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My Girl, At Midnight

Idol: Mina (Twice)

Prompt: Can you do an girl x girl Mina fluff/smut? If you can where you’re busy with your upcoming projects which you haven’t been spending time with Mina bc you were so busy & Mina was trying to grab your attention but fails until she starts acting a bit aggressive towards you to take make you stop working thank you (:

Writer: Admin Kiwi

A/N: Okay, I know, this took me forever to write. But you have to be in the mood to write smut, and although I knew where I wanted to go with the story, it took me forever to actually be able to write it. Anyway, I hope you all like it.

Warnings: This is a smut, therefore there is sex. Lesbian sex, pretty explicit. Some curse words. A lil’ kinky, nothing huge, just one passing thought. Some impressive lingerie on Mina’s side. It’s smut, you know what you’re getting yourself into.

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Hwarang :: Sam Maek Jong x Reader :: Part III

Hi hello sorry this took me forever to write. I wrote this over the span of the past few months so I hope it flows okay. I had a lot of trouble concluding this series as the show ended. I was at war with myself to add more details of the drama or how I imagined the drama to end so here it is! I hope you all like it regardless. I know the Hwarang hype died but I wanted to finish this for you guys :) so I hope you read it nonetheless! I also added a little sexy time for yall so please enjoy! See ya in my next fic!

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The room’s temperature dropped and the tension got thicker by the second, the faceless King finally made his appearance. Mustering up the last drop of strength I had left I look up to see the long awaited King, only to reveal Ji Dwi.

“Mother! Just this once, won’t you allow me to be happy?” he cries out, startling everyone in the room. I couldn’t process anything in my throbbing head, all I could make out was that Ji Dwi, the man who I was dotting after for the last few days was calling the Queen his mother. “Sam Maek Jong…I’m protecting you! Her dangerous mentality will get you killed,” the Queen explains with as much frustration. Sam Maek Jong? I couldn’t ponder on what the Queen called Ji Dwi as what left his lips next practically stole my last breath. “If a dangerous mentality will get anyone killed here, it will be you Mother. If you dare touch a hair on her head again…I can’t even imagine the things I will do. I will kill, and I will show you how dangerous I can be.” With that calm threat he sheathes his sword, “Now leave.” The Queen lowers her sword, “I know you too well, to know that you are only all talk, Sam Maek Jong.”

It was too fast for Ji Dwi to register, I fell watching him as he screamed. I felt pain as my body collided into the ground, knocking the air out of my burning lungs. Only with enough strength to control my eyes, I lock them with Seyeo who had pushed me out of the way, he gives me a small smile in contrast to his usually cocky smirk. “Seyeo…” I breathe staring at the long blade sprouted from his shoulder. “Let me protect you one last time, my Princess.” “No…no…no…” I mumble reaching out for him. It all happened so fast, I could only focus on the blade sliding out from his shoulder causing more blood to seep into his dark hanbok. There was so much yelling from Ji Dwi and the Queen but I couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t even hear my own sobbing as I engulfed Seyeo into my arms, despite his serious injury he still managed to pull my hanbok back onto my shoulders and helped me tie the front, “You are still the Princess, I know you like Ji Dwi but you can’t be showing him your body this soon.” “You are so dumb, you are hurt and you care about that?!” I scream applying pressure onto his wound, in which he shrugs. “This isn’t as bad as that time you impaled me by accident during training three years ago.” I cracked a smile despite the hot tears running down my cheeks, “Shut up will you? You’re hurt I can’t have you bleeding out on me. That’s an order.” He nods, “I can’t disobey you so I guess I won’t die on you today.” I scoff pulling him into a tighter hug, “I’m sorry…I couldn’t protect you.” In which it was his turn to return the scoff, “I should be saying that to you. You’re a mess your blood is soaking through your hanbok and your face is smeared in it.” A soft cough gained my attention. We both looked up to Ji Dwi who held the most irritated expression I’ve ever seen on a person. He kneels down to our level and clasped his hand onto Seyeo’s wounded shoulder, “Are you alright?” to which Seyeo nods, “Yeah this is nothing.” Ji Dwi then turns to me and his expression softens significantly, “I’m sorry for not being able to protect you.” He places a hand on my dampened back from all the blood, “I’m so sorry.” I look up at him through hooded eyes, I was getting sleepy, slowly craning my neck I pressed my lips against his, “There’s nothing to apologize for. Thank you for saving us…your Majesty.” He holds me against him gently so that he wouldn’t cause any more pain to my injuries, “I love you,” he whispers against my forehead. “Alright, let’s go before the Queen comes back and decides to stab me again,” Seyeo interrupts getting up from my lap with surprisingly no difficulty for someone who just got impaled. “I love you too,” I bashfully smile looking anywhere but his face. He places a chaste kiss onto my blooded forehead before scooping me up into his strong arms. I suck in a sharp breath as my clothes scrape against the broken skin on my back, “You’re a good girl, please be strong for me. Don’t fall asleep.” I nod, gripping his shoulder with one hand. I was starting to feel light headed but I couldn’t fall asleep for his sake, “(Y/n) please stay awake, for me okay?” “Okay…” I mumble holding him even tighter so that I wouldn’t slip away. Seyeo retrieves the discarded swords on the ground before quickly joining our side. With one hand pressed against his shoulder he angrily waves the sheathed swords in his other hand, “This stupid sword stabbed me twice, I’m going to throw it away. It’s bad luck.” “That’s my favourite sword, I’ll throw you away,” I manage a soft giggle snuggling into Ji Dwi’s chest.

The walk back to the Hwarang house was slow, it felt like years has passed.  “Ji Dwi?” I mumble against his neck, “Yes?” he responds back softly. “So…you are King Jinheung? Do I address you as that? Or Sam Maek Jong? Or Ji Dwi?” He nuzzles his nose against mine, “You can call me Jagi.” I smile as I hear a slight gagging sound come from Seyeo who lagged behind by a few steps. “I like that…Jagi?” “What is it (Y/n)?” “I’m getting sleepy,” I mumble with closing eyes, “Be good for me, keep your eyes open just a little longer okay?” I nod quietly, forcing my heavy eyes to open just a crack, “Okay for you.”

Shortly like he said we finally made it back to the Hwarang house. Seyeo insisted that Ah Ro treated me first but it was evident to everyone in the room that he was bleeding out quickly, so much to his protests Ah Ro treated him first while Sam Maek Jong combed his fingers through my hair soothingly while I waited for my turn. When Seyeo was all patched up Ah Ro smiled at me and brought her kit over to where I sat. “Alright time for you guys to leave, she needs to strip of her clothes.” Seyeo gets up obediently when I nod for him to be dismissed however Sam Maek Jong was more reluctant to. “It’s alright, you can go I’ll be okay,” I assure him with a small nod and he shakes his head, stubbornly continuing to be planted onto the floor. I turn towards Ah Ro and shrugged in which she glares up at Sam Maek Jong and she shakes her head disapprovingly, “Ah no such respect for a woman’s privacy. Who raised you? Aish!” I quietly snicker at her bad mouthing the King of Silla, if she only knew whom she was lecturing at. “You’ll need to completely take off your top,” Ah Ro says and I nod untying the belt of my hanbok. She gently peels the blood soaked fabric from my skin and I cringed as I hear her sucking in her breath when the wounds were revealed. “Is it really bad?” I ask with squeezed shut eyes, the only response I got was Sam Maek Jong patting my head softly as he pulls me into his lap. “Ah okay! Let’s…start…somewhere…” Ah Ro mumbles fumbling with her tools. She begins by wiping at the cuts with a wet towel and I accidently whimpered out loud causing her to stop in shock. “I’m so sorry it’s going to get worse from here…” she confessed placing a soft warm hand on my shoulder in which I nod to, “Y-Yeah it’s okay. Please continue Ah Ro.” She nods with her lips pulled into a tight line. I slowly look up at Sam Maek Jong and his eyes never left my scar littered back until I slipped a hand into his and gave it a tight squeeze. His warm chocolate orbs met mine and he pulls me flush against his chest despite my nudeness. “I’m going to start stitching up the deeper cuts okay Princess (Y/n)?” I nervously nod and squeezed his hand tighter. In response he combs his fingers through my sweat soaked hair trying to soothe my pain, “Keep your eyes on me, okay?” I nod again whimpering as I felt the needle sink into the skin of my back. He coos encouraging words to me, but by the fourth stitch I started to feel even more faint. I squeezed onto Sam Maek Jong’s hand tighter if that was even physically possible. I was grateful that he didn’t seem to mind too much that the circulation in his hand has stopped completely. He continues to stroke my hair in comfort as Ah Ro tried her best to be as gentle and as quick as possible. The ringing in my ears got louder, and I knew I was going to pass out soon due to the pain, and ultimately the feeling of safety made my adrenaline run dry, draining my body of energy. I didn’t realize I broke my promise to Sam Maek Jong of staying awake until I slipped into the darkness.


“You’re awake,” A low voice calls out. I blink away my blurry vision until I see my favourite person hovering above me. “Ji Dwi?” I mumble, from underneath the covers. “Ji Dwi?” He inquires with a raised brow and I gave him a questioning look in response. His lips pull into a firm line, “You don’t remember what happened yesterday?” I purse my lips, racking my brain for anything important that I might’ve forgotten and alas everything flooded into my head. I throw a hand onto my forehead due to the overwhelming rush of thoughts that I whacked myself on my head injury. He chuckles, “What will I do with you, you idiot?” I shrug with more caution to the stitches in my back, I was definitely not prepared to go back for more stitches anytime soon. A cute shy smile tugs at his lips and he leans down to press them against mine. Mustering up some strength, I raised my hand from under the cover so that I could cup his cheek. He closes his eyes peacefully and leans into my touch causing me to smile. “I’m at war with myself,” the male confesses under his breath. I almost laughed at the ridiculousness of that if it weren’t for the uneasy expression on his usually stoic face. I frown pinching his cheek gently, “Why?” He cracks open his tear brimmed eyes and tried for a smile, however it wasn’t very convincing due to the wavering. “Are you safest by my side or back home in Goguryeo?” His shoulders started to shake and quickly his tears bubbled over and streamed down his face. Using the pad of my thumb I caress his tears away, in which he expresses his gratitude by pressing his lips against my wrist. I take in a deep breath and smile up at him, “I think you know the answer to that,” he nods closing his eyes again and I giggle, “And I’m sure you also know my thoughts on that as well.” “I know, and it worries me that you would rather be by my side than be safe,” he groans in annoyance. “Even though being back home would be the logical choice, I feel safest by your side, Sam Maek Jong. And nothing can change that.” I took the opportunity of his shock to wrap my arms around his neck so that I could pull him into a hug, “I love you, and nothing can change that either.” Sam Maek Jong cups my cheek as I did to him earlier and brings himself down to gently plant a kiss onto my lips. He pulls back with a soft smile, “I love you most, and nothing will ever change that either. If you will have me, I wish for you to be at my side every step of the way.” I smile, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

*Mild smut warning*

Sam Maek Jong returns my smile and sits up right, “I almost forgot why I am in here.” He sighs and starts to pull down my covers, it was then that I realized that I wore nothing but a pair of loose pants and bandages around my chest. Sam Maek Jong shuffles closer to me and pulls me up into a sitting position as well. Even though he was extremely gentle I could feel the stitches pulling at the swollen skin. Sucking in a sharp breath I could feel the tugging of the broken skin as he starts peeling away the bandages from the sticky wounds. “I need to change your bandages okay?” As he unravels the bandages I stared to feel bashful, even though the situation was nothing but innocent I couldn’t help but feel shy as I become more naked by the second in front of him. As the bandages fell away from confining my breasts I hug my front to shield them away from Sam Maek Jong. “Why are you embarrassed? It’s not like it’s my first time seeing you naked. This is my…hmm…third actually,” he nods almost as if he was content with himself, “When I saved you from my mother, when you got your stitches, and today.” “Sam Maek Jong!” I gasp turning around to slap him. He flashes me a sly smile, evading my hit with much experience. “Hold still for me, my Princess,” he coos ringing out the warm wet towel to blot clean the wounds. I hated being addressed as Princess or any title of royalty but whenever those titles left his perfectly plump lips I knew he was teasing and it made me feel strange. Like a warm feeling pools in the lower portion of my stomach and I didn’t know how to deal with such new and foreign emotions. He pulls away the wet cloth and to my surprise replaces the lingering touches with his plump lips. I gasp at the new sensation of his soft wet lips trailing up and down my back. “W…What are you doing?” I whimper as his hands snake around to my front to cup my breast. He gives them a light but firm squeeze causing a moan to escape my lips. I could feel him smirking against my back. The male sits up right and pulls my back flush against his front. He leans forward so that his long hair tickled my bare skin, dipping his head into my neck where he suckled the skin gently. I groan, bringing my hands to cup his that continued to fondle my breasts, “What got into you?” I whimper with swallow breathes in between each word. Sam Maek Jong chuckles deeply and I could feel the rumble against my back, “Sorry, I got a little carried away,” he chuckles again and I blush meeting his dark gaze. “Forgive me,” his breath fans over my face as he nears closer to mine. I watch him carefully with hooded eyes, a small smile was fixated onto his features and he presses his lips against my partially agape mouth. He pulls back slightly before quickly diving back in with such passion and force I accidently let out a whimper of pain. “Sorry, we shouldn’t be doing this until you are completely healed,” he apologizes, pulling away with a pout. I frown evidently more upset than he was and he completely knew that as he lets out a chuckle. He gives my breast a final squeeze earning him a lewd mewl in which he smirks at. “If you continue to make such cute sounds I won’t be able to control myself,” he warns and I nod shyly, covering my face with my hands, “Sorry.” He hums as his way of accepting my lame apology while he bandages me back up with no funny business of any sorts. “Although you did start it,” I breathe under my breath. “What was that?” He raises a brow and I grin, “You heard me, my King.” He rolls his eyes, which was a reoccurring habit that he had whenever he was teased, frustrated but not frustrated enough to have a verbal or physical smack down with whoever was unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of his hot headed temper. “You are honestly testing me,” he sighs getting up from his seated position, “I’ll be back with something for you to eat.” I shake my head causing him to raise a brow, I pull onto the sleeve of his hanbok as I carefully lower myself back into the soft warm mattress. “I’m not hungry…can you just stay here with me while I rest?” He smiles softly, “Of course.” Sam Maek Jong lowers himself from his seated position and slipped under the sheets joining me. He pulls me close to his body and I sighed contently. It was very warm and overall very relaxing due to the security his presence always provided without fail for me. The silence was definitely comfortable but I couldn’t stop myself from asking him this, “Were you ever going to tell me that you were the King?” He raises his head so that he faced me, “Of course, I just couldn’t find the right time to tell you,” he confesses with knit brows, worry evident on his features. “I just…thought that you didn’t trust me or something,” I timidly giggle. “That’s stupid though,” he nods with a chuckle of his own, “That is really stupid.” I raise a brow for him to continue, in which he does with a grin, “I trust you more than I trust myself. If you told me to close my eyes and walk blindly into war I would, because you told me so.” I slap him playfully on the shoulder, “Now don’t you get dumb on me. There’s only enough room for one of us to make bad choices and that’s me, got it?” “Wouldn’t it be more fun if both of us made bad decisions together?” At the proposal I mock ponder for a second, “Then I would really have to rethink of our marriage. If we are to rule both Silla and Goguryeo it would definitely be trouble.” Sam Maek Jong nods in agreement, “We will keep each other grounded. And stop each other from making bad choices. But I assume that would be you making the choices and I would be there saving you from them.” I gasp offended, just slightly, I push him over onto his back and I sat on his stomach victoriously. “I would be protecting you from all those elites who want you dead. I would chop them down.” He chuckles at that, “Don’t be silly. You are a peaceful soul. You won’t harm a fly.” Using my index finger I boop his nose lovingly, “I will do anything to protect my man!” “You are the cutest,” he says breathlessly, pulling me into a kiss.

