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How would the main three plus leo react to their childhood friend appearing while they practice? Like they hadnt seen eachother in years? (Btw ur profile is amazing and great writing and ya i hope im not annoying ill go now bye)

Aw, anon, you’re not annoying me! I love requests and being able to make people happy with my writing; this request is really good! I like the feeling of nostalgia I was able to create here. Sorry this took such a long time ;-; Thanks for requesting!

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • He’s taking a break from his practice with Yuri when he feels a tap on his shoulder
  • He would just hug you and tell you how much he’s missed you
  • He would want to go catch up with you right away
  • “Lucky for you, (Y/N), our practice is now almost over.”
  • “But Viktor, we still have like four hours left to practice-“
  • “Yuuri stfu can’t u see I’m trying to impress them quit cockblocking me jfc
  • Takes you to a restaurant probably, and he would show you all of his favorite foods from Japan
  • Viktor is a physical person, so obviously he’s going to keep an arm around you, hold your hand, touch your leg, etc. at all times
  • he is subconsciously afraid of you slipping away again so his instinct is to cling to you but shhhhhhhhhhhh
  • You would ask him about the change in scenery he’s had from becoming a coach
  • also why did you cut your beautiful locks of hair Viktor why????
  • While he’s talking you can see how much more relaxed and happy he is than you remember
  • It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy seeing him without all of the stress and pressure to be a perfect idol in the figure skating world
  • He notices how beautiful you’ve become; the way you matured and grew from your childhood almost brings him to tears
  • “I thought you were beautiful before but now i can’t take my eyes off of you why are you like this you beautiful human.”
  • After your meal that he pays for what a gentleman he gives you his phone number
  • “You call me if you need anything, okay? I don’t want to get out of touch with you and your beautiful face again!”
  • And he probably wants to take you on a proper date in the near future wink wonk

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It was almost the end of practice when you enter the rink
  • Yuri ends up falling in the final steps of his routine when he sees you
  • “Holy shit is that them holy fuck it is them don’t do anything dumb shit shit shit shit fuck”
  • Viktor sees how bashful Yuri gets and allows him to end practice early, since he can’t wait to see how you two interact
  • Viktor will be watching you from afar but you won’t know it hehe
  • Yuri takes you to his home and cooks you a meal
  • You talk the entire time, mostly catching up
  • It turns out you saw him perform on television and wanted to come congratulate him
  • While you two are reminiscing about the past he becomes really self conscious and embarrassed
  • he can’t help but wonder what embarrassing memories you have of him
  • “Remember the time we went out to dinner and you ate your pork cutlet bowl too fast, Yuri? I remember on the walk home we had to stop so you could throw up over the railing of the pier!”
  • “Yes I remember, (Y/N) Please never bring that up again omg shut up you’re killing m e
  • but as soon as you start talking about his skyrocketing skating career and athleticism, his confidence boosts and he instantly becomes more comfortable
  • “Damn, you’ve lost a bunch of weight, huh, Yuri? You look really good.”
  • he nearly dies omg have mercy on this poor boy
  • “Omg thank you look really good too and you’re even more gorgeous than i remember holy shit send h e l p”
  • You exchange phone numbers and stay in close contact, and visits become much more frequent

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • He’s in the middle of getting yelled at by Yakov when you came into the ice rink
  • He almost dies when he sees you
  • tbh that was the most gentle and soft expression you’ve ever seen on his face
  • No matter how much Yuri argues with Yakov, he isn’t allowed to leave to spend time with you
  • So he uses this to his advantage and skates for you
  • You know this boy is going to show off to you as much as possible so are you even surprised like honestly
  • He wants to impress you, so he of course has a flawless run-through of his routine
  • even Yakov was surprised omg so impressed he shuts right up
  • After the practice is over, Yuri brings you to a nearby mall to go shopping
  • If you show him something, he buys it for you
  • “Yuri, I just said I liked it. You don’t have to-‘
  • “Stfu and let me do this for you jfc”
  • psssst he’s secretly trying to make you forgive him for leaving you behind by buying you stuff but you didn’t hear that from me k
  • He will buy you matching cat-themed friendship bracelets probs
  • The two of you just talk about childhood and your favorite memories of each other. Yuri mostly talks about how much he misses having someone like you to talk to tho
  • You guys are goofing around in a store and trying on all of the expensive clothes just for shits and giggles
  • You come out of a dressing room with a big, leopard print coat and Yuri almost dies
  • Holy fuck that is hot but do not get a boner do noT GET A BO N ER”
  • He takes a photo of you and the way you smile at him makes him remember why you were his friend in the first place
  • Needless to say, he’s not going to be letting you go anytime soon

