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Huh? Your Chikorita is evolving! Straight up to a Meganium!??

Hey guys! Apologies for the recent inactivity, I’ve been working hard on getting my pokemon crossbreed zine ready for this year AX. It will include these, my chikorita and riolu crossbreeds and 7 more pokemon! It’s almost done and I will post more about it soon, so stay tuned!

Also last but not least:


fic rec AU: emotional knapsack by: irishmizzy, miss_bennie

“We could do a,” Harry leans forward, “like a, small show? or shows? Like, not a full tour. Not that we’re like, going to record or anything or change anything about our hiatus. But, we’ve got the songs?”

“Just a small thing,” Niall could slap himself for how light his voice comes out, clearing his throat and meeting Harry’s big eyes with his own, “just a bit of fun.”

(Harry and Niall go solo, together.)

so looking through the blackout tag has given me a little more confidence in myself

i’ve internalized a lot of shit, have a lot of hate for myself, and generally felt like an outsider looking in

i’m not smiling because i’m very self-conscious about my face and my hair and… pretty much all of my body

but here i am, a day late and about a million dollars short

“You jerk… You dumbass!”
“Shinozaki… Heheh… Glad to see you’re still in one piece.”
“You… stupid… ugh! I hate you so much!”
“Ha… Hahahahaha… Sounds like a happy cry to me. Guess that means you’re okay.”
“Don’t die! Don’t die, dammit!”
“All right, all right already! Just stop crying, Shinozaki. I want to see you smile. I love your smiling face most of all.”


cxii. / cxiii. exo; baekhyun
requested by @scenariexos​ ♡