We spent most of the morning like that, snuggled into each other and enjoying the quiet blissfulness it had to offer after yesterday’s eventful evening. I was curled on my side with his warm chest pressed softly against my back. His arms wrapped around my waist and his chin was propped on top of my head comfortably. I really wondered how I ever slept peacefully without him by my side. I didn’t want to scare him away, so I didn’t vocalize this but I was extremely excited for the day we would get married so that I could start and end my day like this in his arms. He softly hums, the soft rumble in his chest resonated into my back, “I look forward to having this everyday once we get married.” The man had no shame and was so blunt about his feelings I really didn’t know how to handle it. The blood rushes to my cheeks, a rather reoccurring thing that happened whenever anything leaves his mouth. I stutter shyly, “I was just thinking the same thing.” Sam Maek Jong shifted from his lying down position, “Oh? We are soul mates aren’t we?” he cheekily grins gazing into my eyes. I bite my lip, trying to hide an enormous bashful smile, “Stop saying those things Maek Jong…” “Why are you getting shy when I only speak of the truth?” He teases causing me to playfully slap him upside the head, “Sam Maek Jong!” He hums with closed eyes, “I love it when you say my name. I wonder how I’ll react when you start calling me King Jinheung.” His dotting behaviour was too much to handle right in the morning, I groan shoving him off of me, “What are you? A pervert?” He ponders hard for a minute with knit brows and pursed lips, “Yes. Just a little bit though,” he confesses with a bright grin that showed off his pearly white teeth. “What have I gotten myself into?” I mutter under my breath, and much to my dismay he had extremely good hearing, “Marriage to the said pervert.” “Aish! Okay I had enough of you,” I exclaim getting up from under the covers. Sam Maek Jong pouts and rolls onto his back, “Where are you going?” I stare at him dead in the eyes, “Back to Goguryeo.” He sits up quickly with wide eyes and a gaping mouth. I roll my eyes at his reaction, “Don’t be stupid, I’m just kidding. Sword practice is going to start soon.” He lets out a sigh, “Of course I knew that,” he says rolling his eyes but I could see the relief washed over his features, “also you should be resting,” he adds. I smile picking out a clean hanbok to wear, “I’m alright, besides I need to help Han Sung.” He gets up from the mattress and walks over to across the room to where I stood skimming through my pile of clothes. “No you aren’t,” he says stubbornly pulling me into his chest as he rests his chin atop of my shoulder. “He needs the help,” I explain looking over my shoulder into his huge doe eyes, “Besides I promised him, and I’m fine. It’s just a flesh wound.” He chuckles lightly, “You aren’t fooling anyone, come on.”

He wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me along to practice where Seyeo was already standing under our usual shaded spot. He quickly made his way towards us and instantly pulled me into his chest, “Why aren’t you resting?” he mumbles into my hair. I scoff, “Why aren’t you resting? You’re the one who got impaled.” Seyeo sarcastically laughed and rolled his shoulder, “I’m fine. Let’s get you settled down,” he suggests planting a soft kiss on my forehead. Sam Maek Jong clears his throat, catching my attention. “Oh you’re still here,” I muse causing him to roll his eyes. He quickly dips down to my height and presses his lips firmly against mine as his hand held the back of my head. I started to get flustered as whistles and hollers erupted from the Hwarang who watched the scene unfold. “Oh gosh…” I mumble covering my face missing the sly smirk he flashed to Seyeo who just rolled his eyes in return. “Okay just go to practice you!” I scold shoving Maek Jong towards the rest of the men who already had their swords in hand.

“So you got the hots for the King huh?” Seyeo teases breaking the comfortable silence. “And you were dumb enough to get kidnapped huh?” I poke back. He sighs, rolling his shoulder, which was obviously causing him discomfort much to his denial. “In my defense I was easily taken because they told me that they had you.” I raise a brow at that, “Really?” Seyeo smiles softly and ruffles my hair, “Well duh. How else would they have gotten me to go anywhere against my will without a trail of dead bodies?” I giggle at his statement which made absolute sense. Of course they blackmailed him, he has easily one of the best swordmen I’ve ever seen in my (y/age) years of living. “Also it’s my job to care for you and to protect you, so no need to give me a lecture saying that I don’t have to put my life on the line to protect you. Because I actually do, not that I’m complaining though,” he adds with a gentle assuring smile, “But who would’ve thought that he was the King.” I laugh along with him, “I know right? I never thought that this trip would actually succeed in its purpose. I came here to marry the King and apparently I really am. And I’m actually really excited.” Seyeo smirks, “It’s even more amusing seeing before this trip you had no intention of marrying anybody, instead using this trip as some sort of vacation. And not only that, you accused the King to be some huge stuck up jerk with, I quote, not a silver spoon, but a huge gold spoon about the size of a ladle to be so stuck up his ass that you can see it exiting from his mo-” “Okay!” I interrupt smacking his injured shoulder, effectively shutting him up instantly. “I wonder how this will all pan out though, seeing that his mother wants me dead and half the nobles want him dead.” “It’ll work out.” “I really hope he doesn’t die though. Apparently that ‘battle to the death’ thing is really going to happen.” “It’ll work out.” “I’m-” “It’ll work out, now shut up and stop over stressing.”

Like promised, Sam Maek Jong helped Han Sung in his training which he was super excited about. So excited that Han Sung ran over to tell me the great news, “I heard you aren’t feeling too well so Ji Dwi will be helping me out today! If you are sick you should go see Ah Ro! She’s very good and kind. Oh and I knew it!” Han Sung exclaimed pausing to pull my hands into his chest, “You like Ji Dwi! Is it because of his beautiful glittery eyes or his charming smile?” he adds batting his eyelashes cutely. “Aish! Just go train Han Sung!” I scold shoving him away playfully in which he flashes me a wide grin in return before hoping back to Sam Maek Jong.


“Thanks again for helping Han Sung with his training,” I say for the umpteen time that afternoon. Maek Jong smiles casually with a shrug, “It’s nothing really. It’s nice to see him finally improve.” “Right!?” I excitedly exclaim causing him to chuckle. He slips his hand into mine, intertwining his slender fingers with mine. “I sometimes wonder if you love Han Sung more than me,” he playfully pouts. I giggle at that, squeezing his hand tightly, “I love you, you dummy.” He leans down to press a chaste kiss onto my lips, “Is that anyway to speak to the King of Silla?” he teases pulling away with a smile. “Just because you are a King it doesn’t excuse you of being stupid,” I truthfully answer causing him to smile fondly. “I am so in love with you it’s quite embarrassing.” “It’s alright, you are always embarrassing yourself anyway. Picking fights with Sun Woo…occasionally Ban Ryu. And apparently Seyeo, wow you are on a roll huh?” He humours me with a blank expression, staring unmovingly into my eyes. Somewhere looking like a dead fish. “Alright I take it back! Just stop staring into my soul!” I dramatically exclaim with the back of my hand pressed against my temple for effect. Maek Jong pulls my arm away so that he held both of my hands in his. He leans forward, so close that our noses with practically touching, “I can see into your mind…and…I see nothing but emptiness!” “Wow!” I yell directly into his face causing him to flinch back, “Oh wait…I see something. A temper shorter than Ban Ryu’s!” I pulled back with a mock hurt expression in which he responds with a mock grimace himself, “That’s too much huh? No one has a shorter temper than Ban Ryu.” giggling at that I could’ve sworn I heard Ban Ryu sneeze in the distance.

Walking aimlessly we ended up back at our usual place, behind the Hwarang house and at the small lake. Being alone I finally managed to ask him about the worry that was nagging at my brain the entire day. “What’s going to happen tomorrow?” Tomorrow was the battle to the death event that Princess Sookmyung kindly put together, and for whatever that was going to go down tomorrow I don’t think I could ever be ready. Maek Jong paused in his steps and turned me to look up at him and he said what he always said, “It’s going to be fine,” he told me again. “I know,” I lied again. I couldn’t bear to watch the Hwarang put their lives on the line for nothing but shear entertainment of the royal family. “I don’t want anyone to get hurt,” I mumble and he nods in compassion. With tomorrow coming so soon he couldn’t find it in his heart to lie to me saying that no one was going to get hurt, instead he pulled me into a tight warm embrace.


Saying that I had a restless sleep was an understatement. I spent majority of the night pacing in Seyeo’s room complaining about everything and anything until he had enough and picked up his sword, “Okay that’s it. Let’s go fight this out of your system.” He always knew how to make me feel better. The harsh clacking of wood caused some of the Hwarang to wake up, considering if they could even sleep a wink with the events coming in the morning. “Sorry did we wake you up?” I asked stopping momentarily in our heated sword fight. Most of the group shook their heads, “We couldn’t sleep anyways,” admitted Han Sung. I smiled softly at him, combing his messy long tresses behind his ear. “Also you shouldn’t be moving Princess (Y/n), Ji Dwi said that you were feeling ill.” “That’s right,” Maek Jong interjected causing me to grin awkwardly. “Um it’s just that…I couldn’t sleep. I was worried about you…all of you actually,” the Hwarang stayed silent some with soft smiles adorning their lips, “I…whatever happens tomorrow…just do something you won’t regret. If you want to hold back your attacks do so, if you want to attack full force then by all means do so. Just don’t regret it and remember that this isn’t the real fight.” The air around us was physically buzzing, however I wasn’t sure if it was exactly comforting, it was just sparked and alive fueling the group of young men. “Everyone got that?” and a chorus of hollers erupted them, most likely waking up any of the remaining Hwarang that were actually sleeping, “Very well then, go back to your rooms and try to get some sleep. Whatever happens tomorrow I hope to see all your faces happy and well the following day. Dismissed.” Han Sung managed to beat Maek Jong in approaching me first, “Wow that was so cool!” he excitedly mused causing embarrassment to rush through my body. I didn’t know what got into me to be honest, I almost sounded like my mother when she was giving pep talks to our soldiers back home. “Get some sleep Han Sung,” I stutter shyly in which he nods, “Not before a kiss good night right?” “Wha!” I gasp in shock but before I could give a proper reply Seyeo threw his arm around Han Sung’s shoulder, “Of course not.” Seyeo jokingly kissed Han Sung on his cheek effectively causing the poor child to scream in disgust as he was dragged away back to his room by my always reliable royal guard and friend. “If that kid survives tomorrow I’m going to kill him myself,” Maek Jong breathes out in annoyance. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or scold him so I did both simultaneously, most likely coming off looking like a crazy person. “Let’s get you some rest, I’ll tuck you in my Princess.” I blush with a small nod. Even though it was his big day tomorrow here he was spoiling me like usual.

“You know if it’s too much for you, you don’t need to come tomorrow to watch it,” Maek Jong softly says caressing my cheek. I look up at him from my lying position as he sat comfortably beside me. “No it’s alright. I’ll watch, I need to be there if things get out of hand.” He was quiet for a moment before speaking up again, “My mother will be there.” I nod knowingly, “I’m aware.” “Aren’t you scared?” The corners of my lips pull into a small smile as I lean up to press them softly against his, “There’s nothing to be scared of when you’re here.” He reciprocated my smile and gently brought me into another kiss, “That’s right my Princess.” He looked into my eyes with his warm brown ones and continued to stroke his long slender fingers through my hair. “And don’t forget that I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself,” I add resulting him to chuckle. “How could I ever forget? Sometimes I feel like you are more capable of protecting me than I am of you.”

