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the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

BTS Reactions to their s/o Being in a Girl Group

Request:  Hi! please can you do a (possibly long) bts written reaction to their idol gf being a drummer, dancer and rapper in a girl group! :)

Note: Wow I love this idea :’)) wow I wish I was this talented aha, I hope you like it! Some of these may not be as funny as they are purely fluff, and that’s mostly because I feel that a passion of music is something that I can relate to and can be very romantic about. I let my own feeling of passion take over my writing of this one since I’ve seen the same sort of funny idol reactions a lot and would like to get a bit deep <3 (P.S. you asked for long, and I did my best to provide !!)

Kim Seokjin

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Jin would, in his usual behavior, have a sort of motherly pride while seeing his s/o make all of her dreams come true. He would quickly become her number one supporter, and attend every performance that his schedule would allow. Despite seeing all of these performances, the amazed reactions he would provide never seemed to be short of the happiness he felt when he first saw the stages she performed, always earning the same shy smile in response that he found beautiful. He would love practicing in the same area as her, despite never getting work done because the endless hours of admiring her (cue constant sounds of “wahhhh” and sneaky little winks and/or blown kisses whenever she reacts), plus giving her tips anywhere he felt he was in the place to. The sessions tend to end with him asking her to teach him some of her key dances and working incredibly hard to actually learn them so he could impress her as much as she impressed him every day. I also feel that she would inspire him to strive for more. To fly higher, and get to a place where he feels like he’s meant to stand beside her. A place where he can finally stop admiring and be on equivalent groups (as if he isn’t already nearly perfect psh).

P.S. If she were to ever create solo music, you bet he’s the one adding in any vocals. A few more songs to add to his public playlist :))

“Have I ever told you how truly talented you are?”

“Yes, Seokjin. Around five times in the last thirty seconds.”

“Well, you are truly talented.”

Kim Namjoon

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Imagine that huge bright and true smile of his, yes you know, that one. Now imagine him wearing it for hours on end just because he saw his love performing live. This relationship would make everyone so happy, members and fans alike, just because Namjoon is so bright while being with someone he loves and shares the same passion with. I would expect so many collabs and demos and cute little dance videos (in which he makes an adorable fool of himself but it’s okay because the whole video is filled with his laughter and that brightens up any day). He would try, try so hard at learning the drums, but she would refuse to allow him to even go near her set after the third ripped drum head and fifth broken stick, so he any videos including drums were of him showing off her skills. A lot of his compositions would become love songs, and everyone would know exactly why after seeing his vlives in Mon Studio featuring more appearances of his s/o curled up comfortable in a corner when shes not busy herself. It would be a well known fact that alone, they would often confess all of the poured out feelings they had and use it to their musical advantage. As for the kind of music they’d create together, it would range from intensely lit music that got everyone dancing or, their personal favorite, soft r&b pieces in which they let everything out and/or bring attention to important things.

“I swear if you lay one finger on my drum I will take back my studio key and never allow you back in.”



Min Yoongi

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We can all see it: The Most Savage Rapping Couple of 20XX. Yoongi would easily be able to connect with this type of idol, i.e. someone that enjoys music so much that they worked to become talented in multiple fields. Everybody would see the chemistry from they flow of their conversations, especially when music is the topic. They would have a deep knowledge of how one another felt and it would spark many feelings that would never be deniable. These two would often wander off to a world of their own while in the midst of tons of people, just because their conversations were untouchable by the outside world. Also, despite their endless similarities, their endless differences would inspire one another to reach for so much more. Yoongi’s wish of learning the drums would be fulfilled to full extent (thanks to a few all-nighters just because they couldn’t think of leaving each others’ sides). He may teach his s/o a few of his composing tricks, to which she would be able to contribute to her group’s music and be endlessly thankful to him for. Yoongi’s music would become better and better (somehow) and his s/o would be known more and more for hr endless work ethic. This would be a good thing for their members, too, since one improving member can easily inspire the other members to improve with them. This relationship shows strength.

P.S. nobody understands their sense of cruel humor, and give up trying to after the two dedicate (savage as fuck) diss tracks to one another as a Christmas present.

“I thought you would make up for your height in other ways, but alas, I’ve been disappointed once again.”

“One more word obout my height or dick size and I delete your computer files while you sleep.”

