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defenders of the universe

It’s… it’s beautiful. Twice x BTS dank collab. 

I was thinking about Jungkook’s wings in BEGIN and then the feathers falling in Jimin’s LIE….. and the result was this messy sketch xD [my original tweet]

In the land of Mianite there where 5 friends called the Sky Travelers. No one knew much about them other than they where quiet powerful, powerful enough to battle the Taint and challenge the God Mianite. These 5 friends where so close it was said that they could talk to each other even if one of them was in another realm, but that all changed when the Shadows came into play. They played on their desires and tore them apart. Guilt, Power, Knowledge, Strength, and Control led them to their fall. Will we ever see these 5 Hero’s ever come back and unite or will it be too late?     


thank you, please enjoy these

i bet both of them are loud snorers and koala cuddlers (at least clay is confirmed for that one), they are a force to be reckoned with when they’re sleeping