took him a super long time to think of one

Good Morning

Request: Writers block sucks! Id love a dean x reader fic where she gets wayyyy too drunk and makes a move on him and he’s a gentleman and just takes her home and to bed even though she keeps trying to get with him then in the morning all the smut.
-Requested by Anon

A/N: Sorry this one took so long! I had a super busy weekend!

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (male and female receiving), drunk reader…I think that’s it?

Word Count: 2.9k

Originally posted by wonderfulworldofwinchester

Thanks to the hunting dry spell that you and the boys had been in for the last two weeks, you and Dean had decided to spend some of your time out at a bar. What better way to pass the time, right? It had just so happened that you had convinced Dean to go to a slightly higher end bar this evening - and you were enjoying it. A lot. So much, in fact, that within two hours, you were very drunk.

You sat at the bar next to Dean and spun around in the stool you’d been sitting at. It was one of those ones that no matter how much you spun, it never screwed off. However, you’d been spinning almost non-stop for the last five minutes, so Dean grabbed your knees and stopped you, turning you on the stool so that you were facing him.

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NCT Reaction to realizing they’re in love with their best friend: Dream Ver.

Anonymous requested: How would nct react when they realize they’re in love with their best friend?

Anonymous requested: mom I really like your nct reaction to their bff thingy💕could you do it with the other dreamies too? pretty please🙏

Anonysmous requested: moma could you start with the dreamies last request? about the bff thingy? please :D take careee!

A/N: Mark+Haechan are included in the other ver. so they won’t be included here.

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Masterlist | NCT U/127 Ver.


  • The lil prince fml. As opposed to the younger boys that are more shy and just think ‘well shit’ when they realize they like their best friend, I think Renjun would be one of the most giddy when he figures it out. Having a crush on a friend at some point is pretty normal, so when those feelings arise, Jun isn’t super scared, or worried, and he pretty much just ignores it, assuming just as the feelings came, they’ll go away. Boy thought wrong. He was already whipped for you to begin with, both being your best friend and having an existing crush, that it took him a long time to understand that the crush was more than he thought. Once Renjun clued in on how his feelings changed, he’s nothing but a smiley, blushy, ball of fluff. And probably teases you with that ‘guess what’ shiz until you yell at him to just spill. ‘guess what.’ ‘im not playing this game just fckin tell me.’ ‘i like you.’ ‘well jee i sure hope you do.’ ‘no i like you.’ ‘…lol that’s lame.’


  • Every time I see Jeno now, I think about how he was oh so scary to the babies and just their luck, they ended up in a group with him lmao. Fates funny. Anyways, he’d poker face tf out of the situation, you’d never know what was going on until he tells you. Jeno would be slower at realizing it, he’d only realize it after one of the boys tease him. ‘you’re literally a couple.’ ‘how?’ ‘listen…all you do is go on ‘they’re not date’ dates and you pay and you have heart eyes the entire time.’ ‘…you got me there.’ and just rolls with it, until he has to ask, ‘what are we.’


  • Imagine being Jaemin’s friend, let alone his best friend, and getting to see that beautiful smile all the time…a concept. Imagine just chilling with Jaemin one day, and you’re just messing around. Maybe playing a video game. Jaemin looks over for a second, and seeing you sitting there, so focused and button smashing the controller. His chest suddenly feels tight and he’s like, ‘what the fuck is thi-…oh.’. And you turn to look at him when you realized his character has stopped moving and you just see him sitting there with this dazed look on his face and a dorky smile, ‘hey, you still here, dude? i’m kicking your ass ma-…wtf is that face for?’ ‘nothing, nothing. just realized something.’ Jaemin won’t spit it out at that very moment, he’ll think about what he’s feeling and what he’s supposed to do about it, but he’ll likely spill later after he’s realized what he’s feeling.


  • *Que the dolphin screaming*
    Anyways, as dorky and cute as Chenle is, he’s going to be part of the savage squad, I think he’s quite a bit level headed? More mature than his age, and wouldn’t be super confused or freaked out by realizing he likes his bestie. The same with Jisung, Chenle realizes it in just a quick moment, that his feelings towards you have shifted from friendship to romance. Chenle is one that, unless he’s got some assurance that you might like him too, he’ll sit on his feelings and just try and forget it, and try and maintain your normal friendship. 


  • Lord I don’t even want to think about my son being in love, he’s a toddler, I still have to cut his grapes in half or he’ll choke…ugh. Ngl, being a teenage boy, I feel like he’s bound to ‘fall in love’ with his friend so easy, and then like a week later he’s over it and it’s all good again, but for the sake of he req. we’re going to pretend this is some Romeo and Juliet bs and Jisung is dead locked in love. But keeping with that, the realization smacks him in the face in a second, it’s literally a split moment acknowledgment of ‘fuuuuuuck i think love you’ kind of thing. And he freaks. The fuck. Out. You know he’ll talk to Taeyong about it, but Jisung wouldn’t flat out tell you anything. But you;ll know. The poor bub will be so anxious and antsy everytime he’s around you, you’re immediately going to know there’s something wrong, and probably guess it, while Jisung is lowkey peeing his pants. You pretty much confessed on his behalf…but hey, it’s all exposed now, stop shaking Ji it’s alright. 

anonymous asked:

If you have time could you do the rfa+Saeran reaction if there MC acts kinda like a cat? Like she sits on counters and really random high places, she disappears out of nowhere, gets distracted easily by the smallest things? I always get told I'm like a cat when I do those things so I was wondering how the rfa would react

sorry this took so long I procrastinate a lot >_< this was a very cute request and I enjoyed writing it

Requests are open just incase you didn’t know ;)


- he thinks its super cute

- but he also finds it weird how he would turn around for 0.03 seconds and BAM you disappear

- honestly hates playing hide and go seek with you because he can never find you

- he dislikes when you disappear because one time he went to the refrigerator to get water and out of nowhere you walked up to him and whispered “meow” in his ear

- he screamed so loud you got a noise complaint

- seven never let him see the end of it after that


- he honestly thinks its a weird trait you have, but he loves you nonetheless

- he gets slightly annoyed when you just vanish and he can’t find you

- cause he’ll worry someone kidnapped you or that you possibly hurt yourself in anyway

- sometimes if you’re gone for too long, he’ll think you left him, or maybe you just don’t like him anymore

- he straight up tells you he doesn’t like when you do this so you try not to do it

- one time he came home and saw you sitting on the edge of the balcony to your apartment

- this poor boy seriously thought you were trying to commit suicide

- you have to calm him down and explain to him you just like sitting in really high places

- “Don’t do that ever again MC”


- this boy adores you even more when he found out about this specific trait you have

- he thinks its cute how you get distracted so easily

- sometimes he’ll be bored out of his mind and he could just look up at you and see you trying to swat away a fuzz ball in the air

- he lowkey treats you like a cat just to see a reaction

- like he made a laser pointer and started shining it around you when you were reading

- you jolted right up, dropped your book, and started looking for the source of the light

- when you heard the laughter you immediately knew it was seven and threw your book at the back of his head

- it was worth it tho


- he thinks its super adorable

- but he’s just worried you might fall down from the high places you like to sit on

- he gets scared you might fall off the rails when your on the roof looking on the stars

- but surprisingly you have pretty good balance and never fall down

- just as long as you don’t fall and hurt yourself, he’ll be okay with it

- claims you’re the only “cat” he’ll ever like


- he thinks its super unprofessional how you get distracted so easily

- he makes you go to the doctor to see if you have ADHD or something

- but as it turns out you don’t and its just apart  of your personality

- after a while he learns to accept it and finds its one of your “flaws” he grows to love

- he calls you “kitten” now

- you and Elizabeth get along well which unsurprisingly Jumin loves


- she hardly has a reaction to it actually

- other than “try to keep it professional in public MC”

- she’ probably used to you sitting on the counter while she makes coffee

- or you sitting on her desk while she does paper work for Jumin

- she has kicked you out of her office quite a few times for “distracting” her while she works

- but she always invites you back in because she feels guilty afterwards

Hello, it’s the anon who asked about submitting a picture :3 How do you think the RFA members would react to seeing MC in this? (Also yea this is a sketch of MC in a maid cat costume that I happened to do in class one day oops :p)


Author’s note: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT PERFECT!! & btw omg this lil sketch is so cute


  • He had been playing his game alllllll day
  • And you had tried EVERYTHING to get him to pay attention to you
  • But apparently there was some super important tournament going on today???
  • So, desperate times calls for desperate measures
  • “Yoosunggggggg!”
  • “MC, I love you, but I’m super-duper busy right now!!”
  • “Just turn around, please.”
  • Yoosung sighed and turned around
  • “Okay, but I only-“
  • You smiled when he stopped mid-sentence
  • “Do you like it?”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “I-I…”
  • He quickly spun around in his chair and pressed a button
  • “Uhh, hey guys? I’m gonna have to sit this round out. Bye!”
  • He spun back around and rested his chin on his hand
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • You bent down and kissed his lips
  • “Thanks, but you never answered my question.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “…Do you like it?”
  • “No. I LOVE IT!!!”
  • He stood up and hugged you, spinning you around
  • “Y-Yoosung I’m getting d-dizzy!”
  • He stopped and put you down
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help it…”
  • You laughed, “That’s okay, I’m glad you like it so much!”
  • He smiled before removing your cat ears and putting them on his head
  • “Do they look cute on me, too?”
  • “Adorable.”


