took me a day to did this

One of my favorite lunch places has had this sign on the cash register since I first started going there.

The typo annoyed me. As did the… unusual formatting.

I mentioned it to a waitress there (someone we’ve actually known for probably 10 years) and she said I was the first person to notice it.

But then… nothing happened. Every week I’d see it again.

Finally, after Tracey told me I was being annoying to keep mentioning it, I decided to do something about it. The other day, while I was waiting for my food, I took out my phone, took a picture of the sign, and then pulled out my laptop.

I made two new versions of the sign. One formatted exactly the same way, just with the typo fixed; the other was formatted a little nicer, at least to my eyes.

Of course I didn’t have any way to print it while I was there, so I had to wait to do that back at my office. I put both versions on a single sheet of paper, and brought it to the restaurant (after checking on Facebook to make sure our friend was working).

She laughed, took the old sign down, highlighted the new one to replicate the way the old one had looked, and taped it to the register. Now every time I see it, I will be reminded of my good deed.

While I was in a “general purpose improvements” mood, I asked if I could fix one of the TVs they have hanging up in the restaurant. (The aspect ratio was wrong, so it actually cut off part of the picture.)

She laughed again and said that earlier that day someone had been watching it while CNN did a story on “SHOOTERS” but since the side was cut off it actually said “HOOTERS” which, as you can imagine, would be a very different story. She brought out the remote, and, as I had hoped, it had a button marked  “Screen Size” or something like that. I pressed it and cycled through the options until I found the right one, and now the picture looks a lot nicer and all of the words fit on the screen.

Obviously neither of these changes are curing cancer or bringing us closer to world peace, but they are two small improvements that will make things a little better for everyone, including me.

Tracey asked, “So, did you get a free lunch?”

I replied, “No, I got a ‘thank you’ and the satisfaction of knowing that I had done something good.”

I think she would have preferred the free lunch, but I was happy with the end result.


The Moon! : )

okay, I know they aren’t crisp and defined but it’s better than anything that I’ve ever taken before. : ) I only had a tiny circle of light before tonight. Thank you to Alexis for teaching and helping me tonight and other days and thank you to Pete for teaching me how to do it several times too! : ) I’m such a slow learner and you both are patient! Tell me what I did wrong and I’ll try to improve. I know my lens is crappy for one thing and it’s so unstable, as is my tripod! I did use my timer. It wasn’t fully dark out when I took them. I was in a cemetery taking these because there were no trees there blocking my view. I practiced tonight for the blue moon tomorrow. : )

Alexis sent me a photo that he took of the moon tonight too…it’s neat to see that it was at a slightly different angle than what I captured…of course his moon spoke French and mine English. ; ) 1x1-photography 

anonymous asked:

My mother received two abortions during a time when marital rape was still a gray area in our state. We had $300 to our family's name and could barely afford to put food on the table. She was going through school and the sole breadwinner while my bum dad sat on his ass and drank all day. She made a difficult decision but she made the RIGHT one, completed her degree, got a white collar job, and took both herself and me away to a better life. I AM PROUD OF HER.

Rape is totally unacceptable and as a victim of rape and sexual assault (on 2 separate occasions), I want to make clear that there is no excuse for what your father did to your mother. It was cruel and inexcusable. That being said, I grieve for you and for your mother: you lost 2 siblings, your mother lost 2 children to the violence of abortion after the violence of rape.

Just like rape, abortion harms an innocent human being – this is why we demand that it be made illegal. An act of aggressive violence can never be a human right.

So here’s the thing.  I had no access to tumblr for two days (well one and half, but who’s counting?) and so I did a rewatch and be prepared for a barrage of mental caps with over analysis of details which more than likely will make no sense.

Firstly I couldn’t get the lovely nicsknack     post out of my head in regards to her phracktasitc observation that Jane’s necklace that she wears in Queen of the Flowers, features two swallows.  So of course I re-watched it and found something that made me phracking flail my hands a little bit.  Now it took me a good amount of pausing on this scene to get these images at the right point, and I’m pretty sure this now means I’ve fallen so far down the phracking rabbit hole that there is now no return.

If you look REALLY closely, there is another bead and gold charm that hangs from the diamond the two swallows are holding….and IT LOOKS LIKE A PLANE.  It was hard to pause it because she moves so much and at one point I was like “Girl, stop moving your plaits” but I guess it isn’t a plane (the sane brain attempts to take over) but it looks so much like one that it’s a bit too much.  

