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Skipping Classes

Hannah Baker x Fem!Reader

Request: Hi could I request an imagine about Hannah x fem reader skipping school and having a really cute lazy day together!:)

A/N: Hi! This is purely fluff because Hannah deserves better! I hope you guys like it.  Also, any advice or suggestions is very much appreciated. Thank you for requesting guys!💕

y/n/n is Hannah’s nickname for you.

y/f/c is your fave color.

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Monday mornings were always unpleasant, it is the time when your sluggishness is at its peak. Getting started was always the hardest part after all. Today was your birthday and as much as you want to be vibrant, you just couldn’t with your sleep deprived state, which was thanks to your whimsical teacher. You had pulled an all-nighter the night before all because the teacher thought it was a clever idea to email in an assignment at the eleventh hour.

The bell rang indicating the end of the third period. Groggily, you walked the halls and thanked the people who greeted you. Reaching your locker, you heedlessly placed your books and got the ones that you’ll need for your afternoon class when suddenly soft hands covered your sight. It didn’t take you long to figure out who it was, so, you took the hands with yours and spun around to face your favorite brunette.

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PART 3!!!

Surprise I wanted to put it up now. Sorry I know it’s late a pretty lame update and it hecka sucks but #4 is about to be great. Love you guys!

Rating: PG maybe

It was impossible to sleep that night. The reveal of my art piece was approaching quickly and my nerves were catching up to me.

I got a text from my mum first thing in the morning saying she was so proud and excited to see me. I had picked out what I was going to wear weeks ago.

The black dress hug my porcelain curves, the red lipstick I boldly chose matches my red shoes and hang back.

I felt like I was going to something as significant as the Grammys. My dark hair falling in perfect ringlets as I curl it.

I arrived at the studio early, much earlier than required. I observed the blank space on the wall that would soon hold my masterpiece.

Artwork that I’ve tried to express multiple times in my teenage years but just finally was able to do.

My parents are the first to show up. They race to hug me.

I introduce them to the owner of the art gallery who I met while sketching at a coffee shop. My artwork caught his eye and he said he wanted to see more. I want to say it is because he liked my work more than the fact I was drawing a nude woman.

Many strangers show up. Already with still a half hour left until we start, there is a much bigger turnout than I expected.

The art covered walls feeling much closer together as my nervousness increases.

Calum, Ashton and Michael all show up. Michel brings a girl who I do not recognize.

“Is my art reveal the place you bring a girl on a first date?” I question as the blond wanders away to look at the other art pieces.

“Well I get major props for knowing the artist.” Michael bumps me.

I grin and look at all of them. They are all dressed up, meaning they are wearing button ups. Sure michaels is only half tucked in and calum is wearing blue jeans but it’s really the effort that counts.

“It really means a lot that you guys are here.” I smile at them.

“Aww!” Ashton squeals like a girl before hugging me.

“Have you guys heard from Luke?” I ask nonchalantly.

They shake their heads. I brush it off, I’m sure he is on his way.

When the owner starts calling for everyone to gather together I glance at the door one more, waiting for Luke to make one of his last minute entrances.

I make my way up to the front, while I was chatting with people I didn’t notice them put up my painting. It is covered by a thin cloth so no one can see it.

I glance down at my phone. There is a text from Luke:

Finally couldn’t put off taking ‘A’ out to dinner any longer. Wanna hang after?

I swear I could literally feel my heart being smashed. All of the pieces tearing through my body, desperate to find their way back together. But they were too lost.

He had forgotten and her again Arzaylea got what she wanted. On the night that was supposed to be mine.

I know if he had remembered he would have been the first person here. He would have wanted to come out to dinner with my parent and I after and he would have calmed my nerves before the show.

He wasn’t here, instead he was with her probably fighting.

I feel as I am about to cry. In front of all of these people. Everyone is looking at me, am I crying and not noticing it.

The one say I do decide to wear make up of course I would ruin it.

The owner says my name and I realized he was speaking to me.

“I’m so sorry. what?” I ask.

“Nerves seem to get the best of these young people.” He makes a joke. Many people laugh and I pull together my best smile.

“Why don’t you uncover your piece when you are ready and tell us about it.” He says.

My eyes scan the faces of the room once more. Hoping Luke remembered and snuck in without me noticing. I’m yet again let down.

The thing is I’m not even mad. I’m just so incredibly hurt, this was one of the most important nights of my life and he promised.

I slowly remove the barrier and everyone claps before pulling out their cameras. My mother has been filming since she got here.

“I want to catch my baby girls big moment.” Her words ring through my head.

“It took me a really long time to think of a name for this piece. Eventually I just went with ‘Air’.” I say. “It is painted with oil based paints. To me it represents freedom and individuality.”

My painting has a silhouette girl who is off centered next to a house. It is a pallet of colors. She is holding on to a bunch of balloons that I like to are pulling her up, wherever she wants.

The small room that recently seemed so full suddenly seems so empty. One of the only people I wanted to be here celebrating wasn’t.

I try to swallow back the tears of sadness the blur my vision. One single drop wins the battle as it slides down my cheek, the rest of its arm fallows in its quick descent down my face.

“There is a reason I wants the girl to remain identity less. Because I do think of this as a self portrait but adding something like skin color or hair color could ruin the illusion that this could be any other woman out there. Those fighting for freedom, equality.” My voice cracks as I continue to cry.

My mothers eyes mirror mine, smiling as proud and happy emotions stroll from her eyes.

“Those fighting for love. I wanted this to be a painting that could be looked at and see from so many different perspectives and points of view. See yourself in my work. I do this for the world.” I finish my speech.

The audience stars applauding and as much as I feel it’s impossible I muster up a smile.

“Wow. It is very phenomenal that this piece means this much to you. And it is only through true emotion like this do we find success and beauty in one’s art.” The owner of the gallery starts another round of applause.

I think them all, excusing myself to get some air.

On a day that is suppose to be about me I would ruin it crying over some boy. I painted the girl to be me but I don’t feel half as strong or beautiful as I want people to feel when they look at it.

I’m joined outside by Calum. I wipe my eyes and smile at him.

At least people think I’m crying for a different reason.

He pulls me in for a hug, rubbing my back.

“I’m sorry he wasn’t here today.” He says.

The waterworks start all over again. We pull away from each other i try to conceal myself but I can’t.

He already knows anyways. Everyone knows that I’m so in love with Luke. Everyone but Luke.

“I don’t know why I’m letting him get to me like his.” I rub my face, a lot of my makeup coming off with it.

“He said he would be here. It’s not right and you have every right to be upset. It’s not fair. He is supposed to be here.” Calum says.

I wonder if he knows where Luke actually is.

“Yeah well he has other obligations. Like a girlfriend who he is with right now.” I say.

The surprise etched in his face shows me he didn’t.

“He is with Arzaylea? What? 10 times out of 10 he would rather be with you.” Calum says.

“That’s not true.” I shake my head. Luke and I do have the best fun together but there is something about being in a relationship with someone. You want to be with them all the time.

That’s how I’ve always felt about Luke except we aren’t in a relationship.

“They just fight a lot. I’m scared sometimes he is unhappy but then there is days like this where he forgets about me because he is with her.” I wipe the unders of my eyes.

