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Master List

Country Photosets:

American Photoset #1                

British Photoset #2                    

Canadian Photoset#3                 

Battle Of The Countries #4         

Australian Photoset #5               

LiberTea Photoset #6             

American Photoset #7               

British Photoset #8                     

Scottish Photoset #9                  

Canadian Photoset #10              

Maple-Tea-Freedom Photoset #11     

American Photoset #12           

Australian Photoset #13              

Texas Photoset #14                    

Irish Photoset #15                       

Canadian Photoset #16               

Australian Photoset #17           

American Photoset #18               

Canadian Photoset #19         

Battle Of The Counties #20        

German Photoset #21                

Australian Photoset #22       

American Photoset #23     

Avenger Photosets: 

  Set #1     Set #23   

 Set #2      Set #24     

  Set #3      Set #25         

Set #4      Set #26    

 Set #5       Set #27

Set#6         Set#28

 Set #7       Set #29

Set #8      Set #30

Set #9      Set #31

Set #10     Set #32

Set #11   Set #33

Set #12      Set #34

Set #13       Set #35

 Set #14      Set #36

Set #15       Set #37 

Set #16      Set #38

Set #17       Set #39

Set #18        Set #40

Set #19       Set #41

Set #20      Set #42

Set #21      Hail Hydra 

Set#22      Guardians of The Galaxy 

What Every Fan Can Relate Too:

Set #1   Set #3    Set#5   Set #7

Set #2    Set #4    Set#6 

Animals and Tumblr:

Cats and Tumblr Set#1   Dogs and Tumblr Set#2

Pets and Tumblr Set#3  Dogs and Tumblr Set #4

Cats and Tumblr Set #5   Cats and Tumblr Set #6  

Cats and Tumblr Set #6   Cats and Tumblr Set#7

Whales and Tumblr Set #8   Bees and Tumblr Set #9

Pets and Tumblr Set #10   Cats and Tumblr Set#11

 Dogs and Tumblr Set#12

The Sims:

Set #1  Set #2  Set #3         

 School and Tumblr:                             

 Set #1  Set#2  Set #3                 

 Set#4   Set#5  Set #6  

 Set#7   Set#8Set#9


Epic Tales By Tumblr Bloggers:

 Set#1 Set#2 Set#3 Set#4 Set#5                                         

Best Tumblr Responses:         

Set #1    Set #2    Set #3              

Set #4    Set #5    Set#6               

Set#7      Set #8   Set#9 

Set #10   Set #11    Set#12        

Set#13    Set#14   Set#15         

Set#16   Set#17  Set#18          

Set#19  Set#20                       

Family and Tumblr:           

Set#1 Set#2 Set#3 Set#4           

Tumblr Puns:                        

Set#1   Set#2   Set#3               

Set#4    Set#5  Set#6                                           

Set#7    Set#8   Set#9                     

The Struggles of a Tumblr Blogger:

Set #1   Set#2 

Times Tumblr Made You Question Life:

Set#1Set#2  Set#3

Nickelodeon and Tumblr:

Set #1 Set #2 

Tumblr Teaches History:

Set#1 Set#2

Tumblr Bloggers Are Crazy:

Set #1 Set #2Set#3



Christmas: Set #1 Set#2

The Supernatural Fandom:

Set #1  Set #2  Set#3       


 Odd Romeo and Juliet Tumblr Posts    Leonardo DiCaprio and Tumblr

 Random Tumblr Posts                         The Different Types of People

Another Random Tumblr Posts           Mario Kart and Tumblr

John Green                                         Dora the Explorer and Tumblr

Pluto Tumblr Posts                             Tumblr Pizza Posts 

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Pie and Tumblr                                 Moon Moon and Tumblr

The Men of Tumblr                         The Science Side of Tumblr 

Splash Mountain Ride Pictures       Family and Tumblr

Tumblr Being Smooth                    A picture is worth a thousand words

My Childhood                                 Evil Tumblr Posts

Tumblr know how to cheer you up    Furbies and Tumblr

Spiders and Tumblr

Why you should follow Denny’s on tumblr

Band Geek Humor 

Tom Hiddleston 

 Why Tumblr should(n’t) have Kids

Other Fandoms:     


