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[Gif not mine. Here is *drum roll please* surprise number two! So, a little while back I wrote a fic request for the reader being Jared’s rumoured gf at Camp Mars and I really enjoyed it. This fic is kind of going to be how their story kind of begins because I wanted to flesh it out and actually create a longer piece. If you don’t like it sorry/not sorry, if you do then I am glad. This is my first time doing something like this so bear with me. Enjoy!]

  CH I. The Fantasy

“Fans aren’t allowed here until the meet and gr-”
  “I’m here for a job interview, actually. Last name Bones, first name Johara.” 
  The guard looked at me suspiciously before flipping through the pages of his clipboard to see if I was telling the truth. I wasn’t offended though, I bet they got a lot of wild stories from fans trying to get up there.
  “You’re on the list, Mikey will bring you up to the room,” the guard said gruffly.
  ‘Mikey’ was a 6′4′’ beef cake that could probably bench press ten of me without even breaking a sweat. Speaking of sweat, I was nervous as fuck, my hands were shaking as Mikey and I entered the elevator. It wasn’t helpful that Mikey was the strong and silent type. The only think he said to me which cut off my nervous prattling was, “So when we get to the tenth floor it’s room 1111, capiche?” 
  I nodded, not trusting myself to talk anymore for a few moments. I don’t know how long I ended up standing in the hall after I had gotten out of the elevator. I don’t know how many panicked breaths I took before my anxiety began to morph into mild confidence. I walked to the door and knocked lightly. 

***Jared’s P.O.V

  I had just gotten out of the shower, having washed away all of the sweat a great concert usually accumulated when there was a knock on the door. 
  “Tomo! Shan? Can you get that?”
  No reply, damn. Wrapping a towel around my waist I padded over to the door and pulled it open, meeting a startling pair of the brightest emerald eyes I had ever seen. 
  “Oh jesus, I’m sorry, I can come back,” she said in a rush as she took me in. 
  She was cute, and sexy. She was curvy, deliciously so, and soft looking.
  “No, no, sorry, umm… who are you?” 
  “Right,” she extended a hand, “Johara Bones, I’m here about the job.” 
  Oh yeah, so this was the husky-voiced sweetheart I had talked to on the phone. Shaking her hand firmly I gestured for her to enter. 
  “Come on in, just give me a minute to get dressed. Unless it would quell your nerves if I was naked, I heard that sometimes helps,” I teased. 
  She took it good-humoredly, the corner of her plump little mouth twitched, “I’ll just wait here.”

***Johara’s P.O.V***

  Not too long after Jared went back into the bathroom Tomo and Shannon entered from the balcony, their conversation ending abruptly when they noticed me. I figured to avoid getting thrown out I should speak first. I walked a few steps forward extending a hand, 
  “Johara Bones, I’m here about the opening for a personal assistant.”
  It was a listing only the best of the best knew about and I was far from it. I had been a secretary before but nothing to this caliber. I only found out about the job through my old Professor in University who was friends with Jared’s mother. It it wasn’t for him I probably wouldn’t have even considered/heard about it let alone get an interview.
  Shannon shook my hand firmly, and then Tomo, they both greeted me warmly before gesturing for me to sit down. 
  “Bones, I dig that, is it a stage name?” Tomo asked.
  “Oddly know, but I can understand why you would think so.” 
  “Jared?” Shannon questioned.
  “In the bathroom,”
  Shannon waved a hand, smiling, “We can start without him,”
  Oh, okay. Shannon Leto was just as good looking as his brother, his hair artificially messy and he wore a pair of black skinny jeans and a Pink Floyd tank that was riddled with holes. Tomo was a little cutie with his olive skin-tone, dark locks, and warm smile.
  “What made you want to apply for the job?”
  My mind went somewhere dark for a moment but I composed myself quickly.
  “With the exception of being able to work with you lot, I just thought it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d get to travel the world with a great band, learn more first-hand about the music industry, and if I am being completely honest, the pay is better than any job I have ever had so it just made sense,” I paused for a moment, thinking about everything and trying not to get flustered.
  “I have also made a habit of playing things safe, I’ve always done what is expected and rational, I’ve never really lived the life I’ve wanted. I’ve never really had the opportunity or the courage to provehito in altum, sorry if that sounded lame,” I blushed. 
  “It didn’t,” Jared’s voice came from behind me, and he moved to sit beside his brother. 
  He looked good, really good, but I was trying to focus. I was nervous enough as it is and they probably got tired of people fawning over them sometimes. They were just people, amazing and talented people, people who probably just wanted to be treated like other people. 
  “Can you start right away and have your bags packed in an hour?”
  I stared at him with my mouth gaping open for a few seconds and he smirked. 
  “I beg your pardon?” I stammered. 
  Shannon smiled, “We trust your reference, and we liked your answer. Do you want the job or not?”
  “Y-Yes… yes! Thank you!” I jumped to my feet. 
  “We’ll have Kevin drive you to your house to grab your things, your travel expenses will be paid for… it will be our longest tour yet. It’ll be hard work, and you’ll be away from home for a long time, can you handle that?” Jared asked and in that moment I couldn’t meet his eyes. I glanced down at my boots and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. That wouldn’t be a problem. 
  “Yeah, I can handle it.”


