took me 2 days to finally finish these

BTS reactions to wanting to have sex, but you tell them you haven't shaved


You were making dinner when Jin had come home from the recording session, he even turned down the offer of going out with the members to eat because he was feeling incredibly needy today. He hugged you from behind and you could feel the imprint of his dick on your backside; immediately you told him.. He looked at you completely stunned, like he wasn’t able to process what you just said. To him, he felt sad that you thought you have to be shaved in order to please him.

“Y/N? Why do you think that’s a problem? It’s not!”

“I don’t know, won’t it be uncomf-”

“No!” He whisper yelled, while gently planting kisses down your neck.


He had his hand on your thigh, gently running his hand over it as he inched closer to you, where he then initiated a kiss. His hand slowly began to move up towards your inner thighs. That’s when you choked out a “S-stop..” His hand stopped abruptly, and he quickly turned to face you with a look of worry.

“I haven’t shaved..”

“Why does that matter?”

“I haven’t shaved in two weeks, Yoongi, it’s kinda messy..”

“Hair is a natural thing Y/N, it doesn’t matter to me.” His hand went up to softly caress your cheek.


Hoseok was too busy with trying to get you undressed, that when you abruptly gripped his arm right before he could unbutton your shorts, he was scared that he had hurt you.

“I haven’t shaved..”

“Ah! Y/N! I thought I hurt you! Don’t scare me like that, and not being shaved doesn’t stop me from showing you how much I love you” He wiggles his eyebrows playfully at you as he pulled your shorts down.


You two were cuddling on the couch in his room, enjoying each other’s company, when a small slip of hand turned the completely innocent cuddling, to a very heated make-out session. When the words left your mouth though, Namjoon hovered over you with a pained look.

“Baby, don’t think like that, you don’t have to be shaved for me to make love to you.”

“But I thought it’s better when It’s shaved.”

“It’s best when it’s you.”


You continuously ran your hand through Jimin’s hair, sometimes taking some strands and twiddling them around your finger. Jimin turned to face you, he watched how focused you were on his hair, then his gaze slowly shifted to your lips as he bit down on his bottom lip. It didn’t take long for Jimin to push his lips against yours and have you lying on your back, but you hastily tried to squirm out from under him and run away, but his grip on you was too strong. Then you told him.

*mumbles into the crook of your neck*
“Mmm, I really don’t mind jagi, just come to bed with me please..” 

“Are you sure?”

“Why wouldn’t I be, I love you.”


You sat on Taehyung’s thighs with your legs around his waist, his arms held you closely as you rested your head on his shoulder. You both stayed in that position for a while until you could feel the growing bulge between your legs. You looked up to find Taehyung staring at you, and you knew exactly what that stare was asking for..

“Tae…I haven’t shaved..”

*he erupts in laughter*
“Jagi! W-What!? Why is that important?”

“I don’t know, I just thought it is.”

“Well it’s not, so don’t worry about it.” He then picked you up and rushed you into his room.


Once Jungkook returned from practice, he couldn’t keep his hands off you, he told you he was thinking about you the whole time, and couldn’t wait to see you. His hands slowly snuck down to your waist as he wobbled the both of you around, eventually pulling you down on top of him, onto the couch. His incessant whining of not returning his gestures rankled you, until you finally told him.

“ you really think I care about that right now?”


“Exactly, now can we fuck?” He gave you a long look before you rolled your eyes at him, and he immediately flipped you over.


Hey y’all, so I’ve been trying to keep this a secret, as it was my guilty pleasure, but now I just want to share with you all the amazing fanfictions I’ve read since my stay in this fandom. Just some warning bc, yea. They are M/M aka male/male fics so yea, you understand. There are boys together. Who kiss and sometimes more cough. Accept that. Also none of these fics are mine, the authors will be linked along with the stories themselves!

SO HERE’S THE WILD RIDE GUYS. Give them a try. These will be my ALL TIME favourite fics so. Quality. ((this is future Lucy hola, i’ve just realised that 7/10 fics are Taekook, soz, even though I’m low-key yoonmin biased it’s really hard to find good of them so yea.))