  • You lost a bet to Seven on who could drink the most PhD. Pepper
  • And of course he used your boyfriend’s allergy against you
  • So when Zen walked into the house and turned on the lights
  • There you were, in the middle of the room
  • In a maid cat costume
  • “Nyaaaaa!”
  • “MC?”
  • “Y-Yes, master?”
  • And with that Zen’s face turned BRIGHT RED
  • “U-Uhhh, take off the maid costume.”
  • You looked at the ground
  • “Okay…”
  • And leave it off.”
  • You looked back up at him and smiled
  • “As you wish-“
  • You turned around and walked away
  • “-Master.”
  • Before you could move another step, you heard Zen call out
  • “Oh, and MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “…Leave the cat ears on.”
  • “I thought you hated cats?”
  • “I do… but you might get to change that.”
  • You swore you could hear his smirk


  • Jaehee called you and said she was going to be home late
  • So you took this an opportunity to surprise her, and slipped on something you were saving for a rainy day
  • And two hours later, your prey Jaehee arrived
  • “MC, I’m home!”
  • You hopped up and walked over to her
  • “Do you want me to get your bag for you?”
  • She nodded handing you your bag
  • She looked at you and then walked into the kitchen
  • Not even a reaction! I wasn’t expecting that…
  • No more than two seconds later, Jaehee walked back out of the kitchen and gave you a confused look
  • “W-What are you wearing?”
  • You smiled, “Oh, this? I thought you didn’t notice!”
  • “It took me a couple seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing…”
  • “But, you like it?”
  • She walked over and placed her hands on your hips
  • “I like everything you wear. You’re supposed to be a cat maid, right?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • She stood back and smirked
  • “Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making dinner?”
  • You laughed and grabbed her hand
  • “How about you go put on your costume and we can make dinner together!”
  • “Y-you got me one?”
  • You turned and gave her a devilish grin
  • “Of course.”


  • You already know how this gonna end
  • You walked out of your closet and looked at yourself in the mirror
  • “Juuuminnnnnn!!”
  • “What?”
  • “Come here! I think you’ll like what I have on!!”
  • “Fine, I’ll be there in a second.”
  • You bounced up and down with anticipation
  • “MC, you know-“
  • He stopped mid-sentence
  • “So??”
  • His eyes widened as he slowly approached you
  • I know that look…
  • Just as you were about to suggest… doing something else, he spun around and walked out of the room
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Stay there!”
  • “…okay.”
  • He walked back into the room holding Elly
  • “Here, hold Elizabeth.”
  • You took the cat and gave him a confused look
  • “Okay, now smile!”
  • You blinked as the camera flash went off
  • “Stay still and give Elizabeth a kiss!! We can put it on our Christmas card!”
  • “JUMIN.”
  • actually they do end up getting a little frisky later though I mean come on she’s in a cat maid outfit


  • “Okay, you can look now!”
  • Seven removed his hands from his eyes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You smiled at his now bright red face
  • “So… you like it?”
  • Seven dashed out of the room before you could question him
  • He could have at least said I looked cute or something…
  • After five minutes, you started to get a little concerned
  • “Uhh… Seven? I can take-“
  • “TAH-DAH!”
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • Seven gave you a wink
  • But you didn’t notice
  • You were still staring at THE MATCHING MAID CAT COSTUME HE HAD ON
Cuddles (Hyungwon) (f)

Originally posted by minhyuk1

Request:  Hi, uhm I love your imagines and I think that they are super duper cute! I was wondering, if possible, you could make a sleepy Hyungwon oneshot. One where he finally has time off and all he wants to do is stay in bed with (y/n) but they have stuff to do so they drag him around, but they go back home and end up cuddling. (Thanks~)

Sorry it took so long and if its too short 

Hope you like it~~~

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SVT Super Powers; Seokmin!!

Originally posted by fatenumberfor

ah. this. kid. needs. to. STOP


-you know whats cooler than being cool


-joking it’s actually the ability to control water

-he’s an aquarius so it fits

-don’t fight me on thIS ONE

-so when he was little 

-and when it was really hot

-he used to play in his kiddie pool and stuff 

-and seok would just look at the water

-and then so one day 

-his tiny mind said to himself

-brain: “put your head underwater”

-seok: ”why??”

-brain: “you gotta”

-seok: “ok????”

-and so he did 

-and he was just breathing

-like his mum said that people can’t breathe underwater for a various amount of reasons

-and he was kind of upset that his momma lied

-momma why

-so he came running to his mum really angry

-like kid nonsense angry

-like they act angry but they aint

-so he went to his mum like all “angry” and stuff and started to tell her that he could breathe underwater

-and his mum didn’t believe him

-so he took her outside for a minute

-”time me and see how long i stay underwater for”

-”seokmin i think the sun has gotten to you…”

-”it’s true just watch i’ll signal you if i need any help!!”

-so he got back in

-and he just layed down face first

-his mum started to get worried

-like she was super worried

-but as time went along she soon realised that he wasn’t making this up 

-like he could actually breathe underwater

-another thing is that he could manipulate water and lift it up into the air and stuff

-like one time he was just looking at the water at the dinner table

-and all of a sudden it just started to levitate

-like it got out of the cup and was just floating in the air

-he was so surprised but so happy

-his mum found water on the floor in the next 10 minutes after he forgot about the floating water

-she wasn’t happy

-but he was so astounded!!!

-he had two cool powers!!

-when he was a little  older

-he loved going to the pool and just staying underwater

-like everyone would be wondering when he would be surfacing to get air

-but he just stayed down there

-you were also a local to the area and to the pool and everytime you went you saw him there as well

-and he would be under the water for ages

-you didn’t want him to die or anything!! 

-you were kind of scared because he would be down there for ages!!

-that’s not norMAL

-so once he surfaced again

-you swam over to where he was chillin by the side

-and sat up on the side next to him

-”hey are you alright?? you kind of stayed down there for a while……”

-”huh? oh i’m fine, don’t worry.”

-”are you sure???”

-”yeah. what’s your name?”

-”y/n. what’s yours?”

-”mine is seokmin.”

-and somehow after that you two started to become friends

-one time after you two had been swimming 

-you hung out in the little kids playground when there was nobody in there

-and you had a bottle of water on you

-so he asked you for it

-took the lid off

-”seokmin what are you–”

-and just turned the bottle upside down

-”seoKMIN wait what”

-the bottle was upside down

-but nothing came out 

-no liquids came out at all

-you looked under your bottle to see if the neck or anything had any covers

-but no 


-you were….amazed

-he told you that he had superpowers and that’s why he was able to just stay underwater for so long

-you….were so amazed at this kid


-he’s an actual superhero


-as the years came along

-and the summers came and gone 

-you two became distant

-and you didn’t know why 

-but you were really determined to be his friend again 

-so one day you noticed that he was at the pool again

-but he looked pretty sad 

-he was upset that you weren’t there with him

-you were also upset because you didn’t get to hang out as much as you wanted and you just wanted to be around your little mermaid dude fRIEND IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK COME ON NEPTUNE AND VOLTURNUS CUT Y/N SOME SLACK HERE

-the reason why you didn’t see each other as much was because of school and being in two separate school made you distant 

-so going inside 

-you got a bottle of water from the vending machine

-and just waited for the scheduled swim to be over

-you were waiting for him at the door

-you just hoped he would stop and say hi or something or at least ask to hang out

-and he did wow

-”oh! hey y/n what’s up? haven’t seen you in ages..”

