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Dishonest hypocritical pastor loses it all.

I use to be very religious. At the end of that period in my life, I became involved with a new church that was pastored by a charismatic young pastor who seemingly had everything going for him. But the fucker was greedy. Too greedy. As the saying goes: “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.” Pastor Hog got slaughtered.

My wife and I were looking for a church. An old friend invited us to a new church that was energetic and full of friends. We started attending regularly and eventually became involved with the leadership of the church.

After a while, I started to become uneasy around the pastor. The way he communicated with people just rubbed me the wrong way. I slowly realized that he was a manipulator and compulsive liar. Quick with an overzealous compliment but slow to explain himself when issues arose.

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internet friend!tom headcanons

for my girls over at spiderjizz, especially ruby who came up with this and let me steal the idea for this, larb you rubs!
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  • okay so to start you had no idea it was tom to begin with
    • his username was “marvels-biggest-fanboyxx”
    • and he obviously didn’t go by tom but by his middle name stanley instead
    • there was never really a tip-off that it was tom
  • you just knew whoever was behind this screen made some badass edits
    • seriously they were some of the best gif edits you had seen
  • you also knew he posted some photos and videos of tom that no one had really seen before
    • “where’d you get that picture of tom? i’ve never seen it before?”
    • “oh i got it from a friend.”
    • “i’ve never seen that video before, where’d you find it?”
    • “i had to search through a lot of youtube videos”
  • anyways, you messaged whoever this stanley was because he seemed cool and you were really just looking for friends
  • you would have been building this friendship for months
    • he had basically become your best friend on this website
    • you send “stanley” pictures of tom all. the. time.
    • “snslsnsos did you see tom’s hair in his latest ig story like stab me in the fAcE”
    • “ahahahahah yeah same”
    • “tom had such a nice ass i wonder what it feels like”
    • and tom is laughing at this, thinking “real nice. it feels real nice.”
    • but you just get “i bet it feels really nice” in response
  • aside from him being your best friend, you don’t know much about him personally
  • and you totally respect his privacy about that
  • and one day “stanley” finally asks if you wanted to skype
  • and you of course jump at the opportunity because you had become so close to each other
    • you told him practically everything
    • he told you everything he could without giving away the fact that he was actually tom
  • you swap skype users and very soon after you call him
  • and you’re sitting there waiting for it to connect and wondering why the hell you’re so nervous about this
    • he’s one of your best friends for crying out loud
  • anyways it connects and you don’t see his face instead you see Tessa
  • at first you’re thinking “stanley what the hell”
  • and then it clicks like “wait a minute, i know that dog” and your eyes widen and the only thought in your brain is “no way, this must be a joke”
  • tom them pops onto the screen, holding tessa all “hello darling!”
    • mainly because he knows how much you love it when he says that
    • and you definitely ranted to him about how badly you wanted him to call you that
  • you just kind of sit there somewhat in shock going on and on about how “this is a joke. this is seriously a joke. there is no way i am on a skype call with tom holland”
  • and tom just laughs and says “it’s not a joke, darling, it’s actually me”
  • and you’re feeling so flustered and slightly embarrassed because you had basically talked about him all the time to him
  • lots and lots of blushing from you
    • tom finds it completely adorable
  • after your first initial call you guys become skype buddies
    • you’d try to call nearly everyday when you could
    • it took you ages for you to stop blushing at the SIGHT of him
  • it took a while for you to be calm around him and not blush every time he looked at you
    • tom found this absolutely adorable
  • you soon realize you don’t really have much to talk about
  • mainly because all you did was talk about him with him
  • so you talk about spider-man and all the other avengers because he’s such a marvel nerd
  • you take quizzes online to see who’s better and smarter with their avengers trivia
    • there’s lots of teasing afterwards from the winning party
  • after a while, tom gives you his phone number which is a huge step for him
  • just so he can call you and have late night calls over the phone
    • you always want to talk but you don’t want your phone bill to be absolutely insane
    • “tom i really wanna talk but my phONE BILL”
    • “pfft i’ll pay for it now please just stay on the phone with me, i wanna talk to you”
  • you guys fall asleep on the phone quite frequently because neither of you want to hang up
  • okay and hear me on this
  • tom would definitely be the type to surprise you by paying a visit to your hometown
  • and not telling you a single thing about it
  • he just sits and waits for you to figure it out
  • you’d be sitting at home in your pajamas having only woken up a few hours ago
  • and tom would skype you while he’s walking around your city/town
  • and you’re just casually talking until “hey wait a second I KNOW THAT THE CAFE”
  • he just laughs at you and probably winks
  • you’re in a slight bit of denial and don’t think twice about it before running out on the streets in your pajamas
    • which typically consist of spandex shorts and a hoodie most nights
    • it didn’t matter if it was two miles away you ran the whole entire way there
  • and your first real life meeting you run into him, knocking him backwards because you had been running so fast
  • you just stand there in front of him in your pajamas, red in the face and out of breath with your hands on your knees
    • “i just ran…two miles…to see if you…were actually here”
    • he laughs because there’s his adorable girl in front of him in her pjs who ran into town just to see him
    • he feel pretty flattered
  • it’s a little awkward though
    • he goes for a hug and you go for a handshake
    • you both kind of awkwardly laugh and switch the roles
    • more awkward laughing ensues because we’re good friends but we’ve never actually met in person before oH nO
    • but he just pulls you into a tight hug and your cheeks flush and you realize that he smells really good
  • tom offers to talk you out to breakfast in your pajamas
    • it’s pretty adorable to say the least
    • he definitely makes a comment about them
    • “by the way i love the outfit darling”
    • you just sit there pretty mortified
    • “alaodjsosnSHUT UP TOM”
  • and after he takes you to breakfast he begs you to show him around
    • “please y/n i really wanna see where you grew up”
    • “tom”
    • “please please please”
    • “tom i’m iN mY pAJAMaS”
    • “i don’t care, cmon please”
    • “!!!no i’m at least going back home to get actual pants”
  • and toms pretty confused and he’s like “what am i supposed to do then?”
  • “you come with me doofus”
  • he’s pretty shook because he actually gets to see where you live
    • even if it is for two seconds while you change
  • you get to your house and go to change completely forgetting about the old baby, school, and family photos hanging on the walls
  • he’s completely enthralled by them all
    • “aw y/n look at you! you’re so cute and tiny”
    • “jsksl thOMAS NO STOP”
  • you’re completely mortified because all of  those are the worst photos of your entire existence
  • and when you actually change you have to physically drag him out of the house
    • “aw but i wanted to see more pictures”
    • “you can see more later”
    • that’s a lie you don’t ever want him seeing old pictures of you again
  • the whole time you’re showing him around he never stops smiling
  • because you’re actually glowing when you explain things and tell him your different childhood stories
  • and then you suddenly remember that time you talked about how nice his ass is
    • you just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and tom’s looking at you so confused
    • he just sits there and laughs at you
    • “it’s okay love i promise”
    • you’re still mortified by it
  • so!! much!! blushing!!
    • not just from you but from him too
  • overall you spend the entire day together creating so many new memories and inside jokes
    • you take lots of silly pictures together
    • and of each other
  • you’re pretty bummed when he has to leave to go back home
    • “do you have to leave?”
    • “unfortunately love”
    • “i’ll miss you this was fun, next time warn me though”
    • and he laughs and nods and promises he will
  • “i’m serious though i’m really going to miss you”
  • “i know darling i’ll miss you too”
  • and wow i need tom as my internet friend right now
compliments part 2 - zach dempsey

