took me a few weeks

Dear Old Best friend,

It took me a few weeks to realize that you were actually done with me. I reached out and you pushed me further away. I’m not going to lie, I was devastated at first. You were the one of the few people who knew everything about me and never seemed to judge me, even when I didn’t always make the best decisions. I felt betrayed to know that you weren’t going to be there anymore when I needed you. I’m still not exactly sure what I did wrong. It was pretty awful of you to decide that we were done.
I am sorry if you still harbor any bad feelings towards me. I have none for you. You helped me continue on in the race of life, but I guess you never intended to help me across the finish line. I’m not mad, I don’t blame you, I just get a little sad when I’m full of nostalgia and can’t reach out to you and say “remember that time when”…
Everyone we meet is either supposed to serve as a lifelong bond or a lesson, and you were the latter. The lesson could have been a good one, or it could have been a heartbreaking one, but either way thank you. There is nobody else I would want to be a lesson than someone I created as many memories with. You are a lesson that I’ll never forget, just like our memories will be ones that I tell my children one day. And I hope one day your kids hear stories about me, and can tell you and I had a bond that made up a majority of your school years. You won’t be erased just because you’re no longer in my life.
Thank you for all the valuable advice you gave me, for the time you spent with me, and for helping shape me into who I am today. I’m sorry that the people we became weren’t compatible in your eyes, but I’m not sorry the journey brought us to this conclusion. It has helped me realize the people in my life who actually care about me and want to be there. I thought you were one of those people, but you proved to me that you weren’t.
You were more than just a best friend, you were a sister to me. In the process of dropping me out of your life, you lost your second family and I lost mine. But the door will always be open, you have seen my ugly laugh, and held me when I ugly cry, we have been through things that there is no going back from, and this is an undeniable fact that means I will always allow you to come back into my life. I would still be here for you if you wanted to make amends, but I don’t know if I would ever be able to trust you enough to be as close as we were again. When I lost you I also lost all of my trust, but I found myself.
Looking back, it destroyed me, but now it has only made me stronger. You were a fool to drop me like that. You were my best friend and I would’ve done anything for you. No matter what I was always there to defend you or be your shoulder to cry on. When you were in pain because someone hurt you, it killed me inside to see you so upset and I would’ve given anything to take that pain away from you. It is sad to realize how close we were and how much our friendship meant to me. But it obviously didn’t mean that much to you.
I still wish you the best. I still hope you can find someone to sweep you off your feet and treat you like the princess you are. I still hope you land your dream job, whatever that may. I hope you’re happy wherever you are and I hope you get everything you’ve ever wanted out of life. I hope you find someone who is a better fit for you than I was. Most importantly, I hope you find someone to fix all of your fly away, stray hairs on your wedding day.
Love forever and always,

—  loyaltyxoxo
Fandom PSA - on Anti Behavior

I’m finally addressing what needs to be said given the behavior of fandom over the last few weeks. It took me a while because I wasn’t entirely sure what to say that didn’t have me go off on a tangent with my point hiding like a needle in a haystack.

I’ve been seeing a lot of horrific actions from fandom lately, but what’s even worse is that a lot more well-meaning fans are getting sucked into anti rhetoric because they are terrified of being wrong and becoming a potential target. That’s insidious.

Accusing people of something as strong as pedophilia because their ship has an age gap is not social justice. Sending people disgusting images of gore and child pornography because you deem their ship immoral is not social justice. Creating block lists of “problematic” blogs because you don’t agree with their content is not social justice 


It’s disgusting and such actions aren’t fooling anyone. Because this isn’t about protecting fandom and survivors, this is about dictating fandom behavior to feed their own inflated sense of self-righteousness. This is the reason we call these people “antis”. Their motivation lies entirely with disliking a certain ship or content creator, and using social justice buzzwords that Tumblr thrives on in order to spread fear and discourse. 

Trust me, I’ve been in fandom longer than a fraction of you have even been alive. Morally policing fandom has NEVER ended well. NEVER. All it does is just create victims, and once one innocent person is driven away, the mob then turns its teeth on another, and the vicious cycle continues until the entire fandom just falls apart. It probably stems from a form of jealousy, a narcissistic need to have fandom enjoy things the way they do, and if they can’t have their fun then no one can. Then again, I’m not really here to rationalize such irrational actions. 

