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ULTA story

Ok so I just remembered this happened a few weeks ago and I thought I’d share because it might help figure out ULTA policies. Me and my friend went into ULTA just to shop around and we weren’t planning on lifting because ULTA makes me fritz the fuck out but we just got some cheap mascara and headed to the cash registers. There was two SAs there so it took quite a while in line. There was this guy ahead of us and he didn’t look like the type to be in ULTA. I don’t remember what he bought but he payed with a bill and as he walked out he beeped and looked back but just kept walking. The SA who didn’t check him out asked the one who did if the bill seemed fake and she was just like “yeah lol” so she just quickly walked towards back of the store. I’m not sure what she was doing or where she was going but if anyone has an explanation please let me know because I’m super curious.

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i loved your fic!! please tell me more klance things that make you weak 👀. if you don't mind of course!

ahhhhh okay my dude i’m sorry this took me a while 2 answer - it’s not bc i didn’t see it, it’s bc i wanted to give it the Meticulous Consideration™ it deserved jkgddsgjg ANYWAY here’s my attempt at sharing things that are My Jam  👀 👀 👀

  • ok so like the #1 Best Klance Thing imo is their relationship progressing from Just Physical to being full of E M O T I O N S, this is in both the fics i have written bc i just LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    • the tension of the rivalry develops into “oh shit he’s hot” unresolved sexual tension, so they start messing around, almost pissed at the other for being so fucking pretty and putting me through this hell – it’s a bit rough, a bit messy, all that good stuff. they look at each other and just want to s c r e a m, because why is my heart exploding from seeing this loser and his stupid perfect face and gorgeous eyes and–
    • –and then the gay feelings start hitting them both in earnest. none of them want to say anything because they are both insecure about themselves and where they stand, so they just… pine and pine after one another, trying to express what they feel in the moments when they get to have the other in their arms
    • keith kissing lance uncharacteristically soft, so he can breathe him in a few seconds longer; lance running his fingers through keith’s hair or over his skin, just marveling at him, at every detail; those small, tender moments that they think is all they’re ever going to get.
    • but then, eventually, one of them won’t be able to take it anymore and a confession will just slip
    • if it’s lance it will be soft and gentle and earnest, because he thinks about things, turning every scenario over in his mind ahead of time, and finally decides he just has to say what he feels even though he’s so nervous he thinks he’s about to faint. if it’s keith it’ll be more impulsive: it’ll come out when he least expects it, whenever he starts getting emotional, because eventually all the feelings he’s bottled up will come spilling out of him all at once
    • of course its mutual. this is where it REALLY gets soft and gay, and lance will inevitably say something dumb and keith will hit him and then kiss the stupid smile off his adorable face
    • (sdjglksjdg i feel like i just summarized my multichap fic but i mean… i wrote it like that for a reason :’’)))) )
  • insecurity & jealousy that get resolved in the end have always been a lovely trope and it works so well for klance i just… its truly amazing
    • lance, of course, has this inferiority complex toward keith because keith is just Good At Everything, and he has this cool aloof vibe that lance envies – he’s always been the goofy class-clown type, and lowkey wished he could be the Hero from all the dorky movies we all know he definitely watches, and keith just embodies all of this to him.
    • keith meanwhile thinks lance is absolutely radiant. it’s not necessarily that he wishes he could be like him, because keith has his own way of understanding the world and doesn’t feel the need to change that. but he wonders how a person can have such a glow, making everyone around them laugh, enrapturing the room, existing so naturally, so easily. it’s the opposite of everything keith is, and it blows him away, it makes his heart Ache.
    • and when they come together, they start to realize that they can both be so much more that way. lance is keith’s #1 fan and supporter, bc he admires him so much and believes in him no matter what, even after discovering that he is a Known Dork and awkward cutie. meanwhile keith will hold lance up whenever he starts feeling insecure, or like he’s not enough, because he’s seen lance from the outside: he’s seen that light he has, and it never fails to make him feel warm, and he is going to make sure lance knows just how wonderful he is.
  • and then, as boyfriends, still being able to compete about everything because it’s in both their personalities – but it’s Good and Playful and tbh they probably end up competing to see who is the better kisser bc they both have poorly veiled ulterior motives and, well, it is up 2 u from there  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

this got really long and i’m tired so it’s probably incoherent,,, but i hope it’s what u wanted!! and thank u for reading my fic and sending me a message, it truly made my day <3

Linn - Who took my grandis? (Frozen pizza)

Eskild - Not me

Isak - It was me, had to make some food. I’ll send you money Linn. Sorry

Linn - Ok, how is Even doing?

