took it to the bank

this was your father’s lightsaber. actually, one of his many lightsabers because he kept dropping or destroying them. but this is the one i took from him when he was burning to death on a lava bank. don’t kill any younglings with it.


Every year, I took a holiday. I went to Florence, there’s this cafe, on the banks of the Arno. Every fine evening, I’d sit there and order a Fernet Branca. I had this fantasy, that I would look across the tables and I’d see you there, with a wife, and maybe a couple of kids. You wouldn’t say anything to me, nor me to you. But we’d both know that you’d made it, that you were happy.

why jungkook lookin like he’s that one pta mom that always be starting shit at brunch

“Oh so I heard through the grape vine that Linda’s cookies for the bake sale were actually……*whispered* store-bought

“A little birdie told me that little Jonny Banks fell off the honor roll this quarter… *whispered* you didn’t hear it from me but I figure its because Mrs. Banks took him off his gluten free diet *sips soy latte*”

“But I guess thats none of my business anyway….”

~admin midnight

Venezuela’s hyperinflation, a visual representation.

So, as I’ve talked in the past, the Venezuelan currency, the Bolivar Fuerte - BsF (strong Bolivar, in reference to the father of the country, Simon Bolivar) is effectively useless as cash these days, how useless you ask? Well, let’s see:

On top we have the lovely national currency, 50 100 BsF bills, for a total of 5.000 BsF, 100 50 BsF bills, for a total of another 5.000 BsF, and finally, 100 20 BsF bills for a total of 2.000 BsF, giving us a grand total of 250 bills and 12.000 BsF.

Keep in mind, currently those three bills are the highest valued available on the market these days, and it took me two hours to get them all from a bank.

Now, that’s quite the big number, both in bills and total value it seems, but now let me direct you to the three bills at the bottom: That’s colombian currency, the Peso

These three are also the highest valued ones in Colombia, 10.000, 20.000 and 50.000 pesos, for a grand total of 80.000 pesos (part of my “shit finally hit the fan” emergency fund), and yes, that’s a lot of 0′s, but don’t let that fool you, as that currency is one of the most stable ones in latin America.

Anyway, here’s the kicker: all those venezuelan bills from earlier, those 250 bills? They are effectively worth the same as the two smaller colombian ones, the bigger 50.000 Pesos bill being worth almost twice as all that venezuelan cash.

(fat lazy cat for reference)

“But Enrique”, you say, “this is all fine and dandy, but that does that mean in actual world-class currency?” Well my friend, all those venezuelan bills? the 12.000 BsF that took me two hours to take out of the bank? They’re worth

12 US Dollars 


11 Euros

(rounded up)

And this, my friends, is why Venezuelan currency is worth less that the paper it’s printed on, but hey socialism/communism works, right?

PS: They internet states they’re actually worth more, but that’s because the internet uses the official government currency exchange, AKA the one no one but government officials can use these days.

PS2: Actually, there’s an even bigger colombian bill, the 100.000 pesos one, but I have yet to meet someone that has even seen it, as it was recently introduced and it’s used mostly for big bank transactions. 


In July 1996, 31-year-old Canadian, Blair Adams, was found deceased in a parking lot of a Knoxville, Tennessee, hotel. He was found naked from the waist down and his body was surrounded in almost $4000 worth of Canadian, American, and German currency. An autopsy revealed that he had died from a blow to the stomach. An investigation revealed that Blair had been acting very bizarrely in the weeks running up to his death - he repeatedly claimed that people were attempting to kill him and he travelled thousands of miles from his home before arriving in Knoxville, where he died. On 5 July, he lifted out all of his money from his bank and took all of his valuable items such as gold and jewellery. He then made his way to the Canadian-American border where he was turned away due to the large amount of money he was carrying which made the border police believe he was a drug trafficker. The following day, he showed up at his work in Surrey, British Columbia and explained that he was quitting. From there he brought an one way ticket to Germany before going to a friend’s home to explain that somebody was trying to kill him and he desperately needed to cross the border. The following day, he rented a car and attempted to get through the border again before driving to Seattle where he brought a one way ticket to Washington D.C. Once there, he drove to Knoxville and hitchhiked to a nearby hotel after he couldn’t get his car to start working again. The manager of the hotel recalls that Blair came in and out of the lobby of the hotel a total of five times before finally renting a room. He said Blair then left the hotel and that was the last time he was ever seen alive. The following day, Blair’s semi-naked body was discovered in the parking lot. Authorities believe that his paranoia was all in his head but that would not explain how he ended up, murdered, in a hotel parking lot.