“I don’t think he ever stops thinking about you.” Calum says quietly. “Do you ever think the reason Luke is so unhappy with Arzaylea is because she isn’t the one he wants to be with.”

Calum seems like he is almost trying to hint something.

“What? What are you saying?” I squint at him through my tears.

“Oh my gosh. You are both so blind. He likes you, as more than a friend.” Calum rolls his eyes.

I shake my head in disbelief “Luke doesn’t think of me that way. I’m nothing more than a friend to him.” My soul breaks as I say that.

More and more these days being with Luke seems to not even be possible. Like a dream I need to give up on.

“Drunk Luke can’t keep a secret from Calum.” Calum speaks of himself which makes me laugh.

I still don’t know if I believe what he is saying.

But what if he is right. All those times I’ve caught Luke staring at me isn’t because he is spacing out. When he tries to make me laugh with horrible jokes or pays attention to me over his girlfriend.

Maybe Calum is right.

I don’t know if I have enough willpower to find out though.


Gatekeeper (Minho)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! Can you do one for Shinee’s Minho based on Running man ep 254. (You can find it in Kissasian with eng sub, the scene starts 45:00). So Y/N is Minho’s girlfriend(idol) and she is starring in that episode. She does not know that Minho is also there and he catches her almost in the end. Make it fluff. Thank you and please take your time. You are amazing!!!

You were with your group as you searched for the codes. You were extremely competitive when you were on Running Man and as of now you were entering double digits of the times you were on the show in general. With your mind on the prize you were a rather easy target at the moment. Once it was called that someone was running around looking for people with name tags you instantly stopped looking and his yourself. Too bad for you the masked man knew you too well. You were grabbed from behind as you let out a scream.

You spun around and came face to face with the smiling masked man. “Minho!” you yelled right away recognizing your boyfriend’s smile. It began right away as you two began struggling for your nametag. “I’ll let you go if-” Minho starts as you two stopped struggling. “If what?” you asked “say you love m-” “I love you-” “kiss me” he said as you made a squeal. “No Minho we’re on TV” you growl as he reached for the tag. The VJ following Minho was filming it all but changed the angle so that you couldn’t actually see the affections on camera. You moved back and grabbed his face turning away from the camera more as you were brought closer. You kissed him lovingly as he cupped your waist not wanting it to be a short peck. Your hands went back behind his head pulling off his mask as it had been smashing into your nose the whole kiss before pulling back.

“You can survive for a little bit” he whispered as you shoved him away. “Don’t be too mad at me when you get out. I’m still taking you out for food later" he calls as you continued walking away from him, you tied the mask around your neck as you started searching again.


Soon people were getting out left and right. You were working on a Rubiks cube “Y/N” you heard a coo as you groaned. Minho was going to be after you. You heard your boyfriend’s shoes coming towards you as you took a deep breath. You got up and Minho gave you a lovingly playful smile as you stepped back. “Come on Y/N. You can’t run faster than me” he teased. You sent him a glare before you chucked the cube at him hitting him in the chest and taking off. “Did you seriously throw a-” he yelled as he took off after you.

You were screaming as Minho chased after you. To the others it was rather cute to watch the competitive couple try to out do one another. Minho grabbed your your waist as you attempted to kick him. “Stop!” he yelled “you’ll get your dirty shoes all over my suit!” he continued. “You’re gross and sweaty it doesn’t-” “Game Over” filled the air as you and Minho froze. “I win” he cooed into your ear.


“How mad are you?” Minho asked as you finished filming “more embarrassed and ashamed” you say “of what?” he asked. “Kissing you on camera” you tell him as he shook his head. “Pretty sure if you could have you would have used tongue” he whispered as he took your hand. “Be lucky I’m not locking you out of the apartment” you tell him as he rolled his eyes. “I’ll make it up to you” he said with a smirk. “Love you baby” he cooed as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder “love you too” you respond.

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Anniversary request (Happy anniversary!!!): Fluff involving Damian and Barbara. Those two need more time together!

Thank you dear! I’ve never done just Damian and Barbara together, so I was excited to get to write them. I hope you like what I’ve cooked up. 

Words: 2,596

Rating: Gen (implied previous DickBabs for the story)

Summary:  Dick has been in a bad mood for a while and Damian can’t figure out how to fix it, so he goes to the one person he’s sure can help. Barbara Gordon. (Takes place while Dick and Damian are Batman and Robin)

AO3 Link

Damian Wayne prided himself on being self sufficient. He’d been able to take out a squad of his mother’s assassins at age 4. Had developed an immunity to most poisonous plants and animals a year later. He had survived multiple different abandonment in the wilderness exercises and had enough money in his own accounts to survive any modern disaster that might befall him.

He did not like asking for help. He was not the kind of person to need it. Not with his training, not with his abilities, nor with his mind. He hadn’t needed help before, and if he found himself in a situation where it was required, he worked until it no longer was.

That was then. With Mother. Now that he was in Gotham, things were different. There was, of course, new experiences and customs to take in, and things he was forced to learn in dealing both with the people of Gotham and his new place as Robin. Still, help was a rare need in his life and growing more so with every acquired skill.

Which is why he hated the idea of even standing outside the Gordon woman’s door, and why he berated himself for considering asking for her help. As it was, he had no other alternative. He’d tried everything in his power to resolve the situation, and thus had to turn to an expert.

“Are you planning on standing there all day, or are you going to knock?”

Damian resisted the urge to jump at the voice from the buzzer. Of course she’d be watching him, the woman had probably been laughing at him for the last five minutes as he’d tried to convince himself this truly was the best course of action. It didn’t help that her voice had sounded both vaguely irritated and amused.

He scowled up in the general direction of where he thought the camera might be. “Grayson has told me that spying is looked down on here.”

“So is loitering.”

Damian had listened to Barbara over the comms long enough to hear the amusement still in her voice, layered under the disapproval she seemed to be portraying.

He crossed his arms and finally caught sight of light glinting off the camera above him, allowing him to look at it directly. “I have a purpose for my visit, Gordon.”

“I hope it’s not for surveillance, if so I need to have a talk with Dick, he’s been teaching you wrong.”

Damian rolled his eyes up at her, “Grayson doesn’t need to teach me surveillance skills, Mother taught me when I was three.”

“Then you must be rusty, it took you too long to find my camera.”

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Fairy Tail GO! Ch. 51

Rated T. I do not own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does.

Summary: Lucy was having fun playing ‘Pokémon Go!’ when she accidentally put herself in harm’s way. Luckily a pink haired boy saved her just in the nick of time. A ‘thank you’ lunch helped spark a new friendship between them, but Lucy got more than she bargained for when she realized the boy she befriended had a complex past full of dark secrets. Fortunately for him, Lucy won’t be scared away so easily. Modern High School AU. Slight Angst/Drama/Fluff.

Read Chapter: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60

Read on or AO3.

Chapter Fifty-One: Welcome to the family

“Wh-What?” Lucy sputtered, face growing red despite her best efforts to stay in control. It didn’t work. In fact it only caused the heat to spread to her neck and ears. The many eyes on her didn’t help her racing heart either.

She didn’t know why Natsu’s dad would ask that question. Her hand went to the hickey on her shoulder, but she felt her hair still covering it. ‘If he didn’t see the hickey, then why would he ask?’

