took me a while to understand

So YOI is just full of ingenious, subtle and entirely graceful dialogue. No scene is wasted and every conversation, however brief can explain so much with just a few lines. I’d like to take a moment to talk about one of the last scenes in episode 10 when Yurio and Victor are on the beach. In all honesty, I thought about this scene a lot and it took me a little while to really, truly understand what was going on here.

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Day Sixty-Six

-I began an eight-hour shift dreading the night to come, wanting nothing more than to be in bed. Ten minutes in, a sweet older woman offered to buy me a drink to make my day a little easier. A little reminder of the good people out there like this was all it took to turn my day around, and I hope she understands how grateful I am.

-A small girl, while being rolled out of the store, made her parents stop. I watched on, enraptured, to see what business she had to attend to, only to see her stand up and wave to the store, shouting, “Bye, line!” This is better than anything I could have hoped for out of such a small bundle of joy.

-I had to deny a woman’s coupon. This was an overall underwhelming moment, until she exclaimed, “Oh, poot!” and cemented her place in my greatest memories forever.

-While Cat Lady waited in an adjacent line, a woman approached the cashier and slid her $100, instructing her to pay for Cat Lady’s small Christmas tree and give her the change. When Cat Lady received the news and the remaining $90, her face lit up more than I ever though possible. The cashier suggested that she could use the change to eat somewhere nice tonight. This was a good idea, but Cat Lady’s decision to return to the store and buy nine more Christmas trees was, frankly, better.

-I am reasonably certain that Norse god of thunder Thor is currently on a bender and purchasing cat accessories in Southwestern Virginia.

-An elderly woman gave an adorable infant two dollars just for saying “hello” to her. This is the sort of racket I have been chasing all my life and now I want in.

-Upon returning to my lane after briefly stepping away, I found that someone had deposited a child there for me. Moments later I discovered that the parents were just three feet away at the soda machine and had not left their firstborn as an offering. This is for the best, as while I appreciate the gesture, I do not believe I can accept sacrifices while clocked in.

-An eight year-old conducted their entire purchase on their own and never have I had such a delightful and well-behaved guest who left me so genuinely happy to be working.

-Angrily, an old man stated, “You know I only get popcorn once a year.” I do not know why this is such a rarity for the man but I now know better than to ever get between him and his buttery indulgence. 

-”This cup was in here when I got the cart,” a man told me without prompting, regarding a Starbucks cup in the bottom of the cart. “It wasn’t mine. I didn’t put it there. I don’t even drink coffee. I didn’t buy that.” It might just be me, but this man seems to have become awfully defensive over this cup I had not even noticed.

-I discovered a small, restaurant-sized packet of pepper underneath the bags at my register. How did you get there, small friend? Who put you there? What is your plan? What led you here? Why is contemplating this how I am spending this rare break from the rush?

-I entered the break room on lunch with the intent of getting a soda from the vending machine before going out to get food. I found that the soon-opening Buffalo Wild Wings had made a large batch of food in training and had sent it to our store for the team members to enjoy. Sometimes good things happen in life, but rarely one as good as this. 

-Organizing the card wall, I found that someone had thrown a selection of My Little Pony toys on the floor and placed a Lego toy in front of it. I immediately suspected a rambunctious young boy, but I discovered that someone had done the same to a display of football cards. My list of suspects has been narrowed to gender-neutral rebels with a penchant for building. If you are reading this, I will find you, I will confront you, and I will shake your hand.

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Angelica : Do you need help?

Laff : Yes please. Are they still fighting?

Angelica : They’re in time-out

Laff : Good.

I don’t think you guys understand how long it took me to come up with this. Then it came to me while I was in the shower. So bless shower thoughts. =w=

Also, don’t ask Laff how he got into that situation. 

ALSO, it’s not a coincidence that Angelica’s the one who found him. xD


Now everyone have big pet problems. 

Part 4 of 4

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

this was quite fun to do <3 you’ve asked for the three papyruses? togethers for a while, so there you have it! Their first interaction. Mustard doesn’t understand what the hell they just do to his precious pet. Fellwolve!Papyrus by @sanspar / fox!papy by @keksbela 


1st panel
Blue: But I DO understand!
2nd panel:
Blue: I also had my brother taken from me. My Papyrus.
Fatal: . . . . .. . . .

Anyways, here ya go! This is my first Fatal picture too. Ive drawn Blue before but never Fatal. I hope it came out ok :‘3

Catsby (my emotional support animal) died tonight.

He was with me for eight years, and I just really don’t know what to do right now. I just got back from burying him, and I’m… things are gonna’ be bad for me for a while, so I’d really appreciate if you guys could be gentle and understanding about however I end up being for the next however long.

