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Jealous (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: hey darling! im in love with your imagines! is it possible to request a jughead x reader where the reader and jug are dating and jughead spends WAY too much time with betty (maybe bc of the blue&gold ?) the reader is jealous but jug is just amused by it? like he does the whole “awwww! is someone jealous?” kind of teasing? lol idk if that made any sense but if you figure out a way to write it that would be amazing! thank youuu

A/N: I took my time with this one and changed it a bit! I hope you like it. Requests are welcome!


Jealous (Jughead x Reader)

You had a bag from Pop’s that you managed to go get for you and your boyfriend. Jughead’s been staying in the Blue and Gold room during lunch lately and you haven’t really spent any time together this week so you wanted to treat him to some burgers.

Stopping to see the door closed, you peaked in the little window to see Jug and Betty standing close with their backs turned towards you.

You reach to open the door and call for Jug when Betty leans her head on his shoulder and he wraps his arm around her. Your heart stops.

Jug never wraps his arm around you. Hell, He hates any PDA. Feeling a little upset, you turn and go find one of your other friends. Maybe Veronica would want some burgers.

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First “I Love You.”

Prompt: can I request an imagine where the reader is dating liam for a while now and they have a little argument about something stupid and while fighting one of them says ‘i love you’ for the first time? just really cute and fluffy pls – anon

Author’s Note: Hi! So sorry it took me so long, and I’m sorry it’s shorter than what I normally write. Life got in the way and it took me a bit to figure things out. I really hope you enjoy this and that it’s what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading and for requesting!

Master List.

First “I Love You.”

(Y/N) sat on her front porch steps, shaking her leg nervously as she checked her phone for the millionth time in the last half hour. Still nothing. She sighed as she tightened her leather jacket around her as the cool wind blew through. Liam was late… again. Now, here she was sitting on her front porch steps, again, all dolled up with nowhere to go.

This time it was worse, though. He didn’t even bother to call or text her to tell her he was going to be late. Not one single lame excuse like all the other times.

He said tonight was supposed to be special in order to make up for all of his recent screw ups. And despite all of those recent screw ups, she was finally going to tell him something she’s been holding in for quite some time. Now it was all ruined.

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Cosplay Mini-Tutorial:
Twitchy Kitty Cat Ears by ThinkGeek

I am working on a Sakizou costume (the White Rabbit), which has rabbit ears. I was trying to think of ways to make them move, when I found out that ThinkGeek had already done the hard work for me! Their robotic cat ears are fun, and very customizable. They come with a fur cover, which I forgot to take a picture of. The fur cover can easily be taken on and off.

On to the customizing! Almost every bit of the ears can be unscrewed and taken apart. There are two screws that hold the ears to the headband, and three screws that remove the plastic casing around the ears themselves. You could even unscrew bits of the smaller casing holding the mechanical bits together, but I didn’t try that.

Once I took the ear casing off, I centered the headband, figured out where the ears would poke out, and then cut a small notch in my wig (not through a weft) in order to fit the casing through. After getting the hair settled, I reattached the ears to the headband, and then reattached the ear casing.

Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part2(Dan Howell)

Originally posted by heykeykey

Sorry it took me a little while to upload the second part but I had been trying to figure out how to continue it. Hope you guys like it and enjoy Part 2 ;) 

Waking up the next morning was a bit rough, not because I had a hangover or anything like that. I mean I did drink but to the point where I could get a hangover. But more of waking up and having the reminder of Dan’s conversation with Zoe and Louise, the chattering of my heart when I heard him say he didn’t have feelings for me and probably never will. Another thing that hurt was when he asked them to stop talking about the subject because he didn’t want anyone to think he had feelings for me. What was that suppose to mean? Did he thought I was not good enough? Was I too much to handle that he felt weird to think that others could think he had feelings for me?

As I looked forward to my side of the bed, I could easily tell I was in Dan’s room. It really wasn’t something new of me sleeping in Dan’s room, I actually used to do it pretty much every time I spend the night. I guess the boys and I had become so close and comfortable with each other that it was okay for me to sleep not only with Dan but Phil as well. I started to get up but was stopped by an arm wrapped around my waist turning around I found Dan soundlessly sleeping next to me. Thinking back to last night I wanted to just get up and leave but at the same time I wanted to just lay down ones more and just look at him sleeping. I loved how beautiful and calming he looked while asleep. But as much as I wanted to stay, I couldn’t. Just looking at him made me want to cry and scream at him at the same time. Slowly lifting his hand I started to get up and walking around the room in look for my things when I heard him groan.

“You’re up” He said starting to open up his eyes then chuckling a little as he looked my way “You look cute in that shirt”

Frowning I looked down at myself and noticed that I was wearing one of Dan’s old shirts.

“Did you..” I started to say a little embarrassed

“No, no.” He said suddenly sprinting up and looking concerned “Zoe and Alfie were in the same car as us and I asked Zoe if she could help me get you changed so you wouldn’t be uncomfortable during the night. So when we got here they came up with us and she put you in the shirt.” He finished scratching his neck

“Oh.. thanks I guess. For asking Zoe and you know.. Not changing me” I said slightly laughing to which he joined

“No problem.” He said starting to get up “Are you hungry? I’m pretty sure Phil must be up by now and waiting on us to eat breakfast” He said laughing a bit as he checked his phone

I had seen the time, it was about 10 am and yes I was pretty hungry but I couldn’t forget that I was in a mission to leave the apartment as soon as possible. Meaning no breakfast yet much to my tummies dismay.

“Umm no thanks. I should actually go. I have a video to edit and a few other things that I really need to get started with..” I said putting on my pants

I debated in whether or not should I change into the shirt from last night but it was a party type shirt and walking outside at this time of day would seem like I was going home from a one night stand which nobody wants, so having Dan’s shirt slightly tucked into my jeans before I started to look for my bag seemed like the best idea.

“But you don’t have to go yet, I mean you always can do that later when you get home.”

“I just think it would be better if I leave now and get everything started.” I said starting to get out of the room and heading down the hall stopping at the kitchen when I saw Phil “Hey Phil thanks for the help yesterday.” I said hugging him

“You welcome little one. Are you gonna stay for breakfast?” He asked once we pulled away

“Oh no. I have to get started with a few things and edit a video for tomorrow” I said feeling guilty just by looking at his slightly disappointed face

“But you can do that later, after we eat. You don’t have to go now” He insisted making my heart ache

“I’m sorry Phil, I just can’t stay.” I said starting to turn around but stopping once Phil’s words came out

“Is this because of last night?” He said in a low voice not wanting anyone but me to hear

“What are you talking about?” I asked turning once again to look at him

“Before we left the party, Dan, Zoe and Louise were talking and I noticed your face slightly frown when Dan said what he said..” I felt like just hugging Phil and starting to cry at that moment

Phil, along with a little few other people knew about my feelings towards Dan. Not to which extend but he did knew how I felt. Sighing I nodded my head giving Phil the conformation from his speculations.

“He really does care about you, despite what he might say” Phil added “Go home if you want. I understand just please let me know if you need anything, yeah?” He said giving me a kiss on the forehead

“I will, thanks. Love you Philly” I smiled as we hugged once more

Getting out of the kitchen and starting to walk to the stairs I heard my nae being called by Dan.

“(Y/N) you don’t have to go” He said coming closer to me

“Let her go Dan” Phil said from the door of the kitchen

“What? Why do you want her to go?” He said looking confused at Phil

“I don’t want her to go but she wants to go home.” He finished getting back into the kitchen

“I have to go Dan.” I said starting to go down the stairs him following after

“No you don’t. I already told you. You can do those things later, I could even help you if you want” He added to what I could say looked exasperated

“I can’t!” I said a little loud finally stopping near the door and turning to him “Don’t you understand that? I just can’t stay here. At least not now that..” I said trailing off and taking a deep breath “I just can’t stay, I’m sorry Dan.”

I got closer to him and on my tip toes kissed his cheek saying goodbye. I turned around and went out the door, going as fast as possible down the stairs always careful not to fall and freaking die in the process.

After that day for the past few weeks I’d distanced myself from Dan. Preferring to sleep in Phil’s bed instead of him, not cuddling with him like before, sometimes even sitting on the other side of the sofa which yes was a little far there but when it came to the hole “trying to get over your best friend who you were in love with” thing. The farther away the better in my opinion.

I was laying in bed looking up at the ceiling as Zoe’s voice came from my phone. We had been talking for a while now about several silly things, a little work and future collabs here and there. But when I reminded her that we couldn’t talk all day since I was going to Dan and Phil’s the question came up.