requested: yes

word count: 2.216

warnings: none besides fluff i think

plot: zach decides to (nervously) confront you after finding out you’re the one slipping compliments in his bag

a/n: i Cannot believe a 2nd part was requested i cant believe you guys enjoyed the first part and sent me messages!! i wasn’t planning on writing this but here she is since y’all are cute as heck

Originally posted by veronicsalodge

Thursday night found Zach Dempsey sprawled on his bed.

A week worth of complimentary notes was at the foot of the bed. Some were folded, some all the way open but none of them were in their original, pristine state. They were crumpled, thing that probably happened whenever the boy stuffed them in his pockets.

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anonymous asked:

Jily AU: Your photos keep showing up on my iPhone, and the internet helped me track you down. Now we’re kind of celebrities, and also I think you’re hot. (Inspired by "I Followed My Stolen iPhone Across The World, Became A Celebrity In China, And Found A Friend For Life" on Buzzfeed)

The article can be found here. I recommend it. It’s a wild ride. Some liberties were taken with the prompt. 

Because James is a fucking idiot, his phone gets stolen.

He knows he’s a rowdy drunk and he knows the three word mantra any university student needs when they go out (‘phone-cash-keys’) but Sirius has bet that he can take more Jägerbombs than James and he’s never been able to back down from a challenge. He doesn’t even think twice about whether his phone is in the pocket of his jeans or his coat, the latter of which he leaves at the table. He swears Peter is sitting there when he leaves, but when he comes back ten minutes later and a whole lot dizzier, the table is empty, coat and all.

He and Sirius find Peter later, crouched over a toilet and heaving with Remus patting his back. James has the decency to wait until his friend is done vomiting to ask, “Pete, d’you have my phone?”

If possible, Peter gets greener. “Sorry,” is all he gets out before shaking his head and clutching his stomach.

Peter ends up feeling worse about the whole thing than James does. James is upset to have lost all his pictures and apps, and he’s livid at the wanker who decided to grab his phone, but ultimately, he can afford a new phone and he can take new pictures, so in a few months he’ll likely get over it. But Peter insists that because James left his phone with him, it’s Peter who owes him a new one.

James attempts to refuse. Peter doesn’t have the kind of money to replace his phone, and James isn’t about to put that on him.

“My friend Dung knows how to get an iPhone for dirt cheap,” Peter claims, and reluctantly, James agrees.

And so it begins.

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#MyParentsAreLosers - Batmom x Batfam

I couldn’t bring myself to write a “depressed Batmom” story today, and I really wanna write it well and all so…here’s a silly thing for you, to “wait” for an actual story. Warning : it’s stupid and not greatly written, probably a bit of a mess (I wrote that in three days, with 5 minutes available each day to do it so yeah…messy) This was requested (anonymously), a story about the Batboys introducing Batmom and Bruce to Instagram and Snapchat, but I can’t find the original message anymore so…Here, if you read this anon’, I hope you’ll like it :-) (I hope all of you guys will like it) :

My masterlist blog :


It’s Alfred who discovered it. 

He read it in the Gotham Daily (neither you nor Bruce ever had time to read any newspapers, besides, both of you were getting a bit tired about the fact that almost every “news” was about you and him…). 

As he was reading the article, for the first time in years, Alfred let it go. Thanks God he was alone in the house that day, as he bursted out in a loud and ridiculous laughter ! 

It made him laugh for hours, in fact (Damian and Tim coming home from school ruining his fun), and oh he had to tell you guys but…his majordome ways kept him from plainly coming to you and outright telling you. 

At first, he tried to leave the actual article in places you could see it. 

On the kitchen counter, for example, while you took your breakfast…But you never paid attention to anything before your third cup of coffee, even if it was right there in front of you, and by then Bruce would have joined you and you and him would be too focused on each other to realize that this damn article was on the kitchen counter !! AND OH MY GOD COULD YOU STOP KISSING AND LOOK AT THIS DAMN PIECE OF PAPER RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU ?! But it was too late, your kids were coming in and your focus would slightly shift from Bruce to them, the article would fall into the Oblivion as you just completely ignored it while doing your traditional conversation with your family. It was an old routine Alfred knew by heart. 

He tried to put it in the bathroom, and found it soaked and teared…It was something, really, how you and Bruce could be so observant sometimes, and yet so blind some others. 

He also tried the bed, laying it on your pillow where he’d be sure you’d find it…But the day he did that, Bruce came home early from patrol and you rushed upstairs rather fast and…Alfred found the sticky and…oh he’d rather not think about it, and just imagined that you guys were very sweaty when sleeping and…Let’s just never mention that episode ever again. 

