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Request: hey! can you write a fluffy imagine where spencer spends the whole day with you and your guy’s son :) I would love to see spence in some dad action I feel like he would be so cute dad action I feel like he would be so cute

Note: I agree omg I’m in love with the idea

Warnings: Spencer being the best dad imaginable, fluff ;D

The coffee pot gurgled beside you as the machine began to brew the coffee. You leaned patiently against the granite countertop, tapping your fingers rhythmically against the surface. The early Saturday morning sun streamed in through the large window above the sink, lighting up the whole kitchen. You smiled to yourself, knowing today would be a nice day and hoping that you would be able to spend it with your boys.

Last night, you and Spencer had finally come home after a week long case in Utah. You know your son, Ethan (inspired by Alex Blake’s son), would love to spend the day with his parents. You know that because last night when you returned, his nanny told you about the week and how every night before he went to sleep he would try to stay up a bit in hopes of seeing his mom and dad. Even though the kid was three, he was incredibly observant and already comprehending things you wouldn’t expect a three-year-old to understand. After all, he is Spencer’s kid and this same kid is reading at a second-grade reading level.

Speaking of the devil, you see a small mop of chocolate brown curls sticking in all different directions enter into the kitchen, a very small plush toy of Captain Kirk from Star Trek in his hand. Spencer had gotten him that toy after they both saw the movies and got Ethan to fall in love with them too, and while you and he were on a case in a different state, Spencer somehow came across a pair of Kirk and Vulcan plushies. He brought them home and gave Captain Kirk to Ethan while he kept Spock. Since then, Kirk hasn’t left his dirty little hands - not even for a wash.

“Mommy!” Ethan exclaims in delight once he sees you. You quickly bend down and let the toddler run into your open arms. His small arms are tightly wrapped behind your back as he snuggles his face into the crook of your neck.

“Hi baby, I missed you,” you whisper, smoothing the back of his hair.

“I missed you too, mommy,” he replies softly and pulls away. “Where is daddy?”

“Daddy is asleep,” you say, pressing a finger against your lips in efforts to keep your son hushed. You know how much Spencer longs to see his son while he is away and if Ethan were to wake him up right now, Spencer wouldn’t care. But you do. He hardly sleeps when he’s away and now that you’re finally home, you will have him asleep as long as you can.

“I will be super quiet!” Ethan says in a hushed tone.

“That’s my boy,” you smile. “Are you hungry?” Ethan gives you a quick nod, his tongue sticking out like an excited puppy.

You sat Ethan on the counter beside you as you prepped the pancake batter mix and chit-chatted with him about his week and told him a less gruesome and more sanitized story of your most recent unsub. You went back and forth between the stove and counter several times, conversating with your child all while cooking up the pancakes and bacon.

“Daddy!” Ethan suddenly screams. You turn around to see Spencer entering the kitchen, a bright smile on his face once he sees the two of you. You see Ethan struggling to leap off the counter so you lift him up and put him down before he runs over to his dad’s arms. The second Ethan leaps into Spencer’s arms, Spencer lifts him up in a tight embrace and hugs him like his life depended on it.

“Hey, buddy!” Spencer greets him with the same enthusiasm. “I have something planned for us today.”

“Really!” Ethan asks excitedly.

“Yeah, you, me and mommy,” Spencer grins, looking up at you. You smile back at him, enjoying the warm feeling in your body at the sight of Spencer and Ethan.

“Yay,” Ethan claps his hands happily.

“But first, we all have to eat so we can get our basic nutrients of the day,” Spencer says as he strolls over to the coffee pot and serving himself his daily cup. He then goes over to the dining table and sits down with Ethan on his lap. You had already put all the prepared food on the table and Spencer looked up at you gratefully.

“Yup! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” you say, serving Ethan a small plate of a cut-up pancake.

“Tell mommy what I taught you the other day,” Spencer says looking down at the toddler in his lap. Ethan looked up at him curiously before Spencer leans down and whispers something in his ear. Ethan’s smile grows and he nods.

“Thank you, mommy!” Ethan yells and you laugh.

“Thank you,” Spencer says right after.

“You guys are very welcome,” you smile.

You all ate breakfast in pure bliss. Spencer helped Ethan eat and made small conversations with him and you all while playing a crossword puzzle that didn’t even last that long. You don’t even know why it surprised you when you expected nothing less of him. This was Spencer Reid we’re talking about.

“Alright, I think it is time for you to go get dressed,” Spencer announces as he sets Ethan on the floor.

“I’ll get him dressed-” you begin to stand up but Spencer places his hand on top of yours.

“Not a chance, I’ll take care of this,” Spencer quickly interjects. “After making us breakfast today, you deserve the fourteen minutes of rest.”

“Fourteen minutes?” You question.

“Yeah, that’s how long it usually takes for Ethan to get dressed, brush his teeth and comb his hair,” Spencer says as if it were nothing.

“I didn’t even know that was how long it took,” you say.

“Well on the days where he’s frustrated it could take up to thirty minutes but seeing as he’s pretty content today it should be fourteen minutes.”

“You are incredible, Dr. Reid,” you compliment, looking up at him amazed. Spencer leans down and presses a kiss to your forehead before turning his attention back to Ethan.

Spencer and Ethan disappear into the hallway and for a while, they’re gone. So you finished your coffee in peace and made your way to your bedroom in order to get dressed for the day Spencer had planned.

As you were flipping through items of clothing in your closet, you hear small and quick steps hitting the wooden floors behind you. You knew exactly whose little feet were making that noise. You turn around and find Ethan peering up at you, a hairbrush in his hand.

“Mommy, can you make my hair not ugly?” Ethan asks, a pout on his face. “Daddy makes it look more ugly.”

You can’t help the laugh that escapes your throat as you pictured Spencer trying to comb out Ethan’s hair. Ethan most likely had a pouty face as Spencer brushed through the knots and couldn’t get the perfect ringlets on Ethan’s head to curl.

“Come here, kiddo,” you bend down and pick up Ethan before carrying him into the bathroom and sitting him on one of the counters.

You continued to spray some water into his waves and began brushing through them ever so gently. You occasionally passed through a knot which in turn would cause Ethan to let out an “owie!”. Spencer comes into the bathroom moments later, a slight furrow in his brow.

“What happened to you?” You ask.

“I couldn’t brush his hair right,” Spencer pouts.

“Mommy has the magic touch,” you boast, exaggeratively flipping your hair over your shoulder. Spencer cracks a smile and runs a hand through his hair.

“That she does,” he winks and you giggle.

“Alright, little E,” you breathe out, setting the brush down. “You’re all done.”

Ethan turns his head to look at himself in the large mirror behind him. He smiles his toothy grin and brings one of his hands up to pat his head. He then begins to stand up and admire himself even more. He takes one step towards the mirror and presses his hands and face against the glass.

“Thank you, mommy,” Ethan turns around and smiles at you and you return the gesture. He begins to walk towards you and sits down like he was before.

“You’re so cute!” You coo, taking his small head in your hands and placing kisses all over his soft skin.

“I want hugs and kisses too,” Spencer says quietly from beside you.

“Should we give daddy hugs and kisses too?” You ask your three-year-old.

Without hesitation, Ethan nods eagerly, immediately reaching out to his father. Spencer takes one step towards you and envelops the both of you in a strong embrace. Ethan stands up once again and puts one of his hands on Spencer’s arm for support before leaning in and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Aww, he gave you a kiss,” you exclaim excitedly.

Spencer smiled widely at the boy in front of him before leaning him forward and pressing a longing kiss on the top of his head.

“Where are we going, daddy?” Ethan asks curiously.

“You’ll see.”


When you say you were exhausted, you were exhausted. Spencer’s big day had left all of you tired.

The first activity Spencer had was a visit to the local bookstore where he indulged in a ton of books in Ethan’s reading level and some to add to the collection of storybooks in Ethan’s room.

Then you ended up at the park where Spencer chased Ethan around the playground and you went down the slide with him and pushed him on the swing. After he had gotten tired with that, you went to the ice cream parlor across the street and gotten some cones. You had returned back to the park and sat in peace, all of you eating the sweet snack which Ethan made a total mess of.

Luckily, you being the prepared mom that you are, you carried baby wipes with you in your purse for easy cleanup.

You sat in the grass for a little while longer, Spencer read a few picture books to Ethan but once the ducks came along, the books were no longer in Ethan’s interests. And finally, once Ethan was tired with the ducks, he came back over to you and Spencer. All gross and sweaty.

You all decided to go back home seeing as everyone was exhausted, sweaty and kind of hungry.

Once everyone showered and got changed into their pajamas. Spencer called pizza delivery and popped in a movie for you all to watch.

“Star Trek!” You exclaim, plopping down on the couch with pizza in your hand.

“Again! Yay!” Ethan bounces up and down, his Captain Kirk toy was hugged against his chest. “Daddy, where is your Spock?”

“Spock?” Spencer trails off, putting his hand on his chin. “I don’t know, where could he be?”

“Did you lose him?” Ethan asks sadly.

“Maybe I did,” Spencer frowns. “But how is that possible when he’s right here?”

Spencer whips out the Spock toy from behind Ethan’s ear and he laughs in delight.

“Wow!” Ethan reaches up and touches his ear in astonishment. “Captain Kirk says you are cool.”

“Spock and I send our thanks to Captain Kirk,” Spencer responds.

Your two men settled down once the movie started and instead of watching the movie, you turned your attention towards them. Ethan had found his way under Spencer’s arm, and you could tell the both of them were very comfortable seeing as they were dozing off. You reclined yourself against the back cushions of the sofa and tried dozing off yourself, using the background noise of the movie to help you fall asleep.

As you were finally slipping away, a specific text alert woke you up from your peaceful mindset.

“Oh no,” you mumble, reaching towards your phone.

Penelope Garcia: We have a case :(

It was already nine, your usual bedtime when at home and half of the household was already asleep. To your dismay, you extend a hand towards Spencer and run your fingers through his hair. You move your hand down to his cheek and run the pad of your thumb over his cheekbone. He slowly stirs and his eyelids flutter.

“Let me guess,” he whispers, bringing his hand up to hold yours on his face. “We have a case.”

“You are correct,” you smile sadly.

“At least we got to spend time with him today,” Spencer says, smiling down at Ethan. “I missed him, a lot.”

“I know you did,” you respond quietly. “I did too.”

“I wish we can just be like this all the time, but our jobs,” Spencer trails off.

“Our jobs get in the way of being with Ethan, but our jobs are also the biggest part of our lives, it’s who we are,” you say, trying your best to look on the bright side.

“I know,” he whispers. “Okay we can just tuck him in and then we can go.”

You eagerly nod and stand up from the couch once Spencer picks up Ethan. You follow him into the bedroom and rush over to Ethan’s bed to push back the covers so Spencer can put him inside. You send a quick text to his nanny, hoping she would respond and she does so minutes later with an “I’ll be right over.”

Ethan was tucked into his covers, his angelic features at rest. His breaths were soft and quiet and left through his mouth. His hair was sprawled out in all different directions once again.

“I think we should give Ethan a little sister,” you wonder aloud. You see Spencer do a double-take and then give you a bright smile.

“I think so too!” Spencer nods. “Although, statistically speaking, the odds of you having a girl are-”

“We are having a girl,” you interject sternly.

“We are having a girl,” Spencer repeats, nodding at the statement.


and that was daddy Spence ;D <3 sorry if it wasn’t that good but I still have all these other dad requests that I could do so this isn’t the last of father Spencer !

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Hi!! New-ish Outlander fan here. I found your fic blog not too long ago and fell in love with your modern AUs, esp the Vietnam AU! Will there be more to come, pretty please? Thanking you X ☺

anonymous asked:   Any chance of your continuing the Vietnam AU? It’s such a lovely series. All the best! ❤❤❤

anonymous asked: Do Jamie and Claire get a cabin goodbye in the Vietnam AU? omg /death            

It was understandably a bit musty inside the cabin – and Jamie immediately set to work airing it out.

“Here – help me roll up the shades? Let’s get some light in here.”

Jenny hadn’t exaggerated – there were only four rooms. A large living area with an open hearth, what appeared to be two bedrooms, and a study/library. All the furniture and decorations were dated, but clean – well-kept. Taken care of.

“Do you come up here often?” She stepped to one side of the living area, eyes lighting on a large survey map mounted on the wall.

“Not since the fall. But I came here a lot right after I got back from Chu Lai. I needed – well. I needed time. And space. I did a lot of thinking.”

And then he was there, right behind her, arms wrapped around her waist, head resting on her shoulder.

She melted against him.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t here with you,” she whispered into the wall. “I’m sorry – ”

“Sshh.” His breath tickled her neck. “It doesn’t matter. You’re here now.”

Then she turned around. And locked eyes with him. And bit her lip.

Tension crackled.

“I love you,” she whispered. “I want you.”

His eyes closed – almost as if he couldn’t believe her words.

“I want you in my life, Claire. Now. In every way. For always.”

Then his eyes opened – brave. Unafraid.

“And God knows I want you – more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life. Do you feel the same?”

“You know I do,” she breathed.

“Then will you do something for me?”

Her brows furrowed. “Anything.”

He nodded, thinking.