[Leo de la Iglesia]

  • As someone who cherishes his friends, this visit from you is like heaven on earth
  • When you come to the rink, he is doing his post-practice stretch
  • so the first thing you see is his ass bc he’s bending over niiiiice yeeeeaaaahhhhh booiiiiiiii
  • You are so entertained by watching him stretch, and you don’t want to interrupt him
  • But he notices you eventually and his tired expression changes to an ecstatic one
  • he would look like such a cutie with his hair in a lil man bun and his lil smile aw
  • “Omfg hello it’s YOU c’mere pls hug me
  • The hug is going to last forev e r
  • You would help him stretch out his shoulders before you two head out
  • and you get to feel his muscles from underneath his shirt while you help you lucky lil shit
  • A good catching-up conversation would happen while Leo drove you in his car
  • but he would almost crash a few times bc he can’t help but glance over and admire you with a dumb lil smile on his adorable fucking face
  • “Leo, the road! Watch the road or we’re going to-!”
  • “(Y/N) I’m sorry I’m crying trying my best you’re just so beautiful holy shit i’m sorry you’re so attractive”
  • He would apologize a thousand times for losing contact with you for sure
  • Even after you forgive him, he’ll go through a Starbucks drive-thru and get you your favorite drink as a peace offering
  • You’ll insist it’s not necessary but he’s going to do it anyway because he’s too pure for his own good
  • He’s going to bring you to his home so you can say hello to his family
  • There you’ll share a home cooked meal and catch up on lost time
  • You might even break out old photo albums and reminisce about the simpler times
  • Leo is probably going to cry a little bit just hold him pls save this boy
  • He won’t be letting you slip away anytime soon~
So the King of Prism raw has leaked now...

Actually I’m weirdly nervous? Because people are going to be seeing it for the first time and like… Now that it’s getting popular I don’t want the hype to destroy it….

So like if you’re going to watch King of Prism I want you to remember a few things

-They had like no money for making this. They had no choice but to cut corners. It took them a long time to get it greenlit too. It was a project of love. It’s short. It’s half a movie. But it’s amazing it exists at all.

-It’s meant to be watched multiple times. Really it is. I was still noticing new things on my 6th viewing 12th viewing. (Holy shit I’m not even kidding you guys.) It’s surprisingly dense. And even though a lot of the characters only have a couple scenes the more you see it the more you notice things the more you get to know them–I KNOW this sounds like crazy fangirl talk but so many people would agree with me I swear!! Once you adjust to the new characters it flows much better.

-See it with friends if possible. It is a crowd movie where people yell and scream and feed off each other. The fandom is amazing and everything about what has made this so great. English-speaking fandom you can be great too I have hopes. 

Anyway send me your stupid King of Prism asks after watching it no really please do.

Forgetful Sammy, 6 (S.W)

|1.3k words.|


< Part 1

< Part 5

“You went and got me chicken nuggets?” I laugh quietly I sit down opposite Sam. He smiles and hands me the McDonalds bag and what I can guess is a strawberry milkshake. Like he said he would, he bought a pizza over but made a pit stop to get me my favourite food. “Thank you.”

“It’s not a problem.” I dive straight into the heavenly goodness of my nuggets, Sam watching me with a smirky-smile. “How are you?”

“Small talk? Really, Sam?” He shrugs his shoulders and opens his pizza box. He has never been one for small talk. “You said you wanted to explain everything to me, so, go ahead, explain.”

“Just give me a minute to bask in what could be my last civil moment ever with you.”

I raise an eyebrow, “You’re digging yourself into an even bigger hole by saying that.”

He looks down at his pizza with a smile and a little laugh. “I know, I just realised how it sounded and it really isn’t that bad.”

“Well, what you did was kinda freaking bad, Sam.”

“I know it was, but I really do have an explanation for it all.”

I sigh, taking a long sip of my cold milkshake before sighing. Looking up at Sam, I direct my eyes to his and nod my head. “Relieve me.” I’m ready to hear this excuse.

