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In bed at 2am, blissfully drowsy - “Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.”

i know you said blissfully,, but that didn’t happen. i hope you like it!!

It’s scorching. The heatwave sweeping the country finally creeping up to Emmerdale. It had been gorgeous, the sky a bright blue until the late evening, a gentle breeze a nice release from the sun beating down on the village. The sun suited Robert, his blonde hair now a shade of white, almost bleach, a smattering of freckles appearing on his chests, clusters on his shoulders. It makes Aaron’s mouth water more than usual, a glow surrounding his husband more than usual.

It’s late, but the air is thick and humid, sweat clinging to Aaron’s forehead as he rolls on to his side, Robert’s arm falling from it’s place on his waist, sleep coming much easier for Robert tonight. Aaron huffs out a breathe and hits at his pillow, flattening it as he pushes his face down further and scrunches up his eyes. He’s got an early scrapyard run in the morning, his alarm set to wake him in only four hours.

It’s as Aaron’s muscles finally relax into the mattress that he feels it, a sharp kick to the back of his shin, his leg jerking upwards. Robert’s kicking is nothing new to Aaron, he’s had enough bruises across his legs to show his husband’s inability to stay still. Usually, it’s endearing, another feature of Robert’s that Aaron can mentally add to his ‘God, I’m lucky.’ list, Usually, it’s enough to hold Robert tight, allow him to curl his body into Aaron’s, head on his chest, and they will both sleep peacefully. Usually, it isn’t thirty degrees, closer to three am than Aaron would like. He can’t pull Robert close to him, heat pouring off of the both of them in waves. He loves him, but theres no chance he’s having Robert’s clammy skin sticking to him this late into the night.

He feels Robert turn away from him, mumbling something in his sleep as the duvet shifts around them. Aaron pushes it away from him, his boxers feel too tight, Robert feels too close, he can already feel the headache he’s going to have as he arrives to work.

He’s considering giving up trying, creeping downstairs to drink some of Robert’s disgusting coffee and watching re runs of Jeremy Kyle when it happens again. Robert’s leg jerking backwards, somehow kicking Aaron in the side, hard enough he can already feel a red mark forming. Sometimes he want’s to kill his husband.

“Rob. Robert!” He tries to keep his voice low, Liv an inconsolable grump when she is woken unnecessarily. Robert just mummers again, shuffles further along to the side of the bed.

“Robert! Wake up!”

“I’m sleeping.” His voice is muffled, mouth covered the corner of his pillow, it makes Aaron want to push him out of the bed and make him sleep on the bench in the garden.

“You keep kicking me. I can’t sleep and you’re not helping.”

Robert sighs, forces himself to sit up and looks down at Aaron. His hair is ruffled, blonde tuffs sticking out in every direction. He’s got creases on the side of his cheek, and his eyes are slightly red, glazed over from just being woken.

“I’m sorry. Why can’t you sleep?” He doesn’t need a late night therapy session; he wants Robert to sleep on the floor while Aaron spreads himself over the mattress, blissful hours of sleep coming easy to him, and for Adam to deal with the scrap while he hits snooze on Robert’s pretentious alarm clock.

“It’s about a hundred degrees, and I’ve got an arsehole of a husband who needs to kick everything in sight.”

A laugh erupts from Robert, chuckles as he falls back down to the bed, throwing is arm back over Aaron’s waist, pressing his mouth to Aaron’s for a gentle kiss.

“You love me.”

“Do I love you? Yes. Do I like you? That’s still up for debate.”

Robert stifles his laugh by kissing at Aaron’s shoulder, he tastes of lime shower gel, Robert’s, and sweat.

“You know, if you can’t sleep, and since I’m awake now anyways, I know what we could do to pass the time” He dares to raise his head and wink at Aaron, pulling him closer to his chest as he wraps his arms around him tighter. Heat be damned.

“And it’s decided, I definitely don’t like you.”

They both know it was a lie, and neither of them get anymore sleep, but Aaron suddenly doesn’t mind.