“I want to handfast with you. It’s – it’s a Scottish tradition. We pledge ourselves to each other – and it’s valid for a year and a day. After that time we can part – or we can formally marry.”

“I don’t understand – do we need a priest or something? Why didn’t we do it at church?”

He smiled, shaking his head. “We do it just the two of us. It’s valid because we say it is. And in the eyes of God, it – it blesses us. Blesses our union. Because I want God to bless us, and protect us. And provide for us. Because He knows I prayed every single day for you to come back to me. And He delivered.”

Claire blinked back tears.

“Yes. Yes, of course. What do I do?”

He took her hands. “I’m going to make my vow to you – and then you can make yours to me. And then – one more thing. And then – then, we go to bed.”

She nodded. Quickly. Heart somewhere in her throat.

“I, James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser, take thee, Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp…”

It all happened in slow motion.

Jamie’s vow to her.

Her vow to him.

They sealed their vows with a kiss. And then – then he asked for her wrist. Pulled out his pocketknife – scored a shallow cut across her wrist. Held out his own wrist for her to do the same. Then pressed his cut to hers.

“Say the words after me,” he whispered.

Then he spoke in Gaelic – it was yet another vow. She didn’t understand it – but she *felt* it so much deeper than what they had just exchanged in English.

And Jamie’s eyes were so soft and dark and intense on hers.

And then another kiss.

And then they stumbled to one of the bedrooms, and Jamie struggled out of his jacket, and Claire lay a calming hand on his chest.

“Sshh. It’s just me. We don’t have to do this if it’s too much.”

And then Jamie straightened up, focused, and took proper care of his bride.

The orange sunlight of late afternoon sliced through the lace curtains that must have been made before the War.

Claire sighed, so content, legs still tangled with Jamie’s under the old plaid blanket, hands gently caressing the scars on his back. He made a small sound and tightened his grip – burying himself even deeper inside of her. Her lips parted in a silent gasp.

“Are you *sure* you’ve never done that before? Because Jamie – ”

“Well I seemed to learn a *lot* after the first time, hmm?” he laughed, sucking on her neck, delighting in her shiver. “I have a most excellent teacher.”

“It’s so, so good with you.” Her voice rose higher in pitch as he slowly, slowly began rocking back and forth. Teasing. “I – I had no idea it could be this good.”

“And just think – we can have this every day for the rest of our lives, Claire.” He kissed her swollen lips – the tip of her nose – her eyes, brimming with tears.

“Oh my God,” she breathed. “Jamie. I – ”

“Hush, *mo graidh.* Hush. Let me love you again.”

Slowly he eased her onto her back, and helped her lose all sense of space and time.

“You can’t go out there with no clothes on!”

Jamie briefly glanced over his shoulder to give Claire a withering look. “Who’s around to care? Just a few deer. Maybe a mountain lion or two. And you, but last time I checked you rather liked seeing me naked.”

Claire theatrically rolled her eyes and followed him, naked, across the living room as he opened the front door.

“I know it’s nice out – but don’t you feel the slightest bit cold?”

He darted back inside, grabbed her hand, and dragged her over the threshold. “Not when I have you to warm me!”

Her laugh echoed from the fir trees circling the clearing right outside the front of the cabin.

“And where is this cave, anyway? Some of us haven’t been hiking bare-assed through the woods since we were in diapers.”

“It’s right – oh! Perfect!”

Jamie abruptly halted and Claire crashed into his side. “What is it?”

He bent, plucked a small plant from the ground, and held it out to her. “I remember these from when I was small – wild strawberries.”

Sure enough, a small red fruit hid under the sparse green leaves.

“How lovely.” Claire plucked the berry from the stem and tasted it.

“Look – there are so many of them here.” His voice was suddenly choked – and she looked up at him in concern.

“Jamie? Are you all right?”

“It’s a sign, Claire,” he said softly, voice breaking. “The strawberries – they’re our symbol. The Frasers. Well, it’s what my Da always told me – that our surname comes from the French, when a Monsieur Freseliere came across from France with King William, and was granted land in the Scottish highlands for his trouble.”

“You mean William the Conqueror?” Claire’s voice was incredulous. “I had heard that Scots have long memories, but still – ”

“But Claire – it’s March. Strawberries here in the mountains normally don’t start until April. It’s a sign, Claire. It’s a blessing from God. It proves that you’re meant to be here.”

Gently Claire gripped his forearms – the hairs glowing in the afternoon sun – and turned him to face her. Then gently she lay him down on the grass, amid the strawberries, and sat atop him.

“I love you, Monsiuer Freseliere,” she said softly, and then took him inside her.

“Je t’aime, Madame Freseliere,” he groaned.

“Where have you been? Murtagh was just going to go out looking for you – you forgot the walkie-talkie, you idiot!”

But neither Jamie nor Claire took heed of Jenny’s haranguing. For Jamie simply bent to kiss his sister on the cheek as Claire pulled a bottle of whisky from the backpack and set it on the table.

“The ten-year! You’ve gone for the good stuff,” Ian observed, eyeing Murtagh’s faded scrawl on the label. “May I ask why?”

“We’ve handfast,” Claire replied. “We’ll marry as soon as I finish school.”

Murtagh let out a whoop so loud that wee Maggie, snoring in her playpen in the parlor, burst awake in tears.

But amid the cheers and kisses and hugs exchanged by the Fraser-Murray adults, nobody seemed to mind.

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How about RFA+V (and any others you choose) scratching MC's back. She gets so relaxed she falls asleep (I am literally dying for Jumin and V's. Because that is me. I fall asleep.)

ヽ( ・∀・)ノ It’s such a nice feeling!!


- The two of you were having a gaming session. Not really gaming together on the same server or anything, but…You two were in the same room, that’s what counted!

- He ended up clocking out of his game early, while you were laying on your belly playing your handheld- Completely immersed

- He smiled to himself, carefully sitting on the bed and rubbing your back a bit.

- “You still going at it?”

- “Mhm, I’m almost done upgrading my shop. I spent so damn long doing this- I’m going to get this done tonight!”

- Haha, omg. You were so cute.

- He saw you reach to scratch your back, but he lightly batted your hand away

- “Keep playing, I got this.”

- He just intended on scratching that certain spot, but you let out a happy sigh when he kept it up

- So, he decided just to spend a bit scratching your whole back, instead of that one spot

- He looked away for a second, just appreciating how it looked outside the window, and when he turned back you were slumped over. 

- Just… Completely out.

- He held back a laugh. Gently getting up, he saved your game and set it to charge before climbing into bed with you.

- How did he get so lucky to have such a cute gf?


- The two of you were cuddling in bed.

- Nothing kinky or sexual, just relaxing after a peaceful day

- He wanted to lay on his back, so he just shifted like so and pulled you to lay on top of him

- You were so embarrassed, spouting out on how you might be too heavy or something

- He just laughs and nuzzles you, telling you not to worry and relax

- When you finally do, he just absentmindedly runs his fingers up and down your back, lightly with his nails

- He notices you completely chilled out, even getting a bit sleepy

- “Does that feel good?”

- “Mmmhmmmm, it’s so nice…”

- He slips his hands under your shirt so he can directly scratch your back, and you just slump completely.

- It takes him a few minutes to realize you’ve fallen asleep, but when he does he just laughs quietly before kissing your head


- He was busy clacking away at his keyboard while you sat on the couch, busying yourself with your phone, when he let out a low whine

- “Mc~ My back itches~!”

- Without even looking at him, you scoffed a bit, scrolling through your phone. “So? Scratch it?”

- “My fingers are busy! I need your help!”

- You rolled your eyes, but you got up to go and help him out- Absent mindedly scratching for a while as you stared at the screen, trying to decipher what in the world he was working on.

- Suddenly, he pushed back a bit, stretching his arms

- “Alright, your turn!”

- “What?”

- “You know. You scratched my back, now I scratch yours!”

- Wow…Nerd.

- But the two of you settled down on the couch, him purposely starting out rough, earning him a  harsh smack from you.

- Eventually, he’d calm down and seriously return the favor to you

- But when you started slumping over, he just chuckled. “Am I that good?”

- “It just feels nice, makes me a bit sleepy…” You said, fighting back a yawn

- “Ah, okay, I get it, I get it.” He switches positions on the couch, resting against the arm of the couch and letting you lay on top of him, scratching your back. “Better?”

- You just snuggled into him. “Mhmm…”

- It was cute how fast you conked out, but he wasn’t going to wake you up…yet.


- You were lazing on his bed, just chilling on your stomach, petting Elizabeth 3rd as he went over some last minute business emails

- You didn’t mind him having to do a few last minute things, but he did a bit. He really wanted to spend every second with you that he could since he was constantly so busy

- Pretty soon, you felt a weight on the edge of the bed, and his hand brushing against your arm

- “I’m sorry, dear. I’m done now.”

- He kissed your head, and you chuckled. “It’s fine, it’s fine. I’m just relaxing.”

- “That sounds exactly like what I need.”

- Suddenly, he settled down beside you, scratching behind Elizabeth 3rd’s ear.

- “She looks so comfy… I wanna be scratched too. Being a cat must be nice.”

- He chuckled, kissing your head again. “I can scratch your back, if you like.”

- “Mm, I might fall asleep. I’m really relaxed right now.”

- “That’s fine, come here.”

- The two of you rearranged yourselves on the bed, you snuggling into his chest as he lazily scratched your back

- It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep- He kept a soothing back and forth motion on your back, just lightly running his nails on your back

- Though, when you finally did, he just switched to holding you close to him and nuzzling you, falling asleep too


- She was used to working hard, so the busy life of her cafe wasn’t anything she wasn’t used to

- But..You on the other hand… Well, you were getting stressed very easily

- I mean the two of you were happy, but sometimes running a cafe was just hard

- One day, after you took a long bath and still seemed stressed, she decided to help you out.

- “Mc, come lay down with me.”

- (”Ohoho-” “No, not like that”)

- She had you lay on your back as she sat beside you, and she started getting to work. She didn’t know much about massages, but with how you sighed she assumed she was doing good 

- After a while, you perked your head up. “Jaehee, do you mind scratching my back instead?”

- Hell yes, her hands were getting a bit tired, that was a lot easier.

- But before she even had a chance for her fingers to get tired from that, you were out like a light.

- She just chuckled, pulling the covers over you and letting you catch up on some well needed sleep.


- The two of you were huge fans of couch snuggles

- His place was just so nicely decorated. A few succulents here and there, some nice lights that weren’t so bright. Just nice and calm

- The weather was so nice, you two even opened a window, appreciating the warm and pleasant breeze that flitted in occasionally.

- He was laying on his back, with you on top of him snuggled into his chest. You were so at ease you even hummed a bit, and he loved it.

- He was watching outside- Watching the swirling colors of the slow sunset mix together- and without thinking much, he ended up scratching your back for you.

-  I mean, he knew you liked it, but apparently it had reached from being a nice boyfriend to absentmindedly doing it without prompting

- It took him a while to notice- He was so at ease with the world.

- But when he did, he just carefully pulled the decorative blanket off the head of the couch and pulled it over the both of you.

- It was perfect weather for a nice nap, anyway.

The Mazurka (Loki Imagine)

Hello I have done nothing for three days but write this. Omg. 

SYNOPSIS: You have been betrothed to Thor since you were born, but throughout the years have fallen deeply for his brother, Loki. Who so happened to fall just as deeply for you. But you have each been promised to different people… and tomorrow is to be your wedding day.

This imagine is based on one of my all time favorite stories/movies “Anna Karenina.” The scene in the imagine below is inspired by a dance called “The Mazurka” that served as an immense symbol/turning point for the beginning of the downfall of the main characters love story. 

This movie to me is so beautifully intense and romantic and sad… and I just love it. So I just had this idea in my head and I wanted to try it out.

I’m going to attach a link here, incase you want to hear the song I envisioned to go along with this imagine (if you are curious! because it is literally breathtaking. And the dance in the scene is based on this version of The Mazurka! :) )

Just an FYI: GET READY FOR A LONG ONE. & Lot’s of “Anna Karenina” references littered alll throughout this Imagine!! 

Hope you enjoy :)

It didn’t matter.

They way he would barely so much as glance at you. Or the way her silky dress fell perfectly along her honey skin.

Or the way all the light in the room seemed to be radiating from the golden tresses cascading like ribbons of gold down her back. And the way his eyes fixed themselves on her… On the way her tall, beautiful figure lorded over the room- every eye commanded to her attention. Every breath stolen by her command. Every beat to every heart held still to her will.

It didn’t matter, that her hand was on his arm and your’s was on Thor’s.

It didn’t matter.

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honestly i dont even really know how to begin this like??? i feel like i have so much to say it was just the best day of my Entire Ugly Life. im so honored i really am it was just the most beautiful experience ever nd also so funny lkafsfsa i can’t wait to share with you !! 

