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Xander + Foods = (っˆヮˆ)っ

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Oooh!! :0

  • H.S.K.T. by Sylvan Esso (lyrics are on screen, also verified here) - The lyrics make me personally think of a bleaker, depressing take/interpretation of Totty’s general character arc. (That or the music just makes me think that way ahaha orz) That being said, I dunno what the ‘esso’ in the lyrics and/or in the band’s name is referring to.
  • テクノロジーに夢乗せて // “Ferrying Dreams on Technology” by Kikuo ft. Miku Hatsune (translated lyrics here) - This one’s cheating admittedly, because it’s a love song based on today’s technology like phones, the internet, etc. and that sort of thing totally makes me think of Totty XD (Though there are also some things about looking at the present vs. the past, which I guess can work with him too considering Osokun….)
  • Dating Start! by Toby Fox (instrumental) - The peppy tone fits him imo :’D 

send me a character and I’ll tell you a song (or songs) that remind me of them

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May I request an AU where Jude somehow turns into a cat and ends up picked up by Kitty Dispatch?? Whether Ludger actually manages to figure out it's Jude is up to you. (Also it'd be great if Rollo knew it was Jude all along and that's why they picked him up XD)

Hi! Sorry this took a while. I don’t know how to draw cats……..

Annnnnnnnnd they take care of kitty Jude for a little bit until they find out Jude’s missing.

Ludger wakes up all groggy and see kitty Jude up in his face and his eyes kind of remind him of Jude? And they sorta figure out it’s actually Jude.

But seriously, how do you draw cats.

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Headcannon! MSB getting jealous over MC being with her best male friend

Are you talking about Kaiji, nonnie? lol


          Sora just came back from his undercover assignment and he was still wearing a dress. He saw you talked to Kaiji. The smile on his face disappeared instantly upon seeing how close you sat near each other. Sora smiled again and sat on Kaiji’s lap without saying anything. He cheerfully said hi to you. Kaiji tried to shove Sora away and asked what he was doing.

Being stubborn, Sora put his arms around Kaiji and acted all pouty and sad, “Why are you so cold to me and not MC?”

Sora placed a kiss on Kaiji’s cheek and Kaiji, who was so shocked, pushed him away and left the room as quickly as his feet could take him.

          Sora laughed loudly.

You asked Sora why he did it and he scowled, “Kaiji was too close to you and I don’t like it. I’m just giving him a lesson if he dares to make a move on you again.”

Kaiji was scarred for life after that kiss and it took him a while to act normally again around Sora XD


          Kaiji saw you talked to a guy and he was too touchy-feely with her. Kaiji tried his best to pretend it did not affect him at all as he walked nonchalantly towards them. He squeezed in between you and your male best friend forcefully. There was even a loud sound as Kaiji flop down into the bench. Your friend greeted him but Kaiji only said hi to you and completely ignored him.

He then continued to talk to you and when you pointed at how rude he was to your friend, he said, “Oh… That’s why I thought there was an annoying cricket that chirped loudly in my ear all the time.”

He put his pinky on his ear and glared at the other man. Your friend excused himself quickly.

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