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[ douche head nod ] sup . i’m syd sydney and i’m here to bring u ( ur problematic fav who looks like a cinnamon roll but can actually kill u ) jane and my oc oliver. me ? i like starbucks, christmas songs, ice skating and work at as a waitress in a not so great local diner. living the life, obviously. i won’t be going into too much detail with jane because ,,  i’m lazy and tired from work and y’all know how homocidal and crazy jane is already ? right ?? 

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[#he is looking at shiro] as seen from non-Voltron viewers

So the other day I reblogged this post onto my ML blog with this caption:

question: can someone NOT in the voltron fandom tell me what they think of the expression on his face? asking for a friend :^)

Since I got a few sweet and interesting responses, I decided to compile them all here!

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I’ma let these responses speak for themselves 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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Trini gets drunk and Kim has to take care of her. Cue the endless fluff

Kim gets a text from Trini at two in the morning, Trini was drunk and stranded and Kim couldn’t just leave her out there. She pushes herself out of bed, changing into jeans before pulling a hoodie on over her pajama shirt. She sneaks down stairs to grab her mother’s car keys and then heads out to pick up her friend. 

She finds Trini on the top of the cliff, she’s curled up on the edge, her head tilted up toward the sky and Kim has to take a minute to just look at her. “Hey cutie,” She says after a moment, moving to sit next to the other girl. 

“Hey,” Trini replies, her voice a little hoarse. Her eyes are swollen and she’s sniffing every so often like she had been crying before she started drinking. 

“What’s wrong?” Kim asks, her head tipping up to look at the stars as well, trying to ignore the heavy scent of alcohol coming from the smaller girl. 

“Nothing’s wrong, I’m just fine and dandy,” Trini hums, swaying a little as a pitiful little laugh spills from her lips. 

“T…” Kim whispers, shifting so she can wrap an arm around the other girl’s shoulders, pulling them close. “Talk to me,” 

Trini sighs softly, shaking her head a little, trying to fight of the tears that threaten to spill down her cheeks once more. “I just-I came out to my mom,” She says finally, her voice cracking as a sob breaks through her resolve. 

Kim is quick to act, all but scooping Trini into her lap, holding her tightly. “Oh honey, what happened?” 

“She told me that I couldn’t come home,” Trini admits softly, her face buried in Kim’s shirt. 

Kim’s heart breaks at that, rocking the smaller girl slowly until she calms down. “It’s okay, Trini, I’ve got you. You can stay with me, my parents love you,” She says, rubbing her hand over Trini’s back soothingly. 

They stay like that for a while before Kim shifts Trini in her arms, effortlessly picking up the yellow ranger in her arms.  “Let’s go home,” She murmurs, walking the to the car. 

The drive back to the Hart’s home is a quiet one where Trini has Kim’s hand in her own as a sort of anchor to the moment, keeping her calm. “Thank you,” She says when they pull into the drive way, a light in the kitchen signaling that Kim’s absence had not gone unnoticed. “Shit,” 

“Calm down, I texted mom before we left the cliff,” Kim hums, squeezing Trini’s hand before getting out of the car. She move to help Trini out as well, wrapping an arm around her shoulders to keep the smaller girl steady. “Remind me to never let you near alcohol again, you’re clumsy enough without all this swaying.” 

“Fuck off, Hart,” Trini mumbles as they walk through the door being greeted by Mrs. Hart’s look of concern. 

“Come on, lets get some gatorade in you before we get you to bed,” The older woman says, helping Kim get the other girl into the kitchen. 

Trini can’t say she isn’t shocked by the behavior, knowing her own mother would have freaked out and then some. She allows herself to be settled into a chair, a cool bottle of sports drink pressed into her hand. “Thank you,” She murmurs, cracking the lid before chugging the blue liquid down. 

Mrs. Hart has her drink one more before allowing Kim to take her upstairs with a murmured, “We’ll talk about everything in the morning,” before the girl’s disappeared up the steps. 

Trini lets out a soft sigh as she sits on the bed, head in her hands. “What am I going to do? All my shit is in that stupid house…” She says, her voice sounding more tired than sad. 

“We’ll figure it out, okay?” Kim replies softly, pulling out a tshirt and shorts for the other girl. “Relax a little, bub.” 

Trini nods a little, taking the offered clothing without looking up at the pink ranger. “I just…I didn’t think it would end up like this,” 

Kim frowns a little, moving to kneel in front of her friend, tangling their fingers together. “It’s going to be okay, you’ve got me and the boys,” She says softly, pressing their foreheads together so Trini has to look at her. “You’re not alone, you’ll never be alone.” 