I reach out to cup his cheeks, bringing him closer. His broad chest was flush against mine as I gave him a longer kiss. He softly massages his lips against mine as his hand skims down my waist and into the knot of my flimsy nightwear. A soft moan escapes my lips when I felt his cold digits teasingly scratch at my stomach, travelling lower and lower, “Maek Jong…” I breathe. He chuckles deeply, connecting our lips again before reluctantly pulling away. I frown at the lost of contact and he mockingly pouts as well with a shake of his head. “Be good for me, I can’t control myself if you keep being so cute (Y/n).” I sit up with a soft groan to grab his hand, “Then don’t control yourself…” “(Y/n)…” Maek Jong groans with a small shy smile, “You are hurt, this can wait until you are better.” I cast my gaze down still holding his hand tightly and he knew what was bothering me instantly. “I’ll be okay, trust me. I’ll be extra careful to make sure that my, you know, doesn’t get damaged in the fight,” he chuckles and I couldn’t help but to giggle along with him. “Even if I end up losing both of my hands tomorrow I’ll find a way to pleasu-” “Okay!” I cut him off as all the blood in my body rushed to my cheeks, “Okay…I got it…” I timidly smile at my lap, “You’re such a pervert you know that?” He hums kissing the back of my hand, “Try to get some sleep, I’ll see you in the morning alright?” I nod watching him get up. He pauses by my door before turning around to flash me a smile.


I managed to sleep for a few hours before the sun seeped into my room. And right on cue a knock was heard on the wood of the thin paper door. “(Y/n), you should go visit Ah Ro to get your bandages changed before it starts.” I sit up with much less difficulty compared to yesterday, “Okay, thank you Seyeo.” I look at the stash of clothes I packed and I couldn’t decide which one to wear on this eventful day. I usually wore black or dark colours but I feel like it would be too ominous, and with that, it cancels out half of the clothes I brought. White feels the same, red could symbolize blood…and that left me with the last hanbok I had in my pile, a soft pink one. I didn’t remember packing this or even owning such a hanbok at all…so probably mother snuck this in. I smile, stripping myself of my silky white nightwear to envelop myself with the soft material. I don’t know if this was at all possible just by the clothes I had on my back, but I felt like a good omen.

Walking out of my temporary room I see Seyeo at his usual spot in the morning, leaning on the pillar closest to my door. He raises a brow with folded arms across his chest, “Well that’s new…and quite refreshing actually.” I slap his arm, I would like to say gently but that was never the case with Seyeo, “Is that what I get for getting that for you?” he asks rubbing his arm and I look up at him dumbfounded, “You got this for me?” “Are you stupid? Was it there for the past few weeks? I got it made for you considering what’s happening today. I doubt you would want to wear what you usually wore since it screams funeral,” he adds indifferently as if he didn’t just go through the trouble in getting me new clothes just to make me feel better. I pull him into a tight hug, “Thank you.”

With Seyeo by my side walking from Ah Ro’s office and into the tournament was a lot more bearable. Before walking up in the viewing area I tried my best to delay that and Seyeo noticed it too. So he suggested that I went to wish the Hwarang good luck. “Are you sure? Wouldn’t everyone be watching?” I ask quietly in which he shrugs, “Then give them something to look at. These sickos are here to watch these guys shed blood for entertainment. I wouldn’t care much of what they think.” I grin, that’s my best friend right here. Pursing my lips I nod slowly, “Yeah I think I’ll go do that.” I jog up to the Hwarang and enveloped the closest one I could get my hands on. “Good luck!”

By the tenth Hwarang I finally reached Maek Jong, and I lost my ability to speak. He smiles warmly and pulls me into a hug, “You look different,” he says pulling away and I nod, “I’m wearing pink! It’s a good omen!” I blurt out in a frenzy causing him to chuckle, “Alright, alright, go wish Han Sung good luck before he explodes.” “Okay…see you after? In one whole piece?” “Of course, and I’m keeping my promise, I will protect my…” “Aish! I don’t want to hear it! Bye Ji Dwi!” I could feel his gaze on me as I walked away to see Han Sung who huddled in the corner of the field with his brother close by his side. I nod at his brother who returns the gesture before I focused on Han Sung, “How are you feeling?” He pouts pulling me into a tight hug, “I’m kind of scared.” I pat his head gently, “It’s normal to be scared, just don’t freeze up during the fight okay?” He nods against my shoulder and I pat his back before puling away. “I’ve seen you improve with my very own eyes. You’ll be just fine.” He nods with a wavering smile, if something were to happen to him today god have mercy, I will tear this place apart. I lean up to place a quick chaste kiss onto his cheek, “For good luck,” I pull away again with a smile and he nods enthusiastically with a bright boxy smile of his own. Suddenly the gate doors opened and entered the Queen, signalling for the tournament to finally start. My heart hammered against my ribcage but thankfully Seyeo was there to place a hand on my arm pulling me along towards the seating area. He practically had to drag me up the steep set of stairs as my legs started to feel like lead, “Get a hold of yourself,” Seyeo whispers in my ear and it finally snapped me out of my daze.

I walked up to the seated Queen and I bowed, “Your majesty.” I look up from my long lashes to see her curtly nod, “Princess (Y/n), take a seat here beside me.” The request was a bit nerve racking considering that her own daughter was seated a fair distance from her and how I was to be seated a little too close to her for my own comfort. But nonetheless I nodded with a smile, “It would be an honour to, your majesty.” I slowly lower myself on the hard wooden chair with only slight discomfort as the ridges in the slats of the backrest started to dig into the closing wounds. The Queen leans towards me and looks straight into my eyes with a small knowing smile, “Does it hurt?” Of course she wanted me to sit right beside her and on this chair of all the damn chairs in Silla, the detailing in the backrest was protruding into next week for reason but for aesthetics and for my discomfort apparently. “Why would it hurt?” I politely ask leaning further into the chair with a smile of my own. The sour expression doesn’t leave her expression as she leans back into her own, much more comfortable looking I must add, chair as she nods, “Good.” Seyeo stood closely behind me as his hand gently rests on my shoulder comfortingly before returning to his side.

When the tournament started I wasn’t at all fazed of what went down. The Hwarang refused to go through with a proper fight. I bit my lip refraining from grinning proudly as Soo Ho and Ban Ryu, the two who were constantly at each other’s throats refused to harm one another. What fazed me was that Princess Soomyung stood up in anger and shouted for blood to be spilt. That’s when one of the elders suggested that his personal swordsmen should join in the fight against the Hwarang since they refused to hurt each other. And of course, it had to be “to the death” with these people. My gaze wandered over to Han Sung’s shocked but evidently terrified face before it travelled over to Sam Maek Jong who was having some intensive staring contest with his mother. I should’ve spoken up but the hand on my shoulder stopped me from acting brashly. “I get to choose the Hwarang,” says the elder who I recognized to be Ban Ryu’s step father, also known as the key player to trying to get the King out of the picture. I then looked over to the Queen who had her lips pulled into a thin line, “Alright.”

My heart hammered violently as I watched the set up of the field change, and to my surprise Sam Maek Jong wasn’t called out. Instead it was Ah Ro’s brother, Sun Woo. I furrow my eyebrows together in thought as I realized what had happened. The Queen has been using Sun Woo as a coy for Maek Jong to be safe. Although evidently the love of my life would be safe I couldn’t help but feel anger coursing through my veins as an innocent had to play bait. Sun Woo stood in the middle with the swordsmen, ready for the fight to commence. “But, do you know what would be even more entertaining?” The Queen began and the elder raised a brow. “To show the Hwarang that a fight means a fight, there is no holding back no matter who you are.” I couldn’t follow along her proposal until I realized that I was being dragged to replace Sun Woo.

I could barely process the events flying by before my very eyes until I stood right in front of the swordsman. I guess the Queen really wanted to get rid of me by the end of this week. I stretch out my back and I could feel the stitches starting to tug at the swollen skin, the Queen is smart I’ll give her that. If my health was at its peak, practically nothing could take me down but considering that I almost died a day ago I didn’t see any good chances that I would make out of this “life or death” showdown. Seyeo stood beside me and unsheathed my two swords at his hip, all the while casting a worried gaze my way. “Don’t forget your morals, but also don’t forget your own safety.” Basically summarizing that I shouldn’t go full out crazy and kill the poor swordsman but instead try to make peace and parry the blows. I frown looking up at the swordsman who’s face was void of any emotions, then to the left where Han Sung held a concerned expression, and Maek Jong who held an even more concerned one. I tap the floor with one of my swords, gaining his attention. “It’s okay,” I mouth and he nods. He was trying to be nonchalant about everything but I could see the stress and worry etching across his usual poker face. The Queen’s loud voice booms across the courtyard, “Hwarang! When I ask you to fight you fight. I don’t care who you are or who your parents are. Take example of (Y/n) who will fight to the death because I said so.” I swallow thickly and tightened my grip on my swords.

A gong suddenly echoes into the deathly silent air, signalling for the fight to start. Almost immediately the chosen swordsman lunged forward with his blade. Taken aback slightly by his quick advance I barely dodged the blade as it skimmed across my ribs. The familiar trickle of warmth filled me as I rolled my wrist that held the offense sword. Okay, focus (Y/n), one sword offensive and one sword defense. Advancing quickly, I used the technique that always worked, keep pushing the pace with light swings until your opponent gets tired and deliver the final strike. The only difference today was the uncomfortable tight tugging felt on my entire back with each swing I made. His stamina was no doubt impeccable, but so was mine. Once he lost his rhythm slightly, I wasted no time to let out a frustrated cry, lunging at him. As the sword neared his neck I flipped the blade causing the cool blunt edge to glide across his throbbing jugular. The swordsman drops his sword and gazes upon the ground in defeat. I remove the blade from his neck and dropped both of the swords in my hands. Walking over to the hunched over male, I bent down to pick up his discarded blade before holding it out for him to accept. “I don’t believe in killing for entertainment. So I’m sorry to disappoint,” I announced while moving my gaze from the man to the royal audience above, “However, it is obvious that this man would’ve been dead if I followed through. Which means theoretically, there is no opponent for the Hwarang to fight, so that concludes the tournament.” I couldn’t help the cocky grin from spreading across my face as I watched the Queen’s stoic gaze ever so slightly crack. After basking in the hard earned victory of the Queen’s little game I turn towards the group of Hwarang with a nod. “You’ve done well today, take the remainder of the day off to spend time with your families or go treat yourselves at the Okta!” The familiar hollers resonated throughout the Hwarang house as they made a break to freedom. But unsurprisingly a few of the men lagged behind. “That was so cool!” Han Sung practically swoons before engulfing me in a tight embrace. “I’m glad you thought so! Aren’t you relived that you didn’t have to fight?” I tease nudging him in the side causing him to childishly giggle, “Yeah! Thank you Princess (Y/n) for taking one for the team!” I roll my eyes with a shy smile, “Yeah, yeah, I know. Now run along kid.” He pouts, “I’m not a kid! I’m a grown man!” he whines but obediently runs back to his older brother who stood nearby. I sigh with a smile as I turn towards Maek Jong who stood there with a small smile himself. I took a step towards him but I didn’t get far before an extremely worried Seyeo threw himself in front of my line of vision, completely blocking Maek Jong from my view. I gasp in shock as he quickly pressed his hands on my cheeks, giving me a quick once over. He tilts my head side to side, back and forth, “Are you hurt in any way?” he inquires, repeating his examination. I shake my head and used my hand to swat his away, “I’m okay I’m okay! But my head is going to fall off if you don’t quit doing that!” He let’s out a big sigh, “Oh thank god. Okay you may proceed to see your husband.” I blush at his embarrassing ways, “Aishhh why must you tease me like this? He’s barely ten steps away! He could totally hear you, you idiot!” I scold as Seyeo casually whistles strutting away from the scene he caused. “Come here then my wife,” the smooth voice I’ve came to love teases, “Oh gosh not you too,” I mumble under my breath as I close the space between us. I stood right before him, I could feel the warmth radiating off from his body as it seeped into mine. “I’m glad you are okay,” he says holding me tightly against his chest. “I’m glad you are okay too,” I smile against his neck as his hold tightened. “If I didn’t respect your wishes, I would send you home in an instant. You aren’t safe here. At this rate you are a bigger target than me in Silla with my mother after you,” he grumbles against the crown of my head. I let out a quiet chuckle, “I know, but I’ll say this again. I can take care of myself.” Sam Maek Jong lets out a frustrated groan, “I know you can but I just want you to be safe. Always safe, and I want to take care of you okay?” I’m not sure if it was the heat, or the fact that we had this conversation multiple times already, but nonetheless it ticked me off. “I don’t need you to take care of me okay? I proved that today haven’t I?” I groan challenging his frustration. He sighs while shaking his head gently, “I’m well aware, my love. But isn’t it natural for one to wish an easy worry free life upon those they love?” I cast my gaze to the ground while pulling my bottom lip between my teeth, I felt bad for snapping at him. I nod in agreement as he plants a soft kiss against my forehead despite my skin being sticky from sweat. “I’m sorry for getting angry,” I mumble against his red Hwarang uniform. He chuckles light heartedly, “Nothing to be sorry about, if anything I am to apologize. You are strong, brave, and intelligent. And I am well aware of that but yet I still try to protect you from everything and hide you away. It’s obvious you can take on the world by yourself unlike someone like me, the face less king, who all he does is hide.” I knit my brows together in confusion while hearing out his self-degrading confession. I raise my hand to give him a good whack upside the head, he sucks in a sharp breath and I nod, “Aish that is the last time you say and think about such things okay? Next time I will hit you ten times harder!” Maek Jong nods rubbing his head, slightly dumbfounded by what happened in the short time frame. “We will work together from now on okay? No more hiding, we fight the battles we cannot avoid and give whenever possible. We will protect each other. And…besides I kind of like it when you want to protect me. I think it’s refreshing and very…alluring to say in the least.” He raises a brow cockily, “Oh?” I look up at him shyly, “Oh?” I echo and he smiles down warmly at me. “It seems that everything I do these days is suggestive to you, my Princess.” I roll my eyes, gently pushing him away, “You are testing me are you not?” He chuckles with a casual shrug.