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siren jimin

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  • time for my son
  • even though halloween has passed
  • we are still doing the halloween series because it’s not even halloween it’s more like monster au which is chill with me man
  • because scooby doo
  • actually tae is based on scooby doo but that’s later
  • anyway
  • jimin is a siren
  • this is gonna be super sad but bare with me for a few moments okay?
  • so back in the day, like a long time ago
  • like the 1600s or whatever yah?
  • jimin was but a young man, a young sailor in fact, who was one of the most well-known sailors across the face of the earth because wherever he went, the people absolutely adored him?
  • like whenever he entered a sea port of a familiar place, people would flood (ahah) the docks to come and see him and they would decorate him with the local flora of their homelands so he always had like a flower crown of some sorts??
  • and he had like the most beautiful goods back home in his little cottage off the beach like seashells and glasses and beads and different types of exotic plants and different types of clothing too
  • all the aunties in his hometown would always tease him like “honey aren’t you going to settle down soon?”
  • and he would always get blushy and shy and hide behind his hands and kinda!! “the ocean is my one true love!”
  • which isn’t a lie
  • like he is never happier than when he is out on the sea
  • but people become jealous of him
  • and why wouldn’t they?
  • he’s handsome
  • he’s intelligent
  • he has the kindest soul and the brightest smile to complement this
  • he is the most famous sailor in the seven seas and has the most riches the world has to offer (even if too many, they aren’t special because it’s not gold and jewels)
  • so one day, jimin is sailing for one of the remote islands when his ship hits a monstrous tempest
  • it rocks the ship and waves crash over the sides of the boat and the ship spins around and around and around like a top
  • everyone is holding on to whatever they can find, trying to stay alive
  • jimin is valiantly trying to steer the ship, doing his best to get the crew out of this nightmare alive
  • a few of the men who are trying to take down the mast get together and pull the ropes so that it swings towards jimin
  • with the skies darker than night itself, and rain blinding him, jimin doesn’t see it coming before it’s too late and he’s whacked in the back of the head, falling unconscious to the deck floor
  • the men run over and grab him. and not thinking twice, they throw him overboard into the raging sea
  • but the ocean loved jimin, you see
  • and the ocean did not want jimin to die
  • but there is not much the ocean could do, save transform jimin into one of its own
  • when jimin wakes up, he finds himself to be lying on a sandy beach
  • he can’t remember what happened
  • he can’t remember what went wrong
  • he pushes himself into a sitting position, but suddenly, it’s as if there’s a ton of bricks on his chest, stealing the air from his lungs and causing him to sputter and choke
  • he does what seems natural in that moment and he throws himself into the salty ocean
  • and that’s when he realizes it
  • his legs have been replaced with a sleek, midnight blue tail, his skin now decorated with scales down near his hips
  • his hair is bright orange, like coral too
  • oh right, he can breathe underwater too
  • at first jimin is like well im a mermaid okay theN
  • and he takes a long time to adjust like he’s always getting lost in the sea and one time he gets tangled in seaweed and a dolphin has to come save him or something i cry and another time he almost gets caught in a net
  • he didn’t have a family back on land so that’s not that big a deal but he misses all the people he befriended on his journeys and wonders if they miss him as much as he misses them
  • he doesn’t realize he’s a siren until a little later though
  • in the beginning he doesn’t like to go anywhere near land, because he’s scared someone will recognize him or they’ll try to catch him or something like he’s a fish?
  • but soon curiosity gets the best of him and there’s a little cove near the shore, down a ways from the local port
  • there’s a few rocks right, and jimin likes to keep his tail fin in the water so he can you know, stay alive (because in this au that’s all it takes to be good to go), but perches the rest of his tiny lil self up on the rock to people watch
  • jimin has the voice of a haunting angel like he sends chills down my spine and it’s the same way in this au
  • like in human form people loved jimin’s voice and would kill to hear it, especially in the rare moments he took the time to sing because he’s a shy lil bun who gets super insecure when singing aloud right?
  • his singing voice is heightened by like twenty million percent now like he has graduated from angel voice to god voice
  • he realizes his power one day when he’s singing to himself and he kinda just gets louder because he thinks he’s alone
  • and this fisherman who jimin thought was like seven million feet away steers his rowboat on over and jimin is facing the other way and playing with some starfish friends so he doesn’t notice the dude until it’s too late
  • he was so hypnotized by jimin’s voice that he kept coming closer and closer and closer and the area where jimin likes to hang is seriously surrounded like absolutely surrounded by works and no boat, however small, would make it through the tight space
  • jimin spins around when he hears a sharp crack and to his horror this kid has completely wrecked his boat on the side of a rock and now seems to be sinking
  • jimin dives in and pulls the kid to shore and shakes him violently and to his absolute horror, the dude starts to float and jimin screams because he’s like oMG HE DIED
  • but the kid laughs “im taehyung, im a ghost right, and i thought i was pretty invincible but wow your voice, ive never heard anything more beautiful in my life!!”
  • and that’s the start of the best friendship in the world i felt like i needed to include this because 95 line bros
  • but yah after that jimin is like that was a close call i gotta be careful,,,
  • alas,,,
  • that isn’t the case
  • he loves singing, as much as he loved sailing back in the day, and jimin doesn’t mean too but his voice lures sailors over wherever they are, and causes half of them to crash if jimin doesn’t stop himself from singing in time
  • he always saves them but god it takes so much energy and people are starting to whisper about a fish boy who needs to be taken care of, so jimin decides it’s time to leave for good
  • he’s scared and lost and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do but guess what everything ends up being okay because guess who’s living near the sea where he ends up
  • oh right that’s you
  • i don’t live near a beach so idk if this even accurate but in barbie movies they always run on the beach with their dogs and shit
  • for the sake of the story that’s what you’re doing when jimin sees you
  • your lil puppy has escaped from you and has decided that they’re gonna race down the sand with a giant stick in their mouth and make you chase them
  • jimin has just settled into the new area and found himself a rock to lounge on
  • and it’s nice because this isn’t a port it’s just a beach and not people visit the beach because it’s a more elderly neighbourbhood in a small town and people are too old and decrepit to walk around the rocks
  • that’s why he has no fear chilling out on his rock and singing to himself and occasionally the seagulls
  • but somebody just has to ruin that
  • that’s somebody is you if you didn’t catch on
  • you’ve finally caught your puppy right and you hold them in your arms and bop their nose like “excuse me i did not give you permission to run away from me you ungrateful brat”
  • but you stop your scolding because something has caught your attention and it’s the most beautiful thing in the world
  • you set your puppy down and without thinking about it much, you wade into the water because that’s where the sound seems to be coming from
  • you’re like waist deep now but that’s okay because you can run home and change soon, this is way more important
  • you’re trying to be quiet as possible but then a gross piece of seaweed rubs against your leg and you shriek and jimin hears this and sees you standing there and he panics
  • you’re screaming, he’s screaming, your dog is rolling around in the sand
  • jimin rushes to dive into the water but you tell him to wait and despite what he knows is best for his safety he doesn’t leave his rock and instead waits for you to say something else
  • “you have a nice voice!!” you call out to him and you feel so stupid that your face ends up going bright red
  • and jimin gets all cute and blushy and waves shyly “uh thank you!”
  • “are you a mermaid?”
  • “i’m a siren actually…”
  • “oh man holy shit, that’s cool!!”
  • and now he’s really blushing because nobody has ever thought him to be anything positive like they tried to drive him away from the village but you’re like excited to see him??
  • his little heart swells in his chest and he waves you over
  • you’re like wth why not so you go and swim over and prop yourself up on the rock and you fall back off when you see his tail because is the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen in your life, like it reflects the sunlight and shimmer and glows and wow you’re amazed
  • jimin panics and pulls you back up onto the rock “please be more careful!”
  • “yOURE SO PRETTY” you blurt out
  • and jimin is so red and he just stares at you with wide eyes and his lips part slowly and he just kinda smiles softly “you think so?”
  • “um yes can i like… can i see your scales!”
  • and he nods and you like low key pet his scales right and he starts to giggle hysterically because it tickles so much and his laugh is the most pure sound you’ve ever heard in your life and wow are you falling for a siren that’s uncomfortable
  • you visit jimin every morning after that
  • like it’s not even low key you purposefully go out of your way to go and find him and you two will sit up on his rock as long as time permits and he’ll show you all the different types of sea stars and he can point out different types of kelp and he’ll talk to the waves for you and it’s super cute??
  • he likes to bask in the sun like literally bask and during those times he’ll rest his head in your lap and ask you to play with his hair and during these moments he’ll tell you about his life before he became a siren and he’ll tell you about all the places he’s explored and talk about all the wonderful people he’s met
  • and one day he kinda glances up at you “but you’re my favorite by far”
  • and believe it or not you fall hard for jimin
  • and you’re super butt hurt because you can’t even like !! do anything because he can’t leave the water for more than a few minutes without like nearly dying?
  • but god you want nothing more than to snuggle with him in bed and watch some quality movies like scooby doo and the ghoul school
  • and like walk down the streets hand in hand and dress him in cute scarves and sweaters but nooo
  • you’re gonna somehow get it to work though
  • you’re determined as hell though
  • one night you stay up all night deciding how to save jimin right
  • and you go down to find him at your rock but he’s not there
  • your breath hitches in your throat because maybe he went underwater for a moment but as time goes on you realize you’ve been standing around for half an hour now and he’s nowhere in sight
  • you start to pace in the sand and you’re running your hands through your hair and you’re going to cal beach security or something if that even exists in the old people neighborhood
  • he wouldn’t leave you would he?
  • would he actually get up and just leave?!
  • you start to tear up and you grab a handful of sand and throw it into the water as if that would do something for your cause
  • and you wade out to your rock and you stand up on top of it and stare down into the water, somehow thinking that if you stare hard enough that jimin will magically appear
  • but some old grump has been watching the beach activity from his window and you’re screaming and shrieking has annoyed the heck out of him so he opens his window and sticks his head out and hardcore cusses you out and you get so surprised that you lose your balance and completely fall into the water
  • and you’re so stunned that you kinda forget how to react aka swim and you feel yourself sinking but you can’t remember how to swim you’re so shocked and scared that your senses shut off
  • and you’re sinking and sinking and sinking
  • but suddenly a pair of arms wrap around you
  • surprise it’s jimin!
  • he presses his lips to yours and breathes air back into your lungs
  • and then hoists you back up to above the surface
  • you’re sputtering and he’s panicking but you’re fine, you weren’t under there too long
  • but you kinda!! “jimin what the hell i thought you got kidnapped or something!!”
  • and he’s also like !! “what the hell, i thought you were going to drown!!”
  • you both end up laughing a bit because what’s the irony huh
  • is that the right word
  • “i was looking for something for you!” he explains after a bit, a sheepish pink color on his face
  • he he holds open his palm and it’s a beautiful pink pearl and he just starts rambling about how some of the fish told him it was at the bottom of the bay and he wanted to get it for you !!
  • and you’re all emotional and you hug him and take the pearl and you’re just so !! because he would do something like that for you??
  • but then you think about what you’re gonna do and you’re kinda like “look i brought a kiddy pool and i wanna drag you back to my house bcuz i want you to live in my bathtub until we figure something out!”
  • and he goes super red at this and his eyes get all wide and he just stares at you
  • before kissing you for real
  • and guess what!
  • you guys do get things figured out
  • because our lovely witch seokjin comes to the rescue
  • you’re talking to your pal yoongi about this situation because you know his lil secret mm hmm and he’s like um i have a witch friend who would be able to help go hit him up?
  • and so you see seokjin and he gives you a potion
  • you bring it to jimin who’s waiting on the rock for you as usual
  • and before he drinks it you’re like !! only if you want to!!
  • and he says something super cheesy like “well of course i wanna spend the rest of my life with you” with like seventy five winks following after
  • and so you hand him the potion and he drinks it
  • you hold your breath as a bright light envelops him
  • he can feel his entire body morphing and it’s exciting but also terrifying because what if something goes wrong?
  • when the light disappears, jimin is standing there, with legs and everything, a pair of neon green swim trunks on
  • his hair is still bright orange and upon closer examination, he has scales on his hips still, but they’re not very noticeable unless you’re looking
  • he runs over you to you but he’s not used to legs and he trips and falls and you start to cackle
  • then of course run over and help him up and hug him super tight and then he kisses your face all over
  • okay
  • it takes a while to adjust though
  • like he always chills in your bathtub and pretends the bubble bath is sea foam
  • refuses to eat any sort of seafood and claims he can hear their dying words if you do
  • sings at all hours of the day and you usually have people staring at the two of you when you’re out and about because his voice is still so powerful
  • but it’s super cute and you guys are grossly in love the end
Breaking... Ch. 16


Part 13 Part 14 Part 15

A/N: This chapter was gonna be much longer but I relaized I should make it two parts because there is a lot going on. I hope you like it!