She cursed her stutter as she spoke again. “Wh-why would you think th-that?”

Igneel only grinned as he glanced at Natsu. The boy panicked when all eyes landed on him. He felt like sinking into his seat, but he remained in place. “What? I already told ya we’re not dating!”

Grandeeney let out a soft laugh as she sarcastically said, “I guess we have the only teenage boy in Fiore who doesn’t lie then?”

“Err…” Natsu grit his teeth, feeling his own blush take over. “It’s not like that! We’re just friends!”

“Oh?” Igneel’s grin turned into a smirk. “That’s weird. So you two were kissing in the break room at the shop because what? You’re just friends?”

Natsu and Lucy were speechless, mouths hanging open and eyes growing wide. Seeing as they weren’t going to respond, Igneel added, “There’s a security camera in there. Caught the whole thing.”

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Chris Evans x Reader

Warning: Angst, Angry Smut 

Notes: I am truly sorry about an adjective I used about Hayley Atwell. I didn’t mean it. :( 

It’s long. (1860 words)

And I suck at endings. 

I hope you like it. Enjoy ;) 

Chris was gone for filming Civil War. Though you were happy and proud about him for doing what he loves, you missed your boyfriend of 3 years very much. You had work to do so you couldn’t travel with him to everywhere he goes for filming. You did try to pay him surprise visits and he did the same to you.

He called you that morning when you were about to enter your office. Between “I miss you”s and talking about your regular stuff, he mentioned that Hayley came to the set and they were going to shoot a dubsmash together. Oh boy you loved Hayley and her silly dubsmash videos. How can you not? You said that you couldn’t wait to watch it before you hung up. You were going to regret that.

Somewhere around noon you had time to take a break from your work and take a quick look on your Twitter. There it was. Team Carter’s winning video.

“Ahahaha oh my god Chris.”

You laughed when you saw your boyfriend. You realized heads turning to you around the office and tried to keep your voice down. You liked it, retweeted it and sent Chris a text message:

“It’s not courteous to stick your tongue out Cap! ;) “

You put your phone back in your bag for you didn’t expect Chris to find time to text back.

Dorks. You thought, still smiling. You shook your head slightly and got up from your desk to go have your lunch.


You were laughing at something Josh said as you walked back to the office with him. Another co-worker and friend Jen was coming from the opposite direction with a look on her face that you couldn’t resolve.

“I’m guessing you didn’t see it?”

She said as she passed by.

“See what?”

You asked but she was gone. You turned to Josh and he gave you a shrug, meaning he doesn’t understand either.

You returned to your desk and opened your computer. Before you started working, you checked you twitter. There was another video. “We celebrated.” Hayley had captioned.

Is this what Jen was talking about?

You started the short video and started watching with a neutral face. That was until:

Wait. What?


You were frozen. That was one hell of a celebration alright! On the outside you couldn’t move but your brain was screaming. You were struggling with your thoughts.

How could they?

Wait they’re just friends.

Friends that kiss?!

It’s just acting Y/N. They kissed before in the movie.

But even that wasn’t heated like this!

As you were contemplating what you saw, you felt a hand your shoulder. You realized you were staring at the looping video for a time now and turned to Josh.

“You OK Y/N ?”

He asked, worried.

“yeah… Yeah I’m, I’m fine.” You mumbled, tears prickling your eyes and anger building inside of you.

“Um. Excuse me. I don’t think I can.. I can” You frantically said and pointed at your computer.

“It’s fine. You go, I’ll cover for you.” he said.

You nodded, grabbed your bag and left the office. Once you were inside your car, you started crying with anger and feeling of betrayal.


Until you arrived home, Chris texted a couple of times and called. You didn’t answer. Not just because you were driving, also because you were too enraged to have a healthy conversation.

At home you took a shower, then put yourself a glass of whiskey but ended up drinking quite a lot. When Chris called for it seemed like the 100th time, you answered.

“What’s going on baby I was worried about you?!” He asked with a rather loud voice.

You snorted “Yeah, right.”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Why haven’t you answered my phones?”

“MAYbe because I’m MAD AT YOU!” you yelled. Maybe the alcohol was not a good idea.

“Why are you yelling?! And why would you be mad at me?!”

“You’re right! Why would I be mad at you for making out with some bitch on camera?!”

“Hey hey! Have care how you speak Y/N?”

“Fuck you Evans. I’m tired. I’m going to bed.” You said with a lower voice.

“No don’t hang u” |

You already hung up the phone and shut it off. You went to bed and fell asleep with a frown on your face.


Your eyelids were heavy from crying and the slight hangover you were having had made you sleep until afternoon. Groaning you got up.

As you stirred your cereal in your bowl, you thought about last night. You were still going back and forth between your angry, betrayed feels and regret of the reaction you showed.

Door opened and heavy, fast footsteps came closer.

“Y/N ?”


You got up and went to the living room where you found your boyfriend. He looked pissed.

“What the hell are you doing here?” You asked. Did he just fly all the way here when you were sleeping? For what?

“You shut your phone off. I was worried.” He sounded like his thoughtful, sweet self now.

“Yeah I didn’t wanna be disturbed.”

You were keeping distance. In a normal time, Chris would’ve swooped you in a hug and you two would be giggling like teenagers. But right now, you were both tense and keeping distance from each other.

“What the hell was your outburst last night?”  The irritated tone was back.

“Was I not clear enough?!” You raised your voiced.

“Baby you KNOW Hayley and I are friends. That was just acting for her video. That’s it!”

“NO! If you kiss in a movie, THAT’S acting because you HAVE TO. Did you have to kiss her yesterday? No! You just saw the opportunity and jumped into it!”

“What kinda guy do you think I am Y/N?” he sounded hurt.

“Like I said I was just helping a friend out.” He continued when you stayed silent.

“Wow. What a help. Well, have you ever seen me making out with a friend?” You blinked your eyes to fight back the tears pricking your eyes.

“Y/N baby I’m sorry.” He breathed out as he walked towards you.

You tried to back away but he was fast. He stood in front of you but you refused to meet his eyes.

He held out his hand to you, to hold you.

“No don’t touch me.” you snarled with a frown and swatted his hand away.

“Sweetheart please don’t do this.” He tried to hold you again.

“No fuck off!” you spatted and turned around to walk away but you were stopped by a strong hand on your upper arm.

Chris quickly and harshly turned you around and kissed you. At first you didn’t respond but sometime after, you kissed back. Your grip on his forearm was so strong that your fingernails were painfully digging in. Your tongues fought for dominance but you were determined not to give in. As his hands went your waist, you placed yours on his chest and you pushed him.

He stumbled back a little. If looks could kill Chris thought. You let out a low growl and pulled him for another kiss by holding him by his shirts collar. You ripped the shirt open as buttons fell off and on the floor. Chris lifted your tshirt off your head as you fondled with his belt. His pants, briefs and your pyjama bottom were quick to be discarded.

Chris leaned down to kiss you again. You pushed him down to sit on the couch and straddled him. Then you kissed him with force, claiming his mouth. He let out a growl when you pulled his bottom lip between your teeth. You were grinding your hips to his meanwhile and he was hard as rock underneath you. His hands roamed all over your body. He kneaded your ass and groped your breasts. He was not gentle at all. Your hands were in his hair, messing and pulling as you kept kissing.

