took at least 5 hours to draw


This one took at least 5 days, and probably 20-ish hours altogether, but it is done. The background is gross, but I’ll deal with that another time. Or never. Never is good. 

After watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, I knew I had to draw Yondu. He was The Best. It was only natural to then decide to draw Baby Groot and Rocket with him. I’d have drawn Peter, but that would have killed me, having to draw another human. At least Groot and Rocket took 5 hours total, while Yondu took at least 15. Peter would have added an extra 10 hours, bare minimum, and I’m not that much of a masochist. 

Anyway, hope y’all like. :-) 

aelins  asked:

hey! just passing by to say that l love your art! and just a quick question, how much time does it usually take for u to draw most of your art? I've been feeling like I take waaay too much time to draw the simplest things so it'd be v cool to have some kind of parameter ya know?

hello! well it really depends? most of my drawings take me at least 3 hours if i color them and stuff, comics take me at least two days, sometimes an entire week! it mostly depends on my time and if i actually feel like working on them hsjdhjs for example my last pjo fanart took me like half a day but with breaks in between, so if i had been working on it nonstop it would have proooobably taken me 5/6 hours? im not sure…

and honestly its practice! the more you practice the easier and faster your drawings come out! i dont really spend too much time on sketching like i use to lets say… a year ago. sometimes it comes off at once and naturally, other days i struggle more. it mostly depends on my mood or if i did warm ups or if i havent drawn in days

i hope this helps, and thank you!!

I started this on September last year. I spent two weeks, at least 5 hours per day, making this… Then it went on hiatus for three months when I tried to make the background, xD… I’m so proud of it (but I hate to draw sneakers… those took almost half the process of the entire drawing… the other half was… the frigging bg)

Well, it was good practice.

I kinda feel bad for leaving Momo, Nitori, and Seijuurou out, but what else can I do when there’s only seven guys in the original group?

Haruka as JungKook
Makoto as J-Hope
Rin as V
Nagisa as Jimin
Rei as Jin
Kisumi as Suga (Momo was going to be Suga, but I later thought Kisumi fitted better)
Sousuke as Rap Monster

Aaaaand the original video


Summary: Sometimes words were all you needed and sometimes words weren’t needed at all

Word Count:4.2k

Warnings: Angst

A/N: Thank you for 1k. 

“Pick up the pace! Let’s go! We lost our first two games!  We are not,” Neil paused to breathe, “-about to lose another!” 

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So this is what I’ve been working on during free time in 2D animation class. It probably doesn’t seem like much (and in very poor quality) but I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Each frame took roughly 10 minutes, and there are around 30 drawings. So that means in a total of 5 hours I made 3 seconds of sketch animation. 

I was thinking of adding some frames in the beginning to make him talk, and actually complete this with audio of some sort, but not sure how far I’m actually going to go with this. Figured you guys should see what I have so far anyway. 

Im sorry for not drawing some quality content, since all Ive been doing is uploading sketches and rebloging random stuff, so have a meme. So here is my story:
Dat Boi took at least 5 spread out days, a couple of hours each day. During the process, i have thought about stopping the production of this masterpiece. I lost hope everytime it came around to 9 pm, but i kept going. This was going to be a gif til i realized that would take me a year
Oh and the background took me like 5 minutes
( @yoshinator5000 look at my masterpiece)

So this is our finished outfit for sunday!
aka the 1989 tour in Amsterdam!
We worked so hard on it and I hope some of you will notice this and like or reblog it, so maybe Taylor notices.
The stripes on the top we draw them, we ironed the logo and the stripes on the skirt are done with tape.
It took us at least 7 hours to make this.

I can’t wait to finally see Taylor live, it will be one of the best experiences in my life.

We will be in 213, row 5!!

I love you taylorswift

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how long does each drawing take you ?

simple paintings that i start w/o sketch or lineart take maybe 1-2 hrs each

a step above simple paintings take 3, 4+ hrs, while more detailed paintings start taking 6+ hrs at the least. and this...i dont even want to think abt how long that one took

cell-shaded pieces take maybe 4-6 hrs, w an optional +1 hr for cleaner lineart

these stickers took me a while and hit maybe 8, 9+ hrs on the dipper & ford one, but average abt 4-5 hours w an established sketch & palette

traditional sketches take anywhere from 5-30 minutes each depending on how invested i get, and digital sketches take around 1-2 hrs. i usually take the extra step & just clean it up and color so i have v few digital sketches to show haha

neat & clean line-art like this and this takes 3-6+ hrs, while my usual lineart isn’t as refined and takes only 2-3 hrs

even w these estimates, my time spent overall goes up if im drawing it for someone else (like a commission, collab, during a livestream, or to print/sell). if im drawing a quick request/messing around for myself i don’t take as long ^^

30 days Stoki word meme. Day 5: Pencil.

This wasn’t the first time Loki had noticed him. It had almost become a routine for him: Get up early, walk to the same quaint cafe and sit at one of the tables outside and sure enough, five minutes later the blond would show up, order a black coffee and sit there for at least half an hour drawing the buildings, people or whatever looked interesting.

Loki would normally stay away from strangers, not really interested in making small talk; specially on a Monday. But this guy seemed different, and against his better judgment he took his cup of coffee and walked the small distance to the blond’s table.

— Is this seat taken?