Now excuse me while I attempt to claw my way out of the phrack/mfmm rabbit hole that I’ve fallen into.

Lunch was a quiet affair, with the company scanning the trees while they ate. I took my ration though I did not eat most of it. The ill feeling had returned to my stomach and I passed my extra portion to Mr Baggins after we had continued along the path. He repaid me with a kiss, though it was much gentler than yesterday’s. He looks to be a daze of sorts, as if the forest is draining his focus.

I asked Balin how much longer this path would take for us to cross. He admitted that even with his maps, he could not be sure. It could be days, it could be weeks. I certainly hope it is not that long, as our supplies and our spirits will not last weeks. I feel as if this forest is cursed.

i just went rafting on a river and it was the first time i let my makeup wash off and i took off my life jacket and jumped from the top of a tree into the river using a rope like in the movies and i didn’t care about my tummy or scars or acne (even tho i did get some bad bad mosquito bites) it was such a lovely day

happiness project.

So I have an idea for a project, and since I’ve always loved anything which involves creativity, I love coming up with new ideas. But in order for this one to happen - I kinda need you guys’ help. I thought I’d ask on here, but if these types of messages really annoy you - I apologize in advance!!

I want to do a project where people send me pics of the best part of their day! It can be a pic of your bed, or of you hanging with your best friend, or of the view outside - anything that makes a day good for you! It can be the simplest of things, or any other cool thing you did. Just submit the picture, along with the date that you took it, and if you want to - you can even say why that was the best part of your day! :) I really want to improve my vidding skills - so I want to put the pictures into a motivational video, along with hopefully some cool edits!  Although it is really hard to put into words the vision I have in my head, I hope you’ll take part, and have faith in my…abilites! :) xx If you could take part it would be amazing, and sincerely appreciated! Thank you :)


Zombies, Run! S2 M25

Today was one of those days where I did not want to do anything at all. I left work early, took a nap, then sat around and watched TV for an hour. And yet, my training schedule said to run 30 minutes today so that’s what I did.

It was kind of a weird mission that started out with a heartfelt tribute to fallen runners then ended up with a runaway train. Maybe it’s because my mind is in storywriting mode, but it all felt very disjointed and the tone was inconsistent throughout. 

The new zr app is still giving me trouble. Turns out GPS tracking is all wonky so my “record time” yesterday was completely bogus. Today it told me I ran 2.74 miles when I actually ran 2.21. So that’s frustrating.

This Saturday is a 5 mile run. Wish me luck.

Instead of complaining, here is my list of accomplishments today:

I got up. I went to work. I did my job well.

I went to my therapist appointment and actually was really glad I went.

I did the dishes and cleaned the cat box.

I took our dog for a walk.

I am enjoying a face mask and lavendar incense right now.

I am feeling better, I am losing weight, and I am happy with my appearance.

I am making healthy choices for myself today, and for myself in the future. I am grateful for what I have, and the time I have left.

So I had a kinda touching experience this past weekend. My Dad started at a new church as music director/associate pastor after 10 years at a church that was just a kinda emotionally damaging place. In other words, it’s really good he gets to be at this new church. Well we had lunch with the senior pastor and her family after church, and much to my surprise, they took the time to ask me about powerlifting and what it is. My Dad had told her that we try to take the time to lift together as much as we can and she remembered that. Not only did they take the time to listen and ask questions, but they remembered what I told them about powerlifting. They also remembered my maxes so that is cool. I only know all this because my Dad texts me about how his day went and stuff. The senior pastor also just thought it was really cool that I wanted to be strong so I just went and did it. It was just a nice experience of people listening to me and caring about what I did :).

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Why do you want to be season 2 Meredith Grey?

BECAUSE SHE’S AMAZING. God, season 2 threw so much shit at Meredith Grey. And I mean so much shit. Family shit, romantic shit, personal shit, professional shit. Season 2 beat the hell out of this woman. And she just took it all in stride. She showed up to work every day, defended her friends, defended her patients, owned up to her flaws (Meredith was always self-aware af and she knew exactly what she needed to work on to better herself and so she did and she grew and it was amazing to watch) and she made no apologies for who she was. But when she fucked up, she did her best to fix it. She was devoted to her job, devoted to her friends, devoted to the man she loved. She never wasted or squandered any opportunities. She always said her peace. She always stood up for herself. She never let anyone walk on her or disrespect her and even when she was fucking up (and there was a stint where she just kept fucking up), she respected herself and took care of herself. Despite the fact that her personal life was an absolute disaster, she was brave and intelligent and unrelenting and genuine and loyal and I’ve idolized her for ten years. I can’t give you any specific examples or fun gifs because I’m still holding out hope that you’ll watch it some day but there is no more important fictional character in my life than Meredith Grey. She is strong and she is independent and she knows who she is and she respects herself and she does her best and she doesn’t need to sacrifice any parts of herself to do it all. And I think that’s really important.