10. sountracks by maxx

  Words: 38,877
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Yoonmin l Yoongi-Jimin hOLY SHIT YES
  Summary: What Yoongi doesn’t say is this: “If only you knew, Park Jimin. Every song I write, and all the words I have to give, will always be yours.”(Or, Yoongi is a famous underground rapper from simple beginnings and Jimin is his hip-hop hating, exceedingly rich boyfriend). *it says smut but i cant remember so just putting it out there that it might have SMUT*

9. because fries and mixtapes by hoars
  Words: 6,644
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taegi l Taehyung-Yoongi
  Summary:  Yoongi works the graveyard shift at a fast food restaurant while trying to make it big. Taehyung has insomnia. 

8.  the moon and the stars (are nothing without you) by wowoashley
  Words: 19,179
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: based off the prompt: “Taekook college AU! The college tour guide raved about the uni’s friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare”

7.  it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations
  Words: 10,334
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Recipe to The Perfect Halloween:
1. Pokémon costumes;
2. Lots of candy;
3. The perfect friendAll of which seven-year-old Jeon Jungkook finds in nine-year-old Kim Taehyung.(Then they grow up, and it’s not quite the same anymore.) adorable fricking hell

6.  pick me up, buttercup by vppa
  Words: 9,272
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: AU where your soulmate’s first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet.Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook’s forearm will now forever read “Hey baby, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.“What the fuck, universe. FRICKING SOULMATE! AU YES

5.  maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes
  Words: 52,675
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary:  Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before. im pretty sure it took me like half a day to finish this but fucking hell it’s good. really good

4.  Cocoa Puffs by madigraye
  Words: 39,705
  Chapters: 4/4
  Pairing: Yoonmin l Yoongi-Jimin finally my bubs
  Summary:  Somewhere between fake basketball matches and even faker marriages, Park Jimin learns that camp is for fun, and summer is for butterflies.

3.  all the right wrongs by aeterisks
  Words: 34,132
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary:  Jeongguk’s fate seems to have a name, and that name happens to be Kim Taehyung. I’m begging you get tissues before this. I forgot to notice that it’s angst so here’s the warning y’all. *IT’S FUCKING ANGST ALSO BEAUTIFUL, 100/100*

2.  Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl
  Words: 41,032
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

1.   King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye
  Words: 47,430
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. this is utterly perfect oh my god

+  Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind
 Words: 4,245
 Chapters: 1/1
 Pairing: Jikook l Jimin-Jungkook
 Summary: **Based off of Jungkook covering Troye Sivan’s, “Fools.” - “Jimin’s breathing begins to even, and Jungkook watches his chest rise and fall, steady and slow, like how waves wash up on Busan beaches.”


ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER DRAMA DRAMA. I’m so happy I finally finished this outfit! I made all the pieces myself, including the boots 💖 y'all don’t wanna know how long it took me to make the sequined roses but it was worth it 😭

“🎉🎂HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DADDY JUMIN!🎂🎉 I finally have a fan art for him, but only just a young Jumin Han. Oh, hey! How is it going? It’s pretty tough day for me after three days of vacation. It’s pretty fun drawing him tho–It took me almost 2 hours to finish just by using a computer mouse! Cuz I’m not rich enough to buy my own digital drawing tablet TT^TT Anyways, Halloween is coming and I don’t know what to do next. Hope you guys have a great day celebrating Jumin’s birthday!”

-Oppa MC💕



Well actually I should said belated birthday instead cuz I’m already 10 days late i’m sorr TT_________TT Anyway it’s better late then never right? hahaa….

It took me a lot more time than expected to finish this bc i ran out of idea and all i could think of were comic ideas but y’know to finish a comic takes more time than to finish a drawing OTL so i struggled and drew this finally.. &&& i’ve been slacking off a lot lately help T-T (I’M REALLY SORRY FOR THOSE WHO WAITED!! >___<)

On a side note i have the part 2 sketches of this comic but im too lazy to draw it now lmao (part 2 is probably abt Saeran eating ice cream lol anyone interested)

New Laptop!

I’m so happy to finally be able to afford my new laptop! It’s an 17in HP Envy, and I’ve been setting it up for 2 days now. I can use my adobe programs without crashing and finally livestream without lag. Took a while to transfer all my programs, luckily I was able to keep most of them.