Wordcount: 3510

Warnings: Uh cursing I think is the only one…wow maybe bad french since I don’t speak it, I just take it sooooo

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Breaking Pace

You poked at the fire, it’s just as cold this winter as it had been the last. But that only meant one things for you, Philip Hamilton’s coming home. The Christmas season has come upon everyone, this is actually the first Christmas you’ll spend with them and you’re realizing how different things are with the holiday in this era. However, some things are still the same, like the singing. You Eliza walked through town together, which was the first time you’d actually walked through the city. You didn’t do much, just picked up some things for the upcoming dinner. While you were out you saw countless numbers of people singing and you were honestly amazed at the sheer amount. New York City was still New York City, no matter what time period. You missed it, the kids kept you busy sure but you never did get used to how quiet it was so far from the hustle and bustle of city life. If you closed your eyes and listened to everything around you, you felt like you were back home. Sitting by your window sill in your third floor apartment that you shared with Anna. You always felt conflicted over whether you wanted to go back to that or not. All of your friends and family were back in the twenty-first century but…the love of your life was here. Not only him but all the new friends you’d made. There was no win, no matter what happened you’d lose something and every time you thought about that you’d stop and listen. In the city you had the best of both worlds. You liked it up there and the singing wasn’t the only thing you noticed. Presents. Oh, the bane of this world, giving people gifts. It’s always fun to do it but the process of finding them is extremely frustrating most of the time. And you were in a different position than most. Alex and Eliza always asked if you’d like compensation for working but you always turned them down. They were already giving you more than enough so there was never a need for that. Now though, you were starting to see the appeal of it. You had nothing to give, at least physically you didn’t. Which is why you made a little deal with Eliza and Angie, but that comes in to play later. You heard a stampede of footsteps trot down the stairs and looked up to find all the children rushing down them. You quickly got up and went over to them.

“Hey, hey, hey now! No running down the stairs! You guys could get hurt!” AJ had a huge grin on his face.

“I’ll go get Father and Mother! They’ll be so happy!” AJ turned to run down the hall toward the study. What the hell’s going on? Johnny noticed your confused expression and explained.

“There’s a carriage…Philip is here early!” He said joyfully. WHAT?! He’s here! He wasn’t supposed to be here until tomorrow morning! Oh God, do I look okay? Do I have ashes on my apron? Oh, why do I fucking care?! I’m a maid! You smoothed out your dress and saw Eliza and Alex rushing into the main room, AJ close behind.

“My son is back from working hard! I’m so excited!” Alex chimed in while Eliza simply jumped around happily. Everyone crowded around the door as the sound of carriage wheels got louder and louder until they stopped out front. Ugh, I love that sound! You stayed in the middle of the room. I’ll write a letter to Philip every day. I’ve kept his room clean while he was away. Wait for him. The door finally opened, you hear him but you couldn’t see him, everyone was standing in the way but you heard it, among all the words buzzing around you heard it.

“I missed you all so much!” He still sounded as chipper as ever, it made your heart skip a beat. I’m willing to wait for him… The kids parted from him, Eliza and Alex moved to stand by his side. There he was.  My Philip Hamilton… He was wearing an extra jacket because of the cold and he was wearing a hat, that was new at least. What is up with that feather though?! He stopped in his tracks when he saw you and you could almost swear time itself stopped with him. He didn’t move but a smile creeped up onto his face. You weren’t ashamed to admit that a few stray tears escaped your eyes. You took a cautious step forward, your hand reaching out, he did the same. You shook your hesitation away and busted out into a full sprint towards him. He met you halfway. You slammed into him and hugged him with all your strength.

“Come on Star, I’ve only been gone for a few months!” He joked.

“Shut up, Sunny. Let me have this!” He laid his hand on the back of your head and the other on the middle of your back.

“I’ve missed you…so much.” He whispered, you nodded into his shoulder.

“How do you think I feel?” You laughed. The two of you stood there for a moment, not moving, just taking in the pleasure of being close, which you haven’t been for almost five months. When you did pull away you looked up at his ridiculous hat and plucked it off his head.

“Are we in France now? Why on Earth would you wear this?” You tried to joke to stop yourself from crying so much, he looked at you with the same fake offense that you loved.

“Excuse you, I look wonderful in this hat! What? Do you have a thing against France now?”

“I’m not against France, I’m just no Thomas Jefferson. I swear Philly, if you do that thing we are-“

“Ah, mais Mademoiselle! Te yeux, elles avaient faire mal moi! Mon coeur, il vais te amour! Ma petite chou, s’il vous plait, qu’est que je dois te dire?”

“Philip, I have no idea what you just said to me but I think you called me a cabbage at some point and I am honestly very offended by this!”

“Your lack of culture offends me! I’ll have you know that my uncle gave this to me, so yes it is from France!”

“You have an uncle in France?” You asked.

“Well, he’s a kind of uncle. Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette…we just call him uncle Laf!” OMG I’M TAKING THIS HORSE BY THE REINS! MAKING REDCOATS REDDER WITH BLOOD STAINS LAFAYETTE!! Alexander laughed at the name.

“His name is too long; the children call him ‘Laf’ because when Philip was a toddler he couldn’t even pronounce Lafayette!” Eliza smiled nostalgically.

“Aww, I remember that!” Philip shook his head disapprovingly.

“Anyways, I look great in this hat.”

“I think it’s a little too big; you need a few more months!” You handed it back to him. Your face is too nice to hide it under a hat, how else am I supposed to count your freckles? Philip raised an eyebrow to match his sly smile.

“Oh? So I have a nice face? And what was that? You count my freckles?” Damn it! I need to stop saying my thoughts out loud!

“Um, no?” You tried to deny.

“Uh huh, sure you don’t.” He chuckled.

“Ugh, I have to help prepare for dinner!”

“You can deny it all you want but I’m not the only one who sees it!” He jabbed, you rolled your eyes and started to walk towards the kitchen. You always felt weird around the other maids since none of them lived on the property, since they had their own families, and they were all much older than you. The oldest one looked like she was in her mid to late fifties but you thought it would be rude to ask.  Just as you approached the door, Alex called out to you. You turned to see him jogging over to you, holding some sort of envelope in his hand. He stopped and held it to you. You took it and realized it was a letter it looked off to you, most likely because you couldn’t tell who it was from.

“I just checked the mail, it might from Philip before he left.” He chuckled before leaving to back and talk with his son. You looked back at it and you were sure it wasn’t from Philip. You popped off the seal and looked at the letter inside.

Dear Y/N,

             Hello, it’s been a while. I haven’t been able to send letters due to how busy I have been. If you could not tell already, this is Rachel. Cato and I are doing wonderful, busy but wonderful nonetheless. We have set ourselves up a home close to New Jersey, I hope to see you soon but as I said I have been far too busy to do much of anything. But with that in mind, I have good news! I’ve recently given birth to two wonderful little boys. John Hercules Spencer and Alexander Titan Spencer. My surname is Sky because of my being a bastard but I went by Spencer for years to hide that. My children will have to do the same in order to thrive in this judgmental world but I am hopeful. Someday, things will be easier for them. Cato has lovingly dubbed them Herc and Titan, they’ll be wonderful no matter who the end up being. Did you catch the name? Titan, it’s you my dear friend! Titania, Titan, sounds quite nice don’t you think? I believe so. They are truly beautiful; they have their father’s skin but my eyes. Actually, oddly enough they both have a mess of freckles across their faces. They remind me very much of Philip and Angie because of that. I remember Alexander, Mr. Hamilton, told me that my father had those freckles. I do not remember him much but that I do. I’m glad my children share something with him because I know my father would be very proud of me. Not a single time did Alexander talk about my father and not mention his thoughts on me. He truly did love my mother; he was married because of his family. Even though my father only knew me for a short time, he adored me. I feel as though somehow he knew; he knew I would be the one to carry out his legacy. And I shall, I plan to speak out against slavery, for the sake of my love and my children. I will do anything for them and these atrocities need to be put to rest. I’d prefer it done peacefully but that does not seem to be an option, although I will try. I wish you could write back to me, do not fear though, I will try to see you as soon as I can. That probably will not be for some time though with how troublesome my children already seem to be. They don’t seem to cry but they never sleep and like to keep their poor mother up all night. They are so happy to be in this world; I shall always be here for them. My mother couldn’t be around so I swear I shall be for them. I’ll do whatever it takes, probably make a million mistakes. But I’ll make the world safe and sound for them. They will come of age with this young nation. I’ll bleed and fight for them, make it right for them. I will lay a strong enough foundation, I’ll pass it onto them and give the world to them. And let me tell you now, they will blow us all away someday. I cannot wait for you to meet them. Until time allows us to meet once more.

Your friend, R.S

             You were incredibly happy; you were so glad that she was well. And she has children now! The idea that those kids will face hardship made you sad but you knew it would work out for the best. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and you couldn’t have asked for a better gift than that. You wondered what these next few days will bring.

             This is it! Oh god I’m nervous! Alex and Eliza called you all down on Christmas morning. You, Eliza and Angie have been practicing for a whole month, you were so glad that they wanted to help you with this. All the children ran into the main room, holding cushions and using them to sit on the floor. Eliza decided to have all the children be given their presents first. Your favorite reaction was Johnny’s when he got new sheet music. He literally cried. You thought you should go next but Alex stopped you.

“Actually Titania, Eliza and I have something for you, the children do as well. Do you mind if we all go first?” He asked.

“Oh, you all didn’t have to get me anything! Oh that’s so sweet!” You couldn’t help but give a sheepish smile. They really didn’t have to do that! Johnny was the first to stand up. He hid his face in his cravat and made his words muffled.

“I…um, mama told me what your gift is so I have an idea for that…” He sat back down and you were already intrigued, so was everyone else. Before you could question him about what that meant Jamie stood and handed a large sheet of paper.

“Turn it around.” He instructed and you did so, you couldn’t believe your eyes. You saw a black and white sketch, your own face staring back at you. It was a beautifully done portrait, it must’ve taken him days to do.

“Oh, Jamie! I love it! It’s beautiful! I’m so proud of you!” You pulled him into a hug and ruffled his hair. He snorted and once you pulled away, AJ was standing with a proud smile on his face.

“I have to go grab mine! I’ll be right back!” He ran out of the room and into the dining room. You raised an eyebrow and you could Eliza holding back a giggle. He soon came running back into the room, holding some kind of tray. He approached you and you finally saw what it was. It was a small cake; you’ve only seen it once or twice in this era but not had it. Although Alex did say that John Adams probably won the election with cake bribery. “Cooking is science so I thought it would be the best decision to make this for you! I’m proud of the whipped cream myself!” He smiled widely.

“You…you used your talents for good instead of evil! AJ this is the best gift you could ever give me! I love it!” He handed you the tray and told you to try it later. Angie walked over to her parents and put her hands on her hips.

“I helped with this last year! So I hope you like it!” Both her and Eliza went over to you and locked arms with you.

“What’s going?” You asked nervously.

“You’ll have to come with us to get it! We’ll be right back boys!” Eliza cooed. They lead you down the hallway and into Alex and Eliza’s room, they closed the door behind you. Eliza walked over to her wardrobe and opened the door, quickly pulling some things out of it. Your eyes widened. “Mulligan said he took your measurements last year and decided to make something for you. Alexander, Angie and I all helped with the design. We think you’ll like it!”

“Put it on, put it on!” Angie jumped excitedly.

“Yes, undress please. I am very eager to see how this looks! I shall help you put it on.”

“Eliza, you don’t have to do that! I’m the maid here!” You interjected, she waved your comment off.

“Nonsense! You are a very dear friend and I consider you my own daughter so I will help you with this!” She insisted, you eventually gave in and undressed, allowing Eliza to help you with an actual corset.

‘Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!” You let out as she tightened the laces to the back.

“You haven’t gotten the chance to wear a proper dress in a long time, don’t worry you’ll get used to it again.” I’ve never actually worn a real corset Eliza! She finished putting all the garments on you and helped you step into the cover. You pulled your arms through the sleeves and Eliza buttoned the back for you. You could feel the weight from the ruffling gathered up around your lower back.

“Okay, are you ready to see it?” Angie asked sweetly. You nodded and the led you over to Eliza’s full length mirror, once you saw yourself, you froze.

“Originally, it was meant to be a ball gown, but Alexander said that it might suit you better to wear something more casual.” Eliza informed. The dress was, as Eliza said, very casual. You could see someone wearing this to go visit a friend or to have tea, but it was nothing short of beautiful.

“I picked out the color! It’s the same color I wore when we first met!” Angie said proudly. It was a soothing lavender color with black and dark purple floral patterns along the trim, fading out into the actual skirt and bodice. The dress stopped at your ankles so you could see your old, dark boots peeking out from under it. The sleeves stopped at your elbows and the neckline was a little low but not so much that you felt uncomfortable. The actual heavy ruffles were the most intricate part, the fabric started at your stomach but draped down to your knees and came up to sit on your lower back, a waterfall of purple falling out of it.

“You look gorgeous, TT!” Angie exclaimed.

“I might want to keep this dress under lock and key, don’t want any boys trying to pester you now do we? Oh, what am I saying? You’re always beautiful! This dress just shows you what we all see!” Eliza commented. Beautiful? You certainly felt it, you felt like you could dazzle a room full of people. “Oh! Let me take that head cloth, that will really complete this!” She untied the cloth keeping your hair out of your face and handed it to Angie.  There was a collective silence for a moment as Eliza and Angie nodded in approval.

“Come on! We have to show everyone!” Angie tugged on your arms, before you could even get a word in, they were already pushing out of the room.

“Alright, I shall go out first and introduce the two of you!” Eliza skipped down the hall and into the main you room while Angie and yourself stopped at the archway, hiding behind the wall so no one would see you. From in the room you heard Eliza. “Everyone! I have something I would like all of you to see!”

“What exactly is going on here mother?” You heard Philip ask. Angie held in a squeal.