“So how have things been with you and Dan?” Eventually as always a few days after the party I couldn’t hold it any longer and told her and Louise about their conversation with Dan. They had said sorry followed by the same thing Phil had said “He really does care about you, despite what he might say”. Just because I hear it three times isn’t going to make me change my mind on the fact that he doesn’t care for me in that way.

“It’s been.. fine I guess” I told her having my eyes glued to the ceiling “All though a few things  have changed..”

“What has changed?” She said with what I could only recognized as motherly mood Zoe

She sounded like I was a baby who just came into the room suspiciously quiet and knew something was not right.

“Well I stopped sleeping in his room and instead sleep in Phil’s or sometimes in the office. I don’t really cuddle with him because I feel like if I did I would just start to cry, no hand holding wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re together” I said the last part bitterly knowing those were his words a few weeks ago “I’ve just been distant with him. If I want to get over him being the way we were isn’t going to help at all.”

“(Y/N) you can’t do that.” She said sounding slightly disappointed

“Why not?” I asked frowning as I started to sit up

“Because isn’t not how things should be done. You’re only hurting yourself from being away from him like this and you know it’s true. And you’re not only going to end up hurting your friendship but also end up hurting Dan.” She said when she knew she was right, sadly this time she wasn’t

“Zo.. I know I’m hurting myself by being this way and I know you don’t approve of it but it’s for the best. After a while my feelings will hopefully go away and everything will be back to normal.” I said trying to sound fine which I was far from “Besides I’m not hurting Dan by being distant from him, he probably feels liberated and happy that I am being this way..”

Getting up from the bed I took the bag I had prepared for the weekend as I was staying at Dan and Phil’s. Walking around my apartment in look for my laptop and other things I might need, I finished my little quest and headed to the door.

“Just please think about it..” She said after Alfie had interrupted in need for help to find something in the house

“I will.” I finally said in defeat, after all hurting my friendship with Dan was the last thing I wanted to do “I have to go. Talk to you later Zo”

“All right. Bye (y/n/n)” She said as we hung up

On the way to Dan and Phil’s I couldn’t help but keep thinking about what Zoe said. I didn’t know what to do anymore but I also couldn’t just go back to the way things were before they left for America. Things had been different ever since we kissed and after a while of trying I just couldn’t find a way to get things back to how they were. I guess after trying for so long sometimes people just can’t find a reason to keep going and just give up. Sometimes I forget how it was being around him all the time, I used to sleep over at their house almost every week now I barely went all together. It took a few days of Phil asking for me to actually agree on staying for the weekend.

I rang the bell for their apartment so they could let me in the building to which a very enthusiastic Phil answered right away. It was a good and bad thing that their apartment was literally in the last floor of the building, good because it gave me time to prepare myself to when I see Dan but bad because there was too many stairs and by the time I got to their door I was practically dying. Knocking on the door and calling out Phil’s name I was never prepared to whom opened the door for me. Standing in front of me was a tall, beautiful brunette girl. She had blue eyes which were slightly similar to Phil’s but not as beautiful in my opinion, no other pair of blue eyes could ever compare to Phil’s. Her hair was short and wavy, perfectly styled as well and she was wearing tight jeans and a crop top that looked like anytime soon her huge boobs would pop out of. Looking up at her I felt tiny as ever and that’s saying much considering how tall Dan and Phil are but it was just something about the fact that it was a beautiful girl standing in front of me that made me feel tiny. The kind where you are suddenly super self-conscious about what you’re wearing or how your makeup looks, she just looked like a model.

“Hi! You must be (Y/N)” She said in a slight squeaky voice “I’m Samantha” She said stretching out her hand for me to take

“Yeah I am. Nice to meet you Samantha” I said taking her hand for a slight second to then get inside

As I walked in all I wanted was to find Phil and get answers but once we got into the lounge and were met with Dan. Who was in his typical browsing position but sat up straight once he saw us enter. With a smile the mystery girl sat close to Dan, to close for my liking and put one hand on his thigh.

“Hey (Y/N)” He said not moving from his spot “I can see you already met Samantha, my girlfriend”

I sucked in a breath which thankfully they didn’t noticed, all that ran through my head was ‘NO, NO, NO, NO, NO.’ How could this happen? When did this happen? I was never aware of the fact that Dan knew this girl nevertheless that they were dating. I knew we had been distant from each other but never that apart from thinking that he wouldn’t tell he was seeing someone. I could practically like someone had slapped me in the face with a giant 'I told you so!’ sign, I couldn’t stay in the lounge not with them there. I had to go find Phil and I needed him now.

“Yeah we did.” I said smiling at them “Dan never told me he had a girlfriend” I said trying to sound playful “Anyway I should go find Phil, it was nice to meet you Samantha” I said pulling up my bag and heading towards Phil’s room

Getting inside Phil’s room I closed the door, dropped my bag on the floor and turned to look at him.

“Philly..” I said with y voice cracking as I could feel the tears starting to come out

“I know little one.” He said with an apologetic frown “Come here”

He extended out his arms from me to get in them. I walked up to him and started hugging him as tight as I could while silently sobbing as he had one hand around my waist and the other stocking my hair. And we stayed like that for what felt forever..

strawberrytallcake  asked:

hello! may i request a scenario where aomine and hanamiya (separately) get into an argument with their usually calm and easy-going s/o and they blurt out something hurtful that ends up making their s/o cry(the boys have never seen their s/o cry before)? angst that ends with fluff, please and thank you ^^

AH! I hope I do this well! It took me a bit to figure out two different scenarios! But enjoy! :D

Aomine: He didn’t mean to make you cry.

Aomine knows he’s a huge idiot, but he’s never been the type to ever make someone cry. With the exception of Satsuki when they were children.. But he was quick to apologize. 

This was entirely new to him.

You were usually calm and easy going.. But when the basketball team had told you about his slipping grades, he slowly saw a side of you that he’d never witnessed before. He didn’t mean to call you an ‘over-bearing, annoying short brat’, but the words had slipped from his lips, because he was internally freaking out.

How could he make you mad at him?! 

He was so irresponsible, and even when he went to Satsuki for help.. he was at a complete loss.. How could he fix this? 

The answer was simple, and he found it when he received his test mark. Since he had been trying to keep his mind off of hurting you, he’d taken his frustrations out on studying, and surprisingly, he’d found it rather.. easy.. The evidence was in the marks on the paper, and he could feel his cheeks turn up at the results.

He then ran to find you, stopping to grab your favourite lunch on the way. He’d spotted you by a tree, and easily caught up with you, holding your arm. He was wheezing, the excitement overtaking his senses, and when he showed you his paper, he watched as your eyes widened, and you looked between him and the sheet, trying to find the words to say.

He then pulled you into his arms, squeezing the life out of you as he twirled you around, before pressing a hard kiss to your lips, realizing just how much he missed you.. and your amazing kisses.

“It’s because of you ____. I was able to do this because of you.. So thank you.. and I promise I won’t slack off anymore.. Now..” he grabs the lunch, holding it out for you to take, “Want to share? You get the bigger half.”

And when you smiled at him, he knew things were going to be okay. Because that smile said it all. He was forgiven, and the two of you were fine.

Hanamiya: This whole thing is stupid.

Truthfully, Hanamiya was shocked at seeing you so passionate.. Even if the anger was directed at him, he’d never seen you get like that before. It was not only new, but it was something that made his heart tug.

However, he didn’t like how you were avoiding him because of it.

He was the one who started it, but only because you weren’t taking exams seriously.. He wasn’t one to care about that kind of thing, but you were the one who’d been somewhat panicking about how it was approaching quickly, so he took time out of coaching the team to help.

But your easy going, spaced out personality was starting to irritate him, and he’d snapped.

If you’re not going to take this seriously, I won’t teach you, you useless twit!’ 

They’d come out harsher than intended, but what’s done is done. and now he was stumped.. The genius.. was actually at a loss.. He’d never felt like this since the Seirin match.. and it made him sick to his stomach.

How could you make him feel like this?

He clicked his tongue, standing up and decided to go fix this. However, as he opened the door, you were standing there, shaking in your sweater as you held your hand up ready to knock..

How long were you standing out there?

“I.. I need help…” you whispered, looking up at him with those eyes.. He wasn’t sure how to take this, so he sighed, grabbing you by the arm and scowled.

“If you needed help, you should’ve called me! And don’t go outside in this weather dressed like that!”

He kept his gaze ahead, not noticing the blush on your cheeks or the smile on your lips. But he jumped at the feel of your hand in his. Damn that’s cold!

“T..Thank you, Makoto.. and I’ll work harder..! I promise!”

At those words, he couldn’t find anything to say. He just threw his sweater on you, bundling you under his blanket and started to help you study once more. 

Blame It On The Alcohol - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  Hi could you do 10, 24 and 25 with Dean please? Where he has a chrush on reader?

