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Love Unintentional

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Anonymous asked: Hey, I was thinking maybe you could write about Harry and Y/N being celebrities and having to do a PR stunt. They both hate PR stunts because they are in love with their current girlfriend/boyfriend (which r okay with the PR stunt). Harry and Y/N end up falling for each other.

Word Count: 2973

A/M:  This idea was amazing anon! I might have tweaked it a little bit, but thank you so much for sending it to me! I’m sorry it took forever for me to get this up. There will be a part two. Hope you enjoy! Tell me if you do! :) Xxx

*Other Parts: Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six

You insisted on putting the last touches of your makeup yourself, now finishing your look with the right shade of red. 

“What do you think?” You asked turning to your boyfriend as you did a little spin to show off your dress. 

“You look great. Always do.” He said barely looking up. 

You crossed your arms and gave him an annoyed look. 

“What?” He asked half annoyed, “You ask the same thing every time, and ever since you started "going out” with him it’s become routine.“

"Not going to wish me luck?" 

"Luck on what? It’s another date with him isn’t it?”

“It’s a premier. I’m kind of nervous actually. It’s my first one”

“I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ve gone through this kind of thing before." 

You rolled your eyes, "Whatever. I’ll see you tomorrow.” You said waving him off 


It had been the routine for the last 6 months. You had become a rising star within the last two year; a star that came to the level of popularity that your agent had decided that it’d be good for you if you were to have a “fake boyfriend.” But never in your wildest dreams did you think that this fake boyfriend would be Harry Styles.


—7 months ago—

“What on earth would he get out of "dating” me?“ 

"Well,” your agent started, “He’s obviously very famous and popular around the world, and you need the publicity. You're this close,” he said giving a hand gesture that showed the small distance he was referring to, “This close to being the next huge thing. If you do this with Harry, it will prolong your career." 

You sighed, "Again, that wasn’t my question. What does Harry get out of it? I’m not that famous. What benefit does he get?”

Your agent frowned, “I thought you liked him. I thought you’d be thrilled to "go out” with him.“

"I am! He’s great, he’s cute. But more importantly he’s a genuine guy. I have met him before. I just want to know why. I don’t want to completely take advantage of him." 

He heaved a deep sigh, "You attract a certain audience and style and it’s something that his agent seems to like as well to broaden his own audience like he will for you.”

You were able to breathe a little easier, now knowing more about this seemingly odd situation. Even if it was something that’s been done since the very beginning of Hollywood and the fame industry. 


“Alright. I’ll agree to it if he agrees to it. But you know, we have to talk to [Y/BF/N] about this. I don’t know how he’ll react to something like this.” And you started to feel anxious at the thought. 

“Don’t worry. I’ll talk to him about it.” Your agent said, “Also we’ll have to meet with Harry and his agent to discuss the ground rules. You said you’ve met him before right?”

You nodded, “At a party about 2 months ago." 

"Good. I’ll call you when we’ll be meeting with him. It’s also when we’ll discuss how we’ll bring you two into the public eye.”

“Whoa. Hold on, shouldn’t we wait until he agrees to being my "boyfriend”?“

He gave a look, "Wait I didn’t mention it? He already has." 

"What? Oh. Well alright.”

Everything had be sorted out beforehand, and you and Harry had met to see what you would both agree upon. The terms for the relationship were both simple and basic.

No sex.

No spontaneous PDA 

And no spontaneous trips away. 

Everything had to have been planned and known beforehand. 


You didn’t have a doubt in your mind. The rules were too easy. You both were already taken. This was simply work. 


The first few times a month after the idea and rules were laid out, you had both made it look easy. But it wasn’t quite the “young love” that people thought it would be.

But your agents and the managing teams had an idea to make the relationship seem more believable. 

So this time the scene was set- a table near a window of a very public restaurant. The lighting was very dim just enough to enhance the candlelight that was at every table, but the focus on you and Harry was very clear. 

The place wasn’t busy… yet; but with the whispers of people nearby, including the staff, you knew that the plan was working and that by the time you were to both walk out,  the paparazzi would be everywhere. 


Just as planned. You thought. 

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Bambee and Johnathan Throwback Storytime: Our Wedding Story

Where do I begin….Johnathan and I got married in the Fall in a garden at a park. It actually took us forever to figure out if we wanted to get married at a church or outside. We went with outside when we drove past this beautiful park. We parked the car and walked around….right then and there I knew this was where I wanted to get married. 

On my wedding day I was not nervous, I was more nervous the night before. But on our wedding day, the butterflies went away. I did my makeup and hair (lol couldn’t afford a hairstylist then). My besties Emani and Rachael @destinysplayhouse helped me with my dress. We get to the venue and everyone lines up. My music starts playing, K-Ci and Jojo “All My Life”. My dad walks me down the aisle and Johnathan is standing their with tears in his eyes. He started to make me tear up. My father gives me away and the pastor begins. I cried saying my vows but Johnathan didn’t (lol them tears dried up). Everyone cheers as we leave as husband and wife. J and I had a moment to be alone. We just held each other, I never felt so happy in my life. J kept looking at me in my dress and spins me around. “You look so pretty.” he kept saying as he smiles. I was blushing as he kept kissing my cheek. We took pictures with the bridal party. Then of course have the reception where it was open bar, we had Korean and West Indian food, the music was on point. We just had a good ol time. 

8 years of marriage, 10 years together (as a couple) and 11 years of pure love and friendship later and still strong. I love this man with all my heart. I know he loves me because he shows me. Not with the money, but with the time he spends with me and effort he puts into keeping me happy. I was happy eating 50 cent ramen noodles on the couch with him in his studio apartment and I’m happy to eat them in our mansion with him in L.A. lol.


The Truth Will Set You Free (part 2)

Anonymous said:
Can I request an imagine where the reader is Liam’s best friend but Hayden doesn’t like her and is super rude to her but Liam has no idea and stiles is really protective of her about it and makes an elaborate plan to make sure Liam knows how mean Hayden is and some cute stuff and Liam and the reader end up together in the end? If it isn’t too much maybe??