Eskild - How is Even doing? You owe me a cold coke with ice cubes Linn

Isak - He’s doing better i think. Or it seemed to be going better a while ago. I dont fucking know. He’s sleeping now. But i texted Sonja and she said he usually sleeps when he’s depressed. So yeah. But he ate halv a grandis. Thats good.

Linn - Huh i dont owe you coke, from when?

Eskild - Ooh ❤️ Isak. Cant believe there’s so much love in your little grumpy teenage body.

Isak - Whatever

Eskild - Its just a saying Linn

Isak - But, what are you doingin the daytime tomorrow? I’m fucked on the 10% and have to go to school. But i dont want Even to be here alone

Eskild - I’ll be home til’ 14 tomorrow, when are you finished at school?

Isak - 15.30

Noora - I’ll be back home around 13 so i can take over when Eskild leaves

Isak - Thanks

Eskild - I can put up a plan for the week. Tell me your wishes and needs Linni and Nori, i’ll put it in. Noora do you have exel on your computer?

Isak - Not sure he will stay the whole week

Linn - Why doesn’t he want to go home?

Isak - He might go home, but is it Ok with you guys If he wants to stay here?

Eskild - yes, where there is room there is hearts

Noora - Off course

Eskild - Where there is house there is heartroom

Linn - Where there is heartroom there is houseroom

Isak - Thanks

Aimless - Tenacious Part 3 (13.4k)

Guys it’s actually here im dying and this took me a whole week okay pls reblog or somethin’. Give me some slack for making them bigger and better each time pls. Some smut, mild angst, adventure, and swearing and robbing and hurting ppl ok? That’s the warning. This is a moving gif fic, where I incorporate gifs of a song into this. That song will be Run. 


The crew and you rove throughout the town’s and cities, causing havoc while occurrences of inner turmoil from the youngest spouts from the leader’s day’s of ruling their gang to be long overdue.


Tenacious 2

Tenacious 4

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hi hello i saw ur tags.... please give me All the information about jess pava

ok here’s Some information on jessika ! can’t give u All of it i don’t have time to write all of that out

first of all she’s a huge lesbian and fell in love with karé the moment she saw her and it took them a while but they’re dating as of episode 8 and they’re very in love! so let’s just get that out of the way

continuing on – she’s from dandoran, which is this super watery planet, so jessika really loves swimming. but d’qar… lacks large bodies of water so she doesn’t get to do it very often. the next best thing is flying but it’s just not the same. jessika misses dandoran and swimming an awful lot. sometimes poe sends her on low-priority missions to watery planets deliberately because he know she’ll break the rules and go swimming and that’s what he wants

speaking of dandoran han solo once helped to save it from an empire Thing so he’s like one of her heroes. consider: jessika pava in the Han Solo Outfit?

jessika’s goal in life: to beat han’s kessel run time

not to project or anything but jessika is one of those people who really likes telling stories and does the voices of everyone involved for maximum immersion. it’s often ridiculous but people enjoy it

jessika is like pretty terrible at comforting people tbh. she never knows what the fuck to say. her, who never shuts the hell up. but smth bout her aura is soothing so whenever one of her friends is upset she just sits next to them and goes on her datapad and that’s enough

jessika and iolo are the most annoying ass… best friends ever. they formed an Instante connection and they’ve been unstoppable ever since. jessika fucking LOVES him. he’s such a mess. but anyway jessika and iolo are both very incisive and good at reading people so their gossip is honestly top notch

and jessika is fluent in mandarin! just wanted to mention that


oke that random post I did a while back with reset and the don’t stop me now meme? That took me a whole day to work out. With twenty frames. people expect animators to make animations right away, and get upset when they don’t. well SORRY. animation, good animation anyway, takes time and effort. so please. don’t rush anyone. support them instead.

spread the word by tagging your favorite animators.

@jakei95 @srpelo @camilaart @superyoumna @walkingmelonsaaa(she’s more of a speedpainter, but she has done animations before, so I’m counting her)

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Sweet! For the drabble prompts could i have 1, 20, and 49 with (Triplet)Ben? Thank you for your consideration💙💙💙

Ok, this one took me a while to figure with the last one added haha, but I think I got it. Hope you enjoy this!