I fell in love with him the second I saw him, and a few days later, my mom brought him home. Shortly after that, she committed suicide, which made the whole, “Patsy Ann, you’re not bringing another animal into this house as long as I live,” thing a little dark. In her defense, my brothers had three dogs and I already had six tarantulas.

He was the only thing I took with me when I had to leave. I was thirteen, and it was just us and a messenger bag full of cat food and T-shirts. We were inseparable.

I took him everywhere with me, with little exception. He was the only thing that ever made me feel 100% calm. My boss even had a litter box and food in the office because she knew how nervous I got without him. So many people are going to be hurt, and I’m just in no position to deal with any of it.

I’m sorry for spilling this all out like a weepy idiot, but I just don’t know what to do right now.

here for the christian aces

here for the aces who sat in modesty talks and purity talks and couldn’t understand what was such a big deal

here for the aces who took a while to understand they were ace because they thought they were just really good at resisting temptations

here for the aces who hear sermons on singleness and think “that’s the life for me” and here for the aces who don’

here for the aces who want to get married but don’t want kids

here for the aces who want to get married and have kids

here for the aces who don’t want to identify with the lgbtqia+ community because they’re scared of the backlash

here for the aces who don’t want to come out because they’ll be called celibate and that’s different than asexual

here for the christian aces who don’t know what’s their faith and what’s their sexuality and live in a constant state of confusion because of it

While I don’t think Komahina literally does canon, I do think that we have every reason to believe they will eventually get together post-dr3;

- Komaeda loves Hinata, something that is mentioned over and over again in materials. Even in the OVA, he still seems insecure about it however, (’Thank you for using your voice to wake me up….I guess that’s probably what I should say in this situation.’ Strikes me as very reminiscent of him cutting off his confession out of insecurity.)

- While there’s no hints to Hinata loving Komaeda in canon, in Island Mode he seemed very disappointed by Komaeda’s cut off confession, but takes his hand firmly anyway and hopes that ‘one day him and Komaeda can understand each other in a meaningful way.’ So, Hinata is capable of being romantically attracted to Komaeda when they’re on good terms, and I’d say seeing the world his heart created helped him understand him, and he definitely firmly took his hand (twice.)

- The thing that’s gonna get me hate but it has to be said anyway; Hinata’s other love interest is dead, and in Hope Episode he was shown literally moving on from her ‘ghost’ to be at Komaeda’s side, if that isn’t symbolic I don’t know what is.


Yup, I did those things some while ago for my phone’s background and lock screen.

I’m really serious when I say I’m in love with that beautiful puppy who’s now a wonderful man and a lovely husband💖

dauntlesschanel  asked:

Since you're pretty much the red queen psychic (you just KNOW what's gonna happen) what do you think will happen in rq4?

Sorry, it took me a while to answer, but this needed some time for gestation.

The opening is promising already. Mare and Farley crouching in some dark alley and the eerie politician hints at his scheme. Mare and Farley will both try to play along, yet they’ll constantly have to keep the other from shouting out her doubts. I love their new friendship and I look forward to this.

If I understand this right, the Guard, Monfort and King Volo still have some kind of alliance, so maybe Mare and Cal will still be meeting and discuss things, probably similarly spiteful as Mare’s conversations with Maven, though with a little, guilty, making out.

I’m super-suspicious of Davidson and Monfort. What happened to their Silvers? How much control do they hope to obtain? Do their have Newblood whispers? Is Jon sent by them?

I think there will be some mysterious explanations.

Maybe the title of the last book will be something with “blood”.

I’m not sure if we’ll get another Cameron POV, but if we do, she’ll need more plot on her own. Her storyline seems finished at the moment.

I want the Evangeline POV again, alone for the interaction with Cal. I think the not-couple has a lot of potential (but I thought the Farley x Cal friendship has a lot of potential too and look into what abyss that’s fallen). I’d like a Cal POV, but it’s unlikely we’ll have both him and Eve. I want Evane to be happy. I want Eve get away from her abusive parents.

I’d like the third POV to be from the Nortan court. I want Iris. GIve me Iris Cygnet Queen of Norta or give me death. Yeah. Or give her someone else to interact with. I think she is a force to be reckoned with. If Maven is on the brink of losing, she’ll make the important decisions. Though she will, of course, fight against Volo and this is a battle I want to see. I really hope she won’t get sidelined or just die, but I think she’d rather abdicate instead of fighting to the death (I mean I don’t want her to die).