Prince Hans and Tumblr  



Harry Potter 

The Fandom That Lived

Lord of the Rings Fandom

The Worlds Only Consulting Fandom

The Doctor Who Fandom

The Hunger Games Fandom

A mix of Fandoms       

Another mix of Fandoms


fic rec AU: emotional knapsack by: irishmizzy, miss_bennie

“We could do a,” Harry leans forward, “like a, small show? or shows? Like, not a full tour. Not that we’re like, going to record or anything or change anything about our hiatus. But, we’ve got the songs?”

“Just a small thing,” Niall could slap himself for how light his voice comes out, clearing his throat and meeting Harry’s big eyes with his own, “just a bit of fun.”

(Harry and Niall go solo, together.)

"You jerk… You dumbass!"
“Shinozaki… Heheh… Glad to see you’re still in one piece.”
“You… stupid… ugh! I hate you so much!”
“Ha… Hahahahaha… Sounds like a happy cry to me. Guess that means you’re okay.”
“Don’t die! Don’t die, dammit!”
“All right, all right already! Just stop crying, Shinozaki. I want to see you smile. I love your smiling face most of all.”

i t ’ s   a   b e a u t i f u l   d a y   t o   l i s t e n   t o   m u s i c | a grey’s anatomy playlist inspired by songs from the show

i. tegan and sara » where does the good go | ii. umbrellas » the city lights | iii. snow patrol » new york | iv. bootstraps » i wanna dance with somebody | v. mat kearney » all i need | vi. powderfinger » drifting further away | vii. little dragon » twice | viii. the mary onettes » explosions | ix. charlie winston » she went quietly | x. keane » my shadow | xi. priscilla ahn » dream | xii. ingrid michaelson » turn to stone | xiii. elbow » lippy kids | xiv. michael stipe ft. chris martin » in the sun | xv. snow patrol » chasing cars | xvi. delta spirit » salt in the wound | xvii. josh record » bones | xviii. kate havnevik » grace | xix. adaline » say goodbye (i won’t even) | xx. tegan and sara » you wouldn’t like me | xxi. john legend » all of me | xxii. the paper kites » featherstone | xxiii. andrew belle » in my veins | xxiv. sanders bohlke » the weight of us | xxvii. ingrid michaelson » keep breathing | xxviii. rilo kiley » portions for foxes | xxix. of monsters and men » lakehouse | xxx. anna nalick » breathe | xxxi. jill andrews » total eclipse of the heart | xxxii. benjamin francis leftwich » atlas hands | xxxiii. o+s » we do what we want | xxxiv. katie herzig » lost and found | xxxv. andrew belle » open your eyes | xxxvi. greg laswell » off i go | xxxvii. the fray » how to save a life | xxxviii. kodaline » all i want | xxxix. snow patrol - somewhere a clock is ticking | xl. kate havnevik » timeless | xli. sleeping at last » 99 red balloons

Uncertainty - Kingdom Hearts doujinshi (Soriku)

Title: Uncertainty

Characters: SoraxRiku

Rating: PG 

Pages: 15

Summary: Post KHII. They are back on the islands, but Sora notices Riku still has his doubts.

Notes: It’s short and nothing special. Minor screentones thrown on it for some depth. 

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neighbours for a week (and a little more)


when Emma’s asked to take care of their house while David and Mary Margaret are off honeymooning, she does not expect someone else to be assigned to their house as well.

kinda a neighbour au? also with the slightest hint of captain charming [ao3]


House sitting turns out to be much more fun than she’d expected. With the way they’d apologized profusely for asking this of her, she’d braced herself for far worse.

It was nice – the not being awoken by sounds from the subway in the dead of night was a good change, and for the first time in months, she’d gotten a full night’s rest. It was basically a free stay in a comfortable apartment, with an abundant amount of food source (not that she’s actually going to make food – come on, take out always wins) and a pretty cozy bathtub to soak herself in after a day of chasing down bail jumping assholes, the only down side being caring for Mary Margaret’s ridiculous(ly beautiful) orchids, and not to forget hers and David’s Satan of a feline.

