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 Titles from Carter Burwell’s score for Carol 

“A great score, I think, it’s impossible to imagine the movie without it, and that score comes back to me all the time. It evokes the entire film every time I hear it […] The Burwell score is this device that constantly returns you to the film, so you’re looking at this moment in the past and you’re always going to recall it with that very hummable theme.” - The A.V. Club


Robert Week Day 6: Best scene

Happy Kristoff Weekend, everyone!

So, I have ignored the prompts and drew Kristoff in different hairstyles! (Clockwise from the top right, Phoebus, Danny Zuko from Grease, Thor & Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys)

Which one is your favourite?


ultimate dragon age meme: five mages (2/5)


“If you define religious as sitting in a Chantry and listening to a blithering hen tell you how to live, then no. If you define it as believing in the possibility that something larger than yourself exists, then yes. By all means. The world is bigger than I, even bigger than you. It laughs at all the things we think we know.”

jbweek number the 7th fic update: and give all the love that you have in your soul, chapter 5

and give all the love that you have in your soul (5/8); jaime/brienne, jon connington/rhaegar, jon connington/omc, r (future chapters); time travel shenanigans plus actual warnings on ao3; written for day seven, valyrian steel;

chapter five: in which Brienne has a hard month and Jaime has, as well.

terumob and ritshou are good pairings and dynamics and i like them a lot but riteru and shoumob are actually really interesting in the way they kind of challenge the characters? i think ritsu and teru would maybe bring out some of eachother’s worse traits but in a way that would ultimately lead to growth. meanwhile with shou and mob things would probably be a lot sweeter - shou would be faced with a kindness and compassion that’s all too lacking in his life, meanwhile shou’s energy might be frustrating but also refreshing for mob


My take on the Kirkwall gang in Inquisition. (part 2)

Some Study Lifestyle Tips

because I can, because WACE is coming and the Americans are starting a new school year at some point probably?? and because it’s always important to look after yourself while studying

I’m not going to claim that all of these will work for everybody or that everyone will be able to do all of them etc etc but I’ve struggled with burnout and sustained anxiety due in part to medical reasons but in part to unhealthy study-based lifestyle and this is some of what I’ve learnt so:

  • Don’t work where you sleep - As well as promoting bad posture (and getting study snack crumbs all over your bed) this stops your mind and body from separating “work” and “rest”. I know it’s tempting!! and tbh I still do it sometimes. But when your mind and body can’t differentiate, those half-asleep panic thoughts about what you have to do the next day etc etc get worse. Your body rests when it should be alert and tries to stay alert when it should be resting in case you ask it to do something. It’s exhausting! Please don’t do it. You can still use your bed for fun (eg. TV, blogging, reading - I love me a nest don’t get me wrong) but when you actually have to knuckle down, go somewhere else. Preferably a desk, but even the floor, dining table or couch! Also, having a shower or getting dressed (or even just washing your face or putting back your hair) before you start work is a great way to force yourself into “productive mode” especially if you’re feeling lethargic.

  • Ritual is more important than time table - All through high school we got told, make timetables, make timetables. I could NEVER stick to them. My focus just doesn’t work like that and neither does my workload. However, what I have found helpful is establishing ritual. eg. do I get coffee when I start work or when I start break? Related to the above, this helps get me into “work” mode or “rest” mode. Also, don’t be afraid to reward yourself but be disciplined with your rewards. Can you have one lolly for every 10 minutes work? 10 lollies an hour? A handful after you’ve done this section? STICK TO IT. Rewards only work if you do.

  • Time tables don’t have to be regular - Again, the usual deal with timetabling is that you spend say, half an hour per day per class studying. First of all, how many hours a day do they think we have, damn? But second of all, that’s a USELESS GENERIC FRAMEWORK. Are you good at the subject? Does it have a really high workload? Is it your major? Then GIVE IT MORE OR LESS TIME. Also, work out when you are most productive during the day and demand more of yourself at that time. eg for me I am quite productive in the morning, so if I have a blocked out “study day” I’ll start with 1-1.5 hour sessions with 15-30 min breaks and gradually slack off until I’m doing more break than study but it’s okay bc I did most of my work in the morning. The point of timetabling is to make sure you actually get the work done: therefore, you need to do it in a way that will allow you to actually get the work done

  • Diet & Reward Choice is important - Rewards are great, but caffeine and sugar are bad for you and they are bad for your sleep and concentration, which you need to study with!! If you’re eating a lot of sugary snacks, make sure you drink water and have healthy meals. If you’re drinking too much coffee OWN UP TO IT. I was having anxiety problems so I restricted myself to 2 coffees a day, and not after 6pm, and even though I didn’t drink a lot and I don’t feel the “buzz” coffee gives some people, it has helped me (and also reduced some gut problems I was giving myself). Also ofc try to replace lollies with fruit or food with non-food based rewards (eg a trip to the movies when this essay’s done) but it depends what’s going to motivate you and how much motivation you need. I tend to get into the lollies when it’s been assignments uphill through the snow both ways and I’m losing my will to live but I watch sitcoms every break all the time often. What works for you?

  • Let some things slip - Yes it’s true that poor hygiene and mess can be harmful to your mental health but figure out what you can ignore and how long for because most things can be fixed after you hand that report in. Will your head explode if your room is messy? Then clean it, but if you can live with it, let it slide for a bit. Is a shower an important part of your daily ritual? Then do it, but if you’re cool with waiting until you can feel the grease on your face sometimes that’s the way it’s gonna be. It’s not like you’re meeting people anyway. And your fellow students PROBABLY don’t give a shit as long as it’s not a presentation and you don’t have killer B.O. Your accomodation can’t just slide into the shit eternally, especially if you live with roommates or family, but go easy on yourself is what I’m saying, and prioritise yourself & your food & your rest & your work (*which contributes greatly to your health) above nicities you don’t need. Feed your pets though. That’s important.

