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 Titles from Carter Burwell’s score for Carol 

“A great score, I think, it’s impossible to imagine the movie without it, and that score comes back to me all the time. It evokes the entire film every time I hear it […] The Burwell score is this device that constantly returns you to the film, so you’re looking at this moment in the past and you’re always going to recall it with that very hummable theme.” - The A.V. Club


Teen Wolf AU: 

In which Stiles is a child prodigy that keeps winning competitions for his freewheeling, joyous interpretations of traditional masterpieces and Derek is a dour violinist that finds himself irritated by the young Stilinski’s style because he resents Stiles’s freedom, his happinesand his ability to engage in music as if it was a form of play, whereas for Derek it’s all about practice and technical perfection and outdoing his opponents.

Happy Kristoff Weekend, everyone!

So, I have ignored the prompts and drew Kristoff in different hairstyles! (Clockwise from the top right, Phoebus, Danny Zuko from Grease, Thor & Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys)

Which one is your favourite?


ultimate dragon age meme: five mages (2/5)


“If you define religious as sitting in a Chantry and listening to a blithering hen tell you how to live, then no. If you define it as believing in the possibility that something larger than yourself exists, then yes. By all means. The world is bigger than I, even bigger than you. It laughs at all the things we think we know.”


Ok so this is literally my first ever public piece of writing and I’m so proud of it. Its a Otayuri one shot I wrote based on the song Young by The Chainsmokers and yea here it is. It is also illustrated by @iamatrashfan who I’m obsessed with and the art for this song also pushed me to post this so yea… here’s to my fave otp and my first public piece ❤️❤️


The world fell silent in the mist of cigarette smoke. Bodies pressed together in the heat of a rare summer night in Russia. Otabek flew over last week in order to visit before pre-season began. The window of the small room was cracked open for the 12 am breeze as well to let out the smoke of the cigarette being passed back and forth between Yuri and Otabek. It was a long day, Beka took him on a motorcycle ride to visit his grandpa and have dinner. Lila and Yakov were away for some ballet summer camp where they were working at meaning the teen had the apartment to himself. The two of them have been together for quite a while now and could definitely say they had memories to share. Yuri now 18 and Otabek 19 turning 20 they owned every single moment good and bad ranging from bar fights to carnival nights. But neither of them were complaining. Yuri absolutely loved the wind in his continuously growing hair when he gets on the back of Bekas bike and Otabek just loved to be with him. But they’ve had their share of arguments mater of fact they were post-cuddling at this very moment. They got into and argument with Yuras grandfather over how reckless they could be. Yuri and his stubborn attitude clashed with Otabeks calm and collective side and when Yuri let something slip his grandpa was quick to pick up on it. They hashed it out in the backyard until it was dinner time to which they dropped it for at least then. The ride back home was agonizingly silent for Otabek, he had never heard Yuri so silent and it was scaring him a little bit. They parked the bike and returned to the apartment building. Things were said and Yuri laid hands on Otabek but as soon as he pushed he was immediately snapped out of his rage. They apologized to eachother and decided to make it back to the room, both exhausted from yelling and arguing. “You know something Beks? I hate arguing with you. It sucks and I hate it. Period.” The cigarette now put out in the ashtray on the bed stand. Potya silently made her way on the bed and squished herself between the two of them purring sleepily Otabek as of instinct began to pet her. “It’s not easy to stop the argument when you let your temper take over. Its hard to talk to you especially when you begin to yell.” Yuri scoffed but knew he was right. He tended to lose any sense when we was angry know all to well when it came with Viktor and his stupid fiancé. “Yea yea I said I was sorry. Anyways you tend to get me angry every time you just stand there with that sane face and calm voice when we’re obviously arguing.” Otabek sighed, “Well one of us has to be rational in order to keep the peace in the end.” With the cigarette now put out he was able to take the opportunity to snuggle up closer to his boyfriend, basking in the scent of him. It was a mix of cologne, cigarettes, and engine oil due to the fact he works on his second bike every day, his goal to get it up and running eventually. “ Besides I like to think we grow from every argument we have.” Yuri groaned and placed his arms under his head so he can still lay on him but also be able to see his face. “Ugh here we go with your words of wisdom.” Otabek slightly chuckled. Yuri was not one of mottos and sayings but he knew what he meant by it and still listened. “What? I’m just saying that everyday we learn a little bit more than the day before it. Yura we’re still young meaning we have lots of time to figure things out.” He knew Otabek had a point, and to be frank he was pretty sure he heard something like this from Lila. “Yes and it’s one of the reasons you tend to take things slow. It took me ages for you to let me kiss you.” “Yea well I just wanna enjoy things while we can you know?” And he did know. Otabek was a man of many words when it came to the moments he shared only with him. Yuri tended to rush things but was always down for whatever Beka was comfortable with, not wanting to scare the boy away. It was safe to say they were still figuring things out, they could debate for hours on end about their own opinions, but there was always a meeting point where things just made sense. “I know what you mean but sometimes taking a chance could be worth it. I took a chance with you.” “Hmph more like you took a chance and got lucky. Beggars can’t be choosy.” Yuri laughed and hit him. “Shut up with your inspirational quotes. Just kiss me damn it.” And just that he did. Their lips met in a slow paced kiss sealing the forgotten words and punches from the day tight and away. If only they could stay this young forever.


