took me 40 minutes to find it all

If you don’t read Tom Brady’s thank you letter to Pats fans and think he’s the greatest then we haven’t much more to discuss.

Tough as nails. Always trying to be the best he can. Giving his all for the game, his fans, and the ones he loves…that’s what greatness is all about. Brady doesn’t need to do anything to prove he’s the greatest ever to anyone, especially Pats fans…but this is every indication why. Effort, accomplishments and class all the way through. I’d root to hell and back for this guy for what he’s done and how it’s affected my life.

How he found the strength to pen this letter after all the hits he took Sunday is beyond me. Somehow he finds a way. Just like he did floating that 40 yarder to Gronk to keep Super hopes alive a few minutes longer.

MAAAAYYYY have almost gotten a little dusty in here now. No judgments. The week following a playoff elimination is a judgment-free safety zone, people.

Remember this letter the next time you wanna rush to criticize him or dare think he’s lost it or not giving it his all. Give it everything he’s got and always try to be the best is all he knows how to do.

Hey Von Miller…read this. Learn a little next time you wanna talk trash.

Tom - it is our privilege to root for you, claim you as our own, and know you love being the quarterback of the Patriots as much as we love watching you do so. After all, we don’t call you TFB for nothing.

Thanks again. And Let’s Go Pats!