took forever but worth it


Looks like I’m playing the very popular game “let’s see in how many different ways I can have these two end up together”

guys…. i really like pyjamas……….. and i also really like my followers!!!!!!!! so accept this gift from me, in the form of sim jammies. NOW FOR EVERYONE!

(updated from my old jammies! replace file with this one!)

  • BASE GAME COMPATIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no spa day required!
  • all ages and genders, yahoo! now the whole family can match!
  • 5 new swatches added, 15 in total~!

download: MERGED / SEPARATE 


Sasusaku reaction to their future selves?

This has probably been done before so many times but i just needed to get it out of my sistem… PLUUUS Sasuke loosing his chill would be fucking hilarious :)

Supercorp/Karlena: There is no platonic explanation for them

Let’s break it down and look at the facts:

  • They believed in one another right from the start despite having only just met.
  • Lena personally inviting Kara to her Gala - showing up at her workplace to invite her (when she probably could have sent an email or a text)
  • Lena looking jealous before she knows that Alex is Kara’s sister
  • The lip biting™
  • How their smiles are the brightest around one another
  • They have saved one another from dying
  • Lena filled Kara’s office FULL of flowers
  • They were going to have a kombucha date
  • Kara defends Lena so hard despite having “video evidence” that says otherwise
  • Kara flies to save Lena despite the fact that she could die
  • Lena works into the night to help Kara
  • Lena’s reaction to Supergirl/Kara getting hurt
  • Kara getting flustered when Lena compliments her
  • Lena validates Kara in her every day life not just as Supergirl
  • The playful banter/teasing
  • The gayze™
  • Kara being the first person Lena calls for advice
  • Lena calling Kara back to check if she was okay
  • Them handling their disagreements with maturity and mutual respect
  • Kara acting jealous around Lena’s ex and Winn
  • Kara knowing Lena was innocent because she looked at her
  • Lena looking like she wants to kill Snapper when he disrespects Kara
  • The unnecessary gay angst in this scene
  • How they open up to one another and have deep and meaningful conversations
  • The closeness of this hug *squishy face hug*
  • Lena walking into Kara’s apartment like it’s her own and immediately sitting down
  • Kara assuring Lena that she will protect and support her on multiple occasions
  • and….

the bridal style carry

I rest my case.


“Here we were giving everyone what they had longed for, what they had been teased about, what they had been cheated of in the movie, what they had been given in a kind of bogus scene in season six. We gave them the real thing here, we gave them a passionate kiss. And I think David and Gillian were up for it. I mean, I saw them. They were kind of giddy and giggling before it happened, and it was hot.”

— Chris Carter (DVD commentary)


Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones 

“The kingdom of Renais lies in ruins, shattered by a sudden invasion from a former ally. Guide the royal heirs, Eirika and Ephraim, on their twin quest to rebuild Renais and discover the dark secret behind the war that has torn their homeland apart.”