songs i believe will change your life

part 1 of 3 important musical alphabets

a: a moments grace, boy and bear
another love, tom odell
australia street, sticky fingers

b: be like you, ed sheeran
buy the stars, marina and the diamonds
bright blue eyes, nina nesbitt
backseat freestyle, kendrick lamar

c: cocaine lion, ball park music
colors, halsy
cosmic love, florence and the machine

d: drop the game, flume and chet faker
dust is gone, mø
do I wanna know?, arctic monkeys

e: everybody wants to rule the world, lorde
entropy, grimes and bleachers
explosions, ellie goulding

f: forever, haim
fallingforyou, the 1975
flaws, bastille

g: greatest prize, nat and alex wolff
growing up, alex g
global concepts, robert delong
ghost, halsey

h:, the 1975
heartstrings, leighton meester
hey ya, sarah blasko

i: i wanna get better, bleachers
if I could change your mind, haim
it will all end in tears, the drums

j: joy, ellie goulding
jack and jill, katie herzig
just for you, sticky fingers

k: kicks, fka twigs
kiss me, ed sheeran
kids, mgmt

l: lolita, lana del rey
love love love, of monsters and men
lyall, san cisco

m: my dear, kina grannis
masquerade, sleeping at last
my love, sia

n: neutron star collision, muse
never think, robert pattinson
numb, marina and the diamonds
no control, one direction

o: oblivion, bastille
old money, lana del rey
over you, ingrid michaelson

p: paper hearts, tori kelly
pendulum, fka twigs
past lives, børns
proof, alex g


r: red eye, vance joy
running if you call my name, haim
rollercoaster, bleachers
reflection, fifth harmony

s: say you love me, jessie ware
someone new, hozier
shades of cool, lana del rey
sweatpants, childish gambino

t: two weeks, fka twigs
the writer, ellie goulding
tough love, jessie ware
trouble (stripped), halsey

u: u r in love, taylor swift
unwritten, natasha bedingfield
use somebody, kings of leon

v: video games, lana del rey
v. 3005, childish gambino
video girl, fka fwigs

w: white blank page, mumford and sons
waiting game, banks
wash, bon iver


y: you break me, ed sheeran
youth, daughter
youth, foxes

2 Cities To Pull More Than $3 Billion From Wells Fargo Over Dakota Access Pipeline
In a unanimous vote, Seattle's City Council opted to pull city funds from the banking giant. Hours later, the City Council in Davis, Calif., followed suit.

Seattle’s City Council has voted to not renew its contract with Wells Fargo, in a move that cites the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project as well as its creation of millions of bogus accounts. As a result, the city won’t renew its contract with the bank that expires next year.

The unanimous vote will pull more than $3 billion in city funds from the banking giant, the council says. Seattle says the bidding process for its next banking partner will “incentivize ‘Social Responsibility.’”

Not long after Seattle’s vote, the City Council in Davis, Calif., took a similar action over the pipeline. It voted unanimously to find a new bank to handle its roughly $124 million in accounts by the end of 2017.

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So, I’m sitting here thinking about Roy and Jason applying for a joint banking account and buying up a property for their base of operations.