Rumbelle Week / Day Threed
Rumbelle+Colours: Silver

Belle spent the last few minutes just staring at her own reflection. No mistaking what was in front of her very eyes; gingerly, she lifted a hand to press to the side of her head. Although still shy of her thirtieth year, she was surprised it wasn’t more prevalent, considering all the stress they’d faced over the last few weeks. Now, how to -

“Belllleeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Came the muffled whine from the adjoining room. Speaking of stress, it had been a long and trying day, and both of them were beyond tired.

With a wry smile, Belle stepped to the doorway of the master bath, looking in on the bedroom. Rumplestiltskin lay flat on his back on the bed, limbs splayed out in the exact position where she’d left him 10 minutes prior. The only difference being that he’d managed to change into his blue silk pajamas (that she’d often favored wearing herself many-a-morning). He’d tossed a pillow across his eyes to block out the offending bathroom light. Switching everything off, she carefully made her way over to the bed while her eyes adjusted to the moonlight peeking through the drapes.

Rumplestiltskin cracked an eye open at her as she perched on the edge of the bed.

“Everything alright Sweetheart? You usually spend less time in there than I do.”

“Hmm,” Belle peeled off her slippers. “I found one.”

“Found what?”

“…A white hair.”

The other eye popped open. “What?”

She pointed to the side of her head to touch the offending strand.

Rumple just stared at her for a moment in semi- amusement, then flopped over on his side, facing away from her in a halfhearted sulk.

“Oh yes,  right. ONE.”

Despite the playful timbre to his voice, Belle felt a bittersweet ache in her heart. He never spoke of it out loud, but she could tell the gap in their physical ages sometimes bothered him.

Gently, she reached over and carded the shining streak that lived near his left temple. The one that lately seemed to be growing day by day, that could usually only be seen peeking out from the tufts of his long hair.  The one she secretly adored.

He grunted as she crawled under the sheets and snuggled up behind him. Lightly running the back of her finger up the line of his jaw, she stroked the soft sideburns which were also peppered with gray.

 “Mr. Gold has a silver lining,” She purred, trying to soothe. “But only I get to touch.”

Finally, Rumple smiled. “You can touch as much as you like,” he said, pulling her into his embrace and tucking her under his chin.

“Really?” Asked Belle, with a hopeful note.


 Rumplestiltskin would regret those words come morning.

C'mon Puppy | Nyx Ulric x Fem!Reader

RATING: Teen | GENRE: Fluff
AUTHOR’S COMMENT: The first thing I want to do is thank to EVERYONE who encouraged me to do this; to @ladyscientia, you where with me from the start thank you for all your love, compression and help, without you this fic will probably still hide in some dark place of my pc; to @chocobropuffs @thebulletsofmusicblues @alcyone2305, for telling me no matter what I should post if coz I enjoy writing it! and that should be what matters~ thank you *hugs* and finally to @kantonliu, believe me or not I was the scared annon who need a little push to do this, your words were the last impulse to do this.
I been holding this for like 6 to 7 months, I was (actually I’m still really scared) of posting it, English is not my native language and we can say I learn it by my self, so I know it’s far from perfect and I’m really uhmm… frightened? of others, so this is a HUGE thing for me.
To get this, the final version of the fic was a battle but again thanks to everyone who help me.
I hope you like and ejoy it.

It’s a quiet summer night in Insomnia. The wind is warmer than the usual, stopping you from falling asleep.

“Whaaa… sooo HOT…” You roll out of your bed and look out the window. The night looks tauntingly beautiful and cooler outside then in. “I guess going for a walk wouldn’t harm anyone.”