Prompt: 10. There’s no way you’re going out like that. 
24. Do I look like a fairy? 
25. You can’t just pervert every costume out there.

Word count: 2,520

Warnings: A bit fluffy, drunk Dean, jealous Dean, mentions of sex.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam

A/N: It took me quite a while to figure this out, mostly because I was feeling fluffy but didn’t want to make this a romantic novella. Either way, I really hope you enjoy it. Please remember that requests are always open, and so as feedback, suggestions, complaints, are always well received.

You carefully applied more glitter on your cheekbones, finally finishing your makeup. You had metallic purple lipstick, fucsia eyeshadow and pink glitter; you had also spray dyed your hair hot pink, putting it in space buns and wore some metallic bronzer to match the look. You put on your tiny pink dress and your also pink wings, before going out of your room.

It was Halloween night, and Sam and you were going out to town to an open Halloween party. Dean decided not to join for unknown reason, leaving you and Sam (who was as enthusiastic as his brother) to go by yourselves. Sam was only going to make you company, and to avoid Dean dragging him to the TV room to re-watch his favourite Halloween films.

It had taken you the whole month to finally decide a costume. You had tried all kinds of looks, but Dean would always turn you down on them. So, that morning, you and Sam went to buy groceries and a few accessories for Sam’s costume (a scarecrow) and that’s where you found it: It was bubble gum pink and shiny, and you loved it. Sam encouraged you to buy it and, a few hours later, you were all ready to go.

You walked down to the library, where Sam was waiting for you already. He had one of his old flannels on, his normal jeans and boots; his hair was the same as always and he had a hay hat on and a very poor makeup to simulate a scarecrow’s face.

“Tell me, do I look like a fairy?” You said, ignoring his terrible makeup. Sam tilted his head to the side and frowned.

“I guess… I mean, we both know that’s not what fairies look like in real life but…” He started.

“It’s Halloween, Sam! I don’t have to look realistic… Besides, I was going for a similar look to that Beetlejuice’s character with the…” Dean’s voice interrupted your explanation.

“Hey, Sam! I found some… Some thing we can use! Not sure what it is but…” He had appeared from the basement’s door, carrying an old brownish cloth. He stopped on his trails when he saw you. “What the…”

“It’s a fairy, like the one in Beetlejuice but…” You began.

“She’s supposed to be blue!” Dean exclaimed.

“I KNOW! But the store didn’t have blue body paint so I had to improvise a little!” You shouted back. It was normal for you two to start stupid arguments with each other.

“Whatever, it’s late.” Sam said, tired of hearing you and his brother arguing over little things.

“You’re right, let’s go.” You grabbed your clutch from the table at the library, ready to leave.

“First you need to change, NOW.” Dean ordered. You clenched your jaw and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Excuse me?”

“I said: Go change.” Dean repeated, “There’s no way you’re going out like that.” You widened your eyes and Sam groaned. He younger hunter excused himself, saying he’d be waiting in the car.

“Why would I do that?” You asked, both of you ignoring Sam as he left the room.

“Because it’s too…” Dean couldn’t find a thing to use against it. The dress was tight, but not tight enough to be considered vulgar; it was short, but not short enough to be revealing. It did have cleavage, but not enough to let your breasts show off too much. The colour matched your skin perfectly, and you looked really good in spite of the makeup you had chosen.

“It’s too what, Dean?” You snapped. Dean grumbled, trying to control his jealousness.

“Because men at the party will think you’re there to flirt.” He punished himself mentally for coming out with such a lame excuse. You let out a loud chuckled.

“Maybe I am there to flirt, haven’t you thought of that?” You sassed, Dean’s fists tightened and his jaw clenched.

“You’re going there with Sam.” He muttered angrily.

“And why do you think Sam is going? We’re both friends, both single, looking for a fun night.” You had a cocky smirk on your lips.

“Fine, go flirt with every guy at the party but please, just go change.” Dean ordered once more. His voice was low and raspy, a clear sign that he was pissed off.

“Why?” You asked again.

“Because you look like one of those porn stars that dress like fairies for the Halloween specials!” Dean shouted. True, there were a few porn films that you had watched including fairies; but their dressed were a lot shorter, more revealing than yours.

“You’re unbelievable! It’s not that short, for God’s sake! You can’t just pervert every costume out there!” You shouted and Dean groaned.

“Yes I can, and you’re not going out like that!” Dean was even more pissed than before.

“Seriously? And what am I supposed to wear? You didn’t let me use the witch costume because it had lace, nor the vampire’s because my breast looked too big. You turned down the angel costume because that’s not how they really look like and now this! Tell me how exactly do you want me to go or don’t bother at all!” You were just as angry as the hunter was.

“Maybe I don’t want you to go!” Dean shouted, his filter was gone and there was no way to take that back.

“Why? So I can stay here watching the same lame movies from last year?”

“Yes! It’s better than having you go home with another one!” He finally took conscious of what he was saying, he shut his mouth closed and stiffened, watching carefully your reaction.

“Oh so you can take every girl you step with to a motel but I can’t go home with one guy on Halloween night?!” You bursted.

“Exactly!” Dean growled.

“I have news for you, Dean, I will do as I want because I’m single and old enough to make my own decisions.” Your voice was cruel and it hurt every fibre in Dean’s body.

“Go. Change.” He managed to say, there was fire in his eyes and his knuckles were turning white at how tightly he was clenching his fists.

“No.” And with that said, you turned around and left to the party, leaving Dean in a very painful situation.

The party was fun and there were a lot of nice girls for Sam to pick up from, which he did, but there wasn’t a single guy that called your attention. They were all dull and boring, with their perfect lives and office jobs. You liked adventure, and danger, and none of the guys there could give any of those to you.

After midnight, you told Sam to leave with the girl, assuring him that Dean and you were fine and that he’d pick you up. Therefore, Sam drove his car to the closest motel, with a pretty blonde college girl as company.

You took your phone out, leaving your finger over the speed dial button, afraid to press it. You weren’t sure if Dean was even awake by then or if he had forgiven you enough to pick you up. After all, if he said no, you could always take a cab.

You pressed the button, your phone immediately dialling Dean’s number. You waited for him to pick up, your phone pressed to your ear, praying internally for him to answer.

“(Y/N), good to hear from you!” He cheered, he was clearly drunk.

“Dammit, Dean! Have you been drinking?” You asked, already knowing the answer.

“No… Yes.” He giggled.

“Okay, then forget it.” Before you could hang up, Dean spoke again.

“(Y/N)?” You sighed and decided to keep talking with him until you found a taxi.

“What is it, Dean?” You tried not to sound annoyed.

“What does he work as?” He asked quietly.


“The guy you’re coming home with, what’s his job?” He sounded a bit sad, but was easily confused with his usual drunk-dragging tone.

“Honey, I’m all alone.” You said, you could hear Dean’s smile.



“Why?” He asked, his voice going back to the sad tone. “The dress was pretty and you’re beautiful, why didn’t you…”

“They’re all boring, normal people…” You explained, “I guess I’m so used to danger, I’ve started to like it in that way, you know?” You said, Dean nodded on the other side of the phone.

“I can be dangerous.” He whispered.

“I know you can.” You giggled, “I’ll be back home soon.” You said, raising your hand to make a taxi stop. The yellow car did so and you entered it, hanging the phone on Dean who was just starting to say something else.

You asked the cab to leave you as close as the bunker as possible, telling him that your uncle was the forest ranger and that you had to go back to his vigilance spot before your curfew. The driver bought it and, half an hour later, you were at the bunker.

You opened the door slowly, trying to make the less noise possible. You tip toed your way to your room and found Dean lying at the end of the bed, fast asleep. His half empty glass of whiskey was resting on the floor and the empty bottle was on your desk. It looked like he had been drinking in your room, but you couldn’t understand why.

You picked the glass from the floor, putting it next to the bottle, and sat at the edge of your bed carefully. Dean felt your weight sinking down and woke up with a jump. If you hadn’t picked the glass up, there would be whiskey all over the floor by then.

“(Y/N), you’re here!” Dean exclaimed, he was still a little drunk.

“Yeah, and so are you!” You chuckled. He gave you a sheepish smile and noticed that you were still dressed as a fairy.

“I still can’t believe you couldn’t find a guy.” He whispered, looking enamoured at you.

“Yeah well, I guess no one’s a fun as…” The realization sunk down on you. Dean was the kind of guy you had been looking for at the party, and you were too pissed at him to even notice that.

“As…” Dean lifted an eyebrow. He was still drunk, but he was no fool.

“Never mind.” You chuckled nervously. There was no way in hell dean would like you back. You were like a little sister to him, that’s all.

