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Get to know me meme: Favourite tv shows [3/5] This Is Us

Sometimes they’ll make good decisions. Sometimes bad decisions. And every once in a while, they’re gonna do something that’s gonna knock us off our feet. Something that exceeds even our wildest dreams. Our kids are gonna be fine. - Jack Pearson

Sunsets and Heartache

Summary: Peter tries to be a hero, but Aunt May knows that he carries the heavy weight of the world on his shoulders that make it even harder for him to breathe.

Word count: 581

A/N: (I’m assuming the fight in Spiderman: Homecoming takes place in Washington) This is my first Peter Parker one shot that took me around 5 hours to finish so feedback would be great! 

Credit to gif owner

Peter tries to be a hero, but Aunt May knows that he carries the heavy weight of the world on his shoulders that make it even harder for him to breathe, so he takes a seat on his bedroom window to get some fresh air, his legs dangling off the apartment building. The sun sets to a dark red with a tinge of pink and he gazes toward the sky, clutching the red mask into his fist and he almost wants to get rid of it. It came to a point where everything was just too much for him to handle. Even the sound of his phone ringing in his front pocket seemed to bother him, so Peter decides to ignore it.

Somehow, he starts thinking about Y/N and how he ended things between them weeks ago. There  were times when Aunt May or even Tony would ask him how they were doing and he’d always reply with a shrug or a muttered “We’re fine” until it came to a point where they just knew that their relationship was going downhill.

Peter hears a knock on the door and sees Aunt May peaking through the small crack. “Someone’s here to see you.” She says, her lips curving upwards before leaving the room. Tony’s seated on the couch, chewing on another slice of Aunt May’s walnut and date loaf before sending him a grin.

“Peter!” Tony appeared amuse to see him again considering that it’s been awhile since the fight in Washington. “Listen kid, I don’t know what’s been going on with you lately,” he swallows. “But whatever this is, you can’t deal with it alone.” He nods toward the kitchen and that’s when Peter spots her:


He catches his breath, not knowing whether to yell at Tony for bringing her here for God knows what reason or cry because he gets to be with her again and maybe, just maybe he’d have her back in his arms by the end of the day.

“We’ll leave you two alone.”

“Hey,” Peter spoke. “How have you been?”

“Coping.” She nods, taking a seat on the stool. She’s been partying again, going out with Liz and Michelle and whoever else asks her if she’d want to hang out- desperately wanting to keep her mind off of Peter and her failing grade in chemistry.

It was silent for awhile, the tension and possibly heartache growing in the room. He decides to speak up, wanting to get things over with.

“I’m sorry.” They both say at the same time. Peter looks at her in shock.

“It was my fault, every piece of it. Why do you blame yourself?”

“I was being selfish, Peter. The world needs you. It’s what you do.”

Her selflessness makes him run his fingers through his hair. “I wasn’t enough. You deserve more than what I give you.” Y/N shakes her head, almost in disbelief. “I’m not good for you.” Peter wants her to punch him and scream and it frustrates him because she’s not angry.

“Stop beating yourself up. Please.

He realizes that she was all the strength he needed during his downfall, that he fights for her, for Aunt May, for the team and for the rest of the world.

“I don’t want to lose you again.”

And he was right. She was back in his arms with eyes closed and even breaths, every ounce of fear and worry fading away.

“I’m not going anywhere, Spiderboy.”


What Made Me Smile This Week:

Sunday: I did a huge burp today, like legendary. It makes me smile that half of you won’t read any further because of this one.  

Monday: Laughing At My Nightmare provided an iPad to an awesome little dude named Reed who lives with SMA. According to his mom, he was absolutely thrilled. It made me smile! (See photo of Reed and I from this past summer when I had the chance to meet him and his family.)

Tuesday: Hannah discovered a new comedian and sent me a few of his videos. Saying this as unsnobbishly as I can, but there aren’t very many stand up comics who I genuinely enjoy. This was not the case for Joe Lycett. Almost every one of his clips had me giggling uncontrollably to myself. Humor makes me smile.

Wednesday: My neighbor got his driveway redone, which meant 5+ hours of soothing jackhammer sounds delighted my ears all morning. It made me smile that I eventually adjusted to the noise and stopped noticing it.

Thursday: I ate homemade cheesy grits for lunch and dinner. I’m not sure if this is smile-worthy or just embarrassing. Either way, it made me smile!

Friday: My mom took off work today to begin repainting our living room. A few hours in, I asked her how it was coming along and her answer did not sugar coat: “Awful.” It made me laugh and smile.