“Okay, well, when we got back from Jamaica, I went straight home so I could get some sleep so I’d be awake when I came to see you. When I got back to the apartment, Em had invited Stass over and she was already there. I was practically incoherent and I just went with everything anyone was saying, I really wasn’t listening. So, I went to sleep for like an hour and then Stass woke me up asking if I wanted to go on a weekend trip to Florida for Jordyn’s sisters birthday and I just nodded my head then went back to sleep.

“I went back to sleep for another hour and then I was woken up, again, by Stass telling me to quickly pack a weekend bag because the car’s coming in half an hour. I was still fuckin’ half asleep and I didn’t bother to question it so I just packed my bag. So, two, three hours later, I’m flying over Colorado and I suddenly remember that it’s your birthday and I started panicking because I needed to be there for you. I looked up for flights back to LAX from Florida for as soon as we landed but honest to God, there were fucking none for 5 days. It would take me 4 days to drive back and I knew I was fucked.”

“That sounds so fucking fake, Sam.” I shake my head, stuffing at least 3 fries into my mouth. He’s had more than enough to time think of a fallible excuse, but this one? It’s not as far out as it could be, but still, it’s shit. I mean, it’s such a shit excuse it could be the truth. “Even so, it doesn’t explain why you were such an ass to me over text.”

“I fell asleep on the plane, which must’ve been when you texted me, and I didn’t check it until we got to the house. Stass was on my phone on her Twitter and shit because hers was out of charge. I went to go and call you to tell you everything but I looked through our text thread and all there was, was you being really fucking rude and bitchy and shit, so I replied by being rude back and that’s how it all started.”

I only started being, as Sam puts it, ‘rude and bitchy’ because he was being ‘rude and bitchy’ to me first. Sure, I was mega pissed because he missed my dinner, but I was willing to be civil (hell no I wasn’t) with him at first. When I received the first message, I lost my shit and blew my top. Simple as that. I don’t start fights (okay, maybe sometimes). I finish them.

None of this is adding up, though. Sam says that he replied to my ‘rude and bitchy’ texts after he arrived at the weekend house, but he replied to me hours before he got to the house.

But wait…

“But Sam, you replied to me when you were on the plane…”

“No I didn’t?”

“Yes, you did.” I state. “I’ll show you.” I grab my phone from my pocket, unlocking it with my thumb and scrolling up through the same thread. “It literally says, ‘I’m busy, shut the fuck up and stop texting me’, which I countered with, well, you can see what I countered it with… But then you replied with ‘I’m with Stass rn, stfu, fuck off, can’t you see I’m enjoying myself?’. What’ve you got to say to that?”

“I never said that. I never replied to any of your texts on the plane.” Sam pulls his own phone out and quickly goes up to match the conversation. But on his phone, there aren’t any texts.

He says he went to sleep for the rest of the plane journey. He said that Stass had his phone whilst he was asleep, because hers was ‘out of charge’. I texted him when he was asleep and Stass had his phone.

Oh, hell fucking no she didn’t.

She was the one who replied to my messages. She was the one who started all of this birthday drama in the first place, of course she’s the one in the middle who’s shit stirring the whole thing! She sent me those messages and then she deleted the evidence on his side. She thinks she’s slick.

“You said that Stass had your phone on the plane, right?”

Why the fuck didn’t I see this before? Am I truly that oblivious? I mean, I knew, and know, that she’s a two faced, back stabbing bitch but I didn’t think that she would sink this low.

Well, we has before, what would stop her from doing it again?


“Yeah, but-“

“Sam, don’t you dare try to justify her now.”

“I always thought she was a nice person and she was there to support me, I mean, she has-“ I glare at him coldly. I swear, I hate him. I hate her. I hate him talking about her. “All she’s done has taken my fucking home and heart away from me. She did all of this to us for her own pleasure.” All I can ever do is roll my eyes at him. Sam is not an idiot, he’s just a gullible fuck.

“Took you a long fucking time to finally see it.”

“How fucking dare she?” He starts going off. “Really, how fucking dare she?! I’m so pissed right now.”

“Now you know how I’ve been feeling ever since I found out about you two.”

“Holy hell, Y/N, I’m so fucking sorry. I’m so sorry all of this shit happened. I’m going to make all of this right and I’m going to drop Stass out of my life and everything will be fine again. I’m going to make her pay for breaking this amazing bond we have-“

“Sam, it won’t be ‘fine again’.” He looks over at me with a confused expression. “You kissed her, remember? When we were still together. You cheated on me with her.” You should never take back a cheater.