After the tournament it has been a pretty relaxing week in the Hwarang house. So the recovery process was clean and fast, however the peace and quiet didn’t last long seeing that this is Silla after all. Baekje, another neighbouring Kingdom of Silla initiated war. With the Queen’s ruling there was a lot of poverty in the outskirts of the capital, forcing the citizens to hunt on Baekje’s land. If this happened on their other neighbouring Kingdom, Goguryeo, it would’ve been fine. Seeing that my Kingdom was rather peaceful and fruitful with the vast amount of land we were fortunate of ruling. However, it had to be on Baekje’s land, causing a whole uproar with the notorious Prince who practically was born from the bloodshed in a battlefield. Now this led to where we are today, in the present where volunteers are asked to accompany Princess Sook Myung as a peace offering tribute.

“I’m coming too!” I argue gripping onto the collar of Maek Jong’s hanbok, practically screaming at his face. He places his hand on top of mine and squeezes back softly, “No you’re not, we talked about this,” he hums patiently as my adrenaline ran high. Maek Jong chuckles quietly when he realized that my lower lip was trembling as I fought back the tears from overflowing, “Don’t go…” I choke. He leans down to give me a long and soft passionate kiss, “It’s my duty to go to make things right for Silla,” he says pulling back with a gentle smile adorning his lips. I shake my head childishly, biting my lip to keep the tears at bay, “No! It’s your duty to stay here, by my side where it’s safe. Where I can protect you.” He lets out a heavy sigh, gathering me into his arms, “Now that doesn’t sound like the Queen of Goguryeo I’ve grown to love.” He was right, the real me would tell him to hurry up and fight for what’s right, no running away, and protect his people with pride. Was it my emotions that are getting in the way of the possibility of never seeing him again? Or was it the fear I felt knowing that he is stepping up to the blood thirsty Prince of Baekje, and I wouldn’t be there by his side. “Go fight with pride and protect your people…” I trail off focusing on the floral patterns in the fabric of his hanbok, “It’s just that I’m worried. Seeing that you will be confronting the Prince of Baekje. You know how he is…” Sam Maek Jong caresses my cheek softly with the pad of his thumb, “Of course I know how he is, that’s why I can’t allow you to accompany me on this journey. He will cause bloodshed regardless of the situation and I don’t want your eyes to see such a thing. And importantly, he would want such a beautiful, strong, and intelligent girl like you, and I can’t have that. He can have my blood by not you, never, not even over my cold dead body.” He had a point, however I was famously stubborn and I had a point as well. “If I go… I can stop all of this without anyone getting hurt.” “Anyone but you, love. I will never let him lay a finger on you let alone look your way.”

With only three kingdoms making up our land, practically all royal families knew of each other, perhaps a little too well. The Prince of Baekje liked destroying things, especially living things. He would find much pleasure in breaking strong headed people into small submissive toys for him to play with. I knew that, Sam Maek Jong knew that, everyone knew that. If I went as a peace offering it would be without a doubt successful. No one would get hurt, besides just one person, me. But here was the peaceful soul that was Sam Maek Jong who would not even consider the proposal just to protect one person, rather than the greater good of his people. “Maek Jong…I can stop a war from ensuing. I can prevent hundreds upon hundreds of meaningless deaths.” He sighs shaking his head to clear his thoughts, “For you to breakdown because of someone like him, or anyone for that matter…I would rather have someone rip my arm out of its socket and beat me up with said arm than for you to endure anything of that sort. I can’t have him see you, because he will want you, and he search everywhere for you until he can have you and I can’t have that, I really can’t,” my heart hammers against my chest at his confession, “I also have an important job for you to do while I’m gone.” I nod for him to continue so he does, “I need you to go back to Goguryeo and inform your people about this. If Silla were to fall Goguryeo would be next.” He looks intently into my orbs for a moment before I nod, “Yes, understood.” No matter how selfish I wanted to be, if it were to put my people in danger I had to step up to fill the shoes my mother entrusted to me, that’s something he knew and I hated him for that. “I will prepare men to station along Silla,” I propose and he nods, “If you can that will be great, however I’m concerned that your men will question as to why they are protecting their neighbouring Kingdom instead of their own.” I chuckle at that, “Well we are to get married soon no? Should we not treat Silla and Goguryeo as one, my King?” His mouth opens slightly to only close again, he was at a loss of words it seems. Sam Maek Jong simply nods with a grin stretched across his beautiful features, “Yes of course, that is right my Queen.”

I understood my role, however I was still reluctant to leave his side, especially as I watched him pack his belongings for the three day long trip. It was great that he was finally stepping up to this royal title however, if it wasn’t for me…would he have been safe instead of taking on such roles to prove his worth? One promising thing out of this entire mess was that the Hwarang who volunteered to accompany Princess Sook Myung on this trip were the most talented individuals that caught my eye on the first day I stepped foot into the house. I woke up from my daze as Maek Jong plopped down beside me on my futon, “When are you setting out?” he softly asked. I tilt my head slightly so that I could gaze into his soft brown eyes, “In tomorrow’s time, shortly after seeing you good bye.” He chuckled deeply shaking his head, “This isn’t good bye, you know that.” No I didn’t know that for sure, and that’s what scares me. “Promise me you’ll come back,” I whisper as the corners of my eyes started to bubble with hot tears. He nods with a soft smile, “I promise to return to your side in a few days time (Y/n).” There it was, another lie. I smile up at him regardless and in turn he leans down to place a gentle kiss upon my lips. “Get some rest, it’s going to be a long ride back home tomorrow,” he suggests while getting up to retire to his room. He makes it to the sliding paper door but before he could exit I ran up to him and embraced him tightly from behind. “Don’t leave me.”

~NSFW kiddos~

I roughly turn him away from the door to face me and slipped my hand into the knot of his hanbok. I look up at him dumfounded as he laughed out loud, “Ahh you are too cute…” he sighs placing his hands on my hips as I groan, leaning up against him to give him a kiss, “It’s supposed to be sexy you idiot!” I whine as he hushes me while carding his long slender fingers through my silky locks, “I don’t think you are capable of that (Y/n), you are too adorable. “ Blood rushes to my cheeks at his flustering words, as I roughly slam him into the paper door causing the poor wood to creak. “Aishhh my Princess, you are so rough…do you want me to fall through this door and have everyone see and hear us?” he teases causing all my intentions of having him right here and now to fly out the breaking door. I frown turning around to make my way back to my futon. I plop down into the soft cushion and wrapped my blanket around myself ready to retire for the night. That annoyingly sweet chuckle of Maek Jong filled the room as he made his way towards my reclined form. He pulls the covers off my body as I whine in protest, “I’m sorry for teasing, come on my love,” he laughs as I giggle in response to his fingers dancing up and down my ribs. “That’s my girl,” he breathes as his fingers untie my hanbok, allowing the silky material to slip open. He hums peeling away the material open from my front causing a soft gasp to escape my lips as the cold night air bit at my exposed flesh. As my hanbok fell open I felt extremely bashful as Maek Jong’s eyes started to wander. I pulled my hanbok closed again causing him to smile, “Now you are feeling shy? After trying to strip me huh?” I playfully slap his bicep and he took this as an opportunity to pin both of my arms above my head. My heart hammers against my chest as a sweet smile sweeps across his face, “I’m going to mark you as mine.” I nod wanting every bit of him as his dominance took over. He guides my hands into his hanbok where it easily slipped through the loosening material, thanks to my eagerness earlier. I could feel his milky smooth skin beneath my fingertips as they ran up and down his toned front. His breath hitches in his throat when my nails accidently traveled a little too low and grazed the top of his pelvis. He smirks, shaking his head lightly, kissing the top of my head, “Let me take care of you first, okay?” I nod shyly while carefully watching him as he slips the fabric away from my body, leaving me completely naked and feeling slightly vulnerable being completely bare before his eyes. His eyes rake over my body and I bit my lip nervously a waiting for his reaction. “Mmm so beautiful,” he hums with a bright smile. I felt lightheaded with the amount of blood continuously rushing into my head in the past few minutes. “Do you want to stop?” he inquires and I instantly shake my head causing him to chuckle. “I…I’m just nervous is all,” I confess throwing an arm over my breasts. Maek Jong lets out an airy laugh and shakes his head with a smile. Instead of providing me with comforting words he swiftly strips himself of his own clothes instantly putting my nerves at ease seeing that he was completely bare for me to see as well. I gingerly lift my hand that was cupping my breast to touch his hot smooth skin causing a low rumble to erupt in his chest. His hand in return reaches out to knead my breast into his large palm. I let out a small cry as his lips met my other breast where he nibbled gently at my nipple before lightly suckling the bud into his mouth. The coolness of the night air mixed with his hot mouth latched onto my breast and his warm hands exploring my body caused endless shivers to run up my spine. I bashfully let out a lewd mewl as warmth filled my lower belly. The tension in my stomach grew as his long slender fingers rubbed at my core. I wasn’t entirely sure what was happening to my body but the new sensation was exciting. I sigh out his name encouraging him to continue which he willingly does. His wet kisses trail down my ribs, stomach, hips, and my thighs. A sharp gasp escapes my parted lips as his warm lips met with my core. “Maek Jong…” I cry out as I feel his wet appendage prod into my opening. He lets out an airy chuckle causing blissful vibrations to stimulate the sensitive region. I felt over stimulated with the amount of attention he gave me. One of his hands held my thigh down while his fingers rubbed circles into my skin soothingly, his other hand kept busy by teasingly prodding into the hot tight cavern while his mouth latched and suckled on my swollen bundle of nerves. I whined loudly before I could catch myself. Maek Jong, rather content with himself, pulled away with a smug grin. “Do you really want the entire Hwarang to hear, Princess?” I wasn’t sure what got into me, but the spark of confidence he gave me when his head was between my legs allowed me to say such lecherous words, “It’s Queen to you, and did I give you permission to stop?” I barely had time to cringe at my statement before Maek Jong slides his slender fingers out of me and into his mouth all the while maintaining eye contact. He pulls his index and middle finger away from his mouth with a pop and he grins, “A King does what he wants no?” I gasp, not from his sexual innuendos however. I sit up to face him directly, “Excuse me?” his orbs suddenly widened and his mouth gapped as his hands waved around the air frantically, “I-I’m just kidding! I was just talking dirty jagiya…and you ruined the mood.” “Oh,” I bashfully add causing him to roll his eyes with a smile, “Oh,” he mocks earning him a well deserved smack on his head. His smile never wavered but the atmosphere thickened once again as he lowers me back onto the futon with himself hovering above my frame. “I’ll make it up to you,” he huskily states, burying his nose into the crook of my neck. “Just…do it already!” I say rather impatiently making him let out a cute breathy chuckle, “Do what?” I couldn’t believe he’s making me ask for it. I stared at him with a raised brow and he blinked innocently in response, reluctantly with a blush I shyly mumble, “Y-You inside of me.” I could literally slap a gayageum into my face and kill myself right here and now. Sam Maek Jong couldn’t just put me out of my misery, instead he pretends to ponder about the sit\uation, “You need to be more specific jagiya.” I roll my eyes with flushed cheeks, “Of course I mean your-” I cut myself short when my eyes started to wander and they just so happened to land on his tall standing member. My gapping mouth twitched, I can’t believe I didn’t notice until now how large he was. Taking no opportunity to miss he strokes his thick girth of his length with a low groan. His thumb smears the pre cum beading at its tip along the throbbing vein running underneath his erection. My heart hammered against my ribs as I watch him guide his member near my opening. I eagerly spread my legs wider for him and he delivers. Rubbing the soft skin of his erection’s head along my slit lubricated the tip allowing him to teasingly prod in and out. Whining impatiently at the growing and dissipating coil in my stomach I clutched onto his shoulder doing the last thing I ever thought I would do, beg. “Please, please just put it in!” I hiss causing him to smirk. My eyes roll back as he pushes his thick length in, stretching and filling my core. He moves his hips slightly causing a sharp gasp of pain to leave my lips, he leans down slowly to place a kiss on my sweaty forehead. “Ah I’m sorry my Princess,” he coos placing another kiss on my nose. He stays still, comfortingly rubbing patterns into my hips with his fingers while he waits for my body to get used to him. After a few moments I squeeze his bicep signalling him to start moving. He kisses me again before pulling out slowly and thrusting his hips back, the feeling was much more enjoyable as my body adjusted to his size. I let out a soft moan raking my fingernails along his back to encourage him to continue. He rocks his pelvis against mine rhythmically building up the tension in my lower belly to coil once again. Breathing seemed to get more difficult as his pace quickened to the point where the sound of skin slapping against each other filled the room. I started to pant as his thrusts came more irregular and more desperate, clawing at his broad back as he slammed his hips relentlessly into mine. His name stringed with a fury of incoherent cries left my parted lips as my body shuddered against his. The creaking of the floorboards was utterly shameful but that didn’t slow down his thrusts. The coil in my stomach reached its limits feeling his erection twitch inside. I clench my walls around his length while my thighs hug tightly around his waist. “I’m not going to last…” I pant lightheadedly and he nods burying his face into the crook of my neck where he bites and sucks the skin harshly as if he was desperate for one more touch. He lets out his own breathy cries when the clenching mixed with my own thrusts that met his got too much for him to bear. With a loud moan he pulls out quickly before he could release within me. “T-That was close…” he pants as small starting squirts of hot liquid met my inner thigh. Hastily I grabbed his member and guided him back into me. “What are you doing?” he cries out in surprise as I pull him on top of me once more. “If…if tomorrow is the last time I see you…I want this,” I confess watching his confusion turn into admiration when he finally understood. He nods, picking up from where he left off until his high was met again. He groans out my name spilling his hot seed within me. My arms move to wrap around his chest allowing me to hug him inhumanely tightly while he rode out his orgasm. I was so close to finishing so I was slightly disappointed that it ended so soon. “We aren’t done yet Princess,” Maek Jong pants with a sloppy grin. His fingers found my bud of sensitive nerves working his index and middle finger relentlessly, speeding up my high exponentially. He watches my expression intently as I felt over stimulated. My eyes roll back and my walls clamped around him as I came mixing my warm fluids with his all the while his name left my lips at volumes that I’m sure everyone in the Hwarang house heard. Sam Maek Jong lets out an airy laugh at my dishevelled state, I gaze up at him with unfocused vision as he pulls slowly pulls out allowing his sticky warm seed to dribble out and onto the futon. “Ahh what a mess,” he chimes disappearing from my line of vision. Before I could sit up to see where he left to I felt his familiar soft warm lips on my core where he places butterfly kisses up along my slit to the swollen bundle of nerves. “Maek Jong…” I whine reaching out with grabby hands. He chuckles vibrating my womanhood one final time before pulling away to lie down beside me. I brush away his long silky hair that surprisingly failed to get dishevelled from his face. I giggle placing a kiss on his cheek causing a bright cheeky smile to bloom across his face. I snuggle against him resting my head flush against his neck while I tangled my limbs with his. The air was sticky and thick with the smell of sex and sweat however it was pleasant knowing that it was the result of lovemaking. I also couldn’t be bothered that probably the entire house heard of our nightly activities, especially my next door neighbour Seyeo who would most likely give me an earful the following morning. I simply didn’t care, I was worried, terrified even with the events of tomorrow coming so fast as I bask in this moment.