Saturday: Hannah had lots of homework to accomplish, so we Skyped the day away together. She did her homework while I read, wrote, and found various other ways to keep myself busy. Being “with” her makes me smile.

What made you smile this week?

The Splatoon thing got 34k in 2 hours?! Not bad :v I’ve learned that the animations that get the most views are the ones I just throw together really quick..

It only took me 3 days to do, then a little more to edit and then I went back and changed a few things (it was ready in almost 5 days). I made it all in Adobe Animate CC! I guess I’m making the jump from Flash (CS5.5) now that Adobe made it usable! The brush is nice, built in vcam is great, frame picker is okay (but not as good as keyframecaddy), and the constant backups and the program asking you to save whenever it crashes.. Is all neat.

It was also a warm up for a bigger project Butch has me a part of. I’ll be busy working mainly on that maybe for the rest of the year, I still wanna try to get my own things done too but I don’t wanna burn myself out!

Thanks for watching my stuff guys (:

On Thursday, I was supposed to go to the homeschool co-op for the kids’ orientation day.  It was nearly 100 degrees outside, so husband suggested I stay home with A, and he’d accompany the boys.  It was a pretty quiet day, A and I just hung out at home and chilled out.  I picked up a little, baked a little, no big deal, just three days overdue and tired. 

Everyone came home that afternoon, and we picked up burgers for dinner.  Around 6 o’clock I started having what seemed like Braxton Hicks contractions.  They didn’t contract my whole abdomen, nor did they start from my back and radiate forward.  They did, however, come with a strange shooting pain that went downward into my pelvis.  I thought this was strange, but I timed them, and they weren’t regular.  Ten minutes, five minutes, twelve minutes.

This went on for three and a half hours.  Then at 9:30, they became regular.  It still didn’t feel like labor, these contractions felt nothing like my previous pregnancies.  But they started coming every five and a half minutes.  At 10:30, husband and I went upstairs, and they started becoming more painful.  Husband had said he was going to go take a bath, but I asked him to please stay with me and keep me company.  Later, he said that’s when he knew something was up.  

The contractions kept on like that for another 45 minutes, so I texted my mom and asked her to come over.  The plan was for her to come sit with the kids while the in-laws drove down, and then she would come join us at the hospital.  I took a shower while waiting for her to come, which relieved my pain and made me lose track of the contractions.

At this point, I still wasn’t completely convinced I was in labor.  It just didn’t feel the same.  In the past, my whole abdomen would contract, radiating tightness from my belly button.  Husband could feel them from the outside.  This time, the contracting was focused lower and more internally.  In the past, the most comfortable position was side-lying, this time it was sitting up with my legs criss crossed.

Husband and I were both so unsure about it at first, that he didn’t want to call his parents.  It was the middle of the night on a Thursday, he said he would wait until I was admitted at the hospital to call.

By the time my mom got here, I was certain this was probably labor, no matter how different it was.  I would get on all fours for relief when a contraction came, and could no longer talk through them.  Husband was still unsure, so we made a deal that if they stayed steady in the car, he would call his parents.

We drove to the hospital, and arrived a little after midnight.  When we arrived at the labor and delivery desk, they said that they would be assigning us to the last bed available, but would check me before registering me, because it was a busy night.  I made it to the room, changed into the hospital gown and waited to be examined.  Upon examining me, the nurse chuckled and said, “Yeah, you’re six centimeters, you’re not going anywhere.”

This was a big surprise, of course.  I had spent most of the night doubting whether I was actually in labor, now here I was dilated to six.  The nurse started the lengthy process of checking me in, and warned me to tell her if the pain started getting worse or if I needed to bear down, since I was clearly progressing quickly.  Before we were even halfway through the registration, my pain was getting worse, and she checked me again, and I had dilated another centimeter.

At this point, I was getting a little panicky.  I knew I wanted an epidural, and I could see the window closing.  I knew my babies are big and they deliver fast and, to be quite honest, I don’t want to associate the birth of my children with horrendous screaming pain if I don’t have to.  Anyway, the nurse got the anesthesiologist in right away, before I had even signed the consent form for the epidural.  I was able to feel lots of pressure, but no pain, which is really cool, because I could feel my contractions, they just didn’t hurt.  

Despite epidurals slowing things down, everything progressed pretty quickly after that.  Over the course of the next 60-90 minutes, my mom arrived at the hospital and I dilated all the way to 10.  The nursing staff tried to reach my doctor, but it was a holiday weekend and they had no luck, but I had met her partner who was on call, and was energetic and capable and had a warm bedside manner.