Of course these two dorks procrastinate because who has time for filling out all that paperwork and producing all that identification (false identification, in Jason’s case). They’ve got cases to solve and thugs to fight. 

They apply last minute for a joint account at the bank and then rush over to the county clerk’s office do process the deed before they close.

Roy’s speeding through the paperwork because the office is 30 minutes from closing and both the clerk and Jason are giving him the stink eye. Still, Roy tries to make small talk and he’s babbling to the clerk about being sorry for coming in so late, but it took forever to apply for a joint account at the bank.

The clerk makes polite small talk and asks how long they’ve been married. 

“Oh, we’re not married yet,” Roy says, and he’s joking. He’s totally joking.  

“We’re planning on a Spring wedding. Isn’t that right, Jaybird?” Roy asks, nudging him and holding out a form for Jason to sign. 

“As long as we get to create the seating chart from hell, I don’t care when the wedding is,” Jason says promptly, not even looking up from his phone as he signs the form. 

“Jay, that’s just cruel,” Roy says.

“No, it’s comedy gold.” Jason retorts, “Can you imagine Talia and Selina sitting next to each other at a wedding?”

Okay, but the thing is? The dead-eyed clerk does not know that Roy and Jason are joking, and dutifully passes Roy the marriage license form, which actually looks quite dull and official. Roy thinks nothing of filling it out.

He holds thrusts the form out for Jason to sign and snatches it back just as quick. 

“Jay, this one requires ID,” Roy says as he starts stuffing all his papers into a folder, getting ready to go.

Jason fishes out his ID, and they both wave their ID cards in front of the clerk, and that’s it. They’re married. 

For months, neither of them realizes their walking around in holy matrimony. It’s Tim who figures it out. 

Tim’s hacking into the county clerk’s office, innocently looking through the marriage licenses (he suspects that one of the younger Falcone boys married a girl from the Russian mob and it led to their deaths and a gang war), and that’s when he stumbles upon Jason’s marriage license. 

Tim makes a noise like an angry cat and complains to Dick that nobody ever tells him anything. 

And Dick is just like: Jason and Roy got married??!

Eventually the entire superhero community knows, except for Jason and Roy.

Alfred calls Jason up while he’s in the Bahamas and tells him that he and his young man will be there for the wedding ceremony on the 18th, wearing the suits that Alfred’s sent him. 

Then he hangs up, leaving Jason to stare at the phone in confusion, because who’s getting married?

And did Alfred just call Roy his young man?

But look, Jason’s not about to ignore a request from Alfred and he’s there on the 18th at 9 am sharp. People keep congratulating him and Roy as they walk by and Jason is really starting to get a bad feeling about this whole thing. 

Bruce is there, ready to walk Jason down the aisle. He will fight you on this

In fact, he did fight Ollie on this (spoiler alert: he won). Ollie is sulking in the corner over not getting to walk Roy down the aisle, while Dinah rolls her eyes at him. 

Anyway, Roy and Jason both end up walking down the aisle after Kory, who is very excited to be the flower girl in an Earth wedding.

As the officiant starts the wedding proceedings Jason scowls at Roy and mutters, “I don’t know what’s going on. But I am entirely sure this is your fault, and we are going to have words.”

Roy’s mouth moves on automatic, “Really, Jaybird. Most couples don’t spend their honeymoon talking.” 

Jason gnashes his teeth and says “I do” with prejudice. 

…And that’s how Jason and Roy accidentally got married. 


Walt Disney on His Life-Long Love of Peter Pan

“Next to Snow White, I cared most for Peter Pan. He did not come from [a] well-loved story book, but my introduction to him was even more exciting. [My family was] living on a farm, and one morning as [my brother Roy and I] walked to school, we found entrancing new posters on the barns and fences along the road. A road company was coming to the nearby town of Marceline and the play they were presenting was Peter Pan with Maude Adams.

