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Playing Dress Up || Psychout for Murder (1969) Makeup Tutorial


Here is my new video.
Something to watch while waiting for the episode. Your feedback means a lot :)
Hope you enjoy 💗

Rubymaru Headcanons

Well I don’t see lots of content for this ship, so I decide to do my own headcanons  (under the cut)

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Tag Game

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Name: Kalea 

Nicknames: KK, Cake by my big sister 

Zodiac Sign: Taurus 

Height: 5′1 (I know I’m short)

Nationality: American 

Favorite Fruit: Banana 

Favorite Season: Fall even though I was born in Spring 

Favorite Book: I Am The Wallpaper or The Boy In The Black Suit 

Favorite Flower: Lily of the Valley 

Favorite Scent: MY MOMMA  

Favorite Color: Gray or Slate 

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: TEA 

Average Hours of Sleep: 5 or 3 if I’m on my phone too long 


Favorite Fictional Character: Canti, my precious child from Fooly Cooly

Dream Trip: Canada to see Jess or New York to see my great aunts

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The 19th Suitor (A Tsuruichi Fanfic)

For the anon that requested for Tsuruichi + Royal + Pining, this is for you and I accidentally deleted your ask + I WROTE THIS HELLA LONG ONE SHOT IN 3 DAYS PLEASE SPARE MY CARELESSNESS OF DELETING YOUR ASK

Summary: Ichigo Hitofuri was an eligible prince, worthy to wed any royal prince or princess. Only problem is, before one would even think to win his heart, they would have to win the hearts of his 11 younger brothers.

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The Kingdom of the Awataguchi family far in the east had the richest land. Luscious forests, cool lakes and a variety of produce could be harvested every year. It wasn’t just prosperous in that term but also in its kingdom lineage. With 2 deceased queens, the king was left to care for his 12 sons.

It was only natural that after the eldest son had reached a certain age, he would be betrothed to a suitable suitor. There was only one problem.

None of the younger brothers were willing to let that happen. Unbeknownst to the king, his mischievous sons did whatever it took to protect their brother from being married off into the wrong hands. As of 18 suitors, none passed the tortures of the 11 younger brothers.

Ichigo sighed at his brothers’ proud looks as another suitor left their kingdom after they nearly poisoned him.

“Guys, this is the 18th prince.” Ichigo stated tiredly.

Namazuo clarified, “Technically it’s the 11th prince. You had 7 princesses come here as well.”

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