-”yeah…i’m sorry that we haven’t been hanging out as much but….you want ot go back to the kids park?”


-”for old times sake? why else?”

-you joked before leading him to the back where the little park was

-”so….how have you been?”

-”i’ve been…good….”

-and the somewhat awkward silence that followed both made you say

-”i missed hanging out with you–”

-you both laugh like little kids

-but then you remember the water

-you gave him the bottle

-and his face was basically 


-”any new tricks?”

-he was able to take the water out of the bottle with ease

-swirling it in the air

-it looked so pretty!!

-”everything you do is so pretty…like you.”

-hold on

-what did you say

-”you think i’m pretty?”

-”seokmin i-”

-”i told you the same thing that day we met didn’t i?”

-”yeah you did….i was really happy about that….”

-”…..i have to tell you… feelings changed….”

-”really? oh……i guess i’ll be going then–”

-uh huh

-where do you think you’re going

-you got off the swing and just started to walk away

-when he grabbed your hand and pulled you back

-the thing was


-you were shook to the max 

-”y/n when i said my feelings changed i meant they changed into bigger feelings for you….which is just simply….i like you. a lot. like theres a bucketload of it. it’s like waiting to tip over any minute now….more like any second but it depends on whether you like me back or not–”

-you just……kiss him

-like not full kiss 

-but a cute kiss on the cheek

-halfway through his confession you realised that he did really like you

-and all this time you liked him too and it 

-was just 




-”you feel the same way?”


-”this is great!!”

-he hugs you then picks you up like it was nothing and spins you around and is this the set of mama mia what’s going on why are there singers and why is this so cute 

-like you have your merman!!

-you have him and you never want him to let go!!!!


-“hey y/n”


-”you know what?”


-”you have a great buoyfriend”

-”seokmin i love you but that pun was rEA LL Y   B A D”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering, what Hogwarts house do you think RFA would be in? Thanks! :)


Definitely a hufflepuff I think, he’s a good good boy.
He’s super loyal and he works hard even if he can’t stay on task all the time,
He’s also suuuuuuper patient, it’s incredible what he puts up with! And he doesn’t like cheating, fair play is the best way to do things, even if he is more likely to lose that way

Honestly, I think Griffindor, the image of who he wants to be is definitely someone who is chivalrous and brave! Even if he can’t be those things all the time. This man has a lot of nerve too, he’s not really afraid to talk back or be selfish at times, he knows he values for himself and his loved ones, and he’ll do his best to get it

Ravenclaw hands down,
She is super intelligent and she does things the skills she has, and her witty remarks and jabs could shatter the values of a stone honestly.
She knows how to get where she wants to go, and though she’s resistant, she will help others with finding answers (and feel happy with herself about it)

It’s so hard to place jumin, but I would have to say hufflepuff actually,
He is loyal to the things he loves, and he values fairness (or at least fairness when it benefits him). Hard work and working hard are so important to him, they’re practically key beliefs, work is the only way you’ll get anywhere. And he’s patient with those he cares about, giving them a chance to speak up.

707 / Luciel:
This boy is a slytherin,
He is quiet cunning, it takes some brain power to make all his pranks fall into place exactly as he had seen them in his head. He’s also pretty resourceful, using skills, relationships, objects, to get to where he needs to go, or to help benefit himself and others.
He’ll do what’s necessary if he knows that it’s the only choice. He displays ambition too! He has gotten himself out of many bad situations, and to a higher standing in life.

It’s hard to place him, I think the sorting hat definitely took a long time to figure out where to put him.
But all things considered he seems like a ravenclaw to me,
He’s super intelligent logically ( though not necessarily emotionally), he does things both calculated, and on the fly, developing his wit quite a bit. He also prides himself on trying to be knowledgeable, even if the truth of his knowledge isn’t always the nicest to know

God… now this one took me a long ass time,
But I think griffindor if I’m honest, he values relationships, being brave and chivalrous, even if he’s scared and hiding most of the time… he’s quite focused on the people who are important to him, and tries to help, even if he falters because of his own wounds. He’s working though, constantly working to get back that magnificent time in his life, where he’ll be helpful, and not a burden anymore.


he may not have sight but he has vision )

anonymous asked:

Welcome back!!! :) If you do them, could I please request some s/o relationship headcanons for Spain? *slides you a cookie as thanks*

-Antonio would always be sure that his s/o will never doubt how much he cares about them. At completely random points, he’d lovingly tell them how he loves them and how amazing they are. 

-He is a really good cook, and really enjoys it too, so he’d always be willing to make a fancy dinner for him and his s/o to enjoy together. 

- He’s pretty touchy-feely, so he’d often be holding hands with his s/o or have an arm slung around them at any point in time, unless they were uncomfortable with it and didn’t want him to. 

-Antonio is also a really easy-going guy for the most part, so arguments would be few and in between, and if he ever did get into one with his s/o, he would always end up apologizing first, even if he still thinks he’s right. This is mostly because he wouldn’t be able to handle them not talking to him or ignoring him afterwards for very long. He’s the type to get them flowers afterwards too as an apology. 

-He’d also get super happy and excitable whenever his s/o took interest or asked about one of his hobbies, like gardening. He likes to show off his knowledge about subjects he enjoys, so he always thinks it’s nice when his s/o asks about the things he likes.

-If his s/o ever watches a sad movie with him, there’s a 100% chance he’ll be crying by the end while outright denying that he’s crying at all at the same time. 

anonymous asked:

Can I ask an HC of Zoro with an S/O with super curly, long hair? I saw the one you already made and it'd be so cool! I need more Zoro in my life :') do you agree?

Sure thing!

  • would reallly, really like very long hair, I think he’s either a super short or super long hair kinda guy (nothing in between) but you know curly hair is so pretty it’d be a shame if it was all short :’)
  • on the other hand he would support a clean buzzcut if the hair bothered them, or if maintaining it took too much exhausting time
  • If they asked him Zoro would sometimes braid it 
  • absently pats the locks a little too
“You’re Sorta My Happily Ever After” - D.H.

Pairing: Dan x reader

Summary: long term couple Dan and reader are on younow and get asked about their future together and it’s super sweet and adorable

Requested: yes, see here

Warnings: feels

A/N: please enjoy this sorta short imagine! also there won’t be any new imagines for the next week and a bit as i’m writing exams but feel free to read up on all my previous ones using my masterlist:)


“You and Dan are so cute!!!”

Your eyes glance toward your boyfriend laying in the background of your YouNow as you notice the question, the chat quickly filling with other similar comments.

It was Sunday, the usual day of your live shows, and you were sitting in the desk chair in Dan’s room, arms wrapped around one of your knees as you scrolled through the chat.

Some 10 minutes ago, Dan had walked in from the lounge, pressed a kiss to the top of your head, bid a quick hello to those watching, and then laid down on his bed. Since then, you’d been sharing little things about your relationship as well as you could without giving away anything too personal; having talked about how long you’d been dating and what the two of you had done over Christmas.

“Alexa asks, ‘When did you and Dan first meet?’“ you turn the chair to face Dan on the bed, “D’you wanna come over and answer this with me?”

He stands up, pulling the chair you had brought in earlier next to where you wer sitting as he smiles at the chat, “Suppose this calls for a proper hello.. Hi everybody.”

“Can I start?” you ask excitedly.

“Go for it.”

“Okay so Dan and I technically first met at Playlist Orlando in 2012, but we’d been talking online for like 6 or 7 months before that; so we were already friends when we met.”

“Yeah, we started talking because someone tweeted me a clip of one of [Y/N]’s videos where she talked about Phil and I, and after I watched it, I went and followed her on twitter and messaged her and we after that we started skyping and talking nearly every day. And then when we found out that both of us were going to be in Orlando, we knew we had to meet.”

“It was honestly a rough few months,” you continue, “I mean, even before we met it was rough because I was living in LA and obviously Dan and Phil were in… Were you guys still in Manchester in 2012?”

