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All Started With a Song Part 2// Conor Maynard

Word Count- 491

Summary- conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) sorry that it’s so short! but its very important. please let me know what you think. because it’s so short i will put part 3 up tomorrow, i promise!

“What?” they asked in unison.


They waited.

“He just DM’ed me.” You said quietly. “Conor Maynard just DM’ed me!” you started crying.


“What did he say?!?!?”

“He wants to do a cover with me.”

“No fucking way!” Alice squeals once again.

“What do I say? How do I say it? Do I pretend to not know who he is?!?!” you questioned your best friends.

“Okay, say ‘thank you. And I would love to film with you… right after we hook up.’” Olivia says, causing Alice to snort.

“What? No!” you yelled, not knowing what to say.

After many minutes of bickering you settled with,

Hey Conor. Thank you, and that sounds like fun! When are you free?

You sighed grabbing the remote, he’d probably take a few days to reply. Might as well wait by binging Stranger Things once again.


You froze, there’s no way. It was probably Alice or Olivia.


I’ll free my schedule for you :) are you available next Friday?

You tried not to get to excited, he was just a normal person. You still waited a few minutes to respond, making sure not to click the notification.

After about 5 minutes you replied with,

Sounds good :) your place or mine?

You squealed, you might actually go to Conor Maynard’s house.

He replied later this time. An hour later.

Sorry, Jack got stranded. But mines fine, ill make sure to kick Jack and Josh out.

You giggled, of course Jack would get stranded.

Haha, if you insist on kicking them out me won’t complain. What time should I be there?

He didn’t reply until about 9 at night, but you tried not to think about it. He had his own life, it didn’t revolve around responding to you.

Sorry again :/ but is 4 okay? We can get dinner afterward?

You dropped your phone on your face, he wanted to eat dinner with you. You were baffled. This has to be a dream. It has to be.

Okay :)

That was all you said. It didn’t want to seem too crazy or fangirly.

Simple and sweet.

However Conor took it the wrong way.

“Jack I fucked up.” He said, running a hand through his hair.

“How?” he asked, not looking up from his FIFA game.

“I took forever to reply, and now she’s being short with me.” He sighed, dramatically falling onto the couch next to his brother.

“Dude, you’ve known her for less than a day. How can you already like her?” his brother questioned.

“I don’t like her!” Conor scoffed, “She just seems cool. I don’t want to piss her off.”

“Just don’t over think it bro.” Jack laughed, he knew his brother was crushing on this mysterious girl he knew nothing about.

Conor did the exact opposite. He knew he had to make it up to Y/n, but not because he liked her. He didn’t… did he?

Jimin Scenario: Ice-Cream Cuddles.

Request: Hi. So first I wanna say I love your blog and secondly I want to request something. I would like a Jimin scenario where him and OC are dating and they’re playing video games together and cuddling and cute stuff. Thank you

Genre: Fluff

It was Jimin’s free day in what seemed like an eternity, and his immediate thought was spending all of it with you. When he told you about it you decided to get everything ready, preparing for him all his favorite snacks and drinks. You made your bed be the coziest place posible arranging your pillows, the coverts, blankets and throwing in some extra cushions just in case.

He had said he wanted to spent some quiet, quality time with you, not really wanting to go anywhere but instead stay inside. You of course understood him, it was a hectic rhythm of life the one he had to follow, so it was best to just rest and make the most out of a lazy day.

Jimin arrived at midday, and as he had already told you he had eaten lunch with the members, you had had lunch for yourself before, now it was time for dessert, which you had already planned.

Jimin entered your house and you jumped to his embrace, his strong arms surrounded you in a tight hug, you inhaled in his scent, clean and manly so much like Jimin.
-Y/N baby! I’m here, finally!-

You kissed his nose and returned the smile. -I’m happy-

Then his lips started covering you with butterfly kisses, starting on your forehead and temples and going down to your eyes, your nose and cheekbones, he kissed with a loud smack both of your cheeks and that made you giggle, he kissed your jaw tenderly and then he went to your chin, obviously neglecting your lips on purpose. You pouted and he grinned like a mischievous little kid.

-Jimin!- you whined.

He smiled more. -What? Do you want something?- 

You crossed your arms and he laughed. -Alright, come here- he said but he was the one puling you closer, not being able to contain himself either. He took your chin and leaned in until your lips met in a sweet kiss.

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