took me almost 5 hours to make this


Jack’s outro with VR a.k.a. Various Rotations ( ̄∀ ̄ )

Just let it be known that this gif set took me about 5 hours to make. So you will understand if the title is a bit… well, let’s just say it seemed funnier in my head and I am very exhausted now. On the bright side, I watched a lot of documentaries on whales and shark during the making haha… <__< Anyways, here you go! One super-energetic Jack outro with spinning eagle and One-Two-Several-Punch-Man poses. From me to you and for all of us to share! Spread the energy wheeee <3

Life Is Strange Theory For Episode 5

So, I came up with this after crying and staring at a wall for a few hours because of episode 4

But then it came to me

Mr. Jefferson constantly compliments Max’s photography skills, right? But then, when he took advantage of Kate with the pictures, in class, he almost seemed to ignore her existence.

So my theory is that Mr. Jefferson wanted Max to enter a photo so badly in the contest so he could choose her to win, so they could spend “alone” time together and he could teach her his photography methods (shudder)

It just doesn’t make sense why he would ALWAYS be singling her out (ESPECIALLY for her photography skills) if he wanted to photograph her in a vulnerable state, because then he’d have singled Kate out as well.

“And Max, has a gift.”
“I’d never let one of (something something I’m remembering by memory don’t hate me) ’s future stars avoid handing in her entry!”
“I really wish you’d have entered in the Every Day Heroes contest.” (or something like that)

And then, also, why would he simply kill Chloe instead of both of them? Why would he bother to drug Max instead of killing her for discovering his secret, like he did Chloe?

He wants Max to work WITH him, not be another one of his playthings.