He put it on the computer in the Batcave, and found it, days later, under Bruce’s seat. How did it got there ? He had no idea, but what was sure is that the greatest detective in the World, the Goddamn Batman, didn’t notice that stupid piece of paper RIGHT ON HIS KEYBOARD ! 

His last resort was the library, where you spend most of your free times when the boys and Bruce weren’t around…He placarded it everywhere, putting it in every single books you were most likely to read that day and…What did you do ? Enter the damn library reading something already, so of course you didn’t pay attention to any of the articles, and you even used a few articles as bookmarks…Oh dear…

Alfred decided that it was time to stop trying to be subtle (though he could admit that his poor attempts at making you read this particular newspaper articles weren’t really “subtle”). 

He gave up one morning, after three weeks of trying to make you guys read that damn article, and just shoved it in your face, right in front of the cup of coffee you were about to drink, so that you just HAD to read it. 

“The children of the Wayne households post a series of pictures of their parents, and it goes viral” was the title of it.

What ?

It was early in the morning, and it took you a while before starting to understand what was happening. 

To understand that your sons apparently kept posting pictures on the internet, of you and Bruce, with the caption (or “hashtag” as they called it) : #MyParentsAreLoosers, followed by the sentence “But I still love them”. 

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a nice morning pt. 5 | sweet pea

Originally posted by forsythpjones

a Sweet Pea x Reader imagine

summary: it’s prom night, and you decided that after all that’s happened, you’re going to enjoy this night with your friends, until a few Serpents show up and crash the party. 

warnings: cursing, angst, fluff 

taglist: @bigtravelbucketlist, @penisprkr

author’s note: this is it, you guys! this is really long, and I’m sorry about that, haha. I kinda got carried away and wanted to make the ending super good for you guys. thanks so much for your support, and kind words about this short fic. hope you enjoy the ending :)

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Originally posted by dork-iplier

Requested by  welppotato <3
So, the request was to do a one-shot series type of deal so… Look forward to an unhealthy amount of Sean related stuff (smut included!)



He was blindly scrolling through twitter, re-tweeting a post here and there before sighing.In a few days he was to leave for a Youtuber convention – and no, it wasn’t because he wasn’t excited to see his friends, he was just tired. Checking a few things online, his eyes roamed back to twitter a confused brow raised at the number one trending topic - #markipliercantdance and #allhailthedancingqueen took the second place.

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Nerdy Virgin Luke

Pairing: Y/N/Luke

Rating: NC-17

Request: No

Words: 10.000+

Summary: I wrote a song preference once and wanted to continue a part out from it. Would appreciate feedback and request if you want the other boys as well! ~ #61 End Up Here - 5 Seconds Of Summer | High School AU | His P.O.V

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The waiter - Tom Holland

Word count: 1190 (very short)


A/N: So this one was requested, and I really loved the idea! I’m just so sorry, that I couldn’t make it better. Hopefully, I the next thing I make will be better. I’m still new at writing, so I’m still learning a lot. Writing in Tom’s POW is not my strong suit, but I still hope you enjoy this one!

It was just another day at Southbank in London. Street artist were entertaining the tourists, who were all enjoying the dry day. The weather wasn’t good, but at least it didn’t rain.

It was very quiet in the café you worked at, so you were able to get a glance at some of the dancers. You knew at least half of them, so whenever you had the chance, you would always watch them. Sometimes you would even join them in your breaks, but only if there weren’t too many people.

Two guys walked into the café, and sat down at one the tables. You grabbed two menus, and walked over to them.

“Hi, Welcome! Do you know what you’re having, or do you want to take a look at the menu?” You smiled at them, as they stopped their conversation and looked up at you. “I think we’ll like to look at the menu” One of them said, and you handed them the pieces of paper.

As you walked away, they started chatting again. You started cleaning the other tables, even though they were already clean. You would steal glances at both of them. They were both quite handsome, but you found yourself looking more at the darker haired boy. After a couple of minutes, you returned to them, a notepad in your hand.

“Ready to order?” You asked, with a smile. They named their orders right away, and you took the notepad to the kitchen. You had been working here for almost a year now, so you had become close friends with the chef. He could see the costumers from the kitchen, and on quiet days like this, you would often talk about them. Just to have something to do.

“The blonde one, he looks like your type, doesn’t he?” He teased, as you handed him the order.

“I was looking more at the brown haired one, actually. Not that it’s any of your business” You smiled back. Sam was around 50. He was happily married, and wanted everyone to find love as well, that included you. He took every chance he could to bring it up.

“I’m just saying. You’ve been single for 3 months now. You’re a beautiful young lady. I bet they’re already talking about you in there” He smiled, and you just rolled your eyes. Little did you know, that he was right.

Tom’s POW

“She’s hot!” Harrison exclaimed, as soon as she had left the room. We had both been checking her out, from the moment we walked in. Everything about her was just gorgeous. Her face, her eyes, her hair, the smile on her beautiful red lips. Even her voice sounded angelic.

“She’s beautiful” I said, still having the feeling of being breathless. There was just something about her. The way her smile reached her eyes, making them shine. The way she gently bit her lip, when she wrote something down.

We talked for a couple of minutes, before deciding to film something to put on Instagram. Just as I started filming, she came back. I turned the camera towards her. Even on camera, she was stunning. I turned off the camera as she got closer, not wanting her to notice.

“There you go. Anything else I could get you?” She asked, still smiling, as she sat down the plates.

“Your name, would be great, thanks” I immediately regretted saying the words, but I couldn’t really take them back. She turned her face to me, and I could see the smile in her eyes.

“Well, usually I don’t give out any personal information, but I’ll make an exception. I’m Y/N” She smiled. Even her name was perfect. Was it even possible to find even one negative thing about this girl?

“Nice to meet you, Y/N”


A couple of days had passed, since I met her, and I hadn’t been able to get her out of my mind. I had even been to the café. Every. Single. Day. Eventually someone told me, she had the week off, and I realized how stupid I must’ve seemed to them.

