took me the whole night to decorate their ~house~

went to the most ridiculously lavish wedding reception last night, was in a palace and had the best decorations and fewd. my uncle took me - he said he was just going for the food so we just went food hunting there (not that hard to find seeing as it was everywhere)…. they had all the good exy vegan dry fruit sweets, sugarcane juice, north and south indian food, a soup and pho bar (my fave, got my raw veg and tofu cravings satisfied), and a whole section bigger than my house dedicated to sweets, icecream and kulfi - there was even like a stone icecream smashing place like cold rock icecream… good thing I’m vegan or I’d have exited there morbidly obese and with skyrocketing cholesterol; as it is I’m probs diabetic and has to loosen my skirt (thank fucko for drawsting skirts) sozzy this photo is unrelated to the caption (although I wore the same tikka), didn’t get any photos from last night bc I was riding sideways on the scooter for the first time and didn’t want to drop my phone or skirt or vagina ya know? but anyway I was heaps underdressed, the place was gorgeous – congrats to the bride and groom lol p.s. top tip: don’t have a good wedding bc you don’t get to enjoy it; the girl spent the whole time on the flowery stage accepting everyone’s gifts whilst I ate her out of house and home (not really, they’re loaded ₹₹₹₹). so just attend everyone else’s wedding and have a good time, then have a simpleton wedding like cazza in satc 1, and get married at a registar