Y/N’s pov:

It’s been two weeks since me and Liam’s fight, believe me when I tell you that I’ve never felt so shitty in my life. Literally if you look up shitty feeling memes my face would be on all of them. The sad part is even though I feel like shit I’m still worried about how Liam’s feeling (WTF is wrong with me!). The first week after our feud I stayed home watching Netflix and eating ice cream. My mom made me go to school afterwards she claims it’s for my own benefit but I’m pretty sure she got tired of me moping around the house. Lydia came over Sunday night to help me prepare for my first day back, she said I had to look my best even though I felt my worst.

Monday arrived way sooner than it should have. I dragged my lazy ass out of bed slowly regretting ever waking up in the first place but after I put on the outfit that Lydia picked out the night before and I felt a little better. “RINGGG!”

Y/N: “Hey Lyds what’s up?”

Lydia: “Just checking to see if you were awake or not.”

Y/N: “What did you think I was crying in my bed eating a whole tub of ice cream?”

Lydia: “Actually I did but that doesn’t matter right now. Bring your sexy ass down stairs I’ll be there in 5.”

Y/N: “Okay I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear that first comment because I love you and you called my ass sexy which we all know is true.”

Lydia: “Whatever. Just be ready when I get there.”

Lydia wasn’t kidding when she said five minutes, that girl is always punctual.

Y/N: “So what have you been up to lately?”

Lydia: “Y/N are you kidding me you’ve been gone for a week and the first thing you say is about me. Look I know you care about other people and their feelings but maybe it’s time you let someone return the favor.”

Y/N: “Lyds I’m fine.”

Lydia: “Total bullshit!”

Y/N: “What do you want me to say, you want me to say that I’m not fine because I’m very far from it! My best friend believed his self-absorbed, conniving little bitch of a girlfriend over me! He thought that I would deliberately sabotage his relationship. You want me to tell you that even though he said we should take some time apart that I’m still in love with him.”

“Oh god what did I just do?” I thought to myself.

Lydia: “Y-you love Liam.”

Y/N: “I’ve loved him for a while now but it doesn’t even matter anymore.”

Lydia: “Y/N what do you mean it doesn’t matter anymore? Maybe if you tell him you guys could become something more.”

Y/N: “No. Lydia please just drop it okay. Let’s just face the facts he’s with Hayden now besides even if we were talking to each other we will always be just friends. Girls like me will never get “happy endings” because we don’t live in fairytales, we live in the real world.”

Lydia: “Well I don’t believe that. I believe that sometimes the truth will set you free.”

Maybe Lydia was right maybe if I just told Liam how I felt he would realize he feels the same way. Pftt, who am I kidding he would never leave Hayden for me, I mean everything about her is perfect except for her attitude but Liam’s too blind to see.

I slowly pulled myself out of my thoughts noticing that Lydia had already parked the car into the school parking lot. She took the key out of the ignition before speaking.

Lydia: “Are you ready?”

Y/N: “As ready as I’ll ever be.”

I was greeted with hugs from the pack in the parking lot.

Mason: “Hey Y/N glad you’re back.”

Y/N: “Thanks Mas. Good to know at least one of my best friends still care about me.”

Mason: “You know how Liam is.”

Y/N: “Yeah that’s why I don’t hate him as much as I should.”

Stiles: “Hey munchkin! How’re you holding up?”

Y/N: “Hello to you too Stilinski. I’m taking one day at time but I’m gonna be okay.”

Stiles: “Any time you need to talk you know that I’m always here for you.”

Y/N: “I know and I love you for that. Come on let’s get inside before the bell rings.”

We walked into the school together, I had Lydia and Mason by my side and Stiles, Scott, Malia, and Kira behind me. I was so ready to take this day on until I saw Liam and Hayden practically swallowing each other. I told the rest of the gang I would see them later at lunch. With Mason right by my side I walked as confidently as my legs would carry me to my locker.

Y/N: “So Mas tell me what I missed.”

Mason: “Nothing much really but we have a huge test in history in a week and a quiz in math on Thursday.”

Y/N: “So you’re basically have three problems to worry about now.”

Mason: “Pretty much yeah but if anyone can get through it it’s you.”

Y/N: “Aww thanks Mas but don’t make me cry because it took me forever to get my makeup like this.”

Mason: *chuckles softly* “Come on let’s get to class.”

Half of the school day had gone by without Liam and I talking to each other. Mason and I met up at my locker again before lunch.

Mason: “So how has your day been so far?”

Y/N: “How about you ask the question you really want to ask.”

Mason: “Okay I’ll just get to the point then. Have either of you talked to each other yet.”

Y/N: “No. I’m giving him exactly what he wants, which is some space.”

Mason: “You guys have to talk to each other at some point.”

Hayden: “Except you won’t ever again because he dumped you like the piece of trash you are.”

Y/N: *scoffs* “Hayden do you ever mind your own business?”

Hayden: “How about I mind my own business when you give up this little charade of trying to steal my boyfriend.”

Y/N: “How am I trying to steal your boyfriend when we aren’t even talking?”

Mason: “Y/N she’s not even worth it, let’s just meet up with everyone else at lunch.”

Mason took Y/N’s hand pulling her away from the situation before it escaladed. Little did they know that Liam heard the entire conversation he couldn’t believe Hayden was being a total jerk to Y/N. He felt like the biggest jerk in the world he believed Hayden instead of believing his best friend.

Narrator’s pov:

Y/N and Mason sat at the pack’s usual table since her and Liam weren’t talking. As the pair walked closer to the table Scott and Malia could smell the anger radiating off of Y/N.  Scott wasn’t going to bring it up but we all know how blunt Malia can be.

Malia: “Alright I’ll ask. Y/N why do you smell like that?”

Y/N: “Malia what does that even mean?”

Scott: “What Malia is trying to say is why do you smell so angry?”

Y/N: “Anger doesn’t even begin to describe how I’m feeling right now.”

Stiles: “Just take a deep breath munchkin. *Y/N takes a deep breath* Okay now tell us what happened”

Y/N: “Mason and I were at my locker earlier and Hayden had the audacity to tell me to stop trying to steal her boyfriend. Mason pulled me away before the situation got out of hand *turns to Mason* thank you for that by the way because you know how violent I can be.