"It took most of the contents of two toy saving banks to buy our tickets, but my brother Roy and I didn’t care. For two hours, we lived in Never Land with Peter and his friends. I took many memories away from the theater with me, but the most thrilling of all was the vision of Peter flying through the air.

"Shortly afterward, Peter Pan was chosen for our school play and I was allowed to play Peter. No actor ever identified himself with the part he was playing more than I — and I was more realistic than Maude Adams in at least one particular: I actually flew through the air! Roy was using a block and tackle to hoist me. It gave way, and I flew right into the faces of the surprised audience.

"When I began producing cartoons, Peter Pan was high on my list of subjects. In fact, after talking it over, Roy and I bought the rights with the idea of making the second full-length feature for our company.”

– Walt Disney, Brief Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 4) April 1953


(1) MONSTAX_JH: Our Monbebe, I’m now uploading the pictures I took yesterday ㅠㅠ Sorry sorry ㅠㅠ Today is Music Bank’s prerecording, everyone please anticipate it and cheer for us hard, right? See you soon!!
(2) MONSTAX_JH: I can’t attach multiple pictures ㅠㅠ There’s 4 ㅠㅠ
(4) MONSTAX_JH: This way all 4 (are uploaded) ㅎㅎ [trans]

Yousuf Karsh’s 1941 portrait of a scowling Winston Churchill – reportedly reacting to Karsh snatching Churchill’s cigar – graced the cover of Life magazine and cemented the British prime minister’s reputation as a “roaring lion.” “By the time I got back to my camera, he looked so belligerent he could have devoured me,” Karsh recalled. “It was at that instant that I took the photograph.” The Bank of England announced in 2013 that the famous portrait would be featured on the £5 note.

Seattle’s City Council has voted to not renew its contract with Wells Fargo, in a move that cites the bank’s role as a lender to the Dakota Access Pipeline project as well as its creation of millions of bogus accounts. As a result, the city won’t renew its contract with the bank that expires next year.

The unanimous vote will pull more than $3 billion in city funds from the banking giant, the council says. Seattle says the bidding process for its next banking partner will “incentivize ‘Social Responsibility.’”

Not long after Seattle’s vote, the City Council in Davis, Calif., took a similar action over the pipeline. It voted unanimously to find a new bank to handle its roughly $124 million in accounts by the end of 2017.

On the same day the two cities moved to cut ties with Wells Fargo, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers granted an easement allowing the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross under the Missouri River north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation. As NPR’s Rebecca Hersher reported, that clears the way for construction of the final 1.5 miles of the more than 1,700-mile pipeline.

“Protests in Seattle against the Dakota Access Pipeline project have been large and frequent, often organized by local tribal members,” member station KUOW reports. “Protesters, many of them Native people from Washington state, share the concerns of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, which says the pipeline would threaten tribal water supplies, land and cultural sites.”

Wells Fargo has been in the headlines since last fall over a scandal involving bank employees creating fake accounts in customers’ names to bolster performance results and boost bonuses. While other banks are also involved in the pipeline deal, Wells Fargo’s recent history seems to have helped make it a target once again.

Seattle’s plan to stop its dealings with Wells Fargo comes months after the city canceled a $100 million bond deal between its electric utility and the bank. That took place last fall, when the treasurers of California, Illinois and other entities said they would freeze their dealings with the bank — in some cases, for a one-year period.

Wells Fargo’s commercial banking manager for Washington state, Mary Knell, tells KUOW that she’s disappointed in Seattle’s new move, noting that the bank is bound by its contract with the pipeline project.

Knell tells KUOW that the bank has “enhanced our due diligence on projects such as this to include more research into whether indigenous communities are affected and that they have been properly consulted.”

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hi everyone my bank took a big chunk of money from my checking account bc of my reserve line of credit I haven’t been able to pay off so I’m kind of broke again. if anyone wants 2 donate to help me out my PayPal is OK thanks


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Words: 1446
Warnings: mentions of real bad parenting and parent death, abduction and hostage

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