And I really want a confrontation between Cal and Maven about the shattering of their family. I’d say this might happen during a fight, but as this wouldn’t be a fight between equals, there might be just words, unless Iris fights for Maven against Cal. Cal vs Iris is another duel I want to see.

I want Clara to call Farley mommy and Farley to be surviving the end.

I want Gilorn and Kilorn appreciation.

I want a democrazy in the end.

I think at least one of the trio Mare-Cal-Maven will die. Though right now, I’m more tending to Cal’s death than Mare’s or Maven’s.

I don’t know if I still want the Mare-and-Cal-found-a-power-plant-ending, but it’s remains a nice idea.

With time, I’ll have more thoughts. It’s a year at least, riiight??

Please add your ideas @lilyharvord @dewydrael @the-little-lightning-queen @clarafarleybarrow or whoever sees this.

Ouma Kokichi - Character Speculation

I’ve been feeling kinda dried out a bit for writing fics, so, I took a lil break, and, instead of writing a fic, I thought I’d show my speculations for my all-time fave SHSL Supreme Ruler, Ouma Kokichi 0u0 I’m just gonna talk about how I see this character, and how I see him being in the game. ^u^

More under cut if you’re interested 0u0

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to give you a bit of a backstory: when i applied for my current job, i applied to be a chef and that’s what i was hired as; however, my boss decided that she also wants me to be a waitress partly and i hate that. i don’t do well with people and i am terrible at serving both food and drinks.
well, today i was carrying a glass of beer and a seperate bottle to a table and while i set down the glass the bottle fell over and off my tray and obviously spilled everywhere. my co-worker was right behind me tho and immediately picked up the bottle (i couldn’t, it had rolled under the table and i was still holding the tray) and took it away. so i got paper towels and gave some to the guests whom i had spilled on (it was barely anything tho, the majority landed on the floor, thank god) and i apologized so much and thank god the guests were understanding, they were all like “oh don’t worry, it’s nbd, stuff like this happens to everyone sometimes” but o boi my boss was pissed (obvs) and she was all like “you’re getting way worse at this, that’s exactly why you should be practicing this” and i’m like..i don’t even wanna do this..u made wonder i’m not good at it, i literally hate’s not even my job

a-non-sequitur  asked:

Random question of the day: what types of stories are you drawn to? Has that changed since you've grown older?

This took me a while to answer because I kept stopping and thinking about it, and I still honestly don’t know the answer – I think it depends in part on mood, and also what a “story” is – I want different things from my nonfiction and my fiction, but both are a kind of story, and even within those divisions there are different times I want different things. 

I really struggle with stories of injustice, especially injustice that hasn’t been repaired, or has only partially been repaired. I understand the importance, on the one hand, and I don’t think those stories shouldn’t be told, but they’re very frustrating for me to read and I think generally, for me, don’t necessarily serve the purpose they’re intended for. So I think the flip of that is that I like a story that has a satisfying catharsis. I don’t need it to end tied up neatly with a bow, but I need there to at least be a sense that justice has been or will be done. 

This is probably why I like murder mysteries so much. Almost always the focus is not on the injustice, since it has already happened, but on the serving of justice. Likewise true crime tends to be viewed through the lens of “Either this was resolved or the people suffering are dead” which provides at least some sense of closure. When true crime focuses on the victim it can be doing a service in giving the victim a voice, but it can also be a bit obsessively about the violence committed against the victim, which is fetishistic and creepy. 

I like stories that celebrate the best of human qualities rather than the worst; one reason I avoid postapocalyptic fiction/dystopian fiction/godfuckingdamn zombies is that those stories tend to, if not glorify, then engage on an uncomfortably enthusiastic level with the worst of human instincts. Which it turns out aren’t even what come out during times of disaster (cf Rebecca Solnit’s book A Paradise Built In Hell). I really enjoyed The Stand to a point because it was about counterpoints – one group of people becoming the worst of humanity but another group becoming the best of. And I threw the book across the room and never finished it because of what happened to the Best Of about 2/3 of the way into the book. (Yes, I did go look up how it ends, but I still can’t bear to finish it.) 

I also really like microhistory, the history of a specific thing or of culture as seen through the prism of that thing, like A History Of The World In Six Glasses. It allows us to view history not as a sequence of violent acts, which is what a lot of traditional history education focuses on, but as a continuum of actions, some of which are positive, some creative, some destructive. I think it offers a much more nuanced view of history and helps us to look at solutions to the past’s actions rather than burying us in the mire of them. 

I think these tastes were formed in childhood and adolescence for me and while the maturity level of the books I like has changed (I still read YA books sometimes to relax, but I have to be very careful because YA’s super grimdark right now, and YA is not my preferred challenge reading) the themes I enjoy haven’t really. 

