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Could you make a chart for the fatality of bullet wounds please?

Sure, nonny! Happy to help! Sorry this took me a while, but here you go…

[Table: “Area Shot” in one column, “Potential Lethality” in another. “Area Shot” column lists body parts: head, chest, abdomen, upper arm, upper leg, forearm, lower leg, hand, foot. “Potential Lethality” lists “potentially lethal” in all rows.]

You see why I had so many problems answering this ask, anon?

In all seriousness, I wanted to use this to prove a point. Gunshots anywhere on the body have the potential to be fatal.

I’ll give you the classic EMS paradox that’s been taught to me during training. You come up on a scene with a man unconscious on the floor. In point of fact he’s in cardiac arrest.

Of course, you start CPR and strip him  down naked and check for wounds, because that’s a thing you do in EMS. But the only thing you find is a gunshot wound in the palm of his hand. Entry, no exit. Small little hole, little bit of a powder burn.

What the hell happened?

What the hell happened is, he was trying to stop himself from getting shot, reached out, and occluded the muzzle with his hand. The bullet traveled under the skin, up the outstretched arm, up into the shoulder, where it lodged in and deflated the lung, and the person died.  

This is supposedly based on a real case (note: I’m too lazy to verify this), which only proves the point that real life is stranger than fiction.

But a GSW to the hand doesn’t have to have some magical properties to be potentially fatal. In addition to the ever-present threat of complications such as sepsis, there’s also the fact that the radial artery is right. there. The wrist isn’t far from the hand, and bullets and bones have strange and almost miraculous relationships when it comes to trajectory.

The same is true in the foot, only more so, because hard floor surfaces tend to generate ricochets, and the bullet could simply go through the foot, ricochet off the floor, and come up and hit, say, the dorsalis pedis artery, or an artery in the ankle, and cause a life threatening bleed.

Now, just because something is potentially lethal doesn’t mean it automatically is lethal. Once upon a time I wrote a post about survivable headshot wounds: Headshots: They’re Not Always Lethal (Yes, Really)

And just because a bullet to the hand CAN cause laceration to the radial artery (or even a pneumothorax!) doesn’t mean it will. People can get shot in the chest and live. People can get shot in the chest and die. Most leg wounds can be taken care of at home (if it’s a clean through-and-through with minimal bleeding). Some leg wounds will be fatal inside of 10 minutes (femoral artery) or will require years of rehab (femur or femoral nerve injury).

This is why I have such a hard time writing about gunhots, even though they’re HEAVILY requested (though you guys seem to have a thing for arrows and drownings lately….)

I hope this helped, but I suspect I’ve been supremely unhelpful.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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Old Erwin

I spoke to Erwin twice in my entire life, but I saw him almost every day while going to school. I’d pass on the other side of the street and naturally turn my head to the right to see him. An old man with patchy graying hair under a worn brown hat and squinty eyes.

That was Old Erwin.

He’d always been around as far as I knew. As a little kid he frightened me, I’d cling to my mom and ask her to hurry up. I didn’t want to be near the ‘creepy hobo’. Over time, I got used to his presence on the street corner. He was like a statue, a part of the structure.

Erwin never caused any trouble. He was quiet and although he usually had this empty rusty can next to where he tended to sit, he never asked passerbys for cash. And whatever money he did have went to taking care of the friends he had. The furry or feathery ones.

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Imagine having a bad day and Chris comforting you.

“Babe, I’m home.” Chris called out to you as he entered the front door. Silence filled the air instead of the usual sounds; like you calling “welcome home!” or “I’m in here!” from the kitchen or the living room, and Dodger’s scuttling feet as he sprinted to greet his best friend at the door. “Y/N?” He called again as he locked and turned away from the front door.

He knew you were home because you had texted him a couple hours ago- when he’d just started his photo shoot for Vogue’s November cover- telling him you’d finished at your dessert bar and was headed home. That, and he saw your car in the driveway and your keys on the table by the front door.

You had heard him come in but was too physically and emotionally tired to answer him. You knew he was going to find you eventually; just like he was going to find the article eventually, and the mean tweets and Instagram posts from his fans. You never usually allowed things like that to bother you because you knew what being with an actor meant, but after a long day, your tolerance had decreased significantly.


Judging by the distance of his voice, he was in the living room and would soon find you in the kitchen. You were sitting on the cold hardwood floor, behind the marble bar counter with Dodger, as well as a pint of cookie dough ice-cream and a spoon; you had the tendency to turn to food when you were upset.

“There are my two biggest loves,” Chris entered the kitchen’s threshold with a wide smile that faded when you looked up. “Hey,” his brows furrowed with concern at your tired eyes. “What’s wrong?”

You simply shook your head because after years of being together, he knew you well enough to answer that question himself.

“Alright.” He lowered himself onto the floor next to you; he shuffled as close to you as possible then lifted his arm and wrapped it around you. “C'mere boo bear,” he cooed, hoping he’d draw a smile from you; he didn’t. “Is it work?” He asked gently, watching as you spooned more ice-cream into your mouth. “Did you have another asshole walk into the shop? Tell me who it is and I’ll fight ‘em. I don’t care if it’s a boy girl man or woman I will fight ‘em,” he asserted fiercely without punctuation. “Let’s go right now, I’ll drive to their house-”

“Stop,” you chuckled softly, pushing him back down before he got to his feet; he smiled because his bid cracked you. “I’m fine, okay? It’s nothing, it’s just that-” You stopped yourself and huffed, “nothing.”