“(Y/N)” Dean whispered. You stood up and tried to walk past him to the bathroom in order to remove your makeup, but Dean stopped you, griping one of his hands tightly around your arm.

You looked up at him. His green eyes were a little blurry due to the alcohol, but they were still the same green eyes that comforted you after a rough hunt; his freckled splashed face was a little blushed and his pink, plumped lips were half open. Your breathing became heavy, a whole lot of new feeling rushing over your body and mind.

“Dean, I…” You tried to speak, but Dean hushed you.

“I’m sorry for shouting at you.” He muttered, “And for being a possessive asshole… It’s just…”

“Yeah?” You encouraged him to keep going.

“I have a huge crush on you and… I can’t help but to feel jealous at the thought of other man being with you.” He confessed. You knew that, if he wasn’t drunk, he would still be mad at you and still be keeping his feelings away. Therefore, you decided to make a move, assuring your future with him.

You pulled him closer to you and crashed your lips together. He tasted like raw whiskey, mixed with something sweet… Something you guessed was Dean’s natural taste; and you loved it. Dean was too drunk to concentrate on his moves, and yet the kiss was all you’ve ever dreamed off. He ripped the glittery pink wings off of you and pushed you to the bed, leaving sloppy kissed all over your face and neck. You could see that your makeup was now smudged all over his face now, which made you giggle a little. It was going to be a really fun night.

Sam arrived to the bunker the next morning. He immediately walked over to his brother’s room, only to find it empty and with the bed made; he then walked to yours, noticing that you didn’t even bother to take your makeup off, which was now smudged over your face. The hunter heard a noise down at the kitchen and stomped his way there.

“Dean, hi… I found us a case at…” Dean turned around. He was wearing his robe, drinking his coffee, nothing out of normal; expect his hands were all pink, the same pink as your hair spray and his mouth, cheeks and neck were covered with metallic purple and pink smudges. He also had a lot of glitter all over his face and hair.

“A case at…” Dean tried to make his brother continue, but Sam was too shocked to go on. His eyes were wide open and his jaw had dropped, forming an O with his mouth.

“You and… And…” the younger Winchester stuttered. Dean gave him a satisfied smile.

“And (Y/N), yes. How did you know?” Dean asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

“You have makeup all over your face.” Sam explained, containing a chuckle.

“Oh right… Yeah, well, I couldn’t wait for her to take it all out.” Dean justified himself.

“So are you a thing now?” Sam asked. Dean was trying to answer to his question when they heard your sleepy voice calling Dean’s name from your room.

“Would you look at that? Looks like I’m about to find that out myself.” Dean chuckled, leaving the mug in the counter and walking over to you.

The next Halloween, Dean didn’t have to worry about your costume for he knew he was the only man you’d be coming back home to, to celebrate your one year anniversary with him.

“A year… A whole year.” Sam spoke, helping Dean to prepare the table.

“I know, man… It’s crazy.” Dean smiled widely, and so did Sam. He was happy for Dean.

“If I had known that drinking every last drop of alcohol in the bunker would make you confess your feelings to her… I would’ve gotten you drunk a long while ago.” Sam laughed, and so did Dean’s.

“To booze.” Dean toasted, lifting his beer bottle and clinking it with his brother’s.

“To booze.” Sam repeated, both brothers drinking from their beers.

That night Dean had prepared dinner, making sure to make it as spooky as possible to match with your everlasting Halloween fever. He made vampire’s blood cocktails and all kinds of food ideas he found off of the internet, and you had to admit, it was the best anniversary ever.

Dean made sure that every year, for the rest of your lives, your anniversary was special. Each year he made something bigger and better than the year before, and so on till the very last one.

(11) 10:“There was a time before all of this.”

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“There was a time before all of this,” Bucky paused, taking a deep breath, steadying his voice. “There was a time where I thought that I had my life pretty much figured out. What I soon discovered was that life had a plan all of it’s own. And now, all these decades later, I think I’ve figured out where I want to be.” Bucky’s face broke out in a grin, unable to stop it any longer. “I am going to spend every day I have left by your side, Tony. If you’ll have me, of course.”

Tony laughed at that, squeezing Bucky’s hands. “You know my answer. It’d be a bit late to back out now.”

Bucky laughed with Tony, as did their guests. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Bucky took a breath again, looking into Tony’s eyes. “There’s nowhere I’d rather spend the rest of my life; by your side is where I’ll be.”

“My turn,” Tony said, nodding to himself. “Give me a moment, your speech has me on the verge of tears.”

“You’re not fooling anyone; we can all see the tears.”

Tony turned to his best man, and poked his tongue out at Rhodey. Rhodey shrugged his shoulders in reply.

“Anyway,” Tony turned back to Bucky, smile on his face. “You and me have been through enough to fill a hundred lifetimes. But everything we’ve been through has brought us to this day, standing in front of our family and declaring our love for each other. Though, to be fair, we haven’t exactly been subtle, have we?”

“You definitely weren’t subtle last night,” Sam said, shaking his head. “In the kitchen no less.”

“And the lounge,” Rhodey added.

“The training room.”

“The conference room.”

“Gentlemen,” Steve said, stopping the two best men. “If we go through all the places we’ve caught these two, we’d be here all day and they’d never get married.”

Everyone laughed at that.

“Steve’s right,” Tony smiled, resuming his vows. “We’ve never been subtle. And yeah, we’ve had our troubles. As if we’d get through anything without trouble. But we’re here now, and if that isn’t proof that we’re going to be fine, then I don’t know what is. I love you, and am going to spend every moment we have left showing you just how much.” Tony looked over Bucky’s shoulder at Sam. “In private, for your benefit Sam.”

“I’ll believe it when I see it, but thank you,” Sam nodded, getting more laughter from the room.

“There is no doubt in my mind that the two of you are perfect for each other,” Steve spoke again. “And it is my pleasure to announce you husband and husband. You may kiss.”

“Keep it G-rated!” Sam called out as the applause began.

Tony and Bucky shared a look, coming to a silent agreement. Bucky dipped Tony, and the pair shared a definitely not g-rated kiss.

The laughter and applause only served to encourage the newlyweds.


Bangtan as Hogwarts Students – The Hufflepuffs

Jin: Pureblood. The Sorting Hat took all of a second to figure out where Seokjin belonged. In his first year, he almost managed to blow up the Potions classroom, and in turn ended up investing more of his energy into other classes, like Charms and Muggle studies. Runs a tutoring club for First Years on top of his work as a Prefect for Hufflepuff house. Has a knack for Arithmancy that he’s still exploring.  

Jimin: Muggleborn. The Sorting Hat was dead silent for 2 minutes before finally placing a panicking Jimin into Hufflepuff House. He’s known to be a very nice person, albeit a bit naive (but no one messes with him because of his Slytherin friend’s, Yoongi, protection.) He works very hard in all of his studies to prove he deserves to be a wizard but is actually a natural in Charms. As a result of his muggle-decent, Jimin was most amazed by all the new creatures in the wizarding world and ended up taking a deep liking to his Care of Magical Creatures class.

The Ravenclaw -  The Gryffindors -  The Slytherins

Flat Minds - Beyond

While writing Flat Dreams, there were a lot of scenes and snippes I had in mind that never made it into the fic. A few did as interludes, but most were scrapped. I figured it might be fun to post some as I write them anyway, so here you go. Click here to read all those written so far.
I’ll use Flat World as a title for bits set before Bill got his powers and took over his dimension; Flat Minds for anything set after that.

(Also, I am open to prompts and stuff because why the hell not. So, if you’ve got any, just drop me an ask!) 

A/N: a quick warning here - there’s attempted suicide in this one. Not out of despair or anything (more like a horrible mixture of child logic and Bill logic), but it’s there and I figured it still warranted a warning. 


“Where is Liam?”

Bill’s question cut through a moment of peaceful silence like a knife ripping through the fabric of a backdrop, revealing the chasm beneath - one they could ignore but never fill. The peaceful silence became icy stillness, and Melpomene found herself gripping the glass she had been cleaning so hard her fingers hurt.

Her husband’s voice broke the stillness, and she allowed relief to flood her. He would handle this. It would be all right. She needed not worry, needed not think. She resumed cleaning the glass, mechanically, and listened.

“Enough, Bill. You should know better by now.”

“I want to know–”

“You already know. He is gone. Leave it at that, and–”

“I know he’s dead,” Bill cut him off, his voice sharper than a child’s had any right to be, and Melpomene’s grip slipped. The glass fell, shattering at her feet, and she found herself staring down at the shards without seeing them.

