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what i see: a USUK AU where Arthur is being a typical house-wife for Alfred; making him breakfast/lunch/dinner, up-keeping the house all the time, does both of their laundry/dishes/chores, and is overall representing the stay-at-home wife role because he is victim to what society thinks the submissive one in a same-sex marriage should be- thus falling into the same stereotypical gender roles as other heterosexual wives to keep the gays in line

what i want to see: a USUK AU where Arthur is fully aware of the gender roles in society; but tries to break those gender roles by cooking, cleaning, doing feminine activities (like wearing pink frilly aprons & knitting/sewing), and taking care of Alfred anyways because he genuinely wants to do so & actually enjoys his interests- all while still having a semi-masculine personality- and also Alfred helps out and tries to keep the chores even as best as he can, while supporting his husband’s feminine activities/habits 1000% and loves him no matter what (besides, Alfred loves Arthur in his favorite pink frilly apron & it’s hella cute)


okay guys, it’s another foggy brain day and I don’t know what’s going on with me but for about 5 days now, I’ve been unfocused and muddled and i’m getting jack crap done. I thought I got a decent amount of non art related stuff done yesterday until I reviewed my list and realized that no not really…. and it’s starting to wear on my patience.  Unless i’m mindlessly scrolling social media I can’t focus on shit.  It’s 2 in the afternoon here and I haven’t gotten anything accomplished from my to do list today (or yesterday’s list for that matter).  I suppose sinuses and sinus medicine aren’t helping but still–

Normally when I’m spun out, I sit and make a plan. A plan, a list, a schedule, calms me.  I can’t even focus to do that.  This post took me half hour to wrtie because I kept getting off track.

What do y’all do on days like this?

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i restarted sims again, I made Will this time now idk if I should have Thea live in the loft and just spend the time making Oliver’s place, or build a bedroom in the loft to make it look like Oliver’s place and have Thea live somewhere else

Sometimes I really wonder if I’m cut out for grad school. Like, I sit here and struggle with the what feels like the basic of things and it takes me forever to have “eureka” moments and I know I’m holding up an entire project by doing so. So honestly, where do I get off thinking that I should continue to do this for 6ish more years, or for a career?

It legitimately took me weeks to get a phylogenetic Poisson regression to work in R. Sure, the documentation could have been better and there were surprisingly few tutorials on the subject, but still. It was exacerbated by me making stupid mistakes, working a job that has me away from home from 7am to 6pm every day (even trying to cram in troubleshooting and writing a script during my lunch hour), and feeling like I have no one to ask for help on this because I serially avoid my former advisor and it turns into a cycle of “don’t ask her for help yet, try a few more approaches” because 1) I don’t like asking for help and 2) I’ve been made to feel stupid before for not getting something right away. Which you think would incentivize me to reach out for help sooner rather than later but…it doesn’t.

So who do I think I am? I just feel stupid and slow all the time with this project, and I want nothing more than for it to be done so I can stop feeling guilty all the time about being the bottleneck for progress on it. I have such a complex from my advisor and my experience in the master’s and I don’t know what to do to shake it.


get to know me1/10 movies; marvel cinematic universe. 
“let’s do a head count here: your brother the demi-god; a super soldier, a living legend who kind of lives up to the legend; a man with breath-taking anger management issues; a couple of master assassins, and you, big fella, you’ve managed to piss off every single one of them.”

self-care masterpost: clean speeches edition

(psa 1: this was inspired by Kara’s aka tasyoungreckless tumblr post, I just thought it might be cool to add a few more to the list

psa 2: I also included video links to the speeches if I could find them because I personally feel Taylor’s words more if I’m watching a video)

when you hate yourself:

when there are rumors/bad things being talked about you:

when you feel alone with your pain:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)
  • Raleigh, NC, 06/09/2015 (text),
  • Foxborough, MA, 07/24/2015 (text // video)

when you feel stuck up in having to be perfect/happy all the time:

  • Glasgow, Scotland, 06/23/2015 (text // video)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Louisville, KY, 06/02/2015 (text // video
  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)
  • Pittsburgh, PA, 06/06/2015 (text // video)
  • Edmonton, AB 08/05/2015 (text)
  • Los Angeles, CA, 08/21/2015 (text // video)

when you feel like past mistakes will forever define you:

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands,, 06/21/2015 (text // video)
  • Cologne, Germany, 06/20/2015 (text // video)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Charlotte, NC, 06/08/2015 (text // video)
  • Vancouver, BC, 08/01/2015 (text)

when you feel like everything is pointless and the bad days will never stop:

  • Philadelphia, PA, 06/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Tokyo, Japan, 05/05/2015 (text // video)
  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)

when you lost yourself:

  • Las Vegas, NV, 05/15/2015 (text)
  • Bossier City, LA, 05/20/2015 (text)

when you feel like you’re standing still:

when you feel like you just don’t fit in:

  • Cleveland, OH, 06/03/2015 (text)

when mean comments on the internet get to you:

when you compare yourself to others:

when you think you’re not “enough” of something:

  • East Rutherford, NJ, 07/10/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Washington, DC, 07/14/2015 (text)

when you feel like happiness is never a constant/always expect pain:

when you’re getting told you’re too much of anything:

when you’re going through heartbreak/lost someone:

  • St Paul, MN, 09/11/2015 (text)
  • St Paul, MN, 09/13/2015 (text // video)
  • Indianapolis, IN, 09/16/2015 (text // video)
  • Nashville, TN, 09/25/2015 (text)

when you’re full of regrets:

when other people’s opinions clatter up your life:

  • Shanghai, China, 11/12/2015 (text)
  • Adelaide, Australia, 12/08/2015 (text // video)

An afternoon date~

and a bonus