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Ive been feeling really bleh so i drew more of lucio in a sweater (hes bummed because its not sweater weather yet)

Edit: You can find this sweater’s pattern available on stuff on my society6!


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low quality selfies, high quality pup

I’m already prepared to call K-2SO one of the greatest Star Wars characters ever, though.

Dear God, it’s like they took C3P0 and injected him with robot steroids and Larry David’s socially awkward genius. 

“I will stand by you, Jyn!”

*suitably dramatic pause as empowering, heroic music plays in the background*

“Eh, Cassian said I had to.”

Kanej first kiss headcanon

One anon requested “Kaz and Inej kiss” and one anon requested “Kanej first kiss/sharing a bed” so i thought I’d combine them in one post since they are pretty much the same thing! I hope thats okay!

And there will probably be crooked kingdom spoilers in here, just a warning for anyone who hasn’t finished it yet!

- it takes a long time for them to kiss
- but thats expected
- when inej leaves on her first voyage to sea, kaz comes to say goodbye
- of course
- but they dont kiss
- they hold hands though
- ever since kaz took his gloves off and held hands with inej the first time, they hold hands a lot
- at this point, when theyre not ready to take it any further, thats enough

- when inej comes back to ketterdam after her first voyage, kaz watches her come off the boat
- he watches her as she throws her arms around jesper and wylan, as jesper kisses her cheek
- he feels a pang of jealously that she can touch them so freely
- but he knows that its pointless, that they’ll get there
- eventually
- she walks over to him after the others have finished greeting her
- “Kaz”
- “Wraith”
- “No, not anymore, just Inej”
- “Okay. Inej.”
- she smiles at him
- he tries not to smile back
- gently Inej takes his hand
- “ive missed you” she says
- “good”
- he wants to kiss her
- but he doesnt
- not yet

- the next time Inej comes back to ketterdam, jesper and wylan are away in novyi zem, visiting jespers dad
- so inej cant stay at their house like she normally does
- kaz says she can stay in the slat
- of course
- inej doesn’t want to
- not because she doesn’t want to be with kaz
- because she does
- but that place holds bad memories
- shes inej ghafa now, shes free
- but back in the barrel, shes still the wraith
- so kaz books her a hotel in the city, the best room he can get without it seeming suspicious
- and because she arrives late at night into the city, he insists on walking her there
- “kaz, i can defend myself, you dont need to act as my bodyguard”
- “i know” is all he says
- he carries on walking with her anyway though
- when they get to her hotel room, its late and its started raining, making kaz’s leg a lot worse
- but he doesn’t complain about it or anything
- inej notices though anyway
- of course 
- she asks for him to stay
- “it will only make your leg worse if you walk back” she says
- “where will I sleep?” he says simply
- “with me” she says, also simply
- she acts like it isn’t a big deal
- but they both know that its a huge deal
- Inej goes into the bathroom to change
- Kaz takes his shoes and coat of and hesitantly lies on top of the covers
- “you can lie under the covers you know” says Inej when she comes back in
- Kaz knows this
- but he stays on top of the covers anyway
- he knows that if he lies under the covers with Inej, the scent, the feel of her body next to his might be too much, and he wont be able to control himself
- and he knows that theyre not ready for anything more than holding hands yet
- “Goodnight Kaz”
- “Goodnight Inej” he whispers once he hears her breathing slow down next to him
- the rest of the nights during her stay, she sleeps alone, it would be impractical for Kaz to stay so far away from the Slat after all
- she’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him being there though
- later that week, when she goes to the harbour to leave, kaz comes with her
- and just before she gets onto her boat, she turns round and hugs him
- for a moment kaz freezes
- then he slowly wraps his arms around her too
- after she pulls away and her boat is pulling out of the harbour, kaz realizes he is smiling