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Playboy - 2

This wasn’t like any other regular Monday morning. The teacher droned on like always on pointless lessons while half the class paid attention. Your mind was elsewhere, occupied by a single person you wanted to get to know better. A few stolen glances and fidgeting with your pen as you sighed to yourself, figuring out what to do.  

He was most definitely hot. Where did he come from? What school did he attend before coming here? So many questions but you have to play it cool, there was rules to this game. Gathering information meant going to other sources than going to the main. You couldn’t let him know you were interested him just yet.  

He was right behind you and a seat across, the close proximity making you a bit anxious. You took a peek behind you just to get one last look only to have your heart skip a beat by the sight.

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“ Well this is a bit of a predicament… “ Tali put her hands to her hips as she watched the now, Wyvern Knightess trying to figure out how to sleep on the couch. The poor girl was much too large and bulky to fit on it. 

“ Prima, you….Stop you’re embarrassing yourself right now, dear. “ 

“ Where am I suppose to sleep? “ 

“ Im sorry, Prima. I don’t have anything for you to sleep on tonight…the best I can do is offer bedding to make the floor a little more doable…” Tali took on of her hands and scratched the back of her head. “ I’ll look into getting a larger mattress if you’re like this by tomorrow. “ 

Prima let out a defeated whine. Today definitely sucked ass. 

Birthday Party (GOT7 Jackson Scenario)

Request: Can i request a got7 jackson imagine where you are both idols (y/n from yg) and she comes to visit him at the roommate house as she just came back from a 2 month tour with YG Family. The relationship is public and fans approve a lot Thank you 😊 ~ z808z

A/N: Hi, there! Sorry this took so long. It took me a little bit to figure out just what to write^^;; Thanks for your request! Hopefully you like the result! (P.S. This would have been posted earlier, but I spent the last almost 20 minutes looking at pictures of Jackson and texting Red about them *fans self*) ~ Admin Silver

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,548

Summary: Who doesn’t love a good birthday surprise from the one you love?

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Accidental Meeting


Jake Frey crouched down against a tree, looking behind it, carefully holding his silenced pistol in his hand. The cost was clear for the most part, only a few animals in between him and a dirt road. A few pirates drove by before vanishing into the distance. He had been trapped on this island for a while, and the pirates were not very pleased.

After standing he took a jog over to the road and looked around, trying to figure out where he might go next.There wasn’t a way for him to escape at the moment, but he was still steady searching for any escape.

He turned around quickly at the sound of some rustling. He pointed the gun, noticing a figure that was moving. He quickly walked over to the person, gun aimed steadily.

“Hey! Hands up, who are you!” Jake called out, approaching the female. He was a bit surprised to see a white girl on this island, so maybe he wasn’t the only one in the situation he was currently in. He wasn’t going to risk anything though, she could be an enemy.

In Sickness and in Health {ncw}

Hiccups in the past week(s) aside, they hadn’t been absolutely horrible. They’d each gone through one of their own personal crisis, in the end (and even Theodore had managed to get in on Harry’s in that surprising turn of events). They hadn’t been horrible - it could have been worse - but now that he was done with his round of London shows, Harry was looking forward to having some time to not have to worry about anything.

Well, technically speaking, anyway. He’d been invited out of country for more shows and he was figuring out dates and logistics of where they wanted to take the show. On top of that, he and Adelaide had started to talk about their wedding, at least a little bit. He’d like to actually be married before he took off out of country again, so he expected that those trips would be pushed back until later in the year. Either that, or they could coincide and take both the show and their honeymoon and go to, say, Switzerland or something.

Yeah, they were still working those details out. But that could wait. There wasn’t too much of a rush.

Languishing about the suite with his newfound freedom again ended up being easier said than done, though. The day before his final matinee he’d gotten this headache, not overly painful, just… annoying. A niggling little sensation beneath his skull. He’d taken two aspirin and ignored it.

That had been two days ago. And now, third day on with said niggling headache, it had gone from sensation to actual pain, pounding beneath his temples. Throw in the lingering fatigue and the latest development, aches running through his spine and rib cage that he still attributed to his performances, and he’d spent most of the day lounging and doing the same into the night.

God, he was tired, though. He’d been trying to make his way through this chapter in the book he was reading, Adelaide curled up against his side writing in her journal. George was sorting through photographs, probably ready to prime them for his scrapbook. He’d probably have a better go at it than he was at reading this book. Maybe he’d just go to bed.

He stubbornly kept at it for a few minutes longer, before the words were blurring together and the book was incomprehensible. Sighing quietly, he closed it and leaned over to kiss Adelaide’s temple. “‘m going to bed,” he announced, even though it was earlier than he - they - usually did. “Finish up your writing, though. No rush.” He smiled faintly and pushed himself to his feet. Maybe he could do with some being alone; maybe he’d meditate until he dropped off and he’d wake up without this ridiculous headache.

General post-show weariness was expected, but this was taking it a bit far. The extra sleep would do him good. Probably.

Namjoon relationship timeline

First Kiss

  • you two were sitting on his bed, talking about your day
  • you were telling him about this puppy you saw on the street and how cute it was
  • your face lighting up, making him smile
  • he stared at you intently, not so much listening anymore, just staring at how gorgeous you were
  • he didn’t even let you get to the best part before he leaned in
  • and simple kissed your lips
  • you were a bit shocked at this because you never pictured that being your first kiss with him
  • but you loved it and shyly smiled while trying to figure out where you left off in your story

First Date

  • he took you to a museum
    • an art museum to be exact, remembering how much you loved looking at sculptures and paintings…
  • he showed up to your apartment, knocking on the door
  • you answered the door, hair in a messy bun, brushing your teeth
    • not expecting him
  • “you busy?”
  • you giggled as some toothpaste dripped onto your chin
  • “one second”
  • you ran to the bathroom, cleaning up and returning to him
  • “um, no i’m not busy. why?”
  • “2 tickets to the modern art exhibit at the museum. i’d hate to go alone?”
  • he shot you a smile you couldn’t resist and quickly got ready
    • loving the fact he remembered something you had only mentioned to him once very briefly

First Fight

  • you had noticed he wasn’t taking care of himself like he should
  • he was working really hard
  • barely eating/sleeping
  • you mentioned to him that he needed to pay better attention to these things
  • but he snapped at you
  • the argument lasting for awhile
  • eventually you had heard enough yelling from him
  • so you separated yourself from the situation
  • giving him time to calm down
  • you two eventually sitting down talking through things
    • more like adults than just screaming at each other not accomplishing anything

How did he ask you to be his girlfriend?

  • you two were sitting at the dorm
  • watching tv
  • “you know y/n, when two people like each other, they go on dates”
  • “yeah?”
  • “and then once they go on more dates, they begin to feel a certain way about the other person”
  • “ok?”
  • “well, eventually those two people start dating. the girl becoming the girlfriend, and the boy the boyfriend”
  • “namjoon where is this going?”
  • “well, I was just curious, would you want to be my girlfriend?”
  • “of course, you couldn’t have just opened with that?”
  • “what’s the fun in that? I had to drag it out to try and torture you a bit”

She sighed, smiling apologetically, “I guess you’re right…” She took a deep breath, steadying herself as she tried to figure out where to start, “so… before I explain: a legillimens friend of mine me helped me remember all this.” She chewed a bit on her lip before getting started, “there’s a wizard… a dark wizard… Grindelwald … he’s the reason I’m only just learning magic. Ever since I was little… I think I was seven the first time? I accidentally animated one of my stuffed animals,” she gave a little laugh, but it sounded more sad than anything. She looked down and shut her eyes tightly, her voice growing quieter, “that’s when he came. Somehow he knew that I had done magic. And he came. He waved his wand and… suddenly there were ropes. They were rough, and they were around my arms, my legs, my neck… they were rough… they just kept getting tighter and tighter and I couldn’t breathe a-and they were ripping my skin…” she took a deep breath and shook her head, trying to hold back her rapidly re-gathering tears, “and then the ropes were gone. And he obliviated me.” She was beginning to tremble again and she paused a moment to gather herself as tears began to fall down her already tear-stained cheeks, “this happened every single time I accidentally performed magic… he would come… he would… t-torture me… so many different ways… a-and then he would obliviate me.” She shook her head, trying to keep calm, "the m-most recent time, he cast the I-imperious curse on me… he w-wanted me to hurt someone p-passing by… but I was able to b-break free of it. And I punched him in the face,” her lips twitched in a small smile, but it was gone as quickly as it appeared, “th-then he… used the c-cruciatus curse… k-kept it going f-for about two hours before h-he finally obliviated me again…” as she finished speaking she broke, burying her face in his chest and crying freely for the first time in a long time.

Misplaced - CH 1


Starting a new story! Let’s see what happens.

