took it with my mad camera



“Tooomm. Stop it. I’m serious.” You whine, shielding your face.

“I’m not doing anything.” Tom smiled, snapping a picture.

“You better not be taking pictures of me Tom.” I warned.

“Why not? It’s cute seeing you mad.” he said.

“So you think I’m cute?” I said, looking at him. He blushed.

“What. No. I never said that.” he stuttered. I laughed and he snapped another​ photo.

“Tom!” I scowled. He laughed and I knocked him down.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. I took his camera and snapped some photos of him.

“How do you like it Holland?”

He smiled and tackled me down to the ground. I squealed and he took the camera from me, pinning my arms down afterwards.

We smiled at one another and he leaned in and kissed me.

“Can I take a photo of this?” he said, his lips hovering over mine. I smiled.

“I guess.” I said, bringing his face towards mine again. He smiled against my lips and i heard his camera shutter click.

“Now that. Is a keeper.” he said, looking at me.

“You didn’t even look at it. It could be blurry.” I said.

“Then I guess we’re gonna have to do more.” he said, bringing me towards his lips again. I smiled and let him.

“I guess so Holland.”


Photoshop makes it easy for even casual photographers to create mesmerizing tricks of the eye. Charlie Kitchen wants no truck with that. He’s old-school, and crafts his illusions entirely within the camera. The Texan made these mind-bending photos using a large format film camera and stencils. Each took days. “My tendency has always been to put a lot of—sometimes too much—work into anything I do,” he says.

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Please don’t ‘help’ you cashier ring up items.

At my store you park your cart beside the register and go around the front to pay while the cashier does a nice little hand-to-hand unloading/ring up.

The bane of my existence is customers who ‘help’.

Do you know how many times a day people very very slowly hand me the items out of their cart while blocking me from it  and say “I’m just trying to make this go faster.”
Or tell their children to 'help’ in the same way (most of the time they just throw the items onto my scanner and double scan).

Stop. Step away from the cart and go around to the payment area and let me do my job. I’m timed. My managers don’t see what items are scanned or go back and watch the camera to see what took so long, they just see the time and get mad at me. You’re actually putting me at risk of getting in trouble and you are by no means making this 'go faster’, I would have been done 5 minutes ago if it weren’t for you/your tiny people nuggets.

I’m going to start reaching in the cart anyway and if I hit you in the face with a Ragu jar then it’s your own damn fault.

Why I love the JSE Family:

Let me tell you a quick little story.  I worked the same job for 20 something years and then last December 19th, I was unceremoniously released with the words “Thank you, you’ve done so much for the company but it is time to part ways”.  WTF.  I am the sole bread winner for my family (my son, my mom and myself).  Luckily, I had some money tucked away.  You would think that I would be angry, mad, upset, crying………none of those.  I was relieved.  Some where I had taken a wrong turn and forgotten about drawing, about photography, about creating.

Then I took my son to IndyPopCon.  I took my camera that I had recently picked up again and started using.

I took 1500 pictures while there.  While there though something else happened. I had taken pics of Jack and Mark and posted them on Tumblr.  Starting the weekend there I had 9 followers, by the time I left I had over 200.  It wasn’t that Jack and Mark were reblogging my photos, it was that I loved taking them but more importantly, I loved sharing them.  

I love sharing them. 

I can’t tell you how much joy it means when people like the photos.  I take many other photos that I don’t share here (though on occasion I have).  If it wasn’t for these communities (I include Mark’s) and the absolute love that people have thrown my way, I don’t think that I would have found my passion. I have started my own business and have gotten several jobs because of the confidence you all have given me.

If it wasn’t for these communities, I would not have found my way.

So to Jack and to every single person in this community and in Mark’s, Thank you.  Thank you so very much.


Zayn’s high notes & riff at end of BSE + Ziam thanking the crowd like a jay and bey - OTRA Singapore 

am still so mad my camera has no memory left (fug i took 4gb memory card i didn’t check) cause when they walk down and up again before exiting, that was when Liam bow down at me and wave and wink (blink?) both eyes at me and i lost it. i could have video it. i hope someone captured it! BEST NIGHT EVER!