took me 15 mins to wake up

Nash imagine

It was winter break at your school, your parents were out shopping and you stayed home cause you didn’t feel good.. Your boyfriend of two years Nash would text you to see if you were okay or if you needed anything… You wanted to take a nap so you texted him saying you were gonna take a nap and when you wake up he could come over and watch moives if he wanted..

*skip to her waking up*

You woke up and felt worse then before you took a nap, you got some  pain killers and made yourself honey tea.. You texted nash saying 

Hey babe i’m to sick for you to come i dont wanna get you sick… I’ll call you when i feel better :*

Nash: Okay babe, try to get some rest.. txt me if you need me

You went to your room, and turned on your favorite show on your laptop about 15 mins later you got a text from nash 

Hey, she’s to sick for us to hang out, you can come over now :*’

At first you were confused, then it dawned on you… Thankfully the pain meds has kicked in,and you felt better, you found some shoes and drove over to his house.. Holding back tears… You pulled up in his driveway thinking ’ he isn’t cheating on you, maybe he is talking about his friend’ ‘well then why would he send a kissy face?'  you ran through the front door, and ran into his room, to see Nash and some girl making out…. You wanted to scream but you can’t…. You wanted to say something.. But you couldn’t.. you stood there shocked.. And heartbroken… Nash saw you and said 'oh shit, y/n! What are you doing here?! you are sppossed to be sick..’ yeah i am, but you texted the wrong girl.. how long has this been going on?u said with your voice breaking.. He mumbled ’ half a year’  

Part two?