Now I was maybe going to seem like a huge idiot, and maybe even a stalker, but I just wanted to see her again. Was it too much, posting her picture on Twitter? Was I really getting this desperate?

The past 3 hours I had spent, trying to decide if I should do it or not. Just thinking about her made me nervous. What if she didn’t see it? What if she did, and thought I was a creepy stalker? How did Zara Larsson do this? Did she just look at the dude’s picture, and think: Yeah, I’ll just post this.

I finally wrote a tweet, and sent it out. It already seemed stupid, but the slight hope of seeing her again, was enough for me to let the tweet stay.


After a week of work, I was back. Today was busier, and we were 3 waiters working. One of the others, was one of my close friends. One of my best friends, actually.

“So why is it, that your picture is all over the internet, and you didn’t even tell me? Rumour has it, that some movie star is looking for you” She smiled cheekily at you, and you looked at her confused. “Seriously, you haven’t seen it? Here it is” She found her phone, and showed you a screenshot of a tweet.

“why are you so gorgeous, where can I find you, would you go out with me, and how do you like your eggs?” the tweet read, and there was a picture of you, carrying two plates towards a table.

“Whha- I. What?” You looked at her shocked. You knew exactly who had been in the café, when the picture was taken, but you weren’t sure which of the boys it was. You secretly hoped for the darker haired one.

“y/n. The guy who has been asking for you all week is here. Do you want to me to take care of him, so you can hide out here, or do you got this yourself?” The newer girl asked. She had only been here a month, but you were already starting to become friends with her.

“I think I got it” You said, feeling the heat rise in your cheeks. “Are you going to agree to the date?” Your best friend asked, teasingly, and you gave her a quick nod, before getting your notepad, and heading out towards his table.

“I don’t know, you can find me here, I would love a date, and I’m allergic to eggs” You smiled, as you reached his table, he looked up in surprise. He hadn’t noticed you, before you started speaking, and now he didn’t know how to react. You could see the blush rise in his cheeks, as he tried to find the words.

“Oh, for god sake. He’ll pick you up here, tonight, at 7. Hopefully then, he has learned how to speak” His blonde friend said after some time, causing the brownhaired boy to blush an even darker shade of red.

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Every Other Freckle

Anonymous asked: This might seem a bit odd, but I was wondering if you could write one where the reader helps Bucky out with his Tinder profile? ty xx

A/N: I’ve never used Tinder. So, like, hopefully I described it well enough? Hah… hope you enjoy!!:)

Originally posted by elaacreditava

Your previous job (before becoming an Avenger) was a social media manager for an internet company. Because of your knowledge of social media and the internet in general, Bucky was embarrassed to say that you were the first person he thought of when trying to set up a Tinder. 

Natasha told him about it and he thought it was the most idiotic thing anyone could come up with. “What happened to good ol’ meeting on a night out? Buying a drink for a lovely lady?” 

“People don’t do it that way anymore, Bucky.” 

He downloaded the app on his phone and realized that he had absolutely no idea what he was doing. After seeing your profile, he realized that you had one too. That’s when his plan went into action and that’s how he ended up here, standing in the doorway of your room while you finished some assignments for your college classes.

You looked up, taking the pencil out of your mouth and sliding your glasses to the top of your head, “What’s going on?” 

Bucky took a deep breath, walking in and closing the door to your room, “If I ask you this favor, will you please keep it a secret?” 

You rose an eyebrow, keeping your eyes concentrated on his lips while he continued to speak, “(Y/N)?”

“Huh? Wha- oh yeah, what do you need help with?” You stuttered your way through, pretending that you weren’t just admiring Bucky’s plump lips and wondering what they tasted like. 


Your heart sank just a bit. 

“Tinder? Why?” 

Bucky sighed, “Because Natasha said it’ll… help me… find someone.” 

You smiled warmly, noticing how Bucky’s voice became quieter with every word. Find someone? Does that mean he’s looking to settle down with someone? Or is he just looking for hookups? You doubted that that was the case, because despite everything he’s been through, he values family and love much more than most people do nowadays. 

Bucky’s face was now very red and you could tell how embarrassed he was. You almost became embarrassed for him, but you realized it’s entirely normal and put your hand out for his phone. 

He unlocked it and handed it to you, allowing you to open the Tinder app and see that he’s already signed in. 

“Okay, well first thing is you need a different profile picture.” You said, eyeing the picture of Bucky with his face half hidden and his eyes looking a dark gray while hair fell in front of them. 

“What’s wrong with the one I have now?” He said, genuinely curious with no venom behind his words at all. 

You giggled, “You need to be able to see your face. Stand up by the lamp, I’ll take a better one.” 

Bucky did as you told, and before you took the picture, you ran your fingers through his hair and straightened his posture as much as possible. “Okay, now smile.” 

When the smile didn’t meet his eyes, you let out a small sigh, “Think of something that makes you happiest, then revert those emotions to your lips. Show teeth.” You never thought you’d be giving advice on how to smile to Bucky. 

“This is weird.” He muttered. 

“Online dating is always weird.” You muttered back, readjusting his hair again and watching as he spread a wide smile across his face, one stretching across your own as he did so. 

Without saying a word, you reopened the Tinder app and cropped the picture appropriately. You sat back on your bed and grinned at the picture. “Okay, next step; what do you want in your ‘About Me’ section?” 

“What do you put there?” Bucky was now looking over your shoulder, his cologne invading your nostrils while you tried not to think about how close he was to you. 

“In mine,” you paused and opened your own Tinder app, “I put, ‘Hey I’m (Y/N)! I work hard and play harder. Still new to the city but I’m enjoying every second of it! I love to laugh, travel, and really wish I did more karaoke. Let’s get a pizza’.” 

“Do you know me well enough to write mine for me?” Bucky gave you a half smile, attempting to coax you into doing something you had already been doing in your head for a solid two minutes. 


Quickly, your fingers typed across Bucky’s keyboard. He continued to read over your shoulder while you pressed each key. His laugh sounded in your ear every time you put a joke and erased it when he protested lightly. 

