and how I treated others, I am still working on it everyday, it can be very difficult to face the truth about ourselves, but if we never change, if we never realize what we do and how we treat others, we will be stuck between a rock and a hard place, it’s easy to realize it and apologize but changing takes work, discipline and rightful action and mindfulness, I am just saying all of this out of love and care. We all should take the time to realize how we make others feel, and put ourselves in others shoes / situations before judging or before speaking on behalf of, when it doesn’t concern us. Take a walk out of yourself to look at yourself from all angles, you’ll break the shackles of illusion.

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It’s your senior year of high school. The longer ago it was, the more fun the answers will be.

Class of 1991

1. Did you know your significant other? Unfortunately not.

2. Did you carpool? Took me a minute to remember…I’m gonna say I’m like 99% sure this is a yes.

3. What kind of car did you have? A silver Honda Civic; I was so proud of the Dead Can Dance sticker I had on it.

4. It’s Friday night. Where do you usually go? I was a nerd who was starting to come out of his shell at this point. It was definitely a mixed bag because my parents were pretty strict. Hung out with friends mostly…trying to stay out of trouble.

5. What kind of job did you have? I didn’t have a job while I was in high school. Junior high, I worked at a small art store and a photo lab.

6. Were you a party animal? I had just tried weed at this point, and was on the verge of going through a very intensely drug-filled few years.

7. Were you popular? Unfortunately.

8. Were you in band or choir? No. I was in Television Production, and I was the anchor of our little news production. (Hence the answer to number 7.)

9. Were you a nerd? Nerd can mean so many things. I was in honors and AP classes, and one of my best friends was valedictorian. I held a state-level position in Key Club. I also skipped school, collected toys, and hung out with a bunch of misfits. Yeah, I was a nerd…I thought I was cool, though.

10. Did you get suspended or expelled? I had indoor suspension once. My parents found out that I skipped school and called the school to inform them of what I had done. What a weird day that was.

11. Can you sing the fight song? Nope.

12. Where did you go for lunch? Checkers, Taco Viva, and Little Caesars were frequented.

13. Where did you go to high school? Let’s just say it was a high school in south Florida.

14. What as your mascot? Trojans. (I wish I was joking.)

15. Did you have fun at prom? I never went to my prom, but I went to the class before mine’s prom with my boyfriend. That one was fun.

16. Do you still talk to the person you went to prom with? There are one or two yearly cordials on social media.

17. Are you planning on going to your reunion? Hell to the NO. I’ve never been even the slightest bit interested. I’m still friends with the people I care about from high school.

18. Are you in contact with people from high school? Yup. We are still very close.

19. Did you skip school? Oh yeah.

20. How old were you when you graduated? 16. I dropped out of senior year, got my GED and started college before my class graduated. I guess I was in a hurry. LOL

That was weird. I never liked high school, but I made a handful of lifelong friendships that I’m very grateful for.

I won’t tag anyone, but, should you decide to do this, tag me so that I can read it.

I’ll do a proper Rhinebeck post later (it was wonderful, if you cancel out the waking up at 3 am too excited to fall back asleep and the six hours it took to get home because of traffic and subway maintenance and friends who let me half fall asleep on their shoulder but NEVER SHUT UP), but for now, please enjoy evidence of my haul. I was on an unanticipated Corriedale thing this year.

Bless You

Requested–Yes—Could you do a Edward Nygma x Reader fic, where the reader has a bad cold and Ed takes care of her? I’m going through a nasty cold myself and this would help a little. Thanks!

A/n– Sorry this took me 7 million years to write

Warning- none

Rating– fluuuuuff

Title– Bless You

“Achoo!” You let out a particularly loud sneeze. You reached your hand out, groping for the tissue box. You grabbed a tissue and blew your nose, groaning when nothing came out.

“Did you know many people think a stuffy nose is the result of too much mucus in the nasal passages. However, a clogged nose is actually caused by inflamed blood vessels in the sinuses. These irritated vessels are usually triggered by a cold, the flu, allergies, or a sinus infection.” Ed gave a wide smile as you let out a chuckle. Everyone else was so mean to Ed when it came to his riddles and his fun facts, but you thoroughly enjoyed them.

“I did not.” You say, your voice scratchy.

“I have a riddle for you.” He says, walking to the kitchen. “It goes in wet and comes out dry. It gets stronger and stronger when you leave it in longer.”

“Hmmm… Tea! A tea bag!”

“Correct.” Ed comes out, a tray in his hands.

“I also made chicken noodle soup.” He says.

“Thank you.” You touched his cheek. “And I may be sick, but i’m still as sharp as a tack!” You say before letting out a series of violent coughs. Ed set the tray down, then rushed to your side. “Come on, Y/n, sit up.” He said gently grabbing your arms and helping you into a sitting position. You clutched onto Ed as your coughs ripped your throat raw.

“Ow.” You rasped as they subsided.

“Come here.” Ed said while he handed you your soup, sat on the couch, and pulled you close to him.

Ed and the bowl of soup were so warm compared to your cold body. You took a few sips of the soup then set it back down. You pushed your face into Ed’s chest as he felt your forehead.

“Y/n you are burning up.”He says, frowning. “You have a fever.”

“But I’m so cold.” You shuddered.

“That’s your fever. “ He said, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“I don’t want to get you sick.” You crawled to the other side of the couch.

“You won’t get me sick.” Ed grabbed you by the ankle and pulled you back to him.

You shrieked with laughter, then started coughing again. He pulled you half on his lap, your head resting on his chest.

You were so warm and content, lying there with Ed, listening to his heartbeat, that you finally drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

for the very last time: 

PSA that i strongly hate thi/ns/po and p/ro-a//na content and if that’s your kind of blog then i want you to unfollow me right now and stop reblogging/liking my stuff. 

this is not a joke to me. this is my trigger. this is torture. i do not deserve to watch people strive to have my mental illness, the same one that literally took everything away from me year after year until i was just a lonely dying shell. i am in recovery for the 2nd time and i want it to work; i want this demon out of my life. this blog is my safe space. your blogs are disgusting to me. get away from me, please, i’m begging you

The soundtrack of your life tag 🎶

I got tagged by sweetest @glennrheeality 💙 for soundtrack of your life! Thanks love!

It took me some damn time to do this, because i needed them to match as much as it’s possible (and also i decided to choose from songs i have in my playlist)…

So here they are - 12 songs where the lyrics summaries:

1. your childhood - Sliver by Nirvana

2. your love life - Wild Heart by Stevie Nicks / Colour by Wild Cub

3. your high school years - Stressed Out by 21 Pilots

4. your sexuality - Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic At The Disco

5. your personality - Bad Girls by M.I.A. (more like wishing i was one but still..)

6. your opinion on a hot topic - I’m Afraid Of Americans by David Bowie

7. your best friend/s - Sisters Of The Moon by Fleetwood Mac

8. your thoughts on growing up - Disparate Youth by Santigold

9. you on a night out - Are You Looking For Action by Kasabian

10. your flaws - Devil Inside Me by Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

11. your perfections - I Would Die 4 U by Prince and The Revolution

12. your year - Passing Out Pieces by Mac Demarco

I’m also tagging some of my people on here @sharknadoslut @freakinfishtank @dementorskiss @soothing-effect @puckfucker @queensoybean @abelcorleone @the-mistwalker @gently-psychotic amd everyone else who’d like to take part!