took me ages to make lol

“We saw our defender stand and fall. And now we have seen her return.” -Mother Giselle

I spam so much of this cosplay (sorry lol) but it’s my favourite and I spent so long making it. This whole cosplay took about 150 hours to complete and it was absolutely worth it in the end!

Inquisitor Trevelyan cosplay by me :)
Staff by Volpin Props

[ Servamp Fanmix ]
[ KuroMahi & LawLicht ]

- You’re Mine - Disturbed
- Keep Fighting - Fireflight
- Lifesaver - Sunrise Avenue
- Say You Will - Evanescence
- Comatose - Skillet
- Faster - Within Temptation
- The Light - Disturbed
- Believe - Nickelback
- My Demons - Starset
- Fire In My Eyes - Fireflight
- And Then You Kissed Me - The Cardigans
- Paradise - Within Temptation
- You Can Never Be Ready - Sunrise Avenue


So here’s a fanmix (I think that’s what it’s called?) for my two favourite Servamp ships… a lot of the songs fit both of them equally, hence the fusion. All songs were taken from my (long) list of favourites, they just happened to fit… or at least I think so, opinions may vary (and usually do ^_^). My personal favourite is the first song, You’re Mine, even though it took ages to find a video without errors… my fav was make wish=vanquish, lol. I also wanted to add Follow You Home by Nickelback as some kind of crack bonus thing, but I resisted the urge.

(ps: most of the fanmixes I’ve seen added official art to the post so that’s what I did here; but if it’s not ok I’ll remove it, just tell me.)

Sim Requests!

Again, really sorry this took so long. Since I have 50+ followers I figured I’d start with five slots (if need be I’ll extend it to ten). If you want me to make a sim for you just send me an ask with this filled so I know what kind of sim you want:

Age: (Teen, Elder, etc.)



Private or Public Request:

CC or no?:

Packs: (So you don’t end up with a naked sim, lol)

Traits: (if you want something specific) 

You can also put more (fashion style, backstory, if they’re for a challenge, etc). Make it as long or brief as you want. Thank you all so much and I hope you continue to enjoy my content! <333

Edit: Request List

  1. greenfooddog
  2. 108sims

anonymous asked:

I. Oh my gosh, I just realized that Harry is 23! I was wondering all these months why everyone who wrote an article about him got his age wrong because I was so convinced he had his 22nd birthday this year. And this isn’t even the first time I changed someone’s age without noticing. A few years ago, me and a co-worker were talking about our age and I said (totally convinced of that fact) that I was 30 years old. But then she looked at me funnily and asked if I wasn’t 4 years older than her

II. and that this would make me 31… I couldn’t stop thinking about it and in the evening I asked my mum how old I was. Without even have to think about it for a second she answered 31. Let’s just say it took me a good ten minutes of calculations to finally be convinced that I was indeed a year older than I thought. Lol. Numbers really aren’t my specialist field.

LOL There’s your mindfuck for the year, Anon!  My mom spent a couple of years thinking she was a year older until a doctor told her that she wasn’t and it messed her up for a long time.

It’s like spending an entire year thinking it was yesterday. Oops!  

I’m glad it got all settled LOL  <3

scarslookgood  asked:

ff+Jack (he wrote it)

Send me “ff+” and a character name and my character will react to finding and reading a graphic and sex-filled fanfiction of themselves and that character.

Eddie sat down and took a sip from her can of pop, opening up her email to skim through the contents. Normally this was the only time she got to make contact with her friend, so it became a daily routine. She clicked on the first message; there was no subject, but she recognized the email it came from. Her eyes skimmed the contents, slowly widening as she read along. She coughed, face lighting up bright red.

“Fucking - JACK, are you trying to say something here?” she called, shoving her chair back and crossing her arms as it rolled along the floor. “This is not cool. What if this gets on the internet?! You’re 100% less likely to get booty because of this!”

anonymous asked:

Pls pls pls do a marriage proposal one pls I love your blog btw

Thank you so much!! 💗 here ya go: (this one took me ages for some reason lol so I hope you enjoy it! :) )

It was vidcon, and you were nervous as fuck.
You didn’t know why you were so taken over with nerves, because you were just there to support Calvin. You originally didn’t really want to go, but he had begged you to.

‘Please, baby,’ he had asked yesterday when you had just woken up.
He had kissed you awake, his plump lips gently making their way down your neck. You smiled as you slowly opened your eyes, your brain still not snapping awake. You lay there in his embrace - his arm wrapped around your waist and his lips left trails of goosebumps wherever they touched. A shiver of electricity made its way down your spine and you sighed contentedly.
You groaned when his lips lost contact, immediately yearning for his gentle touch again, and he chuckled.
‘I was thinking,’ he began, his gravelly morning voice having the same effect on you as his lips had done.
You rolled over to face him and cuddled into him, laying your head on his chest. His deep voice made his chest vibrate slightly as he spoke and it was strangely soothing. You couldn’t resist closing your eyes again as you lay there and he traced gentle patterns on your arms with his fingertips.
You loved it when he was like this - this was the side of him no one else got to see except you, and you treasured every second of it.