  I sat cross-legged as the plane took off for Dublin Ireland where the band would be playing at the O2 the day after tomorrow. It was late driving from Bournemouth to the Southhampton Airport, and it was nearly 3am when the plane took off, but I couldn’t sleep. So instead, I got to work. I began filling a notebook with their tour schedule, finding hotels and potentially cool restaurants and clubs they may want to go to in various cities, and a list of things I should pick up for the road that I thought the guys might like. 
  It was kind of daunting, one minute I’m, well, me, working for chump change in Toronto and now I’m on my way to Dublin with 30 Seconds to Mars. 
  We hit a patch of turbulence and I gasped, squeezing my eyes closed and digging my nails into my thighs. I’ve flown quite a few times, the fear should have subsided but it hadn’t. So I sat there looking like an idiot and holding my breath until the turbulence subsided. 

***Jared’s P.O.V***

  I couldn’t sleep, I never could on planes for the most part no matter how exhausted I was, and her little gasp drew my attention. Her light was still on, she had insisted on sitting away from us so she wouldn’t disturb Shan or Tomo while they rested. She was easy on the eyes, I just hoped this turned out well for all of us. 
  Getting up I walked to her seat and sat down across from her, her eyes were squeezed shut and her brows were furrowed. She looked kind of cute with her dark locks half up, her large glasses riding low on her nose, and fear evident on her face. She also wore a Led Zepplin crop top that got me curious. 
  “Is that more of an aesthetic thing or do you actually like the band?”
  She jumped, her hand flying to her chest and I smirked. She recovered, taking off her glasses as though she were embarrassed about them. 
  “I’m sorry, what?”
  I gestured to her shirt and she flinched as the plane shook. “I I-I like the band. I like music that has-jesus-more, music that has heart and thought put into it. I dig music that is created not just to top the charts or driven by the money, but music that-damn it-touches people. It’s one of the reasons I fell-fuck-in love with your band. Not meaning to sound pretentious, but I probably just did by saying that.” 
  I didn’t mind, I liked her answer, agreed with it even.
  “What’s your favourite song by us?” I wasn’t asking because I wanted her to stroke my ego or anything, I was just genuinely curious. 
  She got that far away look in her eyes again but she stomped it out in an instant. 
  “The Kill, probably a generic answer I know, then Oblivion, A Beautiful Lie, City of Angels, and Do or Die.”
  “Why The Kill?”
  She rubbed the back of her neck, “Because it’s about coming face to face with who you are and finding yourself.” 
  “Do you know who you really are, Bones?” I asked. 
  She scoffed, surprising me when she threw and airplane pillow at me. “Are you trying to give me an existential crisis?” 
  Her eyes were bright with amusement and I smiled, getting comfortable, “Tell me about yourself Bones, we still have an hour or so, and I’m bored. It can be your first official duty or something.” 
  She kind of… short-circuited a bit then, getting a little timid and closed off, but she hid her emotions well, slamming down the shutters so I only got a peek. 
  “I was born in Toronto, I went to Brown University, and now I am here.”
  Hmm, I was getting the feeling she was a fairly personal person. In all fairness though, we had just met and being on the road for a long time had a way of opening up a person so all I would have to do is wait.
  “Is your family happy for you?” I asked. 
  Sore spot, I noted. She shifted in her seat and rubbed the back of her neck again. She refused to look me in the eyes for a second and when she did she was cool and collected. 
  “I don’t really have one,”
  This mildly shocked me. She had no one? It seemed crazy, I mean I had my mom and Shan and I could never imagine having a life without them.
  “What do you mean?”
  She sighed, rubbing her eyes, “My mom bailed after I was born, my dad was… well he tried his best and he was great but he died when I was eighteen.”
  “Whoa, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry or upset y-”
  “You didn’t,” she said but I could tell I had. “It’s pretty amazing what you have accomplished,” she changed the subject. 
  I shrugged, smiling when she unleashed a slur of curses as we hit a particularly rough patch. 
  “Yeah, we try. We like to be different, to plunge into the deep and live as much as we can without regret.” 
  The corner of her mouth quirked up a bit and she adjusted her position in her seat. “Alright, so tell me about you. The more I know the better I’ll be at my new job.
  She sounded so energetic, so eager, and I halfheartedly complied. I didn’t mind talking about myself, it was all part of the job, but I wanted to get to know her. However, I couldn’t deny her logic. 
  “Well, I feel like I should know what you know about me first, internet and all that, you know?” 
  She pursed her lips, “Okay, umm. I know you’re a capricorn, a vegan, you released your first album in 2002 and your mothers name is Constance. You and your older brother Shannon are very close, you like rock climbing, and you’re an accomplished actor.” 
  Hmm… not to sound vain but I had expected more. “And that’s all you know?”
  “I mean, I know more about the bands history but yeah, that’s all I know about you,” she said. 
  “That’s good, it’ll make this process more real.” 

