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how to ACHIEVE  a 4.0 gpa (realistically)

^ this is probably the deepest stuff i’ve written, and please excuse my typos i wrote it in like 2 minutes. also math analysis h = precalculus honors. (h= honors)


  1. It’s up to you to decide if you are willing to work hard and put in the effort and time to get straight A’s
  2. If you don’t get straight a’s it doesn’t mean you're dumb, everyone is talented in their own way. 
  3. Getting straight a’s doesn’t make you happy (many people fail to see that there are many other factors in your happiness besides your grades)
  4. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t achieve a 4.0 gpa (Just keep calm and carry on // work harder and try again.)
  5. It’s just a letter, your grades don’t define you (Your happiness is more important than some letter on a piece of paper)
  6. “BELIEVE YOU CAN, and you’re halfway there” - Theodore Roosevelt.

This guide isn’t perfect, and i’m not going to tell you that it is. But i do know that no guide in tumblr will ever help you unless you actually care, unless you want to put the effort, unless you try. 

So let’s get into how i WORKED for Straight A’


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“Some mornings still feel like the night before; I’m still waiting for the day I don’t miss you anymore.”

That pain is 1000% worth it. Look at that damn Geisha!  

Yea im tired cus back to work today plus only sleep for 4 hours so bye

aka the ridiculously long post where i shove all my feelings & months of research stalking into a list and cry. [ includes headcanons bc lbr they’re freaking amazing too ]

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in honor of zaddy vine shutting down, what are your favorite vines Fatimom?


4. Toda vía NO TE HA DORMIDO
9. Iconique
10. ME
11. BYE
12. im bout to sing a song
13. o my gad
14. I do tht
16. Hi
20. “O my God!”

Blush - Shawn Mendes Imagine

(this was requested and Its long I guess but dude like I’m back !! And u still rock !)

“Help me.” Were the first words Shawn spoke when he sat down in front of me at lunch. He ripped open his chips and crammed some in his mouth.

“What is it?” I ask, smiling as Shawn’s knees touch mine and he bounces his leg.

“Okay, so, y'know Kylie?” He bit his lip. I sighed, my cheeks heating up. Who doesn’t know Kylie? She’s literally the most popular girl in the school. She’s in all the clubs, and the thing I despise the most is that everyone doesn’t hate her and she’s the nicest person ever. I’m also pretty sure she has a glowing passion for sports.

But I guess I don’t know her well enough to judge her, I mean I’m extremely unpopular, working towards the moment people notice me as Y/N, not Shawn’s best friend. Sometimes I feel he befriended me in freshman year out of pity.

“Yep.” I raised my eyebrows, peeling my banana.

“Yeah, well uh, she invited me to watch a movie,” He glanced at me. Blood rushed to my cheeks again, I chewed on the side of my cheek and glanced away.

Here’s one thing I will admit other than my hatred for Kylie, I have a wild crush on Shawn. Like, who doesn’t, though? He’s amazing, and funny, talented, and sweet. He understands, and I go a big rubbery one when he gets sentimental with me.

“Okay, you need help picking out an outfit or something?” I force a small smile, wanting nothing more than to pull Shawn away and slap him across the face for hurting my feelings just now.

I’m a big dork, new to mushy feelings and sweaty palms and this just ruined everything.

“No,” Shawn giggled. God, can he stop being so goddamn cute? It’s kind of getting me angry, it’s like he’s wrecking me on purpose. “I want you to come with me, or else it’ll be awkward…” He bit his lip.

“Oh.” I drew back from my thoughts and then got confused again. “Wait, you want me to go with you, on a date with her? Shawn, that’s even more awkward,”

“No! There’s like gonna be other people, It’s just, I haven’t hung out with those people since before I met you, and literally all Kylie talks about with me is - like - sports.” He whispered the last part. “I’d have no one to talk to.”

I laughed, smiling widely. “No thanks.”

“Y/N!” Shawn whined. “I’d be so awkward, y'know theres only so many sports in this world, I know you’re not into-”

“Fine!” I smashed my hand to his lips and rolled my eyes. “You owe me, Shawn.” Yeah, he owes me a big slobbery kiss, I mean please make out with me strange, talented, best friend.

“Yes! Okay, I’ll pick you up later! it’ll be groovy.” Shawn giggles, sending me a wide, exaggerated smile.

Shawn ended up actually needing help witches outfit. He called me, actually worried about what hoodie he should wear. So, I went over to his house and, after going through his puddle of cousins complimenting me in the den, I found him in his room, jamming out to NSYNC in his boxers. Not gonna lie, I found it absurdly incredible.

He told me I looked cute, and after a few minutes we decided on his outfit which was too hot for me to handle honestly and we headed off to the movie theater.

So here we are, at the movie theater, literally waiting for the movie to start and for Kylie to stop talking about tennis. She looked way better than anyone else (subtract shawn) here, and it made me jealous because her lipstick was a shade brighter than usual and she managed to pull off an outfit I could never.

As Kylie talked, the previews ran and Shawn looked at me and smiled. He looked down at my lips and I blushed. He’s killer flirty tonight. 

“Have I told you how cute you look?” He smiled, biting his lip.