(She doesn’t know what she’s got against her, but the cat practically hisses at Emma the moment she gets remotely close to her. But of course when David’s around, the little shit is an angel - with loud purrs and large eyes, the Persian manages to convince David that there’s no such foul play.)

But besides that, it’s been good.

So when she gets back, just narrowly managing to pour the kibble into Sandy’s bowl (such a sweet name, for such a demonic thing) without having her eyes clawed, she runs the bath, hurrying back to her current room for her book because God, does she need a soak. It was a rough day and all for nothing – given her perp gave her a run for her money, which in the end, she did not get, by the way. So right now, a long, hot bath is exactly what is needed.

On the way back towards her watery escape, she hears the sound of keys scraping against the lock, the chime of metal against metal a warning to her ears.

David and Mary Margaret aren’t due back for at least another 6 days and the chances of their trip being cut short is slim.

She’s stripped down – clothes lying haphazardly on the cool tile floor, wrapped up in a soft robe – and the first thing her mind jumps to is her gun that lays on the counter next to her jacket.

There’s a good ten feet to the counter, and the intruder could enter at any given second, but she’s fast and trained and agile, reaching the gun before the click of the door sounds and she’s ready, gun pointed and finger at the trigger as the door creeks open and—

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Today’s Memory (12/14)

Idea from the prompt by missyousofaar to the Captain Swan Network.

During the Spell of Shattered Sight Emma and Elsa defeat the Snow Queen but are turned into children in the process. How does the town deal with two magically gifted little girls, especially when one develops a crush on a certain pirate? Also on  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10 Part 11 on Tumblr.

Huge thanks to venagrey for the beta on this! Thanks to all those who are so excited to see what happens next! Hope it doesn’t disappoint. 


"No. No. No,” Killian cried as the flash of light faded and Emma and Elsa were nowhere to be found. He couldn’t believe this was happening, again.

"Where did they go?" Anna asked. She turned and looked at the confused faces surrounding her. Kristoff pulled her into his arms; his face pinched, as though bracing for the worst.

Anna gasped. “Do you think they’re…?” she trailed off, unable to finish the thought that almost everyone was thinking.

"They aren’t dead. They’re fine. They just went somewhere else.” Henry spoke firmly, looking at the shocked faces around him. "Mom has gotten really good at teleporting. She must have accidentally taken them somewhere else."

Killian gave him a sharp look. The lad was right; it was possible that while focusing on being an adult, Emma had somehow relocated them in the process.

"Henry is right,” David spoke up as he pulled the boy into a side hug. "We just need to go and find them. It’s what this family does best." Snow gave her husband a small smile. Killian felt a little burst of hope push back at the despair that was still threatening to consume him.

"Well, where should we start?" Anna asked. Everyone started answering at once. Killian ignored them; he didn’t have patience for talking. He needed to move, to act.

He strode for the door.

"Oh. I guess we are just going, then?" Anna exclaimed as he passed. 

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  • Stay
  • Florida Georgia Line

I’d sell my soul just to see your face

And I’d break my bones just to heal your pain
In these times I need a saving graceBut time is running out and I’m starting to lose my faith

But if I told you I loved you, would it make you want to stay?
I’m sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away
And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day

Would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?
Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?

My heart’s on my sleeve, but it’s turning blackWithout your touch I’m not gonna last
It feels like my walls are caving in
And I’ll do anything to have you here again.

But if I told you I loved you, would it make you want to stay?
I’m sorry for the way I hurt you and making you walk away
And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every day      Would it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?

Yeah, the days are cold, the nights are long and I can’t stand to be alone
Please know this is not your fault

And all I want…
Is to tell you I love you and make you wanna stay
There’s gotta be a way, ‘cause going on without you is killing me everyday

And if I wrote you a love song and sang it to you every dayWould it ever be enough to make you wanna come back home and stay?
Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?

Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?

Would it make you, make you, wanna stay?