Classes start next week so wish me luck! I’ll try to update as much as I can, I see you guys really liked my random concept-art exercise. I’ll make sure to post the future ones for your viewing pleasure. Skull-Kidz! will be releasing by the end of this month I already have the blog/website set up. Annnd hopefully I can finish the Charmless storyboard soon.

Thanks for watching and have a nice day!

This was my mini project for this past weekend: the field notes cover.

I’ve started to use the little field notes booklets more and more but they aren’t the most durable. So I did a bit of digging and found a few designs I liked on etsy but nothing really perfect.

So naturally my dumb ass decides, hey!! I can do this myself!

Have I ever worked with leather before? Not a whole lot. 

So I did a bit of research and found out what I need and headed to tandy leather. The guy there was helpful, but also very judgmental about what I was planning to do. He kept trying to convince me that buying a pre-made book cover was better. 

anyway, I did an outline of my booklet, gave about an inch and a bit for a spine and did a 1/3 clearance on all sides: 

cut everything out, and started the wet molding. I had a chunk of dowel sitting around that was basically perfect for the spine: 

And then clipped the top closed. It took about 2 days to fully dry out. 

I then added the holes I need for the elastic to fit through (this was surprisingly hard to do), and beveled and finished the edges. 

Finally, a stain finished it off: 

I added my name to the cover because I already had the tools to do this, and some charms to cover the knot in the elastic. 

Overall I am really happy with how it turned out! It’s nice and small and fits into my purse if I need it. And it holds about 4-6 notebook inserts. 

My only gripe was that the clips I used left a bit of a mark (you can see it on the edge in the pic above) and there’s no way to buff that out. I’ve made my peace with it though. 

I’d definitely try this out again! Especially now that I have most of the tools necessary for the easy stuff. 

I think it would be really interesting to try stamping something in for the cover… it requires way more tools to make though so not yet…

In Your Head - Part 9

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 2,922

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

There you were. Locked away in your room just staring at your phone. You must have written the text out 20 times. You almost called him 5 times. Part of you wanted to tell him. Another part didn’t think it was bad enough. It had been worse in the past, easily.

Your phone vibrated in your hand and you jumped a little.
Hey Sweetheart, just thought I’d tell you goodnight. I had a great day with you. Love you”.

You sat there in guilt. You were pretty sure that he really meant those words.

It was finally late enough that you could leave your room without hassle, everybody else in the house was asleep.

You made your way to the bathroom. You weren’t sure what your back looked like and you weren’t one to have mirrors in your room. Your head had still hurt but the throbbed part had gone away hours ago. The only thing you were sure of were the small bruises around the inner part of your arm. Finger sized.

You quietly closed the door behind you and then turned on the light. Your lip was mostly fine as it seemed you had bitten the inner part of it.

You turned and lifted your shirt looking behind you to see in the mirror. A small stream of dark bruises ran across your spine.

Your put your shirt back down just trying to shrug off any feelings. You took a deep breath.

You slowly went downstairs, grabbed a bowl of dry cereal and went back to your room. You had finished all your homework already.

You finally texted Jughead back.

Thanks for wishing me a goodnight. I had a good day with you too. I don’t think I can hangout tomorrow but I love you too. I’ll see you Monday okay?”. It had been a little bit so you figured Jughead went to sleep.

As tired as you were with the last 2 days of events, you couldn’t find yourself getting sleepy. You decided to go back to one of your books.

With Sunday greeting you, you wanted it to go quickly. You had stayed away from your mother almost the entire day. Your Dad kept to himself in his office, only coming out to get something to snack on. You helped your brother with his homework and barely texted Jughead. That was your day. Quiet and kept away.

Monday morning’s alarm was signaling to the right of you. You did your morning routine while dreading going to school. However if it meant you got to escape from your house for about 8 hours, then that was at least something. You wore a long sleeved shirt making sure that today the sleeves weren’t pushed up and headed out.

You got off the bus and were greeted by Jughead. Your face suddenly turned into a large genuine smile. “Hey Sweetheart ”, instead of the usual kiss on your head he leaned in a grasped your cheek bringing his lips to yours. “I missed you”, the words escaped his mouth as his lips were parting yours. 