Lydia: “No kidding she almost jumped down my throat when she told me she loved Liam.” Lydia’s eyes went wide when she realized what she had just said.

Everybody: “YOU WHAT!”

Y/N: “Tell the whole world why don’t ya. See Lydia this is why I don’t tell you things because you keep so many secrets one is bound to spill out.”

Lydia: “Y/N I do not keep secrets. Think of them as things that people tell me in confidence.”

Stiles: “Sooo…secrets.”

Kira: “Guys how about we get back to Y/N’s problem.”

Y/N: *mumbles* “Or we could talk about something else besides my nonexistent love life.”

Scott: “I totally heard that by the way.”

Y/N: “Guys it doesn’t really matter anyway. Liam doesn’t feel the same way.”

Stiles: “Aha so you admit it you do love Liam.” *smirks*

Y/N: “Stiles what why are you smirking. Oh no I know that face it’s your scheming face. Stiles please stop thinking whatever you’re thinking.”

Stiles: “To late the wheels are already turning and by the way I’m hurt that you think of it as a scheme it’s more of a plan.”

Y/N: “OMG I am so dead this is not gonna end well. Scott please help me please stop this psycho maniac from doing something incredibly stupid and irresponsible.”

Scott: “If I knew how to do that I would’ve done it a long time ago. Sorry but you’re on your own on this one.” *Y/N groans*

Stiles: “Okay so here is the plan, Y/N, Kira, Lydia, and Mason since all three of you have P.E with Hayden Y/N you will find a way to reel her in. Malia, Scott, and I will lure Liam into the trap but when we do just make sure that Hayden is doing all of the talking.”

Y/N: “That shouldn’t be so hard considering she loves to hear herself talk.”

Stiles: “We also need a plan b so if plan a goes to complete ape shit, I will lock you and the little runt in a room and you two can work it out yourselves.”

Y/N: “I prefer plan a.”

Last class of the day which also happens to be where the plan is located. Today coach told us we have to run the trails today. The girls got dressed in the locker room Y/N is wearing this outfit. The girls met up with Mason on the trails, coach blew the whistle signaling everyone to start running. Y/N raced down the path edge further and further away from the class suddenly feeling her body tipping over she tumbled down a hill. She finally stopped tumbling when she saw a shadow hovering over her body, Hayden’s, her friends came to her aid Kira and Lydia helped pull her up asking her if she was okay.

Hayden: “Next time watch where you’re going.”

Y/N: “Are you fucking kidding me, bitch you just rammed into me I was nowhere near you! You are making this really hard for me right now.”

Kira: *whispers in her ear* “Y/N just relax you’re squeezing your hands so hard they’re turning white.”

Y/N: “Kira I’m trying really hard to not knock this bitch into next week right now.”

Hayden: “Go ahead bitch so me what you got.”

Y/N: *groans* “Lydia can I please just slap her around a bit?”

Lydia: *whispers* “As much as we would all like to see that it’s not exactly part of the plan so I’m gonna go with no. Just keep her talking for a little longer Kira texted Scott earlier.”

Hayden: “What’s the matter you don’t think you can take me?”

Y/N: “Oh I can totally take you, I just have more self-control over myself than you.”

Hayden: “What is that supposed to mean?”

Y/N: “It means I know what you did the thing is do you really want Liam to find out.”

Hayden: “What the hell are you talking about?”

Y/N: “You know exactly what I’m talking about, maybe I should paint a picture to help jog your memory. Remember when you showed up to Lydia’s party three weeks ago, well I noticed Liam wasn’t with you. Why was that?”

Hayden: “I you really want to know it was because he too busy moping around about the fight you two had. He told me he wasn’t really in the mood to go to a party.”

Y/N: “And who do you go with?”

Mason: “Y/N where are you going with this?”

Y/N: “Mas let Hayden answer the question.”

Hayden: “I went some friends.”

Y/N: “Come on Hayden be more specific.”

Hayden: “I’m done talking to you.”

Y/N: “No you’re not. HAYDEN GET BACK HERE!”

Y/N chased Hayden through the trail where they were met but a very stunned Liam.

Liam: “Hayden what was just Y/N talking about?”

Hayden: “Nothing babe don’t worry about it. Why are here you don’t even have this period?”

Liam: “Hayden stop trying to change the subject, just tell me what you guys were talking about.”

Y/N: “Hayden you better tell him before I do.”

Hayden: “Y/N don’t you dare say a word.”

Y/N: “Sure now you know my name.”

Hayden: *scoffs* “Um…okay Liam you remember when I went to Lydia’s party a few weeks ago *he nods* well you didn’t want to go so I took some other friends with me. We got super drunk and this guy I think his name was Logan, anyway long story short he and I fucked in one of Lydia’s spare bedrooms.”

Liam: “WHAT THE FUCK! Hayden are you fucking kidding me, you fucked someone else while I was sitting at home feeling like shit, after all that shit Y/N said about you I was the one who defended you! After all the rumors I heard about you I chose not to believe them and you go behind my back and do some stupid shit like this. You know what Hayden you can got fuck yourself because we’re through.

Hayden: “I don’t even care I’ll just find other loser to satisfy my needs.”

Y/N: “You’re fucking disgusting.”

Lydia: *whispering to Kira and Mason “Little miss bitch won’t do going out with anyone anytime soon when she finds out I live streamed this whole thing.”

Mason: “Lydia that’s intense.”

Y/N noticed Liam walking away since the breakup was partially her fault she chased him to see if he was okay.

Y/N: “Liam! Liam! Liam can you please just stop walking away for a second. *he stops* Are you okay?”

Liam: “Me…um…yep totally fine. I’m cooler than the other side of the pillow.”

Y/N: “Okay I will take that lie and I’m gonna pull the bullshit card because that is complete bullshit. Now let’s try things this again. Are you okay?”

Liam: “Why are you even talking to after what I did?”

Y/N: “Because I know you were just doing what you thought was right.”

Liam: “Okay now it’s my turn to play the bullshit card.”