It was in this moment that he had begged you to come with him, bribing you with his feathery touch and his addictive lips.
You had eventually agreed, although very reluctantly.
Now you cursed yourself for being unable to say no to him as you looked at the crowds outside the venue.

He took your hand in his and intertwined your fingers as he began to pull you through the thick crowds. You eventually made it to a stage where Calvin stopped and pulled you in front of him, pushing you both to the front.
His hands rested on your hips and your back was to his front as he made sure no one stood in front of you and blocked your way.
You were so grateful to have him with you, as you wouldn’t have a clue where to go or when to go there without him.
That being said - you didn’t have a clue why you were standing in the front row to a stage that didn’t really have very much going on.

After ten minutes of Calvin checking his phone every few seconds, he leaned down to your ear and said, ‘I’m gonna go and meet Pyro. I’ll be back soon babe, don’t move.’
Before you could turn to protest, his grip on your waist was lost and he was gone.
You sighed, and the number of people surrounding you seemed to close in on you, making you even more anxious.

After 5 minutes you pulled your phone out and messaged Calvin, asking him where he was.
You were suddenly distracted by a screech that resembled that of a pterodactyl’s anguished cry as it rung out through the speakers and made everyone scream and cover their ears.

You looked up to the stage, frowning as your ears were vaguely ringing, to see a red-faced Calvin holding the microphone in one hand, rubbing his neck awkwardly with the other.

'Uh, sorry about that,’ he said, an adorably goofy grin breaking out on his features. You watched his gaze scan the crowd and then meet yours, and he just smiled mischievously.

You stood amongst hundreds of other people and gasped with them as an image of the stage appeared on massive screens either side of it.

'What the-?’ You muttered under your breath as you took in the hype over what was apparently meant to be happening on the stage.
You didn’t know Calvin was part of any events or anything; he hadn’t mentioned any.

He was the most nervous he had ever been in his life as he looked out over the sea of people gaping up at him, one of which was you.
He knew you’d be dying to know what was going on, and he so badly wanted to tell you, but not yet.

He waited until Pyro was positioned by the stairs at the side of the stage and then he began.
'Hey, um, so - I don’t really know how to start this,’ he chuckled, and you couldn’t help but smile at him as he charmed everyone in the room.
'First, I’m gonna ask Y/n to come up here,’ he said and your heart sank as your palms immediately became sweaty.
You plastered on what you hoped was a believable smile over your terrified expression and shook your head at Calvin as he made eye contact, knowing he was fully aware you did not want to get up onto the stage.
He wouldn’t take no for an answer though and coaxed the crowd until they were chanting your name, and you eventually gave in. Grudgingly.

You walked over to the stage and Pyro helped you up the steep steps, catching your elbow as you nearly fell back down them again. You frowned slightly at the noise that was being played through the speakers… What was that?
You feared you already knew as you glanced up at the screens that were now moving - and you were on them.
You were now on the stage and you covered your face with embarrassment as pictures and videos of you and Calvin played to this massive audience.
You heard your own hysterical laughter and you didn’t even have to look up - you knew it was that time you videoed Calvin falling off the sofa as he tried to do a handstand and failed.

Calvin came over to you and took your hand in his, making you show your face.
'I’m going to kill you,’ you muttered, but he just laughed as his eyes glittered beneath the bright stage lights.

You looked on as pictures of you flickered on the screen - when you fell asleep on him and he 'thought you looked cute so I had to take a picture’; when you went out to eat and you had sauce on your nose that he didn’t tell you about until the end of the night (and after he had taken tons of pictures); and even pictures you never knew existed - like ones of you lying underneath the stars when he took you on a midnight drive; or when you’re laughing at something he said and he snaps a picture without you knowing; or when you’re wearing his sweater and he loves the way you look in it and he can’t resist documenting the moment.

You looked at him in awe after it was over and he turned to you and took your hand as the crowd began to cheer.

'Y/n, baby - you’re one of the only things that makes me happy on a daily basis and you make me smile whenever I need it. You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t help but want to be around you all the time. I’ve never felt this way about anyone before and it’s so fucking scary, but I don’t know what else to do to show you how much I love you but to ask you if you would please, please marry me?’

The crowd was roaring and tears were streaming down your face as you listened to the words spilling from his beautiful lips.
He pulled a sleek black box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a sparkling ring that positively shone under the bright lights.

You were speechless as you looked into his brown eyes that were now lined with tears you knew he’d never let fall in public.
You nodded your head in disbelief and his eyes lit up.
'Yeah?’ He asked, his face a picture of joy.
'Yes!’ You exclaimed and he wrapped his arms around you as everyone cheered and whistled - but you didn’t care about any of that anymore.
He slipped the ring on your finger and it was a perfect fit; it was stunning.
You were encompassed in his strong embrace and his erratic breaths tickled your neck as he whispered just to you,
'I love you.’