Once it’s done, it can’t be taken back. There’s nothing stopping them from doing it again.

“I know, and I’m so fucking sorry. I, I know how to make one thing right, but I know I can’t make us right because of that.”

With a sigh, I meet his eyes. I really need that alone time now. “I think it’s time that you leave, Sam.”


Part 7 >

Ok I’m sorry but can we get a Buckyxreader where idk it’s like 2018 and they’re looking for new recruits or something and everyone gives a list or whatever and they get to Bucky and he’s just like “nope sorry I got nothing” and obvs Tony’s like “cmon Barnes two years on the run and you didn’t find anyone that could kick ass” and OBVS Bucky quips back “Stark the first kid I ran into to could kick your ass to kingdom come” so everyone starts asking why he didn’t bring them up (Nat being more persistent bc idk why) and he just shakes his head like “nope I’m not gonna do that to her”

And you know everyone’s like cMON BUCK why won’t you tell us! And he just “she was 15 last time I saw her right after I pulled Steve’s stupid ass outta the Potomac no way am I messing with her life again” obvs they keep persisting bc they’re little shits and he just kinda snaps like

“I’m the Winter Soldier right? The most lethal, ruthless, dangerous assassin in the world. The very mention of my name left a guy shitting bricks in his pants right?” And everyone nods like yeah ok what are you getting at and he sits back and smiles saying

“She scares the absolute fuck out of me. I come into her little holiday house, her parents were away the day before to pick up some relatives but couldn’t get back into DC because of the mess with HYDRA. She stitches me up, sets my shoulder and keeps me in bed for two days until I’m healed. Didn’t ask any questions and when HYDRA busted down the door she locked me in the bathroom and when I came out she had one of the agents with a dearth grip from hell around his neck with her thighs, blood dripping from her mouth and his eye scratched clean out of its socket. The second guy comes in and she starts crying saying I’m in bathroom and well shit I think she’s ratting me out but the minute he gets close she’s cut his throat open”

Literally everyone is shell shocked. Thor doesn’t know weather to be more worried about the girl or Bucky’s proud smile as he remembered what happened

“Turns out the blood around her mouth was when she bit out a chunk of his neck to slow him down. I hadn’t seen shit like seen Nat in the red room. Still didn’t ask questions but she was hurt, stabbed. So I stitched her up and gave her basic training so that wouldn’t happen again. She gets a call from her parents saying they were on their way and she gave me all different locations of abandoned buildings in the area to give me a head start” he looks around seeing everyone looking at him worried or not even looking at him but at each other.

“That was her mildly annoyed, I personally don’t want to see what happens if she gets anything past that. So tell me” he leans forward with a shit eating grin “do you honestly want someone like that in here, training with you, on the field and sleeping in the room next to you when she hasn’t got a hold of her emotions? Sure she could take on banner if he went green at the wrong time but when she’s a normal teen going into adulthood I don’t think this environment would be best for her. She’s a wild card and I’d like to keep it that way”

Just Bucky being scared shitless of this short smol kick ass girl that saved his life one time but also being super protective and taking care of her and cooking soup and leaving his dog tags behind for her bc goddamn they are going to meet up again and when they do he wants to give her the opportunity to do something with the avengers (bc shes a fucking nerd that had a cap high school themed hoodie and a black widow pendant with hawkeye stud earrings and a green hulk bracelet or smthing and a cartilage bar with a small Arc Reactor for the design on the front and later some red leather jackets and heeled boots with heaps of cool rings and blue Nikes with a complete matching black and blue sports outfit) because something like her should be put to good use and goddamn she could really make a difference

(And when they do meet up she’s so fuckin happy that she gets to see the scruffy, shady guy she took in when she was 15 and proudly shows off her simple star tattoo she got not to long ago on her shoulder blade)

*EDIT* Ok holy shit imagine the whole time she knew who he was so she was alway calling him Sarge (he never got it) and when they meet up the second time she’s saved his ass in front of everyone and she just slowly walks over to him with blood splatters covering half her face bearing her teeth like she used to in a smirk saying “four years and I’m still saving your sorry ass Sarge”

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Okay so now what happens with each type when the bank they're in gets robbed

The follow up of this post. Sorry it took so long :)

ENFP: Something goes terribly wrong while they’re trying to get the mark’s attention, but they manage to pull it off anyway….and there was a very expensive aquarium involved….no fish were harmed…..