His eyes narrowed at your behavior then he remembered the call he got from Anne, his publicist, wanting to give him, and you a heads up; she had found a few upsetting articles, and fan reactions regarding his recent engagement with you. He heaved a sigh when he realized that was what must have been upsetting you.

“Did you happen to pass the magazine rack while you were at the grocery store?” He asked. “Or maybe go on Twitter and Instagram?”

“No,” you mumbled sheepishly.

“Sweetheart,” he chuckled and squeezed you tightly against him, pressing his lips to your hair. “How many times do I have to tell you to avoid that crap?”

“I’m usually fine with it,” you defended yourself. “In fact- I enjoying reading and laughing at articles like that, as well as the fan reactions and memes they make. It is- crazy funny to me.”

“Not when you’re tired,” he shook his head. “You know what you’re like after a long day, you should know better than to burden yourself with that bullshit.”

“How am I meant to avoid it when we’re headlining?” You frowned. “We are literally on every cover. Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N recently engaged but already on the rocks, will they make it to the alter?” You recited the headline for him and he sighed. “Some of your little fan girls even found me at the shop, they were-” you stopped yourself before you cussed out fifteen year olds.

“Okay,” he gently rubbed your arm and you ate another spoonful of ice-cream. “You’re going to try and take a breath. Come on, in and out.”

You rolled your eyes and mockingly did as he instructed, drawing light laughter from him. You poked your spoon into your ice-cream and played it with, upset with the media and fans, and yourself for letting it bother you.

“Y/N, who cares what people think?” He asked rhetorically. “Are we on the rocks? No,” he answered before you could. “I have never been happier. They are judging us and our relationship when they know nothing about either. They are basing their whole article on one photo, a photo that has zero content.”

You remembered that day the photo was taken, the two of you were having dinner at the restaurant Jack’s Place. It was all smiles and laughter until you got a phone call from your brother about your nephew who got into a car accident and had been admitted into the hospital. The two of you wanted to rush home so the next flight out to Australia could be booked, but the paps surrounded you and Chris the second they spotted you leaving the restaurant. They blocked the path to his car and drowned the two of you with stupid questions. Of course both of you looked upset.

“So why are you letting it bother you?” He chuckled. “We both know why we looked upset and it had nothing to do with us as a couple.”

“I know but-”

“Let it go,” he chuckled and took the spoon from you with one hand and scooped while you held the pint. “You know I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. If the ring on your finger isn’t big enough to remind you of that then- let’s go back to Tiffany’s,” he teased and you giggled. “Screw all of 'em, because as long as we’re happy with each other, who cares what the public thinks? Our opinions are what matters here, not theirs.”

“You’re right,” you nodded. “I’ve already struck the lottery with you, I shouldn’t be greedy about the little things.” You leaned your head against his chest and Dodger nuzzled his head under your hand. “I’m happy here and that’s what’s important. Plus-” you chuckled, “the important ones have already given their approval.”

“Your grandfather hasn’t.” He reminded you and chuckled when you groaned. “I know he likes me but- I don’t know if he wants to see me with you for the rest of your life.” He lowered the pint onto the floor. “I think he thinks you’re too young for me.”

“We’re only twelve years apart.”

“Exactly,” he chuckled. “But I’m not too worried, he’s dated his fair share of younger women so he doesn’t really have a moral high ground.”

“Oh my God.” You burst into laughter and he did the same as you pulled away from him and sat up straight. “Don’t you dare say that in front of him,” you turned and told Chris, chuckling. “Because he will shoot you and no one will be able to stop him.” He laughed harder, doing his signature 'left boob grab’ and you smiled, wondering how you got so lucky with him.

“I know I’m stupid but I’m not that stupid,” he said then chuckled when you did. “Do you want to go to bed?” He beckoned his head in the direction of the stairs. “It’s getting pretty late and we’ve got another long day tomorrow.”

You leaned in and pressed your lips against his, kissing him tenderly but passionately. He smiled and kiss you back, letting his arm snake around your waist. He tasted like you did; of cookie dough ice-cream. His beard scratched your face but you were so used to it that it didn’t bother you anymore. Your hand moved up to his neck and your thumb brushed his jawline as he deepened the kiss. His other hand moved under your knees and he lifted you onto his lap, not once breaking away from the kiss. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you ran your fingers through the hair on the back of his head, humming softly against his lips. You broke the kiss to catch your breath and you heard him audibly whined as he leaned forward to catch your lips again. You chuckled softly then pressed your forehead against his, gazing deeply into his pretty blues.

“I love you,” you whispered and watched his smile reach his eyes.

“And I love you,” he whispered back and you felt your own smile reach your eyes.

Laser Tag (Ethan Dolan Fluff)

Summary ~ You can’t walk around the amusement park alone, luckily you don’t have too.