“Okay, ‘My friends say I’m one hell of a guy. Ex-soldier, future lover. Also, I have a metal arm’.” You giggled, watching him cover his face. 

“Did you really have to mention the future lover part?” He grimaced, but still held a smile on his face. 

“That’s your intentions, ain’t it? To find love?” You said, and suddenly your heart swelled. 

You’ve easily had a crush on Bucky ever since you started here, and the fact that he is finally putting himself out there kind of broke your own heart. It’s not like you could ever say anything though, you live together and if anything happened, it would be the most awkward living situation you’ve ever been through. 

He shrugged, “I guess.” 

You smiled, “Then swipe away, my friend. Anyone you find cute and interesting.” 

He leaned forward and pressed a small kiss to your forehead, “Thank you, doll. If this works then I’ll thank you forever.” 

Bucky rushed out of the room and you laughed, reopening your books and attempting to resume your assignment. 

An hour had passed, your mind went other places and with a groan of frustration, you picked up your phone and opened your own Tinder app. 

“Gotta get over him.” You whispered to yourself, swiping through potential dates and stopping suddenly when you came across Bucky’s profile.

So much for getting over him. 

Without second thought, you swiped right with a smile. If he asks, you’ll say it was a joke. 

However, in big white letters the words “It’s a Match!” displayed across the screen. 

Confused, you stood up and walked through the halls of the tower, straight to Bucky’s room where he sat on his bed. 

“Did you right swipe me as a joke too?” You said, trying to make your voice sound a lot less nervous than you actually were. 

He shook his head, “You said anyone I find cute and interesting.” 

You rose an eyebrow, “But-” 

“We matched, didn’t we? Should we get to each other a little more?” His demeanor had shifted from seemingly oblivious to undeniably slick. 

“Did you- did you set this whole thing up just for that?” You wanted to laugh, almost in disbelief, but you kept your composure as best as possible. 

“You can’t prove that.” 

“How did you know I’d swipe right on you?” Oh god. Oh my god he knows that you’re interested in him. 

“I have my ways.” With that, you smacked his chest lightly with a pillow, causing him to yell over-dramatically. You got on your knees and hit him again and again, laughter falling between you two. 

He grabbed another pillow and hit you back, causing you to fall backwards onto his fluffy comforter while he fell beside you. 

“So does this mean you’ll go on a date with me?” Bucky asked, now out of breath. 

“I don’t know,” you stood suddenly, throwing the pillow at him, “message me on Tinder and we’ll find out.” You rushed out of his room and back to yours, grabbing your phone off your bed and looking at your messages. 

Sure enough, there was a message from Bucky simply reading, ‘Hey ;)’.


Originally posted by kpop631

word count: 16.4k

tags: smut, angst, serial killer Jungkook!AU

WARNING!!!! I understand that this fic may be very triggering as it contains mentions of murder, extreme violence and rape, so if you are sensitive to those topics I recommend you DO NOT read this. Thank you in advance.

Moving to a new town is hard, especially after the company you worked for went bankrupt and you’re left jobless and alone in the hot, summer weather. Thankfully, a close relative informed you about a new apartment near them that was insanely affordable. You didn’t even think twice about the possible living conditions before driving out to the secluded town. In all honestly, anything would’ve sufficed as long as you got out of your old apartment which was now too expensive for you to rent out (not to mention the air conditioning cut off a while back).

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As Long As You Both Shall Live

 Bucky Barnes X reader X Steve Rogers

Till Death Do Us Part

Summary- In a world where everyone is born with the name of their soulmate-or soulmates- on their wrist the reader has the horrible fate of being bound to two dead soldiers. That is until she sees Captain America fighting in New York. Does she run from her destined love or does she go to him?

Message- This is part 2 to Till Death do us Part! I added some T’cham to the story. I got the idea of Bucky burning/ scratching off his soul mark form a story @iavengesuperwholock wrote! There is going to be at least one more part! Sorry if it sucks!!!

Word Count-1300ish

It took you and Steve about 6 months to track anything down. Steve had enlisted the help from all of the other Avengers. It’s Natasha who finally finds something. She hand you and Steve the file and tell you that you should probably read it while sitting down. So you and Steve take the file back to your shared apartment and sit down at the kitchen table and you start to read it.

You were going to be sick. Your soulmate was alive-if you can call it that- he was tortured and experimented on. Hydra had conditioned him to be their puppet, they had even cut the arm with Steve’s name on it off, so Bucky wouldn’t have any way to remember who he was. There was also a picture of his other wrist it showed that your name had been branded off.

“He did that the night before he left. He wanted to keep you safe, he was going to do the same thing to my name but I convinced him not to. When he was captured he had started to scratch it off, but I rescued him before he could finish.”

“We need to find him, we need to bring him home.” You whisper. Steve nods and he takes your hand in his.

“I know, doll, I know.”


You and Steve were currently living in DC. You were having your morning run when Steve decides to mess with the other jogger there. As Steve was lapping the two of you, you speed up so you can run next to him.

“Sorry, about him, he can get annoying at times.” You joke.

“Well, he is Captain America, I guess he’s earned the right to be a bit annoying. I’m Sam.”

“Y/N, I’m the showoffs soulmate.”

“So, what’s it like being Captain America’s soulmate.”

“Well it was pretty depressing for most of my life, thinking my soulmate was dead and all, but now it’s great.”

“Yeah, I’m an error to. I only got a first name, T’Challa. I’ve been looking for him but-“he stops talking, lost in thought.

“We’re looking for our other soulmate to.” You say as the two of you start to slow down. Eventually the two of you sit down by a tree. The two of you talk about different ideas to locate Sam’s soulmate when you here:

“Need a medic?”

“I need a need a new set of lungs. Dude, you just ran, like thirteen miles in thirty minutes.” Sam says. “Do you even try to keep up with him?”

“Sometimes he’s nice and runs at my pace, but usually it’s just a bunch of on your lefts. Only thirteen miles, really Stevie?”

“Guess I got a late start.” Steve says while grinning at you.