Y/N: *chuckles softly* “Liam you are my best friend and I missed more than you’ll ever know can we just talk it out.”

Liam: “I should be the one begging you to take me back not the other way around. I’m sorry I believed Hayden. You were right actually you’re always right, why are you even friends with me again?” *Y/N laughs*

Y/N: *mumbles* “Because I’m in love with you.”

Liam: “What did you just say?”

Y/N: “Goddamn werewolf hearing…um I said I love…food…yeah…I love food so much I had to mumble it every five minutes or I’ll forget. You are so not buying that are you? *he shakes his head* I said I’m in love with you. Liam will you please just say something this silence is getting kind of awkward.”

Liam: “Oh…um…sorry. I just can’t believe that I actually have a chance with you now.”

Y/N: “Say whattt?”

Liam laughed softly, he took a step closer towards her. “I’ve been in love with you for quite some time now I just didn’t know how to tell you and then Hayden asked me out and I thought why not Y/N doesn’t feel the same way. Y/N’s heart was pounding in her chest she was so sure he could hear it. She looked up in his piercing blue eyes as they casted down towards her lips then back to her eyes, it was like they were the on two people world when he looked into her eyes, her heart was practically beating out of her chest anticipating his next move. Just as the longing became unbearable, Liam’s lips met Y/N’s. The heat of the kiss sent a spark through her body. Y/N put her hands around Liam’s neck pulling him closer as she got lost in his minty breath and soft lips. They pulled away breathless noticing they were still on the trail in the woods. Y/N was speechless she couldn’t form any words Liam took that as a sign to speak up first.

Liam: “Hey earth to Y/N *waves hand in her face* are you okay?”

Y/N: “Oh…um…y-yeah I’m fine…it’s just…that was…wow. Lydia was right the truth will set you free.”

Liam: “So do you want to make this official and go on a real date with me?”

Y/N: “Hmm…let me think about it…yes Liam I would love nothing more than to go on a date with you.”



I allowed a certain trifling hoe, who I won’t name, into my home.


So, we planned to go out on a Friday night for a girls night. She wanted me to do her makeup so I invited her over. As soon as she steps into my room she’s asking if she can wear one of my designer bags, talking about how little my clothes are and that if we were the same size that she’d definitely be wearing my stuff, all in my fragrances and makeup kits, looking at my newly dedazzled liquor bottles that I planned to bring with us (cause I’m an extra hoe..🤗).

Ok I think nothing of it. I’m like “you can’t wear my bags because I’M not even wearing a purse”, “No you can’t have my fragrances cause I like having variety, but feel free to wear one”, “No you cant have my makeup cause it took me forever to build”…etc etc.


Last night I was gonna go out and I was doing my makeup. I can’t find my color corrector. I ask her about it. She “SAYS” she doesn’t have it. No biggie. I’ll just get some L.A girl real quick.

Then this morning I get out the shower and something ain’t right. Got a whole fragrance line missing. My first thought is “she has it”. But I’m like let me double check because I will really feel like shit if I accuse this girl of stealing twice in 24 hrs. It’s nowhere to be found and how did I lose a whole line of shit anyway. I call her up again…not only does she have it, she tells me “yea you left it…”. Left it where?! Exposed to you?!?! I am livid.

At this point I do a room sweep. LMAFOOOOOOOO ya’ll! This bitch done went shopping like it was the damn mall up in here 😭😭😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂💀.

And she flew out back home Sunday morning. She dipped ya’ll. Straight jugged me and dipped. ICONIC!

I have come across some truly shitty men and some fake ass women. The biggest lesson I learned is that everybody out here for themselves and people -never- ride for you the way you THINK they do. Not the first time this has happened to me but bitch, it will be the last.

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°The Maid’s Son°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°

Chapter 1


Jae Ah!” I called out to my friend to help zip my dress up.

You see, Jae Ah isn’t just any old friend. She’s been there for me since before I could even remember. She’s 21 years older than me. Jae Ah’s like my best friend and a mother to me when my mom isn’t here.

Oh, there’s one more thing. She’s my parents’ favorite maid. Jae Ah is the only person they could ever trust with their one and only daughter’s life, “that daughter” being me.

Jae Ah is my utmost dearest friend. Well actually, she’s the only real friend I’ve ever had.

I’ve been homeschooled all my life. The first friend I made on the 1st day of preschool was none other then my teacher, my part time mom ,and best friend, Ms. Jeon Jae Ah.

I have always been limited to who I could talk to and be friends with outside of my home. A part of me has always wanted to break away from these restraints my parents had put on me for the past 17 years of my life.

I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like to have actual teenage life, live a little on the wild side, and do something dangerous without getting caught.


A few days later


Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday To You! Happy Birthday Dear (y/n)! Happy Birthday Tooo Youuu! 생일축하해 (y/n)!”

Although it may have slipped my parents’ minds, Jae Ah never once forgot to wish me a happy birthday on the actual day of my birthday.

Thank you soo much Jae Ah!” I said as she sat down with a cake in her hand. I made a wish and blew out the candles. She sat the cake down on my night stand and I gave her a big hug.

She then brought her hands to my face and squeezed my cheeks,“Your first day of being a grown woman has just barely begun. I want you to get up and put this on.

She handed me a white sundress with large black and blue roses all over it, that just came right at mid thigh.

Wow! This is beautiful! Jae Ah, how could I have ever made it 18 years without you?”

You wouldn’t have. Now go get dressed.“ She shot me a wink,”I have a couple more surprises up my sleeve. Quickly now before we’re late.

I hopped out of bed and began to get dressed. It took me what felt like forever to curl my long, thick hair ,and I put a little more effort in to my makeup seeing as how it’s my 18th birthday. I mean go big or go home.

I threw on my black velvet strappy wedge heels, and checked myself out in the tall mirror, smiled at myself at the work of art I had created, and proceeded to walk out my bedroom door.

It’s days like this where I wish my house had an elevator. My room is on the 5th floor, and these heels and those steps are not working together.

I finally made it down the grand staircase to be greeted with my parents’ smiling at me. I darted down the last few steps and greeted them with a hug.