~End of sexy time~

Shivers run up my spine as Maek Jong’s warm fingers rake across the healing scar tissue littered across my back. The night air was biting harshly tonight but I was glad that I had Maek Jong beside me to provide one more warm safe night where I could close my eyes without a single worry. “I love you,” I hum closing my heavy eyes. He chuckles kissing the crown of my head, “And I love you most.” With a tired airy laugh I embrace him tightly, “I’m going to miss you.” “I’ll be back before you know it,” he whispers against the top of my head. I pull back slightly so that I could face him and look into his eyes, “You promise?” “I wouldn’t leave you for the world,” he confesses with a smile, “Besides…if your little intention works out…I can’t leave our child either.” I shyly smile biting my lip as he easily read through me, “I just want a piece of you if you didn’t come back.” “To remember me by?” I shake my head hastily, “Of course not! I would never forget about you…it’s just that…it’s like a safe keeping.” His contagious eruption of giggles filled the room, “I’m just teasing, I know (Y/n)…” his smile suddenly disappears from his face and the air in the room turned almost bitter, “I’m going to miss you my love. Please take care of yourself…and everyone.” I shake my head with hot tears threatening to bubble over, “Stop talking as if you won’t make it back!” I yell hugging him tightly. He sighs, “I’m sorry, to be honest with you…I’m nervous about the coming events.” As much as I didn’t want to admit it, if there is any slight hiccup in the peace offering plan all hell will break loose and war will ensue, however not before the heads of the treaty group are sent back to Silla as a present to the Queen. I knew all too well about the reality of things but I had to stay positive, or others would call this being completely mad and in denial but I was never one to care about what others thought about me. “I’ll see you again. This isn’t good bye,” I choke out between sobs, “It can’t be good bye! I don’t want to live waiting for you each day to come back home but you never do!” Sam Maek Jong brushes away the matted hair covering my face so that he could get a good look at my violent crying that racked my entire body, “This isn’t like you (Y/n).” I balled up my fist, angry at his words, “For once let me be just (Y/n) the girl who is madly in love with you. I don’t want to be Queen if I don’t have you by my side!” I scream plummeting my fist against his bare chest. He catches my fist in his large palm, “I don’t want to lie to you. I don’t know what’s going to happen. But I need you to be strong and keep making this shitty world a better place. I need you to make things right if I fail tomorrow. I need you to fight and win the battle I couldn’t. I need you to never lose that fiery aura around you that burns everything in your quake. I need you to be alive.” I lie there in silence basking in his words and in the finality of them, as much as I hated to admit it he was right. “You are the Queen everyone has been waiting for, don’t let them down or me. But importantly, don’t let yourself down.”


The morning came too fast. I didn’t even realize that I fell asleep while listening to Maek Jong’s final words. I watch him from afar as he stood tall beside his horse, ready for departure at the gates. We haven’t exchanged any words since last night and I felt utterly speechless in saying one final good bye. Do I say good bye? Is that a bad omen do I say see you again? Or does that just completely ignores what he said yesterday? I snapped out of my internal war instantly when I heard Princess Sook Myung’s voice boom in the courtyard, “Let’s go!” No this can’t be it, not yet. I sprint up to him ignoring the dull ache in my hips with my sword clutched tightly in my hand. I take him my surprise as I threw my arms around his neck in a final desperate embrace. I pull back slightly embarrassed at the scene I caused, feeling all the eyes in the proximity to fall upon me. I cough to clear my throat, “Um here take this with you,” I murmur indifferently holding out my most prized possession before him. I close my eyes and held my head up high a huge attempt to hide how broken I felt inside. I only cracked open one eye slightly when his familiar chuckle that I’ve grown to love echoed in the courtyard. He takes my sword and straps it against his hip, once secured he casually asks “I’ll see you soon?” I roll my eyes, folding my arms across my chest, “I’ll see you if I see you, if I don’t then bye I guess,” I huff with puffed out cheeks. I catch a glimpse of his grin before he pulls me flush against his chest, “I love you,” he whispers against the shell of my ear. I wrap my arms around him tightly nodding as tears streamed down my face, “I love you.” With a final lingering kiss he left.


And he never came back.


Just kidding.


I sat at my throne back home in Goguryeo, it’s been almost a week since he left. And to say I was getting restless was an understatement. I groan flopping on side with one leg sticking up and over the arm rest while the other stayed planted on the ground. It was an unpleasant sight for anyone who walked into the throne room to witness but I could care less at the moment. Anytime today I would receive a letter from Sam Maek Jong, or not but I didn’t want to think about the latter. A familiar voice, a very very annoying voice I might add chimes in the large empty room. “Wow what an unpleasant sight.” “Shut up Seyeo, if you don’t have any good news regarding Maek Jong leave me alone,” I groan shaking my leg impatiently. “I leave you for a week and his is how you greet me? Really (Y/n)?” My eyes widen to unnatural sizes as I see the man I’ve been restlessly waiting for stand beside Seyeo who looked utterly done but the relief and happiness on his features was easy to spot. I literally rolled off my throne and flew down the set of stairs and into Maek Jong’s awaiting arms. “I’m sorry I took so long to get to you, I was supposed to send you a letter but I thought it would be a better surprise if I came here myself.” I was ecstatic but also extremely angry, “You made my wait for this?!” I yell hammering him in the chest with my fists. “Ahhh that’s my cue to leave,” Seyeo whistles indifferently striding out of the room as if nothing happened. Maek Jong chuckles, “I had some things to work out. I’m sorry for keeping you waiting my Princess,” he apologizes holding my hands. I tried to frown but I failed seeing how extremely happy I was at the moment, “Well it better be for a very good reason!” He laughs, “I worked everything out with Mother. I’m officially King of Silla and I’m here to ask for your hand in marriage as I’ve seem to have gotten her blessing as well. Is that good enough of a reason for keeping you waiting?” My mouth hanged open like a dead fish, there was no other way to describe it. I gapped for a bit while his grin never wavered. After a long moment of silence I finally answered, “Yeah okay I guess.” “Yeah okay I guess I went through all that trouble for such a reaction,” he teases hugging me tightly to his chest. “Yeah okay I guess,” I hum mockingly in which he says, “Yeah okay I guess that’s okay since I love you.” I smile against his shoulder embracing him just as tightly, “Yeah okay.”


Langst Prompts

Thought I should do a few of these since I keep staying up at night thinking about them. (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)

-Lance is sick. He doesn’t want to admit he’s coming down with anything. Lance and Keith get into another argument. Lance, in his sick state of mind, pushes a little too far. Keith challenges him to a match and before anyone can intervene, Lance is harshly thrown to the floor for the training deck. Keith is in the middle of claiming his victory when he notices Lance is /still/ on the floor. Queue panic.

-Lance gets corned by the galra. When he tries to signal for help, the galra shoot at the side of his helmet, effectively damaging Lance’s coms and inflicting injury. Through the pain, Lance still tries to get a signal through and hears his team, “Lanc- where are y- St-p fooli- around!” “W- need your he-p!” “He pro-ably -id some-ing stu-id agai-” Lance lays on the ground, watching as the galra descend upon him, and listening to the breaks in static as his team fights on. Without him.

-(modern college au) Its finals week. Lance has been pushing himself nonstop. He finally breaks down after returning home from a full day of exams. Keith and Hunk are Lance’s roommates and they now have to take care of a delirious Lance who thinks he failed and just wants his momma’s hugs.

-Lance gets a concussion on a mission. Thinking its his own fault for getting distracted, he doesn’t tell the team. Lance reasons with himself, /“its fine, its just a small headache anyway.”/ For the most part, everything goes fine. Lance wasn’t the only one to get hurt so he brushes off the pain in his head. /“Just a little longer. If I cant handle this then I shouldn’t be in this war.”/ Its not until the team is leaving that Lance’s condition escalates dramatically, resulting in shouts of concern from the team as Lance fights to stay awake inside Blue’s cockpit. The last thing he hears before passing out, “stay with me, buddy. Lance? Lance!”

-We all know Lance is homesick. But what happens when Pidge figures out how to make an accurate calendar of earth? Lance realizes just how much he’s missed. And even then, its only the tip of the iceberg. Lance’s little sister? Her birthday passed a week ago. His parents? Their anniversary was about a month ago. He missed his little brother’s first day of school. The team doesn’t notice Lance leaving the room. They dont see the tears falling from his wide eyes. They dont hear his door shut or his muffled sobs as he slides to the floor. Because Lance didn’t know it would hurt this bad. To realize you’ve been in space for almost a year. To realize that, next week, your family would be facing the first year anniversary of your disappearance.

-The team really needs a break. Although Allura would love to protest, even she has to know her limits. They stop on a planet that is known to be peaceful. There, they find the equivalent of a beach resort. Lance is ecstatic! He gets to see an ocean again, one that so closely resembles the one at home! Needless to say, he drags everyone into a beach party, one that everyone loves! As everyone is about ready to head back inside, Lance is still floating in the water. He watches as the team packs up their things and starts to swim his way back to shore. And then he notices. He’s not getting any closer to the shore. Lance begins to panic, calling out to the others. They dont hear him. He’s dragged farther and farther out, screaming for help, and disappears under the surface. /“why didnt they help me?”/ The team doesn’t notice until its too late. Or is it?


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.

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mixed race katie holt, you say??? i'm here. hit me with these hcs. pls.