He ripped off your panties at some point as he broke the kiss. Then slapped your ass hard. You loved it when he got rough but this was your turn. You took his hard cock in your hand and guided it to your hot, aching core. You glided his head a few times over your pussy as you teased both of you and cloaked his member with your wetness. Then you aligned him at your entrance and sat down, taking it all the way in.

You both moaned loudly, having missed the feeling. He held your hips because he wants to take control but you don’t even care. You start to raise yourself up&down, roll your hips forward, all while looking at his pretty, frowning face.

He leaned down to kiss and bite your neck, making sure to leave marks. Then he smacked your ass again. As you let your guard for a second of pleasure, Chris held you and turned you over, hovering himself over you.

“Hey!” you said.

He just grinned deviously and plunged himself back in, fucking you hard. And you let him. He held the arm of the couch with both arms and you wrapped your hands around his giant biceps and squeezed. He started grunting and moaning and you knew he was close. You wrapped your legs around his waist and turned the two of you. Chris fell on his back on the floor with a thud, with you on top of him. The glasses on the coffee table clanked with the force of the fall.

“Ouch!” Chris whined but you shut him with a sloppy kiss. You put one elbow next to his head as you kept kissing his mouth and jaw and neck. He held your hips once again and pushed his hips upwards, hitting your g-spot perfectly. You pushed down to meet his thrusts and your free hand went to his chest.

You nearly screamed his name in the moment of bliss, as a leg trembling orgasm hit you. He followed behind as he shut his eyes and repeated curse words.

You collapsed on top of him as you panted for air. He held you in his arms, holding you tightly. After a while, you lifted your head from his neck and looked him in the eye. You couldn’t stay mad at him. He gave you a sad look.

“I’m sorry darling. I didn’t wanna hurt you. I love you more than anything. I’m sorry.” He said. “Will you forgive me?”

You smiled a little. “I’m sorry too. For what I said. I was just shocked.”

He looked at you with puppy eyes. Damn it.

“I love you too.” You gave the answer he was waiting for. He smiled as you leaned down to kiss him. Gentle and loving, as it’s supposed to be.

You broke the kiss and lifted your head a little to look at him. You smiled mischievously.


“Well…” You lifted and eyebrow. “You came all the way here. Might as well we enjoy while we can.”

He smiled back and leaned up to kiss you.

The End.

Love Me Again 2 || Newt

Originally posted by lokiandthorblr

No, Begin Again is not over yet.

Also, please listen to Thomas’ band, Winnet. Him playing the bass so passionately will make you fall in love with him more.

I also discovered Isabella Melling’s official Instagram, @bhmelling. She has yet to accept my follow request as she set it as a private one.

Hope you like this. Day 2!

You walked to Dominic, Isaac’s best friend before he was sent to the Glade.

“Hey, you,” you whispered to him, making sure no one hears. “Operation: Escape WICKED is set to play out later,”

Dominic looked at you sadly. “Y/N, Isaac doesn’t remember you.”

“I’ll make him remember,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “You’ll still help us, right?”

“Of course,” he nodded. “But what if he doesn’t love you anymore once you tell him everything?”

Good question.

You’d lose all will to live.

“At least I’ll be with him again,” you whispered. “It’ll hurt like hell… but he’ll be with me. Even if he’ll be Newt, not Isaac.”

“Yeah… he doesn’t look like Isaac anymore,” he pointed to one of the computers that monitored their room. Newt sat on his bunk bed, having an argument with Thomas… most likely about trusting you.

“I’m sorry you had to lose him.” you hugged him briefly. “Come right away after I interview him later, okay?”

You set to walk away when Dominic pulled you back. “Y/N… I shouldn’t be telling you this, but Isaac was talking to me about asking you to marry him. Supposedly two months after he was sent up the Glade.”

You couldn’t help it. You did what you had to do despite your coworkers hustling about around you.

You cried.

You mourned over never being able to call Isaac your husband. The kids you’ll never have. The tea-and-kisses-filled afternoon you’ll never be able to cherish.

In the corner of your eye, you saw Group A starting to calm down on the monitor. Newt was the only one talking, save Minho and Thomas asking occasional questions.

Despite the technology WICKED used to its advantage, they didn’t put damn microphones in the room so they could hear what the subjects were talking about.

“Y/N, come on. Janson will kill you if he catches you outside the lab. Five minutes and we have to interview Group A.” one of your fellow older nurses held out her arm to you.

“Wait…” you mouthed to her before turning to Dominic. “This is probably the last time we’ll see each other, so…”

He nodded. “Thanks for making him so happy, Y/N. You were his world. You still are.” he squeezed you in his arms.

You sighed, collecting every bit of his large form into your tiny arms. “I love you, Doms. He loves you, too,” you whispered, so no one will hear.

“I love you, too, Y/N. Take care of him,” he whispered back.

“I will.”

“Take care of yourself, too. Don’t be a klutz.”

You laughed, walking away.

“I’ll see you at lunch,” he said aloud, forcing a smile on his face.

“…I’ll see you at lunch,” you sighed, joining Maria, your fellow nurse.

You entered the lab to see Group A already waiting. They all eyed you suspiciously, supposedly doubting the authenticity of your motive.

“Hello, Newt.”

“Y/N.” his face was emotionless. It has grown a bit of stubble - it was becoming on him.

“Let’s get this interview over with.”

“So we shall.” he leaned in when you sat beside him near the table. “Since you are going to lose your job… can you tell me who I was before this klunk happened to me?”

Ignoring the peculiar word, you responded, “Do you want to know who you were or who we were?”

He eyed you down skeptically. “Why, Y/N? What were we?”

You worked in the mental and behavioral labs. You assessed people and how they think.”

“Were we close?” he pressed on.


Surprising you both, he smiled. Genuinely. “I have plenty of questions for you, then. But you ask your obligatory ones first,” he leaned back, arms folded in anticipation.

You cleared your throat. “Who did you feel the most connected to in the Glade?” 

“Alby,” he responded without hesitation. “he understood me. He didn’t particularly know the whole of me, but he gets it.”

You nodded. “Who were you the most irritated with?”

He chuckled. “Gally, that shank,” he sighed. “Always wants his way. I’m sure he means well… but he’s an ass.”

You smiled.

He smiled back.


You cleared your throat. “Who made you feel most uncomfortable?”

“Teresa,” he said after a long while. “partly because she was the first girl I encountered since I forgot everything, but mostly because she’s… colder than how I imagined girls to be,”

You laughed silently. Then whispered, “Okay… since they won’t have any use for these answers anyway - you’ll be gone by then - I’ll bring you to my friend Dominic and he’ll bring you to the exit.”

“Okay.” he nodded and stood up.

“Wait, Newt - one more. I just wanna know the answer.”

“Alright.” he put his hands in his pockets.

“Do you have any memories from your personal life?”

He looked up in thought. “Yeah, one.” he nodded. “I keep on dreaming about a baby. Once, they came to me for a week in a row.”

You exhaled loudly. “Okay.”

“Why? You know something?” he took a step towards you.

“We’ll talk about it later,” you smiled. “no time now.”

He walked towards the door - towards Dominic, who nodded at you confidently.

You headed for your dorm and began packing twice the things you needed.

Four bottles of water, two sandwiches, two boxes of chicken and rice… both for you and Newt.