My mother spoke first,“Darling, today you have been with us for 18 years, and your father and I have been thinking…“ She turned to my father.

He spoke.“We have been keeping you cooped up in this house for more than long enough. I understand that you’re an adult now, but you still have a few years left to be a teenager.

He nudged his head towards Jae Ah,“We know that we can trust Jae Ah with our beloved daughter’s life. So if you want,“he paused for dramatic affect,”You may stay with Jae Ah for one week…

My high pitched squeal cut him off,“Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

He continued,”And if the week goes well, you may go a little more often with Jae Ah when she doesn’t mind.

Jae Ah took my arm and intertwined it with hers.“ I’m sorry sir, but if we do not leave now we will be late for her next surprise. My son is already waiting for us outside.

Very well then. Be safe. Have Fun! We Love You Pumpkin!

After hearing that I was wandering how this day could possibly get better then this. That’s when I looked up as we were heading towards.As we approached the car I could see him.

Quite tall,jet black hair that swooped upwards and off to the side, black skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt that’s slightly tucked in to the front of his pants, all white low-top Nike shoes, and a beautiful crystal clear complexion.

He gave Jae Ah a big hug. Then he look up at me with the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen in my 18 years of life.

Hi. I’m Wonwoo. You must be (y/n).

Oh boy. That voice is deeper than the ocean, and smoother than silk. Did..did he just say my name. Come on (y/n) use your words. Come on I can do this. I got this. Inhale. Now exhale.

Hi Wonwoo. I’m (y/n).“I said smoothly with a soft smile.

Oh my. How can this week possibly get any better.


I kept my composure through this chapter.I will pray for those who finish this series ‘cause you gone need life alert I hope you enjoyed. Chapter 2 & 3 are up now.

Trouble With the Help (1/2)

Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler
After Rose is rejected by her first love, she avoids going home, instead finding her own place in the world and society.  But when illness brings her back home, she faces a very different John Smith.
Based on this prompt by the lovely kaynibbler16 (via her Doctor x Rose blog)–with a few adjustments.
Thanks bunches to lotsofthinkythoughts for looking this over for me.

Rose Tyler eyed her reflection critically, tugging her knee length, high waisted dress to lay the way she wanted.  It probably would if she lost ten pounds and grew four inches, but since neither of those were likely to happen in the next ten minutes–or ever, really–she gave up and lurched toward the bottle of rum sitting on her vanity table. She’d already taken a few shots of liquid courage, and she told herself this had to be the last, or she’d be facing the very real possibility of vomiting up her dinner as well as her words.

She could still remember the day that John Smith had come to interview for the butler position.  She’d been fifteen, just a few months after her father’s sudden Vitex wealth had started pouring in and they’d moved to the big-beyond-all-sense mansion.  She’d answered the door, and he’d smiled at her, and she’d been done for.  She and Shireen had snuck down to her dad’s study in time to hear the interview:

“So tell me, John… Why should I give you the job?”

“Because I need it, and I’m here, and you want to.”

“Really? What makes you say that?”

“Because I’m willing to bet that I’m the first one who’s walked through that door who hasn’t looked like he’s got a cricket bat stuck up his arse, and the only one who doesn’t care if you made your money last century or last week.  You need me, because you haven’t got any patience for this toff bit either, and you want someone who isn’t gonna look down his nose at you while taking your money. Also, your daughter smiled at me, so that must count for something.”

Her dad had laughed at the sheer audacity, and hired him on the spot. Rose and Shireen had snuck back up to Rose’s room to moon about the new butler, making theories about his likes, dislikes, and love life.

That was four years ago.  Since then, John had been a dream butler for her dad–charming when he needed to be, but capable of transforming into a chilly stone wall at a moment’s notice–as well as a friend to Rose while she navigated tricky obstacles of adolescence, like friends, dates, and physics.  He’d been the one to reassure her when her old friends from the estate started avoiding her and her new classmates looked down on her, and the one to stay up late watching old Hitchcock movies with her when her date for a dance she’d been looking forward to cancelled at the last minute for Lady bloody Cassandra–basically her arch-nemesis.

John didn’t treat her like a council brat or a newly rich interloper or an heiress or even a kid.  He actually listened when she spoke, and never spoke in a way that felt like she was getting a pat on the head or being brushed aside.  He always had time to spare for her, no matter what was going on in the house.

All of which meant that ever since that first smile at the door, she’d been completely, totally in love with him.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry but can you explain me this whole arzaylea thing? I just dont know whats going on...

Yeah of course!! (I also added links for proof and other stuff)

So a while back, ‘Arzaylea’ posted a picture on her Instagram wearing ‘Luke’s Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt’ with the caption: “wearing @ the boy’s shirt out and we cute as fuck”. and Literally everyone started freaking their shit. And everyone was pulling up the receipts on how problematic she is after a week or two. And supposedly she left her bf for Luke and left out of their shared apartment. She also left him to pay rent for himself and he couldn’t have like afford it. (Where the joke “Go pay your rent” @ Arzaylea came from) 

-time skip- 

When 5SOS was doing stuff for the New Broken Scene i believe, she posted a picture of her and Luke kissing on her ig that night and she claimed that she was ‘drunk’ and that she regretted posting the picture, but yet she hasn’t deleted the picture till this day.

A while later, Luke, Cal, Michael, and Arzaylea went to an All Time Low concert (I believe it was like in the box seats / private area where theres the windows) Luke and Arzaylea made out and there was a video proof of it.

And now I’m gonna skip a bit till what’s happening now cause’ i kinda forgot… (but Luke literally till this day has not talked about Arzaylea at all even thou there’s pics and videos of them) 

But recently, the AMA’s happened and of course, 5SOS were gonna be there cause’ they were gonna perform. And, meaning, Luke WILL obvs be with the band for most likely the entire show, including the red carpet. And since Arzaylea is literally about ‘I need to be in the light cause’ I need to get fame’, I guess she wanted Luke to take her to the AMA’s as his date. And he didn’t. So she got pissed off and tweeted, “you won’t bring me there so I’ll take myself there. Clearly. Independent ass bitch.” (she deleted the tweet now and this is where all these jokes are coming from)

So she went with her friends and sat at some crappy area. and that night and a few days after she tweeted/retweeted stuff that made it seem like her and Luke broke up.