Words ~ 817

Request ~ Yes

I stood by the games texting my friend.
Where are you
I can’t make it tonight, I feel sick
Get better soon :)

I sighed looking around. It would be weird if I went around the park by myself. I decided to go after I got a drink. I stood in the line waiting to order. I could hear some guys talking behind me, while the girl in front of me took forever. She turned around with an extra small popcorn and I recognized her from school, one of the ‘populars’
“Oh hey nerd” She smiled.
“Hi” I sighed.
“Are you here all by yourself like a loser?” She smirked.
“Em….No” I lied.
“Really? I know you don’t have any friends so where are they?” She smirked.
“She is with us” I heard as someone wrapped an arm around my shoulder. I looked up to see two guys smiling.
“Oh, are you her cousins?”
“No we are here best friends” One of the guys said.
“And maybe future boyfriend if I try hard enough” The other guy joked.
“Oh…em…..whatever bye” She said walking off. I let out a deep breath turning to the guys.
“Thank you so much, I owe you guys” I smiled.
“That was so funny did you see her face I wish I had vined it” One of them said.
“Can I buy you guys some popcorn to say thank you”
“Don’t be silly, it was nothing. I’m Ethan by the way”
“I’m Grayson”
“Well thank you both” I said turning around and ordering my stuff. I took my coke and went to walk off.
“Hey are you leaving?” Grayson asked.
“Yeah my friend bailed on me so I don’t have anyone to hang out with. I was going to go home and watch a movie”
“Well we need a third person for laser tag, so will you join us?” Ethan smiled.
“Em…..Okay sure, it sounds fun” He walked over to the laser tag place and suited up.
I walked around the dark obstacle coarse, looking from left to right. I was put on Ethan’s team, we were against Grayson. It sound like an easy game until I found out how good Grayson was at this game. He was jumping over barrels, tumbling from one wall to the other, and shooting at everything that looked like a body. I pointed my gun from one side of the room to the other. Suddenly someone put their hand over my mouth and pulled me behind a wall. I was pushed up against the wall a body against mine. I looked up to see Ethan he removed his hand from my mouth smiling.
“You scared me” I whispered.
“I was just getting you out of sight” A noise came from the other side of the wall and Ethan leaned against me more hiding me slightly. I liked the feeling of him against me, he smelled like mint and pine. He looked down at me as I stared up at him. He got closer to my face. We were inches away when we heard another sound. He pulled away from me, pointing his gun and walking away. If it wasn’t dark you would be able to see my bright red cheeks. I looked around the corner, but before I could go I heard Ethan yell
“I shot him” All the lights came on and the intercom announced our team had won. We put our guns back and walked out of the building.
“Okay I better go” I said avoiding eye contact with Ethan.
“We were just about to go get ice-cream, come on everyone likes ice-cream” Grayson said linking arms with me and dragging me over to the shop. I just got a small so that I could finish it fast and leave. Grayson didn’t seem to notice my awkwardness as he started telling me about vine and how fun it was. I was half listening which I felt bad about.
“Well I am done my ice-cream so I better go” I said standing up.
“We were going to go on the ski-lift, are you sure you don’t want to come?” Ethan asked.
“No I am kind of tired” I faked yawn. “So I better go” I smiled before walking away. I walked out of the park and towards the bus stop. I was close to the stop when I heard someone shout my name. I turned around just as Ethan reached me.
“I just need to check something” He said before he pressed his lips against mine. I was shocked at first but kissed back. He pulled away smiling at me.
“I’m sorry I didn’t do that when we were playing laser tag”
“It’s okay” I blushed.
“Do you maybe want to go out sometime?” He said nervously.
“I would love to” I smiled.
“Great. Come on lets go on the ski-lift”


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Daddy (Rami Malek x Reader)

Requested by @malek-aura: heyy i really like your stories and your english is great btw so keep doing you :) just an idea, i really like rami as a dad stories and maybe you could do something like that if you want?like him being all cute with babies make my heart melt tbh

Word count: 636

It was in the middle of the night when Rami shook you on your shoulder. You didn’t want to wake up at first, but when he shook a bit harder, you finally stood up, rubbing your eyes and yawning. You looked at him questioningly, but you got your answer from the baby-phone on the dresser next to you. There, you could hear the soft and little cries from your new-born baby. “Here we go again.” You murmured. It was already the third time, you woke up, because your baby was missing something. Although you went through many sleepless nights and had not much strength during the day, you would never complain. You loved your baby girl with all you heart and she was worth everything.

You left the king-sized bed you were sharing with your husband Rami, putting your nightgown with your cozy slippers on, and leaving the room. When you arrived the nursery, your baby cried even more, as she would sense that you came into the room. You went to her crib, pulling her out of it and resting her on your arms.”Hi, Baby. What’s the matter?”  You weighed her back and forth, trying to shush her, but she wouldn’t stop crying. You checked her diapers, which were clean. You even tried to feed her but she wasn’t hungry either. Then Rami came into the room. He saw you standing in the middle of the room, witnessed you becoming more desperate every second. He came towards you, laying a hand on your shoulder. “C’mon, it’s my turn.” He said. “Go to sleep. I’ll take care of her.” You offered him a grateful gaze, laying your baby girl in his arms. You were really tired and your arms began to hurt.

“Hey, Emery.” He chanted as he held the infant in his arms. He turned around and took a seat on the white rocking chair next to the crib. “It’s alright, Em.” He reassured her. “Daddy is here. Daddy will protect you.” He kissed her soft cheeks and your heart melted to the sight. Rami was a wonderful father. He always helped you whenever he could so you wouldn’t carry the whole burden on your shoulders. One day he would take care of Emery so you could relax for a while, and then you would switch the places. Everything worked perfect.

Rami rubbed Emery’s back while humming a lullaby. Your baby immediately relaxed to his voice and stopped crying. A hint of jealousy washed over your face. Rami saw you and laughed when he saw you pouting. “What?” “You’re definitely her favorite.” You replied. “That’s nonsense, babe, you know that.” You rolled your eyes at him, turning to leave the room. “Yeah, yeah.”  You sighed. “I love you.” Rami called after you, before you finally left the room. When you lay in your bed, tiredness washed over you and you felt your limbs becoming heavier. You thought how lucky you were and how much you loved your family.

