took me forever to upload this gif

“I’m not willing to stand for that kinda shit.”

I’m glad that you guys liked the outfit and screenshots i took so much. so to thank you for all the notes you gave me and some of the nice things you’ve said i made this for you guys. it was a lot of fun to make and i hope you guys like it. ^^

(This took forever to finally get working! i tried uploading it like 80 times and every time i did, it looked worse than the try before because the size limit.)


Cosima and Delphine, Orphan Black (The Few Who Dare, 5x01)

OK, I’m gonna really REALLY really need - at some point in the lifespan of show!OL - Claire to tenderly kiss Jamie’s scars/booboos! I long to see it. Its just one of my fave things Claire ever does in the books.


Do you have an issue with me, Mr Elfman?