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hey!!! could you please recommend me some nice japanese girl groups/bands or other female artists? im fairly into kpop, but i want to get more into jpop as well!

Of course! (sorry for the delay)

I divided it in four parts: first some of the big names that you’d probably see mentioned constantly, then some personal recommendations for idol groups and vocal/dance units, followed by bands and finally a few other acts worth checking out~ (I tried to include links for each group, but there’s a few that I missed as they have their videos blocked on my country thanks to YouTube Red. Depending on where you are it may be a little harder to access to the content of certain groups)

Big names: These are groups best known by international fans. The first three are actually “families” made up by multiple groups. They look intimidating but if you like their music and have enough free time to sit through more of their content you might find something that’s up your alley. The other three are smaller groups that managed to become top artists thanks to their very unique concepts.

  • AKB48G & Sakamichi Series: The biggest group (in both sales and actual size) is AKB48 which has their own theater in Tokyo and multiple sister groups all over Japan (SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, STU48) and a few overseas. They also have an “official rival group”, Nogizaka46. I would recommend beginning with Nogi’s sister group Keyakizaka46.
  • Hello! Project: Their 20th anniversary is coming soon and they were THE thing during the early 00′s. Currently made up by Morning Musume.’17 (their founding group), ANGERME, Juice=Juice, Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory (plus multiple trainees named Kenshuusei). Their songs are generally upbeat and you can see the girls grow and improve. From their current lineup I think ANGERME is a good place to start, but if you’re ok with inactive groups, the recently disbanded °C-ute was incredible.
  • E.g Family: The female counterpart to EXILE TRIBE. Some of the members sing while the rest are dancers/performers only.  It includes a few other groups and projects with E-girls being the main one.
  • Perfume: From rags to riches. They started as a typical idol group of school girls and went on to become one of j-pop’s biggest acts. Their music is more on the electro side and they work with the same producer as Kyary Pamyupamyu. Their outfits and choreo are always on point and their music videos are aesthetic af.
  • Momoiro Clover Z: known for their eccentric and over the top concepts. I’m not really into their music but the girls are very charismatic. They also have a few sister groups of their own.
  • BABYMETAL: The queens of kawaii metal. SU-METAL is a great vocalist but their music is pretty much hit or miss. They began as a sub-unit for Sakura Gakuin which is a more orthodox idol group.

Personal recommendations: these are the groups that I listen on the regular and look out for their releases, ESPECIALLY the first ones (the order is basically based on how much I personally like them).

  • callme: my babies. They began as a sub-unit to Dorothy Little Happy before becoming independent two years ago. They are a self produced group with the members making the music, writing the lyrics, doing the choreography and designing costumes on their own. (They also get compared to Perfume a lot but other than very general things like the number of members and both groups doing EDM I can’t really see it).
  • 9nine: another group I love (Kanchan is my kamioshi). They began as a more regular idol group in 2005 and saw different line-ups and musical styles for the first years. Then they switched labels and became a “performance girls unit” with a stable line-up (except for a member departure last year). Sadly their current label isn’t very friendly with international fans so their content is harder to find.
  • Babyraids JAPAN: originally just Babyraids. A bunch of bright children with colorful rock pop songs and lots of energy. Manatsu is an incredible center but all members are precious in their own way.
  • predia: a more adult idol group. They are very elegant and have really great songs. Basically a group made up of only queens.
  • Gang Parade: their songs go HARD. They belong to WACK alongside BiS and BiSH.
  • GEM: the third iDol Street group and my daughters. I consider them a good middle ground between an average k-pop group (in terms of ability) and orthodox idol groups (in terms of cuteness and energy). 
  • Little Glee Monster: a group focused on vocals. They have cute songs, cute videos, and cute girls with great voices, what else could we ask for. (This post is getting really long I’ll try to be briefer omg).
  • TOKYO GIRLS’ STYLE: they began as a typical idol group before turning into a EDM-oriented unit. 
  • PASSPO: they’ve been around for a while, delivering rock pop jams with a flight attendant concept. They also seem like a very tight-knit group.
  • BiSH: Another WACK group. They’re on the more alternative side of the idol spectrum and their lives are completely crazy. Also Aina is my gf
  • SUPER GiRLS: the first iDol Street group. They’re everything you might expect from an idol group: colorful, energetic, cute.
  • Fairies: good vocals and dance. I’ve been meaning to catch up with them for years but keep postponing it oops.
  • Cheeky Parade and Wasuta: the two remaining iDol Street groups, tho I don’t follow them as much as GEM and Supaga tho.