“Patience Philip! Now everyone, give it up for the Hamilton girls! Titania and Angie!” You heard Alex and give a short ‘woohoo!’ and some applause. The Hamilton girls? Before you could think about that any more, Angie was leading you out, strutting into the room. You saw everyone look at the two of you and they cheered, everyone except Philip. For a second you worried that he might not like the dress but as got closer to him, you saw the look in his eyes. He was star-struck. By the time you made it back to where you were in the group originally, Philip was staring up at you from his seat, eyes wide and mouth open slightly. “These girls are the most beautiful roses this family could ever hope to see!” Eliza smiled.

“Yeah! We’re beautiful but if anyone tries to mess with us, they get the thorns!” Angie stuck out her tongue. You couldn’t help but giggle at the statement paired with her enthusiasm. AJ leaned over toward Philip and snapped his fingers in his face, brining Philip out of his dreamlike state. He shook his head and blinked a few times.

“What happened? Where am I? What year is it?” Philip joked, a blush spreading across his face. He stood up stepped in front of you, scratching his cheek nervously. “You…you um, you look really…Wow…” He said passionately.

“Wow? Is that the proper adjective?” You asked, trying to ignore how hot your face felt with him staring at you. Why does he have to be so adorable?

“It is now…Because wow, you look incredible… Although I do have a complaint.” He crossed his arms and you raised an eyebrow

“Oh you do now?” You asked sarcastically.

“Yes, I don’t like your hair in your face. It makes it hard to see your eyes!”

What if Shane was the one who saved Judith after the prison fell?

TWD AU | word count: 8,693

“He realized he was going to have to take care of this baby alone. And he didn’t even know her name.”

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idk what to call it

Error sighed as he walked into his and inks shared little home. “ink I’m back” he yelled, hearing his own voice echo out through the windows into the void, but strangely there was no response.

Error crocked a brow “ink?” he yelled again, finding it a bit weird that the other skeleton wasn’t home right now. “must have run into some friends of his” error murmured to himself, yawning and running a hand over his face.

He was tired and just wanted to laze around. So badly that he didn’t see his colourful boyfriend giggling behind the doorframe. Stretching his arms above his head error slowly moved to the living room looking around in the hopes of seeing ink sleeping on the couch, but at last ink was still nowhere in his sight.

Ink chuckled a little and sneaked after error trying his hardest not to make a noise. As he cached sight of error again he sneaked a bit closer and quickly hiding behind the couch as error turned around and walked over to an little basket in the corner of the room, the place where he kept his glasses and knitting stuff.

With error distracted ink got closer and closer until he was right behind the other skeleton. An smirk appeared on his face as he reached out his arms in a grabbing stands, ready to attack. He chuckled again making error perk up and turn around. “ink are you th..” error didn’t get to finish his sentence as ink swooped him up in the air yelling “HUG ATTACK” into errors ears (?) smiling brightly.

Error keened loudly as ink started swaying him around a bit, giggling and squeezing him tightly, error didn’t know what to think of this, this was to sudden he wasn’t used to this. his eyes filled themselves up with error sighs making him blind to the world around him “i-iNk puT-T me D-Down” he said glitching taking over his voice.      

Ink stopped swinging noticing the glitchy words “sorry, sorry” he mumbled quickly setting error down on his own feet and letting him go. “are you oke there pal?” ink said with a bit of worry in his voice.

Error, who for a matter of fact was still blind started to blindly (get it?) feel around him as he was trying to get a hold of something, anything. Seeing this ink gently took hold of errors hand. “was that a bit sudden for you?” he asked trying to keep voice a bit low.

Error tried to smile a bit “maybe a bit” he squeezed inks hand a lightly, trying to get some grounding as if he was making sure ink was really there “you got me, you got me good I’ll give you that” he said a smirk taking over his face.

Ink giggled “do I get a victory prize?” ink spoke, wiggling his brow bones (logic isn’t a thing here) a bit, to which the still blinded error was unaware to.

Error blinked a few times trying to clear out the error sighs in his eyes “victory prize?” he asked the error sighs starting to fade a bit “What do you want then” ink smiled softly “I think I know something”

Ink to a hold of errors other hand making error turn to face him “just hold still please” ink said slowly leaning in close. error was about to ask why until he felt a soft breath ghosting over his teeth. Error blinked a few more times finally freeing his eyes from the error sighs giving him the ability to see once more.

“ink” error whispered softly looking straight (or gay bedum tsss….. I’ll let myself out) into inks eyes. Ink smiled softly getting a bit closer “may I?” ink whispered letting another breath travel over error teeth.

Error didn’t know how to answer he was to enchanted by inks eyes and how they were full of gently affection, so he just nodded.

Ink leaned forwards the last bit gently pressing his teeth to errors is a sweet skeleton kiss. Error hummed into the kiss and let his eyes slide shut and giving inks hands a squeeze. After a minute ink pulled back slowly and smiled. “was that better?”

Error said nothing for a while before letting out a small laugh “yeah that was nice” ink gave a little chuckle himself and leaned his head onto errors shoulder sighing softly.

“you’re touchy today” error said with a smile, leaning his head against inks. ink only hummed nuzzling a bit into errors shoulder “and you’re warm” he said into the others shoulder. Error blushed at the words and looked away his cheeks tinted yellow. Ink laughed softly and nuzzled his head into errors neck.

“why do I put up with you?”  error asked, ink only smiled and pulled back to look error in the eye “because you love me” error pouted “sadly I do” ink giggled “I love you to” 


welp i told you i suck at writing

sorry it took so long i was a bit busy and lazy the last few days but yeah have a bit of errorink floof

ps: it’s based of the draw where ink is picking error up and a draw were they smooths 

Submitted by  idk-likesomeone

Unu says: OMG, this is super cute! I was so happy to find this in my inbox, I enjoyed readin this and I can absolutely see these two interact like this. Thank you, I’m so glad I inspired you this much - I honestly wish I could draw this, it’s so perfect! <3

The Place That Held Your Heart

A/N: Hope this makes sense. Continuation(s) of A Place Where You Were Loved and Over The Moon. I hope you like it.

Words: 1,747

Also tagging @peter-at-the-park-er since this is a direct continuation of their request that turned into A Place Where You Were Loved.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Anon said: “did you really think I needed that kiss back then when all that you conveyed in it was pity?” + scott

@jazzijanal said: “I’m not angry at you, just at myself… Because I knew this would happen, but I let myself fall in love with you anyways.” with Scott please!! P.S. Hope you feel better soon!

@superwholocked221 said: Stiles and “Its been too long since you’ve really smiled” with a supernatural reader?

Anon said: “It never works for us, and it never will.” Stiles x Reader?

Anon said: Hi!! I really love your blog. I just finished reading “Over the Moon” and omg my feelings kkk .So I was wondering if you could write a second part where the reader is getting over Scott, but then he starts to have feelings for her and go after her. Something reaaally fluff plss. (Sorry if I say something wrong, i’m brazilian skslsl)

Anon said: “You betrayed me, you betrayed all of us” and “I need you to forgive me” with Scott?

Anon said: Can I request “Sometimes i feel like i wanna make out with you is that a friend thing to do?” from the prompt list thing with Stiles please? I love your writing btw!!

@imonlymesodeal said: Hey. Can you do a part 2 to a place where you are loved? Please :) It’s no problem. I just really want to see where it goes! Please try to make it happy :)


It was still dark as you walked the streets, the faint twilight before the dawn just starting to paint the sky in lighter shades. You looked up, smiling as you saw the stars fade, giving way to a new day. Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes for just a moment before you let the breath out on a long sigh, almost a hiss, knowing with it went all the reasons you’d built up around you for safety.

Your mind drifted back to the last time you’d walked here. Well, not the last, because that was when you had left Beacon Hills for what you thought was for good. But the last time with Scott and Stiles. You couldn’t shake the smile as the memory played for only you.

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His Wedding | five

Summery:  Modern-Day(AU) Bucky and you are former exes. He moved on but you couldn’t. Since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will go fine with your two best friends, Steve and Natasha by your side.

Word Count: 3420

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Genre: Romance/Drama

Warnings: none 

Characters (by appearance): Bucky Barnes, Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Steve Rogers, Lilly Parker, Wanda Maximoff

A/N: Enjoy reading and please give me FEEDBACK, YA’LL I LOVE READING YOUR COMMENTS/ASKS 

Tags are open, just shoot me an ask, if you want to continue reading His Wedding.

Sorry for any typos!

“His Wedding” Masterlist

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Something Dangerous

Peter Parker x Reader

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Summary: [Y/n]’s mother tries to open up to her daughter about her family history. It’s not pretty.

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They Don’t Know

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@blameitonssamd OMG OMG OMG OMG Congrats babe!! Do you think you can write me something super fluffy and cute with me and Simon Daddy? I’m leaving the rest up to you. Just make our daddy so cute that it hurts.

Thank you babe! I’m sorry if this took long. I want to make it perfect for you and I am worried because it may not be ‘super fluffy and cute’, but I hope you’ll still like it. ily~

Summary: When your parents saw you talking with Hyukwoo, they thought that he was your boyfriend. They insisted on you bringing him to your family dinner. The man seated alone in his chair watched the scene unfold, and he’s not very happy.

- - -

The air was thick with silence inside Hyukwoo’s car. He was behind the steering wheel, you were riding shotgun, and Kiseok took the backseat.

You stole a quick glance at him through the rear-view mirror as you gripped your seatbelt that ran diagonally on your upper body. The scowl on his face was getting darker each second that passed by. When he saw you looking at him, he flicked his eyes away and set his scowl deeper as if it could be engraved on his facial bones.

The fact that you were sitting beside Hyukwoo didn’t help, but what can you do? He was the one who shut and locked the doors of the backseat before you could go inside.

Hyukwoo gulped as he stared at the road. He hadn’t been moving his head since the three of you left your restaurant, and you’re worried he might strain his neck with the lack of movement.

You leaned the side of your head on the window, sighing, and recalled the events that led up to this predicament.

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You're wrong.

Sorry for the late update guys!! And here’s one requested imagine! Hope you all like it!

Anonymous asked: Can I please have an imagine where y/n and harry had a thing but then they kind of drifted away from each other and he was with some girl and she was with some footballer but know they started spending some time together and realize. That they really love each other but she says she’s afraid of what she’s feeling for him cause it’s so oowerful

Y/n’s POV

He stood there. Looking handsome as ever. He was still the same person I left 6 years back. Those green eyes still had the same shine like before. His smile still had the same smirk. His heart had still the same warmth. I never thought I’d face Harry again. After all this time.

6 years back–
“So yeah. I’m taking Rose for our band’s first tour” Harry said as he laid on couch. Rose was the girl he’s been seeing before he went for x-factor well now he was in relationship with her. I don’t know if they’ve said the ‘L’ word yet but it started hurting me from the very first day he told me about her.

Oh. That’s good” I said half-heartedly. Fiddling with my skirt’s lace I kept my glance at my bottom. I never knew that I’d be able to control my inner emotions for him for that long.

“You okay?” Harry said tilting his head up to look at me. He raised an eyebrow when I didn’t said anything.

"Uh yeah. I-I think I’m just gonna go right now” I said and rushed outta his front door to my house. It was getting harder day by day to see him almost in love with a girl who wasn’t me.

End of flashback–

And he did took rose with him. Harry’s 2 years older than me. And when he went for tour I was still in my highschool. That wasn’t the first time he was with a girl but was the first time he seemed serious. For a 16 year school girl it wasn’t easy. Especially when you’re in love with someone like Harry.

My heart paced as Harry’s feet carried him to me. He looked much manly and confident. But for me, he was still the 16 old year Cheshire baker.

“OMG! Y/n!!!!” Before I could open my mouth, he engulfed me in those muscular arms. His scent never failed to make me feel dizzy and so did they now also.

“Hey!!” I giggled pulling away to look at him.

“How’re you?” He asked with a big grin. His hair were all over the place because of how tightly he hugged me and hide his face in my neck.

“I’m good! What about you pop-star?” I nudged him playfully as he smirked.

“Well I’m doing great! Why don’t you come home for a cup of coffee?” He offered.

“Only a cup of coffee? I thought now being a super star you’d invite me for dinner!!!” I laughed followed by him.

-At his house-

We talked a lot once when we were at his house. He told me how he and rose broke up because she was after him for money when he became famous. I felt bad for leaving him without any conclusion but I made my decision. I told him how I had a boyfriend who was a footballer and ended up cheating on me.

“So how’ve you been?” Harry asked me half eating the steak we made. Yes we.

“Good good. I’ve finished uni. And now I’m here for my job” I said smiling a bit. I was feeling like blacking out any second. Those feelings were back. Damn.

“You left without any word” he whispered. I stopped dead in my tracks.

“It was urgent.” I said not daring to look up at him. I could already feel my tear at the verge of falling down any minute.

“Urgent? Really?! ” he said raising his voice a teeny bit.

“My family was having a hard time! We had to move to the states!!” I said trying to be calm.

“Really? Do you have any idea how I felt when I came back from tour just to find your house empty! You even didn’t told Gemma about it!” Harry said As I got up from my seat to put my plate in sink.

“It wasn’t hard for me also” I said calmly.

“Well Ofc! You weren’t the one who had a break up! You weren’t the one who looked for your best friends like crazy! You weren’t the one who slept their nights crying!” Harry threw in hands up in frustration. I could already feel like crying. How dare he think it wasn’t easy for me! How dare he.