Oh, and medicine in case his limp begins to cramp up.

You brought soft blankets and a match, too.

“Screw this,” you muttered. Since Newt and his friends were relying on you for everything, you decided to give them all a bag of supplies each.

You looked at the time.

Newt was probably by the exit right now.

You ran.

They were just about to run outside once you saw them. You caught up quite quickly. No one from Janson’s team pulled you back because they thought you were going to convince them to go back.

Their mistake.

Once you were out of WICKED’s sight, you all made a little circle.

“I’m glad you found Teresa,” you said. Thomas nodded. “I’m Y/N. I brought you all supplies,” you began to distribute the small bags, keeping the one with Newt’s medicine to yourself so he won’t ask questions.

“It’s dark,” Minho observed. “We gotta camp out somewhere.”

You nodded.

After five minutes of walking in silence, you all found a curved rock to camp around.

Minho used his matched to build a fire while the rest set their blankets down.

“The girls should sleep next to each other,” Thomas commented.

Teresa nodded in agreement, yawning. “Well, I’m tired. Good night.” she lied down and closed her eyes, not moving.

“Actually… Y/N, can I talk to you?”

“As promised,”

Newt led you to one of the empty corners of the huge rock so no one would hear. You two sat side by side on the blankets as the other Gladers sat idly.

“I need answers, girly.” he smiled teasingly.

“Starting with?” you prompted.

He hummed. “Who you are. Who I am to you.”

“Are you sure?” your hands suddenly went cold.

“Yeah. If we get that over with, things should be easier.”

The guy had a point.

“Please don’t run away if you don’t like the answer.” you requested softly.

He chuckled. “Limp,” he gestured to his leg. “but yes, I promise.”

“I was your girlfriend…” you sighed. No turning back now. “…for about four years until you got sent into the Maze.”

Newt was frozen. He looked at you as if you were a complete stranger again.

“We planned on running away from WICKED, but we got caught and they took you away from me.”

“I suppose we should be talking about us first… before anything else,” he said, voice quivering.

“If you want.”

“We need to talk about it. Whether I want to or not. But I want to.”


“Tell me about us.”

Realization dawning upon you, you reached for your bag. “I brought photos of us.”

Surprisingly, he smiled excitedly. “Let me see,”

“You’re in a good mood,” you sighed, glancing at his friends who were staring at you both.

“Well, this is the only part of my past I get to actually see,”

Here..” you handed him the stack of photos, bound together with a string.

The first one was of you together in his office, you holding the camera.

“That was our second anniversary,” you held the tears back to avoid the awkwardness. “I snuck to your station and we made out like teenagers until Janson caught us.”

He chuckled. “I’m surprised he didn’t fire us, a man like that.”

“He liked you. You were important to WICKED.” you smiled.

He didn’t respond, moving on to the next photo he took of just you eating lunch with Newt’s handwriting at the bottom - ‘the love of my life’.

“I was a sap, wasn’t I?” he sighed teasingly.

“Not really. You were intellectual. But you were very… protective. Loving.” you replied fondly, hoping he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

“We must have been mad in love, then,” he commented, moving on to the next photo.

“Oh yeah, we were.” you smirked.

The next photo was of you seated on his desk and him standing between your legs, noses touching. Dominic had walked past his desk and used his camera to capture the photo. He gave it to you after Isaac was sent to the Glade.

“No story there,” you giggled. “messing around as usual.”

The next photo was taken by him. It was very close to your faces as you kissed for the photo.

Written at the back was…

To my whole world

You will never understand how much I love you

your Isaac

Liar,” he pointed at you teasingly. “I was a sap.” then he paused. “My name was Isaac.”


“Last one and we’ll save the others for next time,” he suggested. “this is a lot to process.”

You hummed in agreement.

The next was a little worn out. It was taken by Dominic. You were wrapped around each others’ arms tightly, your head against his chest, being the short girl you are. You were both smiling sweetly.

At the back, he read your writing aloud.

“To my Isaac,” he grinned when you blushed. “you are the smile on my face. Thank you for being my ray of sunshine. I love you, always.”

You sighed when he stared at you, waiting for an explanation. “I gave that to you on our fourth anniversary. You always kept it in your pocket - that’s why it’s worn out. When you found out they’ll send you up, you gave it back to me.”

“How did you handle it? he asked seriously.

You frowned. “I was lost.” looking down, you whispered, “I still am.”

He exhaled loudly. “I’m sorry. I wish I could bring it all back, what they took from you.”

“You’re here,” you smiled. “that’s what matters.”

He smiled back. “You should get some rest. We’ll talk tomorrow.”

You nodded, but his eyebrows knit together in confusion when you didn’t move.

“What is it?” he asked.

“Can I hug you?”

His eyes widened in surprise, but they softened as he smiled sweetly. “Of course.”

He took you in his arms. It was like going home after three years of being lost. Before you knew it, tears were wetting his sweater.

Shhh.” he rubbed your back soothingly. “I’m so sorry I can’t remember.”

From a distance, you heard Minho let out a low whistle.

“I missed you so much,” your words were muffled against his sleeve, ignoring the Gladers’ whispering.

“I wish I could say the same.”

Snapping back to your senses, you pulled away, wiping your tears. “I’m sorry. It just doesn’t feel real,”

“That, I could agree with.” he smiled sympathetically. “Get some rest, Y/N. I’ll sleep next to you so you can just wake me up if you need anything.”

Some things never change.

“No, you should sleep.”

“And let you spend the whole night torturing yourself?” he scoffed. “Over my dead body.”

Some things never change.

You both ignored people staring in their places as you both got ready for sleep.

“Are you cold?” Newt asked, lying down.

“No,” you smiled gratefully.

He shook his head, removing his sweater, leaving him in an undershirt and draping it over your shoulders.

Some things never change.

Good night, Y/N.”

“Good night, Newt.”

Hakuna Matata

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Steve x Reader

Request: can you do a one shot where Steve and you are watching a movie together and fall asleep on the couch and the avengers (Nat and Tony) find you in the morning (cuddled up) and think it’s really sweet and taking a picture. Really fluffy *^O^*

A/n: ahhhh so cute. Yesh. Oh my god, none of you will understand how much I love the theme song to Cinderella.

Genre: romance, Fluff, humor

Rated: Everyone

Warning: Fluff, swearing, romance

Author: Chris-Evans-Imagines

You and Steve were currently sitting on Tony’s couch on his floor, binge Disney movies and having Disney sing-a-longs with each other. Currently, you were watching Disney sing-a-longs, Steve and you singing the theme song A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes. You two were dancing around and the song changed. You two grinned at each other.

“Want to dance to one more song while singing at the top of our lungs?”

Steve grinned.

“As long as you get o keep dancing like that.”

You laughed and continued dancing to Be Prepared and you two started to tango. After a couple of twirls and dips and head turns and laughs, you two fell onto the couch. Panting and exhausted from dancing around. You and Steve looked at each other and you started laughing again. Steve dragged you into his side and you held him with one arm. Slowly, both of you fell asleep, holding each other as the sing along played on.


“Oh my god, isn’t this cute?”

As Circle of Life from Lion King played, Natasha and Tony stood in front of the two sleeping lovers.  Tony whispered.