Japan also has a good variety of all-female bands. Here are some that I like and listen to often (tho there’s many more out there). Like the list above they’re more or less in order of personal preference and familiarity:

Finally, a few other artists that either don’t fit on the previous lists but I really wanted to include OR I personally don’t follow but have a decent following overseas:

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japanese music. Especially for the last part where I tried to focus more on the up and coming acts. My suggestion would be find a few artists that are your style and keep exploring from there! Hope you enjoy, Rushi out.

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Someone in the notes of the last Leyendecker post I reblogged mentioned having difficulty telling his work and Rockwell’s apart, and I know from experience that many people get them confused, which is somewhat astonishing as, to my eyes, their styles are very distinct. Leyendecker was Rockwell’s idol and mentor, but they were very different people and were interested in portraying different aspects of humanity, even when the basic subject matter was the same.

Surface-level, here are some differences:

  • Leyendecker smoothed out faults and imperfections (in the young. he stylized them in the old); Rockwell exaggerated them to mild or moderate caricature
  • Leyendecker approached his paintings as sculpture- even the merest clothing folds are carved out of the paint; Rockwell approached his paintings as drawings- the underlying contour always shines through.
  • Leyendecker used broad hatching brushstrokes and areas of smooth shine; Rockwell used more naturalistic texture and lighting
  • Leyendecker created idolized, larger-than-life figures that feel Hellenistic in their perfection; Rockwell created intimate scenes populated by figures that feel familiar in their specificity
  • Leyendecker’s best and most comfortable work was as a fashion/lifestyle illustrator; Rockwell’s best and most comfortable work was as an editorial/humor illustrator 
  • Leyendecker created beautiful still lives with his figures; Rockwell told compelling stories
  • Leyendecker often created erotic tension in his paintings; Rockwell almost never did.

See below: Two paintings of soldiers with women, but in Rockwell’s there is a clear punchline, and while the poses are contrived for the sake of composition, they’re not self-conscious. The women are pretty- as demanded by the central joke- but not truly sexualized anywhere but in the mind of the young soldier who is being overloaded with cake and attention. 

Contrast Leyendecker’s soldiers with a young nurse. Everyone in this image is posing attractively- no one has their mouth full or ears sticking out. Each crease and fold is sharp and sculptural, and the light picks out their best features- in particular the shoulders and posterior of the soldier facing away from the viewer. There is neither joke nor story, merely a group of beautiful young people, portrayed with deft brushwork and graceful lines. (and check out that hatching! That’s indicator #1 that you’ve got a Leyendecker image)

Leyendecker was very comfortable with “hot young things wearing clothes”, and did them very VERY well, but his facility with idealization came at the cost of personalization, which was fine for fashion illustration, but shows in his domestic scenes: 

Beautiful, but… cold. (Also, that hand on the left- who holds a baby with their hand like that??? Good lord, J.C.) Compare a Rockwell illustration (for a baby food brand, I believe) of a mother and baby: this is clearly a real and individual young mother and baby, interacting exactly how parents and babies really interact.

Even when they did basically the same content, and putting aside posing or composition or anything other than objective visual analysis, it’s still obvious who is who:

  • Red: NR’s smoother rendering vs JCL’s super cool hatching
  • Green: NR’s naturalistic cloth folds vs JCL’s sculptural stylization
  • Blue: NR’s natural lighting vs JCL’s world where everything is shiny

Now go forth, confident in the knowledge that you’ll never confuse a Rockwell or a Leyendecker ever again, and can refute any claim that their styles are ‘virtually identical’.