So for those who find themselves caught in the middle and unsure what to do, I’m going to ask that if you see this kind of “anti” behavior to please recognize it for what it is: just someone who is using buzzwords to wave around their superior sense of morality and nothing more. Like, seriously, what kind of person sees an event that specifically talks about dedicating a week filled with nothing but positivity for fandom and they immediately start tearing it down? What kind of person makes callout posts and block lists that call for fandom to rally against a single individual just because they don’t agree with said individual’s content? What kind of person thinks it’s okay to slander and accuse others of heavy crimes like pedophilia just because a certain ship is in competition with their own? 

Such sanctimonious behavior isn’t unique to fandom, either. As a parent, I see this shit all the time in the, erm, “mom fandom” I guess we can call it. I’ve seen people accused of child abuse for using formula instead of breastfeeding. For letting their kids watch more than an hour of TV per day. For not feeding their kids organic food straight out of the dirt. Ridiculous? Yes, and this whole “anti” behavior is ranked right up there on that ridiculous level. And both these groups of people are coming from the same exact sanctimonious place. So you’re damn right I don’t buy into anti rhetoric about how they are just “looking out for fandom”. Bullshit. And that bullshit is the same everywhere. 

Nobody here is saying you can’t be uncomfortable with things, of course not. But there are a lot of things in this world that you are going to be exposed to that you don’t like, that make you uncomfortable, that will trigger you. There are only two healthy ways of dealing with this: 

One, you can engage that person in a conversation, explain your stance, and then listen to their response. No, this isn’t tone-policing. You don’t know anyone’s story or their motivations. Nothing in this world gives you the right to be abusive to another human being that sits behind your screen. 

Two, simply don’t give that person your support anymore. Unfollow, block, and move on with your life. Don’t turn someone into a target of abuse. Don’t create a victim.

A Lesson Learned {Luke Hemmings Smut}

REEQUESTED: no i was just bored :3

HELLO BEEBS!!! i am v v v proud of this one shot, it took me a few weeks to churn out but im happy w the end result!! i rlly hope u guys like this; if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated! also, here is my masterlist!! enjoy :-)


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Hymn of the True Heros - Undertale Piano Arrangement

What started out as me just trying to transcribe Battle Against A True Hero to piano turned into something that wanted to tell the story of the most hidden hero of the Genocide Route, too.
From then it took me quite a few weeks to get this right, but I’m mostly quite content with how it turned out now.

So, I hope you will like my little tribute to Undyne and Alphys of the Genocide Route!

SoundCloud click “… More” to find a download option.
If you would like to use this song for anything Undertale-related, I have no problem with that! Just make sure to give credit and link back, that would be nice. :)

Day 8: What’s your most challenging project? 

These moths. I designed them myself. They only took me a few weeks to make, but the reason I choose them as the most challenging, is that every single time I try to recreate these, or draft a pattern, I am stumped. I have no idea what sort of creative juices were flowing, but I kick myself everyday for not taking notes while making these. I really, really wish I could recreate them. Maybe some day when I find the time, I will master these little bugs.

Stuck Here with You

Request: Your the first blog I’ve ever made a request too and I’m excited to see what you write 😊 Prompt’s 22, 46 and 47, Riverdale , jughead 😋✌🏻

22: “You had one job!”

46: “How did I get stuck here with you?”

47: “I swear, the world is against me.”

Requested by: @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers

A/N: Hello hun! Thank you so much for your request, sorry it took me so long. It’s been a busy past few weeks, but here ya go! I’m so glad you chose me as your first blog to request to!

Warnings: none.

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You mortal enemy. Jughead Jones. Everything you two did was clash and for some reason you two just couldn’t get along, though you didn’t know why. Jughead was actually quite kind, when he wanted to be, and you’d seen him around his friends (the few) and how he acted, and sometimes you wished he would act that way around you.

But ever since you met him, when you’d “by accident” sat in “his” booth at Pop’s a year ago, he’d done nothing but sass at you. And then, eventually you began to become to prideful to let his snarky comments go past you, and you began to insult him back.

It was jokingly of course, but every so often you could feel a sense of tension unexplainable come between the two of you and you’d fall silent. Just stare at each other until another would say something, and the arguing would come again.

So, because of this, despite every attempt at trying to find someone different, Jughead was left with you for help on his new article piece in The Blue and Gold school newspaper. See you were an excellent writer, even better than Jughead some would say, and Jughead just couldn’t get this piece out of his mind and on paper.