- its 8 months before they see each other again
- and when Inej does come back, she brings kaz with her
- jesper and wylan too
- ninas already on the ship, shes been sailing with inej for a couple of months now
- together they sail around, as a crew again
- and they are all happy
- one night kaz is stood by the railing, looking out across the waves
- everyone went to bed hours ago, but he cant sleep
- hes got too much on his mind
- and by too much, he mostly means inej
- suddenly he notices a presence beside him, he hadn’t noticed her walk over
- of course
- “hello wraith"
- “i told you not to call me that”
- “i know”
- theyre silent for a while, just looking out at the water
- inej turns to look at him
- “kaz?”
- “yes?” he says, still looking out to sea
- gently she places two fingers on his cheek and turns his face towards her
- “i miss you, when im out at sea” she says
- kaz is silent for a few minutes, not knowing how to reply
- “i miss you too” he says finally
- Inej looks at him intently
- then she leans forward and chastely presses her lips to his
- part of his brain panics at the contact
- but he ignores that
- and leans towards her and kisses her back, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close
- they stay together for the rest of the night, side by side, holding hands and occasionally kissing
- and kaz finally has everything he wants

- (bonus: jesper finds them kissing later and shouts “finally” so loudly that the entire ship wakes up. kaz doesn’t talk to him for a week.)

So this ended up being way longer than I planned and about way more than just them kissing (i also think it all seemed kinda cheesy and cliche… idk…) but never mind! I hope you liked it!

And as always, feel free to add to this if you want to!

Imagine being Alec's mate who forces you to drink human blood instead of animal blood.

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“Why are you making me do this? Why do you care!?”
“(Y/N), this isn’t normal! It’s disgusting!” Alec argued.
“So what!? Who cares about normal!?”
“That’s not the point!”
“Is it not Alec because the last I checked you were never normal!”
Alec stayed quiet. He had gave you the cruelest glare you had ever seen. You took a step back as though it would ease the glare. It didn’t.
“You say that, all because I want what’s best for you?” Alec said through a clenched jaw.
“I didn’t mean it.”
“Oh I’m sure you did.”
“I didn’t! Alec, you’re forcing me into doing something I don’t want to do! Did you expect me to grab you and kiss you!?”
“You were never that easy.” He said with a sneer. “I have never forced you to do anything and if you think I have then you’ve got another thing coming.” You looked at him in slightly horror before Alec stormed out the room.

When your diet consists of animal blood, human blood becomes a drug. Once you start it’s almost impossible to stop and you weren’t sure if you could endure the process of converting back to animal if you had even a drop of human blood.

Alec, like every other vampire in existence was very aware of this. Alec had no intention of hurting you but you made him so angry sometimes. Your words couldn’t hurt more than when you looked him straight in the eyes and insulted him…like every other vampire he had ever met. He could handle it from every single vampire in existence, but he couldn’t handle hearing it from you.
Is it not Alec because the last I checked you were never normal!’
You sounded just like them. His village when he was human and other vampires hardly needed recognition for their attitude towards him and his sister.

“I’m going to destroy them.”
“Jane don’t.”
“Why not!? Alec, we all know that it’s only a matter of time that our masters will lose patience and force them to change their diet!”
“I know, I’m trying to get through to them before that happens.”
“You’re too late! They’ve already discussed it!”


“Alec, I’m afraid we will have to take matters into our own hands. We are currently sending (Y/N) here to discuss our next point of action.”
“Master, please -”
“Alec. Enough. They won’t listen to you and so we will deal with this.” Caius said sternly.

The doors opened to find (Y/N), Demetri and Felix took only one step forward. “(Y/N), we must discuss the next step that we have decided to take depending on your actions.” You remained quiet. “Our next feed will be take place in five minutes. If you do not feed on a human then steps will be taken.” Aro finished. You looked appalled. “I…I can’t!”
“Silence!” Caius bellowed.

The feeding took place and you didn’t move, you didn’t breathe, you just stood there with your eyes shut. You couldn’t see or smell the blood making this a bit easier. “We are very disappointed in you (Y/N).” Aro said solemnly before nodding to someone behind you. Felix gripped one arm as Demetri grabbed the other. You struggled, screaming, begging them to let you go. They wouldn’t budge. You turned to Alec. “Alec! Don’t let them do this to me!” Alec looked torn but did not move from his sisters side.
“You’re going to let them do this to me!? Alec if you let them take me, I will never forgive you!”
He clenched his eyes shut, looking pained but didn’t move. You let out one last scream as they dragged you out of the throne room.