BUT I GUESS NOT. (She also posts snaps of her self on her snapchat and in the background there’s supposedly ‘Luke talking’ in the background. but we’re not sure) 

IN CONCLUSION: Arzaylea really likes to be the main topic / have it all about herself. She really likes to show that she’s with Luke and that she’s extremely relevant to 5SOS and to anything. She’s really really problematic but her makeup is literally bomb asf. 

Here’s some links that may also clear things up more than I can:

How she’s problematic / ‘horrible’

- Who exactly is she 

- More BG info on her and another timeline of shit that’s happening

- Rants. ( i )   ( ii )   ( iii )   ( iv )   ( v )  (more rants on the rants tag here)



You Again, Chapter 4!

Meryl scanned her eyes about the set as she quietly cut through the backstage area. Her makeup artist, Lydia, had decided that Meryl’s makeup wasn’t completely finished after all, even though she was due to go on stage in approximately 20 minutes.

Of course, Meryl had only been alerted of this now, meaning she had to rush to look presentable as well as make it on stage in time.

Her restless eyes landed upon the row of illuminated mirrors and makeup artists and she scurried over, stage-whispering “Lydia, I’m here!”

Her makeup artist heard her and rushed over, ducking to clear an archway designed for Derek and Shawn’s routine, her wizened eyes examining Meryl’s costume.

“Nice dress,” she decided after a moment, “I can tell it’ll go well with this eyeshadow. Remind me to compliment Marjory on the costume choice later.”

Meryl gave a thumbs up to indicate that she’d heard, and Lydia set to work at once.

Meryl fluttered her eyes shut as the brush danced across her eyelids, painting them a certain shade of fuchsia Lydia had assured would complement her dress. While she was getting ‘redone,’ she tried to calm herself down—to slow her heartbeat, take deeper breaths, stop her restless legs from their constant bouncing—which was all to no avail.

Only when she heard the rushing of footsteps by her side did she realize she was about to have company.

“What the hell, Meryl? I thought you finished with your makeup hours ago,” Val’s disembodied voice reached her ears.

Meryl felt the makeup brush pause it’s work on her right eyelid.

She tried to imagine the stormy look Lydia must have been giving Val at that moment.

“Meryl is a work of art, is she not? She radiates beauty and kindness in everything she does, correct, Valentin?”

Val hesitantly regarded Lydia’s clipped tone, eventually settling on a mumbled “Uh, definitely not everything she does.”

Well, then.

Meryl would have been hurt by his ill-concealed dig but she simply didn’t have the time to care.

Sure, it was upsetting to think that they could have worked things out before they’d discovered production’s drama-inducing plans for them, but Meryl didn’t have the time to mourn a lost relationship.

Maybe later when their routine had ended and they’d either stay or be eliminated…but not now.

“Which is why,” Lydia continued on, her forceful tone showing no indication of whether or not she’d heard Val, “she needed this touchup to help show her off like the absolute gem she is. She is going to go out there looking like a visual masterpiece—I can only pray that your choreography will help further enhance that image.”

Lydia pulled the brush away from Meryl’s eyelids, finally finished applying the shadow. Meryl blinked, prying her eyes open carefully to ensure the mascara and shadow would stay intact.

“You got it, L,” Val quipped.

He immediately shoved his hand into Meryl’s and yanked her along with him, blatantly ignoring Lydia’s yelled warning to be ‘careful with the masterpiece.’

“We have zero time left. We have to take our places now,” Val whispered to her as they ran, their footsteps pounding against the tiled flooring.

“Sorry,” she muttered back, “you know how she gets with her job—but in her defense, she does make us all look ‘camera ready.’”

“I don’t care. We’re going to be late,” was his response.

Val glared at her as they reached the edge of the platinum-hued curtains that separated them from the audience, motioning for her to quiet down with his free hand.

Apparently, the duo had run so fast, they still had a few minutes until Erin called them out onto the main stage.

They took the time to stand in silence, both lost in their nerves. Val was bouncing up and down on his heels whilst Meryl was preoccupied with other…orders of business.

Meryl peeked her eyes out from behind the curtain to view the crowd, jerking her head back when she accidentally laid eyes on the judges table. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God.

“You nervous or something, ace?” Val’s voice snapped her out of her reverie.

Just beyond that velveteen curtain, the prying eyes of the public, hundreds of cameras, and a panel of judges (that she would not think about because holy shit he was there, and it would be the first time she saw him in years. And oh my God, how could she have possibly signed up for this thing at all? Maybe Fedor was right; maybe she could still back out of it now. But maybe she shouldn’t—she’s already in costume, and it’s a very nice costume, after all, and her makeup took forever—so she’ll do this one dance with Val and then they’ll probably get eliminated. They’ll probably be going home tonight anyway just because Maks hates her and oh my God, Maks is there. Maks is outside. Maks is literally within 500 feet of her. Maks is right freaking there. Maks. Maks. Maks. Wait, stop that Meryl,) awaited them.

Meryl looked away, muttered an unconvincing “no.”

Val squeezed her hand for a brief second before dropping it.

“Don’t worry; I drilled the routine into your head pretty damn well. You could do it in your sleep if you tried. Meryl, you got this.”

Um, was he just being nice to get into character or…?

She voiced her inquiry to him, genuinely perplexed.

Although his face was shrouded in shadows, she was certain she could see the corners of his lips quirk up in an amused half-smile.

“You should know by now that I’m a terrible actor. Before you go all puppy-dog-hopeful on me, though, I’m not saying I consider us friends. Or friendly. Or anything like that—but I am saying that you’re talented, Merychka. I have faith that you can handle this.”

(Did he just use his old nickname for her? It’s been ages since she heard that particular string of syllables weaved together…)

Meryl was temporarily stunned into silence. When she found the ability to speak again, it was a confused, “Did you just—”

“It slipped out.” Val shot back before she could finish her question, clearing his throat.

“So…that little speech wasn’t friendly, then? It sounded that way to me,” she rose her eyebrows.