  • Act, Belong, Commit - This is an Australian mental health campaign that really sums up a lot of the best things you can do. Of course we can’t always have that perfect work-life balance, especially trying to pay rent or have a family or during exam time etc etc etc but remember, health including mental health is not an “all or nothing” thing. Every little bit helps! You’ll be surprised (I know I was). Your “C” that’s probably your work/study if you’re reading this! But “Belong” that can be stuff like choir, sports clubs, church, volunteering, or really anything that you’re passionate about including informal communities - for me it’s mostly Amnesty International, activism, & fandom. And then “Act” well that took me ages bc exercise is the bane of my existence but if dancing around in your underwear is what it takes DO THAT. In fact now, I’ve joined a proper dance class! There will be some kind of physical activity that you can tolerate, even if it’s like, a few laps in the pool or walking the dog or even just walking to the store. I look for opportunities to do exercise with a purpose (eg on my way to buy something) bc for its own sake?? No way. You don’t even have to do it enough to get sweaty, lose weight or build muscle (although that’s great). Just a little bit is better than none,

This is getting long so I’m going to stop but feel free to ask me questions and I wish you good luck & good grades!!


Ok so this is literally my first ever public piece of writing and I’m so proud of it. Its a Otayuri one shot I wrote based on the song Young by The Chainsmokers and yea here it is. It is also illustrated by @iamatrashfan who I’m obsessed with and the art for this song also pushed me to post this so yea… here’s to my fave otp and my first public piece ❤️❤️


The world fell silent in the mist of cigarette smoke. Bodies pressed together in the heat of a rare summer night in Russia. Otabek flew over last week in order to visit before pre-season began. The window of the small room was cracked open for the 12 am breeze as well to let out the smoke of the cigarette being passed back and forth between Yuri and Otabek. It was a long day, Beka took him on a motorcycle ride to visit his grandpa and have dinner. Lila and Yakov were away for some ballet summer camp where they were working at meaning the teen had the apartment to himself. The two of them have been together for quite a while now and could definitely say they had memories to share. Yuri now 18 and Otabek 19 turning 20 they owned every single moment good and bad ranging from bar fights to carnival nights. But neither of them were complaining. Yuri absolutely loved the wind in his continuously growing hair when he gets on the back of Bekas bike and Otabek just loved to be with him. But they’ve had their share of arguments mater of fact they were post-cuddling at this very moment. They got into and argument with Yuras grandfather over how reckless they could be. Yuri and his stubborn attitude clashed with Otabeks calm and collective side and when Yuri let something slip his grandpa was quick to pick up on it. They hashed it out in the backyard until it was dinner time to which they dropped it for at least then. The ride back home was agonizingly silent for Otabek, he had never heard Yuri so silent and it was scaring him a little bit. They parked the bike and returned to the apartment building. Things were said and Yuri laid hands on Otabek but as soon as he pushed he was immediately snapped out of his rage. They apologized to eachother and decided to make it back to the room, both exhausted from yelling and arguing. “You know something Beks? I hate arguing with you. It sucks and I hate it. Period.” The cigarette now put out in the ashtray on the bed stand. Potya silently made her way on the bed and squished herself between the two of them purring sleepily Otabek as of instinct began to pet her. “It’s not easy to stop the argument when you let your temper take over. Its hard to talk to you especially when you begin to yell.” Yuri scoffed but knew he was right. He tended to lose any sense when we was angry know all to well when it came with Viktor and his stupid fiancé. “Yea yea I said I was sorry. Anyways you tend to get me angry every time you just stand there with that sane face and calm voice when we’re obviously arguing.” Otabek sighed, “Well one of us has to be rational in order to keep the peace in the end.” With the cigarette now put out he was able to take the opportunity to snuggle up closer to his boyfriend, basking in the scent of him. It was a mix of cologne, cigarettes, and engine oil due to the fact he works on his second bike every day, his goal to get it up and running eventually. “ Besides I like to think we grow from every argument we have.” Yuri groaned and placed his arms under his head so he can still lay on him but also be able to see his face. “Ugh here we go with your words of wisdom.” Otabek slightly chuckled. Yuri was not one of mottos and sayings but he knew what he meant by it and still listened. “What? I’m just saying that everyday we learn a little bit more than the day before it. Yura we’re still young meaning we have lots of time to figure things out.” He knew Otabek had a point, and to be frank he was pretty sure he heard something like this from Lila. “Yes and it’s one of the reasons you tend to take things slow. It took me ages for you to let me kiss you.” “Yea well I just wanna enjoy things while we can you know?” And he did know. Otabek was a man of many words when it came to the moments he shared only with him. Yuri tended to rush things but was always down for whatever Beka was comfortable with, not wanting to scare the boy away. It was safe to say they were still figuring things out, they could debate for hours on end about their own opinions, but there was always a meeting point where things just made sense. “I know what you mean but sometimes taking a chance could be worth it. I took a chance with you.” “Hmph more like you took a chance and got lucky. Beggars can’t be choosy.” Yuri laughed and hit him. “Shut up with your inspirational quotes. Just kiss me damn it.” And just that he did. Their lips met in a slow paced kiss sealing the forgotten words and punches from the day tight and away. If only they could stay this young forever.


Whose Line Is It Anyway, Secret. S10E08