Meanwhile, Rami was talking to your baby. He would always tell some stories about his past life, but this time he told her about you. “She is absolutely gorgeous. The most beautiful woman in my life. She is intelligent, strong and kind. Your mommy, she cares for everyone. Whenever she can, she tries to help people. That’s something I admire about her. But most of all she cares for you and that’s why I want you to promise me that you will treat her good. Be a lovely girl.” He kissed her again on her rosy cheeks. Emery was already asleep. Her chest lifted and fell. She was snoring peacefully. “I love you, baby girl.” Rami whispered in her small ears, while laying her down in her crib. He covered her tiny body.  “Sleep well, my little angel.”

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(Hope this makes u feel better) Em stepped out from behind a sheet where he had been changing. Hook took one look at him and had to swallow a large lump in his throat. A black cotton dress shirt covered *most* of his chest, and tight leather pants tucked into boots were on his legs. "Hook?" He realized that while ogling Swan, he had completely missed what he was saying. "Sorry, mate, it's just that you look..." He stammered, trying to hide his blush. "I know." Em said with a smirk.

omg. yeeeeesssss. 🙌

The Midnight Crew and Lady Noir line-up = v =

PS: So what do we got here?
AD: ‘couple of our boys raided the hideout of the Midnight Crew a few hours ago, caught all of 'em while they were sleepin’.
PS: What else?
AD: Well… Big guy bites, had to muzzle 'im after he took a few chomps off our boys, little one’s harmless without all the explosives. Slick here nearly decapitated one of our men, and we kinda walked in on the tall fella to the right.
PS: And the dame…
AD: Dame’s a surprise, always thought it was just 4 of 'em. Put up a good fight too and sent most of us into the emergency room. Also, I let PI have fun with the boards.
PS: Huh. Guess we can all sleep better tonight then.

so, after all fics I’ve ever read I decided to do fanfiction recommendations page, because I’ve read a lot of amazing fics and I’ve never reblogged them if they’re not on tumblr. So here it is.

Works are sorted by AUs, but it might look a little bit messy for you, because some of them has more than one AU (like Uni and Soulmates at the same time). I don’t recommend visiting this page while you’re on mobile :D

~ 250+ fics


Originally posted by jurassicparkfilms

Based on Anonymous Prompt: Hiya!! Could I please get an Owen x reader? Just a small fluffy thing in which (Y/n) meets Owen when she visits the park with her little sister, who is obsessed with the raptors.

A/N: Sorry this took me so long.  It’s been a while since I wrote anything.  One prompt left and then I’ve got nothing more to write, so feel free to send more prompts if you want!


“Em, I think we have to-”

“Shhhh…”  You look down at your little sister, Emily, who’s staring down with silent amazement at the raptors.

“Em, the paddock’s closing and we-”

“I don’t want to go yet,” she whispers.  

“Em, we’ve been here for two hours.”

“Five more minutes.”

Just then, you realize someone’s standing behind you.  

“I’m so sorry, I swear, we’ll leave-”  You turn around to find yourself face to face with a ridiculously handsome man.  

“I don’t mind,” he says and his smile almost makes you melt.  You realize you recognize him from earlier, when he was feeding the raptors.

“You’re one of the trainers, right?” you ask.

“Owen Grady,” he says, extending his hand to shake.  “Raptor alpha.”  You snort at the last bit.  

“Alpha?” you ask, raising an eyebrow.  “What are you, a super hero?” 

Owen seems mildly taken aback and for a second you regret your comment.  But then he smirks, like he’s accepted your challenge.

“Wait, you’re the alpha?”  Suddenly, Emily’s no longer staring at the raptors, but up at Owen in rapt admiration.  “How is that even possible?  You must’ve had to imprint on them when they were born.”

“That’s right,” Owen says, and you see his eyes spark with interest as he turns his attention to Emily.

“The blue one’s the beta, right?”  And suddenly, they’re in a full conversation, discussing the developmental stages of velociraptors and debating different training methods.  

You can’t help but smile as you watch the two of them, talking like they’re old friends.  You’ve always known that Emily was a genius, but a lot of other adults were fooled by the fact that she was only 11 years old.  Owen didn’t even seem to notice, and the two spoke rapidly and excitedly for ten minutes.

“Do you want to see them in action?” Owen asks and Emily’s eyes go wide.

“Can I?” she asks, then looks at you.  “I thought we had to go.”

“We don’t want to inconvenience you,” you start, but Owen cuts you short.

“It would be my pleasure,” he says and he smiles that smile again.  You scold yourself for being so attracted to him, but you blame the heat.  And his charming personality.  And his good looks.

He turns to look down at the raptors and pulls out a clicker.  The raptors all look up and you’re amazed by how attentive they are.  

He goes through a whole routine, and you watch as the raptors follow his every command.  Truthfully, you really watch Emma, who’s having the time of her life, tracking Owen’s every command and watching the raptors’ every move.  

By the end, she’s grinning from ear to ear.  You don’t think it’s possible, but when Owen offer to let her throw the treats down to the raptors, her smile grows even bigger.  

As she tosses the food down, Owen ambles over to you, that look back on his face.

“What’d you think?” he asks and you shake your head.

“Very impressive, alpha,” you tease.  

“Glad you’re impressed,” he smirks.  “That was the goal.”

“Was it?” you smile.  