(Any suggestions to improve writing are greatly appreciated. I haven’t written proper fiction in literal years and college has done its best to crush any creativity I have. If it seems a bit weird, I apologize. I keep trying to write it in the style of a science paper.)

Arthur clawed his way to consciousness. His whole body ached and a dull, pounding pressure had built up behind his eyes. An unnatural energy hummed around him, but he ignored it in favor of trying to figure out where he was. Pushing himself to his knees, he immediately took note of the scorch marks surrounding him. They formed an intricate array that encircled him and he immediately recognized the markings as forming a part of a spell. He didn’t know what spell, or where the information had come from, but it made him nervous.

He scooted back and gently eased himself off the pedestal. The floor wasn’t too far and he landed with a hollow thump. Blinking, he scanned the room he found himself. It was dark, making it impossible to determine the exact size, but he could tell the room was massive. The pedestal he’d woken up on was one of four that decorated the center of the room and a nearby carpet led the way further into the gloom.

With nothing better to do, he followed it. Deeper and deeper into the darkness he moved. With time, his eyes adjusted to the lack of light. Shadows danced in the corners of his vision, but when he turned to look closer, he found nothing there. Voices whispered at his feet, begging for release or someone to share in their torment. He carefully ignored them and kept moving. As long as he didn’t stop, he’d be fine.

Just keep going. Don’t stop, don’t ask, and don’t try to ask who was there.

Turning a corner, Arthur paused at the slice of light that filtered through the crumbled section of wall. The light wasn’t blinding and he assumed it was dark out, but it was still enough to hurt his eyes as he approached and stepped through. He blinked rapidly to adjust to the abrupt change in lighting.

The hum of energy increased and a shudder ran down his spine. Invisible hands grabbed at him, trying to pull him back within the darkness, unwilling to let him leave. Without looking back, he marched onward, hands wrapped protectively around his chest.

Something followed him, he could feel it. The unnatural energy crackled and hummed and a memory of green fog danced across his mind. Shaking his head, he kept moving. As long as he didn’t look back, he’d be fine. Don’t stop. Keep moving. Don’t look back. Just a little bit further.

Abruptly, the energy seemed to go away and the unnatural hum died down to something annoying but tolerable. He didn’t stop to question the sudden change, but took the opportunity to charge ahead until he stumbled onto a road. He was still no closer to figuring out where he was, but where there was a road, there was bound to be a town. Picking a direction at random, Arthur hugged the orange vest closer and began walking.

Morning found Arthur curled up in the back of a pickup truck. The driver had found him walking and offered to give him a lift to the nearest town. He’d hopped into the truck bed and settled down. With the lack of movement, exhaustion had crept up and washed over him. He’d only meant to lay down for a moment.

Pushing himself up, he blinked the sleep out of his eyes and grabbed blindly for the edge of the truck bed. There was a loud clank of metal hitting metal and Arthur recoiled. It took him a moment of searching before his gaze finally fell on the metal fingers clinging to the truck.


Arthur pulled his hand up and wiggled his fingers. They responded as he expected, but the metal glint showed that they weren’t real. Just to make sure, he grabbed a finger and tugged gently. His brain registered the tug and the pressure of his flesh hand, but otherwise there was no sensation. How odd.

Where had it come from? Why was his arm missing? He sat down and wiggled his fingers again, trying to dig through and pull up the relevant memories. Nothing came at first and he started to give up when the impressions of sleepless nights, helplessness, and pain bubbled forth. The memories were disjointed and out of order and, as he sifted through them, he found gaps in the available knowledge.

There wasn’t time. He had things to do. He had to figure out where he was, for one. Maybe find someone to help. Standing up again, Arthur grabbed the edge of the truck bed and slipped out. Glancing at the truck one last time, he rubbed his shoulder where flesh met metal and began to walk away.

Keep going forward. Don’t look back.

Arthur walked until he found a gas station and entered. He scanned the room and finally found the maps in a back corner. Meandering over, he pulled a map out and looked it over. Everything looked familiar in the sense that he had seen it before, but he couldn’t seem to draw on the information locked away in his brain.

Trauma? Concussion? Magic? There was something. He could feel it just out of reach. Every time he started to get close, a mental block would pop up and he’d shy away. Fine. He would worry about it later.

Making his way to the front, he eyed the inhabitants of the little store nervously. The map was spread on the counter as he looked up at the cashier. “Excuse me,” he asked, trying to ignore the way his voice shook and the hoarse quality from disuse (or had he screamed until his voice broke? He couldn’t be sure). “Can you tell me where this is?”

The cashier looked him over before leaning forward and tapping a small city on the map. “Right here. You alright kid?”

“’M fine.” It was a lie but it slipped out before he could come up with anything else to say. “Just lost.” He scanned the map until his gaze landed on a familiar city name. Shouting, engines, and gasoline fill his senses. Familiarity and safety. Home. That is where he needs to go.

Arthur digs around in his pockets until he finds a leather wallet. There’s just enough cash for the map and a cup of coffee. He doesn’t try to use the card. Something tells him that it won’t work and he can’t remember the PIN for it, anyway. As he leaves the gas station, map in one hand and coffee in the other, the hum of energy increases and he feels out of place, like he’s been badly photoshopped into an image.

He returns to the gas station once more, just long enough to get a sense of direction, and starts walking. Midday rolls around and with it comes the beginning of a headache. By the time the sun sets, his head is pounding and his left shoulder throbs in time with his heart. A barely tolerable pain is coming, but there’s nothing he can do but grit his teeth and bear it.

Cars drive past and, for the most part, he ignores them. He’s too tired and determined to try to hitchhike. It isn’t until a car pulls off to the side a little ahead of him and someone steps out asking if he needs a lift that he accepts.

It’s a family of four: mom, dad, and two boys. Arthur finds himself in the back seat between the two brothers. Conversation is light and loose. For the most part, he lets the parents drive the conversation, answering questions as needed and chiming in here and there. When they stop at a hotel, he hops out to resume walking, only to be waved to the side by the mom.

“Here, take this.” She held out a couple bills. It’s obviously not much, but it’s something and he’s not sure what to do. He holds up his hands, ready to reject the offering, when she thrusts the money at him and insists, “Take it. You already said that you don’t have anything. Get yourself something to eat. There should be enough for a bus ticket. I don’t know if there’s a station around here, we’re just passing through, but…”

She trailed off and Arthur smiled. “Thanks.”

As soon as he accepts the money, she leaves and he’s suddenly very, very alone. Odd. He hadn’t realized how much he craved company until he was surrounded by conversation.  He rubs his shoulder where metal meets flesh and starts walking.

That night, he doesn’t sleep. He does, however, find a bus station that will take him straight to his destination. The pounding behind his eyes has increased to a steady thrum and he finds himself rubbing his temples absently and avoiding even the street lamps.

Morning brings an entirely new level of hell with it. With the headache comes a surprising sensitivity to light. What little money isn’t spent on the bus ticket gets him some acetaminophen and some coffee. As he settles into his seat on the bus, Arthur leans against the window and closes. Maybe if he can rest his eyes for a moment, he’ll feel better.

He wakes up to the bus about to pull off from his stop, and barely makes it off in time.

It isn’t hard to get himself oriented. One street sign and Arthur knows what direction he needs to go. The layout of the city comes to him slowly as he walks, like a map being lit up gradually. With it come vague impressions of a happy childhood spent running and playing and getting in trouble. He took his time before the familiar shop finally came into view. Hope fluttered in his chest and he dashed the last several yards to the main office.

“Hello?” he called, looking around. There was no answer but he didn’t expect one. The shop had obviously closed for the evening, which meant he wouldn’t find anyone in the work area. But he also remembered that there was a house built in. If he could just find the main entrance…

A quick search revealed a side entrance painted so that it wouldn’t stand out. Hidden near the door, near where his hands fell by his sides naturally, was a doorbell which he pressed a couple times. It wasn’t long before heavy footsteps stomped over and the door was flung open.

“What’d’ya want?” a rough voice snarled and Arthur was hit with the impression of oil stains and endless patience. The word ‘lance’ danced around in his head but he couldn’t, for the life of him, figure out why the man reminded him of an ancient weapon.

The man’s gaze landed on him and his eyes widened in shock before narrowing. “If this is some kind of sick joke,” the man snarled and Arthur recoiled, apologies spilling forth before the thought could be finished.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t know where else to go!” he begged, cowering and starting to scoot away. “I’m lost. Didn’t know where else to go. I thought you’d help me. I can leave. I’m sorry.” He turned and managed all of three steps before a rough hand grabbed his right arm and held him. With a frightened yelp, he dropped and twisted, metal arm bending to protect his head and face in preparation for the blows to come.