[I hope you all liked Chapter 1!]

keep it PG (woozi)

type: fluff =w=
synopsis: jihoon being whipped around u =w=
a/n: this scenario has been in my folder for like month and i just got the courage to finish it today im sorry for the anon who requested but i still havent done the request :~( and also jihoon in snapback is my religion

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from: diva boo

he looks at us like he wants to cut off our heads
and he’s been so queit


to: diva boo

does he have it that bad????



its like the incident where he is gonna hit mingyu hyung with that guitar again
but like this time he’s gonna do it on all 12 members



oh god fine ill be there in 10


to: you make me so woozy

don’t start murdering them yet
im coming to get my front row seat :^)


from: you make me so woozy

you better hurry or youll miss it baby
don’t want to be late do we


A giggle escaped  her mouth as she puts on her sweater, dragging her feet out of their apartment and to Pledis Entertainment. She doesn’t forget to buy them some food, remembering they have over-worked themselves for this comeback. Jihoon, especially. He automatically passed out on the couch when he came home. And he is already awake again in the morning. It’s like a never ending cycle.

She laughs quietly when she arrived, hearing Seungkwan’s yelling ‘eomma’ with a crying sound in the background (it’s probably Wonwoo crying).

She opened the door, all eyes set on her. “Hey guys.” She sets the food on the table carefully, “For all of you.” They run to where the food is, thanking her and start digging in. She noticed Mingyu stepping out from the recording booth, a frown on his face. He showed a small smile at you taking a box in his hands. He thanked her as she pats his arm, showing him a reassuring smile. “I’m sure you did good there,”

He nodded and joined the other members. Her smile grew wider when she felt two arms around her waist and a head on her shoulder. “Are you cancelling the murder?” He smiled, tightening his grip on her. “Mhm, since you’re finally here, I’m thinking I should be nicer.”

“Ai,” She turned around to face him as he pressed a light kiss on her lips, while smiling widely. And that absolutely looked weird, the fact that he probably cursed Mingyu before this. His mood swings really fast, but that’s just what she did on him. Seeing her presence around him is enough to make him smile stupidly. It’s like he’s back to square one where it all started, even though they’ve been dating for almost 2 years.

He leaned in and captured her lips in his, pulling her closer to him. He always thought kissing her made him felt like he’s in cloud 9. Just the thought of kissing her could make him lose his sanity. Her touch reminds him of gravity, her smile reminds him of the stars aligning – forming a shape he doesn’t know but it looks beautiful, and her eyes remind him of all the cities he wished to see. He looked at her once and felt a funny feeling rushing through his body.

He looked at her again, and it’s so scary how he could found himself then lost himself so quickly.

She got him trapped under her spell.

She pushed him away, noticing that the other boys start making noises, whether its kissy noises or vomiting noises or even crying noises (probably from Wonwoo again). “You should go eat.” He sighs but nodded anyway. Taking the last box and went to sit with the 12 members, resulting them to tease him endlessly, without a fear he might cut their heads off later.

“Jihoon hyung is whipped!”

“What black magic did she use on you, Jihoon-ah? I might try it on Mingyu.”

“You’re totally wrapped around her finger, hyung.”

“Jihoon hyung and noona looked so cute together!”

“Me and Jeonghan is way cuter than you two!”

He ignored them and start digging in. Time passed, Jihoon finished eating and told everyone to take a 30 minutes break before they start recording again. He plopped down the couch, looking over to her that still sat  comfortably at the same spot. Currently talking Wonwoo, he eyed them firmly. And it seems like she noticed his firm gaze at her and turned her face to lock eyes with him. She said a few more words to Wonwoo before getting up, making her way to Jihoon.

He took her hand and pull her down, making her sit on his lap. He showed a cute smile and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face on her neck. A blushed appeared from her cheeks as she covered her face with her hands when someone started wolf whisper at the two. “Why are you suddenly like this?”

He looked up, “Am I not allowed to? We rarely do this anymore.” He pouted, who can resist that? Not her, obviously.

So, she entwined their fingers, and leaned in only to trick him and kissed his nose. He whined and pulled her closer, closing the gap between their lips. A smile appeared on her lips, it was like the world was theirs.

And there’s nothing stopping them at this moment.

Well, maybe there is. . . .

“Hyung, what the heck?!”

“Please keep it PG or take it to another room!”

“I can’t believe this two.”

“My innocent eyes!”

“Mingyu-yah, should we do that too?”