“Of course,” he says.  He glances over at Emily, who’s now watching the raptors devour their food.  “So how long are you two going to be here?” 

“My sister’s going to be here for the next two weeks,” you say.  “But after that, I actually start a job in the PR department.”

“The PR department?” Owen repeats.  “Of the park?”  You nod.  “As in you’ll be living on the island?”  You nod again.

“(Y/N), I’m hungry,” Emily says, coming over to stand next to you.  “Is it okay if we go now?  Can we come back tomorrow?”

“Yes to the first question,” you reply.  “And the second one is up to Owen here.”  Emily turns to look at Owen.  His face is unreadable.  

“Why don’t we exchange number, (Y/N) and you can give me a call when you guys are heading over?” Owen says, his face breaking into a big smile.  You raise an eyebrow as his mouth twitches.

“Smooth, Owen, smooth,” you say, already taking your phone out of your pocket.  He hands you his phone and the two of you tap your numbers in.  He hands it back to you.

“And (Y/N),” he says.  “Feel free to inconvenience me whenever.”

“How about 10 tonight, at Margaritaville?” you ask, suddenly feeling bold.

“I don’t know,” Owen says, his voice clearly teasing.  “I think I can fit you into my schedule.”  With that, he walks away.

You turn and see Emily, staring at you with a stupid grin on her face.

“Shut up, Em.”


Author’s note: Don’t mind me with this drabble. I saw everyone posting a picture post about how relationships crumble due to communication problems and not working hard enough, then I stumbled across Gwen Stefani’s “Cool.” I didn’t do any grammar checks and it’s 3:40 am.

One day I’ll make a fic to make people cry.Tonight is probably not that night.

endemictoearth ch1darkcy slothpaws sassy-curmudgeon tinychemicals

Finn heard the knock on the door from the kitchen, almost dropping the tea kettle in the sink. Immersed in his thoughts due to the overflow of dishes and soap bubbles, he simply forgot how his guest had the tendency to arrive earlier than the time they agreed to. He grabbed the towel to his left, walking until he reached the bottom of the stairs to give a shout.

“She’s here! I got it!”

Finn made a stop in front of the mirror, checking to see if he looked all right. There was a ghost in front of him – a 17 year-old boy in a black Oasis shirt, sunnies, running his hands through his hair to make sure his fringe didn’t fall in his eyes. With a squint, the image of a boy vanished to showcase a man – one who kept his hair shorter, more cropped to the sides, shoulders straight, headphones stashed in a drawer instead of constantly draped over his neck. His eyes did twinkle as he realized he was looking more like his dad, but the long hair was definitely out of the question.

The knocking on the door became louder than the first set. That was twice that his thoughts drifted to the past, so he moved towards the handle to open. His words and breath left him, chest tightening as he watched her bite her bottom lip, hair curled around her face. She knew what she did to him and it amused her, hands crossed over her chest and cheeks slightly colored due to her travels. He would never forget how dark her body could blush underneath his hands, but the mental image flashed away just as quickly as it came.

“Well, it’s about time! Are you going to make me stand out here all day?”

Finn snapped his head up and opened the door wider. “ ‘Course not, silly! Come in, come in, Em is still upstairs. I have no idea what’s taking her so long.”

Rae didn’t need anymore prompt once Finn took his steps. She was already stepping inside the foyer, hands fiddling with the belt of her jacket, while Finn went to grab the suitcase from the car outside. She smiled wistfully at his actions. Finn would always remain her sweetest friend.

“I could have gotten it myself, you know.”

“Ah, no sweat at all. Just one bag and it’s not like you would carry all your possessions. Just your laptop, your cell, your diary, MP3 player – if a record player was portable, I’m sure you’d bring that instead!” He started to laugh as she came around her oversized suitcase to punch his arm, but he surprised her by pulling her into a hug. Rae sighed deeply, breathing in the familiarity of his cologne as he tightened the grip on her waist. They both squeezed, rocking back and forth, memories swirling. Finn nuzzled his face in to her neck once, then pulled back a little so he could could look at her face.

“I’ve missed you, yanno.”

Rae couldn’t help but scrunch her face. “Yeah, I know.” Which meant that she missed him, too.

“Ohhh, I see the love fest already started. Rae, should I go back upstairs so my husband could hog you all up, or do I get a hug as well?”

Rae walked backwards while watching him, but turned and rushed towards Emily, the pretty brunette who was close to giving birth. “There is no way I’ll refuse to hug my favorite mother-to-be! C'mon, c'mon I have presents! Finn, go get the kettle on, I have loads to talk about!”

If anyone told him that Rae and him couldn’t be, he would have laughed and told them to go fuck off. Yet, it happened. It was brutal. When the couple moved in together, they didn’t realize that if they didn’t work hard everyday for their relationship, that it would turn brittle and the slightest wind could carry them apart. Finn thought he proved enough of himself to her, while Rae felt that she wasn’t whole. After that last fight, Rae packed up all of her things, not even stopping to leave a note. He only realized she was gone for good when he saw her records missing. That was a big enough clue.

A few years apart made a huge difference. He finally cracked Izzy enough to get Rae’s email, pouring his heart and soul to a computer, hoping that she wouldn’t delete his message. Finn knew he was a mess, too. He already found Emily, but was willing to give up anything for his first love. Rae responded a week later, just when Finn had given all hope up. She explained that she could only be friends, because she would never let anyone make her feel that way he did again. Finn replied “Okay…”, so a few months they sent sporadic messages to each other to see how the other was doing. Finn knew she was traveling due to her career, but he also knew through Chop that she was on and off with a few guys. It made his stomach turn. 