When it was time to push, things went really quickly.  I managed to deliver her within the span of two contractions.  I could feel lots of pressure and I could see the doctor’s face bunched up in concentration.  Turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s shoulder, so the doctor was carefully maneuvering her as I delivered to prevent any complications.  Whatever she did, it worked, and our little girl was born at 3:10am. 

The afterbirth went quickly and the doctor told me there was no need to provide any stitches, as once again, I hadn’t torn.  Husband cut the cord and they laid the baby on my chest as they cleaned her up a bit.  The hospital has a new policy of an hour of skin to skin contact before weighing the baby or anything like that.  It was really nice, because in the past, I had to ask for that, but this time it was just a given.

Baby girl had an apgar score of 9/10, and was pink and plump.  After her first big cry, she settled into these little squeaks and snuffles, she sounded just like an ewok, which was incredibly adorable at the time, though would later require lavage, as she had taken in a lot of amniotic fluid on her way out.  She latched on almost immediately, and stayed there until our hour of skin to skin time was up.  The nurse finished cleaning her up, and weighed her, she weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, which makes her the tiniest of all my babies.

By the time she was all clean and swaddled and returned to me, it was 5:30 in the morning.  My mom took a turn holding her, and headed home, and we were transferred to the mother-baby unit of the hospital.  Things were still busy in labor and delivery.  Our nurse thanked us for letting her be part of what she called a beautiful birth experience.  Turns out she had been on a cesarean streak and hadn’t been part of a vaginal birth in several weeks.  I think in my sleep deprived state, I may have thanked her for not sharing that before the birth.

We stayed at the hospital just for one day.  Baby and I were both doing well, but the in-laws were in over their heads with the three boys, so we headed home.  Surprisingly, everything has been easy except for breastfeeding.  I thought with six years experience, it would be no big deal, but that’s not the case.  My supply is fine, but baby girl’s latch is extremely shallow.  She retracts her tongue to the back of her mouth more often than not.  I’m having a really hard time catching the right position, with her tongue fully extended.  The result is bruised and bleeding nipples.  She only cries when she’s hungry, so I rush it and give her the breast when she gets frustrated because she sounds so heartbroken.  

Other than that, I can’t get over how mellow she is.  All she needs is some milk in her belly and a snuggle and she is happy as a lamb.  I’ve been holding her all day and all night and enjoying her newborn smell and her soft skin and her little eyes that look all around when she’s awake, and flutter gently closed when she is sleepy.  The boys are all in love with her, even A, who took three days to acknowledge her and now wants to hold her all the time and keeps trying to bring her toys and water and all the things that he himself loves.  If this is indeed our last baby, then I can say that we are truly fortunate to be having such a wonderful experience of it so far.

anonymous asked:

Sabaa, I'm a writer and I'm working full time as a waitress. I feel so numb and directionless. I don't have a ton of time to write, and when I do have time I agonize over what story will sell, which to work on, how to spend each moment and word. My well is empty. Help.

I’m really sorry that you’re going through this. That’s a difficult job that you’re doing, and as someone who has worked the “on your feet all day” jobs, (though not as a waitress, mostly in retail and at my dad’s gas station) I know how exhausting they can be. 


Thing 1: Be kind to yourself. The most annoying advice ever, I know. But it’s important to remember that you are a human, you can’t do everything. You need time to rest, to recharge, to consider. Writing can sometimes come from an empty well, but generally, it’s probably not good writing. The best way to refill that well is to do things to take care of yourself, even tiny things. Buy yourself something tasty to make you happy one day a week. Ask a friend to do your nails for you. Even something as simple as sitting quietly in the sun for an hour can be a way to rejuvenate yourself. 

Thing 2: Writing doesn’t always have to be sitting down and typing/handwriting.  I used to make up stories about the people who came into the station, which was my weird way of “writing” while I was working. Use the “elbow method” which is basically keeping a notepad on you, or a recorder, and adding to your story in any little elbow of time that you have. I mean anything–even 10 minutes. All you do is take about…5 min when you start your day to read the last few pages of your notebook, or listen to the last 5 min of your recording and then all day, whenever you have a chance, keep adding to it. It takes time to get used to, but you will get used to it, and after six months, you’d be shocked at how much of a story you had. I wrote so much of EMBER in little elbows of time over the course of many years. 

Thing 3: Find inspiration. Nothing got me more inspired then walking into a Barnes and Noble and going to the YA section. I would never leave with books. Just that sort of wrathful determination, that ONE DAY DAMMIT that would be me on a shelf.  Not saying that’s what will work for you, but whatever you can find to inspire yourself, use it. 