“I would be mad at them for sleeping on my couch but considering that Disney sing-a-longs are playing and they are currently cuddling, I am not. In actuality, I’m trying to not scream like a pathetic fanboy.”

Nat grinned and took out her camera, turning off the flash and then snapped a picture. Tony took out his phone, took a picture of Steve cuddling into (y/n), his right leg swung over her hip as his arms hugged her head to his chest. His nose was buried into her hair and (y/n) had her arms wrapped around him tightly.  Tony whispered to Nat as he typed.

“Hey look guys, the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and (y/n) and reenacting a koala bear tree hugging. Figure out who the KB is yet?”

Nat looked over and asked.

“You’re posting that on twitter, aren’t you?”

Tony gave an evil smirk, tapping tweet and stated.

“Oh no, now why would I do that to my two best friends?”

“You little son of a bitch.”

Nat scolded, a smile on her face as she took out her own phone and took a picture. They froze when Steve started to move then ninja jumped behind the couch to avoid being seen. When they heard the movements stop, they looked over the couch to see Steve had pulled (y/n) even closer and now had both of his legs wrapped around her. Tony asked.

“I wonder if Cap’s flag pole is drilling a hole into (y/n)’s post.”

Nat looked over at Tony and asked.

“Are you referring to Steve’s dick and (y/n)’s tummy?”

Tony nodded nonchalantly and both of them froze when Steve said.

“Yes it is and it feels good. Now, if you two wake up this angel, I’m suspending you both from work for three weeks then making you clean every single window of this tower with a toothbrush and you are going to fucking like it.”

Tony was dumbstruck as he stammered.

“D-Did…did cap just swear?”

Nat was already running down the hall and Tony yelped, running after.

“Don’t leave me here! What happened to no one gets left behind?!”


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Could I request Zen, Saeran and Seven react to a sorcerer/sorceress MC that hides their magic so that they aren't tested on by the government. Thank you for your time!

This request has been here For Years (one of my firsts request I think)

The main reason of why I did do it on til now ,Is because I didn´t know how to do it but I didn´t want to delete it because It was one of the first.


One of your fellow sorcerer brothers visits you.

-”Mc! Are you Insane” He shakes you pretty hard “You can´t date a celebrity.” he says with concern.

-”Alex,I know that is dangerous but I love him…” your voice goes all sweet

- “Let´s say you stay with him…” He pauses and does a very serious face “What Would you think If a witch hunter comes and takes Zen, so they can torture him, so they can get him Info. about you?” He sees that you are almost convinced and he just give you one more push “Like what they did to Emily” 

-He hit right on the nail “Ok…I will leave him tomorrow morning…It is saver like that”

-The main door opens and you hear a voice saying ”Mc…” in a very nostalgic way.

-”Hyun!” he must got off early from rehearsals today.

-”Fuck” Alex said and then disappeared.

-”Di-did he …just DISAPPEARED!” Zen yell in confusion.

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- “Ugh! Alex,you just made things more complicated” you thought.

You calmed down Zen and then explained almost everything to him.

-”Mc,If it is for your safety I will protect you and …I-I would disappear,not like he did but I mean that I will leave my career” Uff that made him hurt in every part of his body but he did it. 

- “No, Hyun we just need to be very careful with what we do and where we go” soo cute that we would leave his dreams for you.

Time passes and no one catches you because of how careful you were and that was more easy with zen´s help. 

BUT he always said “I bet you can´t make me more beautiful even with your magic”

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You never told him about your “talents” until you two had kids. 

- “MC!!!!” Saeran comes running to you

- “Whats wrong?” you through the worst

- “ [Insert the name of your baby] is levitating things, Is that normal?” AWw he really doesn't know shitty about cute

- “What! [Insert the name of your baby] isn’t supposed to do that until there seventh birthday…” your son is a  prodigy…Haha just like his father.

- “What you mean?” he puts a face of WTF are you talking about 

- “I think we need to talk”

You tell him and HE GETS super mad because you never told him 

- “Why you hide that from me?” he gets upset.

- “Because when we got together (accepting his feelings for you took Saeran a lot of time) I had lost my magic…” your voice got lower.

And now Saeran is more confused but you take all his confusion explaining all the things about the magic.

The only Thing you two had to do was protect your prodigy child from the government and anyone who tried to hurt him.

Saeran always told [Insert the name of your baby] every night ever since you told him:

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You didn´t know there were cameras in the apartment,when you fell down and without thinking you use your magic and 2 seconds later seven calls you.

-”How did you do that?” Seven says with enthusiasm

-”Do what?” *MC error*

-”Look at your right” he moves the camera side to side so you can see where it was.

-”YOU HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS HERE?!” (SEVEN ! You little bastard) you thought.

-”Ahh…I ask first.”

You explain and told him to keep the secret. He is like “My second name is the secret keeper.So,Mc don´t worry I will protect you from the government”

You show him a little bit of magic because he would not shut up until you show him in IRL:

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He is like:

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You: You promise to keep the secret!

Seven: Oww! yeah…sorry.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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Merry Christmas sweetie!!! Can I please request a Christmas where the GOM (except Atsushi) + Kagami + Himuro coming over to their gf's house to surprise them for christmas? Like they told them something came up so they couldnt see them but their actually shopping for them like romantic?? Sorry if this is confusing ;-; Thank you! And Merry Christmas!! Your the best :)

ok idk when this was submitted but it was probably last year HAHAH it’s been vegetating within my inbox but better late than never am i right. I ALWAYS MAKE THESE SO LONG SO IT TAKES ME LIKE AN HOUR TO WRITE SMH. 

Akashi: You frowned at your phone, disappointed at how suddenly your usually chivalrous boyfriend canceled on your date. Even if it was just a casual walk through the city, you were looking forward to seeing the Christmas lights with him. Sighing, you tugged on your boots and decided to go on a walk by yourself. You made it past your driveway, about to turn left towards the street when you saw a familiar black Range Rover with a very familiar figure at its steering wheel. Akashi got out, his black winter coat flowing behind him, and he was holding what appeared to be a very expensive red scarf. He wrapped it around your neck, and you sniffed the soft fabric in delight. “It’s so soft!” you exclaimed, and he took your hand, motioning you to the back of the car. “Look inside,” he said, and you gasped. The entire interior of the car was filled to the brim with Christmas lights and blankets. “It’s for us,” Akashi said, motioning for you to come inside the car. 

Aomine: “Whatever,” you commented, after seeing Aomine’s half-hearted text saying ‘I might be really late because something came up.’ After dating him for almost a year, you didn’t really set your expectations high, except for sex of course. You decided to go take a shower, and thirty minutes later — after your warm bubble bath just when you were putting on your bathrobe, the doorbell rung. Your hair still dripping, you opened the door a small crack, and Aomine’s familiar figure pushed itself inside. “Hey, I got you something for being late,” he said, eyeing your wet figure in amusement. “What?” you retorted, clearly annoyed at the state he found you in. “Well, I was late because I was getting it,” he mused. You turned your back to him to put on your underwear, but he threw something black and lacey towards you. “I got you some lingerie. Nice stuff that Momoi helped me pick out,” he said. Your eyes swept over the price tag still hanging on it, and you hitched a breath. “Wow,” you said under your breath. “I think it’s more wow if you put it on,” he said back, smirking. 