Demetri and Felix dragged you down the hallways heading to some sort of dungeon.
“(Y/N), stop struggling!” Demetri demanded.
“We don’t want this either, stop fighting us!” Felix added.
“If you fed like you should have then we wouldn’t have to do this! It’s been a three month fight with you, just stop!” Demetri finished.

Two and a half months you stayed down there. Everyday someone came down to hand you a glass of human blood and everyday you refused it by either ignoring them or smacking it out of their hands. No amount of coaxing made you even turn to face them. You had nothing but bars around you. No bed, no nothing, just a designated square of the room.

Soon enough Caius lost any scrap of patience he had ever had. Everyone told him to be patient even his wife, but Caius wasn’t known for patience nor kindness. So Aro and Marcus hurriedly followed Caius as he marched down to the dungeon, with Alec, Jane, Demetri and Felix in tow.

“Do you find this amusing!? Is this a game to you!?” Caius roared grabbing you by the hair. “Get the receptionist!” He snarled at Felix, who with wide eyes did so.
“Brother -” Aro began softly.
“Quiet!” Caius snapped. “No more. She is feeding and she is feeding now!” Felix came back with a struggling receptionist.
“No! No! No!” You screamed, struggling and twisting against his grip. A few strands of hair falling from your head. Alec moved forward only to be blocked by Demetri.
“Alec, don’t.” Aro said quietly. Caius forced your head down to the neck of the struggling, crying receptionist. Your screams were muffled before a few moments later, the receptionist screamed in pain. Caius let go of your hair and you fell forward, the receptionist pinned under you, your fangs buried deep in her neck. Soon her screams lowered to cries, to whimpers until nothing. Everyone heard silence when her heart stopped beating, the only sounds were you gulping down the remains of the blood. You finally pulled away. Blood covered your mouth and chin and you whimpered in shock.
“What did you make me do!?”

You weren’t the same after that. You were very distant to Alec and the rest of the Volturi. Neither Alec or the Volturi were a priority to you anymore. They all knew how it works. To vampires who have an animal diet, human blood becomes a drug. All it takes is one drop. You had never had human blood before and now that you had it…all you wanted was more.


Snowells Week 2016 Day 1
↳ COOKING TOGETHER: Caitlin is still struggling to feel better after what happened with Hunter, so Harry decides to try and make her relax by making homemade pizza together.

Today, I fucked up... by starting to kick my SO at 03:30 AM

I called my SO during a coffee break at my work. She asked me if I remembered waking her up in the middle of the night. A bit confused and surprised i said “no?”.

Apparently I woke her up at 3:30am saying “Honey, its time to get up now”, and starting to franticly poking her. Dazed and confused she sat up in bed and asked me what time it was. I looked at her, turned around and started to fumble after my phone. I check the phone and say 3:30, very casually and start to move my legs towards her. This is where the real fuckup starts. Slowly but firmly I start pushing her out of the bed with my legs/feet, and she ends up on the floor beside the bed.

She ended up sleeping on the couch and I had no clue that any of this had ever took place. Though I did get concerned to see her sleeping on the couch before heading to work.

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Im papalogia trash, and its all @acnologias-ass and @drxgonkeep ‘s fault! Now im in papalogia hell and I cant leave!!

((what if the angrier acnologia gets the brighter his tattoos will glow??))

Imagine if they had a family photo, it would probably be something like this!

bonus: We’d all know who the real star would be though

If you pick one out of the billions and stare at it long enough all the others will melt away.

So a little bit ago my bestie, @eurydicenoelleharshaw, asked me to make a card for @tarsnake with this quote she picked out. Liked how it turned out so much, I asked if it would be alright if I posted it.


”When I noticed it, his face was about here.
It can’t be true, it can’t be true…certainly not!? It’s a live show.
I thought he would stop at the last moment.
And then … it was warm.”

”And then … it was sweet. Please don’t worry. Because I love him.”

(Futari Tabi concert 2015.09.24 @ Nagoya.
During which Tsubasa also kissed Takki’s left cheek.
These were the first times ever something like this happened in front of fans)

we are the crystal gems (a cappella)
we are the crystal gems (a cappella)

tried to do a four part harmony exercise, with one part for every crystal gem! i’m honestly pretty psyched that steven universe is going to air again soon hahaha

can’t wait for the next episode!