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Nameless Tale (Modern!AU)

Pairing: Bucky x Fem!Reader // OC

Prompt: Galleries are full of history. You just need to have someone who knows about it by your side.

Based on the prompt:

“You’re just another player, and it’s a game over to us.” 

Warnings: ANGST, toxic relationship, drug consumption, mild explicit content.

Words: 4999 lolololol

A/N: Requested by one of the angst queens aka @buchananbarnestrash. Hope you like it, I made it as angsty as possible. The end might be a little bit confusing, but I hope you guys got it because when the idea popped in my mind I was like HOLY SHIT PLOT TWIST. And yes, this is some TJ Hammond lifestyle. Sorry it took me so long. After 3 days writing it i declare this fict is a crap. I think I could have done better, but still, hope you guys enjoy it.

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Who thought that little kid, the one who used to hide under her mama’s skirt when they tried to cross a bridge would get on a plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean voluntary, to a brand new world, to a brand new inspiration fountain? She always had a fear of heights, yet she bought an apartment on a 10th floor in the city where buildings would be able to communicate with god, where the clouds were nothing but a low roof above the inhabitants head, brushing slightly the pointy skyscrapers built by simple mortals.

She was also afraid of forgetfulness, that’s why she made sure of picturing every single corner of what her pupils could perceive, making the sometimes unperceived beauty pop out with all its glory. That’s why she chose overcome her previous fear over hiding herself on the feet of those giant structures. She wanted to touch, to feel the lilac sky every afternoon, she wanted to capture the city lights like fireflies.

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tamakikyo WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE WE GOT FUN & GAMES no but okay

since u said yeah i figured i would give my hand at this.  


Am I posting my exact pattern pieces? No.  Will I give you the tools and help you need to start drafting your own? Damn straight!  So let’s get started!

(this half-assed tutorial is long and photo-heavy here’s a readmore)

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Choreografeels (J-Hope Imagine)