You drift contentedly through the streets, admiring the little things. Being a member of the Kingsglaive left little time for this sort of thing. You breathe in, expunging the toxins from the day, and stare up past the dizzying skyline of the city to the horizon. The stars wink at you from above.

  The beauty of inky blue twilight is overwhelming. You stare whole-heartedly, as if the sky is transferring some of its energy to you. The feeling of life coming and going overflows in your head. You wish you could have the ability to enjoy this life without all the complications of stress and duty. You exhale through your nose, feeling inspired. Perhaps a good start is telling him about how you’ve felt all these years.

“If I could just say something,” You say to yourself. The familiar frustration of this thought tears you from your inspired gaze at the stars.

Insomnia is blazing bright with big-city vigor. The street before you is pulsing with the verve of a nearby bar, encouraging you to continue your stroll for a bit longer.

Drunk in your own thought, you can’t dodge daydreaming about the bastard; the one that unknowingly makes your days happier. His smile, his look, sometimes so kind and sometimes so cocky. His awful jokes. How he always tries to be the tough guy. The “Hero” of everyone. A chuckle escapes from your lips, “That idiot is going to get himself kill one of this days…

In this exact moment, you feel the fear of losing him taking control. Just the idea of not seeing him again is something you can’t stand. The dread leads your thoughts once more to the never-ending song of every day; “If I could just say something.”

You know it’s getting late. But the anxiety of a thousand haunting thoughts combined with the heat of your apartment aren’t going to let you sleep even if you try.

Your feet keep the walk like they know where they’re going. Step by step they lead you to the place you never thought you’ll go. When you realize exactly where you are, your first reaction is to run away. But a few seconds of debating with your own shadow make you change your mind.

“Should I knock?”

Your heart beats faster, pounding against your chest like a wild animal longing to be set free. Your body acts suddenly on impulse, without the permission of your overtaxed brain. You reach your hand out and knock on the door to Nyx Ulric’s apartment.

You grit your teeth with disbelief. You take a deep breath in a failed attempt to calm down.  “He’s not going to open the door anyways. It’s really really late and we have to wake up early for training. So there’s NO chance that door is going to open. I should just go back to my place and sleep, Yup, yup, yup… that’s what I should do.”

You stare down at your feet, immersed in your own burdens. Before you can run away though, the door swings open and you’re left standing in front of a sleepy and slightly concerned Nyx.

“What the hell are you doing here y/n… it’s 5 a.m.! Are you ok?” his eyes are barely open.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come… I- I- I couldn’t sleep… So I decide to take a walk… I’m sorry I better go…” Blood rushes quickly to your cheeks and ears. Your face is burning hot. Nervousness overcomes you not just because you’re here at 5 o'clock in the morning with nothing to say, but because he’s standing there before you, shirtless, sleepy and adorable.

“C'mon. You’re here already,” he says, haphazardly grabbing your arm. He tugs you gently in to his apartment. “Are you sure you are ok?”

“Yes. I’m fine… I – I - I just…” you look down, embarrassed for the whole situation.

He looks at you with anticipation. “You?…”

“I…. should go back home because … like you just say, it’s 5 a.m. and I need some sleep otherwise I will fall sleep at our morning training and then Drautos will kill me… Sooo ‘night ‘night! See ya tomorrow!” you say quickly and turn on your heel to rush for the door.

Even in his half-sleep state of mind, Nyx is quicker than you. He stands in the doorway. Your exit is blocked.

“Hey! Why are you doing this? Let me go, please.”

“Nope… Not until you tell me why you’re here at my place of ALL places at 5-friking-a.m. I’m not going to let you go… so make yourself comfortable or talk. It’s up to you honey.”

“But… but… training tomorrow morning… sleeps…” You brush aside the nervousness to muster the most innocent look. “PLE-EASE?”

Nyx eyes you imperviously. He smirks. “You can make all the puppy faces you want sweetheart, but I ain’t moving from here until that pretty little mouth of yours says why you decided to  have a walk through here and wake me up… So if we both fall asleep during training it’s not going to be my fault.”

That little grin that only Nyx is capable of producing is melting you from the inside out and it leads to tell one gut-wrenching fact; he KNOWS why you’re here. He KNOWS why you’re standing awkwardly before him, twiddling your fingers and avoiding eye contact. You look up for an instant. His eyes are more awake, eager even, as if to encourage you. It’s almost as if he’s been WAITING for this moment.