It was Val’s turn to utter an awkward laugh. “Trust me, you and I are far from singing Cumbauya around an open fire pit together.”

“Oh, of course not,” she shook her head in mock seriousness, “Cumbauya’s outdated anyway. We’ll have to sing something more current.”

Val was shaking his head but Meryl could see the defeated smile on his face, even amidst the dark. Since he seemed to be at a loss for any further words, she took the opportunity to speak up.

“Alright, let’s go out there and show the world how showmantic we can be!”

Val let out a long-suffering groan at her idiotic pun and before they knew it, the curtain was whisked back.

Erin Andrews was standing before them, flashlight in hand, motioning for them to follow her out to the main stage.

“Go on,” she urged with a brilliant smile. She shoved Meryl’s lower back so that she was forced to walk into pure darkness.

“What the—” she started, but Erin was quick to explain.

“They’ve been doing this the whole night. No one knows exactly who is partnered with who and, well, the darkness? It really amps up the dramatic effect. Don’t worry, though, everyone’s still in the room. Just watch.” She paused, then clicked off her flashlight.

“Are you all ready to find out who the last pairing of the night is?” Erin’s voice boomed through her handheld microphone.

Ear-shattering roars from a crowd that neither Meryl nor Erin could see.

Alarm bells were triggered immediately in Meryl’s mind.

In that terrifying moment, she only had one thought.

One recurring phrase that brought her up against a different kind of danger than she’d ever expected from the show.

Depth perception depth perception depth perception depth perception oh my God depth perception.

She never liked to talk about her depth perception problems; hell, she hadn’t even told Maks back when they were partners. (He’d had to find it out from some interviewer all those years ago.)

She’d never felt like it held her back from doing anything, or limited her in any way at all.

Not until now.

Because navigating through unfamiliar paths was difficult, but doing so in pitch-black darkness was almost impossible.

She was essentially helpless—forced to rely on Valentin the Bitter to guide her through the inky blackness.

Meryl immediately pulled Val out from behind the silver curtain by his hand, dragging him quickly through the pitch black skybox.

She heard Val’s sharp intake of breath as he realized that the lights were out. He must have remembered Meryl’s vision problems because the first words that escaped his lips were, “Oh shit, Meryl.”

She took a deep breath. “It’s fine. Just—I’m putting my life in your hands here. Do not let me down.”

Despite Meryl’s damn-near emotional breakdown, Erin was but a whirl of floral perfume and positive energy. “Break a leg!”

Then, after a pause, she added, “But not literally. Seriously, guys, don’t die trying to walk down the stairs. Make sure you hold onto the railing.” She briefly clicked on her tiny flashlight to guide Meryl and Val to the top of the staircase.

“‘Hold onto the railing.’ Okay, Mama,” Val quietly mocked her.

A split second later, Meryl heard a muted yelp of pain from Val. “You just hit me!”

“I’ll hurt you worse than the stairs ever could if you continue that attitude with me, Chmerkovskiy,” Erin said, only half-teasing.

Meryl let out a strained chuckle.

“Now go, you two!” Erin cheered.

“You heard her. Go,” Meryl repeated, her voice wavering. (And she hated herself for it.)

The duo slowly descended the staircase together, gripping the bannister the entire way down. Once they’d successfully navigated onto the main stage, they cautiously moved to their assigned spots on stage.

You’re okay.

You’re safe.

You are okay. Perfect. Now you can readopt your ‘girl power men-called-Chmerkovskiy-can-kiss-my-ass’ attitude.

A mechanical whirring sounded overhead and the pair of dancers angled their heads up to see if they could make out any of what was causing the sudden racket.

A giant flatscreen descended from a space in the ceiling—oh, right. Video package first.

She shot Val’s silhouette a wide-eyed look that she wasn’t sure he could detect.

“I hope I have a good partner this season. You know, someone who I can really work well and become passionate with. It’d be awesome to get a woman who can inspire me, but who can also keep up with my choreography…so basically I need myself in female form.” Val’s disembodied voice joked from speakers set up throughout the ballroom.

The visual on screen faded from a pitch black shot to a still of the studio door. The camera panned to an expectant Valentin’s face, then, his hands clasped tightly together as if in prayer, covering his mouth.

Meryl’s voiceover came through suddenly. “I really hope Val’s going to be okay with me being his partner this season. I think we’d make a great pair,” she giggled.

The audience broke out into thunderous shrieks as they realized just who Val was partnered with. Emphatic choruses of, ‘Oh my God,’ ‘I knew it,’ ‘No way,’ and ‘hell yeah,’ assaulted her eardrums.

The visual on screen now slid to the front door again. The wooden door creaked open slowly at first—then Meryl’s tiny body threw it aside, knocking it forcefully against the wall. “Surprise!” She shouted, jumping into the air.

The roaring crowd did not get quieter at all.

The camera immediately returned to Val’s ecstatic face for a moment before zooming out to capture his sprint to her. He twirled Meryl around in his arms as she laughed. “Hello, Meryl Davis,” he was still smiling as he gently set her on her feet. She returned his bright smile with a happy “Well hello, Valentin Chmerkovskiy.”

The previous screams dissolved into endless shushing as the audience members scrambled to understand the dialogue in the video.

The screen cut to footage of them choreographing the routine. He was practicing intricate footwork with her one moment, then guiding her into a sharp dip the next. All the while, her voice declared, “To be honest, I probably wouldn’t have done this whole thing if I hadn’t gotten Val. He’s always been so sweet to me, even when we’re being business-y. He’s the best.”

Val whipped her back up and dipped her once more, lower this time. Cue his enthused voiceover: “We have jive this week and I’m pumped. It’s no secret that I’m the ‘jive guy’ of the show—AND on top of that I have a partner who’s good at everything! I really lucked out with Meryl. She’s the best person I could have gotten.”

A shot of him hugging her tiny frame protectively against his chest. He pressed a quick kiss to the top of her head. She looked up and smiled at his display of affection.

“You good, ace?” He muttered into her hair.

“Never better,” she poked his cheek with her index finger

The camera slowly zoomed out on the two of them as they engaged in a full-on poking war.