You gleamed with a smile as he reached down and grasped your hand. “I missed you too”. He walked you to your locker as usual but ever slightly more affectionate. 

You tried to keep your mind away from your mother and then you looked down the hallway. There was Chuck with a still swollen face. His eyes looked at yours and then to Jughead’s. You could feel Jughead’s body tense up. You held his hand with more strength and squeezed it before using your other to slightly touch his chest. “Hey hey hey…”, you were trying to calm him down now and his eyes that were so still on Chuck before now landed on yours. His face softened. “Nothing is going to happen here. It will be okay, I got you and all of our friends. Alright? Just ignore him and he will ignore you”.

His eyes went to his feet and he gently nodded, “Okay but can I walk you to all your classes?”. 

You smiled. “Well Veronica and I have back to backs together but after that okay. It doesn’t really stray from our usual day. You do realize you usually walk me to class.” You gave him eyes that were filled with a sardonic undertone. 

He got a little flushed. He played with the hair that escaped his beanie in the bottom part of his head. His arm flexed a bit while pulling on his hair. “Yeah, I know. I guess I’m just being overprotective”, his eyes looked to yours. You though, were staring at his flexed arm. And once again he had caught you ogling him. He gave you a smile.  

You laughed when you met his eyes. “Sorry”. 

Veronica made her way up to the two of you, giving you both a rather interesting smile. Her eyebrow going up at you as if she was trying to talk to you with just a look. “Alright lovebirds. We got to go to class”, she eyed the door to the math room. 

“See you later?”, his hand brought your body closer to his and he gave you a small kiss. 

“Why do you keep phrasing this in questions?”, you giggled and gave him a slight hug. He slowly walked away backwards while keeping his eyes on you.

You looked to Veronica and were once again blushed. “Oh, I have soooo many questions”. 

“You very well know I’m not going to say anything”, you gave a nod but knew she already had assumed correctly. Veronica slowly shifted your body to the left side of her and you weren’t sure why until you saw Reggie and Chuck passing through the hall on the other side. Veronica’s eyes steered forward only focusing on the door. You weren’t sure if she was being protective or trying to harness her own rage. 

You went to your usual seat and Veronica in front of you. You gently sat down with the brace of knowing that there was still pain when you sat down. Luckily no one’s eyes were on you. 

A few classes had come and gone and you knew you were headed your way outside once again. Lunch in hand, you saw everyone but Betty at the table already. You were excited to sit down but because your focus was on Jughead, you had forgotten about your back. You gave a small sigh of pain while you sat down. Only Jughead had noticed because Archie was talking rather loud with Veronica, once again conversing about the upcoming dance. 

The second you sighed, Jugheads head had snapped to you with his face full of concern. “You okay?” 

You once again gave a fake smile. You thought you were past this, but again you didn’t want to worry Jughead. Especially for something you considered minor. “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little tired. I was reading for a while last night and lost track of time”. At least that part was true - you thought to yourself. 

You passed him his chips and once again went on through your day. Treating it like any other day in school. The plus side of it being was that Chuck had seemed to be fearful enough of Jughead that he avoided you. No joking or staring at you. At least something had grown more positive.  


The last bell had rung of the day and there was Jughead waiting for you by your locker. “Hey, how was class?”, he gave a peck on your cheek. 

“Good. Honors English is easily my favorite class”, you were putting away your books.

“Can you hangout today?”, Jughead asked with hopeful eyes.

“Yep. I already asked my Dad yesterday. I don’t have to be home until dinner”. Your arms went above Jughead’s neck. He gave a smile before diving in for a kiss. While gentle, his lips were warm. His hands slowly glided up your back but you resisted the flinch. Kissing through the pain, your focus trying to maintain on Jughead’s lips. You once again smiled while parting his body. You grabbed your bag and put it on your shoulder. Hand in hand you made your way to Archie’s house. Although, you just saw it as Jughead’s place now.

He was once again pausing to kiss you along your walk. However this time, a bit deeper and longer than any walk before. You took a breather from his mouth, with a slight pant trying to get some air. “Okay, but we are actually doing homework there right? Archie’s going to be there, and not sleeping this time….”