Thing 4: Perhaps the most important. ASK FOR HELP. There are some people who have no one to ask.  But most people might not even realize that they can ask for help. Ask a friend to take even one shift a month from you and then pretend you’re going into work that day (like, basically trick yourself) and then GO INTO WORK, but NOT the waitressing. Go into your OTHER job, the writing. If you even have one stretch of like 5 hours a month where you can write, you will make progress. 

Thing 5: OK last–set goals for yourself. They don’t have to be insane goals, but like tell yourself “by the end of this week I will have written or recorded 1000 words.” 1000 words a week is about 52,000 words a year. In a year and a halfish, you will have an almost 80,000 word book. Took me 6 years to write Ember, so actually, a year and a half isn’t so long. 

Good luck. Be kind to yourself. Believe. You’ve got this.  

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hEY, I just wanted to ask a simple question, and I'm not sure if it's been asked before but how long does it normally take to make your animations/memes? (love your art style btw)

Depends- for example the cola meme took me around 4 hours (with breaks) while say my name meme took me probably 2 hours to do it- When I’m with u meme almost 5 hours because I had to add effects c’: I don’t really know.. It changes a lot- and I don’t usually look at the time


GUYS! This took me about 5 hours, and even though it’s no longer Mark’s birthday in my timezone, but it’s almost 11pm in L.A so it’s still his birthday there, so I made this and want him to see it!

I’m not much of an artist or a good drawer imo, but I wanted to make this for him. I worked really hard on it, so I really want him to see it. Could you guys maybe reblog and tag him in the reblogs until he see’s it? One fan helping out another?


So today Pep and I almost died

It’s legitimately been 6 hours and I’m still shook:

So I took Pepper out to our usual weekend running trail, even though it’s been shitty all week, in hopes that the fact that it hadn’t rained in the past 24 hours would make it at least passable.  It was, barely, so we trudged through our usual 5 miles only in a mud slick, which sucked for the obvious reasons, but was kind of nice because it meant we had the trail largely to ourselves despite going in the afternoon.

Well, that was nice, until we were about half a mile from the car and came around a bend at top speed, only to almost run into a damned buck deer.  Like, this thing had at least 8 points and was HUGE, and was barely 10 feet in front of us, and apparently totally missed the fact that we were running up on it because he turned to face us and froze and Pep and I both froze and just… all stared each other down for a solid second or two (which felt like at least 10 minutes, holy shit).  And then, thank god, the deer turned and high-tailed it back into the woods around us, and Pepper stayed relatively chill and kept running instead of trying to chase him.  

But yeah, we bum rushed a buck in the middle of mussel loader season and came out unscathed.  Which is amazing, considering how weird most deer act this time of year, and that I had a complete spazz tethered to my waist.  

Tips for writing quality, long(ish) essays in a short time period

When I first came to college, the longest paper I had ever written was barely 5 pages and I’d had nearly a month to write it with almost constant feedback and instruction from my teacher. But all of a sudden, professors were calling 5-page essay “short” and giving me less than two weeks to write them! After three years, I’ve developed a strategy that works for me and I hope it helps some people in the studyblr community as well! (Disclaimer: pretty much essay I’ve written was argumentative in some way, so that’s where my experience is!)
1. Become familiar with the topic - When a professor assigns a prompt, make sure you fully understand the prompt. I’m majoring in political science so most of my essays relate to current events. When I first get a prompt, I just type some key words into Google and read a bunch of news from reputable sources about the topic (Briefings and primers are especially helpful!) to get a feel for it and make sure I have basic background knowledge.
2. Speak with your professor or TA - I like to go to office hours early on just to check in, discuss what I’m thinking of writing about, and make sure that I’m on the right track. If I have concerns about finding sources or being able to reach the page limit, professors are usually quick to help me find sources and send some!
3. Make an outline - I cannot emphasize this enough. When I was in high school, and even during my first year of undergrad, I heard countless people say “writing outline doesn’t help me” and I even thought that, too. However, outlines are a great way to get your thoughts organized so that your essay is not a jumbled mess and makes everything so much easier once you actually sit down to write. I personally like to start by taking notes on all of the sources that I plan to use then go through and add the other stuff that the prompt calls for (usually my own opinion backed by evidence).
4. Make your thesis - For some people, this step might be easier to do second but I do it after I’ve gathered all of my sources and looked through them so that instead of going with my gut on a controversial topic I know that I have sufficient evidence to back my claim. I’ve tried multiple times to write a thesis first then try and find sources to back what I want to say and trust me, it is so much easier to just argue what there is the most evidence for! Make sure your thesis strongly conveys what you want it to. Don’t worry about coming off strongly - that’s the whole point!
5. Speak with your professor or TA - I know had this step before, but I really think it’s best to talk to your professors a lot! After writing my thesis, I show it to my professor and see what he thinks. Usually, they will offer a bit of advice and I tweak it based on what they say. The first time I did this, I had already written a pretty detailed outline and I was worried that my prof was going to tell me that I was way off-base but these office hour trips usually just give me better direction and result in me making minor changes that really boost my essay!
6. Write your essay! - I like to follow my outline almost exactly - it’s there for a reason! For 5-page paper, this actual process generally takes me about two hours if I have a good outline and most recently, my 12-page paper took roughly four or five hours. I know that sounds like a lot, but if you put in the time and effort, you will have a much easier time writing essays and your grades will be better!
7. Proofread - Not much needs to be said about this step but please, please proofread. After writing your essay, take a break for a few hours (work on something else, chill with friends, just don’t think about your essay!) and read it from a fresh perspective. Be critical of yourself! If possible, have someone else read it through to get a truly fresh perspective!
Yes, this sounds very time-consuming and I did say how to write a 5-page essay in under 2 weeks. But for me, this yields better results than just sitting down at 7pm the night before an essay is due and trying to write it cold. Another tip, if at any point you feel stuck or lost, talk to your professor! I know that going to office hours is really intimidating at first but they’re the ones who grade your papers so knowing exactly what they want is key to getting a good grade!