Cue the DWTS Logo.

Meryl had just began running through her arsenal of facial expressions in an attempt to find one for the routine when the accented voice boomed, “Dancing the jive: Meryl Davis and her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy.”

The lighting rose up suddenly and without warning.

Bright beams of illumination swirled around them in a vast display of colors and patterns.

Meryl sauntered over to Val as the opening chords of their song (‘Popular Song’ by Mika) thrummed out of the speakers and vibrated through the polished dancefloor.


Meryl was gasping for breath by the time their routine had ended. She held her end pose for a few moments longer than necessary, reveling in the feel of it all (and taking a moment to cast a quick wink to Charlie, who was clapping along with Tanith in the front row—once Meryl had called and informed him of her situation, he hadn’t been one hundred percent supportive, but he and Tanith still flew out to see her on her big night).

Val broke out of his pose and pulled her against him, the sweaty duo both heaving for air.

“Thank you for before,” She whispered between her desperate gasps for breath.

“Of course, Ace. You were flawless,” he assured, pressing a kiss to her temple.

“Personally, I agree,” Tom Bergeron muttered as he smiled at the two of them, “but let’s see what our judges have to say.”

He swept a hand over to the judges’ table, suddenly back in T.V. mode.

“Carrie Ann, we’ll start with you.”

Meryl cast an eager glance towards Carrie Ann.

The judge had her left hand clasped over her mouth, her right hand furiously wiping away nonexistent tears. “Sorry,” she called out, “I’m just not used to those kinds of performances happening on the first night. It was perfect! I have to say, it’s beyond great to have Miss Meryl Davis back.”

The audience cheered along with her as she gave the partners an emphatic thumbs up.

Bruno stood up from his chair, slamming his hands on the judging table. “Such a flawless jazz! Passion radiated out of every single move you two executed. You were an absolutely thrilling combination to watch. Fantastic. Marvelous!”

All eyes went to the third judge. The room quieted down so drastically that Tom cracked a lame joke about anesthesia being laced in the water.

Meryl studiously trained her eyes to focus on a speck on the dance floor instead of looking at the one man she wanted to avoid even glancing at.

It was inevitable, perhaps, but that didn’t mean she wouldn’t fight it as much as she could.

“I think you two did a great job,” his coarse voice rang out into the silent room. Meryl’s heart clenched painfully at the very sound of his voice.

“Uh, very nice dancing, very nice footwork. Definitely a job well done.”

There was an awkward pause but once it became clear that he wasn’t going to say anything else, Tom encouraged the couple to head up to the skybox to receive their scores.

Meryl could feel his eyes on her retreating figure as she climbed the stairs.

At the top of the stairway, Erin greeted them both with a huge hug. “That was, as Bruno said, flawless! How did you manage to execute a routine like that in your first week?” Her voice was incredulous.

“We just work well together,” Val spoke before Meryl could, his lips colliding with her temple in a prolonged kiss.

“We definitely do,” she helpfully supplied, nuzzling her head against the crook of where his neck met his chest.

You want a showmance, ABC? You’ll get one.

“This is absolutely adorable! Now let’s see those scores,” Erin chirped.

Cue the male English accent.

“Will the judges please reveal their scores? Carrie Ann Inaba…”

Carrie Ann flashed a smile at was almost as sparkling as the paddle she was holding.


Val high-fived Meryl, shouted out a thank you to a giddy Carrie Ann.

“Bruno Tonioli…

Bruno flipped his paddle up in the air at once.


Meryl and Val cheered accordingly, blowing twin kisses to Bruno.

Now for the moment of truth.

“Maksim Chmerkovskiy…”

Uh, very nice footwork. Very nice dancing. Definitely a job well done.

It was time to see if he really could be the fair judge everyone was so eager to make him out to be.

Maks rose his paddle up slowly, almost reluctantly.

Oh my God.


Val let out a loud whoop and the next thing Meryl knew, she was flying. She stretched out her arms as if they were wings; in that moment she was a mess of shocked laughter and unruly hair. Val had her lifted in the air, crowing something that sounded like ‘that’s how it’s done.’

“Meryl and Val got three 9s for a total of 27 out of 30—but they’ll also need your votes to carry them on towards next week, America, so make sure you pick up your phones and dial!”

Meryl was on top of the world.

The second shock of the night for Meryl was finding out they were safe.

It had been between her/Val (who had been officially dubbed #TeamChmeryl) and Melissa Rycroft/Tony.

And their names were called.

In the brief seconds after Tom announced she was safe, Meryl’s mood immediately switched from dread to elation. It hit her full swing, nearly knocking her over with their sheer force. She could feel the sweet waves of relief coursing through her every nerve, thought, impulse, and she loved it.

She had to admit, she still a bit sad for Tony and Melissa (they two of them were always sweethearts to her) but even more than that—she felt surprised.

Surprised that she actually managed to survive week one.

Surprised that she still had some dancing spirit left in her.

Surprised that she actually wanted to stay in this competition.

She kept all of these thoughts to herself as she clutched at Melissa’s shoulder blades in a tearful goodbye hug.

The third—and easily the worst—surprise of the night came to her in a strange way.

Knock, knock.

She flicked her hair off of her shoulders, reading glasses falling to the bridge of her nose as she blinked up at the door in confusion.

She hadn’t been expecting anyone. Charlie and Tanith had left hours ago, and she had already engaged in her daily chat with Dinah.

She glanced through her peephole to see an empty hallway.

Wait, what the hell?

She opened the pristinely white hotel door and glanced down the hallway in both directions.

Nothing, aside from a set of old vending machines which probably hadn’t been utilized in ages.

She had just begun shuffling back inside the recesses of her room when she heard the distinct sound of paper ripping.

Startled, she glanced downward. She pulled back a onesie-clad foot back to reveal a tiny envelope.

She plucked it from the ground carefully, eyeing it as though it was a ticking bomb.

The envelope was a little crushed from the sheer weight of her foot, but nevertheless, still remained in tact.

And it was addressed to her.

~~~~~~~~ Don’t worry if things between Meryl and Maks seem a little too calm at the moment… I’m just getting started. ;)