You dart your gaze away, resigned, and contemplate what the hell you’re going to say. You’ve rehearsed it so many times. Now that the moment’s come so unceremoniously on a hot and damn early summer morning, the words have fled. You want to burst the confession that’s been riled up from the center of your being; to let it LOOSE. But you just CAN’T. How are you going to escape this one?

Nyx yawns impatiently. “Are we going to say something or not? We have a few hours. So PLEASE, take your time.” His voice is oozing with irony.

“Well the thing is… that… eeh…you will see… I was…” You look up.

“Huh? You are saying? Keep going. You got this… I trust you…” He says with an ever-present grin.

Your entire body radiates with nervous heat. “Is it me … or is it getting hotter here?” you snatch a random piece of paper from a nearby surface and start throwing air to your face.

“Ok. I might have to help you a little on this one. We are running out of night…” Nyx slides one bare foot closer towards you, invading your heat wave. His eyes graze slowly from the pounding of your chest up to meet you. He gingerly grabs your waist with one hand, his other hand brushing into your hair.

“C’mon, puppy”, he whispers, bringing his lips to sweep against yours. The tips of your noses press against one another. Foreheads meet. “Don’t run.”

You give in fully as his lips push in for a soft kiss. The back of your head falls into his hand and the kiss blooms into a flower that’s been waiting SO LONG for the sun. Every second of lips retracting and retouching becomes more intense than the last; deeper and powerful. You toss your arms around his neck and store this moment somewhere deep in your soul so that you can live in it over and over again.

The two of you take a step back finally for air. You find yourself feeling a little hesitant. You reach for the door. “I think I should go…”

“REALLY!” Nyx laughs. “You are unbelievable… Come here.” He pulls you once more against him and steals for himself another tasty kiss.

You chuckle a little shyly and say, “Well… this wasn’t a bad idea after all… If we skip the fact that we have to be at headquarters in two and a half hours.”

“Well hun, it wasn’t ME who took ages to break the ice and finally kiss the other one.”

“You are so mean sometimes!” You tease him with a pouty face. “You know, if you feel the same way, then you’re just as much at fault as I am.”

Nyx pauses thoughtfully. He averts his gaze to the ceiling, nodding his head. “That’s … you know what? That’s true. The truth, thought, is that I’ve been eager to finally hear you say how you feel about me. As if I couldn’t tell by the way you act around me.” He laughs.

He continues somewhat ruefully, “If I didn’t say anything through all these years it wasn’t because I was afraid of rejection or anything like that. It was because I … get so damn scared of losing you. Or … that I won’t be strong enough to protect you.”

You let the truth of his statement settle and take hold of both of his hands. You lean forward and against him. The two of you sway in content, mutual silence; finding solace in the agreement of one another’s words.

“Ok!” Nyx breaks the silence with sudden verve. “Why don’t you just stay here with me for a nap before we have to get up … AGAIN.” He roll his eyes mockingly, releasing a small laugh. He grasps you from your waist and carries you toward his messy bed.

“Hey! I can walk to the bed by myself thanks!”

You feel a soft spank on your ass. You can almost HEAR the smirk in his voice, “But this way is more fun, Puppy.”

“I’m not a puppy, sir!”

“And I’m not a sir, Puppy. But you should definitely see yourself making that face one day! Maybe you should try it in a few hours when the Captain kicks our asses during training!”

Once in bed, you cuddle against his chest, snuggling close to him to hide your blushing cheeks.

Nyx takes gentle hold of your chin, resting into a more relaxed state. “Look at me, puppy.” He gifts you with a string of sweet, subtle kisses.

“I love you” you hear the words finally release from your heart. Relief overcomes your entire body. You breathe deeply.

“I love you too, silly Puppy… You should know that already. After all this time. I’m sorry I couldn’t say it either.” He kisses all over your forehead.

The night was over. Finally. The moment your eyes close, before falling into a deep, liberated sleep, you imagine Drautos making your morning and most likely your day a living hell. But it was well worth every single second.


My take on the Kirkwall gang in Inquisition. (part 2)


Jake T. Austin’s abs seem to have vanished! (Submission) Those last photos are very recent, took me ages to find them as well. He certainty has lost a lot of the chiseled look he had going on. Apparently he just left the show he was on so that might have a lot to do with it… Maybe he’s just bulking but something tells me it might be a sign for something more.