INFP: They try to rob the mark’s place initially, but end up leaving some of their identification behind and have to go back. Once again, everything works out.

ENFJ: Tries to help INTJ with the planning, but ends up being a bit too affectionate and just ends up saying ‘I support you’ to whatever INTJ says instead of actually coming up with ideas.

INFJ: They try to pass their wisdom down to ISFP but become impatient after awhile and just do everything themselves. It’s okay tho. It’s no problem…

ENTP: Working side by side ESTP. It’s their dream job, but they do occasionally get irritated with each other. (causing some classic comic-relief scenes) They get in trouble because they refuse to follow the plan -just to spite INTJ.

INTP: Hacks into every system within the first 2 minutes. They get bored and hack the computer system of the McDonald’s across the street.

ENTJ: Doesn’t actually have as much money as they said they did…but they didn’t want to admit it…so know they’re screwed.

INTJ: Gets really pissed halfway through when they realize that managing 16 people (who refuse to follow orders) is harder than they thought.

ESFP: Probably falls for the mark and gives them a shit ton of information, believing them to be trustworthy.They’re not. Tl;dr: they get betrayed and end up sobbing on ESFJ’s shoulder about it for about a week

ISFP: Somewhat intimidated by all of the other, skilled criminals, but isn’t afraid to show their own talent. Of course, they get blamed for every problem, so they end up on INTJ’s bad side.

ESTP: Incredible conman, working along side ENTP….but they get a little too cocky and end up making out with like, 20 people they shouldn’t have (ENTP is jealous but doesn’t show it) INTJ is not happy with them.

ISTP: They’re able to steal all of the security cards to the building they’re planning to rob with ease, but get bored and also steal the IDs of 20 McDonald’s workers. Them and INTP harass McDonald’s employees just for the hell of it. 

ESFJ: Always there when any of the team needs them. They’re supposed to be offering practical help, but usually just end up giving advice and comforting the xSFPs about whatever they’ve gotten themselves into at the moment.

ISFJ: They’re actually the best driver ever…even though ENTP keeps making fun of them… They don’t say anything. Just let their skills show themselves. (but holy shit…hOLY SHIT.)

ESTJ:They’re so intimidating, they do their job really well…but they constantly insist that they’re wasted potential and often argue with INTJ over leader roles

ISTJ: Extremely good at organizing everyone….and had the entire team actually listened to them, the plan would’ve worked out in half the amount of time it actually took….but no one listens to ISTJ….no one….

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Who do you think is more evil in the MCU, Kilgrave or Loki?

it doesn’t work that way.
there’s no “evil scale” that sums up your wrong deeds and gives you a score. 
not to mention these are inherently different characters, different types of bad, villains from separate type of stories. 

Loki is a bit of a cartoon villain- he’s foppish, larger than life, elegant and hilarious: designed to make you adore him even though he does some serious high level criminal shit. That’s obviously fine because it’s a cinematic tool- you feel for that character. He isn’t a scary villain but an identifiable one. He feels, he wants approval, you see him love and mourn. That’s very human. on the other hand- he betrays, tricks and hates with a scary passion.

Kilgrave IS terrifying. He resides in a more grounded, realistic atmosphere, he is closer to reality and isn’t sugar coated. True, during SOME scene you almost feel SOMETHING for the character because he’s given some depth with a back story (which is good storytelling), but at no point do you root for him really- his actions have a gravity that darkens the whole show. 
He lacks anything that makes us human- empathy, connection, understanding- that’s a very scary thing. while loki is highly emotional, Kilgrave lacks it. 

A lot of what makes a villain is in characters’ reactions to it. 
Loki could even kill twice or three times the people he did- but as long as the Avengers call him a full tilt diva and a bag of cats you can’t take him and his actions seriously. not really. He’s not a real threat.

But with Kilgrave? holy shit. He took a guy’s jacket in the subway and THAT’S told like a fucking ghost story. For the first few episodes you almost don’t even get to see him- but knowing him through Jessica made you piss your pants in that scene where he walks into someones house and made them make him dinner, didn’t it? 

Does this perspective make Kilgrave more evil? As I said- doesn’t work that way. not when the whole concept  of each show was created very differently.
I can say this: Jessica Jones is a show in which the villain is presented in certain way that makes us much more scared for our hero. 
If that’s “more evil” in your book go for it. I’d rather think of it as to complicated and different villains.