His lips were pressed against yours and his hands firmly held your waist as the ring gleamed on your finger.
You knew that if you had to chose one place to spend the rest of your life, it would be in his arms.

I tried to fluff it up a lil more than usual - pls feel free to give me any feedback and thank you so much for the request!! :D 💗 X

hey guys!! i just reached 2.5k so i thought i would make some icons to celebrate :))) enjoy โ™ก

  • 50 100x100 icons from teen wolf, the 100, fear the walking dead and various celebs
  • please like/reblog if you use any
  • no need for credit but if anyone asks just redirect i guess :)))
  • all of them are under the cut, and there are others here, enjoy!!

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A “Toxic” reunion 12 years later. @TysonCBeckford took the stage with britneyspears on her last show before her summer break at the Axis theater, in PhVegas on May 20th. The “Toxic” hottie, Tyson took to instagram and said, “Don’t mind when she make me her bitch! Ms. Spears!” These two haven’t aged a bit! Potential feature video hottie again? I think so! (Caption by me! Lol)

Tyson dancing (ohh la la!)

You guys!! I made an actual fanvid! It took me like 5 hours to make even though it’s less than 2 minutes long and for some reason the quality is terrible on youtube even though it looks okay on my computer, and I know the concept’s not very creative and it’s nothing like those majestic fanvids people make…

But still!!!

jesapeak  asked:

I found your maybe larry moment in the video. I have the still but no clue as to how to send it to Still new here. Um. You have to make a 1 sec gif from 4:37 in the video then split that gif into frames. Who managed to find it without knowing to look for it? Because that's impressive.

Oh my GOD…you’re right. It took me ages to do this because it’s not even like a full second. Here’s 4:36

And then 4:37 has like five things happen rapid fire, but I managed to somehow get this:

Louis’ probably like ‘You alright, love? Is this water too cold? Where’s that ridiculous coat? Why were you wearing that? Does anyone know?’

A little list of my Castiel headcanons.

I tried to collect some things that I like to think about or just generally assume while watching SPN. Some headcanons are more serious than others. ;D

1. Castiel might say that he’s very old, but for an angel he’s actually quite young. Certainly the youngest in his garrison, maybe the youngest of them all. Long after angels were being made, he still came into being. He was considered a miracle at first, a sign that God’s still around, but then sooner than later the higher ups realized that he’s actually a nightmare. He came out all wrong.

2. Dean and Cas are married. They just got some fake documents and did it. It probably was one of those moments where Dean wasn’t really thinking straight (yeah *lol*) and he never really told anyone who really mattered (i.e. Sam or Bobby). Even if it might be fake, Castiel really cares about it.

3. Castiel is what the angel species would consider female. There aren’t really a lot of female angels around anymore.

4. The jury’s still out on whether Castiel can or can’t cook. If he gets clear directions it’ll be fine, but otherwise everything turns out questionnable because he can’t taste it. When he was human he preferred eating things that he didn’t have to prepare himself: usually canned soup and sandwiches.

5. Cas’ body is still that of a 35 year old man. That’s how old Jimmy was when Castiel took him as his vessel and he hasn’t aged since (apart from the couple of months spent as a human).

6. Castiel isn’t attracted to women. He might go on dates with women etc because “that’s what humans do” but he’s not interested. (I know canon kinda debunked this headcanon, which makes me grumpy.)

7. Castiel doesn’t really have a close relationship to any other angel. (But maybe that’s just me being bitter that he tends to be let down by the other angels.)

8. Whatever Castiel’s trueform is, it only has one head. *lol* (This is merely an artistic/ aesthetic decision. Maybe because I don’t want to have to figure out how to draw more than one head.)

9. Castiel likes being the little spoon.

10. Castiel sucks at pillow talk.

11. Castiel is the bottom of the relationship. *winks*

Maybe to be continued!

dieinpeaceplz  asked:

Sooo when will the next part air? It looks u gonna took ages right ? XD I just want to complete it before I die lol

It’ll “air” after I actually finish making it. Cartoons take a long time to produce on your own, dude. When I was in college for animation, it was much easier to just focus on animating, but now I’m graduated and I’ve got financial/personal problems to deal with and it’s much more difficult to just drop everything I’m doing and crank out more cartoons for you. Trust me, I want to complete it before I die too.

sorcerer-weekly  asked:

I don't normally do this, but.. Lazy asssssss. >:)

Ahah, me neither. Thought I’d just put all my unfinished art to use lol. xD

Soooo, @mslead and I were talking about an AU where Natsu is a glassblower who makes Dragon figurines a while back. :D I tried to draw it loool, and this took me ages to get right, and I never got to finish or post it because idk (ugh)? xD Imagine that AU though!! I was thinking of it being a continuation of my previous AU (comic) where they’re reincarnated. c:

Game: For every “lazy ass” message I get, I’ll post art I didn’t want to finish.