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Here’s another unbelievably late giveaway gift, this time for @redcole, who requested awkward nose bumps during a first kiss! I know this took me forever to complete, and I’m terribly sorry, but i hope you like it anyway! 

I hit 1k a few days ago!! Please excuse this awful banner (I have no talent) and if we’re mutuals and I forgot you feel free to Deck Me

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“We’ve all lost someone, Doctor.”

Kara’s Necklace

I’ve been thinking about Kara’s giving of her mother’s necklace to Mon-El since I read the spoiler on Sunday, and I think I’ve wrapped my head around something that makes it a lot less… terrible.

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anonymous asked:

hmm i'm not good with prompts but: one of the boys is having a horrible day for very trivial reasons (accidentally nicked himself shaving, slammed the door on his hand, phone died inconveniently etc) and then other tries help. cue: (DRUMROLL) SEX but with the one still halfheartedly grumpy

(read on AO3)

He wakes up slow, to an empty bed. He lays there for a few minutes, face half-buried in the pillow and making sure his breath comes steady, even. In half an hour he won’t even be able to really remember what he’d been dreaming about. No sense in dwelling on it.

He slept like shit, though—they got home late, after dealing with that annoying bitch of a naiad who’d been drowning guys on Lake Superior, and he hadn’t wanted to stay anywhere near water, just wanted to get back to their bed. His ribs are all bruised to shit, and his right wrist—he rotates it slowly, shuffling down the hall, and okay, maybe Sam’s right, maybe he did sprain it.

The kitchen’s empty, when he wanders in. No coffee in the pot, and no grounds left in the jar when he checks. Groceries kept slipping down the priority list, with the last few hunts they’ve been on. He looks into the nearly-empty fridge, holding his wrist up against his chest, vague unease still lapping slowly at the back of his mind. Maybe he can force Sam to make the run into town. Surely he must’ve earned a day off, by now.

When he heads into the library to try to wheedle Sam, though, it’s empty, too. He checks his watch—it’s already ten, so Sam ought to be back from a run if he took one, the freak, and—oh. A note, propped on Sam’s laptop. Got a tip on a grimoire in Topeka, it says, in Sam’s goofy handwriting. Home late. Dean drops the note on the table and sighs, rubbing his eyes with his good hand. Okay, so no lounging around with Sammy. He can get some stuff done, instead.

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fic: if we never take the first step (let’s get a move on)

Wynonna Earp. Waverly/Nicole with a big side of Wynonna/Nicole. 8k. 

Waverly hums happily. “I love—” there’s a tiny pause and Waverly’s breath hitches in her throat, “this.”

“Yeah,” she agrees finally, pressing a kiss to Waverly’s hair and trying not to think about the pause and the way it makes something in her stomach flip over. “Me too.”

Or, five times Waverly Earp doesn’t say I love you, and one time she does.



This scene still breaks my heart.

Matteo: Luna, I want to know the truth. I want you to look me into the eyes and say what you feel for me.

Luna: Matteo, listen… I think that nothing can happen between us.

Matteo: Do you really think that ?

Luna: Matteo… Listen. It’s better that we stay friends like we are now.

Matteo: No.

Requested by @em-c-writes
I spent way too much time on this, but it was really fun to draw <3

a gift for @oh-mother-of-darkness based on this post

Mad Sounds

casual arctic monkeys reference after months of not posting any fics, i’ve returned from the depths of hell to give you this depressing fluff fic! i’m sorry, it’s definitely been a while, but after i get out of school i’ll be able to write more often. lookin forward to it ^-^

warning: self harm

i hope you enjoy it :)

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Originally posted by angelina-g-l

Requested by: @likiyoshi-lijie

Request: What I was thinking is maybe you can write something like reader can’t tell Fred and George apart. Because it’s a George x Hufflepuff reader, so George thinks it’s funny because his girlfriend can tell every colours with very similar values apart (she’s very sensitive with colours), but still can’t tell them apart. So Fred and George decided to pull a small prank and tease her.
Like it’s total fluff

Pairing: Reader x George

Warnings: none

A/n: THIS IS TERRIBLE! I am so sorry that this took forever I had literally 0 inspiration and I am soooo sorry!!! This is definitely not my best work but I hope you like it, if you don’t feel free to request something else I’m totally fine with that!


You held your books tightly to your chest and continued down the long corridor towards the potions classroom. You found a comfort in the silence that was only disturbed by the sound of your shoes hitting the stone floor.


Your head swiveled around and you smiled at the sight of your boyfriend jogging down the hallway towards you. George Weasley. He was a fourth year like yourself and even though you had only been dating him for a couple weeks now, you felt like you had known him forever.

“Where are you off too?” George smiled, slowing his pace as he came to your side.

“Potions…I wanted to be a little early so I get a good seat.” I continued walking and George nodded.

“Well don’t forget you promised to help me with Transfiguration homework tonight, I hope you intend to keep that promise.” George nudged your shoulder lightly and you stifled a giggle.

“Don’t worry Weasley, I always keep my promises.”

“Right then! See you at Lunch!” George chirped. He pecked your cheek and turned around, walking back down the corridor you had just walked through.

You smiled to yourself, a glowing feeling erupting in your gut. You were looking down at your shoes, hiding your blush, as you rounded the corner and to your dismay, you ran straight into someone.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t looking and I – George?” You furrowed your eyebrows at the sight of your boyfriend, his eyes wide and his lips pulled back in a smile.

“Funny running into you, love!” George smiled, a playful gleam in his eyes. “Where might you be runnin’ off to?”

You furrowed your eyebrows again and shook your head slightly. “Potions, I already told you that…”

“Oh, that you did. Sorry! See you at lunch then?” George asked.

“Yeah….how did you get here so fast? You left in the other direction…” I looked around the corner but saw nothing but walls and floor.

“Oh uh….Secret tunnels. They’re all over the school. I’ll show you some of em’ sometime.” George rubbed the back of his neck and smiled. “I’ve got to get to herbology, see you around.” George smiled before passing you and turning the corner, walking down the corridor for the second time.

This wasn’t the first time that had happened. Ever since meeting George, you would see him everywhere. You would walk him to class but then bump into him as you walked to your class, You would be walking down the stairs and he would run up them only to run up them again two minutes later. He would often ask you questions twice and sometimes he would forget thing you told him but you just assumed that’s how it worked with George Weasley.


You pushed open the door to the Gryffindor common room where George said he would be.

“Thought you weren’t coming.” George smiled when he saw you. You placed the textbooks down on the table and sat down in the loveseat beside the fireplace.

“I keep my promises.” You shrugged, flipping the book open and searching for the pages required. The sound of footsteps coming from the staircase caught your attention and you lifted your head towards them. Instantly your eyebrows furrowed. George was standing on the stairs, a surprised expression on his face. But George was sitting across from you on the opposite loveseat.

“You didn’t say she was coming over.” George from the stairs said to George on the loveseat.

“I did you buffoon. I said ‘Oi Fredy, Y/n is coming tonight to help me with homework, stay upstairs.’” George from the loveseat replied.

“There are two of you!” You nearly shouted. Everything began to make sense then. All of the times you bumped into him after dropping him off in class, there were two of them.

“Y/n, meet Fred, my twin brother.” George smiled and Fred came and sat next to him.

“All this time and you never told me you had a twin. I thought it was just you all the time! This makes so much more sense!” You sighed.

“We wanted to see how long it would take you to figure it out.” George smiled. “But Fredy messed it up.”

“Yeah yeah she would have figured it out anyway, she’s smart.” Fred replied.

“Well now that all of this is cleared up and makes sense now, how bout we do some of this transfiguration homework.”