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Me and my friend were talking voltron fics so I made a list of all of my favs

tell me if any of the links are messed up ! 

Now presenting the Demisaurus Rex, demisexual version!

(demiboy, demigirl, and demiromantic versions are pending but will be out eventually!)

He’s available for purchase on redbubble!


Kevin was walking, but his eyes were barely open.

“Morning, sunshine,” Matt said with exaggerated cheer.

“Fuck you,” Kevin said.

Dan yawned into her hand. “Glad to see you’re still a morning person.”

Fuck you too.

Sorry for being so inactive this weekend, I was on a “training camp” for work which has been a little exhausting. I will also have some lifeguard training in the future this summer so I wont be able to post daily like before. Thank you for understanding