“1-2-3-jump-5-6..” You let out a sigh of frustration, burying your hands in your hair. It felt like the 50th time you failed at this particular part. “This choreo is the death of me..”, you mumbled into the silence, going back to your starting position. The squealing of your shoes on the laminate flooring echoed in the empty room as you tried again. “1-2-3-jump-5-6 and 7 and 8. 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5.. Argh, left foot you idiot!”
You took a deep breath and leaned against the mirror, staring into your own eyes. “Look, Y/N, I know it’s late and you’re exhausted and hungry but we both know you have to get this choreography down til tomorrow or you’re fucked. So get your shit together. You’re a BigHit trainee, if you can’t even dance this how are you supposed to debut? Just dance it right, god dammit!” So you kept on trying but despite all your hard work you kept on failing. The anger growing inside you, you danced and danced and danced, totally forgetting the time. And finally, after 3 hours of restless movement, you got it right. Satisfied with yourself, you layed down on the hard floor, breathing heavily, your clothes soaked with sweat, wanting to rest a minute to calm down before going back to your dorm. You made the mistake of closing your eyes and eventually fell asleep from exhaustion.
You flinched as the sound of a door falling into its lock woke you up, your whole body was aching from both the hard training and floor. “Can’t you be quiet?”, you grumbled still half asleep, not caring about politeness nor formal language.
“So that’s how you talk to your elders now?”, a slightly familiar voice answered.
Eyes widened, you sat up quickly to see who it was and as you did, your heartbeat fastened even more. “S-Sunbae..”
J-Hope stood about a meter away from you in a loose black shirt and sweatpants, his training bag in the one hand, his phone in the other. He gave you a slight smile as you continued to stare at him in disbelief.
“How long are you gonna sit there and stare at me? I wanted to practice and you’re slightly in my way like that..” He took off his shoes and opened his training bag, pulling out a pair of Nikes - obviously his dancing shoes. Some thin strings from his currently black hair fell out of place as he crouched down to tie them, only to stand up again seconds later and looking at you with a friendly, yet awaiting expression.
“Oh, sorry..” You got up in a rush, trying to hide your blushing with a deep bow.
But just as you were about to leave, the door suddenly flew open, your manager standing in the doorframe. His hands clenched to fists he trudged in your direction, obviously furious. You tried to back away but he’d already grabbed your shoulder, pressing you against the wall behind you.
“Where the fuck were you last night? Why weren’t you at the dorm?!”, he spat out, burying his fingers in your flesh. You whimpered, trying to explain, but he didn’t even listen, smashing your body against the wall once more. “Don’t you know what happens when you break the rules? Should I remind you..” He raised his hand, his whole arm tensed, about to slap you. You closed your eyes, preparing for the burning pain as he got interrupted.
“It was my fault. I told her to wait here for me but I had another important appointment and forgot to tell her. So she apparently waited here for me the whole night. I apologize for the difficulties I caused.”
Your managers hand sank in slow motion as he turned around to Hoseok, a deep growl coming out of his throat. “You..” He harshly let go of you, taking a few steps forward until he stood right in front of Bangtans main dancer. But J-Hope didn’t even blink, he just stared back into his eyes with the most serious expression you’d ever seen on his face.
“Don’t cause trouble with my trainees”, the manager pressed out between his teeth, his index finger roughly jabbing the interferers chest. After some seconds of silence, he left the practice room again, smashing the door behind him.
As soon as the door had closed, J-Hope let out a sigh. He went up to you, observing you worriedly. “Are you okay?”, he asked softly, his hand resting on the shoulder that had been spared of the managers strong grip to comfort you.
You, who hadn’t looked up since your superior left, nodded slightly. “Th-Thank you”, you stuttered, still in shock.
He smiled a little. “It’s okay. I just can’t stand violence..” Seeming to have drifted off deep into his thoughts, he silently stared into nothing for a few seconds before he looked at you once again. “Did you really stay here all night?”
“Y-Yeah..” You avoided eye-contact out of embarassment. “I had to get this choreography down and I guess I fell asleep while taking a little break.”
“Show me.”
“Huh?” Looking up in surprise, you could see him giving you an encouraging smile.
“Show me the choreography! I can help you and maybe even give you some tips for improving.”
“I don’t know..”
“Well then I have no choice”, he said and lifted up his chin, clearing his throat as he looked down at you. “As your sunbae I officially command you to show me that choreography you’re having trouble with.”
Not even waiting for an answer, he grabbed your wrist and happily pulled you to the center of the room, sitting down about a meter in front of you. You sighed,
feeling your heartbeat fasten as you got more and more nervous, knowing how talented and experienced he was.
After a while of silently convincing yourself you finally played the music and started dancing. Your initially insecure steps soon turned into strong moves, dancing your heart and soul out to hopefully satisfy the 94-liner watching you. His dark eyes attentively observed your movements as he kept staring at you, his deep concentration causing him to subconsciously biting his lip. You didn’t recognize it at first but when you did your heart missed a beat and you endet up making a mistake. “Aish!”, you stopped dancing.