Even if what they say is true, let’s pretend that it wasn’t you [x


Tounge-Tied and The Twister (One Shot)

Hello Tomcats and Ladybugs! My first 2016 fanfiction! Whoo!! I can’t wait for the new episodes of Miraculous Ladybug to air! I hope you enjoy this! vanilla107 xoxo

P.S Yes, I did go on The Twister. It was such an awesome experience I wanted to see how Marinette and Adrien would react to it! :)

Marinette Dupin-Cheng was a bundle of nerves. Then again when wasn’t she when Adrien Agreste was there? She wanted to hate Ayla but she loved her too much. Ayla convinced Adrien and Nino that it would be fun if they went to an amusement park on Saturday and they both agreed.

The only problem was that Ayla and Nino ditched Marinette and Adrien. And now she was left with him.

On her own.
In an amusement park.

“So…y…you want…to…check out some of the..r..rides…?” she asked nervously. He smiled and Marinette thought she would faint. “Sure, which one do you think we should try first?” he asked. Marinette thought for a moment.

“Well…that depends on you really…I’ve been here before…and I personally think the bumper cars are a great start..unless there’s some other ride…you’d like to try out..” she said. Bumper cars? Really? she thought angrily. “Bumper cars sound great. Let’s do that.” he said his eyes brightening.

Marinette squeaked with happiness and they walked to the bumper cars. Marinette got into a red one and Adrien got into a green one. The buzzer went off and Adrien whizzed passed Marinette and into a wall.

Marinette giggled and bumped her car right into his. Adrien jolted and gave her a surprised look. She shrugged her shoulders and drove off, heading towards a yellow car occupied by a tall girl with brown hair.

Adrien gripped his steering wheel, with a new determination, and grinned. “It’s on Marinette.” he whispered as he turned his steering wheel. He bumped other cars and finally managed to bump Marinette just as the buzzer went off, signaling the the end of the ride.

Adrien hopped out of the car and joined Marinette. “That. Was. Amazing!” he cheered as they walked out of the area. “I’m…glad you enjoyed it…” Marinette blushed. He smiled and his eyes widened when he saw a roller coaster. “Let’s go on that one!” he said grabbing her hand and dragging her towards the entrance.

Marinette felt her face flame at the contact of his hand in her hand and smiled. She wasn’t enthusiastic about roller coasters but Adrien looked so happy that she didn’t stop him

It was 5:00 and the park closed in an hour. They had gone on almost all the rides except the new one.

The Twister.

Marinette felt her stomach make knots as Adrien saw it. “A…Adrien… I don’t know about this ride..” she mumbled. He noticed the worry in her eyes and took both of her hands in his. “Hey…I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want to do.” he said looking into her eyes with the utmost sincerity. “No…I want you to enjoy yourself… please go on without me..” she said softly.

Adrien smiled. “If you’re not going, then neither am I.” he said as he walked with her to a cotton candy stall. He bought one bag of pink cotton candy and offered some to her. Marinette grateful, that he didn’t leave her, took a bite of the cotton candy. The sugar immediately disintegrated on her tounge and she giggled. “It’s like fairies dancing on my tounge.”