  • Pidge’s mom was actually born in Mexico and was one of the highest regarded pilots in the country. She’s a white-passing latinx, and the lightest one in her family whom she loves with all her heart. When offered an instructor position in the Garrison, she accepted in a heartbeat, and met her future husband Sam. 
  • Matt and Pidge don’t look alike. They get questioned all the time if they have different dads or if one of them is adopted, and sometimes they’ll really roll with it. 
  • Pidge has super thick, curly hair thanks to her abuela on her mom’s side. Also has the really dark leg hair and armpit hair and the thick eyebrows, and doesn’t always feel like shaving because it just grows back in a day or two anyway.
  • Pidge is fluent in Spanish. She learned on her own when she was twelve because her mom only really speaks it in the house. Matt on the other hand is a master of Spanglish. 
  • Their family visits Mexico every summer to meet up with their family. Everyone’s excited to see them, and Pidge is really happy to spend time with her family, but her cousins especially.
  • Every time someone tries to guess her ethnicity or she gets asked “what are you?”/”where are you really from” she loses two years of her life.
  • Basically most conversations Pidge has had with a white person can be summed up like this:
    • Pidge: I’m mixed.
      White: Haha, so like a mutt right?:)
      Pidge: [eye twitch]
    • White: Oh man, mixed babies are the cutest. I think I might marry an ethnic man just for how beautiful are mixed babies will be.
      Pidge: [stares into the camera like she’s in the office]
    • White: You can’t be part Mexican! Your name is Katie Holt! That’s not a Mexican sounding name.
  • The Latinx solidarity between Lance and Pidge on the Castle!!!
    • They gossip and talk to each other in Spanish like all the time. It’s nice because they have someone to converse with and keep their Spanish fresh. 
    • Pidge: [talking about her visits to Mexico] 
      Lance: [thinking about his visits to Cuba in contrast and laughs] Mexicanxs malcriadas.
      Pidge: [grinning] Callaté la boca, feo.
    • Lance teasing Pidge and calling her a gringa ‘cause she was born in the U.S. AND SHE GETS SO RILED UP UNTIL HE’S FORCED TO TAKE IT BACK LMAO
  • MIXED RACE KATIE HOLT (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Hi! I'm a nt singlet trying to learn about neurodivergence (and systems) so I can be a better ally. If you don't mind me asking, what do you think I should know about bpd (and anything else you have, because a lot of people seem to have multiple diagnoses)? Like the basics of what it is, how I can be an ally, and how I can be a good friend if I meet a borderline irl? I hope this wasn't invasive or rude, also feel free to correct my terminology because I'm really new to all this ❤

do my eyes deceive me??? a nice neurotypical in my ask box??? of course i will help u….(besides im bored and have nothing better to do)

firstly, being in a system is neurodivergent. you sort of separated the two, idk if u meant to do that.

i think u what should know is that borderlines are people too. people love to condemn us and say we’re manipulative, abusive. in reality, a lot of borderlines have high empathy for others (to the point where it hurts us if we see someone else in pain). we’re not bad people by default.

even doctors and psychiatrists call us abusive and manipulative. the belief actually comes from them. back when bpd was first coined as a disorder, it was seen as “the borderline between psychosis and non-psychosis” hence the name borderline. doctors back then couldn’t understand why borderlines kept ending up back at hospitals treatment after treatment, how we were so driven by emotion, why regular therapy would not work. they concluded that borderlines were manipulative, sought attention, and were on the borderline of psychosis and non-psychosis, deeming us “hard to deal with.”

ive heard so many stories about borderlines being treated extremely negatively back then, to the point where doctors and psychiatrists would give up on their cases, tell them they were unfixable and manipulative. if they wanted help, they wouldve worked for it by now.

thing is, borderlines don’t respond to cbt/talk therapy. psychiatrists failed to see that we weren’t failing on purpose. their treatment was not up to par. from the cbt i’ve worked with, ive noticed that cbt assumes one has a stable identity and is always aware of themselves. borderlines are not.

dbt was created by marsha linehan. dialectical behavior therapy was made specifically for borderlines. it combines elements of cbt, behavioral science, and zen buddhism. and serious…this stuff is amazing. it works. dbt is split up into four modules: mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation.

mindfulness is the teaching of always constantly checking if youre in the present. it is by far the hardest module to master, but it’s extremely rewarding once you understand it.

interpersonal effectiveness is on interpersonal relationships. y’know, because abandonment.

distress tolerance teaches you what to do in a crisis. and it isn’t cbt crap docs hand you and expect you to master in a day. whereas cbt tells you “just breathe, count to ten” when you’re distressed, distress tolerance teaches you three steps: distract, relax, and cope. distract yourself from the situation, relax using your five senses, and cope with the situation by weighing the pros and cons. i use this nearly everyday.

emotional regulation teaches you to do the opposite of what your negative emotions tell you. it teaches you that you are more than your emotions. while you may not be able to control them, you can certainly stop the snowball effect of emotions that trigger thoughts, which then trigger more complex emotions, and more complex thoughts, and so forth.

being a good borderline ally is simple: dont spread needless hate about our disorder, don’t infiltrate our spaces, and advocate for fair treatment.

if you meet a borderline in real life and you are even just a smidgen nice to them, congratulations: that borderline is your new friend. also in retrospect, don’t be mean to them. they will hate you very much.

if you ever become the fp of a borderline, always try to be there for them when they need you. encourage them to talk to you about their emotions. some borderlines are quiet and won’t talk about their negative emotions, even if it hurts.

also, they are constantly afraid of you abandoning them, it is a constant fear. reassure them as often as you can that you do not have plans to. also, don’t ever tell them they’re a handful, or “a lot,” even in a joking manner. they most likely have heard so many borderlines like them being called “abusive” and will wonder if “they are too,” because of their emotions.

well, that’s what i have to say. i might do another thing like this on systems. maybe. depends.

Some more thoughts about Shemihaza’s and Armumahel’s nephilims

I was rereading the last chapter again earlier this week and…

While Azazel’s nephilim blood line disappeared, I think we can trust Lightning’s words that Shemihaza’s and Armumahel’s are still alive and represent the Grigori. 

Last time, I conjectured that maybe Shiemi was one of Shemihaza’s nephilims (see here), with maybe her mom being the “current Shemihaza” which would explain why she said…

Because if the order always needs someone from Shiemi’s family to take on Shemihaza’s position, there is a lot of chance they cannot choose to do anything else in life, which is why Shiemi resigned and ended up saying she didn’t want to become an exorcist anymore. 

And by “inheriting the exorcist shop” she means also inheriting the Grigori position once her mom will have to be replaced? 

Anyway, these are my current thoughts on Shiemi.
Which leaves Armumahel and their nephilim blood line. 

The issue is the same as with Shiemi: Mephisto probably knows about Shiemi’s origins and if she’s indeed related to Shemihaza, and so there is a possibility he also knows who Armumahel’s current nephilims are. 

Speaking of which, we still don’t know a lot…

…about Takara. In fact I think that what’s above is basically all that we know, besides the fact that his family…

is “owned” by Mephisto.

Ah and one other thing, does anyone remember his fight against Shima?

While I still can’t say if the puppet is a demon or not, the fact is that the “Takara” we know is in fact this puppet because the real Takara Nemu carrying the puppet is sleeping almost 100% of the time in order not to trigger… an apparently massive and mysterious power.

So, what I’m saying is, what if Takara Nemu is one of Armumahel’s (the Emperor of Nothingness) nephilims? After all his eye…

was emphasized on specifically back when he “woke up”, the same way Shiemi’s eye…

was emphasized on in the last chapter.


  • Azazel has no nephilim alive so he has a random dude becoming the Grigori when needed
  • Shiemi’s family could be Shemihaza’s nephilims
    • with Shiemi’s mom as the current Grigori since her grandma’s death?
    • and Shiemi just learnt about that and resigned to the idea that she can’t choose a different future. 
  • Takara Nemu could be one of Armumahel’s nephilims?
    • which would mean the current Grigori is his dad/grandfather/someone from his family?
    • and Nemu has to stay asleep otherwise he triggers a massive and destructive power?
  • And as always Mephisto is definitely aware of both their origins
    • that’s probably why Amaimon was spying on Shiemi in the last chapter
    • also Mephisto’s actual spy is probably not Takara himself but rather the puppet that can summon any spirits (I have no idea about what the puppet is though? a demon?)

Aaaaand that’s it. Feel free to leave your thoughts!

Prompt from here!

Summary: Keith gets stranded in an unknown city on a cold day with no way to get home. He calls Lance to come pick him up, not knowing that Lance is already sick and should be resting instead.

Last bus: 10:45PM

Next bus: 6:15AM

Keith stares at the sign. His shoulders sag, his breath leaving him in a cloud of white.

He’s doomed. He’s stuck in a city miles away from his own house, and he’s just missed the last bus of the night.

Shivering, he brushes the snow off of a bench and sets his bags down on top of it. His fingers feel like they’re turning to ice, so he shoves his hands into his jacket pockets, trying to keep his body from shaking too badly.

This is all his fault. He’d been the one who had been insistent on coming all the way here. He’d taken a bus after lunch, travelling miles and miles from home just to reach this obscure city–it was the only one that happened to have motorbike parts he needed, and he’d planned his trip so he could navigate using his phone and get back before it got dark.

As it turned out, he’d ended up getting miserably lost in the city, and his phone had died on him due to the cold weather. After spending hours wandering around, he’d finally found his way back to a train station on the other side of the town.

And the last bus left half an hour ago. Just his luck.

He doesn’t know anything about this city, doesn’t have anywhere to stay for the night. It’s too far to walk back, and it’s too cold to sleep out here.

He glances up. The snow slants as it falls from the gaping sky, snowflakes turning gold in the sparse light of nearby streetlights. Shivering, he pulls his jacket closer around him, the spare change in his pocket rattling from the movement.

Change. There’s a payphone across the street.

Keith hates bothering people, especially when it’s this late at night. There are not that many people that he trusts enough to bother in the first place, and most of them are unavailable. Hunk is out of town, Shiro and Allura live too far away, Pidge doesn’t have her own car yet. But maybe if he asks nicely enough, he can convince Lance to drive him back.

He picks up his bags, wincing as his fingertips brush against the frigid bench railings, and starts off to cross the street. This is a bad idea, he’s sure, but he’s tired and cold and he can think of nothing better.

He just really, really wants to be home.

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Would You Let Me Love You?

❝ I will admit that I cried and had to stop writing because it hit such a sensitive part of myself. But furthermore, enjoy. xx

word count: 2k +

It was on Twitter the first time you saw the rude comments. You were out for dinner with the boys - it was the last day of promotions and to celebrate, you all went to your guys’ favorite restaurant. You were looking through your phone while waiting for the food to arrive. Seokjin, your boyfriend was sitting next to you. His hand placed on your thigh as he scold the young one. Scrolling down the notification timeline, you couldn’t help but read the comments. 

She’s so fat, ugh. What does Jin see in her!?

Someone please get her out of the picture!!

She’s a foreigner, only wants Jin oppa for the money. 

Oh God, her thighs are huge! Grosssss!! Jin deserves better, not someone twice his weight. 

Time froze as you scrolled and scrolled - torturing yourself with the ugly words said about you. You ignored all these comments ever since you and Seokjin announced your relationship to the fans. Some of them were happy that you made the eldest of BTS happy; then there was those rude fans. These are what his fans thought about you - someone gross because of your weight. A foreigner, who can’t speak Korean, makes you a gold digger. There’s photos of female idols that make a perfect pair with Seokjin. Making comparisons of you to them. You swallow hard as you try to hold back your tears. How can people live each day insulting someone they hardly know? What good does it make for them? You didn’t notice that you were staring at your phone when you felt Seokjin squeeze your thigh. 

“Y/N-ah, eat,” he said in his best English. 

In front of you the food as arrived. More than fifteen side bowls, meat grilling on the small grills, lunch boxes, kimchi soup, gimbap, and salad. You could hear your stomach growl. Looking around, all the boys are chattering away, laughing, and having a good time. You look beside and watch Seokjin stuff his mouth with meat wrapped in a lettuce leaf. The thoughts that you’ve kept locked up behind your mind somehow escape the lock.

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How Elena and Stefan could possibly be endgame in the finale, aka my “sired soul” theory...

Elena in 4x01 spent her last dying breaths as a human to tell Stefan that she loves him and how he is the best choice she ever made. 

So how does one go from saying all of that and simply fall out of love so quick? (Without having to say it was due to bad writing or fan servicing, because if I was a DE fan I would be pretty pissed off at the way they brought them together.) 
Be warned this is kinda long! 

Well what if when Elena was transitioning into a vampire (during the first few episodes of season 4), her human soul was slowly being replaced by a new vampire one created by the sire bond and this new soul is basically a reflection of the desires of the soul to whom she was sired to aka Damon. She still appeared to be in love with Stefan the first few episodes but it also seemed like her old self was slowly fading away along with her feelings, (basically all her good qualities which made her who she was). What if the sired soul made her more like Damon and obviously made her do Damon-like things? Because let’s face it Elena from season 4 on wards was a completely new character/person. 

The reason why this could have happened was because firstly Elena never wanted to be a vampire and also maybe and probably more likely because when she died at the end of season 2 John gave Elena his soul, a soul that replaced Elena’s so that when she woke up it would be as a human and not a vampire (as that was what John had wanted). So when she died at the end of season 3, her soul which John gave her didn’t want to accept the transition into a vampire hence a new vampire sired soul was born, giving her basically new and all the annoying qualities that Damon had.  

This could explain how her feelings for Stefan never got heightened, because deep down in Damon’s soul he didn’t want Elena to be in love with Stefan. He wanted Elena to love him instead. Elena said she still loved Stefan, but she was not actually in love with him. Wouldn’t that be basically just how Damon feels about his own brother, right? 

Otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense from a story pov, not a shipper’s but a story pov how Elena just kinda forgot this strong built relationship she had with Stefan.

Now here is my opinion on the only way I see Stelena possibly as endgame based on all of this because I wouldn’t want the vampire Elena to get back with Stefan, especially after all the shit she put him through (that would be so selfish and Stefan deserves much better).

When Elena took the cure, she didn’t appear to have any significant changes to her character she was just a human again right (although she did kinda flirt with Stefan at the wedding)? However Elena was only a human for a few days/weeks (few episodes, just like in the beginning of season 4) before Kai cast the Sleeping Beauty type spell on her. 

So what if after all these years while Elena was in that coffin (cause we have no idea what happened in her mind during all this time), her human soul slowly came back, the same soul which was very much in love with Stefan even after testing the waters with Damon (who I personally saw as a metaphor for temptation/being greedy)? 

 And when she wakes up the last thing she remembers clearly is telling Stefan that she chose him (whilst she was transitioning) but her memories of them as a couple as they were slowly breaking up are fuzzy/blurred because that wasn’t actually her. 

Then Stefan realises that Elena 2.0 was never the girl he fell in love with but just a walking reminder of her and that his Elena from seasons 1-3 would never hurt him/break his heart like new vampire Elena did. 

After this Stelena then have one of their epic reunion hugs and just stare at each other like they can’t believe they are in each others arms again and they finally kiss and slowly slip back into their old feelings/lives. Oh and Stefan takes the cure and is human again too.

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And basically Damon all along had never been with Elena but has been in a weirdly twisted relationship with a version of himself essentially in the vessel/meat suit (had to use the spn references) of old Elena. It’s kinda disturbing but that’s kinda the only explanation I have for ‘who the hell was Damon dating then if it weren’t Elena?’. Plus his reaction could be funny!?