“Yeah, we were until July I think, I also think I know where you’re going with this… Basically, we started out as ‘friends’, except both of us were really into one another right from when we started talking, an-”

You cut him off, “And nearly the second we met in real life, the attraction upped by about 100%… And like, if you see pictures of us from playlist, we’re nearly always touching in some way in literally every photo of us together.”

The two of you laugh at this as Dan continues, “It was also really weird because we weren’t technically together, like we were just friends at the time, so attempting to explain the constant need for physical contact to viewers and other creators was a little awkward.” 

“We were also in denial about the fact that we liked one another as more than friends, and literally everyone, including Phil, was just telling us that we were being stupid because we were clearly super into one another,” you exchange a look with Dan as you say this, meeting his gaze and smiling widely as you think back to how he made you feel, especially back then when you were lying to yourself about your feelings for him.

The chat immediately fills with “heart eyes Howell” and other little things at the look you’d just exchanged as you search for another question, “Oh here’s some good ones.. Jane asks, ‘What was it like being long distance?’ and Lance asks, ‘When did you officially start dating?’“

Dan begins answering the first question before you have a chance to continue, “Long distance fricking sucked,” he complains, “So like we just said, we met at playlist in 2012 and were basically dating while in denial about everything, and that was in March of 2012 I think?”

You then take over, “Right so playlist was in March, and we didn’t start officially dating until VidCon 2012, which took place at the end of June. On top of that, Dan moved to London in like, July, so he was super busy and stressed almost the entire first month we were dating which kinda sucked.”

“It did, long distance in general just sucked because you know that you want to be with someone, and you know how much you just want them around you all the time and you can’t have that.”

You nod along with him, “I think mid-2012 was probably one of the hardest times of our relationship because of how much we just wanted to be around one another… Especially because we were still in a ‘honey moon phase’ in which we were just completely infatuated with one another.”

Dan immediately agrees, “It was… It was also hard because, and some of you might remember this, but [Y/N] came to stay with Phil and I in like September-October-ish, and we still hadn’t announced that we were dating, so it was like a super lowkey thing that no one really knew about except us and our close friends.”

“Yeah that was hard, I mean, if you scroll back to that trip, my instagram basically turned into a Dan and [Y/N] fan account with how many pictures I was posting of us.”

“We were also nearly ‘exposed’ by some subscribers, who caught a photo of us kissing while we were out in London, so if you’re one of those super sweet people in the group of girls then thanks a lot for not plastering those pictures everywhere.”

“I think that answered both questions,” you laugh as you begin scrolling through the chat again.

“Pretty much all of these questions are about the future,” you let out sheepishly, looking over at Dan as the future had always been a touchy subject between the two of you.

Surprisingly, he leans forward curiously, looking through the chat with you, “Like what?”

The two of you sit in silence for a moment before Dan finds a question he likes, “Here’s one… Alana asks, ‘When are you guys going to get married?’“

You raise your eyebrows at him, thinking of the last time you’d talked about this a few months ago and what had ensued. Phil had dropped a comment about you guys needing to get married because you acted like a married couple while at a dinner one night, and when you’d brought the subject up to Dan, your differing opinions resulted in a shouting match that had Phil entering Dan’s room without knocking to figure out what the heck was going on.

You force yourself not to visibly react to the topic, deciding to speak up first, “I mean, marriage is a thing everyone thinks about as a kid isn’t it?” you laugh softly, “I remember being in second grade, and me and my best friend at the time, Amy, planned out our entire weddings,” you smile at the memory.

“Marriage was just always a thing that I talked about growing up, even as a teenager, me and my friends talked about who we thought we’d get married to, and what our wedding would be like, I’ve always been excited to get married,” you trail off, unable to look at Dan as you wait for him to answer.

“I never really thought about it growing up, and I honestly didn’t even really consider it a thing I would do,” he pauses for a moment and you feel your heart breaking a little, as it did every time he said this, “Not to be cheesy but I genuinely didn’t understand the whole marriage thing until after I met [Y/N].. I think, I think that it’s something you don’t really get until you find the right person, and until you’re ready. There’s a certain point you get to where you just suddenly realize that it’s something you want to do, even if it’s not something you do soon. Also, as you can tell, [Y/N] is in love with the idea of getting married so it probably won’t be any time soon, but will definitely happen at some point in the future.”

You feel yourself grinning widely at that, picking up where he left off, “I’d wait forever if it meant I got to marry you,” you let out, glancing at Dan as he turns to face you.

He scrunches his nose adorably at your cheesy comment as he laughs, “Really?”

“Well yeah, I mean, you’re sorta my happily ever after,” you confess, smiling at him as you say it.

Dan just looks at you, no words really needed when compared to the look on his face. The chat again begins filling with “heart eyes Howell” and you grin as you begin ending the YouNow.

“Well guys I should go, it’s been over an hour… I’ll see you next week, I hope you have a good week; I love you, you’re all incredible, and yeah. I think that’s it? Thanks for watching, maybe see you Tuesday in Dan’s stream, not sure yet but you can check that out anyways, it’s always funny… Uhh, bye,” Dan mutters a goodbye too as you cover the camera, clicking to end the stream.

As soon as you’ve clicked the button to the end the stream, you press your lips to his, “I love you so much,” you let out against his lips.

His hands find their way around you as he pulls you in closer, pulling back and resting his forehead against yours, “What was that for?”

“Just everything you said.. I mean, I know you don’t really get the point of the whole marriage thing but I really appreciate you trying to see the point in it because of me.” 

“Of course, I don’t see an after with you, you’re it for me. I may not understand the whole hype behind marriage, but I do know that it’s at least about love and I love you, which I think is reason enough for us to get married.”

You press your lips to his again as you smile, muttering an, “I love you.“

Three little words that meant a million times more to you 3 years later when they were whispered to one another during your first dance on one of the best days of your life.

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What would dating peter be like?

Omg i am such Peter trash ThAnk you for requesting this

Dating Peter Maximoff would include:

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  • Peter likes to shower you with kisses just because 
  • and also to annoy you 
  • whenever you tease peter he just like drools over you (not literally)
  • sometimes you’ll wear a skirt too short or something and peters just like “shit thats my girl” and pulls you into bed 
  • but then is obvs like “you gotta change out of that tho bcus thats only for me”
  • he takes you on dates and stuff and doesn’t even care if you’re late bcus it takes him like max 5 mins to get anywhere
  • he gets you gifts like all the time, not necessarily paying for them tho lol
  • but when hes feeling really fancy and kind he will go out of his way to save up and buy you the nicest shit he can get
  • theres probs constant sex with peter 
  • but only because it is GOOOOD asf sex
  • ive always seen the fast thing as good too? like wouldn’t his speed make the sex feel better for you 
  • i dont think peter would care how long it took for him as long as you were getting pleasure
  • im guessing peter likes to show you off to everyone bcus he thinks youre an angel 
  • hes super flirty and will make you blush like all the time 
  • he can be super cute tho and write you stuff like poems and send you flowers
  • its like from 0 to 100 tho 
  • like one min its poems the next its bomb ass sex 
  • peter will literally do anything for you 
  • like he’d even risk his own life for you and die for you 
  • or live for you idk (suicide squad inside joke) 

i could literally go on forever about peter because he is my babi but imma stop there 

Not so innocent

(A/N): this request has got me feelin’ a certain way…

Request: Hey love :) I hope I can give you an idea for an imagine :) You and Steve are a couple and all the other Avengers ship you a lot. Then on time at another one of Tony’s party the guys tease Steve a bit that he barely has sexual experience and he gets all flustered. Then you take him back to your shared apartment to get him in safety. You cuddle on the couch but then things start to get heated and Steve isn’t that shy boy anymore? I don’t know, something like that maybe if you want.

Warnings: swearing, hints of smut

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   “Guys,” Clint slurs drunkenly, “We need to come up with a ship name for (Y/N) and Steve!” His eyes are wide like a child’s and his lips are twisting upwards in a crooked smile. Tony gasps loudly, coughing on his own spit for a moment before calming slightly. He claps his hands together excitedly, his eyes growing wide with excitement. 

   “Oh! I’ve got it-” He spaces off for a moment before breaking off into a fit of giggles, the rest of the Avengers following suit. 