Adrien laughed. “I’m really happy I could spend the day with you…Marinette.” he said softly. “ too.” she whispered. Marinette realized that Adrien was looking at the Twister. It had gotten dark and the lights of the Twister, were all light up in rainbow lights. He was memorized. Marinette smiled and pushed down her fear and grabbed his hand.

“Marinette, where-?” he asked but stopped when she lead him to the queue. “Adrien…have you ever been here?” she asked softly. He froze and looked at her sadly. “No…this is my first time here.” He shrunk back in humiliation. “Adrien…don’t be upset, infact…this has to be one of my…best experiences at this park…with you.” she said lowering her eyes, hoping that he didn’t see her blush.

“R…really?” he asked amazed at he kindness. “Y..yes…you looked so happy today and…I want you to have the best time here! Which is why we are going on this thing!” she said confidently.

Adrien was so stunned at Marinette’s kindness that he didn’t realize that he was in the ride until Marinette pulled the safety harness over them. The ride had many multi-coloured carts attached to a pole which was what turned them around. Marinette gripped onto the harness so tightly that her knuckels went white. The ride started and Marinette slid into Adrien’s side. “S..sorry!” she squeaked. Adrien smiled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder.

“You’ll be okay with me.”

Marinette stared into his eyes and felt her fear slipping away. She nodded and leaned on his shoulder while the ride went on. She opened her eyes once the ride stopped and got out. “Sorry…I kinda ruined it for you…I just slept on your shoulder…” she said looking down to the floor. “Are you kidding me? That was, by far, the best ride ever.” he said wrapping her into a hug and spinning her around.

“ Adrien! We are in public!” she squealed as he put her down. He smiled breathlessly and took her hand. “C'mon, the park is gonna close in a few minutes….lets take a walk.” They walked around, pointing at the rides they went in and telling each other stories about their lives.

“-And that’s why I hate the wind!” Adrien declared as they walked out of the park. Marinette burst out laughing. “Adrien, you can’t blame wind for your problems!” she said clutching her stomach. Once they finished laughing their eyes met. “I…I had a really good time with you Marinette… and I would like to do it again sometime…” he said hopefully. “I’d like that.” she said.

There was a honk from the parking lot and their heads snapped up. Marinette’s mom was in her car and the Gorilla was waiting in the limo. “Um…so this is goodbye…until school on Monday…” Marinette stuttered. “Yeah…” he said. There was an awkward silence.

“Well see you on Monday.”
“Bye Marinette.”
“Bye Adrien.”

More silence. Adrien chuckled and kissed Marinette gently on her cheek. “See you on Monday…” he winked and walked to his lift. Marinette touched her cheek and watched as the limo drove away. She walked to her car and got in. “So…” her mom started. “Mom. DON’T YOU DARE.” Marinette flushed.


this video literally took me almost 4 hours to make and im kinda really proud of it :-)

i think tumblr ruined the quality bc its supposed to be like 720p/1080p (??)

Red Dragon Con 2015 - Some Personal Highlights

I will try to keep this relatively short, but I can already tell that it won’t be so strap in. Or skip past now, I can’t tell you what to do. 

It’s been a few days since Red Dragon Con ended and I’m stuck in this weird limbo between being thrilled to tears that it happened, and saddened to tears that it’s over (what I’m saying is that I’m still really emotional ha ha). I really, really hope that they do another because this was without doubt the best weekend of my life thus far. It was incredible. I have never felt surrounded by so much love, enthusiasm and friendship before, so thank you all so much for making that happen. 

I met just a tonne of awesome fannibals, some of whom I’ve known online for a while, and it was awesome to put faces to names. I wish I could namedrop everyone, but my memory is awful and I don’t know everyone’s tumblr so I’m soooo sorry to everyone I’ve inevitably forgotten (I do love you all, I promise).

Anyway, I got to finally meet the gorgeous @dr-hanniballectermd who is awesome and beautiful and I love you, but you already know that <3 Met the fabulous @fearourfourthline who shed feathers all over our bathroom but was a perfectly lovely little ravenstag to room with, even if we fought about the proper pronunciation of tomato and when the correct time to eat a pancake is (you weird American). Hung out with @idontfindyouthatinteresting - it was really awesome to see you again darling, thank you for the cool free stuff and also for letting me drink your booze. Met the beautiful @whatkindofcrazy, super lovely and very funny, and someone else who was a real hoot and turned out to be @bansheegrahamtao - she did knock a glass of wine all over me, but I had just taken my shirt off, so it was entirely my fault.