 A weird thing happened. Emily met Rae at a party that he couldn’t go to at Izzy’s. The bubbling red-head didn’t think nothing wrong could happen when introducing the two. Rae was cautious, but Emily certainly wasn’t. They got along so well, that Rae only came around due to his new girlfriend’s insistence. More peculiar things happened. Rae was there for the ring purchase. Rae was there for the wedding. He thought at one point she would finally give up and admit that she still loved him, but his first love had refused to interrupt a blossoming relationship.

“Do you love Emily?” Rae had asked coolly, after a night where he was drunk and arguing about Rae’s intentions.

Finn was originally going to say “Not as much as I love you,” but he surprised himself by simply stating yes. “Yes. I do.”

“Then I’m here to make sure you don’t fuck this one up.”

Sitting in a chair, he watched as both women laughed and giggled, Emily even forcing Rae to touch her stomach when the baby kicked. There was a voice inside that insisted that should have been Rae having his child, should be the one wearing the ring, but he was over the regrets in his past. In another life he would be more careful, but in this one, he would grasp on to the only way he can have her.

Clearing his throat, Finn waited until both looked up at him. “That reminds me…we have a question for you, Rae.”

Rae raised an eyebrow, continuing to rub Emily’s belly.

“How do you feel about being a godmother?”

Emily let out a squeal when she saw the other woman’s face. Rae let out a large laugh, one that reached her eyes and smile. She grabbed Emily and hugged her closely, screaming out that she would love to be.

Finn grinned himself. Yes. This was the way this current life was meant to be.

Don't Mess With Me ft. Strategos Six
Don't Mess With Me ft. Strategos Six

Lyrics written and sung by: Perfectlyvindictive

Instrumental by: Temposhark


How it all began
If truth to be told
They a master plan
Now he rules the world

Took ‘em by surprise
With his army’s will
They took his words in strides
For now he’s invincible

No one can stop him for only he is in control
No point, in pleading, you better run while walk

In his crown, he is king
Securing their endless worshiping
I am but, a humanoid
I will never try to think

So don’t try to fool me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

I’ll show loyalty
I won’t stray from them
Forget personality  
It’s best, I stay in line
Imagine, if you will
They over throw his throne
That’s a misguided thought, it’d be bad if you get, caught

You’re here, to spread fear, why don’t you just disappear
Something tells me you’re not here for us my dear

In his crown, he is king
I’ll stay back in this ring
Fighting for, the people and more
And don’t think I will ever blink

Don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

Cause all your heads are gonna roll

You’re speech, was such an ugly bore
So if you want survival
Kneel on his arrival
for this is how he rule’s the world

No one can stop him
For only he am in control
And if you want to
Fight, then i’ll give you a duel

See his crown, he am king
Lavished in endless worshiping
I am but, a humanoid  
But this is a fight we can’t avoid

So don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me
I’ll knock you down
Don’t mess with me
I’ll shoot you down
Don’t mess with me

(Again, I really like this comic series) :)

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“Dammit that guard wasn’t suppose to be there.” The three of you looked around once more.

“Well it’s just him… I see two options here; one, we go in guns blazing and risk blowing our cover or two, we can improvise.” Dean said clearing his throat getting yours and Sam’s attention. His eyes were on yours while he shifted uncomfortably.

“Are you serious right now?” You asked realizing what he had meant.

He nodded his head half-smiling trying to rid the awkwardness of you glaring at him.

“Well Y/N it would be easier instead of going in full force.” Sam added trying not to laugh.

“And here I thought Sam Winchester was the thoughtful one.”

“Hey I’m thoughtful!”

“Not the point Dean”, you rolled your eyes irritated, “what do I do?”

“Use your uhh–umm- assets to distract him while we slip pass.” Dean managed to get out.

“Well no shit sherlock, but in case neither of you noticed I look like a hunter, he’ll know somethi–”

Dean pulled the rubber band out of your hair and messed it up a bit. He took off your jacket and stood back.

“There. Go get em’ tiger.”

“Practiced this have we?” You asked catching the older brother off guard.


“I-I-I’ll be back you jackasses.” You mocked making your way to the building.

“Dude, she’s gonna kill you.” Sam added laughing.

“She is, isn’t she?”


Get To Know Me Meme  → Crucial Movies [2/10]: The Wizard of Oz (1939)

“And I’m not gonna leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all, and - oh, Auntie Em - there’s no place like home!”

While filming the scene where Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion, Judy Garland got the giggles so badly that they had to take a break in shooting. The director, Victor Fleming, took her aside, gave her a quick lecture, and then slapped her. She returned to the set and filmed the scene in one take. Fleming was afraid that this would damage his relationship with Garland and even told a co-worker he wished that someone would hit him because of how bad he felt, but Garland overheard the conversation and gave him a kiss on the nose to show that she bore no hard feelings. In the film she can still be seen to be stifling a smile between the lines “Well, of course not” and “My, what a fuss you’re making”.

So I made a Some of Us Playlist. I don’t know too much about cyberpunk music, so it actually took me a while, but I really wanted to make one. So I made it as cyberpunky/future-like as possible. 