“What do you know about me?! What!????? I’ll tell you. Nothing! You know nothing! ” I screamed. This time I didn’t hold the tear back.

“You weren’t the one who saw their best friend in love with someone else! You weren’t the one who was in love with their best friend!” I cried falling to my knees as all the memories came back.

“W-what?” Harry softened as he knelt beside me. He put his hand on my shoulder and pulled me to his chest. I sobbed and sobbed clutching his tee shirt. Only if God knew how much I missed him.

“I-I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have” I said getting up and walking towards the door and exiting his house.

After that incident I tried to ignore everything. His calls, texts everything. I felt so stupid giving his my number. I knew I was falling again. Again for the curly headed guy who was once my best friend.

One day I was walking back from word to my home when I saw a black rover pulling beside me. For a second I got scared but took a breath of relieved when the Windows rolled down. It was Harry.

“What?” I said.

“Can we talk?” He replied calmly.

“About what?” I spoke looking sideway.

“Something. Just say yes.” Harry said hopefully that I’d give in. He was something I couldn’t ever resist. So I nodded my head and got inside his car. He drove to my house on my suggestion as it was the nearest and for me spending time with Harry was dangerous.

“Why’re you ignoring me?” Harry asked cleared cut as soon as we stepped in.

“I’m not” I said hanging my coat and putting my house keys in bowl.

“Don’t lie. Why’re you doing this to me??!!” He said seemingly to losing his temper again.

“Doing what?” I said

“ALL THIS!! First you leave me and then come back! What is your fucking problem???!!!!” Harry said now clearly frustrated. This set me on nerves.

“First of all I didn’t just walked back okay?? It just happens and secondly because I-!!!” I was about to finish the sentence when I realised what I was about to say.

“You what?” Harry said knitting his eyebrows together in a question way. The lump was back in my throat and so were the tears back in eyes.

“I-I will fall for you again !!! And you won’t. Again.” I said as my tears fell freely. It was true. I knew back then Harry didnt loved me. And I knew again now also he won’t. But my eyes widened when he replied with a deep kiss on my pink lips.

“You’re wrong. I did this time”

anonymous asked:

Vanderwood is the best, they deserve the best, thank so so much for your wonderful vanderwood blog and love and all your wonderful Layton reaction images. You're giving me life during this difficult exam times. Could I possibly get the RFA + minor trio reacting to vodka aunt MC who's like the fun aunt to all of her friend's kids but is just content to live in her own (the drawing for mc really reminds me of my godmother who's this very independent woman who's referred to as the witch lady)

✿ So I really, really, really love urban fantasy and witches so I… maybe… took the ‘witch lady’ bit… and ran w/it a little…. i hope that is ok.


  • you are the coolest.
  • At first, Yoosung is kind of clingy, and he wants to be ‘your champion’ a bit more than you care for. It’s cute! Really! But you’re also… you, you’re solid and steady and can take care of yourself. Setting boundaries is a bit of a hurdle, but once you get that all settled out, your relationship really works.
  • Yoosung is in awe the first time you invite him to your house, staring at your beautifully kept liquor cabinet and the shelves of weird trinkets you’ve brought back with you from your various journeys. You’re educated, interesting, and well-traveled, and he drinks in all the stories of places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. We can tell from Yoosung’s eclectic club-hopping that so much of life just fascinates him, and he’s so hyped to meet someone who’s as into experiencing new things as you.
  • He’s even more impressed when you show him your drawers full of crystals and runes and the dried herbs you have hanging in your kitchen. You’ve got a bit of a magic hobby, you say - no, no, you’re not into any of that ‘cursing’ business, don’t worry - and you do your best to invite warmth and positivity into your life.
  • part of the reason why you like Yoosung so much oh-hoh-ho
  • You start doing little spells for him. You’ll make him charms for good luck, give him jewelry meant to improve his focus… and sometimes he’ll come over to your house to study because the air just feels cleaner there. Purer. He gets stressed less easily and is more hopeful.
  • You make him feel like he can do anything.
  • He likes all of your nieces, nephews, and the kids of all your friensd, and he dotes on them just like you do. The two of you go out gift shopping for them constantly, and he’s rly helpful because he’s got the mind of a kid so positive and enthusiastic.
  • The two of you end up being ‘the weird old couple’ who have a million stories and who are always down to help their neighbors out.
  • On day, he watches the next door neighbor’s dog get hit by a car, and the both of you swoop in. He saves the dog’s life while you use your ~witchy wisdom and calm demeanor~ to keep the family calm. 
  • You’re invited to dinner at their house every Friday from then on, and the kids in that house call Yoosung a superhero. (he loves it so much omg)


  • omg zen loves ur family so much
  • The first time you take him over to your sister’s place to visit, he’s besieged by a million of your nieces and nephews. He has a blast doing funny voices for them and showing them with gifts, and he immediately takes his place as ‘hilarious uncle’ to compliment your ‘fun aunt’. 
  • seriously those kids are always asking about when he’s going to come around again
  • He totally believes that you’re a witch, and the two of you discuss his dreams. He starts keeping a dream journal, and you advise him about his weird prophetic ability.
  • (he gets into crystals too, partially because they’re so pretty.)
  • He’s… kind of bummed that you’re not really into the idea of starting a traditional family with him, but the fact that you slot him into your own family helps a lot with that. You’re always going over to dinner with your relatives, and he gets really intense about choosing presents for the kids.
  • (zen doesn’t need to lift weights anymore, he can just hoist the twins up in his arms and carry them around)
  • Your grandparents love the handsome man you’ve started bringing around, and one of your young cousins really admires Zen and wants to be an actor just like him.
  • (he starts giving her acting lessons.)
  • Zen knows what happiness is when he’s sitting on the porch with you and the other adults, having a beer and laughing late into the evening.


  • Jaehee Kang is impossibly in love with you.
  • Your smile, the way you hum as your stirring your coffee, your ability to pick the perfect gift and how you’re so kind and generous to everyone around you…
  • You don’t have any children of your own, nor do you really want any, but you feel like you’re a mother to everyone you meet. She loves your family, and spending time with them helps fill the hole in her heart that she didn’t really ever fully realize was there.
  • You’re so much fun. Jaehee loves having a glass of wine with you (or some other concotion from your cabinet) and you’re always teaching her new ways to enjoy life.
  • You’ve got a million little tricks - such as putting cinnamon in her hot chocolate or adding a little dash of this and that to her latte to make it amazing. You teach her the beauty of scented candles and incense, and at the end of a long day, you show her the best ways to relax.
  • You constantly surprise her, you constantly impress her… and you constantly remind her of how lovely life is. Being with you is like being with the living embodiment of everything she’s every wanted, and sometimes it’s just so amazing that she has to sit down and figure out how she’s come this far.
  • You make her little charms and trinkets to help bring positivity and love into her life, and she doesn’t know if it’s really magic or just a result of your amazing mindset but it seems to work. 
  • She lets you do the decorating in her coffee shop, and customers always say the atmosphere is unbelievably welcoming. You say it’s because of magic and the spells that you cast, and she can’t help but think it’s because you’re magic itself. 

(the rest are underneath the cut!)

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She Thought Her Ish Was Super Hot Fie

It was our second date, Tiff was cool thus far. I mean I still had jitters when ever we saw eachother. She was bad head to toe. Well I hadn’t seen her toes yet, frankly Bomerang has scarred me. Any who, the best thing about shawty tho was she was super down to earth and funny as all get out. You make me laugh and smile you have a grade A shot at my heart. Yeah but this was gonna be our second date and she set this one up, so I was at her disposal.
Date was going great we did the whole mini golf thing; best believe everytime she lined up a putt, I was looking at that butt. After that though we did laser tag, which by the way was hella fun hadn’t done that in years. She took me to this soulfood spot that she deemed the best on the eastside of the A. I won’t front the food was pretty aight or whatever. She made sure I ate the greens as that was suppose to be the spots claim to fame. They we’re decent, not knock ya socks off good but they got a solid B.
Shit was cool, I mean dope conversation; the whole 9. It had been forever since a female vibed with ya boy like so. I actually hoped she felt the same. Usually I gave 2 shits but not this go round. Hell feelings had to be mutual, I mean because after dinner she was like “You wanna chill at my place for a few.” I was like shit why not. So boom, we get to her spot and we vibing on the couch. I think Blackish was on or something, can really ask me my attention was elsewhere. Funny though Blackish is usually my shit. So yeah we just conversing and vibing.
“Why you sitting way overy there?” She said with smirk.
“Oh ummmm, well it allows me to admire your beauty from this angle.” She caught me off gaurd with that one. That was the start of shit going left. So Tiff made her way over to me and kind of snuggled up under me, which was cool no pressure at all. Man but my stomach started with the bullshit. I was in my head like “why the hell yo ass wanna play.” The more and more she got comfy the harder my stomach kept tapping my shoulder.
I was so concerned with this mounting gas bubble I didn’t notice her hands we friendly as fuck. When I did take notice she was already rubbing the head of my dick. I mean of all times for my stomach to act up. I to myself “fuck it when finna fight through this one.
Tiff was bold anf I liked it, too bad I just couldn’t fully enjoy it. I mean she was going for the gusto. It wasn’t long before her head was bobbing up and down on my joystick. I mean the shit was fie but, I couldn’t fully appreciate her talents. I knew if I loosened one ass cheek muscle a catastrophic bomb would have been set free. I wanted to back out of the situation but my pride wouldn’t let me. If she saw the faces I was making she probably would thought her mouth piece was golden.
Niggas she got up and stripped faster than Clarke Kent changed in a phone boothe. I did get off the couch before she was mounting me. ” Wait baby" I interjected “let me get on top, you did enough work”
“However you want it boo” see replied.
I slid my ass off the couch focused on keeping my ass cheeks clinched tight as fuck. I know she was looking like the fuck wrong with him. She ain’t have a damn clue. Nigga she laid back cocky them legs wide, OMG that pretty thang was leaking like a faucet. I knew I should have walked away in that moment, but “you ain’t no bitch” that what is told myself. Man I hit that thang with 3 good strokes and had to stop. Paused made sure was good on the back end and proceeded. I repeted this about 5 or 6 times, all the whIle I knew my facial expressions were off th chain. I peeked down at her I could see the confusion on her face.
I could take it any more the pain and the fact that I was embarrassing the hell out of myself was too much. I pulled out of her pussy,hiked my pants up and ran out her back door slamming it behind me. Nigga I let that pressure release and oh my fucking God, sounded like I had the whole drum line of FAMU marching out my ass. Loudest,longest fart in history, I was about to be in Genus. After releasing my pressure I gave this walk of shame into her crib. I couldn’t even look this woman in the eye.
“You straight” Tiff inquired.
“Yeah I’m cool” I said shamefully.
“I mean I know a bitch got good pussy but make a nigga run out the backdoor good?”
Ok so how do I respond? Do I go with the good pussy theory and look like a sucka ass nigga, or do I keep it 100.
Note to fucking self no soul food on dates, further more no damn collard greens…. Sheesh!!!!

Of Things Lost and Gained (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Hope you guys enjoy! Drabble for “You shouldn’t be trusted with small children, should you?”. Took inspiration from a Parks and Rec episode for this one, haha! P.S. I added the whole ‘submit your name’ feature on my blog and I’m pretty excited to see if people like it or not! Lemme know! :) xx

Word Count: 2,174


“You will arrive at your destination in five hours and fifty-six minutes.” The animatronic voice of the GPS is dulled by the blaring of horns, the distant swearing of someone with their window rolled down and the too-heavy bass of a car that cost more than your house.

“What the hell?” you mutter under your breath, resting your head back on the soft leather of Rafe’s BMW. You had told him he needed to get the damn thing replaced, but with the way traffic was going you were beginning to think it might not be broken after all.

The car panel screen lights up as the highway finally comes to a standstill: Rafe Adler.

You press the answer button and your boyfriend doesn’t skip a beat, “Y/N, are you almost home?”

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SHE’S MINE! (Denis Stoff Imagine)
{Requested by anon :3}

“Aaaaand CUT!!” I heard the director yell.
“Thank God.” I muttered, putting my costume back on as I got off the bed on the set.
You know even though I’ve been professionally acting for many years, I must admit that being an actress in a series like Game Of Thrones, well, let’s just say I’m not quite used to it yet. And by that I mean the sex scenes.
But of course I’m very good at hiding my awkwardness.
“Alright everyone! We’re done for today! Hope you all have a great weekend!”
Our director Miguel Sapochnik announced.
“(Y/N) you were fantastic as always my dear.” My best friend Emilia Clarke, who plays the beautiful Daenerys Targaryen in the show complimented as I was changing back into my regular clothes. These costumes could be a bit unbearable to have on.
“Awww thank you babes! You’re always far more amazing than me though.”
“Oh nonsense love.”
I giggled and smiled at her, she is honestly the most adorable woman you will ever meet, trust me. Emilia is like my woman crush. Although I do see her as my older sister more than anything really.