Jughead rolled his eyes. “Yeah yeah. Sorry, I’m just becoming too greedy with you”. 

You smiled while your feet landed on the steps of the porch. “I forgot to tell you!”, it had slipped your mind, something your dad mentioned the day before. “My dad is taking my mom on his next trip this weekend. My brother’s staying over his friends house for two nights and everything!”. This usually happened once a year towards your dad’s birthday. 

“Sounds like we’re having a weekend together ”, you could tell he was excited but he gave you a very coy smirk. 

“Yeah. He usually does this around his birthday. He has a conference in Vegas and my mom actually likes it there…”, your thoughts slowly went back to Saturday but you snapped yourself out of it quickly. You gave a fast smile to Jughead. You really were looking forward to the weekend. 

He thought for a second, “Just don’t tell Veronica. She’ll want to throw a party or something”. 

“Ha. I wouldn’t let her”, you gave a small chuckle. 

You put your bag on the couch and began to get your books out on the coffee table. Jughead was slowly coming back from the kitchen complete with some snacks in hand. You sat down slowly knowing that if you prepared yourself you could resist the pain of your back bothering you. Out of a little fear you pulled your sleeves to the palms of your hands. Jughead seemed to slightly notice but also knew that you would do this when you were nervous. You began to work on your math homework while he typed away on his laptop. 

About an hour went by and with you now starting your French homework you could tell Jughead was needing a break. He was stretching his arms and started in again on a snack. You watched his body move but knew with Archie upstairs, who was strumming off and on his guitar, nothing would happen. 

“So did Jellybean call you last night?”, your question was genuine. 

“How did you know? And she goes by “JB” now,“ his eyes gave a slight roll. 

You gave a small laugh. “We were texting about books and she mentioned it”. 

“I knew I shouldn’t have given your number to her…”, his comment was a little exasperated. 

“Ha. No it was more talking her out of reading Anne Frank too early. I did get her to settle on Number the Stars though…” Your words trailed as you noticed Jugheads eyes following your lips now. 

You gave a smile and Jughead leaned in for kiss. He put your legs on top of his lap and pulled you towards him while his lips were still attached to yours. When you pulled your body towards him you resisted giving into the slight pain. You tried to remain your focus solely onto Jughead. You pulled your sleeves back to your palms and then proceeded to put your arms over his neck. His body now somewhat on top of yours. His kiss was getting deeper with his tongue battling a bit with yours. It got slower as if he wished Archie wasn’t home and you could feel your own body become a little heated. He tugged at the bottom of your shirt a little and you pulled back. “Juggs. We can’t right now but I promise the second my parents and brother are gone, we will have a great night”, your voice was stern but filled with glee.

He gave a deep breath, trying to cool himself off from what you could tell. “I know. It’s just hard not to want you with you being like that”. 

“Being like what?”, you were still unsure how Jughead found you this fascinating.

“You being you. You know, perfect”, his words trailed although they had come out before. 

You gave a coy smile. “You’re too sweet to me”. He dived in for a kiss once again but this time his hands went under your back as he tried to pull you on top of his lap. 

You gave a heavy gripe in pain. He let go of you instantly. He looked you up and down. 

“Y/N?! What’s wrong?”. He wasn’t yelling so much his words were heightened with angst and worry. 

You shook your head relaxing your body. “It’s nothing, I’m fine. Really”. With determination he pulled at your shirt trying to lift it up. “Jughead! Leave it alone”, you were trying to whisper while pushing Jugheads hands away. 

“Come here”, he grabbed your hand and dragged you upstairs to his room. You knew what was going to happen and this was not what you wanted out of the day. 

He closed the door quietly and locked it while you stood in the middle of the room, pulling your sleeves down out of nervousness and fear, and began to cross your arms. 

“Let me see it”, there were no anger in his words as his face was once again soft. 

“Jughead, really I’m fine. It’s really nothing”, you came up to his chest with your palms on it. Trying to reassure him. 

“Please Y/N”, his eyes were starting to water a little. You tensed up. You didn’t want to show him, but you also knew the bruises had lightened slightly. You looked to the floor in both disgrace and guilt, purposely looking away from his eyes. 