1. Animus Vox - The Glitch Mob / 2. Sail - Awolnation / 3. If You Crump Stand Up - edIT / 4. Derezzed - Daft Punk / 5. Midnight City - M83 / 6. Keep Em Bouncin - Pretty Lights / 7. Android Porn - Kraddy / 8. The Island - Pendulum / 9.Promises - Nero / 10. Fortune Days - The Glitch Mob / 11. Lights - Ellie Goulding / 12. Night Call - Kavinsky

Art by thecojsz found here

Playlist can be found here

And if you haven’t read autoeuphoric ’s fic, then omg please do, it is fantastic! 


Request- Hi can u do an imagine where your brothers Sam and Dean usually ignore u like when they watch tv they eat snacks while your alone in the corner or after a hunt they just pat each others back and they forget u(something like that) so one day u leave a note and run away than Cas comes in tells Sam and Dean(maybe can u add where Cas does flashbacks for Sam and Dean so they can see it when they ignore u) and than later in the future they find you getting hit on by a guy and they see you punch him.

A/N- What are these- these feelings… I’ve never felt anything while I wrote a story. EVER. But this… I dunno I think it hit a little close to home with me haha. Almost cried. Wow okay. Well Any who… Tell me what you think! x)

No Pairing

Word Count- 2015

Warning-  FEELINGS!~

Your life was a series of feeling invisible. It had been like that all your life. At least, you don’t remember a time where it wasn’t. Today was no different. You and your brothers had just returned home from a hunt. You were all gathered around, watching a movie and finally relaxing. At least they were. You were in the same room and watching as well but you were in the back on a chair, bandaging yourself up. You’ve only gone along with this whole thing because Sam and Dean were your brothers and your only family. Though it doesn’t feel like it. You were starting to feel like you were dead, like you were a ghost they couldn’t see or hear. But it was on hunts like these where you were injured that reminded of the sad truth.

You heard your brothers laugh because of the movie and then you remember the events of the hunt and it hurt. Will it always be this way? You were starting to think so. You bit your lip and came up with a decision. You stood up and walked to your room.

You grabbed your duffel bag, stuffed your clothes, and zipped it up. You looked for a piece of paper and a pen. How do you say goodbye and I love you in as little words as possible that wasn’t so straightforward? You stared at the piece of paper for at least half an hour before you settled. “Take care of each other. I love you both. -Love your sister Y/N” you wrote, tears spilling onto the note. You didn’t want to leave but, it’d be best if you didn’t get in their way. You grabbed your duffel bag and just as you were about to leave, you go back and scribble over the sister part of your note. With that, you left.

Later on at night~

Cas popped in. The boys were in the library. Dean was on the laptop, his beer next to him. While Sam was reading a book. He looked around and was confused.

“Where is Y/N?” he inquired.

Sam looked over at him and gave him a confused look.

“How the hell am I supposed to know?” Dean answered, taking a swig of his beer.

“Haven’t seen her since we came back this morning. Check her room.” Sam said.

Cas did just that. He wasn’t expecting your room to be empty of both your clothes and presence. He saw your note and almost crushed it out of anger. You had confessed to him about the entire situation and how you felt and he advised you to tell your brothers about it. You were too scared to though. He swallowed his anger and took the note to your brothers. He slammed his hand on the table, grabbing Dean and Sam’s attention. “She’s gone.” he fumed.

“What?” Sam asked.

“Y/N is gone.” He responded.

“What do you mean Y/N’s gone?  Why would she up and leave?” Dean questioned, slightly agitated.

At this Castiel became angrier. “You want to know why? I’ll show you.” he said.

He then proceeded to take them to every time they had ignored you that you told him about at least. The boys were shocked every time. Then there was their latest screw up.

The three of you were hunting a pack of werewolves. You had trapped them in a local high school football field. There were four of them. You were having trouble with the one you were fighting as you saw Dean kill one. Finally though, after it tackled you to the ground, you managed to kill it. You looked over to your brother who was just a few feet away. Sam was about to kill the one in front of him, when the fourth one sneaked up behind him.

“Sammy!” you heard Dean yell.

You immediately ran towards them, even as Dean shouted. Sam killed one and at dean’s voice he turned around just as the werewolf was bringing down its claws. Luckily you made just in time to push Sam out of the way. Though the werewolf manage to scrape your side. It wasn’t too deep but blood trickled down steadily and it hurt a lot. You look at Sam and a wave of relief flowed through you as you saw he was unharmed.

“Are you alright!” Dean shouted as he ran your way.

You smiled happily. After all, he’s never sounded so concerned about you before. You were about to answer when he walk passed you and toward Sam, helping him stand on his feet.

“I’m alright.” Sam had answered.

“This is why Y/N left.” Castiel told them.

Sam and Dean just stared as they saw you bite your lip to prevent yourself from crying, as you slowly stood up on your own even though you were injured and bleeding. How you slowly made your way back to the impala while their past selves hugged each other happy that the other was alive. Castiel made them watch even when they arrived at home. When they were watching a movie and you sat in the back, bandaging yourself.

“Y-Y/N’s pretty good at that.” Dean complimented, trying to lighten the heavy feeling that weighed down his heart. Sam was about to agree but Castiel wasn’t going to let them off so easily.

“She has to be. Who else do you think does it when she’s injured? Only once has she ever come to me for help. She was half dead. She went off on her own, on a solo hunt, wanting to see if she can do it without you two, because she no longer wanted to burden you.” he informed them.

“Take us back.” Sam said.

“We gotta find Y/N.” Dean added.

Castiel wasted no time taking them to your present location, which was a bus station. “I don’t know where Y/N is exactly.”

“It’s alright. Let’s split up.” Dean said.