And as for meeting the cast… Wow. I actually never thought I’d get to meet them so this was incredible for me, and they were all so friendly and funny, and so good to the fans. Getting photos with them and autographs was awesome, the panels were hilarious, the meet and greet was the most excited and nervous I’ve ever felt… Just amazing. Some highlights:

  • Kacey Rohl recognised me from the airport. She walked right past me while I was waiting at arrivals and I didn’t even spot her, whaaaaat?!
  • Aaron Abrams spotted my Hannibal tattoo at the meet and greet and got really excited about it.
  • Loretta Ramos showed up unexpectedly for the first night and was so lovely.
  • I gave Mads a postcard of my artwork at the meet and greet and he had to put on his glasses to look at it properly and pointed out all the characters on it and asked if I was a professional artist and said it was amazing (I’m dead now, RIP)
  • Met Katharine Isabelle and shook her hand, I’ve been a huge fan of hers even before Hannibal and she’s so funny and lovely <3
  • Scoott and Aaroon’s panels. Just everything about them. Pretending to jerk off Sean when he was introducing them, talking about Mads and Hugh snogging off camera, CopCop, take the diamond Rose, nobody puts Will in the corner… Amazing. These two should never be parted.
  • Mads constantly referring to himself as Hannibal during panels. And then trying to use the third person, but inevitably lapsing back to first person by the next question.
  • Can we talk about Mads signing autographs for almost 5 straight hours on Saturday, and still doing it with a smile on his face? He took time to speak to everyone and it was amazing of him. He is also really friendly and chilled out and seemed to make even the most nervous person relax, such a great guy.
  • I may have done a dumb thing when I went up for my autograph with him, and introduced him to the fandom joke that is the Chesapeake Stripper. I’ll let the picture he signed for me speak for itself… (I was wearing clothes, don’t worry, I’m not a psycho fan… A plaid corset and paisley tie under my prison clothes, it’s cool)

I think he found it funny. I don’t remember his reaction because I was too busy trying not to fall over from nerves.

Speaking of the dumb thing I did, I need to share with you Kacey’s reaction to the reveal of my costume because she was hilarious and her face made it 100% worth it:

(Thanks to @DrJLecter on Twitter for sending me this picture, shared with permission)

I do have some pictures of the costume itself but I’m hesitant to share them because I can already anticipate the shitty comments I’ll get. Apart from like one asshole, everyone there was really friendly about it ^-^ The Chesapeake Stripper shall return if we get another con, with more sequins.

I’m sad it’s over, but I had an amazing time and got some awesome stuff to remember it by:

Finally I wanted to share this picture I got with Mads. I was nervous and wasn’t sure what pose to ask for so I decided to keep it simple and get what most people seemed to be getting: ‘Could you put your arm around my shoulders?’

Mads somehow misunderstood this, bless him. He got behind me, put both his hands on me, put his face really close next to mine and said ‘Like this?’

I was so startled to have him so close that I think I gibbered something like ‘Yep, yep that’s just perfect’. Side note: he has very warm, soft hands. So yes, I am grinning like a lunatic in this picture, and I regret nothing.

To conclude, best weekend of my life thus far, it was amazing to meet you all, the cast is as lovely in real life as they look, @starfuryconventions did an incredible job, can’t wait until Red Dragon Con 2 (fingers crossed!), let’s make CopCop happen in the meantime, and also Hannibal season 4 obviously, see you next year hopefully, love you!

#129 - You Have Your Baby

Harry: His hand grips yours, his face right next to your, whispering encouraging words in your ear as you give birth to your first child. “One more (Y/N). Come on baby you can do this.” You fall back, breathing heavily. “I can’t Harry, I can’t,” you cry, exhausted from the hours of painful labor. “Yes you can!” he says determined. “(Y/N) yes you can. One more. I know you can do this.” You look over at him, seeing the happiness behind his eyes. So with everything you have left, you push one more time, the cries of your baby boy following soon after. “Oh my god baby… I knew you could do it,” he said tearing up. “He’s perfect.”

Liam: “You’re doing perfectly baby,” he says softly, on hand holding yours, the other holding your leg up. “C’mon babe, I can see the head! You’re doing amazing,” he cheered, as you put all your strength into your final push, a loud cry filling the room. Falling back into the bed, a tiny body is set onto your now empty stomach. You shakily put your hands on your baby girl, looking at the beautiful life you had brought into the world. “Baby she’s beautiful,” Liam cried, smiling as the tears streamed down his face, kneeling next to you and brushing some hair away from your forehead. Your own tears were building up as your daughter squirmed on your chest. The nurses took her to clean her up as the delivery came to an end. The doctor cleaned you up and rolled you into a private room, where your baby was brought in moments later.

