took a discreet photo

Katia sat crosslegged, with a mug of coffee in one hand as she reviewed what was sent to her by Sergei. Her marching orders, as she jokingly called them. She’d stopped by an ICA base earlier, picking up a small, discreet camera that took photos or video depending on settings, and a small recording microphone (provided she got close enough or managed to tag Marie with it). She’d set up her computer to accept data from these devices to have a little more leeway with storage, and run tests to make sure the items were in good working order. She knew they would be, as the ICA rarely handed out broken equipment unless they wanted to get an agent in trouble or they honestly didn’t know the equipment was damaged (both of those were rare occurrences anyway).

The top two items on her agenda from Sergei were figuring out who Marie’s ‘friends’ were looking into the supply chain angle. If Caesar was present, sowing discord between him and Marie was a close third. Katia frowned a little at this. It was clearly logical, but she kind of doubted if it could be done. He seemed like a loyal man, in spite of everything. The only real way she could see was to insinuate that Marie had privately thought Andreas had outlived his usefulness, but even then… She took a sip from her mug and tabled that concern for now, and she glanced at the clock. About dinnertime.

Katia frowned a little and picked up the business card, studying it for a moment. She took another sip and then set the mug down and picked up her phone, dialing the number.