Instead, a familiar voice soothed, “Woah there, son! Not gonna hurt you. Just…” Arthur glanced over, still hiding behind his arm, as the older man sighed. “C’mon. Let’s get you inside.”

It took some prodding and quite a bit of effort to get Arthur inside. Arthur was determined to leave, the previous impressions of warmth and safety long since replaced by fear and uncertainty, while the man seemed determined to get the blond inside. In the end, Arthur found himself slung over the shorter mechanic’s shoulder and hauled inside, where he was quickly deposited on the couch.

“First things first, what’s yer name, kid?”

Arthur dithered about, flesh fingers playing with the metal port attached to his shoulder as he weighed the pros and cons of giving an answer. Finally, he ducked his head and replied, “Arthur, sir.” He missed the man flinch, expression twisting as though he’d expected the answer though it still hurt.

“Drop that ‘sir’ business. It’s Lance. And hold your head up! God, yer a sorry sight.” Lance looked Arthur over before holding up a hand. “You can sleep on the couch. We’ll deal with you tomorrow.”

Arthur nodded and moved to sprawl on the leather couch as Lance left the room. He’d just gotten comfortable when the man reappeared with a blanket and a pillow. The pillow was handed over and Arthur quickly readjusted himself before the blanket was unfolded and draped over him. Nothing else was said as the light was turned off and Lance retreated for the night.

Left alone, Arthur tried to settle down to sleep. It wasn’t long before the unnatural hum of energy returned in full force. His skin crawled with it and he quickly gave up on sleep. Throwing the blanket aside, he jumped up and began pacing. Keep moving. Don’t stop. As long as he kept moving, the energy couldn’t find him and he’d be safe.

Safe from what, he didn’t know, nor did he want to find out. He just knew that stopping was bad. Needless to say, he didn’t get much rest that night.

Triple Threat - Part 4

I obviously didn’t write the dialogue that came straight from the show. I did have to modify it slightly to fit my story, but there’s bits that I took practically word for word. Also, what Y/N tells Isaac about their past pack was taken heavily from what Ethan tells Scott and Stiles. I just thought I’d give credit where it’s due. Also, I mention Aiden being the oldest brother… Yeah, I don’t know if that’s true, but let’s go with it anyway. ;)

Isaac watches you warily as you walk through the school hallways with your brothers. It had been over a week since you’d spoken with him about leaving the alpha pack. You just hadn’t figured out how to actually do it yet. There was no way that Deucalion was going to just let you leave the alpha pack. You’d been thinking about it lately, and you were pretty sure that you were going to have to run. Not only would Deucalion not let you leave the pack, he wouldn’t even let you live if he knew what you were thinking about.

Isaac makes a move to approach you, but you discreetly shake your head at him. It was best if he just stayed away for now. You needed to time to think about your next move, and you wanted to keep Isaac as far off your brothers’ radars as possible.

Isaac ends up walking to his English class and sitting in front of Scott. After Miss Blake goes on about idioms, Isaac leans back and listens while Scott and Stiles whisper back and forth to one another.

“I think I can get to Ethan. I’m pretty sure I can make him talk.” Scott says to Stiles.

“What do you want to do that for?” Stiles asks Scott.

“The Druids are emissaries, right?” Scott whispers to Stiles a little lower. “So what if the darach was an emissary to the alphas?” Isaac tips his eyebrows up silently praising Scott for the thought.

“Okay, first of all, I cannot believe that we’ve gotten to the point where a sentence like what if the darach was an emissary to the alphas actually makes sense to me.” Isaac can hear the slight sarcasm in Stiles’ voice. “And second of all, we’re gonna have a huge problem getting to Ethan.” Stiles informs Scott.

“What’s that?” Scott asks Stiles, not seeing a problem in his plan.

“Going through Aiden.” Stiles reminds Scott of your less than cooperative brother.

Meanwhile, out in the hallway, you stand beside your brothers as Ethan gets something out of his locker. “This whole thing you two have got going on with Danny and Isaac, it needs to stop.” Aiden practically demands of you two.

You just ignore Aiden, like you usually do, while Ethan engages him. “Danny’s harmless. And, Lydia’s the one we’re supposed to worry about.” Ethan says while looking at Aiden. All three of you knew that Aiden and Lydia often hooked up in the coach’s office. Aiden was doing much more than just keeping an eye on Lydia, and you all knew it.

“Then why are you still talking to Danny?” Aiden asks Ethan, turning the conversation back around.

“What difference does it make?” Ethan continues to challenge Aiden.

“What do you two think we’re going here?” Aiden directs at both you and Ethan. “You know we’re not actual high school students, right? We’re here to eliminate a threat, not hold hands and pass notes in class.”

“And now we know Danny’s harmless. Threat eliminated.” You can tell by the tone of Ethan’s voice that he desperately wants to move on from this conversation, but you also know that Aiden isn’t going to let that happen.

Aiden looks over at you to see if you have anything to say, but you just keep looking at your history textbook. You wanted absolutely nothing to do with this conversation or the talk of eliminating a threat. “You’re starting to like him.” Aiden teases Ethan. “You too.” Aiden tries to tease you.

You look up from your textbook briefly to glare at your brother. You’d barely spoken to either of your brothers since they’d helped kill Boyd, and this was the last thing you would ever want to talk about with them now. “So what?” Ethan looks away shyly.

Aiden looks back at Ethan with that devious smile on his face. “So if Deucalion asks you, would you kill him?” You knew that your oldest brother took pleasure in both yours and Ethan’s torment. As long as no one was physically hurting the two of you, Aiden didn’t see a problem with it. Then again, Aiden hadn’t fallen for his target the way that both you and Ethan had. Lydia was a distraction to him, a way to pass the time. Aiden knew not to ask what you would do if Deucalion asked you to kill Isaac. It was clear what your answer would be.

“If Deucalion asks you, would you kill me?” Ethan asks, and you’re brought back to asking your brothers basically the same question outside Derek’s loft the other night. Neither of them had answered you then.

Aiden gets a wide smile on his face and directs it towards Ethan. “Stop talking to Danny.” Aiden taunts Ethan before getting serious. “Or I’m gonna rip the flesh off his face…” This is the side of Aiden that you hated. He could be so cruel. He walks around Ethan and leans in close to his right ear. “And eat it.” Aiden slams Ethan’s locker shut to add effect before walking off.

Back inside the classroom, Stiles and Scott are still talking while Isaac is listening in. “Ever since he’s been back at school, they’re always together.” Stiles reminds Scott, talking about Ethan, Aiden, and you. “How are you gonna separate them again?”

Isaac perks up, knowing how to get Aiden away from both you and Ethan. As he leans forward and glances back, he sees both Stiles and Scott looks towards an annoyed Lydia. They had the same idea Isaac did. “What now?” Lydia asks Scott and Stiles.

Isaac grins to himself. While Scott and Stiles got Lydia to distract Aiden so they could talk to Ethan, Isaac knew that he could grab you and talk to you.


You don’t even know what’s happening when you feel a hand on your arm pulling you into an empty classroom. Once inside Mr. Harris’s old classroom, Isaac drops your hand. “What are you still doing with them?” Isaac asks you, and you’re not sure if he’s referring to your brothers or the entire alpha pack.

“Leaving isn’t as simple as you think it is, Isaac.” You turn and lift your body to sit on one of the lab tables. You trusted that Isaac had taken care of things to make sure that your brothers wouldn’t overhear this conversation.

Isaac nods his head slowly. “Sure it is. Just get up and walk out.”

You let out a scoff under your breath. “Do you really think that Deucalion is going to just let me walk away? Just tell him that I’m done and he’ll let me walk out with a wave and good luck!” You roll your eyes at Isaac’s naiveté. “It doesn’t work like that, Isaac. Deucalion is going to want me dead, and he just might make my brothers do it!” You bite your bottom lip while realizing that if the words you’d just spoken ever became a reality that it just might be your worst nightmare coming true.

“Would they really do that to you?” Isaac asks you.

You shrug your shoulders. “I don’t know. They both feel an immense debt to Deucalion.” You let out a sigh.

“For what? Turning them into killers?” Isaac questions you while leaning his back against the lab table across from the one you’re sitting on.

“You don’t understand what it was like in our old pack, Isaac.” You look up at Isaac to glance into his eyes, but you end up looking into them for far longer than you’d originally anticipated. “We were like omegas, the bitches. We had to take the abuse, every last bit of it. It was the only way we were ever going to survive.” You start explaining your past to Isaac, who takes a few steps forward. He keeps walking until he’s right in front of you, placing his hands on the sides of your legs. He just wanted you to know that he was there for you, and that you could be vulnerable and comfortable with him. The steady calm feeling you get from his touch propels you to keep telling your story. “When Deucalion found my brothers, he promised them all this power and strength. He promised to make them alphas. They couldn’t control their ability to merge yet, but Deucalion vowed to help them with that. All they had to do in return was join his alpha pack afterwards.”