Niall: “Niall,” you cried, reaching your hand out for him to grab. Your breathing was heavy, the labor becoming almost unbearable. It had been nearly 32 hours of endless contractions and an intense one was coming up. He quickly got up from his chair, grabbing your hand tightly and pulling it to his chest. “Baby, baby look at me. Remember our breathing, in…” He took a deep breath in making you follow. “And out…” Niall guided you in the breathing exercise for about 5 minutes until the doctor walked in, and told you it was time to push. A wave of fear overtook your body, as you looked to Niall. “I-I’m not ready,” you stuttered, looking up at him. “(Y/N), hey. Baby, think about it, only a little bit more and we’ll have a baby. Princess you can do this, I’ll be right here.” As the doctors prepared everything, you nodded, feeling an extreme pressure between your legs. “Alright Mrs. Horan, we need you to bear down okay? Let’s deliver this baby.” Taking a deep breath you used the energy you had been saving to push. Niall gripped onto your hand, counting to 10 every time you started again. It was tiring but an hour later when your baby boy, Adam was born, it was all worth it.

Zayn: Holding one of your legs up, Zayn’s eyes kept switching from your face to the miracle happening down below. “You’re doing amazing boo! C’mon, the heads out, one more baby!” You continued pushing, your face going red as you used all the energy you had to deliver this baby. About one minute later, you let out a final cry as a wave of relief washing over you, the piercing cry of your baby echoing through the room. “You did it,” Zayn said, absolutely astonished. “Baby you did it.” Letting go of your leg, he went to cut the cord, tears streaming down his face as the baby was set into your chest. You put your hands on her tiny warm body and held her close to your breast, admiring the tiny features. When the nurses took her to go get cleaned up, the doctor finished up with you, cleaning you up and moving you into a private room, where your new baby girl was brought soon after. Jennifer Ana Malik, 8 pounds, 2 ounces. A healthy baby girl that you and Zayn would cherish the rest of your lives.

Louis: Complications. That was the last word you wanted to hear the doctors say when you went to give birth to your baby. After doing an ultrasound, you had found out that the baby was in a breech position and it wouldn’t be safe to deliver naturally. You were almost devastated. You had been preparing for a fully natural experience, but now that wouldn’t be able to happen. But it was for the baby. You had been keeping that baby safe for 9 months, and you weren’t about to put that small life at risk now. So into surgery you went, Louis standing with the mask over his face, watching them operate on the other side of the curtain. “Louis what’s going on?” you asked groggily, making him look down at you. “They’re almost done love.” He ran his hand through your hair, turning his attention to you until finally the cries of your baby could be heard. You wanted to see. “Lou, Lou boy or girl?” you asked eagerly, tugging on his surgical gown. “Babe it’s a boy. We have a boy,” he cried, happy tears falling down his cheek as he kissed you passionately. “You gave me my boy… and I love you so much. Thank you.”

Hexipuff Sunday Number 59. 980 hexipuffs.

I apologize so much for not updating for two months or since week 52. Today is the first day I’ve had off in forever. I’ve been working and schooling every day of the week, I timed myself and laying all these out took me 1 hour and 40 minutes. That’s JUST laying them out. That doesn’t include bringing all the puffs downstairs, moving the couch and coffee table, vacuuming because I live with disgusting boys, and putting them away. Gosh, putting them away is another hour.

Hexipuff Stats:
I have finished 24 out of 51 colours, I’m almost halfway completed the colours.
Full hexipuff count is 980 but I only am using 939 for my blanket (approximately). Any extras I plan to make matching pillows.
I’m missing 5 colours to complete my blanket. I need a lilac tweed, and a light green, and I want to dye my last striping colour family.
Thing is getting freaking massive too. It’s approximately 92" by 68.5". Gosh by the time I get to 1400 (my new goal) my living room won’t be able to handle it. Even standing on my stairs it was hard to get them all in shot.

Thanks to my new copy of ParaNorman, which kept me company while I laid these out. Now for when I put them away, FROZEN.


Jack’s outro with VR a.k.a. Various Rotations ( ̄∀ ̄ )

Just let it be known that this gif set took me about 5 hours to make. So you will understand if the title is a bit… well, let’s just say it seemed funnier in my head and I am very exhausted now. On the bright side, I watched a lot of documentaries on whales and shark during the making haha… <__< Anyways, here you go! One super-energetic Jack outro with spinning eagle and One-Two-Several-Punch-Man poses. From me to you and for all of us to share! Spread the energy wheeee <3


The real reason John is fixated on toasters.

but seriously don’t try and make grilled cheese that way my friend’s toaster caught on fire.