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So I heard it was Voltron week

kenhina + distance headcanons

this is for kenhina week!! hope you guys enjoy <3 sorry i just thought up of these off the top of my head

  • it’s already canon that they text all the time, but recently kenma has been begging hinata to get a smartphone because he always texts back so slowly PLUS makes a whole bunch of spelling errors 
  • Kenma secretly begs to think up of excuses to practice with karasuno
    • Some of these consist of: “they could’ve evolved their quick, so yeah we should totally practice against that..”+ “Shouyou says karasuno wants to play us again” 
    • Kuroo just rolls his eyes and chuckles because he knows how much hinata means to kenma, of course he talks to his coach about it but nothing really gets done 
  • Kenma face times with hinata at least twice a week? 
  • They always facetime on the same exact days and literally both of their faces light up when they see each other over the screen
  • After nationals, kenma and hinata had almost a 4 hour long facetime talking about the match, 
  • kenma loves it when Hinata’s whole face lightens up when discussing his victory 
  • One time hinata’s phone got taken away from him 
  • Daichi was the one who took away his phone because 
  • his grades were REALLY REALLY BAd, they reached an all time low 
  • During this time, Kenma was distracted the whole entire practice time and lev was really confused and so was kuroo and the rest of the team
    • Because he would constantly ask for a break and go check his phone to see if hinata texted him back
  • Hinata is the one to send stupid memes over the phone, kenma sends screenshots of his high score in video games 
  • Hinata finds it cute when kenma rambles on and on about this new game that came out 
  • Basically they’re a cute couple that CAN survive a long distance relationship with no problem whatsoever 
Don’t You Dare

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey, guess what. New Kanera snippet!

This one takes place a little while after With All My Light, like… almost a year after it ends. And Zeb’s here!

Based off of a prompt by justjunia. She may or may not hate me because of my take on it.

IT TOOK ME TWENTY MINUTES TO FIND THIS SO I COULD SCREENSHOT IT. This is her fault. And mine for taking it.

Anyway, enjoy! It’s continues below the KEEP READING tag.

Title: Don’t You Dare

Author: Liz Roberts

Word Count: 5096

Pairing: Kanera

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anonymous asked:

Anders is not hated by this fandom Cullen is, by most pro-Anders/anti-Templar fans which make up the majority of this fandom and if Anders get a positivity week why can't Cullen? he IS popular but so is Anders? stop lmao you're so wrong

“Anders is not hated by this fandom”








Yeah, you’re right. I’m so wrong and I need to stop, everyone loves anders and everyone hates cullen. Oh, and it’s not like anyone hates Anders fans, it’s all directed at the character

^from a thread where people were talking about why they liked anders.

All of the screenshots here are from four different forums, and one tumblr user known for posting anders hate in the main tag. It took me all of about ten minutes, tops, to find these, screenshot them, and make this post. I would’ve used hate that just ended up in the main tag, but that would have taken longer- it’s not like it’s not there.

When people criticize Cullen, they have a reason. It’s usually supported by evidence and rarely attacks the fans. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, but every character will have people who hate them, and a vast amount of the cullen-related content in the fandom is positive. 

Just try and tell me Anders isn’t hated.