   Everyone had gotten a little buzzed after the party, other than you and Steve but only because the two of you lived in a whole other building and that required you to be able to walk a few blocks. So for the remainder of the party you and Steve had watched the team get shit-faced and then you proceeded to babysit them. That included making sure they didn’t pass out, giving them plenty of water and medicine and your personal favorite, keeping them clear away from any sensitive subjects. Unfortunately the last one hadn’t been working out so well and more than once tonight you’d been subjected to hear about Tony’s secret sex life. 

   “So Steve,” Tony’s voice is so slurred you can barely understand the man. “What about you? How’s your non-existent sex life going?” You nearly choke on the water you had been drinking and you attempt to reign in the coughing fit that immediately follows after. Steve was beside you blushing madly, covering his face with his hands. 

  You knew Steve’s sex life was a sort of touchy subject for him. He didn’t get much experience before the war and since being thawed he didn’t have much time for it (or so he said). In all honesty you knew he was just a little nervous to try, he’d never done anything with anyone before and he didn’t want to mess it up. It was fairly obvious he wanted your first time with him to be just as good as you had imagined and he didn’t want to let you down. This meant that he never really did anything remotely sexual with you. 

   Sure there’d been times where you’d come close, heavily making out after a training session or during the early hours of the morning but you’d never gone any further than that and Steve was more than self-conscious about it. 

  “U-um…” Steve trails off, staring down at the floorboards beneath him. Tony scoffs before taking another swig of whatever he’d been drinking, rolling his eyes in disappointment. 

  “You’re so boring Capsicle. You don’t have one good sex story?” Steve stares down at his hands for a moment longer before shaking his head meekly. The man looked so intimidated and nervous, it was sort of breaking your heart. 

   “Okay you guys,” You rise from your seat, giving the group a small smile. “I think it’s all time we stopped with the drinks and went to bed,” Everyone simultaneously groans in annoyance all the while clutching their bottles a little tighter. 

   “Come on (Y/N),” Tony whines, “We’re having fun, let us live a little,” You give him a small smirk before snatching his bottle away with ease, given that he was nearly too drunk to even hold onto the thing anymore. 

   “Maybe some other night but we all have to go into Shield tomorrow to do some work and I’d rather not be doing it with a bunch of hungover grouchy pants. Now go get your asses in bed before I call in Fury,” The Avengers groan once again but slowly rise from their seats, all tittering on the spot. With slow, wobbly steps they all dissipate, leaving only you and Steve in the living room. 

  You turn to look at him with a bright smile, your hand extended to help him from his spot. Steve smiles shyly, his face still a burning mess from the conversation only minutes prior, nonetheless he takes your hand in his, intertwining your fingers. 

   “Thanks for saving my ass back there,” Steve murmurs as you both begin to walk towards the elevators. You give his hand a gentle squeeze and continue to drag him along. 

   “It was nothing, I know stuff like that makes you uncomfortable,” Steve sighs softly and he’s no doubt feeling guilty. Guilty because he can’t give you what you crave, what you both crave. Not only that but he was even uncomfortable with the whole thing, much unlike the rest of you who were very open about these kind of things. 

  All together you knew he was feeling shitty and the thought alone has you feeling bad too.

   “It’s nothing to be ashamed of Steve, we’ve all-” You stop however when you happen to glance upon his face, which look less than amused at your statement. Instead of continuing you decide to stop rambling, sealing your lips tightly. You give his hand one more gentle squeeze before you hit the elevator button, awaiting the silent walk home that was most likely to follow. 

   You had been correct when you guessed the walk home would be a silent one. Steve was completely quiet the entire time, not even his breathing could be heard. You wanted to console him but you knew better, he just needed some time to himself to get over this and you attempting to tell him that being a 100 year old virgin was okay was not going to help him. So instead you guys walked in an uncomfortable silence, refusing to meet each other’s gaze. 

   As soon as you walked through your apartment door Steve wrapped his arms around you tightly, pulling you back against his warm chest. His face nuzzles into your neck and the small sigh that leaves his lips doesn’t go unnoticed by you. With a faint smile you place your arms over his, your thumbs starting to smooth circles into his skin. 

   “Can we cuddle or somethin’…?” Steve asks in such a small voice you’re nearly ‘aww-ing’ out loud. You know that won’t help his confidence so you keep it in, instead deciding upon a small smile and affirmative nod. 

   “Course we can,” Steve smiles against your skin before pressing a lingering kiss to your neck. “Just let me go change, okay?”  His arms remained steadfast around you for a moment before he lets go, albeit with some reluctance. You turn to look at him with a confused smile, Steve wasn’t ever this affectionate. That you thought was strange, especially since you’d thought he’d been brooding after what happened at Stark Tower. You don’t question it too much though, you didn’t want Steve to suddenly become any less affectionate. You lean on your tiptoes to press a soft kiss to his lips before pulling away, giving him one last smile before scurrying off to your room to change. 

   By the time you come out Steve has already cocooned himself within a blanket and has proceeded to curl up on the couch. 

   “Took you long enough,” Steve smiles sleepily and you nearly melt on the spot. That was super cute, he was super cute. With a smile of your own you snuggle down beside him, allowing to wrap his blanketed arms around you. He’s once again nuzzling against you and you think you may die of a heart attack. Whatever was going on with him you liked it. 

   Steve rests his face in the crook of your neck for a moment, breathing in deeply. You can’t help but feel damn near elated by the turn of events, Steve was talking to you once again, he was being a cuddly sweetheart, and now- Your thoughts are cut short when Steve’s lips begin to press a number of slow, open mouthed kisses against your neck. 

   You can’t help the small whimper that leaves your mouth as your eyes screw shut in fleeting pleasure. You nearly regret the sound when you remember that this is Steve you’re dealing with, precious baby Steve but suddenly there’s a low growl in the back of his throat and he’s now nipping at the skin of your jawline. You moan softly, biting your lip as you attempt to keep it in but it was no use not when Steve was nearly mouth fucking your skin so deliciously. 

  “S-Steve,” You mumble as your hand goes up to grip at his hair. “W-what are you-” 

   “You’ve got to tell me if you want this,” Steve all but growls and the sound of his voice, so husky and full of lust, has you quivering on the spot. “Because if I get started I don’t know If I can stop,” 

  “Oh my god,” You whisper, gripping his hair a little tighter. “Yes Steve, please, yes,” There’s a dark chuckle vibrating through his chest and you’d be lying if it didn’t turn you on even more. 

   “Good choice doll,”

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What's going on with The 100? I haven't watched the new season yet but people seem upset? And the cast is quitting?

oh boy.. i’ve been trying rlly hard to stay out of this bc it’s such a shitshow and it makes me so upset, but i’ll do my best to explain the whole thing (even though i’m sure you’ve heard about a lot of the early stuff and a lot of ppl have probably explained it better than i can)… ok so basically a lot of people (myself included) have been really upset for a v long time with the way that the 100 writers and jroth have treated characters of color on the show - starting with wells being killed off bc jroth like.. didn’t know what to do w the character?? ??? whatever bullshit that means? and basically just getting worse and worse as a LOT of other characters of color were killed off, including anya, whose entire storyline was given to lexa, a white girl whose entire character is founded on such extreme appropriation that it’s impossible to believe the writers don’t realize?? (brownface, wears a bindi for unexplained reasons, talks abt the grounders’ belief in reincarnation for like.. 1 hot second.. and, additionally, it’s treated narratively like mystical nonsense that clarke is above or something which is just so unbelievably shitty…) anyways frankly it was completely unnecessary to kill anya off and the plotline would have been 100x more interesting and coherent had they not. also it’s disgusting how the grounders are portrayed as mindless ‘savages’ when there’s such a clear colonialism narrative and like.. why was it necessary for them to make a show portraying the ‘natives’ as the bad guys for defending their home.. like.. at the beginning of s1 i had hoped it would be interesting bc they would address it and we’d like have to think abt the morals of how the delinquents hadn’t realized that they were rlly the bad guys too in the situation but like ?? that rlly never happened and it’s just gotten worse and worse. the grounders are entirely based in a mess of racist tropes that r frankly extremely offensive to me bc i’m native myself. basically it’s a mess, and there r a million other things that r awful abt their portrayal in the show (literally clarke the white savior calling them savages and acting like she is better than them at every turn.. and i can’t even talk abt how finn massacred a village and was literally redeemed. it’s unbelievably upsetting.)