“Sure, Mr. Jjang Jjang Man Boong Boong.”

Jeon Hoseok

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Bless this boy, it’s another case of the endless smile :’)) I believe Hoseok would be more of an inspiration to his s/o than the other way around. Her multiple talents may be on showcase for all to marvel at (which Hoseok does openly and happily) but she may see the boy being much more talented than her, since his talents are long lasting and influential worldwide. He’d create endless amounts of happiness, drive people to be so much better than they ever thought they could be, and create a sense of safety with only a few words. She’d love every second he took out of his day to watch her train and practice, for she would be his center of attention and there was no feeling like it. He would inspire her to take her already many talents and make them better. Hoseok, on the other hand, would know about the effects he has on her (they’re pretty obvious) and continue them ‘til the ends of the earth.He would find the girl fascinating and so incredibly lovely. He would only ever want the best for her and would do whatever he could do to help her get to it while keeping it fun and exciting. It would a because she inspired him. After meeting her, his dance became smoother, his raps became easier to write, and his sunshine smile became a bit brighter. He thought of helping her as returning the favor.

P.S. Imagine the mixtapes and choreography they could work on in their spare times…. bangtan bombs just became a little more lit.

“Hoseok come on, let’s run trough it one more time before wrapping up.”

“You know you’re at your limit. Don’t push yourself. Besides, why would I want to continue practicing when the arCADE JUST OPENED DOWN THE STREET LET’S GOOOO.”

“…You better win me a damn stuffed animal.”

Park Jimin

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Jimin’s affection equals hours of silent work by one another and by the end of the day, feeling closer than ever before. He would be impressed by her mounts of talent, but wouldn’t let himself openly fawn over it too much. Not because he didn’t want to seem fanboyish or anything, since she would already be certain that he was her number one fan at all times, but because he knew how much more it would mean to her if said only on occasion. He would treat her rightfully as an equal and she would know it was for the best because it meant not being alone on some sort of pedestal. It wouldn’t be until late nights, when she’s stressed and close to giving up, that he would take her in his arms and reassure her that she is amazing and talented and that if she tries hard enough, there is guaranteed success. Her most trusted source of harsh criticism would become Jimin because of this, since she knows that he never sugarcoats anything, and she would do the same. They would create the prettiest dances together, too; taking a like talent and making something extraordinary from it through humor, comfort, and untouchable connection. Undoubtedly, dorky behavior prevailed from the two, and every fan witnessed it in countless twitter wars of just videos of each other. Jimin making a terrible drum beat, his girlfriend taking a key part of one her dances and messing it up in an incredibly embarrassing way, him dancing the hottest girl group choreography, her rapping straight fire in her best aegyo voice; free time with these two would be an adventure.

“Jimin, if you post one more video of that damn rap, I swear I will pull out the Good Girl, Bad Girl clip.”

Kim Taehyung

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Tae would be the perfect opposite of Jimin. He would know how amazing she was, and tell her about it every chance that he got. All of her group’s songs would be on his playlist and he would blast it throughout the studio or dorm. He would watch her practice and marvel at her in wonder. He would ask her to teach him how to play drums and giggle happily every time he messed up, having to leave it to her to have such a wonderful skill. He would watch her write lyrics and express them in her own way of rap and just smile because he loved to see how happy it made her. Her dance always infatuated him as he watched from beside the mirrors, showing her that he saw the emotions she was portraying and that he understood what they meant. Whenever he got to help writing lyrics for Bangtan, he would go straight to her for help because he looked up to her. He would love everything about her and make it known, only asking for her love in return, which he wouldn’t have to ask for in the slightest—since anybody would be willing to love such a beautiful person. He would be able to keep her stable and excited with his constant humor and playful attitude. It would never bother how much he admired her, because she admired him too in a lot more was than he would think. Whenever he watched practices, every member would love it because his smile had ‘the power to heal exhaustion.’

“Taetae i would love to help you right now but I have a performance tomorrow to prepare for.”

“Oh, well can I watch?”

“You have to go- no don’t you dARE GIVE ME THAT SMILE.”