“Really? You should be ashamed of yourself. You should take another lap. Did you just take it? I assume you just took it.” As Sam spoke you and Steve started to laugh.

“What unit are you in?” Steve asks.

“58th Para rescue. But now I’m working down at the VA.” Sam says as Steve helps the two of you up. “Sam Wilson.”

“Steve Rogers.”

“Yeah, she told me. Must have freaked you out coming home after the whole defrosting thing.”

“Takes some getting used to. It’s good to meet you, Sam.” You turn to wave to Sam. You had already exchanged numbers, so the two of you could meet up to talk about ways to look for your soulmates.

“It’s your bed, right?” Sam says and Steve stops and turns back.

“What’s that?

“It’s your bed it’s too soft. When I was over there I’d sleep on the ground, used rock for pillows, like a caveman. Now I’m home lying in my bed and it’s like…” Sam says.

“Lying on a marshmallow. Feel like I’m gonna sink right to the floor. How long?” Stevie asks.

“Two tours. You must miss the good old days. Huh?” A lot of people asked him that and it always made you laugh.

“Well, things aren’t so bad. Food’s a lot better, we used to boil everything, no Polio’s good. Internet, so helpful. Been reading that a lot. Trying to catch up.”

“Marvin Gaye, 1972 Trouble Man soundtrack. Everything you missed jammed into one hour.”

“I’ll put it on the list.” Steve said as he pulled his little notebook out and writes it down.


You and Steve were currently at a party that the EU was hosting for all of the dignitaries. It was quite boring but most of the dignitaries wanted to meet the famous Captain America. You were standing off to the side, watching your soulmate fondly.

“Hello, my name is Ayo, I am a member of the Dora Milaje, my King has requested your presence at his table.” A women in a stunning red dress says. You nod and follow her. She motions to a seat next to a man who was in a black suit. After you sit, some of the others introduce themselves and then you turn to the King in question.

“Hello, I’m Y/N, I’m Captain Rogers soulmate.” You say quietly. The King chuckles.

“Yes, I know who you are. I am King T’Challa.” Holy shit, holy fucking shit. This was Sam’s soulmate. You take your phone out of you clutch and you go to your photos and you scroll through until you find the photo of Sam’s soulmate tattoo. You then shove your phone in his face.

“Is this how you spell it?” you whisper.

“Y-you know Samuel Thomas Wilson?”

“I do, he works with Steve covertly and is one of our closest friends. He’s in the city now, if you want I can call him, he’s been looking for you for forever. He was so scared that his mark was an error.” T’Challa nods and you call Sam and tell him to come to the gala.

“That is not what I wanted to speak to you about, but I suppose it is fitting. You give me my soulmate and I give you yours.” King T’Challa says.

“What do you mean?” You ask.

“Hydra sent an assassin to kill my father a couple of years ago, we were able to apprehend him and soon realized that he was being controlled. So our scientists went to work on finding a way to deprogram him. They did about a year ago, but he didn’t remember much of his past life. Just the names Y/N and Steven.” You put your hand over your mouth to muffle the sobs.

“Bucky, you found Bucky.” You whisper.

“Yes.” You jump out of your chair and run to Steve. You drag him over to King T’Challa so he can tell him what he told you. Both you and Steve are sobbing messes when Sam arrives.

“Y/N, Steve, what’s wrong? Why did I have to come? Why are the two of you crying?” Sam asks.

“Sam, I would like you to meet King T’Challa.” You say. Sam stops breathing and just stares at T’Challa and then down at his wrist and then back at T’Challa. While Sam is trying to comprehend what just happened T’Challa is grinning like a fool in love.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, my heart.” T’Challa says. Sam looks at him for another minute and then he launches himself at the King and kisses him. When the break away, they lean their foreheads on each other’s.

“I was so worried that I would never find you.” Sam whispers.

“Well, you never have to worry about that again. Would you come with me to my country? Your friends are coming for a while. They are to be reunited with their lost love.” At that Sam turns to you and Steve.

“Wait, you guys found Bucky?”

“No we didn’t, he did.” You say motioning to T’Challa.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s get going!” Sam says.

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Chance Encounter | 01

Character / Genre / words: Christian Yu ( DPR +IAN / Yu Barom ) x reader | Fluff | 7,115 words

Warning: Nothing yet. For now. Possible smut scene ahead

a/n: inspired by the infamous DM mishap which happened to me about a week ago or more, so I decided to just write the whole thing down as a cute reminder. This is the first time I’m writing for him, so I hope I do him justice | dedicated to: @rapmonluv , @meanyoongis who have been supporting me into actually writing this, and @2seoke who has shown me the light^^

Part 01 | Part 02 | Part 03

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Professor Evans (1/?)

Summary: Professor Evans notices one of his student struggling so he has a meeting with them to find a solution. 

Pairings: Professor!Chris Evans x Reader 

Warnings: None, except reader feels like her best isn’t that good 

Word Count: 1k 

A/N: Chris Evans’s Esquire magizine photoshoot came out and broke the internet and made every fangirl imagine him as a teacher. So @chrisevansthedoritobastard wanted this and I volunteered, I present to you Professor. And the fic is based on this picture from the photoshoot (from Google) 👇🏻

Y/N argued with herself if she should see Professor Evans during his office hours, she wanted to but at the same time, she didn’t. Professor was a nice person, he wasn’t bitter like the others and he was understanding; if you couldn’t hand in a paper he would listen to why and help you out. Y/N thought she was doing well, always trying her best but after she got her paper back marked she realized that it wasn’t too good. Not only the mark was not expected but also the comment that Professor Evans left at the back;

Please come see me during my office hours

Right when class ended Y/N ran out, pretending not to see Professor Evans trying to catch her attention. The thing is if she didn’t go she would have to face him during the next class and Y/N hated confrontation. So here she was knocking softly on the Professor Evans office door. When Y/N heard a quiet ‘come in’, she took a deep breath and gave herself a mini pep talk and turned the knob. As she entered, she scanned the room looking for the professor; finding him lying on his couch prompted up by his left elbow, wearing his glasses. He was writing something and kept on going back to the red book he was holding in his left hand. There was no doubt that Professor Evans was attractive but she always reminded herself that it could never happen, that Professor would never risk this amazing job because of crushing on a student or even dating one.