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How long, do you think, did it take for you to become an expert at Skullgirls? cause I've had this game for a while and hoo boy

it did took me some time I’d wager around 6 months to be at a level I was some what comfortable playing at (mind you I had beforehand exp with fighting games already) ,however all that time I was putting some work in and trying to comprehend how the game works to the best of my ability because once you understand something is way easier to progress and that’s really just how it works with any fighting game tbh.

If you have any SG related questions or want any advice I’d be happy to help.

The last time I was on strong meds for pain.
  • Dad:Okay you took your pill heres some water and soup. I have to go to work for the rest of the day. Take it easy. Eat your soup I'll be back soon. *dad walks out door*
  • *Dad walks back in door.*
  • Me:haha did you forget you keys? Silly dad-o.
  • Dad:It's been six hours. Have you moved at all?

A close friend of mine asked me how I take efficient notes for my AP classes. It took me all of high school to figure it out, but I did it. Here’s how I did it:

+For History Classes

  • If your class is like mine and you have to read a chapter from a textbook or some other source the day before a lesson, I suggest that you read the chapter out loud. It sounds weird, but if you read it out loud, it goes by faster and it’s easier to become acquainted with the content. If you’re able to read it to a sibling, a parent or a classmate, even better. They’ll ask questions if they’re not completely bored out of their minds and you’ll have to explain the content. There’s research that says that if you teach someone what you’ve learn, it stays in your memory.
  • After you read the chapter out loud, look at the end of the chapter. There’s usually questions to answer or a vocabulary list. Do the work if you have enough time to. This is great additional work because it really tests your understanding. You can answer it your head or write it down on a piece of paper. 
  • Doing those two steps before you actually take notes helps you streamline your notes. They’ll become concise. I used to transcribe the entire book when I was a freshman and a sophomore, but junior year I realized that it was a waste of time. Now, if I can’t fit my notes within 2-3 pages if the chapter is like 20 pages long, I know I’m doing something wrong. Reckon, I do ignore lines on ruled paper, though.
  • Make your notes interactive and fun. Have some sticky notes in there or charts. I like making t-charts. Alternate color schemes so important words stick in your head.
  • Make flashcards. Just do it. If you do it for every chapter, you can use them to review for any exams you may have. I like to format my cards like this: word on the front, on the back I would have the definition, the significance, two words that remind me of the vocab term and the time period. 

+For English Classes

  • For God’s sake, annotate your books. Make a key for rhetorical devices/characterization/theme or whatever. Just be sure to not arbitrarily highlight. Write down any questions/comments you have.
  • Create a study guide for any concepts, books, or writing outlines. English is a class that isn’t really note-heavy, but I suggest that you do this so it’s easier to review for exams. 

+For Math & Science Classes

  • Take notes in class. Your teacher will probably have slideshows, fill in the blank notes, reviews or just a plain ol’ lecture. Pay attention.
  • After class, make a mind map. I love making these for my Physics class because it makes it easier to tackle and understand. 
  • Memorize your equations by making flashcards. You can’t survive in these classes just guessing. Make this a priority, honestly.
  • Do the homework and make a list of questions you might have. Practice makes perfect.

Well, that’s it. If you have any suggestions for my next guide, send me an ask.




Okay so I just had dinner with Jordan and Erin. For 2 and a half hours. When he got there he said “Wow it’s so nice to finally meet you in person, I really appreciate and thank you for all that you do for me.” Basically I was speechless. Erin really helped break the ice in conversation.

When I gave him the binder, he was utterly speechless. “I don’t deserve something like this… Thank you. So much.” He kept thanking me about it throughout the dinner, and I kept reminding him that it was the least that I could do. Afterwards, he insisted on hugging me and he took photos with me. He told me what a great job I did modding and all that.

After that, he walked with me back to my hotel. It was the greatest experience in my life. Jordan Maron, the man I’ve watched and fangirled over, took two and a half hours out of his day to see me. 

Thank you so much aureylianmc for making this possible and for being there so I could meet you. I had such a good time.