As for SC to not be a thing anymore, I hope Klaus comes back for Caroline and reminds her of this moment and boom no more sc wedding or a divorce.

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But yeah that’s mainly my opinion/theory for a human Stelena endgame if I could write it! :)

(All gifs/pics aren’t mine) 

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Do you have any favorite Lena/supercorp headcanons?

My favorite headcanons always include a soft-sided Lena that’s reserved for certain people in her life. It is quite apparent when you watch the series how her demeanor changes with people. She tends to be sharp and pointy when it comes down to business but then there’s Kara. My favorite example comes from episode 3 (Welcome to Earth) when they are sitting on the couch, Lena looks completely relaxed and begins to open up to her. So, that got me thinking of her origin story and I came up with this… 

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I am a firm believer that Lena was a bright and bubbly child before she was adopted by the ‘Luthors.’ She had a mother that loved her dearly and spent hours playing dress up and make believe. Every weekend, the young girl would wake up early to help her mama make breakfast, which always resulted in Lena covered in flour from the pancake batter. The halls of the small home was always filled with laughter and singing, drawings and colors splashed across the walls. Her mother would remind her to keep imagining and dreaming as far as possible. That regardless of their circumstances, if Lena put in the effort, she would be able to accomplish whatever she set her mind to.

Nothing was ever going to be the same when she found out her mother was ill. In her final days, she gifted her daughter the brown teddy bear as a reminder of their times. “Even if I am no longer present, we will always be together, right here.” Her mother placed her index finger on Lena’s chest above her heart, as well as on the teddy bear’s.

The day her mother died changed her whole life. The Luthor’s mansion was cold, the walls were bare, void of any laughter or singing in the halls, and there were no more pancake Sunday’s with mama. It wasn’t even a year into the adoption when Lillian had it, she had consistently told Lena that make believe had no place in their home. That fairytales did not exist, only poor folk believed in that. Lillian had caught her playing make believe with that wretched teddy bear; she tore the stuffed animal from her hands and tossed it into the fireplace. Lillian scolded her for becoming emotionally distraught over a stupid toy. Tears began to stream down her rose-colored cheeks, as she watched the last physical memory of her mother burn to ashes.

From that moment on, Lena began to build her walls, protecting herself from any more pain, slowly, she became more detached and surrounded herself to Lillian’s wishes. She spent her days hidden away in the library, reading as many books as her little hands could get a hold of. On many of those days, Lex would keep her company and help her whenever she would stumble over certain words. It was her sixth birthday and Lex had smuggled in the perfect gift. Sitting in the corner of the library was a similar teddy bear wrapped in a silk red ribbon. It may have not been the one from her mother, but it came from the same kindness and love. That was the day, she realized Lex was not just her friend but her brother. He truly cared for her. For the following years, Lex was the only person who saw her soft side.

Up until things began to change within him. He increasingly became obsessed with Superman and the alien race. Calling her all through boarding school and Uni, to warn her of the dangers of ‘their kind’ plaguing the world. Ending every call, with her in tears pleading for him to come back to her. But it was too late. She had lost him too. The day that the news broke of Lex killing hundreds of innocent people in the name of the human race, tore through her heart. She had lost the two people closest to her, survived by memories of who they used to be. Her walls skyrocketed, closing off any form of emotion, gaining her the title of a heartless bitch, just like Lillian.

Come present day, she was supposed to be aboard the Venture but an emergency regarding the renaming of the company had come up. An emergency, she will forever be grateful for because Clark Kent and Kara Danvers appeared in her office for the first time. Brick by brick, the walls built so high began to fall. Kara was the first person to truly believe her, Lena could see it in those eyes, the ones that resembled waves of all the seas. “I hope this isn’t the last time we talk,” she had meant it wholeheartedly, the young reporter took her by surprise. Stolen glances and subtle conversations over lunch became more frequent. All her walls fell effortlessly and she didn’t even mind. The smiles and laughter that reminded her of her youngest days, filled her office week after week.

There’s a soft side of Lena Luthor, that only two people had ever seen prior, was now and furthermore reserved for her hero, Kara Danvers.

Car Radio

This was requested by @blue-greenstylinson a while back. I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to get out! (You’re a sweetheart for being so patient with me, I swear hope I’ll never let an ask sit this long again. You’re the best!) -Emma

Also I couldn’t decide on what type of drug Tyler would be so I made him like two types

The music at the party made it near impossible for anything to be heard in the house. This didn’t bother Tyler at all. In fact, it pumped him up even more. This was the first party he had been to in California that Mark wasn’t hosting, and he had been really looking forward to this. Unlike at Mark’s parties, Tyler didn’t have to worry about something being posted on Mark’s channel. Tyler didn’t mind being on Mark’s channel, but he always found himself holding back on drinking when he knew the party would be posted about. He didn’t want to set a bad example for the fans.

This party was different though. His friend Luca was hosting it, and unbeknownst to Tyler, Luca had quite a wild side.  It wasn’t long before Tyler was handed a drink, and over the course of the night he had downed enough drinks to put a college frat boy to shame. 

After doing some shots with Luca and some of his friends, Luca made a suggestion that blew everybody’s mind. 

“Hey, hey, guys. Karaoke?” 

Tyler gasped. “Luuuucass you'rea geniuss that sounds uh-mazingg!”

Luca laughed. “Scheid, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. I think you’re good for now.”

Tyler pouted and followed Luca to a little makeshift stage where the karaoke machine was placed, slightly stumbling  along the way. Luca cut off the music, causing everyone to stop and groan.

“Hey bro! Turn the mussic back on that was my jam,” a voice yelled.

“Calm down, calm down. I was thinking it would be fun to do karaoke. Any takers for the first song?” Luca announced.

“I’ll go first Lu,” Tyler offered, stepping onto the stage. 

“You sure Ty? What song?”

Tyler nodded. “Surprise me. And I just want to say Luke,” Tyler burst into laughter. “Luke, I am your father.” More laughter. Luca rolled his eyes and passed Tyler the mic. Not too long after, Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby” filled the room. 

Tyler able to get through the “Ice ice baby” parts, but he made incoherent noises during the rap parts. He stupidly danced during it, earning cheers from the crowd. This encouraged him to dance more. In the middle of a move that looked like a hybrid of the tranky doo and a mime riding a motorcycle, Tyler got too close to the edge of the stage and tripped off of it. Luckily for him, he landed on his feet, but crashed into the guys standing by the stage. Luca quickly rushed over to him. 

“Woah there Tyler, I think you should go. Gimme your phone, lemme call somebody for you.” 

“Ooooh, Ethshould come he would love this and he would have so much fun. Lucky you are so smart today.” Tyler continued gush about Ethan to Luca, who quickly grew annoyed by it. 

“Well, I texted the Ethan guy in your phone, who I’m assuming is “Eth”. He should be here any minute now.”

Tyler gasped again. “Ethan’s coming here?! Oh god I hope he’ll wanna hang with me, he’s reeeally cool and I’m not, and he just-” Tyler suddenly sniffled and his eyes slightly began to water. “Lila he means a lot and I really hope he shows.”

Almost as if on cue, Luca spotted some tiny kid with bright blue hair looked around, confused. 

“Tyler, is that your friend?”

Tyler turned around and barreled towards his friend. 

“Ethy you made it! I missed youu!” Tyler exclaimed, tackling Ethan in a hug. Ethan had to pry Tyler off of him.

“Well of course I’d come, wait are you crying? What’s wrong?” Ethan observed. 

“I’m not crying there was just this ummmm, this craazy curse that makes a water fall on my face.” Tyler explained, thinking this is perfect, he’ll never know.

“Uh, huh. Now who’s Luca? I want to thank him for getting me.” Ethan asked, looked around again.

“I’m Luca. Thanks for coming for him. I know he appreciates it. He would not be able to drive like this. Here’s his phone. ” Luca stepped forward and held out Tyler’s phone.

“Thanks man, I appreciate it. Tyler are you ready to head home?” Ethan directed his attention back to Tyler. 

“Ooooh, youre taking me home? I cant waait. Bye Luccyyy.”

Ethan struggled to get Tyler in the car. Once on the way home, Tyler became suddenly interested in everything in the car. 

“Eeeeth, can we do karaokaaay?” Tyler begged, opening and closing the air conditioning vent.

“Karaoke? I guess.” Ethan answered, turning on the radio. Tyler cheered. The song on was “Chandelier”. Tyler began screeching along with the song and Ethan couldn’t help but to laugh and sing along. The rest of the ride home went like this. 

As they neared their house, “All of Me” began to play. Tyler belted along, messing up the lyrics, and then completely improvised the chorus. 

“ ’Cause ooooliveee meat  rubs ooooliveee juice, blue blue blue blue hair all your hair is blue blue blue. Give your soull to me, give my soull to you. I like your bluee face ohhhhhh ohhh.”

Tyler finished his version of the chorus as they pulled into their driveway. His version caught Ethan off guard, and he blamed it for Tyler being drunk. That didn’t stop his face from flushing.  

“Ethan did youu like my song for you, ohmygod you are so red are you sunburnt? I’ll fight the sun for you.” Tyler became concerned while he examined Ethan’s blush.

“No, no, no. I’m fine. Let’s get you to bed, shall we?” He avoided the subject of his flushed face and helped Tyler out of the car.

“Okay! Bye-bye Mr. Radio!”

Arachnophobia (Snowbaz AU)

Simon’s terrified of spiders

– Simon –

I look around at the boxes stacked in the living room and kitchen of my new apartment. I just got finished with the bedroom and I’ve finished most of the living room, pulling out photos of me and Penny to put on my nightstand and unpacking some sheets for tonight. Penny helped me move the couch up and into place but she had to go meet Micah at the airport a couple of hours ago. I glance at my phone and decide to be done for the night, well morning I guess. It’s three a.m.

I tiredly shrug off my t-shirt and jeans and head into my new bathroom. I dig around in a few boxes before pulling out shampoo and soap and moving to turn on the shower.

It’s then that I see it. Big and black, skulking at the bottom of the tub. All eight eyes staring evilly at me. I let out an embarrassingly loud shriek of fear and scramble out of the bathroom. I fucking hate spiders. They have eight legs which is far too many. No one needs so many legs and the way they crawl sends shivers up my spine. I make it out of my apartment and slam the door behind me, breathing heavily. I cannot go back in there until that spider is dead and gone. But I left my phone inside so I can’t call Penny for backup. It’s either spend the night out here or find someone to kill that monster so I can take my shower and get some sleep.

I glance up at the door across the hall. This isn’t exactly how I planned to meet my new neighbor, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I need help. I push myself up off my door and walk across the hall, raising my hand to knock.

– Baz –

I wake up to loud bangs on my door and glance at my phone. Who the fuck is at my door at 3 in the fucking morning. I yawn and sit up, tiredly pulling on some pants. I comb my fingers through my hair and open my door.

A cute boy who I don’t recognize is standing in front of me. Practically naked. He’s wearing nothing but boxer briefs, which are cupcake print. His curly bronze hair is a mess, sticking up from his head in all directions and his eyes are wide. He has moles freckling his cheeks.

And shoulders.

And chest.


I pull my eyes back up to his face because Aleister fucking Crowley I don’t even know this guy’s name.

“Oh thank Merlin!” he says. “I just moved in and I’m sorry to wake you up like this but there is a spider in my bathtub but I need to shower and I’m really fucking terrified of spiders but I can’t call Penny and—” I can’t focus because I’m barely awake and this hot adorable boy is standing in front of me begging me to go back to his apartment and I need to stop thinking about this.

If this were anyone else I would just slam the door in their face, but I feel bad for the poor boy so I sigh and walk forward, shutting my door behind me. He turns and I follow him across the hall and into his apartment, trying not to stare at his ass.

His apartment is sparse. I can tell he’s just moved. Boxes are stacked everywhere and the only other thing in the living room is a couch. He heads through his bedroom (also pretty bare except a mattress with sheets on the floor and some pictures of him and a girl with purple cat-eye glasses) and into the bathroom. He turns to face me and points at the tub where I see I tiny spider.

I try not to laugh but can’t keep the small smirk off my face as I see what he is so terrified of.

“Hey,” he says, trying to act more upset than he actually is. “Don’t judge me. They’re creepy as fuck.”

I shrug, still smiling. “Do you have tissues?”

“I think so.” He says and turns, digging through a box before triumphantly pulling some out.

I grab one and squish the spider neatly, balling up the tissue and handing it to him. He takes it carefully, holding it by two fingers as if the spider will suddenly come back to life and crawl out.

He takes it to the kitchen and tosses it in the trash. I follow behind him and stop in his living room, leaning against the back of his couch.

“Right, thanks…”

“Baz,” I supply.

“Thanks, Baz.”

“and  you are?”

“oh, Simon! I’m Simon.” He smiles at me and Crowley his smile lights up his entire face.

I stare until I realize I’ve been staring and shake myself out of it.

“I should…” I gesture towards the door.

“Yeah. Right. Of course.” He says, following me to the door.

“Thanks again.” He says as I leave.

I turn and smile at him. “Anytime. See you around, Simon.”

“Night Baz.”

I head back into my apartment and toss and turn trying to get a freckled chest and sunny smile out of my head, finally falling asleep.

– Simon –

After the hot boy next door leaves I shower and try to get some sleep. I’m up again at six a.m. and can’t get his deep red gold skin and dark flowy hair out of my head. I get up off my bed and walk across the hall, not sure what I’m even going to say.

He opens the door almost immediately, this time wearing a shirt and jeans (and Merlin do they look good on him). He smirks at me and leans against the door frame.

“Simon.” He says, his steel eyes burning into me. “Long time no see.”