You pulled your shirt off. His eyes went to the middle of your arm as he saw some light bruising. You turned around and moved your hair and he was now seeing your back. He paused before moving his body slowly towards yours and lightly grazing the middle of your back with his hand. 

His voice got stern again, “When?”. You knew Jughead only gave short answers out of seriousness. 

You turned your body around. “Saturday, when I came home. The house was a mess and I….” Your words were cut off by Jughead holding you in for an embrace. 

“You have to tell me when this happens Y/N”. Your eyes were filling a little bit with water itself as Jughead held you in close. 

“It wasn’t that bad Juggs, it was just quick. She just pushed me around a bit. Really I’m fine now. It’s just a….” His hands moved to your face, his sharp eyes looking back into yours. 

“Look. If you don’t want to do something about this right now I understand. But you need to tell me when this happens. Even if you think it’s nothing”. You looked back to your feet feeling ashamed. You nodded. 

“Promise me?”, his words were crackling with his voice a bit. 

“I promise you Jughead”, your eyes met his again. 

“Are you sure you’re okay?”, he grabbed your hand leading you to the bed to sit down. He was looking at your arm again, closer.

“Yeah. I am. It just needs to heal a bit”. You jumped a little while Jughead was now slightly rubbing your arm. 

“Sorry”, his focus was on your arm. 

“I’m okay really. It wasn’t a big thing…”, you were trying to reassure him again but failing. 

“A “thing” is big enough for me”, his face once again stern. 

You felt ashamed again. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you”, your tried to focus your eyes elsewhere. He gently grasped the side of your face to look back at his. 

“You know I’m not mad at you right? It’s not your fault”. 

“Well if I had just….” He once again stopped you from justifying it. This time grasping your shoulder a little while his hand rubbed it back and forth. You smiled. You gave a deep breath. “I know your not mad at me Juggs. I just feel awful not telling you. I really almost did a hundred times that night. I just thought I could get through it by myself”. 

“You don’t need to get through it by yourself. You have me, okay?” You nodded again while he brought you in for a hug, he was careful to not touch the middle of your back.

“When do you have to be back?” 

“Around 6”, you looked at the clock and it wasn’t even 4:30 yet. 

“Okay, well. Lay here with me and take a little nap then?”, he motioned his eyes to the bed. 

“Okay”, he laid back and you laid on top of him with your stomach. He was holding you gently while rubbing your hip, your shirt still off. 

He reached his phone out of his pocket and put an alarm on, then set it on the side table. His focus back on you. “I love you you know”. He went back to gently rubbing your arm. 

“I love you with everything”, your eyes looked up to his and you kissed him. You went back to holding his chest while falling asleep in his arms.

After 3 days it’s finally finished! A moment from my meditation from few days ago. Leonardo was my guide during that meditation and he took me to ancient China to show me 2 of my lives in there. More closer to an end of meditation he sat there smiling on the rock (pic) as I gazed down in tiny village where I had lived those lives.

Colored, at least partly, with the help of @msobscure‘s tutorial :)

You Are Not My Mother Part 4

Title: You Are Not My Mother Part 4

Summary: Sam and Dean’s younger sister takes off when she discovers Mary is working with the British Men of Letters. In her possession is one of the most powerful weapons in the world, The Colt.

Word Count: 1607

Warnings: Dark angst, graphic torture, and overall angst (sorry no fluff)

A/N: Here’s the fourth part! It took me a while, but I finally finished it.

Catch up:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Tags below the cut.

   Friday passed as well as the weekend without any word from Y/N and Sam was starting to worry.

“Anything yet?” Dean asked.

He shook his head. “No. You think she just got busy?”

“No.” Dean stated. “She’s always made time to email or text even when she had that hunt last week.”

“What do we do?” Sam asked.

“We can wait and see if she contacts us here soon or we can trace her.” Dean suggested.

“I’ll give her a few more days.” Sam said. “She might be caught up in the hunt or lost signal.”

    Dean nodded and left the room. Little did Dean know though that Sam was already tracing Y/N’s last email. He wanted to have an address just in case she never got a hold of them.

“Bobby’s place?” He whispered to himself. “I would have never guessed she’d be there.”