Kagami: Kagami called you about an hour before you were getting ready for your date, sounding unusually nervous and stuttering on his words. “Hey, I, uh, don’t think I can come today. Can we reschedule? I’m so sorry, I’ll call you later. Uh, something came up! Just…just I’m sorry, right now. I’m sorry!” The line hung up on itself and you shrugged, knowing that Kagami will tell you later if something very serious did happen. About an hour later, after you went to make yourself some comfort mac and cheese, the door to your apartment opened and Kagami was there, his face red as a tomato. “I got you something,” he said, stomping to the kitchen and putting it in front of your plate of mac and cheese. “Stop eating that, it was a joke. I’m sorry. I just wanted to do something romantic.” He turned away as you took out two matching Christmas sweaters. The labeled brand suggested that it was very expensive, and Kagami once insisted he hated wearing matching items. “Kagami!” you shrieked, attacking the red-headed giant and hugging him. 

Kise: “Hey, _____-cchi. I’m going to be late to our date. I hope you understand! It will be worth it!” That was Kise’s text to you five minutes before your dinner reservation. You smoothed out your blouse and sighed, picking up your phone to check the time. It’s been 20 minutes, and even your patient self was getting restless. Suddenly, you hear a familiar holiday tune, although on violin being played. You were in a private dining reservation area, so you thought it was just a romantic gesture being made by a couple. You sighed, but suddenly, Kise strode into your private room, with the violinist behind him. He was holding a large bouquet of flowers and he kneeled in front of you. You nearly yelped, and Kise laughed. “I’m not proposing to you, ____-cchi. I was late to our date because I was getting you a present. I hope you can forgive me!” he said, opening a small box in his hand. Inside was a beautiful Tiffany’s bracelet. “Kise! You know I don’t mind! You didn’t have to!” You were brightly blushing, as people from other dining rooms noticed the scene. You pulled Kise into a tight hug, and he gently kissed your forehead before taking your wrist and putting the bracelet on it.  

Kuroko: You were on the next chapter of your manga, and your boyfriend STILL wasn’t here yet. You sighed, placing your head on the pillow, deciding whether to text him again. Suddenly, you hear the doorbell and you jumped up to get it. Which was strange, because Kuroko usually calls you to meet him outside at his car. Yet, there he was, in front of your house in his huge parka. You couldn’t bring yourself to be mad at him. “What took you so long?” you asked, and Kuroko chuckled a bit, uncharacteristically. “I have something for you, ____-chan.” He took out of his pocket a vintage polaroid camera and handed it to you. “I was looking for this, but I ended up forgetting the time. I know you’ve always wanted something like this.” Your heart swelled in joy, and you turned on the camera, surprising Kuroko with a flash of light. “Got my first picture, and it’s of you,” you giggled. 

Midorima: Midorima called you in the middle of the day, saying he couldn’t make it to your weekly hangout. “I’m sorry, nanodayo,” he said before abruptly hanging up. You thought that was very uncharacteristic of him and you were about to take a walk outside for fresh air when you saw a familiar flash of green bike past your house. Midorima parked his bike a street corner away, and was pacing oddly around the area. You couldn’t help yourself, so you opened your window and screamed, “Shintarou!” which shook him out of his train of thought. Midorima looked quite disheveled when he came up to you. “What’s wrong Shin?” you asked him. “I…I got us something, nanodayo. But I’m not sure how to give it to you as a present.” You raised an eyebrow, as he took out from his coat two amusement park tickets. “You said you liked amusement parks. And…well I don’t, but I thought, it would be nice for the holidays. Since there’s lights. I like the lights, nanodayo.” He raised his hand to scratch the back of his head. “Shin, thank you,” you said, pulling him into a gentle hug. 

Himuro: Himuro was the utmost gentleman, so it confused you when it canceled your plans so abruptly. Minutes later, you received a text telling you to meet him at a store with a designated address. Confused, you ordered a taxi and found yourself in front of a snowboarding store, and your boyfriend waiting for you. “I didn’t know how to surprise you,” he said, chuckling and scratching the back of his neck in embarrassment. “I got us a cabin to go on a snowboarding trip, and I want to buy you some gear!” You gasped, stating that that was way too much money. “No, it’s no big deal,” he responded. “I have a lot of leftover equipment from America, and it’s really fun. I want to be able to share the experience with you.” You nodded, thanking him. “When do we go, Tatsuya?” you asked. Himuro laughed, “Tonight. I already asked your parents if it was fine, and you said you didn’t have any plans this week. Come on, let’s find you some good snowboarding gear.” 

Lolita References In Lana Del Rey

Hey guys, I know this is not ballet related and I should really make a Lolita blog, but I love and adore Lolita and Lana Del Rey, and someone asked me to explain how Lana sings about Lolita and most of her songs are literally telling the story or have to do with Lolita, and nymphet related things. So skip this if you are not interested. :) I’m going to try my best but some may be wrong or just misinterpretations so I’m sure thenymphetballerina will help me out. :) I am going to list some songs. Please pay attention to when italicize anything, it means it is a song lyric.


Off to the races is one of those songs that literally, is Lana explaining the story of Lolita in her lyrics. (Remember, when I italicize, it means it’s a lyric)

My old man is a bad man but I can’t deny the way he holds my hand and he grabs me, he has me by my heart.

This could mean how yes, in the novel, Humbert could be considered a bad man, because he’s not taking a lot of things into consideration and not realizing some of what he’s doing. But the way he holds Lolitas hand, is referencing that he shows this obsessive love for her that she likes and starts to like him and take advantage in some situations. 

Light of my life, fire of my loins, be a good baby do what I want

This is literally a quote out of Lolita. One of the most significant quotes is Light of my life, fire of my loins, my sin, my soul, Lolita and Lana says the first part of it. The second part could be referencing how there comes a point where she knows how Hum wants things from her, and now she wants things from him so she wants him to do what she wants. 

Gimme them gold coins, gimme them coins

In the novel, Lo really wanted to get a few dollars off of Hum, she tried to do things in order to get this. Even in the end of the novel, she wanted the money so this could be referencing that. 

And were off to the races, cases of bacardi chasers, chasing me all over town 

In the novel, Hum was taking Lolita all over the country and they suspected that someone was chasing or following them, this is what shes referencing

Im your little scarlet scarlet, singing in the garden

Although she wasnt singing, the first time Hum saw, and fell in love with Lo, was when he saw her in the garden


External image

My old man is a tough man but he got a soul as sweet as blood red jam

This shows how no matter what, Hum did love her and he didnt have horrible intentions, he had a good heart for lolita not knowing what was being done

Since I cant reference everything, the rest of the song says how shes crazy and misbehaving like Lo. 


This song is pretty self explanitory, especially since she made a home music video of herself including SCENES FROM LOLITA! And she sings Hey Lolita Hey so this song and the home made video are pretty self explanitory.

Kissin my fruit punch lips 

Reffering I guess to the amount of red lipstick she wears


External image

External image


Lolita took place in 1947 and 1949 rhymes and works so the dates are pretty close. So, this one has a lot so here we go.