“I figured I should thank you for coming to my rescue last night. I mean, it was at an ungodly hour and you still decided to help a stranger in only his underwear kill a spider.” I say. I take a breath.

“What I mean to say, is: want to go get coffee with me?”

He smiles at that and pushes himself off the door frame, hands tucked into his pockets.

“Give me ten minutes.”

  • Pippi: I'm a skinny bitch but I still take the sausage!
  • Sakyu: Got a fat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Shima: Got a flat ass but I still take the sausage!
  • Kokona: Wake up in the morning I eat the sausage!
  • Yui: I'm a redhead but I still take the sausage!
  • Sora: I'm a gay bitch and I still take the sausage!
  • Yandere-chan: Psycho girl swag girl and I still take the sausage!
  • Oka: Ughhughgswrvjigdsbhh-!
  • Inkyu: I'm white and I'm thicc but you know I get the sausage!
  • Mina: Yeah I read books but they all about sausage!
  • Saki: I like girls, can I still take sausage?
  • Everyone: EEEEYYYYY!

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Just curious-- what makes the 2009 Emma adaptation a work of art?

*cracks knuckles* *pulls out color coded binder* I’m so glad you asked.

I’ve seen a lot of Emma adaptations: Clueless, Emma (1996), Aisha, the other BBC series (the one with Kate Beckinsdale and Mark Strong), Emma Approved, and of course, the 2009 BBC Miniseries. The 2009 version is my favorite, it always has been, and it always will be. Most of that comes down to characterization, but it is also about the way it captures Austen’s story magnificently though language, set design, costuming, and music.

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Hey babe, could we get some headcannons on what kind of female s/o sebastian would be attracted to and actually go the trouble of courting? Characteristics: personality-wise and a few aesthetic-wise would be brilliant. Feel free to add on other characteristics you deem suitable! Thanks hun xxx

What kind of female S/O do you think Sebastian fall for? More character-wise but aesthetic related details can be included. Thank you! :)

I can tell you now that this is going to be a big one… Took me just over an hour!


As a demon, Sebastian is above the shallowness of some humans to base attraction off of something as impermanent as appearances. But I broke appearance down to four categories and answered them separately. I did say this was a big request.


He likes shedding his gloves after a long day and running his slender fingers through your hair, slowly and gently untangling any nicks. If he’s got time, he’ll braid and brush it for you.

  • For dark hair, he’ll compare it to starlight or the beauty of blood in the moonlight (reserved for those particularly morbid moods he gets into, usually after murdering someone or may or may not have deserved it).
  • For light hair, he’ll compare it to the sunlight or to having pure gold woven into your locks.
  • For unnatural colours, such as red, he’ll be fascinated by the true colour showing at the roots and will want to know all the reasons behind why you dyed it. 
  • Length doesn’t bother him, but he’s usually pretty content if it’s long enough to braid. If you consent, he’ll find out your favourite styles, learn them within a day or two, and then replicate the chosen style of the day each morning for you, taking it out and brushing it before you go to bed.

Eye colour

  • Any eye colour. Eyes are the windows to the soul, and it’s for precisely this reason that he loves to look into them, his own magenta eyes boring into yours. 
  • For genetic mutations such as heterochromia, he’s completely entranced and just loves commenting on the individuality of the two colours.
  • In any case, some baser part of him toys with the idea of gouging your eyes out surgically, so that they’re fully intact and carrying them around with him because of how much he loves them.
  • He always talks himself down from this, though, because they have that little spark of life that he so adores and if he removes them from your person, he’ll never witness them light up when you see him walk into the room, and he can’t have that now, can he?
  • Besides, he’s pretty sure that you’d like to keep your eyes exactly where they are.

Height doesn’t matter at all because everyone’s the same height when they’re laying down.


  • With clothes, it can go two ways: pastels or dark. Sebastian generally doesn’t pay too much attention to what you wear because it’s your body and you can wear what you like, but he may offer to choose your clothes for you each morning or to design/make/order clothes for you to wear, completely tailored to you and your tastes. You wouldn’t know about this beforehand because he won’t physically measure you. Just one look at you head to toe, and he already knows exactly what you should wear. He has an eye for these things.
  • I think, with pastel colours, he’d appreciate the difference between his stark black and white outfits with very little variation, to your different shades of pinks, purples, greens, blues, etc. He’d likely compare it to the fragility and delicacy of the human body, almost going off on a tangent about how easily humans are disposed of, before remembering that you’re a member of said species and that you may not be able to stomach what he’s talking about. He’d apologise and change the subject.
  • With dark colours, he’d appreciate the similarities with his own clothes and make the occasional comment about how what you’re wearing matches his thoughts, his nature; he’s the epitome of darkness and he never misses an opportunity to tell you this.
  • He lives in Victorian London, don’t forget, so he wouldn’t approve of too much revealing of your skin. He’d tell you that “it’s unseemly and might he recommend something else that may be to your taste, My Lady?”. This would be coupled with comments muttered into your ear that is designed to leave you blushing.
  • Makeup doesn’t bother him, though it intrigues him. Why do you cover your natural face? He’d make it clear that he prefers you fresh-faced, though. Makeup carries a certain connotation in this time period.

Personality traits

  • The most important thing is that you’re not afraid of him. He’s a demon and capable of the biggest monstrosities you can think of and is mostly unfeeling, but he cannot court someone (yes, court, not date, “a frankly ridiculous modern adaptation”) who fears him. So, his s/o’s love for him needs to override the fear of what he is in all situations.
  • Full acceptance and understanding that Sebastian cannot love to the same extent that humans can and do, but rather, he’s possessive. You’re his and as such, he will protect you and fight for you, with you, with his life, if need be. Don’t expect declarations of romance and romantic proposals, it’s not in his nature. He will not change for you and the very suggestion would be most insulting.
  • Someone who knows that Sebastian can and will play games with them. Tell him your fears, he will exploit them for his own amusement. Tell him your dreams, and he will crush them if you let him. Tell him your insecurities and he will shut them down with logic in just a few sentences. But, devilish though he may be, he is still your partner, and so he will refrain from doing these things. He may still play tricks on you, though, not nothing life threatening. It’s no good courting a dead person.
  • Independence. He’s very busy with his contract, running the Phantomhive estate and doing all the other things that he does, so he won’t always have time for you. His s/o would need to be able to fend for themselves. His ward is a child and he doesn’t need or want another one. 
  • Confidence. He understands that this grows in humans, and he’d be willing to help you with that. He does care for you in his own way and will show you in every way he knows how that you’re a wonderful woman and that he loves you, again in his own way.
  • Someone who is okay with Sebastian being himself around them. So he moves a little faster, he speaks with a lower, more gravelly voice. If he realises that you enjoy that, or you tell him this yourself, then he’d be pleased and would make it a point to be a little less human around you. This links into not being scared of him.
  • Someone who is themselves. No false modesty, no façades, no masks or acts… just you. He won’t appreciate falsehoods, even if they’re meant with good intentions.
  • Someone who is strong-stomached. I don’t mean this in terms of gore, though that would help, I also mean someone who can hold their own. He will tease you on occasion about your weaknesses. For example, if you’re afraid fo the dark, he might grab your foot from under the bed. But that’s a different set of headcanons, which can be found on my masterlist.
  • Intellect. Enjoy books or writing, drawing. Plays an instrument or wants to learn one. Bi-lingual or wants to learn another language. An inherent appreciation of culture and class. Someone who appreciates the finer lifestyle. These things aren’t necessary but it would help your relationship, in that you have mutual interests.
  • This is such an important point that I left it for last, and it’s pretty self-explanatory: Maturity. Someone who loves Sebastian for exactly what he is, in all the right ways. No games, no competitions, no playing, just love. Love him for what he is, and he’ll return the affections in kind, though in a slightly different way. Respect him and he’ll respect you. That’s all there is to it.

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Can you do some drarry where their first kiss is during a truth or dare game and it's really awkward but both Harry and Draco can't get it out of their minds?

My Writing

“Truth or dare, Potter?” Pansy asked as a large group of them sat in a circle in the eighth year common room.

Harry smirked.


Pansy gave him a devious smile.

“I dare you to kiss Draco.”

Harry’s eyes widened and he looked over to Draco, who was blushing furiously.

After about a minute of Harry doing nothing, Draco let out an exasperated sigh.

“Scared, Potter?” Draco asked.

Harry sucked in a breath and gave him a hard stare.

“You wish,” Harry muttered before going over to him, gently grabbing his chin to tilt his head up, and crashing his lips onto Draco’s.

Pansy let out a squeal of delight and clapped her hands.

Draco moaned and tangled his fingers into Harry’s messy hair.

Everyone let it go on for a couple more second before someone finally told them to either stop or get a room.

They both pulled away panting and with red cheeks. Harry looked around at everyone, finally realizing just how many people had been watching them, and suddenly feeling incredibly embarrassed. He didn’t even dare to look at Draco.

“I, uhh, gotta go,” he mumbled before getting up and going up to his room.

He slammed his door behind him and paced around the room. He was so angry at himself for doing that, for letting it go that far. Him and Draco were finally on decent terms, and now he had messed it up by making it very obvious that he had feelings for Draco that were more than just friendly.

He changed into his pajamas and climbed into bed, thinking of how he was going to avoid this. 

Draco let out a quiet, disappointed sigh when Harry got up and left. He looked at Pansy, who gave him a knowing smile. She knew how much Draco liked Harry, which is why she set up the game of truth or dare in the first place. He tried to force a smile onto his face, but Pansy wasn’t convinced.

She pulled Draco over to the side to talk to him.

“What’s wrong, darling? Isn’t that what you wanted?”

Draco ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

“Yes, but he…he didn’t want it.”

Pansy rolled her eyes.

“Are you kidding me? He was totally into it.”

Draco shook his head.

“If he was, he wouldn’t have left.”

“Draco-” Pansy began, but Draco just shook his head, stopping her.

He walked away to get a drink and tried to enjoy the party as if nothing had happened. After all, he was a Malfoy, he couldn’t let people thinking someone, especially Potter, had upset him.

Draco went to bed that night, drunk but still thinking of his and Potter’s kiss.

They avoided each other the next day. And the day after that. And the day after that.

Harry even took detours on his way to classes just to avoid seeing Draco.

Draco walked around with his head held high, as if nothing had even happened, and Harry couldn’t believe that Draco was just utterly unaffected from the kiss, like he didn’t even care, which only made Harry feel worse.

It was one week after the kiss, however, when the two of them were forced to acknowledge the other’s presence.

Harry had gone down early to breakfast like any other day. He always enjoyed his alone time while eating in the morning, so it was part of his routine.

Draco woke up early and was unable to fall back asleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about Potter and their bloody kiss. He decided that there was no sense in continuing to just lay there, so he got ready and went down to The Great Hall.

He walked in, not expecting anyone else to be there at that hour, and therefore not even noticing the one person who was.

Harry was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he hadn’t heard Draco come in. It wasn’t until Draco sat down, a little ways away from Harry, at the eighth year table that they realized the other was there.

Harry awkwardly cleared his throat.

“Good morning,” he mumbled.

Draco just stared at him, causing Harry to feel even more uncomfortable and embarrassed. Draco was about to get up to leave, but stopped when Harry spoke again.

“Malfoy…Draco, wait.”

Draco looked up at him, and Harry got up to move so they were sitting next to each other.

“I-I’m sorry for, you know, kissing you.”

“Sorry? Why would you be sorry?”

“Because you don’t feel the same way that I feel about you. And you obviously didn’t want it and-”

“Potter, are you kidding me? Of course I wanted it! That’s the whole reason Pansy arranged the game! I thought you didn’t want it.”


Draco nodded.

“So how, exactly, do you feel about me, then, Potter?”

Harry smirked.

“Like this.”

He, once again, grabbed Draco’s chin, just like their kiss a week ago, and gently pressed their lips together.

Draco gasped at the softness of this kiss compared to the last, but then slowly kissed Harry back.

Draco smiled when they pulled away.

“That’s exactly how I feel, too.”

Comforting Tae

Originally posted by kimthwriter

Characters: Taehyung x Y/N
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Length: 1.2k words


Watching Taehyung suffer over the loss of his grandmother was taking a toll on you, the boys and the fans, and you decided to do something about it.

A/N: I hope Taehyung’s okay and he’s receiving all the love and support that he can! 

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Bull Gets A Shave

Because of this. I also wanted to try writing in past-tense again. And I wanted some giggly, corny OTP. Even Kimani is goofy sometimes xD

Bull just wanted to look nice for the opera. That’s all he wanted.

Generally he kept his beard low, managed to shape up the sides so they matched every once in a while, but other than that he left his face alone. Not much he could do about it anyway, but at the very least he could keep himself from looking like Blackwall; Blackwall’s beard had a personality. If pressed, Blackwall’s beard could probably speak.

He hadn’t done much to himself since coming to Val Royeaux; before whisking Kimani away to the spa Vivienne had mentioned he might visit a barber she knew, passing along his information and suggesting he ask Philippe for a “woody” aftershave, whatever that meant. So he went, and Philippe was nice, even nicer when Bull dropped Ma’am’s name. He set Bull up with a ton of pillows on the floor since Bull couldn’t fit anywhere else. The man got to shaving and Bull wasn’t thinking, just liked the feel of the shaving cream and the blade on his cheeks. He wasn’t thinking about the last time he’d been clean-shaven; shit, it’d been years. Ten, maybe fifteen; he had to have been in his early twenties the last time he had a butt-naked face, and Bull was closer to forty than anything else

When Philippe handed him the mirror, Bull snorted. He definitely didn’t look like Blackwall.

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