“Any plans for this weekend (Y/N)?” She asked.
“Well…” I bit my bottom lip, smirking like an idiot.
“Oh no what are you going to do missy?”
She questioned with a raised brow and a smile that made her cheekbones define.
“Well…do you remember that guy I was telling you about not that long ago?”
“You mean the one in that one rock band?”
I nodded with a huge grin, wow she didn’t even mention his name and I’m blushing like I’ve never blushed before.
“Yeah him, well we’ve been really hitting it off from going out on dates together and all that, and well, he’s been away on the Vans Warped Tour for a while sooo, I decided it would be awesome to surprise him by visiting him.” I cheerfully said, my hands clapping together joyfully.
“Well I think that’s an excellent idea lovely, I think it would make him really happy to see you.” She agreed.
“Aw man Em I am so excited but at the same time I’m nervous as hell!” I admitted.
“And why on Earth would you be nervous (Y/N)?”
“He always makes me nervous!” It’s true, whenever I’m around Denis I have the hugest butterflies form in my stomach, so huge that I feel like barfing right then and there. I’m super shocked that hasn’t happend though thank you God!

“Listen to me sweetheart, you should he happy that he makes you nervous, because of a man doesn’t make you feel that way, then he is not the one of you.” Emilia tells me.
I smiled and pulled her into a tight embrace, she always knows what to say, that’s why I look up to her so much.
“Thanks Em.” I softly muttered.
“No problem, now go get some rest because you have a long road ahead of you to see your lover boy.”
I laughed a little and nodded, “You’re right, see you next week.”
As I was grabbing my things I said goodbye to some of my other co stars, Kit Harington, Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, Rose Leslie, Jack Gleeson and everyone else I passed by as I was exiting the set.
I gasped a little to see that it was already getting dark.
Well, even though the sky is glooming I still have to put on my sunglasses because..
“(Y/N)!! How are you?! What are your plans for this weekend?! Is it true that you’re dating a rock star?! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!! (Y/N)!!” The paps kept yelling.
“Alright alright guys please that’s enough, I just wanna get to my car.” I politely tell them while they kept following me.

Thankfully they respected what I told them and got out of the way when I reached the parking lot.
I waved goodbye to them as I drove off in my car, hopefully they don’t follow me in their cars.
I stopped at the first red light and I couldn’t help but smile, just thinking about Denis makes me feel some type of way, it’s indescribable, God I just can’t wait to actually see him again. It feels like it’s been forever. Sure we talk on the phone and face time but of course it doesn’t feel the same as in person. I prefer physical over digital.
Anyways, I miss the way he holds me so securely in his arms, his kisses, his laugh, his smile, his sexy head of hair. No seriously his hair is fucking hot.

I wonder how he’s going to react, I especially wanna see the dorky look on his face.
BEEP!! BEEP!! I heard the vehicle behind me, oh shit I forgot that I was even driving, you see what this boy does to me?
“My bad!!” I yelled at the car behind me and drove off.
It was a good thing I didn’t live far away from the studio, I made it to my house in a very short amount of time.
When I stepped in I immediately ran upstairs and started packing everything that I needed.
Like Emilia said, I have a long road ahead of me.
“Okay, clothes, check, shoes, check, jewelry check….” I just realised something, I packed WAY too much for just two days.
Ugh I exaggerate sometimes I swear.

I took out some of the stuff and left the very few things I absolutely needed.
Alright, perfect, I’m all set.
I take my phone out of my pocket and tap on the gallery.
I smile like a dork once again as I keep swiping through all the pice of me and Denis.
Man this guys is so cute! How did he even become interested in a girl like me? I will never understand that for real.
“Awww.” I cooed when I happend to stop at pic of the two of us in Disneyland.
I remember that day, it was the day after my birthday and he surprised me by taking me there.
That was the best day we ever had together, we laughed so much and we swore that we were one of the kids.
That’s what I love the most about Denis, he’s not afraid of being a goofball with me. I could completely crazy and he wouldn’t look at me like if I belong in a stray jacket.

“See you soon babe.” I softly mumbled.
For the rest of the day, the time surprisingly went by quickly. Before I knew it, it was already close to midnight.
As I snuggling up in my bed the last words I whispered was..
“Warped Tour here I come.”
The next day was here in the blink of an eye, I was on the road while blasting up The Black by Asking Alexandria.
I’m still pretty bummed that Danny is no longer with them, I love that guy, but Denis is most definately a great addition to the band.
And his screaming is everything, yeah I know what you’re thinking, I ramble too fucking much about him, but can you blame me? He’s an amazing person.
Good lord this road seems endless, I’m just thankfull that they’re not out of the state, atleast not yet.

Hours upon hours passed by, this little road trip seemed endless. It feels like an eternity, but finally I started seeing all the little tents up ahead.
Yes! I’m here.
It only took a few minutes to find a parking spot, I can hear the music from all these different bands blasting through the entire area as I stepped out.
Wow there sure are a lot of people here, all dressed up in band merch and wearing little backpacks, it’s pretty awesome.
“Omg!! (Y/N) (L/N)!!” Shouted two girls who were walking in.
I glanced over at them and smiled, I’m guessing they watch the show, but…they look a bit young to be watching it. Or maybe they just recogize me in general, okay I’m gonna shut up now and wave.
“Hello.” I happily greeted them.
They took that as an opportunity to come running towards me and hug me.
I hugged them as well, I’m always happy to meet fans.
“How are you beautiful ladies?” I say.
“Good…” One of them nervously answered. I giggled and rubbed her shoulder.
“Don’t be shy hon.”
“C-Can we please get a picture with you if that’s okay?” Asked the other.

I nodded and without a second thought their mother or whoever she is from them grabbed a polaroid camera out of her purse and the adorable girls stood on either side of me, hugging me again.
“Okay you guys say cheese!”
“Cheeeese!!” We all said and the flash went off.
“Thank you (Y/N).”
“Aww you’re welcome girls, have an awesome day okay?”
“We love you!!” They cheered in unison.
“Love you too!” I yelled back, making them chuckle.
It was like that meanwhile I walked to find Asking Alexandria’s stage, many girls and boys came running up to me for photos, pics, videos saying shout outs to their family members and friends, it’s honestly my favourite part of being an actress.

I put on my sunglasses and walked up to someone, tapping their shoulder.
“Excuse me, do you know exactly where Asking Alexandria is performing?”
“Oh yeah, right over there, all the way to your left you should find their set.” The man instructed.
“Okay thank you so much.”
He was right, I arrived exactly where he directed me to.
My heart began to race so hard against my ribs when I caught sight of Denis singing and screaming his heart out on stage.
Many young girls were screaming for him, jumping up and down to the amazing lyrics.
“Everybody jump!!” Denis shouted, and everyone did just that. He really knows how to pump up a crowd doesn’t he?
I had to push through the crowd a little to get a little closer to the stage, some people got a little ticked off with me but they calmed down once I apologized.

“Alright everybody!! We have one more song to play for you!! It’s called I Won’t Give In!!!” He announced, and the crowd went crazy.
I cheered and clapped my hands, looks I seemed to grab his attention because he looked at me, but he had to do a double take. Must’ve been my bright shorts or something.
I smiled lovingly and waved at him, then blew him a kiss.
Denis was truly stunned by my presence so it seemed, and there’s that dorky smile I love so much, he even forgot to sing all
of sudden until Ben came and slapped him upside the head.
I busted a guy seeing that, but then I turned extremely nervous when all eyes were on me.
A lot of scowls were evident, smiles were as well don’t get me wrong, but there were mostly deadly stares.

“Um! s-sorry everyone my bad! Allow us to start all over!” He said, drawing everyone’s attention away from me.
He must’ve felt the tension just as much as I did.
Despite the awkwardness people still cheered and this time Denis didn’t forget to sing.
During the song he kept glancing at me over and over again, I felt myself blush hard because the more he looked at me the bigger he smiled.
Awww he’s so fucking adorable.
By the end of the song the guys behind the stage, security approached me and told me that Denis wanted to see me back there so I followed.
I saw the back of his tall figure drinking a can of monster.
I grinned brightly, admiring his physical apparence standing right before me.
“Hey love!” I called out.
As soon as he turned around, he dropped the can and ran up to me, immediately picking me up and swining me around in his arms.
“(Y/N)!! I can’t believe you’re here!” He cheerfully yelled.
I laughed a bit as he placed me back down on the ground.
“Yeah me either, I’m so happy to see you again hon! Oh and I’m so sorry I made you mess up back there. Your fans were pretty pissed at me.” I tell him.

“Hey don’t even apologize, you have nothing to blame yourself for, and you know how fans are.” He assured, shrugging.
I nodded agreeing, then things became kind of quiet between us, that’s only because Denis was making me nervous with the way he was staring at me.
His beautiful eyes scanned my body up and down in the most seductive way ever.
“Heeey…why are you staring at me li AHH!” I squealed when he grabbed my arm and jolted me to him.
Our chests were touching each other,
completely closing the distance between us.
“You have no idea how happy I am to see you (Y/N).” He spoke quietly.
I felt his arm snake around my waist and held me tightly against him.
I can feel my tits squishing against his chest, feels good actually, kind of turns me on a little.
“Well I’ve been having this idea of surprising you while you were out here since you left so…yeah, surprise!” I say while tracing random shapes on his chest.
“Well I love the way your mind works love!”
He chuckled and continued to stare into my eyes, oh God here come the huge butterflies I mentioned earlier.
Not to mention the nausia, I think I’m gonna barf for real this time. Please (Y/N) don’t do it…

“Hmm…” I slightly gasped, I didn’t even realise that his lips were now pressing against mine.
Man how I missed those lucious lips of his, I wasted no time in kissing him in return, I kissed him like I never kissed him before.
After all I only have two days to spend with him, after that I have to go back home and finish filming the season.
“Sorry I caught you off guard didn’t I?”
“It’s okay, I really love it when you do that anyway.”
He was about to say something but unfortunately he was cut off…
“Denis! We have to go do the meet and greet!” James called out to him from behind.
“Okay mate I’m comming!” He notified allowing James to just give him a nodd and walk away.
I pouted like a little kid and it didn’t even take a second for him to notice.
“Awww you are so cute. Listen why don’t you go hang out in the bus for a bit? I’ll be there a little later, I promise I wont take long.” Denis reassured me. Hope and guilt making their presence in his dark eyes.
I don’t want him to feel bad so…
“It’s more than alright Denis, take your time, go meet your fans. They’re waiting for you.”
“You’re the best you know that?” He gave me one last passionate peck upon my glossed lips and went on his way with the guys.

Denis asked the security to escort me to their bus and he did just that.
The guard was a really nice guy, I instantely got into a deep conversation with him, he even told me that him and his wife watch Game of Thrones all the time and that she’s a huge fan of mine.
I thought that was just the sweetest so I went ahead and signed some stuff for the both of them and even took pictures.
“Thank you very much Ms.(L/N), this would mean a lot to my wife.”
“Of course it’s my pleasure, no problem at all.” I gave him a hug and stepped inside the bus.
Wow this is beautiful inside, oh fuck yes! There’s a/c in here!
As I walked over to turn it on I bumped into someone.
“Oops! I’m so sorry!” I said.
“That’s alright. Well hello there.”
I looked up into a pair of hypnotizing blue eyes, “Oh my gosh hey Ben!” I greeted.

“Hi um…”
“(Y/N).” I introduced, I extended my hand and he shaked it.
“(Y/N)…” He wondered, as if my name sounded familiar to him.
“Oh!! Aren’t you that woman from Game of Thrones?!” Ben asked with excitement.
“The very same.”
“Wow I love you on that show! You look even sexier in person.”
“Hehe thank you very much I appreciate that.”
I couldn’t help but notice that he was still holding my hand, he wasn’t even shaking it anymore.
And he also seemed to be looking at me the same way Denis does. Uh oh…
Slowly and gently I released myself from his grip.
Ben was too busy gawking at me to even notice.
“Uh…” He began, looking at his surroundings before locking eyes with me again.
“I just noticed that you’re on my bus.” He pointed out with a sexual smirk.
“Oh! Yeah, I’m just gonna hang out here meanwhile you guys get back from doing your meet and greet with the fans.”

“Hey, hang out all you want beautiful, as a matter of fact, you can go hang out in my bunk back there if you like.” He winked.
Is he?…did he just?…Jesus….
I couldn’t even reply to that, all I did was giggle nervously.
“See you later.” Ben seductively whispered before stepping out of the bus.
What the hell just happend?…
He must think I came in here to fuck with him or something. Did Denis not tell him that we’re dating? Did he tell his band mates about me at all?…
Well this kind of put me down, I guess I don’t mean as much to him as he means to me…
I mean I know him and I aren’t officially boyfriend and girlfriend but…we’re getting there.
Okay (Y/N) stop thinking negetive thoughts. Just remember that you’re only here for a VERY short amount of time and you don’t want to fuck it up.

I still feel kind of weird with what Ben said though. Oh well I’ll just shake it off.
I went ahead and chilled on the couch, I turned on the t.v which I’m surprised isn’t broken.
Good thing there were some pretty good shows playing right now.
The meet and greet seemed to be taking a while to pass, feels like it’s been hours, I’m not surprised though, AA is a very badass band, they must have millions if not billions of guys and girls loving them.
I let out a long yawn, my eyelids feel heavy, I’m sleepy as hell, that road trip over here really tired me out.
And I just remembered that I was up since like six in the morning.
Before I even knew it…I was in dreamland….

