took me time tbh

Nights like these I fall apart
There is too much time and too many things to do
My journal earns a new page and my music doesn’t shut off for hours
And the whole time I know my body is begging me for sleep
But these are the only true hours I can think
And the thoughts that come out are far too grand
If I tried to capture them on paper my hand would just be sore

Nights like these I want to ruin it all
I grasp at unattainable things and live in the past
My heart hurts the whole time knowing what I’m doing is wrong
But it never stops
I try and try to break down and topple the world I’ve built
But too many damn things stand in the way

Nights like these I get angry and I am selfish
No one understands but everyone thinks the same things
We are all convinced we are the only one
We are all alone
But nights like these I am the only one who’s right

Nights like these are no longer hard to come by
They become less and less rare with all this time
These nights make me want to vomit
But I fucking love them and what comes out of them
I thrive on these times no matter what goes wrong
So many things happen on nights like these

—  (7/12/16)
Mickey's Verse: Princeketeer

Surprisingly not too long ago it seemed that the ‘magnificent’ plan to become King of France was finally about to follow through! The loud-mouthed Queen had been all locked up in her chest, thanks to the Beagle Boys, and with a flooding room plus a few distractions thrown in for the loop the pesky Musketeers seemed to be disbanded as well. It was a clear and paved path to royalty without a soul able to get in his way! This would have been the end of the road, that is if the three 'heroes of the day’ hadn’t scurried their way into the damned theatre and ruined everything! Even the trusted group of paid hands failed to stop them, causing the corrupt plan to faultier and fail.

With the thought of eminence and power having just been torn away the only thought the once 'Captain’ had to reminisce on was defeat and incompetence. Instead of a jeweled and gold throne all he now had was a decrepit wooden seat at the front of the same theatre with the disgusting sight of a ceremony on the stage. A crowning ceremony to be exact. “Dis’ is torture..,” a familiar voice grumbled angrily in inflection. “… Thuh’ half-pint rat, a prince? Ha!” Pete broke into a hearty chuckle, masking clear rage. “Dhat’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard!” Though, ultimately that was the truth. Pete stopped laughing only to narrow a piercing, lethal gaze right at Mickey as the crown was being carried out. “You’ll yer’ due, Princey…” He spoke rather loudly, his voice dripping with venom and sarcasm.

anonymous asked:

Hi, sorry but I wanted to ask you about how to express one's gender identity through appearance. I'm also nonbinary and use they/them pronouns and I'm not interested in being the masculine stereotype that goes along with being nonbinary. You are so beautiful but I would never ever say that you look gendered. To me you just look like you. I'm not sure how I can look like me when I don't feel like myself no matter how I dress or cut my hair. I 100% understand if this is too personal, but (p 1)

(p2) how did you find a style that you feel comfortable as an nb person in that you feel doesn’t gender you but also doesn’t constrict you? I have a feeling this whole ask makes no sense, but I thought I would just go for it anyway. Thank you for your time!

tbh it took me a while to really grow into my identity as a nonbinary person, mostly because i present very femme, and the people around me who i wasn’t out to would constantly misgender me as a cis female, as well as erase my queer sexuality. when I first came out i was in a relationship with a cishet male, and it was very difficult for me to comfortably adjust to my newly affirmed gender in that relationship, because i wasn’t presenting as a cis female anymore. This caused a lot of turmoil in our relationship, with stuff that i tried to cover up by being even more femme than i previously was.

when i got out of that relationship it hit me that i didn’t have to make up for my gender by presenting femme, and it was very altering for me. i started feeling very dysphoric in feminine clothing, and my affinity for long hair and makeup was very uncomfortable all of a sudden! it was very jarring to see other nonbinary people who are androgynous and masc presenting, and i questioned if i really was nonbinary, if i even could be nonbinary because im so femme!!!

it was really scary for me to accept that nothing is gendered. it is really hard to change your mind about everything that you’ve learned growing up, everything that has been ingrained in you since you were little. i started reclaiming my femininity, or lack of it - i taught myself that there is nothing ‘femme’ or ‘masc’ about me, that those words mean nothing when applied to me, the things i like, or the clothes i wear. i am who i am, and i present how i present. how other people want to define that is up to them, but this is how I am going to interpret my gender, my fluidity, and myself.

This process of growing into myself took over a year, and it was hard and uncomfortable for me to experience. i had a lot of supportive friends, and support from people online, and from my family, which are thing that i recognize not every trans person is able to have. i was very privileged in my coming out process. 

my advice to you my dear is to experiment with your look, until you find something that makes you comfortable. Being non binary doesn’t mean you have to be perfectly masc or androgynous in order to fit in. you are allowed to interpret yourself and your gender on your own terms, and no one is allowed to restrict that. you are supposed to exist in comfort with your gender, and feel safe in being and looking how you want, and everyone is entitled to that. i love you angel i know this was long winded but i hope it helped a little bit! xox

ive only interacted w/ a cop like. Once in my life and it made me kinda dislike cops a bit for most of my childhood? i was probably about 7-8 and my mom’s car skidded on the road (it rained earlier that day) and accidentally hit someones parked car. she went to the house and offered to deal w/ it but while the chick she was talking to initially was cool about it the older woman that lived there got Super upset and called the cops. i lived in a shitty area in tn so the cops werent that great and when me and my dad got there the cop outright told me to tell her goodbye bc i wasnt gonna see my mom for a long time and both of us ended up crying and my mom gave me one of her rings and it was just? super fucked up? if i was older i probably wouldve realized he was full of shit but alas

the fact that he was like actively antagonizing us probably partially bc me and my mom are poc (we’re both native/not white passing) but still like? what the fuck? i’ll be the first to admit idk shit about the rules and regulations of the police force but im Pretty Sure “fucking with emotionally distressed mothers and children” isnt in the rule book. did they even do screenings in the early 2000s i have no idea

~ Flowers ~

A little tribute to my druid Válriin and my necro Filis.

heidipoo-xox  asked:


Give me a character and I will answer:

  • Why I like them: Tbh Lilly took time to grow on me, and after rewatching some scenes with her she very quickly became a favorite. I like how she can keep a level head (most of the time), and I respect that she’s willing to protect a group of people who - some - clearly don’t like her. 
  • Why I don’t: I’m not sure what my problem ever was with her. I’m glad those days are over haha.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie): Pretty much all of them she’s in. I think my favorite scenes with her and Lee are the ones in the drugstore and in her room at the motor inn.
  • Favorite season/movie
  • Favorite line: “We can’t let one person fuck this up for everyone else!” Even though that was only in a trailer whoops.
  • Favorite outfit: I love both but she looks hella good in that leather jacket haha.
  • OTP: Not really an otp but a friend got me to kind of ship her with Eddie from 400 Days.
  • Brotp: Lee
  • Head Canon: Lilly totally had a rebellious phase as a teenager, let’s be real.
  • Unpopular opinion: I think Lilly was a good and rationable leader who knew what was up.
  • A wish: I really want to see her again, alive! But don’t fuck up her character Telltale please and thank you.
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: If she’s dead then I’ll be pissed.
  • 5 words to best describe them: Tough, protective (somewhat at least), smart, direct, loyal (depending on choice).
  • My nickname for them: I refer to her as my queen sorry not sorry