Trini can feel her heart stutter in her chest at the whispered reassurance, her tongue darting out to wet her overly dry lips. “Kim…” She starts but is surprisingly cut off by warm lips on her own. 

“Never alone, okay?” Kim murmurs against Trini’s lips before pulling away a bit, a shy smile on her face. “Now get ready for bed, I’m going to hunt you down a toothbrush, I don’t wanna be kissing gross booze mouth in the morning.”

The yellow ranger stares at the door Kim had disappeared through, her heart hammering in her chest. Kimberly Hart had just kissed her and was currently finding her a toothbrush so that she could kiss her again. “Holy shit…” 

She shakes herself out of her shock, forcing herself to get changed. “Angel Grove High cheer squad,” She reads out the text on the borrowed shirt with a soft chuckle before tugging it on. 

Kim comes in shortly after, smirking at how baggy her clothes are on her friend before presenting a yellow toothbrush with a flourish. “For you,” She grins, as though it were a token to cherish. 

Trini smiles wide, taking the brush with a snort. “How’d you manage to find a yellow one?” She asks, brows raised at the taller girl. 

“Just lucky I guess,” Kim hums, shrugging her shoulders before directing the girl to the bathroom. While Trini is brushing her teeth, Kim takes the time to change back into her pajamas. 

She’s curled up in bed by the time Trini shuffles back into the room, a nervous energy about her. “Uh, I can sleep on the floor…”

“Shut up and get in the bed,” Kim chuckles, opening the blanket so that Trini can crawl in next to her. “Big or little spoon?” She asks, brows raised at the yellow ranger. 

“Big…” Trini mumbles, a slight pout to her lips that makes Kim giggle before shifting so she can press her back into the smaller girl’s front. “Thank you,” She hums, sliding an arm over Kim’s waist. 

“Anything for you,” Kim yawns softly, her eyes falling shut as the other girl pulls her closer. She can feel Trini’s nose against the nape of her neck, the steady breathing from her friend lulling her to sleep. 

Morning comes too soon for Trini’s liking, but there’s a warmth surrounding her that makes waking up just a little easier. She can’t help but snuggle into the girl next to her, opening her eyes to find her face resting on the chest of a still sleeping Kim. 

She smiles softly, leaning up to pepper the pink ranger’s face in soft kisses until Kim is waking up with a soft giggle. “Good morning to you, too,” Kim hums, stretching under the smaller girl. 

“Morning,” Trini replies, smiling down at the girl. “How’d you sleep?” 

“Pretty good after I got back from your parents’ place,” Kim smirks, reaching up to brush her fingers against Trini’s cheek.

“What? Why’d you go there?” Trini asks, brows furrowing. “When did you go?” 

Kim chuckles a bit, shrugging a little. “After you fell asleep, I got Jason and Zack to help me and we ran over and grabbed all of the stuff out of your room.” Kim replies, tapping Trini’s nose gently. “Couldn’t have you living here without your belongings.” 

Happiness swells in Trini’s chest as she looks down at the taller girl, love shining in those dark eyes. “I have the best girlfriend ever,” She finds herself saying, her cheeks going red at the realization that she hadn’t actually asked Kim out. 

“Yes you do,” Kim winks, leaning up to brush their lips together. “Now, why don’t you go shower and then we can go talk to my mom about stuff and then we can go get breakfast, okay?” 

Trini nods a little, a warm smile on her lips as she gets up and off the bed, moving to a basket full of her clothes, rummaging through them until she finds a suitable outfit. “I’ll be out soon,” She promises, feeling more hopeful than she had in a long time. 

“Don’t have too much fun,” 

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erdariel  asked:

This isn't really important, I'm just bored, so feel free to ignore. But a while ago I got this idea of Doctor Who Ten/Rose Fantasy AU, with Doctor being an elf (and therefore immortal, and because my idea of elves is basically Tolkien's ones, FUCKING ANGSTY AS HELL), and Rose being an ordinary human girl in some village he stops at on his travels... and I have no time to write it, no idea for plot, and no skill to write anything good, but the idea doesn't leave me alone... aargh why...

He’s just too shy to say hi to the pretty, blonde human… So he admires her from afar. Until one day she catches him looking and calls him out on it… and may the human!rose x elf!ten angst begin… ;)

I love this idea! So I wanted to do an actual half-baked sketchy linearty thingy out of it!