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Fostered Love Chapter 3

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2

Summary: After talking to her teacher and crush, Fueguchi Hinami decides to take up the extra credit suggestion he had presented. Through it she gets to know :re orphanage and it’s associates - as well as Kirishima Ayato, that from now on shall be her partner in babysitting.

Notes: I’m so excited to announce I’m finally done with chapter 3!!! I’m so happy. it took a long time because of my hiatus, but it’s finally here. I’ve been stuck on this for ages, but finally I have some more ayahina goodness to give you. also i finished it right now and its 2:40 am so forgive me if i wrote something a little stupid, haha. 😪

Chapter Summary:  
Hinami takes a test and has a breakdown. Her friends, trying to cheer her up after school take her out - and she meets Ayato on the way, and finds her way back to the orphanage and eventually, something that actually brightens her day. (7.2k)

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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 10) (Smut)


pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: smut, cheating, lil bit of angst, 1920s slang(??), my portrayal of a 1920s burn, lots of fluff

words: 6660 (im so sorry for so many reasons yall)

a/n: Alternatively titled: Poor Anthony™

hi guys i swear i still write stuff! it’s just been a crazy last month, but I’ve finally finished this part! I’m so sorry it took so long, I feel kinda bad about it, but I hope it was worth the wait! 

I figured out the only bright side to burning my arm this past week and treating it at home; firsthand research and experience for TMM! I learned more in 2 days than the 2 weeks I had spent researching the topic.

Thank you to @psychedemigod for keeping me company while I was writing a lot of this and helping out here and there, and thank you to @secretschuylersister for being so supportive and reading it over, leaving much-appreciated commentary.  

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask! I absolutely love to hear feedback from anybody and everybody, I can’t begin to express how much it means to me. 

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Barneymugging — Lovemaking

Now you’re on the trolley! — Now you’ve got it!

Slimp—Cheapskate or “one-way guy”.

“Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized at last how much she wanted him. No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done. Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he had moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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I never knew I could be draged so easily into anime and manga world. I guess this applies to every fandom in the world. We never knew we liked it until we watched it or read it. Recently I had 2 midterm weeks, in that period I neglected my studying and surfed on internet frequently. One day while I was watching one of my favorite show updates on Youtube (miraculous ladybug), there was a suggested video of first episode eng subbed the name was Ouran high school host club. All I can say that it draw me so much in few seconds that I ended watching a whole season in one day. Then a first shock was that this anime has only 1 season, how awfull. Then I saw there is a live action 11 episodes or so and a live action movie,I watched that in 2 days and finally because there weren’t any new seasons or ep I decided to read manga whole 83. chapters of this story. It took me 1 and a half weeks and I finally finished it, I feel so sad because I wish there are more chapters. If you didn’t see/read this one you should definately check it out.

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Meet adorable honey senpai and this gif clearly shows how much I love being part of this fandom.

7 minutes in heaven with Yoon Jisung

Requested by anon  ♡ I write it in bullet points because I find it easier for me. |NO SMUT|