beyond all of the writers’ terrible decisions on grounder culture and their general treatment on the show, raven reyes, a wonderful wonderful character has again and again been sidelined, tortured, given no time to be able to deal with the trauma (when finn died it was hardly even about raven who had known him her entire life?? it was abt clarke and how heartbroken she was over that soggy mopbucket and raven was like the Bad Guy bc she wouldn’t forgive clarke for killing the only family she had left and everything is garbage basically??) anyways they had a lot of ways out but they just sunk raven deeper and deeper into shitty situations and her entire plotline at this point is just ‘what will raven suffer thru next’ and jroth will inevitably be like ‘More Misery for raven! she’s just so Strong and i am truly Inspired for creating her!’ (let’s not forget, either, that he stuck her with wick who like shamed her into being in a relationship and didn’t let her just deal w what she was going thru……. and then jroth further shamed raven by tweeting like ‘raven can’t just sleep w people to solve her problems lol’ which ??? maybe don’t put this young girl in these situations and then maybe don’t police what this traumatized teenager is doing to cope ?????? i’m just sick of it, i’m sick of watching lindsey have to be this character who the writers don’t seem to care about at all. she deserves so much better.

next ofc is bellamy, who jroth seems to have a vendetta against bc bob morley literally created the character. originally bellamy was supposed to be a bad guy but bob’s charisma basically made everyone super interested, and when bellamy grew he became one of the most loved characters i can think of. however, that entire time there was this deeply racist undertone of clarke being the real leader and him being ‘her knight’ which ofc the fandom took and ran with. anyways they also just apparently can’t be bothered with continuity because this last season they threw his character development out the window in the least believable plotline i have seen in a LONG time. like, seriously. literally nothing would have made s2 bellamy do what he’s done in s3. not to mention that the attack this season was based on 9/11??? and like jroth thought it would be interesting to have it play out i guess?? and didn’t consider that making his moc lead and new character of color pike commit horrible war crimes would be shitty, esp considering how in reality it was white ppl acting out against poc after 9/11??? it’s so much more than just lazy writing, he clearly has issues w certain characters and just gives them shitty storylines bc he can and bc all he really wants to do apparently is give the (young) white lead some gratuitous sex scenes w her (young) white gf and then parade himself as the pinnacle of progressive television (i won’t get into how shitty and harmful his portrayal of sexuality has been, or the contrast with miller and other gay characters, but it’s shitty too, unsurprisingly). bob himself said he had little hope for s3 bc he had to sit down with other actors and be like ‘how does this make sense…… how can we make this ridiculous unbelievable writing make the most sense possible…’ which shouldn’t be his responsibility. moral of the story: he too deserves way better than being made to act a character that he built from nothing as the writers turn him into a villain.

and lastly, what brings us to this point, is that ricky whittle (who plays lincoln) has been tweeting shade at jroth and the show for a while. just for some perspective, consider the racist storyline of lincoln who was portrayed as scary and savage and ‘other’ all of first season, tortured, and then later literally hit and shamed by octavia for not being ‘grounder’ enough….. which is.. okay… some real bullshit. 

so basically, what’s happening now is that ricky’s been tweeting some stuff that pretty obviously means he is leaving the show. it’s v likely that lincoln’ll get killed off, but if he doesn’t he’s definitely leaving some way or another. up until now it was unclear why, but ricky confirmed that he’d talk more about it after the show is over. however, ricky’s mom took to twitter today and talked abt how ricky told her that jroth basically bullied him and other actors on set and was just overall rlly disrespectful and while this is not a surprise at all, it’s still terrible to hear. it’s inexcusable for him to treat people that way, and it’s especially upsetting knowing that there r still ppl working for him that are also probably being treated rlly badly (read: bob and lindsey and a lot of the others).

what makes it rlly rlly gross is that this fandom is made up of a hoard of white feminists who apparently don’t care about any characters but clarke and lexa and also apparently care about fictional characters more than real actors bc they have been attacking ricky and saying that he is ruining the show for them and that his speaking out is ‘petty’ (i’ve also heard a million times that they want him to get killed off the show now bc of it which is.. so….. transparently racist…… like, no matter what excuses you make, we see you…..)

note: they r now claiming that people are just upset because alycia has more screentime than ricky which is like.. yeah it is kinda shitty that she does bc he’s a regular and she’s not, but that’s not what this is about??? it’s not her fault, it’s jroth’s and the writers’. don’t make it about her….

the good news is that ricky was cast recently as the lead of american gods, which is apparently v beloved and is going to be awesome, and hopefully fans will follow him to the new show and support him still (i certainly plan to). it’s really really sad that he had to go through that, and that people are blaming him for it, but i know he has a really exciting future ahead of him. i heard that lindsey might be part of something else coming up, but i don’t know for sure (a girl sure can dream though lmao). bob’s been successful in other stuff so i’m sure he’ll get work outside of the show, and i’m sure other actors will too (this isn’t me like ‘i hope they all become unemployed bc i hope the show gets canceled!’ but at this point i just really don’t respect what the show has become and i find it toxic and irredeemable). 

tldr; jroth is the literal worst and i don’t watch the show anymore bc it’s just upsetting.. this season was a mess and i don’t recommend catching up bc it might as well be a completely different show for how much sense it makes. ricky and everyone else deserve better and hopefully will be getting better gigs soon. i had hopes for the show and was let down again and again and now i just have to blacklist everything related to it. some of ricky’s tweets and his mom’s tweets are on my blog rn on the first page or two. also @white feminists who i already know will disregard every valid criticism above, please don’t bother attacking me. i literally do not care. u r wrong and i’ll just ignore u bc it’s not worth humoring u.

also, @ickleroonilwazlib, i’ve really respected how much you’ve been standing up for ricky, and i’ve been trying to stay out of it so my anxiety doesn’t go thru the roof but i’ve been rlly grateful to see how much you’ve stepped up and spoken the truth. <3

Tony was in a lot of pain.

It was probably his fault. After Cap had gone down like a sack of bricks, Tony had flown down to try and protect him from any more magic blasts. Of course, that meant that the next magic blast hit him squarely in the chest, through the armour, and then everything went shit up.

Pain washed over him, wave after never ending wave, and the armour was too big, it was too big and he was trapped in it he couldn’t get to JARVIS what was he in why were there voices in his ear who was yelling about emergency release catches Tony hated magic.

He saw a big worried face peering into his with long blond hair Thor and then the darkness took him.


The voices were back, but this time they weren’t in his ear. Tony just squeezed his eyes tighter shut in an effort to block them out.

“-I did my babysitting days when he was dying,” voice one his name is Phil said. “I’m not watching Super Nanny with him again.”

“Phil, c’mon…” another man Legolas, Merida, please, listen to me whined.

“Barton. No. Steve maybe, but I will not babysit a seven year Stark.”

“You think I’ll be better at babysitting him?” Barton pleaded.

“I think that your whole team has been set to look after Stark and Rogers and that I will only help if things get dire,” Phil stated simply. “I’ll know if that happens.” A door clicked shut.

There was a sigh. “C’mon kiddo. I know you’re awake.”

Tony slowly opened his eyes, peering at Barton. “Um, hello,” he said quietly. “I - I don’t know where I am, sir…?” SHIELD medical you’re in medical please-

Barton looked slightly confused. “You’re… You’re in medical. SHIELD? A hospital,” he tried. “You, uh, you hit your head, so I’m just gonna ask you some questions. Ok?”

Tony nodded slightly. His head did hurt, so he must’ve hit it. MAGIC.

“Ok, what’s your full name?”

“I’m Anthony Edward Stark.”

“Do you know who I am?” he asked.

“Um…” CLINT BARTON. SAY THAT. PLEASE. “The other man said your name is Barton.”

“I’m Clint Barton, yeah.”

He looked disappointed, so Tony stuck out his hand nervously. “It’s nice to meet you, Mr Barton.”

Clint just gaped at him, before pulling out a cellphone. “I just have to call some people, ok?”

“Ok. Sorry sir, are you calling my dad? Because -” Tony swallowed. “Sorry. I just think he might be mad at me for hurting myself.”

For a second, Clint looked furious. Then his face softened, and he spoke softly. “No, Tony. I’m not calling your dad. I’ll be back.”