“Shhh shut up!! Can’t you fuckers see she’s sleeping?!” I heard Denis whisper yell.
I was confused until I slowly opened my eyes and found myself with a blanket on me. When I looked up I also found myself wrapped up in Denis’ arms.
My back was laying against his chest, crap, I guess I must’ve knocked out while waiting for him to come back.
“Hmm…” I hummed, squirming around a little.
Denis looked down at me and smiled warmly, “Hey there sleepy head, did this dumbasses wake you up? Cause I’ll kick their asses right now.”
“Oh shut the fuck up mate!!” Cameron teased while drinking a bottle of beer.
I tried to sit up but Denis gripped me tighter.
“Where do you think you’re going baby?”
He cooed while placing soft pecks on my forehead.
I giggled and rubbed the sleep off my eyes.
“How long was I out?” I finally spoke.
“Quite a long time, but that’s okay, we’re all getting ready to go to bed in a bit.”
A huge wave of dissapointment washed through me to hear him say that.
“What?! So I spent the entire day sleeping?”

“Hey now don’t worry, we still have all of
tomorrow to spend together. Wait you are going to be here tomorrow too right?”
Oh yeah that’s right, I almost forgot that they are playing here again tomorrow. Duh (Y/N) that’s why you packed for two days in the first place.
I placed my hand on face caressing his skin.
“Of course I’ll be here. Oh! but I gotta go get my stuff from the car.” I stood up and went outside.
“(Y/N)! Wait! Let me go with you!” Denis yelled from inside the bus.
I waited for him and he walked over to the other side of the parking lot with me.
It looks so empty here without all the tents and the people and everything else, it’s creepy actually.
I reached my car and grabbed my little suit case from out of the trunk.
“AH!!” I screamed, feelings Deni’s arms snake around me.
I laughed after but then I shut the hell up when I turned around to see that it was actually Ben…huh?! That was really unexpected.
I looked around and Denis was nowhere to be found for some reason, where the fuck did he go?
I look a little further to see that he happend to be talking to another band singer.
Well atleast he didn’t leave me.

“Hello again.” He said, releasing me.
“Hey there Ben.” I chuckled.
“Are you going home already? I was kind of hoping we could hang out in my bus a little more. And no I don’t mean have sex, unless you want to.” He tells me.
Small laughter escaped my lips, I shook my head at him and said..
“Actually Ben I’m sorry but I’m kind of taken…”
“Well how wouldn’t you be? look how at hot you are. You might be the most beautiful female I’ve ever met.”
I grinned, I couldn’t help it, he has a way of making even the simplest of compliments sound so smooth.
It’s no wonder the ladies love him.
“Why thank you but-”
“Hey Ben are you flirting with my girl?!”
We both turned around to see Denis with his arms crossed above his chest.
He was giving Ben a very ugly look.
“Wait what? You two are together?” He questioned, his finger swaying back and fourth between us.
“Yes, she’s my girlfriend.”
Hold on one damn minute! Did I really just hear him drop the G bomb right now?!
“She is?!”
“I am?” I quizzed.

He laughed and walked over to me, putting his arm around me as he pulled me close to them.
“Yes you are, if you want to be.”
My bottom lip was taken in between my teeth.
I think either two things will happen right now, I faint or I puke.
I really hate that this horrible but beautiful feeling has to come to me every damn time! Why can’t I just feel happiness and that’s it?! But then again, I remember Emilia’s words from yesterday.
Fucking khaleesi!
“(Y/N)?…” Denis called out making me snap out of my thoughts..
“Huh? OH!! Yes! Yes of course I would love to be your girlfriend Denis. More than anything in the world…. I really like you…” I confessed.
And just like the first time I saw him, he picked me up in his arms, kissed me like crazy, and swung me around.
“She’s mine!!” He happily screamed and I cracked up.
After he placed me down I looked over at Ben who had nothing but a bored as fuck look on his face.
“Whatever, I’m too drunk for this.” He mumbled while he took steps away from us.
“He’s drunk?” I questioned.
“Yeah, he’s like that so much that you can’t even tell anymore.”
“I’m very happy that we’re official…” I blurted, my tiny figure looking up at his tall one.
He beamed down at me and grabbed a hold of my hand, it fit perfectly in his. Like it was really mean to be.

“Come on gorgeous, let’s go back to the bus, I cuddled you when you fell asleep so now you cuddle me.”
“Deal.” I proudly say.
When we reached the tour bus again and stepped inside, the guys were already asleep, Ben looked like he was sick passed out on the couch, and James seemed to be the only one who was awake.
“Hey you’re back I thought you went home?”
“No, I’m gonna spend tonight and tomorrow with my new boyfriend.” I announced, my cheeks blushing a tomato red.
My words made me earn a kiss from my man, wow, I can’t believe I actually get to say that from now on.
After tomorrow is over I can honestly go back home with a smile.
I’ll miss Denis a lot while he’s away for the rest of Warped Tour but atleast I can look foward to when he comes home again and I can make out with him all I want and what the hell, even make sweet love with him.

“This fucker is your boyfriend? How did you score a gorgeous woman like her? You’re super ugly!”
Denis punched his arm making him laugh,
“You know what? Fuck you! But I agree and disagree with what you just said man, because one part is true, how DID I get a gorgeous woman like her?”
I fucking swear on myself if my cheeks get any redder or hotter they are for sure going to pop! This boy has really gotta stop making me feel so crazy loved all the time.
“Fucking shit, and here I was thinking that I had a chance with her. I mean Jesus are you just radiant.”
“You and Ben really want to die don’t you? She’s mine.”
I snorted and playfully smacked his arm.
“Denis!” I scolded.
“Hey, it’s not Denis, it’s babe to you okay?”
“Okay babe.” I replied.
Now he was the one blushing like an idiot, an adorable idiot though with that cute beam of his.
“God I love the sound of that.” he cheered, holding me close to him.
“Shall we go to my bunk now?”
“Of course.” I say to him, he takes my hand in his one more time and we walk over to his bunk. It was fairly big, just enough for the two of us to fit inside and cuddle like he wants to.

“Hey you guys might want to sleep with headphones on or something cause Ben and I might he jacking off together later on!” James yelled from the couches.
These guys are the definition of idgaf aren’t they?
But you know what? Oddly, that’s what makes me love them so much.
“Come here you.” Said my boyfriend as he went in the bunk and opened his arms wide.
I took his hand and went in, closing the small curtain behind me.
I snuggled up closely to him and burried my face into his chest.
I felt his beautifully shaped lips kiss my hair softly as his large fingers played with strands of it.
I raised my brow as I looked up at him..
“Wait a minute aren’t I supposed to be holding you?”
“Nah, I like it better this way, and this time don’t even think about getting up from me because I’m not letting you go at all.”
This guy is seriously going to make me puke for real one day, and I will not be surprised at all.
That’s how you know you’re truly in love, it’s weird I know, but being extremely nervous with someone to the point where you feel what I feel, it’s a signal that this person is the one for you.
It’s gross, but it’s also the best.
“Goodnight babe.” I whispered.
“Goodnight baby.”
Right when we were about to fall asleep Ben and James decide it was the perfect time to disturb us…
“Hey! Are you guys fucking?!”
“Oh dear God…” Denis groaned and I just busted a gut…
Like a said before…

This is what makes me love them so much!

(Hope you babies enjoyed!! 😘)

Testing The Waters

This one’s for all the lovely people who have been sending in requests. Sorry I missed a few of them last week. Thanks for reading! :)

I jolted in bed at the thunderous sound. It was coming from downstairs. As my eyes adjusted to the morning light my phone started buzzing. Unable to read the name properly I picked up my phone only to miss the call.

What was all this frenzy about?

I groggily walked downstairs to respond to the banging on the main door.

“About time ya woke up sleepy head”

“Finn?” I stood at the entrance furrowing my brows at him. “It’s like only 9am. And it’s a fucking Saturday.” I narrowed my eyes at him.

“So you know what day it is. Great. Now let me in.” He shoved past me inside, carrying a large bag in his hands.

“You can’t just barge into my apartment like that!” I protested. Not that I didn’t want him to be here, just that as a best friend it was my duty to be an asshole to him and vice versa.

“I already did honey.” Finn shot me a smirk.

Placing my hands in the pockets of my sweatpants I quietly observed him set up clothes and some board games on the sofa.

“Woah, what are you here for? Camping?” I commented sarcastically.

Finn looked up at me with a bewildered expression.

“Please tell me you didn’t forget…” He whispered to himself in disbelief.

I watched his facial expression change as the realisation dawned on me. Finn was meant to sleepover for the next two days. He was going on a long tour Monday onwards; which meant I wouldn’t see him for several months. Not having your best friend around was hard. So we decided to make best use of his time off before he jetted away again. We had been planning the sleepover for a week now.

“I, uh..” I scrambled to find the right words but it was too late. Finn was fuming. He clenched his jaw and looked away rolling his eyes.

“Finn I did remember!” I tried convincing him. “It’s just that…I kind of made dinner plans with Michael…” My voice trailed off as I thought this wasn’t the best time to be honest with him.

Finn’s eyes shot daggers at me.

“What? You’re seeing that guy from your university now?” Finn enquired.

“I’m not seeing him. Not yet anyway. We’re just…sort of, testing the waters.” I tried explaining myself.

Testing the waters.“ Finn scoffed and shook his head.

“This doesn’t mean anything, I’ll just be out for a few hours, we can still do the sleepover okay.” I tried to calm him down.

“Not anymore.” Finn began collecting his things and placing them back in the bag.

Honestly, this was pretty shocking to me. Finn wasn’t naturally quick tempered and he certainly never reacted this way before.

“Finn, come on. Why are you making such a fuss over nothing?”

“It’s not nothing (y/n). I know I’ve been away for quite some time but it hasn’t been so long that you start forgetting shit like this.”

“I’m sorry okay, I’ll cancel on Michael. Just stop being mad.” I tried appeasing him.

“How do I stop being mad when I’ve just learnt that I’m not even important to you anymore!” Finn retorted.

“Finn you are important to me, oh God why are you even acting like this?!” I raised my voice now, growing visibly agitated by his tantrum.

“Because I fucking love you and you don’t even care!” He shouted.

Did Finn just say the L-word?

“Oh god why did I even say that.” He mumbled to himself running his hands through his short hair. I stood still, staring at him not knowing what to say.

He exhaled sharply and set his bag down. “Look (y/n). I’d been looking forward to spending time with ya. And I guess it does seem like I’m blowing things out of proportion right now but that’s only because…” Finn paused and licked his lips, diverting his gaze briefly. He walked up to me taking my hand in his and looked me right in the eye before continuing. “I’m tired of keeping things to myself. I’m tired of hiding my feelings for you. I’ve been in love with you for a very long time and it just hurts to see you put someone else before me.”

My heart was racing in my chest. I could not believe my ears. Yet somehow I managed to wrap my arms around him in a gentle hug. Finn stood still for a moment, keeping his hands by his sides. I pulled away with a confused expression on my face that posed a why-aren’t-you-hugging-me-back? question.

“So I’m guessing the feelings are mutual then?” Finn asked shyly.

“Are you naturally this dumb or do you need to work at it?” I laughed.

Finn’s face lit up with an adorable smile. He slowly laced his fingers with mine, looked up at me and said; “Hey, uh, don’t move.”

I obediently stood still as he edged closer and kissed my cheek. Trying hard not to blush, I gave him a warm smile. He leaned back taking a good look at me.

"And that’s how you test the waters.” He grinned at me before leaning in for a passionate kiss.

We were interrupted by my phone’s loud ringtone. It was Michael.

“Omg what do I tell him?” I panicked.

“Tell him to fuck off.” Finn said sternly.

“Finn I’m serious! Oh never mind, I’ll make up something.” I rush to the kitchen to attend the call, momentarily leaving Finn by himself.

“What happened?” Finn asked as I returned to the living room several minutes later.

“Surprisingly, Michael wanted to cancel for today too.” I said almost questioningly.

“Good riddance.” Finn commented. He was sitting on the sofa now, with his arms spread out on the headrest.

“You never really liked him did you?” I smiled at his childlike display of jealousy and took a seat next to him.

“I wanted to fucking coup de grace him every time I saw him.” He smirked to himself.

“You’re ridiculous.” I say bemused.

“Only for you.” Finn smiled at me sincerely.

I would have said something if I hadn’t been melting on the inside. I had been in love with Finn for a very long time. But I kept denying my feelings for him because I was afraid it would ruin our friendship. I guess that’s where guys like Michael fit in the picture.

“You still want to go out for dinner?” Finn interrupted my thoughts.

“I guess so. Yeah.”

Finn licked his lips and gave me a nod. “It’s going to be a date then.”

That made me blush. My face was probably bright red at the thought of our first date.

Finn grinned at me. “You’re blushing.”

“No I’m not!” I adjusted my composure trying to keep a straight face.

Finn erupted into a series of giggles. He was clearly enjoying this.

“Where are we going though?” I quickly tried changing the subject.

“How about we Netflix and chill?” Finn winked cheekily.

“Fuck off.” I pursed my lips to keep myself from laughing. I stood up from the sofa only to be pulled back down by Finn. He kept his arms locked around my waist and whispered in my ear, “We leave at 8. And this time you better not forget.”