They all nodded and went with the plan. They searched and searched and still nothing. Eventually the three men met back up. They shook their heads, informing the others that they hadn’t found you.

“Hey- baby.” a random man called out. “What’s a person like you doing all alone here? Ya know it’s dangerous, right? I’ll be a proper gentleman and escort you,” the man said with a smirk while half bowing sarcastically.

“I’m fine on my own thanks.” you respond loud enough to grab the boys’ attention. They all whipped their heads toward the sound of your voice.

“Oh come on. Having little ol’ me along to protect you from bad guys won’t be so bad.” he said.

Seeing you in that position, ticked Dean and Sam off. You were here because of them, because of that, they were even more ticked off. They walked over to the man and fast.

You were already stressed out and this random guy wasn’t helping your mood, so you couldn’t help but take it out on him. “The only bad guy I see here is you,” you spat.

“What was that?!” he shouted, grabbing hold of your arm.

You turn around while swing your arm and your fist collided with his face full force. As he falls you spot your brother’s. You froze, your eyes widen and you mouth hung open.

“Y/N,” your brothers call in unison.

You take a step back. “Y/N w-wait…” Dean started.

You took another two steps back. You were trembling, ‘Why are they here?’ you thought. Then you saw Cas with them. ‘He probably told em.’ you concluded.

“Y/N we just wanna talk.” Sam added.

“Now you wanna talk? After all this time. Why now?” you found yourself asking.

Your brother’s were obviously taken aback. “We had that one coming.” Dean muttered, though he was still hurt by it.

“We want to apologize.” Sam said.

“Apologize?” you question.

Dean held his hands up, “You’re right. I don’t expect you to forgive us. Ever. We have no right to ask you that. Tell us… Tell us how you feel. How we made you feel…”

“H-How I feel? Why do you wanna know how I feel? What does it matter if I tell you? You two will never understand! You’ll never understand how it feels to be invisible! To feel alone! Even when there are people there with you. There’s a difference with being alone and feeling alone! But SURE you wanna know how I felt, living with you two all these years. How empty I felt even when you two were there. How much I cried every time you’d talk about protecting your family. You know… There were times… where I thought I was dead. It was the only logical reason why you’d ignore me. If I was a ghost and didn’t pass on… It’s the only explanation… but then I’d go on hunts with you, and I’d get hurt. Learning that you two don’t really love me hurt a whole lot more than all the scratches. All the bruises. All the cuts and the bleeding.” you shouted. Your nose was beginning to burn and tears threatened to fall. “What I hate the most. Was that no matter what, I really still love you guys. Even though I went unnoticed, I thought, well if they are alright, then maybe things will turn out fine. Then it got to the point where I couldn’t bare it anymore. Being here… it hurt too much. So I went out on a hunt by myself. It was a demon hunt. They called for backup and I thought to myself, I don’t care, I never had back up anyways.” you couldn’t stop the avalanche of tears. “The demons got me real good. I was barely able to call for Cas before I passed out of blood loss. He saved me but I was dying. I know cause I saw a reaper. I also saw Bobby… He didn’t let me go with him. Said you two needed me even if you didn’t show it. Cas saved me. He brought me home. You two didn’t even notice I was gone for four days. I was all alone again. I-” you sobbed and dropped to your knees. “I- I tried. To talk to you guys. To be part of the family. But you guys… wouldn’t… You just couldn’t hear me… I-” you let the words fall. Too busy sobbing to formulate words. You hadn’t even noticed when Sam and Dean came closer. Or when they wrapped their arms around you, tears of their own welling up in their eyes. “I- I don’t want to go back to that.” you sobbed.

“You won’t.” Sam said.

“Damn right you won’t. If you wanna go back, and I don’t blame you if you don’t-”

“Dean-” Sam said, trying to stop him.

“No Sam. If she doesn’t wanna come back, I don’t wanna force her. “If you do… come back… I promise you. I’ll change. We- will change. I’m not just saying this. Alright. I just- I need you to know. We fucked up- I know- but-” he paused.

“What Dean is trying to say is… if you want, we’d like a second chance.” Sam said.

You stared at them, “D-do you guys really want me?” you couldn’t stop yourself from asking.

Dean and Sam looked at one another, sharing the same thought, ‘I can’t believe I hurt her so much, that she would have to ask that.’

They brought you into another group hug, “Of course we do.” Sam said.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way.” Dean added.

You’ve never felt so happy before, that’s what you thought in that instant. Then Cas took all of you home. You hugged him and thanked him for what he did. He had to go though, angel duties.

You and your brothers sat on the sofa and watched whatever movie you wanted with a large blanket draping over the three of you. This. This must be the happiest day of your life, and you only had the rest of your happy days to look forward to.

Hope you liked it! x)

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For the writting prompt thingie, um, naruto and hinata bonding just after the war?

… yes. i love it.

This has about 1200 words and it is pure pre-last post-war fluff, so enjoy

It seemed just like yesterday that the war ended. The hero was welcomed back to the battle field, with one less arm, but with his friend back all the same as it was years before. Celebrations were had, festivals held, and parties would last well on till dawn. Everyone in the world seemed to have one thing in common, and that was they owed their life to one man, Naruto Uzumaki.

And right now he was having the most difficult time opening a popsicle.

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harper pls let me see everyone you've made so far

OK so it took a while but here they all are! All a work of progress and none of them are done and idk if theyre any good but. anyway here.

yeah i needed more islanders so i just went thru some of the npcs and picked ones i liked and made em 

oh and btw sans and toriel are MARRIED

that’s all for now