  • Jisung and you were classmates
  • from then, you stayed friends and are now bestfriends
  • both of you are artists
  • you decided to move together in a little apartment where you can draw and him can sing or dance
  • Jisung organized a house-warming party with your friends
  • “(y/n) COME HELP ME TO DO THE FOOD I CAN’T DO THAT ALL BY MYSELF” he shouted from the kitchen while you were in the bedroom
  • “I’m not ready yet!” 
  • when you were putting your shoes there was a ring at the door
  • “hey everyone welcome” you said to the guests
  • “what is Jisung doing?” Daniel asked
  • “oh he’s just being a mom you know” you chuckled
  • “please come in~~”
  • the guests sat on the sofa and you served them a drink
  • “COME GREET THE GUESTS” you yelled at Jisung
  • “yah yah remember that you’re younger than me” he answered back
  • “so how is it to live with a girl” Jinwoo asked to Jisung
  • he looked down and smiled
  • “ahh there are maybe some things that we don’t have to know” Jinwoo said cheekily
  • “YAH YAH YAH” Jisung hit him while you were hiding your face with your hands
  • “Let’s cheer!” you said while lifting your glass of champagne
  • “Thank you for coming!…” Jisung started
  • “Oh no not a cheesy speech” Daniel complained
  • “oh shut up let me just thank you!” Jisung replied “so yeah thank you for coming and I’ll hope (y/n) and me will have a lot of fun in here!” Jisung smiled
  • “what-do-you-mean?” Jinwoo smirked
  • “NOT WHAT YAH—” Jisung responded and hid his cheeks in shock and you do so
  • time goes fast as you drank and talked
  • all of you also played some dumb games
  • like Daniel almost broke the television while playing tennis on the Wii because he haven’t put the security strap around his wrist
  • or when Jinwoo threw all his Monopoly banknotes in the apartment because he won and then you had to pick them up and you were so mad at him
  • “so… what are we doing right now?” Daniel said being a little drunk tbh
  • “let’s play truth or dare!” Jinwoo shouted
  • “y’all are still kids” Jisung sighed
  • “come on!! it’ll be fine” you whined at Jisung
  • he just rolled his eyes in respond
  • Jinwoo turned the bottle and it ended up on Daniel
  • “truth or dare?”
  • “truth”
  • “so do you like your girlfriend more or do you like your cats more?” Jisung asked
  • “ohhh….” he hesitated for a long time
  • “since she’s not here, I can say that I like my cats more” he chuckled
  • your eyes were wide open “hopefully I don’t have a boyfriend like you” you laughed
  • “oh and speaking of boyfriend: do you like someone?” Jinwoo asked
  • “uh- idk” your heart was beating faster and faster
  • “you will look cute with Jisung”
  • “uhm yeah ahah sorry” you nervously laughed and ran to the bathroom to put a bit of water on your face and tried to calm your burning cheeks
  • you’re not sure if you have feelings for Jisung but you know that you really like him
  • the boys were arguing about something so you listened carefully 
  • “Hyung let’s do it!” Daniel said in a quiet voice
  • “are you crazy?! idk how she feel!” Jisung whispered
  • you opened the door and saw Jisung being a little startled
  • you sat next to them like nothing happened and turned the bottle
  • the bottle ended on Jisung and so you felt a little heart attack onto your chest
  • “truth or dare?” you speak softly trying to be calm
  • “dare” Jisung gulped
  • “so go play 7 minutes in heaven with (y/n)” Daniel ordered
  • Jisung deathglared him but he just winked
  • you two went in the dressing where a pretty white closet was
  • Jisung put his hand on the door handle and looked at you, worried
  • “Are you sure that you want to do it? I won’t force you” he asked
  • “I’m fine don’t worry! It’s just a game!” you smiled at him
  • you heard Daniel locking the door and telling you that the game start
  • there was a silence for a couple of minutes
  • you could notice little glares from him out of the corner of your eye
  • “Do you think Daniel is right?” he suddendly said
  • “about what?” you replied while looking at him
  • “about us…” he confessed shyly
  • “our relationship? that we’ll look cute together?”
  • he nodded
  • “for me, he’s right but I don’t know for you?”
  • “seriously?” he smiled at you fondly
  • you soon felt his arms surrounding yours
  • he pulled away as soon he noticed what he was doing
  • Jisung apologized and looked down
  • “it-was-cute” you chuckled
  • Jisung just chuckled too, his eyes still looking to the floor
  • “so can I have a kiss now?” you whined doing a little of aegyo
  • he laughed at your cuteness
  • he looked into your eyes for a couple of seconds before placing his right hand on your jaw
  • he automatically closed his eyes while leaning in
  • you immediatly shut your eyes
  • his lips were so soft 
  • you weren’t very comfortable during the kiss since you remembered all the things you did as bestfriends so it was so awkward for you
  • he noticed your uncomfortableness so he gently stroke your jaw to relax it
  • once he felt that you were enjoying the kiss he took one of your hand on his left one
  • and he then deepened the kiss
  • you pulled away as you heard Jinwoo doig the countdown before the door opening
  • Daniel opened the door laughing “I caught you-”
  • “nothing happened y’all nasty kids” Jisung said
  • both of you chuckled as the others looked at you in confusion

I finally finished this after 2 days of my mind being blank

Hope you enjoyed because it was a hard time for me to write it ahah idk why??????