Carry me up them stairs, Put my white socks on


this gif is that scene 

You like my blue nail polish

As you can see, she is putting on nail polish ahha

The mess upstairs dont be scared

This is when Charlotte, Lolitas mother, tells Hum when hesmoving in not to mind the mess

Daddy dearest, you know how I like to take trips, 

They take a so called trip all over America to get away froim the bad situations

Stop at the Kmart, Buy me my peach lip gloss, cigarettes and lollipops, mad magazines and white socks

For lollipops, Lo always had candy or gum in her mouth

External image
External image

When Lana says mad magazines, she always was reading these magazines in the movie. Its again self explanitory


Lights, Camera, Action, If he likes me takes me home

This is referencing how, Hum fell in love with Lo, started to obsess and took over her life which is how lana says takes me home

Come on you know you like little girls, you can be my daddy

In some parts, Lo teases hum and this is like shes saying to him that he likes girls her age so just do it with me, and this also refers to the age gap in the novel movie

External image

External image

External image

I cant make it on my own, put me in a movie

This shows how shes still innocent and cant manage fully on her own 

External image

External image


This one is also pretty self explanitory but the name Carmen is also referenced alot in the novel and movie so 


He hit me and it felt like a kiss

Some parts Hum gets mad and paranoid and smack her but in the  end he shows his love and its crazy but


Lay me down tonight, Im your favourite girl

This is where not only Humbert, but Lolita knows how much Hum loves her and she wants to do more things with him

External image
External image
There are so many more references but I cant do them all, theyd take too much time but even though this nothing to do with lana, I do beleive that Lolita and hum did have some real love for each other, even though everything was his responsibility

External image

External image

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In a completely obscure vintage figurine shop in Osaka I discovered by accident a whole collection of old Mad Max stuff. Look at it all!!!



“Tooomm. Stop it. I’m serious.” You whine, shielding your face.

“I’m not doing anything.” Tom smiled, snapping a picture.

“You better not be taking pictures of me Tom.” I warned.

“Why not? It’s cute seeing you mad.” he said.

“So you think I’m cute?” I said, looking at him. He blushed.

“What. No. I never said that.” he stuttered. I laughed and he snapped another​ photo.

“Tom!” I scowled. He laughed and I knocked him down.

“Hey!” he exclaimed. I took his camera and snapped some photos of him.

“How do you like it Holland?”

He smiled and tackled me down to the ground. I squealed and he took the camera from me, pinning my arms down afterwards.

We smiled at one another and he leaned in and kissed me.

“Can I take a photo of this?” he said, his lips hovering over mine. I smiled.

“I guess.” I said, bringing his face towards mine again. He smiled against my lips and i heard his camera shutter click.

“Now that. Is a keeper.” he said, looking at me.

“You didn’t even look at it. It could be blurry.” I said.

“Then I guess we’re gonna have to do more.” he said, bringing me towards his lips again. I smiled and let him.

“I guess so Holland.”

mama0strich  asked:

If you feeling up to it which boy you ship me with?

took me awhile to get around to this BUT honestly I ship you with both? But I am leaning towards Ethan. 

Originally posted by graysonbdolans

The reason behind my madness is because you and Ethan are a perfect combo of crazy and calm. He can either hype you up and you can calm him down and vise versa plus you both are kinky as shit. He would make you try pineapple pizza and you’ll probably love it. You’ll help him and Gray film and they would have to refilm sometimes because Ethan would be caught on camera distracted by you. When Ethan is going through something and doesn’t open up you’d be the one person he could open up to and feel like you wouldn’t judge him. At the end of a long day, you both would lay in bed and cuddle, him being the big spoon. 

Paparazzi (Request)

y/n isn’t a famous person. World just found out about their relationship so whenever both of them go outside they’re attacked by paparazzi. Once they pin her against the wall and ask awful questions like how it’s being his new fuck. Harry has to break through them to help her out. On their way to apartament he doesn’t talk just makes sure she’s ok. At home he apologizes her and she has to tell him she isn’t mad at him. He’s desperate for her to not believe what they said about their relationship


Sometimes, dating Harry Styles was no picnic. Having the entire world analyze every second of your relationship was exhausting; you felt the need to be on your best behavior at all times. Whenever you went out in public you kept your head down and your mouth shut.

Thankfully, in London, the amount of paparazzi was considerably less than in Los Angeles so you got caught less often. And usually, the people with cameras were only fans. Somehow, you and Harry had managed to keep your relationship a secret for the first few months, but eventually you had to venture out together. Hiding wasn’t ideal and, quite frankly, you didn’t really give a damn if the world knew that you were dating Harry Styles. You thought you were stronger than the hatred you would get on Twitter and by the paparazzi.

You were wrong.

Your first big relationship reveal happened when Harry took you to Los Angeles with him. There had already been murmurings and rumors floating around the internet about the two of you dating for months now because you had been spotted out in London with him several times by quite a few people. But up until now there had been no solid, concrete evidence that you were, in fact, Harry’s girlfriend.

That all changed as soon as you got to the airport. Without even thinking twice, Harry grabbed your hand as you started to make your way through the mob of flashing cameras. That simple gesture was enough to send people into a giant frenzy. Now it wasn’t just Harry Styles from One Direction walking through an airport, it was Harry Styles from One Direction and his new, mystery girlfriend who wasn’t famous in any way.

Head down, mouth shut.

Head down, mouth shut

Head down, mouth shut.

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anonymous asked:

YES FINALLY someone writes about the 1Ps being the yanderes while their crushes are dating their 2Ps!! Usually it's vice versa. Anyways, I loved it and I was hoping that you could write the same thing but with the Axis (and Spain, but only if you want to) pretty please...?

1p Italy: “Bella ….why …..why…..WHY NOT ME ?!” He would be rampaging in his room and throwing stuff , he wouldn’t bee the same Italy you know , he would call his guards to go and spy on you for a while and if he can’t handle it of you been with his 2p , than get ready for a insane  Italian coming for his 2p.

1p Japan: “ …….w-what ………..him , nonono this must be wrong , yes , that must be it , she is been held as a slave , I must save my wife , she needs to be safe , she needs to be with me.” He would start going insane , like he will start loosing his mind when he sees you everyday with his 2p , he would keep on telling himself that you love him and that you are been held by  his 2p , he will start to sharpen enough his blade and he will go of to find his 2p to kill him , and  by the looks of it , it won’t end pretty.

1p Germany: “………NONONONONONONONONOONO SHE LOVES ME , NOT HIM?!”He would be punching the wall next to him , he would be full of anger and sadness , you are everything to him and now that his 2p won your heart , he will sent some of his men to put cameras in your house and if sees something that he doesn’t like through the cameras , he will pull out a gun and get ready because he is coming after his 2p.

1p Prussia: “SHE DIDN’T WANT ME ?! THE AWESOME ME , I CAN TAKE HER TO AWESOME PLACE , BUY HER AWESOME STUFF AND WE CAN EVEN BE A AWESOME COUPLE !.” He would be mad that his 2p took you , he wouldn’t let this slide , he would do anything now to get rid of his 2p , he will even sent hitmen to spy on you guys and he would do something to his 2p if he needs to die to do it.

1p Spain : “My chica/chico is been held by that idiota , yeah , my Hermosa/hermoso chica/chico needs ME?!” he would be smiling creepily as he is watching you guys from afar and he will already bee planning a death plan for his 2p , this happy guy isn’t happy no more , he would be in a killer mode now and he will get you all to himself.