He laughed a little. “It’s okay, I think I’ve seen enough anyways. We have a lot to work on.”
You stared at your feet, both embarrassed and disappointed he wasn’t as content as you wanted him to be. J-Hope got up in one fluent movement, placing himself oddly close to you. “First”, he raised one finger, looking at you through the mirror. “Don’t let people know when you make mistakes. No screaming, no sighing, no insecure side-smiling.. Most important of all: no interrupting or stopping in mid-dance. No matter what happens you have to keep on dancing. You may know that you made a mistake but the people watching you mainly don’t or at least won’t notice if you cover it up well. Okay?”
You nodded determinedly.
“Second: You obviously put all your strength and energy into this dance - which is good - but don’t let other people see how exhausting it is. You have to pay more attention to your facial expression.”
He lifted up the corners of his mouth with two fingers and “Ching!” a bright smile appeared on his face. You couldn’t help but smile too, happy Hoseok was contagious.
“You still seem pretty insecure with the dance so I thought you could teach me to solidify it. At least that usually works for me..”
You raised your eyebrows. “Are you sure you don’t just want to learn it for your own purposes? Everybody knows you love girl group dances.”
He started laughing, looking at you with a mixture of amusment and disbelief. “Is that what the trainees talk about me in the changing rooms? That’s disappointing. But now you can change my imagine into BigHits trainee hero since I saved you!” The both of you started laughing, your skin began to tingle where he casually touched your arm. “Sure”, you giggled.
“Wait.. I didn’t even ask you what your name is, did I? Ahh pabo”, he lightly hit his head. “Such a nice forehead and still it seems like there’s not much behind it”, he joked.
“I’m Y/N”, you smiled at him.
“Y/N.. That’s a really nice name! Well then, Y/N, are you ready to teach me that choreography?”
Like you’d expected, J-Hope learned quickly and after about an hour, he already knew the choreography better than you did. The slight touches when he readjusted certain positions or movements gave you goosebumps, even though they seemed to be totally ordinary to him. You kept on practicing harder for another 30 minutes, the both of you were sweaty and totally out of breath when he interrupted you once again.
He slightly shook his head, coming closer to correct your posture. “Why do your hips always turn a little to the right? Can’t they just keep on pointing forward?” You prepared for the contact but still couldn’t help but freeze as his hands softly changed the pose. But something was different this time, he stood closer than usual. You could feel his body leaning against yours, the heat radiating off of him, his unsteady breathing. His scent - a mixture of sweat and his cologne - surrounded you and he grinned a little, murmuring a deep, breathy “Better.” against your neck.
You jumped when you heard someone opening the door, Hoseok calmly but grudgingly letting go of you while the two of you turned around to see who it was. Jungkook stood in the doorway, his irritated stare switching between you and J-Hope. “Hyung?”, he called over his shoulder without taking his eyes off of the both of you. Some seconds later Jimin appeared behind the awkward Maknae, scooping past him into the room.
“Hobi, you know you shouldn’t flirt with the trainees”, he giggled, letting his sportsbag fall next to yours, followed by Jungkook.
“I was just helping her with choreography, no need to get jealous”, J-Hope answered while they inspected you carefully. Blushing, you bowed deeply to greet them.
“Uh-huh and that she’s exactly your type is obviously a total coincidence”, the 95-liner grinned.
“Yah, stop, you’re making her uncomfortable.” Hoseok protectively put his arm around your shoulder. At that moment, the door opened once again, the rest of Bangtan walking in.
“Guys, look! WE HAVE A NEW FRIEND!”, Taehyung announced excitedly.
“Ugh who of you brought trainees here? They’re always so loud..”, Yoongi growled.
J-Hope sighed a little annoyed. He leaned closer to you, whispering in your ear: “You’ll leave the room and go left right left, wait for me there. I’ll follow you in 10 minutes.” Without waiting for your answer, he turned to the boys. “Y/N will leave us now, she has some important appointments.”
You bowed once again to say goodbye, quickly grabbing your stuff and leaving the room. You didn’t even walk two steps when you heard Taehyung scream: “HYUNG SHE IS SO CUTE IS SHE YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!” and you couldn’t help but chuckle. Following your sunbaes instructions, you waited at the right place, both scared and curious why he’d not just let you leave. You reached a point of waiting where you got really impatient, but at that exact moment he came around the corner, smiling as he saw you’d actually done as he said. “Hey, sorry they were mocking about us, they just like to tease people.. They don’t really mean it.” His voice was soft, just like his gaze, as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “I just wanted you to know that if you ever need help, you can always come to me. I’m your guardian angel now.”
You gulped when he leaned even closer, only millimeters between your noses, looking you in the eyes. “And don’t forget to improve my image”, he whispered with a grin. You could feel his hand slipping in your pocket, leaving a note. “And don’t keep me waiting too long.” A wink, a tap on your nose and he was gone.

-Big shoutout to @btslovenotes for helping me with some words!! Also I might make this into a series, but that depends on you. So please let me know if you’d like more of this or just keep it as a oneshot. Thank you! ^-^