BTS Reaction - You Feeling Depressed That Your Family Lives Across the World

Anon Asks:  Heyyy can u make a reaction where you’re feeling really down because your family that lives across the world? <3

Sorry it took so long! I hope you enjoy :) 

Jin: Jin can go two ways, either he would let you have your space or hug you while mumbling words to make you feel better. He would make your favorite meal for the night and the two of you would talk more about your family; a deep conversation. As the two of you lied in bed cuddling, Jin would come to understand why you were so depressed, family is everything to him, so he would begin to cry too. “I know it hurts, it hurts me too to see you so depressed about this”.

Originally posted by shinenamjoon

Suga: He would first give you some time to yourself to kind of let it all out. Suga will awkwardly check in on you from time to time to see if you were alright. When you were feeling a bit better, Suga would walk over to you and hug you in silence, letting you know that the member and him are family to you. He will then suggest to video call you family together and tell them how much you’ve missed them. “You’ll feel better once you talk to them. If you keep crying about this, you won’t be able to get past this painful feeling.”.

Originally posted by yooingi

J-Hope: Basically try everything to cheer you up. He would do the “happy dance” or sing high pitched to try to get a reaction from you. He would make weird faces and would purposely “scare” himself to make you laugh. When you wouldn’t laugh at his shenanigans, he would stop what he was doing and hug you. J-hope would apologize as you were wetting his favorite t-shirt and probably won’t let you go until you feel better. “I know they live across the world from us, maybe we can give them a call?”.

Originally posted by eyesmiletrash

Rap Monster: Either Rap Monster would try to cheer you up or sit next to you, letting you cry it out. He would definitely be the type to act cute in front of you, making you crack a smile. He would be the serious type too, knowing that you haven’t been able to see your family in a long time because you’ve been so busy with your studies, Rap Monster would think of ways to make you see them. “You should take a break from university and fly back to see them, I’ll help you with your work once you get back”.

Originally posted by dearjjeon

Jimin: A big hugger and a great comforter. As soon as you broke down in front of him, he would rush over to you and hug you. When you explained to him why you were crying, Jimin’s would break down too, hugging you tighter to him. He knew that you have been living apart from your family for a long time and that you never had the time to call them too because of the time difference so, he would take his time to contact them and probably convince them to come over to Korea to see you. “It hurts, but when you finally get to see them, I hope you can be the cheerful person I know”.

Originally posted by park-jimizzle

V: V would be the one to go to great lengths to reunite you with your family since, he himself, is a huge family man. Seeing you cry because you’re living apart from your family will just shatter his big heart into tiny pieces. Either he will purchase plane tickets to visit you family or surprise you by bringing them to Korea to visit you. “I know you’ve been feeling down about your family so… I bought plane tickets for the both of us to visit them!” or “Oh look… a giant box… I wonder who or what is in it… definitely not your family…”.

Originally posted by saintminyoongi

Jungkook: Jungkook has stated before that he is a reserved person that doesn’t really show his emotions to people, even the ones he’s very close too. But when it comes to his members and you, he would try to become the best comforter. When he saw you crying, he would stand there frozen, trying to process what is happen. Jungkook would run next to you and ask you what was wrong as he held you in his arms. Realizing it was because of your family, he would silently hug you to calm you down. “Oh I see…lets hug each other until you feel better okay?”.

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- Admin Duck ~

No, you can't work here

So this guy comes in yesterday, and asks if we are hiring. It’s our policy to ALWAYS tell people we are hiring, even if we aren’t at our particular store. So I tell him yes, and hand him an application. He just stares at it for a couple minutes and I go to help another customer. While I’m talking to said customer, I hear him say “Do I need SSN?” I tell him I’ll be with him in a minute, and finish checking out the people in line. Then I ask him what he meant, and he just says, “Do I need SSN?” to me again. It took a second for me to understand but then I said “Oh do you mean a Social Security Number?” And he says yeah. I was like “um yeah? Why?” And he says “Okay. I’m a student from India and I’m not allowed to work in the U.S. But I wanted to work here. I was like?? So I told him no, but he kept on badgering me and asking, "Do you know for sure?” And was talking over other people I was trying to check out. So I told him that my manager would be there tomorrow, he could always come in and ask her then. “Can you give me her number?” So I wrote down our store number and said “I’m not allowed to give you her personal number but you can have our store number and just call her tomorrow.” He says okay and as he’s leaving he shouts “I’m going to call her now!” And walks out of the store. When the phone started to ring I just picked it up and pressed end cause I didn’t want to deal with that again.