Tony looked at his hands while Clint talked on the phone to “Bruce”. you know Bruce, he’s your science bro, he’s the hulk, c’mon… Then Tony looked at his chest and screamed.

“Shit, shit man, he just spotted the arc reactor, I got to go Bruce, I’m sure Captain America can’t be that bad, right?” Clint muttered into the phone before sticking it in his pocket and kneeling beside the now crying Tony.

“I -” Tony swallowed. “What is it?! Mist- Clint, what is it?” it keeps you alive.

Clint just sighed before explaining.


“Why doesn’t Steve like me?” Tony asked Bruce, staring at the floor.

Tony was sitting in Bruce’s lab, waiting for him to finish a whole bunch of tests.

The last (and first) time Tony had met the other kid, Steve had sneered at his manners and left the room and the crying Tony behind, against the adults’ wishes.

Bruce looked at Tony. “I don’t think he doesn’t like you. I just think - He’s a very angry kid. He doesn’t understand what’s happening, and since you’re the only one his size he’s taking it out on you.” Bruce chuckled slightly. “Doesn’t stop him from snarking out everyone else, though.”

“But I don’t understand why I’m here either,” he murmured. I’m sorry, kid.


Tony opened his eyes in the darkness, trying to figure out what had woken him. Was it the arc reactor? He had found it hard to sleep with the light… Wait ‘til it’s your nightlight.

He heard a sniffling from the room next to him. That was Steve’s room, he was sure of it.

Tony quickly hopped out of bed and padded down the hall, when he heard voices from the other room.

“Steve, its ok. Listen to me, you’re ok, everything is ok.” Natasha? Black Widow. You know this.

“This - this ain’t right, missus. I don’t belong here.”

“You do, you just don’t know it yet.”

Then Steve started yelling things at Natasha, so Tony left and went back to bed.

Maybe tomorrow Steve would be nicer and not yell at him.

Maybe tomorrow he’d make a friend, right?


Tony woke the next day screaming his head off.

The pain was back, crashing over him in waves, never ending waves, he was drowning again when did I drown? please stop I’ll tell you anything just stop I’ve never drowned in my life it hasn’t happened to you yet I don’t want to grow up if I drown…

The pain got worse, his head was ripped apart and his bones on fire.


you want me to go back to Howard?

I want us to live.

The pain stopped, and Tony gasped for air.

“Tony. Tony, speak to me. Report,” adult-Steve pleaded in his ear. “Avenger. Speak to me.”

Tony opened his eyes. “You’re a fucking dick as a kid.” Then he just laughed.

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First Kiss (Neymar Imagine)

I was sitting on the couch with Neymar watching a movie. He kept looking down at me and I knew he wasn’t interested in the movie. I tried my best to act like I was watching, except he kept catching me staring at him. I felt my cheeks flush as we made eye contact. 

“Why are you so tense?” he asked looking down at where I was resting my head on his shoulder. 

“I didn’t know I was,” I let out a nervous giggle. It was a lie, I knew I was tense. And I could feel my ears getting hot under the beanie I was wearing. Being around him made me really nervous. He laughed at me and leaned down to kiss me, but I turned my head so his lips hit my jaw. 

He looked at me with a questioning look. Every time he tried to kiss me I found a way to avoid it. I knew I couldn’t do it forever, but I was scared. “You okay?” he asked. “Every time I try to kiss you, you get all weird and back away from me.”

“I know,” I sighed and sat from where I was rested. I brought my legs onto the couch and turned to face him. He did the same and rested his arm on the back of the couch. 

“What are you not telling me?”

“Promise me you won’t laugh?” I asked and made him pinky promise. I took a deep breath before I pulled my beanie over my face. It was time to tell him, but I couldn’t look at him while I did it. “I’ve only ever kissed one person before and it was really long time ago and I don’t think I even remember how to kiss,” I blurted out super fast. 

“You said you wouldn’t laugh!” I whined from under my beanie as I heard him snickering under his breath. 

“I think it’s cute,” he smiled and pulled me closer to him so that he could pull the beanie off of my head. I looked up at him and he was still smiling at me. “I can show you,” he whispered and placed a hand on my waist. I nodded and waited for him to make the first move. “Put your lips like this,” he said puckering into a complete duck face. 

“Neymar!” I laughed slapping his chest. “Be serious!”

“I’m sorry, it’s just so cute when you’re flustered,” he laughed brushing my hair out of my face. My cheeks were flushing red again, but I couldn’t help but smile at him. 

“Come here,” he said pulling my face towards him. “Tilt your head that way,” he told me gesturing with his thumb. “And pucker your lips just a little,” before I even had the chance I felt his lips press gently against mine. His hand cupped the side of my face as he pulled me closer. 

“That wasn’t so hard, right?” he smiled pulling away from me. I shrugged my shoulders. He laughed and pulled me in again, this time a bit more aggressive. It took my breath away as his tongue found it’s way into my mouth. His hands were in my hair and I found my hands roaming over his body. 

Wrapping his arm around my waist, he pushed me down on the couch so that his body was resting on top of mine. Not once did he break the kiss and I was pretty impressed with myself for keeping up. 

“And you said you didn’t know how to kiss,” he scoffed and shook his head. 

“Maybe you’re just a good teacher,” I teased back. 

“Well, you’re a fast learner,” he smirked before leaning back down for another kiss. Clearly, I had been missing out all this time. Kissing him felt amazing and I’m pretty sure I never wanted to stop kissing him. 

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hey dunno if you're still taking suggestions but would it be too much trouble to write something where reficul/sin meet up with satanick/siralos for something of a double date? (´・ω・`)

Wow, I’m so sorry that this took so long and it came out so rough. So much that may rewrite it later, haha… Thank you for the request!

Title: “Double Devil Double Date”
Length: 2387 words
Rating: SFW (implied)
Pairing: Reficul/Sin, Siralos/Satanick
Summary: Two of the most unique pairs of people take one of the most ordinary outings they could imagine. And they might as well bring the pet—dogs liked the beach, Reficul had heard.

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Baby On Tour

(for you-look-so-perfect-honey)

Prompt: michael imagine where you just had your baby and call ash to meet and surprise him on tour at one date on stage, and ashton tells the arena to be silent so you can walk on with the new baby? and michael ends up crying because he doesn’t think you would give the baby his last name and is super cute? 

A/N- Y/S/N is your son’s name; I thought I’d leave it up to you to choose a name. Also I made the baby a boy, I hope that’s okay :) I’m sorry it took so long for me to post this, but I really enjoyed writing it when I eventually found the time! x

You cradled your baby boy gently in your arms, watching him peacefully as he slept. At just two weeks old, he had just travelled on an aeroplane for the first time in his life, and the experience had made him very tired, as it had you. Unfortunately, Michael could only be at home with you both for two days after Y/S/N’s was born, just long enough for him to meet his son, and for the two of you to decide on a name, before he had to fly off again to record and tour with the boys. It broke his heart that he had to leave you so soon, but it had to be done, and that was what spurred you on to pay him a surprise visit.

So there you were, standing in the airport with your luggage, and your son’s push chair at your feet- your baby boy sleeping softly in your arms. You pulled your phone from your pocket, careful not to wake your son, and turned it on. You clicked on the contacts icon, and scrolled to Ashton’s, pressing the call button straight away. Ashton was currently the only person you’d told about your surprise trip, having called him before boarding your flight, and asked him to help you surprise Michael- you assumed though, that he would have let Calum and Luke in on the secret by now. You hadn’t wanted any of them to know before that day, worrying that they would let it slip to Michael.
“Hey Ashton,” you greeted him when he answered the phone.
“Hey Y/N,” he replies, “You got here okay?” he asked.
“Yeah, we got here fine,” you told him, smiling down at the sight of your son once more. “We’ll be there in about half an hour,” you informed him.
“Great, I’ll meet you round the back of the venue,” he answered, keeping his voice low so that Michael wouldn’t hear. After hanging up the phone, you gently lay your son in his pram, and gripped it with one hand, before wrapping your fingers around the handle of your suitcase and setting off. You pushed the pram in front of you, and trailed the case behind you, walking swiftly out to the taxi rank, where you thankfully managed to get a cab straight away. Your journey to the venue was relatively peaceful, aside from a few murmurs escaping your son’s mouth when he stirred occasionally in his car seat; the gentle hum of the car’s engine soon lulled him back to sleep once again though, and before long you had arrived. The taxi driver jumped out of the car with you, helping you to retrieve your suitcase and the pushchair from the boot of the car, for which you were very grateful. After expressing your gratitude to him, and handing over some money, along with a tip, you set your son’s car seat into the frame of the pram, how it was supposed to be, and once again took hold of your suitcase, pulling it along as you pushed your son towards where you were meeting Ashton.