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JSE community hype: A guide for newer viewers!

(This is gonna be long as fuck)

Hey, you! Did you JUST enter the JSE community? Well first off, welcome! Second of, you’re probably really confused right now.

But look no further, I’ll give you a summary so you can understand all of these theories, glitches, and bloody necks in your feed.

Antisepticeye: A Brief Story

Antisepticeye is a character that people on Tumblr, Twitter and DevianArt created as an “evil Jack”, hypothetically the opposite of Jack. Everyone has their own version of him, but he’s usually portrayed as a Jack with pointy ears, black gauges, always with a bloody knife in hand, and with his neck bleeding.

He’s basically a computer virus, that can glitch through Jack’s face-cam in his videos and “posses” everything that is on the internet, such as Jack himself, that is the “internet part” of Seán (that’s Jack’s real name btw). He “feeds” of attention, and gets stronger the more we talk about him.

On October of 2016, Anti made his first appearance glitching through the Sister Location videos, a part of the Five Nights At Freddy’s game series. He glitched through every video of that month until the last day, on Halloween, where he took full form and possessed Jack in a video called “SAY GOODBYE”. So that’s a video you should watch to start everything.

So it makes your life easier, you can also search for “All Antisepticeye’s moments” on Youtube, there’s plenty of them, watch the most recent one you can find.

Jack also made a video kinda explainig this, called “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”.

After that, Anti was supposedly gone, and with time, other “egos” were created by the community and Jack himself.

Those “egos” are characters just like Anti, that only exist on the internet.

Jackieboyman is a budget superhero, he appeared the most in a video called “JACKIEBOYMAN RETURNS| Welcome To The Game #2”.

Magic Marvin is a magician that can’t really do magic, but everything he throws on the ground apparently explodes. He was introduced in the video “The Jacksepticeye’s Power Hour - Marvin’s Magic”.

Dr. Henrik von Schneeplestein is a doctor that isn’t really qualified for the job, but tries his hardest to save his most constant patient named “Peter”. He first appeared in the video “Jacksepticeye’s Power Hour - Dr. Septiceye”, and then in a video called “TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR| Bio Inc Redemption #4”, but he wasn’t quite himself anymore, willing to kill every patient he had. We’ll come back to why that is later. We discovered his name is Henrik in that video as well, and that he probably wanted to be an artist when he was a kid.

Chase Brody is a guy that tries too hard to be cool, and was introduced in the video “Teabag Edition| Bro Average”. In that video we find out that his wife abandoned him and took the kids with her. In the end, Chase supposedly kills himself, but people in the community refused to accept his death, continuing to talk about him. He supposedly dies again later, in the “TRUST ME, I’M A DOCTOR| Bio Inc Redemption #4” video, where Dr.Schneeplestein kills a patient called “Chase Brody”, that later on Jack accepted as cannon to be Chase himself.

And those are all 4 egos until now (today’s date being August 1st, 2017). “Jack” is also considered an ego, because he’s the one that interacts with everything on the internet.

Remember when Anti was gone after 2016’s Halloween? Well, he came back. In a video that Jack made for the PAX East 2017 convention, called “Always Watching takeover” or something. In that video, that you can easily find searching those words on YouTube, Anti comes back and says that he never really left, he’s just always there, waiting for enough attention so he can possess Jack again.

Anti’s objectives are a mystery, no one really knows what he wants to accomplish with all of this.

After the PAX video, it all died down again. Except not. Dr.Schneeplestein started acting weird in that last video where he supposedly killed Chase, and everybody figured that Anti was taking his turn on him, possessing him, getting inside his head.

Theories say that Anti plans in corrupting all egos and the most recent Jack’s instagram picture shows the Doctor with a bloody eye, saying that he was the first one to be corrupted.

In some video tags or Tumblr posts tags, sometimes there are messages with a weird font (zalgo text). That can be Anti talking to us, or Jack asking for help, since he’s like being “held captive” since last Halloween.

Recently, there was a video of Markiplier, called “Darkiplier vs Antisepticeye”, where Anti and Mark’s evil ego, Dark, supposedly meet and want to fight against each other. That video was said not to be cannon, that meaning it wasn’t really Anti and Dark, but just Jack and Mark pretending to be them, “imposters”, a goof!

But the goofness didn’t last for very long, because the real Anti is now pissed because Jack mocked him, and that’s why he got Schneeple and is back again.

So the random words that you may see people talking about, like “home”, “return/reborn”, “imposter”, etc are all things from random tags or Jack’s Twitter bios.

And even more recently, but before Mark’s video, “Jack” made a video putting up an “art contest”, where he’s gonna show the world some of our fanart in a future video. I say “Jack” because there’s a really unsettling vibe about that video, and people figured out that the person in the video was not Jack, but Anti in disguise. He wants this art thing to happen because he knows that people are gonna draw him a lot, referencing Mark’s video, and that will give him the attention he needs to be reborn into something stronger.

In periods of hype like this, video’s titles are a very important part of theories, because they kinda give hints about what may be happening, and thumbnails as well. In his last “Escapists” video, he put a date in the thumbnail that goes back to Anti’s last appearance, and then changed it again to another date: August 3rd.

That’s probably when shit is gonna go down, and Dr.Schneeplestein will appear along with Anti, being reborn because of all the fanart and attention we gave him.

And that’s what you missed on…Everything!
I know it’s a lot to take in all on once, but once you get it, it’s really fun!

Everybody in the community works together to figure out this story arc that Jack creates, with the help of his amazing editor, Robin. So if you feel lost, or just want to freak out and theorize about video titles and green lights, there’ll always be someone to talk to you!

And I promise, we’re not mad like this all the time, I made this summary just because we’re in a period of hype, like in the middle of a story, and you just arrived in this complete chaos!