Jeon Jungkook

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A Golden Maknae and an incredibly talented female idol…. music shows would have fun with that. I feel like Kookie is often singled out for having multiple talents, so he would really enjoy knowing someone with that same kind of recognition. The two could easily learn to fill in one another’s weaknesses and become the duo of the century, making continuous demos and covers in any downtime that they have together. According to Suga’s birthday video, Jungkook has been wishing for a drum teacher rather than being self taught! It would be a great way to learn something new, and his s/o could learn something from him as well. These two would build one another up really high and support each other the whole way, creating an unstoppable pair of growing artists. They would’t just keep to themselves though, I feel that they would, together, motivate both groups to become more ad more. They would pour out ideas to each other late at night, build upon each idea, then return for thoughts of other members. The dependence they could create for one another is amazing and lovely, and the fun they can have while doing so could turn their passions into something they never want to get rid of.

P.S. Jungkook’s snarky remarks probably cause a lot of playful competition between the two.

“Well, this idea seemed really nice, and fits our concept well. What do you think, Kookie?”

“Are you sure that you, of all people can even pull that off?”

“I sure as hell can! Just you watch, smartass.”

“Yes, yes, sure you can, honey. I also think it’ll help if you add…”

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“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.” JemmaWill please! <3 <3

There is absolutely no Will in this, for reasons that should become obvious pretty quickly. But it has Jemma, so there is, as always, hope.

Jemma watches the bright spot of the engine flare until it grows too distant for human eyes to see against the backdrop of the sky, and then she watches the place it disappeared until the blue fades to purple and stars begin to appear.

The others have gone in by this point. She made note of their movements, how the happy camaraderie of surviving near death faded to hushed tones and quiet motions around her once the repair crews retired for the evening. Ward and Fitz managed to work together long enough to carry in the cooler. May disappeared without a sound. Coulson dared to rest a hand on Jemma’s shoulder before he did the same.

She stands, wipes the seat of her jeans, and grabs her empty bottle from the ramp lest May chastise her later. When she enters the lab, the change in temperature alerts her to the tears that have mostly dried on her cheeks. She wipes them away with a sad smile.

“So you’re a weepy drunk,” Skye says. She’s at one of the computers, but sitting sideways in a lazy posture that implies she’s not up to anything important. “Good to know.”

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Ship ask game: the Bradleys :)


Honestly, the more I rewatch the show, the more fascinated I am with them. You have this Homunculus that looks down on humans that, at the end of his life, proclaims that he was given the chance to choose his wife. And he chose her. Some might think that Wrath might have played his role, but I think he genuinely cared about his wife. And she obviously cared about him.

I find them incredibly interesting! And I read somewhere that Wrath was slapped by Mrs. Bradley on their first date. The fact that he didn’t stop her despite having his Ultimate Eye is hilarious.

All you do now is tell me I’ve changed. Well guess what? I did. I’m not as nice as I used to be. I’m not getting dragged around anymore. Enough. I’m not as innocent as I used to be. What you did to me made me reckless. I’m a brand new person, and I know it’s better for me. I know how to protect myself now. It took me so much time to mend what you broke and become the person I am. You’re not ruining me again.
—  LM. People change People.

So here you have my first Q&A.

I asked people on Instagram and Tumblr to send me questions and in this video I answer to them all.

I hope you like it, it took me lots of time and effort but I’m happy with the results!

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im ace and i just. love being ace so much??? took me a long time to figure it out and now im just. bathing in knowing myself dunno??? i just finally understand myself and feel safe and i love being ace. being ace is amazing. (ps: hope youre having an amazing day)

i’m glad you’re comfortable/understanding yourself now! i hope you have a lovely day as well!


i really wanted a prince!au where victor is some hotshot popular playboy prince and yuuri is some mysterious guy from the kingdom of yu-topia that shows up to victor’s ball to meet his idol with phichit and victor sees yuuri for the first time and promptly falls in l o v e

both the pose and background is heavily inspired by Beauty and the Beast bc im sooo excited for the live action one coming out next year
also the background is from Be Our Guest!



I was thinking about who I could dress up for Halloween, and the Lunar Chronicles ladies were the most obvious outcome. I’m actually surprised I haven’t done it before. I started a bit last minute, but I made it :)
So here are Cinder, Cress, Scarlet and Winter dressed in the dresses of the fairy tales their stories were based on ^.^ 

stay close to me ❄ for annie

all credit goes to the YOI team&nanashinohime

Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)