Modern AU Triplet Ben +  “The skirt is supposed to be this short.” +  “D..did you just make that noise?” +  “Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”

Standing in front of the bathroom mirror you looked over yourself once more. With your face freshly cleaned, your teeth brushed and your hair unstyled you were ready for bed. Giving yourself an almost unnoticed grin you turned on your heel to the door, switching off the bathroom lights before you made your way back to the bedroom down the hall. 

Considering it was the first time you were spending the night with Ben at his own home, even the walk back to his bedroom made you slightly nervous. You had had many late nights with Ben, but never outside of your own home, let alone anything that would be deemed a sleepover. You were unsure about your approach to the whole thing, and weren’t entirely sure what to expect. The added factor of both of Ben’s brothers being home added yet another factor of curiosity into your thoughts.

Carefully pushing open Ben’s bedroom door you slid into the room, quickly turning to shut it just as carefully. From behind you came a faint growling or groaning, you weren’t sure which, sound. Furrowing your brows you turned around to where the bed was located. Propped up on his forearm, his lower half covered by the comforter with his upper half bare was Ben. The look in his eyes was one you surely knew all too well.

“D…did you just make that noise?”

He nodded, his eyes raking over you entirely with a sort of hunger. The smirk playing on his lips was both endearing and devious, making your heart flutter faintly.

“Couldn’t help it…you’re so beautiful in that…ensemble. Did you bring that just for me?”

You looked down at the pajamas you had chosen, which in reflection did look a lot like lingerie you might buy for a bride to be with the loose and flowing skirt, and matching camisole top. 

“What makes you say that?”

“That skirt.”

“The skirt is supposed to be this short.”

He arched a brow, “For sleepwear in 30 degree weather?”

You rolled your eyes with a faint grin as you made your way over to the bed.

“Shut up Solo.”

He put up one hand as if in defense, “I’m just saying.”

Slowly you slipped yourself under the covers with him, snuggling the comforter close to yourself. Ben watched you adoringly, his lips curling into a smile as you snuggled in comfortably next to him. 

“I appreciate it.”

You huffed out a faint giggle, “I know you do.”

Settling into place you smiled in content at the feeling of the warm covers engulfing you. Just as you met Ben’s gaze with an equally admiring glimmer in your eyes, you suddenly felt an ice cold sensation brush against your calf. With a jolt you looked under the covers to see Ben attempting to intertwine his legs with yours. Looking back up you were met with Bens furrowed brows.


“Quit touching me. Your feet are cold.”

He smirked, leaning his face closer to yours, “We could always warm them up.”

You arched a brow for a moment, unsure what he was suggesting until you saw his eyes flicker over you once again. Rolling your eyes you chuckled.

“Just put on some socks.”

“That’s not as fun.”

You sighed as Ben leaned in again, placing a sweet kiss to your lips. Even with the tenderness of the gesture, you knew he was building up to something else if you would let him. Gazing at him as he pulled away, you found yourself suddenly wanting more.

“We could…but…”

“But what?”

You nudged your head towards the headboard behind you, attempting to gesture to the wall behind which the next triplet slept. 

“Your brothers. …I mean, aren’t they going to mind? You know…with the noise.”

He chuckled faintly as he shook his head, “Yeah they might…but that doesn’t matter. If my princess wants to be warmed up I’ll do as she wishes, whether they mind or not.”

Your gut fluttered faintly at the sound of him using one of his favorite pet names for you. Though you would feel at least slightly guilty if brothers didn’t get a decent nights sleep, you couldn’t deny how much you wanted this now that Ben presented the idea. In all honesty, you were colder than you had assumed you would be and were beginning to regret your pajama choice depsite how comfortable it was. 

Giving Ben what he deemed “the look”, you smirked faintly biting your bottom lip as he looked over your face. His expression was hesitant but obviously hopeful of your response.

“So…is this a yes?”

You nodded, running a hand through his lush brown locks.

“Let’s warm up.”

Ben smirked as he instantly rolled on top of you, his eagerness more than evident in his shifting expression and swift move over.

“Mmm, yes please.”

You giggled as he leaned down and began to plant kisses along your jawline, causing your eyes to flutter shut in bliss. 

"Am a throw this"

so I am an dwarf who makes beer and our party went in to some catacombs. While down their we found a 50 year old keg of wine which my dwarf carried around with him then we get into a fight with a zombie guy.

Every one took their turns before me

Me: Am a throw the keg of wine!“

DM: are you sure?