And now, you know everything that we know until now, stay tuned for the next videos and theories, and follow Jack here on Tumblr to know the stuff he likes and reblogs, that may be hints as well.

Oh, and most importantly…Have fun!

Break Time Activities

Word Count: 1800ish

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Skinny dipping, public nudity (only Dean and Reader see each other naked), unprotected sex, oral sex (female receiving), a shitty attempt at writing smut

Summary: The reader needs a break from a long night of researching, and Dean helps her unwind.

A/N: I dedicate this to my lovely friends @like-a-bag-of-potatoes and @melonshino…. I took a break from my Sam crisis to write this just for you guys ;-)


“Hey Sammy, you find anything yet?” Dean asked tiredly through the speaker of his phone. “Y/N and I are starting to exhaust our options over here.”

“I’m still at the library… it seems like I’m not going to be leaving anytime soon,” Sam answered tiredly. You could almost picture him rubbing his forehead as he talked. “You’d be surprised at how big the lore section of this library is. I’ve never been to a library that is open all night.”

Both of the boys sounded drained, as did you. The three of you had been researching for a case for nearly three hours now - Sam left for the library while you and Dean stayed behind to look online for information. So far you had come up with squat.

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I owe the life I live today to fandom. It’s a bit complicated.

I am an artist in her late twenties, working as an illustrator full time (meaning somehow I actually convinced people to pay me for drawing all day). I own a decently sized flat in a big city and while I struggle with mental health issues, I am coping and getting better. I get to see the world and work with international teams and have close friends I can count on. And that’s all because I was brave enough as a teen to post some fanwork on the internet.

Let me explain myself some more. 

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Fans finding out you’re a couple (headcanon)

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

•Even tho Tom can’t keep a secret, he kept this one for a while

•To the public, you and Tom have been friends for a while. But to make sure there weren’t rumours, you two almost always had another friend join you two when you went out.

•Occasionally it would be just you two, thankfully not many people speculated anything. There were the few who had doubts, but majority was kept at bay.

•This lasted a year and a few months, until fans started catching you in Tom’s clothing and going out with his family.

•Your social media was private so no one can comment on anything.

•Whar really cause an uproar was when Tom was at home (London) and fans had caught you two kissing in a Waitrose.

•You told Tom that you two needed to go for a food shop cause there was nothing in the house. During your shopping, Tom was trying to convince you to buy some sweets. With a pout and puppy eyes you gave in, Tom thanked you with a quick peck not thinking twice about it.

•He thought twice about it now that a picture of you and him were floating around the internet. His phone had blown up and both of you low-key panicked.

•The rest of the night consisted if you two trying to figure out what to do. Tom also turned off commenting on his post because of people asking what’s going on.

•Tom had an interview the next day and decided that he should tell the truth because he didn’t want his fans to be upset and in the dark about it.

•He brought you along this time because he felt nervous and you were the only person to keep him sane.

•Behind the camera, you stood with Harrison and Harry. Tom glancing at you time to time during the interview.

•It went smoothly until the interviewer brought up the topic everyone was dying to know in the last 24 hours.

•"So Tom, quite recently a photo had surfaced the internet of you kissing a girl you are seen with a lot known to be your friend. Obviously that’s not the case, so is there something you want to say to your audience?“ The interviewer asked. // "Um yes actually, that there is my girlfriend.” Tom stated simply, but you knew his voice was laced with nerves and hesitation. // “Has she always been your girlfriend or was this a recent thing?” // “She’s been my girlfriend for a while actually, but we didn’t want to announce it because we wanted time to ourselves and make sure it was stable. If that made any sense.” // “It makes perfect sense, I can see where you’re coming from. You wanted some privacy. That being said, I have some questions about the relationship. If you don’t mind.” // “No, not at all. Go for it.” Tom smiled and gave you a quick glance.

•To say the least, you were quite nervous on the reactions you would get after this. Using Tom’s phone, you recorded him saying you were his girlfriend and uploaded it to his instastory. It would be a while till this interview airs, so might aswell. Harrison took a boomerang of you looking at Tom. Harry took a selfie with you and Harrison captioning it “Interviews”

•"These are quick and simple basic questions. I’m not gonna bombard you with a whole test, cause I know you’re a busy man and you got places to be.“ // "Alright, this should be easy enough.” // “First and easy, what’s her name?” // “Her name is _____.” // “How did you meet?” // “We actually met through Zendaya on set of Spider-Man. _____ is a college student and she was interning for Marvel as Zendaya’s TA (temporary assistant). She introduced us and it all went uphill from there.” // “How long have you been dating?” // “We’ve been dating for 6 months.” // “Wow, longer than I suspected. And last question, what was your first date?” // “This is gonna sound corny but, I wanted to take her out for dinner like the romantic movies but she didn’t want to do that cause she says it’s overdone in her book so we went to an arcade/fun park. And I’m so happy we did that because that was by the far the best date I’ve ever had. It was so fun. // "May I ask what you two did?” // “Yeah uh, we played games in the arcade. She is so good at the basketball games, she beats me every time. We went gocarting and we played some minigolf. It was an amazing night and I’m so glad she agreed to be my girlfriend so we can have more like it.” Tom had a light blush on his cheeks gushing about you. // “Well it seems you two are in love and we’re glad to see that.”

•You were also blushing thinking about your first date with Tom. It was fun and little bit embarrassing because you had spilt sauce on your jeans but Tom did too on purpose just so you wouldn’t feel awkward. Haz and Harry were giving light shoves and wiggling their eyebrows at you in a teasing manner.

•The interview had finished, Tom walked straight to you and gave you a kiss on the head. Haz gave him a pat on the back with a small nod. He thought it was time to tell the fans that you were an item for a long time.

•That night, Tom turned his comments back on and posted his first photo of you two together. It was a photo of you in bed with Tessa. You under the covers and Tessa on top of it. You petting her and giving her good morning kisses. The caption was: “I would like to introduce you to my beautiful girlfriend, _____. We’ve been together for a while now and I can whole heartedly say I’m completely in love with her.”

•Guess the cat’s out of the bag