Five minutes later, having walked around the back of the building with all of your luggage in tow, as well as Y/S/N’s pushchair, you spotted Ashton pacing back and forth outside.
“Y/N, you’re here!” he grinned, welcoming you with open arms, before peering into your son’s pram; Ashton had yet to see him in person, and couldn’t wait to meet your little man.
“Aww, he’s adorable!” Ashton grinned.
“Yeah,” you smiled, “He seems to have inherited his dad’s habit of sleeping all day…” Ashton laughed- his famous giggle that made everyone smile.
“Right, we have half an hour before show time, and I’ve told Luke and Calum to keep Michael busy while I sneak you inside,” he explained. You nodded and gave a mock salute as Ashton took your luggage from you. He set off walking, leading you inside and down a long corridor, as you followed with your son in his pushchair, silently praying that he wouldn’t wake up and start crying. Thankfully, your desperate hoping paid off, and your son only began to stir once you had reached the room where you were going to wait. The plan was that you would surprise Michael while he was on stage, and since there was half an hour before he would even go on, you had some waiting to do.
“There’s food and stuff in there,” Ashton told you, pointing to a mini fridge in the corner of the room. “Will you be alright in here?” You nodded your head, lifting your son from his pram as he was beginning to wake.
“Someone will come and get you when it’s time,” he said. “I’ll see you soon,” and with that he gave you a quick hug, waving a smiley goodbye to both you Y/S/N before he left the room, needing to get back to the others before Michael got suspicious. You settled yourself down on the sofa at the back of the room, rocking Y/S/N in your arms, and chatting away to him as if he could actually understand you.

Almost two hours later, your son had been fed and changed, and it was almost time to surprise Michael. There was a light knock at the door, and a tall, middle-aged man with dark brown hair peered around it.
“Y/N?” he asked, and you nodded your head.
“They’re ready for you,” he said with a friendly smile, beckoning for you to follow him. You walked quickly behind him, your son in your arms yet again, staring up at you with wide eyes. The man took you down a long corridor, until you reached the area to the side of the stage.
“We need you all to be as quiet as possible for us guys,” you heard Ashton tell the crowd.
“We have a surprise for Michael,” Calum added excitedly. Michael frowned at them, confused as to what was going on. A few fans cheered, but Luke explained to them that they really did need to be as quiet as humanly possible, worried about the baby’s hearing being damaged, or him getting scared.
“Ready Michael?” Ashton asked, looking to the side of the stage and giving you a thumbs up. “I’m really not sure, I’m a little bit scared,” Michael laughed as you walked slowly onto the stage. Many of the fans noticed you before Michael did, and you saw their faces light up, a few of them mouthing an “aw” but remaining silent like they’d been asked to. Michael noticed their reaction and looked around, even more puzzled- that is, of course, until he saw you standing their with his son. A beaming smile lit up his face, and you saw him blinking back tears.
“Hey little man,” he smiled down at his son, who was staring intently at him, as he took him from your arms. You had never seen Michael look at something, or someone, with so much love in his eyes as there was in that moment.
“Everybody, meet Y/S/N Clifford,” you smiled, leaning over to speak softly into one of the microphones. Michael’s head snapped up as you spoke your son’s name, him tearing his eyes away from the bundle of joy that lay in his arms for just a moment.
“Clifford?” he asked, almost in a whisper, sounding surprised. You nodded your head, smiling at him.
“Of course,” you said gently. Michael could no longer hold back the tears that he had been fighting just a moment ago, and they slipped down his cheek as he looked back to his son.
“Y/S/N Clifford,” he whispered to himself. “I thought you’d give him your name,” he told you, and you shook your head, chuckling a little.
“Nope, Clifford it is,” you told him, watching the way he held and looked at your baby boy in awe. Michael pulled you closer to him, holding your son carefully in one arm, and wrapping the other around you.
“I wonder how long it’ll be before Michael’s trying to teach him guitar,” Ashton joked, speaking as quietly as he could into his microphone.
“I think that’ll be a while yet,” you laughed- almost in tears yourself -as you looked back at Ashton, before returning your gaze to Michael and Y/S/N: your perfect family.

Friends? Part 4 (C.H)

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A/N: I haven’t updated in a while but it’s exam season so :/ sorry (not my gif) 

[Part 1] [Part 3]

Calum groaned once he heard his phone go off on his bedside table, his ringtone much louder in the “early hours” of the morning. He turned onto his back and reached over for his phone, almost knocking it off the table as he did so. He squinted at the blindingly bright screen until his headache disappeared and he glanced at the time, 11:30 am. He saw an unknown number on his screen, the words “I have a question” beside the foreign digits. Calum furrowed his brow and propped himself up on one elbow. He unlocked his phone and checked your contact to see if the numbers matched but your name would have been on the screen if it was you. 

Who is this? Calum texted back.

Oh, sorry. It’s Andrew. Y/N gave me your number cause I said it was urgent…

Calum cursed under his breath now that he knew it was Andrew texting him. He felt a little scared that Andrew had found out and was now texting to complain (Andrew wasn’t really one for conflict). He rolled his eyes and shoved his phone into the pocket of his sweatpants. He felt a little angry that Andrew was texting him. Cal had done such a good job of avoiding him, maybe out of guilt cause he was screwing his girlfriend cause the bastard couldn’t do a good enough job. Or maybe because he just simply couldn’t stand the guy. “He’s too nice,” he’d say to Luke, his friend. “He’s like a weird suburban dad,” he’d tell Michael, another friend. “I don’t know, he’s just really good at getting on my nerves,” he’d mention to Ashton, his ex-roomate. He tried to block out the hate for poor Andrew by thinking about you, one person he thought of as perfect for as long as he’d known you, but you just ended up reminding him of Andrew once again.

What’s so urgent? He took his time texting back, making himself breakfast first. He was hoping to get the message across to Andrew that he wasn’t Cal’s favourite person.

Well, I know you’re really close with Y/N and I want to have this super romantic night with her and I was hoping you could help me out? Does she have a favourite wine or something?

You’re her boyfriend, I’m sure you’ll be fine

And with that, Calum ignored all Andrew’s attempts at contacting him. Yes, Calum was your best friend but he did not want to imagine Andrew and you having a romantic night together. He couldn’t believe you were with the guy. 

Calum spent the rest of his morning sitting on his couch and staring at his blank tv with thoughts and scenarios all involving you. He didn’t even realize you were the only person occupying his mind until there was a soft knock on his door. Without a word leaving his mouth or a muscle moving in his body, the door opened and in walked Katerina, his girlfriend. Her wavy blonde hair was tied back and she sauntered in before shutting the door behind her. Calum erased all thoughts of you as if Katerina could read his mind.

“Hey babe,” she smirked as she sat beside him on the couch but he only grunted in response. She moved away a bit and asked if he was okay but Calum only shrugged in response. Katerina had felt like a chore for the last couple days. He felt like a babysitter, trying to keep her entertained and happy but now he was even past that. He was ready to quit and receive his last paycheque. So that’s what he did, he quit.

“We need to talk,” he set his mug down on the old wooden coffee table in front of them, and thus began the break up. Katerina was pissed (and maybe that’s an understatement). She was angry Cal had gone behind her back and she was angry that he continued time after time without her feelings in mind. 

“It meant nothing, really. I didn’t do this to hurt you!” Calum tried to calm her down as she paced around his floor. 

“I know, but it hurts knowing that I trusted you and you used it to your advantage! It hurts that you cheated on me with the same girl multiple times! It hurts that you fell out of love with me and in love with her while we were still together!” She yelled as she made her way to the door.

“Who said I fell in love with her?!” Cal stood from his couch but made no effort to go after her. She had one foot out the door when his voice stopped her.

“I’ve known you as an honest man, Cal, and I can’t see you chasing after someone you don’t love. That’s not who you are,” Katerina said calmly. She wiped a finger under her eye and sniffled before leaving and closing the door softly behind her.