“Did they know that it included killing everyone in the pack, I’m guessing even you?” Isaac asks, letting his thumbs stroke the bare skin on your legs, which was exposed by the shorts you were wearing.

You bite your bottom lip. “Besides me, they didn’t care about anyone else. The wolves in that pack were monsters, Isaac, way worse than anything I’ve ever seen anyone in the alpha pack do… at least until last week.” You add on, knowing that Boyd’s death was one of the most horrific things you’d ever known Kali to do. “Even when my brothers tore our alpha apart, limb from limb, it didn’t feel wrong. If Deucalion had offered him the same deal he did my brothers, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.”

“So, your brothers promised Deucalion that you’d become an alpha too and join his all-star team of killers? That’s how they saved your life.” Isaac nods his head. He wanted to avoid talking about what happened to Boyd or whether what your brothers had eventually done was right or wrong. It would only make him angry at this point.

You shrug your shoulders. “There wasn’t any other choice, Isaac.” You pause while biting your lip again. You weren’t proud to have taken any of the lives you had, but you knew that you’d be dead if you hadn’t. “Ethan and Aiden may feel like they owe Deucalion something, but I know that I owe my life to my brothers, Isaac. They literally saved my life, and turning my back on them and leaving the pack isn’t going to be easy for me, regardless of whatever else is going on in the pack.”

Isaac stays quiet as he thinks. “How are you going to do it?” Isaac asks you

You shrug your shoulders again while slowly shaking your head from side to side. “I’m not going to be able to stay here, Isaac, no matter how badly I want to.” You confess to him.

“I thought you were doing this because you…” Isaac takes a deep breath and lets his sentence die there, wondering if he’d misinterpreted everything between the two of you.

“Because I want to be with you?” You ask Isaac after gathering up the courage to say what you were both thinking.

Isaac looks up at you, feeling a bit shy. “Well, yeah.” He smiles at you, and it’s that boyish grin, the one exposing his dimples, that you love so much.

“I do.” You nod your head at Isaac. “I want to be with you so badly that it hurts, Isaac… But, if I stay here, I’m going to wind up dead.”

“I’ll protect you.” Isaac whispers while his face inches closer to yours.

You can’t help the smile that pulls at your lips. “I wish that were enough.” You whisper back to Isaac. Although there was no one else in the classroom, this moment with Isaac just felt so intimate and almost unreal. It was almost like a dream. Neither of you wanted to speak too loudly and ruin the whole thing, waking you both up.

“What about right now?” Isaac asks you, looking deeply into your eyes.

Isaac was so close to you now that you could feel the air he exhaled on your own lips, and you could probably count every single one of his eyelashes. Just as you’re about to close your eyes and close the distance between you, you get the strange feeling that at least one of your brothers is in trouble. You pull back and get a worried look on your face. “Y/N, what’s wrong?” He asks, worried about the sudden change in your mood.

“One of my brothers is in trouble.” You tell Isaac while pushing him away from you and jumping off the table to go search for Ethan and Aiden.

“What? How do you know?” Isaac asks you.

“It’s a triplet thing.” You tell Isaac. When he grabs your hand to stop you so you’ll explain it to him, you let out a deep breath. “My brothers can actually feel each other’s pain, because of how they merge, but me… I just get these feelings. They get them too if I’m in trouble. It’s hard to explain, and it makes absolutely no sense… But, I’m never wrong, Isaac.” You tell him before dropping his hand and running out of the room.

By the time you and Isaac make it to the locker room, Ethan is yelling at Aiden. “Aiden, you can’t do this!” He grits out at Aiden.

“She came at me!” Aiden argues back still glaring down at Cora.

“It doesn’t matter! Kali gave Derek until the next full moon. You can’t touch him or her.” Ethan reminds your brother, and as he does so, everyone in the room turns their eyes on your brothers and then you. You felt it the air change around you, and suddenly, you and Ethan were just as bad as Aiden again, even though neither of you had laid a finger on any of them. You and Ethan pull Aiden away from everyone, and right as you’re walking out of the door, you glance back at Isaac, somehow trying to convey an apology with just one look.


Later that afternoon, as you’re waiting for the memorial recital to begin, you and Ethan huddle close together and talk. “He’s losing control. We all are.” You look up into your brother’s eyes.

“I know he can’t touch her, but what was he supposed to do when Cora attacked him?” Ethan asks you in a low whisper.

“Well, she’s in the hospital now!” You exclaim under your breath. “If we’re not careful, a full-on war is going to break out and no one that we care about will be safe, Ethan.” You look up into his eyes, and he knows that you’re talking about Danny and Isaac specifically.

Ethan shakes his head. “Isaac isn’t making it out alive either way, Y/N. You have to give up on that daydream.” This time when Ethan tells you you’re daydreaming, it isn’t in a condescending tone like it had been at the rest stop during the cross country road trip. This time, you hear the pity in your brother’s voice, and you absolutely hate it.

“Not if I can help it, Big Brother.” You tell Ethan. “Look, I know you’re having doubts, too. I see it in your eyes every time you look at Danny.”

“So what?” Ethan asks you. “There’s nothing we can do about it. Deucalion would kill us just for having this conversation if he knew about it.”

You shake your head. “Ethan…”

“Just stop.” Ethan tells you when he sees Danny walking your way. “There’s nothing we can do. End of conversation.” Ethan side-eyes you, warning you to just quit while you’re behind.

You walk away from Ethan then and overhear him and Danny talking about Danny’s tie. The band starts playing soon after, and that’s when you see Isaac walk into the auditorium right behind Allison and her father. You knew that he had met up with them earlier to try and save one of the darach’s potential sacrifices. You walk back towards him quickly to talk about what had happened, but the foreboding, all-out creepy turn the music starts taking completely distracts you. “What’s going on?” You whisper out loud when you finally reach Isaac, looking around the auditorium.

He holds out his hand and grabs your arm while turning to walk out of the auditorium, but when everyone starts becoming alarmed, you both stop moving. “I don’t know…” Isaac whispers back to you, even though you had never expected an answer.

You and Isaac both stop cold when you hear Lydia’s scream, covering your ears in the process. This wasn’t a normal scream. It was louder, more alarming. You turn and look forward, noticing that your brothers are hearing it, too. No one else in the auditorium did though. The four of you wolves still left in the auditorium all look between one another. No one understood what was happening, or what you were supposed to do about it. You’re all brought back to your surroundings when you hear the body drop on stage and the screams and scurrying feet that soon follow.

“Allison!” Chris Argent calls after his daughter as she runs for the stage.

You and Isaac follow Chris as he runs after Allison. You all push through the crowds, and you’re standing in front of the stage, looking at the music teacher who’d just had her throat slashed open, with a piano wire no less. “Mistletoe.” Allison lets out under her breath.

You look around to try and find your brothers. You don’t find Aiden, but you do see Ethan rushing Danny out of the auditorium. You catch his eyes, and the thought in his head is clear. You need to get back to Deucalion and the rest of the pack. Something was happening, something big. Tonight was going to be the start of it all, and now you had to choose a side. Of course, your brother didn’t know that you already had.

Knowing you have to do something, you grab Isaac’s hand and pull him to a secluded corner. “I have to go meet up with my brothers and the rest of the pack.” You tell him, and when Isaac looks like he’s going to start arguing with you, you just throw your hand up to stop him. “The best way that I can protect you right now is by at least pretending to stand by Deucalion’s side, Isaac. I promise you that no matter what happens, I’m on your side. I’ll do whatever I can to help you.”

“Please stay safe, Y/N.” Isaac lifts his hand and cradles the side of your face, running his thumb over your cheekbone, just like he’d done that last morning before finding out you were an alpha. “I need you to stay safe.” He repeats in a whisper.

“You too.” You look up into Isaac’s eyes before standing on your tiptoes and giving his cheek a long, gentle kiss. When you drop back down on your feet, you lock eyes with his for one last long second before dropping his hand and turning to walk away to go find your pack.


I just finished styling Sebastian, it took me some time to figure out where to cut hair. Doesn’t really looks like but I did remove a lot of volume and a bit of length from the back. I also applied black’s make up stickers so he’s done.I won’t be able to display with his hat on :/ it’s unnecessary big!


I am Nadika, a 32 yr old trans+intersex person from India. It took me a while to figure out who/what/where etc. of myself, and a bit more to begin the process of being who I was. Pre-everything, but will likely begin HRT Feb 2015. Fingers crossed. I am big, tall and, somewhere, okay with the fact that I will never be as beautiful as I want to be. 

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