Me: Yes

Dm alright make a dex check

Every one at the table: woudn’t that be more strength then dex

Dm: alright make a strength check

Me: rolls 20* crit

Dm: ok then roll 2d2’s

Me: rolls 4 then add my stregnth giving it to 10

Dm: so you smack the zombie in the face with 50 year old wine dealing 10 damage …. HOW THE HELL did you do that

Me: all in the arms

bc i’m cliché i need a ‘my sister is getting married and she begged me not to steal her thunder and hookup with a groomsmen but i HAVE to be drunk when i make my speech and the best man is too hot in that tux to stay away from’ ok i swear this could be good

Why Yuuri needs to ‘end this’ with Viktor

This show never ceases to surprise me.

(Same, Vitya.)

I took a little while to process, but I think I’m good. The end was a lot and definitely had a small existential crisis and questioned everything that every made me happy about this show.  However, after some contemplation I’ve decided I’m ok with it. Actually, I’m really good with it. It makes sense and I’ll explain it below if you’re ready for an essay.

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About the Mystic Messenger ban...cheating is wrong.

Ok, pardon me but I must say it…
This petition is so disrespectful towards Cheritz. As much as using the cheat itself, in my opinion.
Don’t get me wrong, everyone has their problems and real life issues preventing to join all chats at night or day, me included, but…

People cheating on a game, making the company lose money (yes, the company that brought YOU the game, took the time to translate it in english, probably paying more employers because of it while they could have just released it in Korea seeing that people don’t buy the regular items anyway, they would rather cheat) when they worked so hard on it, and then complaing about being permanently banned?
People at Cheritz don’t work for free, they put their time into making the game for our entertainment, to make us happy.

They had so many problems during the release of Mystic Messenger for Android (even more for IOS), and they gave to all their players TONS of free hourglasses to help us get thought all the bugs/glitches! They released at least 30 fix/updates to give us a better experience, working hard every day, giving updates to the fans via twitter and tumblr. But this probably isn’t enough, people still had the need to cheat.
Imagine how many players received free items. Imagine how much money Cheritz lost just to give us a reward for being patient.

The amount of items they gave us for FREE since the first day of release, was at least worth +25$.

Cheating is ALWAYS WRONG, whatever the reasons could be.

People say “what if I don’t have the money to spend to buy hourglasses?”…well, if you don’t have the money to, I don’t know, buy a dress or get a coffee, what do you do? You just go there and take it anyway because otherwise you couldn’t have it?
That’s what your doing with their in game currency. You’re just taking part in the games for free, when Cheritz decided to have people pay if they missed their chats. It’s their choice, those are their rules, and players should respect them.

You either play as a free to play gamer, otherwise you simply buy the items they give you - it is totally possible to play Mystic Messenger as a free game, even with such strange hours and zero compensations. It just takes time and if you are too busy to play, maybe Mystic Messenger just isn’t for you. This is NOT AN EXCUSE to complain about being banned for cheating and making them lose money they could have obtained for in game purchases.

What if the company just decides to retire from selling games for the western audience, since people always find a way to get themselves free paid stuff? That’s basically what most otome producers are doing. I wouldn’t be happy, at all, to not be able to play their awesome games.

-But hey, I’m sorry. This is just my opinion.-


nothing can stop me from bringing this back hahahaha I GOT A JAR OF DIRK I GOT A JAR OF DIIIRK!!! Ok! now that i have that out of my system, i made my own version of a jar of dirk! it has a lot of ikimaru‘s dirk designs and a few canon ones, even ask-oppositestuck‘s dirk. I really hope you guys like it :)

I’m burnin’ through the sky yeah
Two hundred degrees
That’s why they call me Mister Fahrenheit
I’m trav'ling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you!

there be some genuine adventure boys

requested by punkylynne

last night i went over to höe’s place and we were watching ‘the crow’ while drinking rosé and he had his vape pen so i was like ok i’ll try it and i took like 3 hits max and i vaguely remember i started crying and was like did i come with someone??? where did they go??? and höe was like no you came alone and then i was like omg my cousin sonu died (i don’t even have a cousin named sonu) i can feel it!!! so then i had to be put to bed.

basically i can’t tolerate weed it makes me SO crazy. 

also, that movie is so scary when you’re high esp because brandon lee died during the production of it which is prob why i was tripping.

“Ha! You think I’d break that easy?! Well You’re both wrong! I WONT apologize and I WONT stop hating them! I’d rather die! I bet you’re all really REDs! All of you! Leaving me to die! A BLU would never! But fine! I’m not someone who GIVES UP. BLUs don’t give up. I’ll beat the crap out of this … whatever this god awful monster is first and then personally kick the asses of all of you who stopped to watch the show!