“Ah, you may have mentioned it.” I whispered back, Kylie’s voice fading with the lights as the movie began.

I felt really dizzy, Shawn had told me I looked cute twice tonight and he smelled delicious and I wanted to kiss him so bad but y'know, I’m a dork. And he’s popular and everyone else here is popular but me.

I sighed and stood up, pushing past the people in the row, my head thumping.

“Y/N!” Shawn whispered begind me. I looked back and Shawn was clumsily getting through the crowd struggling much more than I did. Kylie kept a watchful eye from her seat and I felt myself get nauseous.

When Shawn was finally in front of me I looked him straight in the eyes and blushed.

“This is not the right time I know, but I can’t wait until you’re sick of me,” Shawn sighed, grabbing my hands and tangling them in his.

“Wha-” I glanced at Kylie, her jaw gritted, everyone else amused in the movie.

“I really want you to be my girlfriend,” Shawn’s blush rarely even showed but now he was mushy and i didn’t feel like I was the only dork.

“Shawn.” I breathed, squeezing his hands.

“I just…” He closed his eyes, pressing his lips against mine. I opened my mouth a bit, surprised. I was consumed in everything about Shawn.

I spent all this time worry if he’d like me back, or if I was just a friend to him, but boy was there even ever a need to worry?

“I’m sorry. You’re probably gonna slap me but I don’t care ‘cause I finally kissed you and it felt great.” He paused. “Go ahead.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Like - yeah, Shawn, I’ll be your girlfriend.” I smiled widely.

“Y/N!” He whispered. “You just made me so happy.” He wrapped his arms around my waist. “You’re amazing.”

(Long af. I guess it makes up for all the lost time. Luv u man!!)

(p.p.s I didn’t proofread lol I swear i’m not illiterate)

A print I’m planning to make aakdlfjalkdsf. This is like a rehash of my old postcard print I made last year??? well…somewhat LOLOL

…I really like painting skies.

and this took me like 6-7 hours bye. Painting is so fun maybe I should try doing it like this away again next time!

Eyyyyyy sorry for the lack of updates. My finals are in 2 weeks oops.

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PROMPT bellamy gets taken down by a grounder and he wrestles with her for a bit before realizing it's clarke

Bellamy’s face down in the snow before he even realizes what’s happening, a blade pressed close to the back of his neck. The weight of someone’s foot crushes down on his spine and his breath rushes out of him, sharp. He doesn’t know how it happened, really, getting ambushed less than a mile outside of camp; it’s a rookie mistake, stupid and careless on his part. Octavia won’t even have the chance to yell at him, he realizes dully, and it’s that more than anything that hurts.

“You shouldn’t be here,” a voice hisses, low and hoarse and dangerous. The foot is small, the voice throaty but feminine, but the tip of the blade is steady against his skin and his sister has long since taught him never to underestimate any foe.

“Fuck you,” he snaps, wincing as the blade presses deeper. He shifts in the snow, weighing his options. “My people have every right—“

She presses down harder against his spine, and for a moment Bellamy’s vision goes black. “Your people—“

He kicks out quickly and everything is a blur after that — snow in his eyes, the sharp slice of a spear scraping across his neck.  The Grounder goes down, crumpling when he makes contact with her knee, and they scuffle around in the snow, kicking and punching. He’s flat on his back, her small, freezing hands wrapped around his throat tightly, and finally their eyes meet; he would gasp, if there was any air left in his lungs, at the sight of her bright blue eyes.

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So.  I finished.  This took me over 12 hours.   I’m still not totally happy with the colouring of Dan’s face, but oh well.  Also, PHIL’S LAPTOP TOOK ME OVER 2 HOURS LIKE PHIL. WHY SO MANY STICKERS?

P.S. Please do not remove caption :)


ok bYe im scemaing @neurtsy tagged me for the 6 selfies thing but i Never post selfies so im posting literally 32 to make up for the whole year :-) theyre in chronological order from top left to bottom right or at least as close as i could get them !!

this year was wild my face changed a lot my hair grew a lot i had top surgery…. i look Really different from a year ago which is why i posted so many :-)

i tag @oliveyu @sugarplumharry @niallscroog @beautlouis @scumbugg @peachy–puke @bearfootlou @louzus @tinyfrogprince @thedarkestlarrie @werewolvesau @protectdownworlders @grodybitch @ptsdcap @ziam-hearts @insomniainclined @little-forestfire @socrisp @demizouie @bistevexual @boringnymph and @onedirection :))) and if anyone else wants 2 do it 💜🐀

The Postman Always Rings Twice (Dean/Cas Postman AU)

By Endstiel and Oncharredwings

“Stalking your crush again?”

Dean huffed, turning the page of his book, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m reading.”

“By the window like a lovesick teenage girl in a romantic comedy,” Sam finished, chuckling to himself. Apparently he thought he was hilarious because he continued. “…Starring you as the beautiful but naive protagonist and Mr. Hot-Postman over there as your love interest” Sam nodded to the  mailman opening a mailbox to drop a letter inside. “The whole first part of the movie will be you pining and sulking in the corner when he doesn’t notice you, but then after a chance encounter and a couple misunderstandings, he falls head over heels in looooove.”

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