No one else could either, so he’d asked you and secretly delighted you’d tried to play off your excitement, and grumble about what you were gonna get out of this. He’d offered you a meal at Pop’s and you’d teasingly joked about you sitting in his booth, to which he scoffed.

So that’s how you found yourself, sitting in the old and dusty room that use to buzzle with people scrambling for articles to be put in the school’s news paper. Jughead sat in front of you, his eyes staring at you intensely as you tried to word together Jughead’s messy thoughts on a well written article.

It had been two hours and you’d only come up with two sentences, you were frustrated. Not only by your lack of ideas, but Jughead’s constant heated staring. 

“I can’t do this.” You said begrudgingly, handing the messy paper back to Jughead.

He sighed, frustrated. “You had one job!” He yelled, watching you gather your things. “You had one job and you can’t even do it? I thought you were an amazing writer.”

You glared, angry and hurt by his harsh words. “My job? It’s your damn article!” You snapped, slamming your bag on the ground to turn and stare at him in anger. He glared right back. It lasted a while until there was a smack and a wooshing sound, and suddenly everything seemed much quieter.

You looked around confused, until you saw the lights in the hallway of the school off and everything seemed eerily quiet. You looked at your watched and gaped at the time! It was already ten o’clock. What you thought had been two hours must have been much longer.

You felt your stomach twist. Your school had an automatic lock system, which meant the front doors wouldn’t open until the janitor came in in the morning. You turned to Jughead and saw the same fearful expression on his gaze. You slumped back down in your chair, your bag falling to the side as you moaned in frustration.

“Look’s like we’re stuck here.” You mumbled. Looking up only to see Jughead staring at you with that calculating gaze once again.

“I swear, the world is against me.” He finally mumbled, dropping his head to his hands. You scoffed. “How’d I get stuck here with you?”

You gasped, insulted. “What, you think I wanna be stuck here, with you either?”

He shook his head, ignoring you as he stared down at the blank page. “I could literally be doing anything better than this.”

Shocked, you finally let yourself ask the question that’s been bothering you since you met Jughead. “What did I do so bad that made you hate me?” You asked, your voice shaking as you stared ashamed at the ground. You missed the way Jughead’s head snapped up and he stared at you with wide eyes. “I mean, ever since we’ve met, you’ve done nothing but insult me or get mad at me. I know I’m not innocent, I ju-” You were cut off by lips hitting yours. Your eyes widened and you leaned back, making Jughead lean even more over the table as you tried to rationalize why this was happening.

When he pulled back you gasped an intake of breath, cheeks flamed and eyes wide. You looked up at Jughead who only shook his head, “I don’t hate you.”

“Th-Then why?” You whispered.

“I-I… really like you. I did the moment we met when you actually spoke to me with caring eyes, but i’m not good with feelings. And I’d rather push them away than admit them.”

Your mouth opened to say something but instead all you did was suddenly smile. Jughead stared at you in shock, and with a grin you reached for a blank piece of paper. “It’s a date!”

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“I’m so happy I met you! I didn’t know I could love someone as much as you! Let’s do our best to live happily for the rest of our lives,alright my love?”

The Fatesona Discord joked about brides and bringing back the class for Fates and so I jokingly sketched Tobias as one. Except I loved the sketch. And now I love it more o)-( Even if it took me like a few weeks to finish

Also big shoutout to everyone in the Discord for cheering me on when I didn’t feel like continuing it ;v; I love yall!

anonymous asked:

the fact that kxk "came out" on april 1st aka april fools day of all days is enough to not believe in this bullshit in the first place, like correct me if im wrong but dispatch took those (staged) photos a few weeks before they were released? like in the feb or march time, so why april 1st? and also people forget that dispatch and sm are actually friendly with each other so they could easily scheduled a fake ass photo op with kxk it looked staged af anyway why are people still doubting this

People don’t forget. People are just dumbasses with the inability to connect the dots and who would rather think Krys is offended by our tumblr posts or that KD is merely a reflection of a fantasy than see the obvious. Or can’t grasp that a popular ship is ‘real’. Because it’s very popular with lots of fans. 

I’ve had a JI stan admit to me that the photos were indeed staged, but Dis_patch had 'worse’ ones that could damage their careers. Yet they released Seo_hyun on multiple occasions running from Zic_o’s house?? Sis. 

Anyway. Scheming and lying in the media/music industry is nothing new. And new kpop fans all believe everything they’re told. These same people would probably actually believe Gdrag_on confused marijuana for a cigarette. 

I’ve been in the kpop fandom since '09. Unfortunately.